Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 13 - Chapter Thirteen 'The Fix' - full transcript

Peter Petrelli learns the man in his dream is one of them and has the power to stay invisible. Niki Sanders is given a shot to sedate her. Hiro is determined to find the Samurai Sword. ...

Previously on Heroes.

Camera's ready for whatever.

What are you doing?


Oh, my God.

MOHINDER: When we embrace
what lies within,
our potential has no limit.

And as far as you know,
that was attempt number one.

MOHINDER: The future
is filled with promise,

the present rife
with expectation.

But when we deny
our instinct,

and struggle against
our deepest urges...

Are you on the Iist?

... uncertainty begins.

My dad obviously doesn't work
in a paper factory.

I don't know what he does.


COP: Go! Go! Go!

Where is he?
Where's Sylar?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.


MOHINDER: Where does
this path lead?

I have no idea
how you're pulling this off,
but I swear to God,

I'm not going to stop
until I figure it out.
You understand me?

When will the changes end?

Is this transformation
a gift...
I just wanted to see my son.

... or a curse?
You don't know anything
about power.

And for those who fear
what lies ahead...

PETER: I can't control it.
NATHAN: Let me help you,

MOHINDER:...the most important
question of all:

Can we ever really change
what we are?




PETER: Hey! Hey!

What are you do...


You can see me.

Nobody can see me!

I'm invisible.
MAN: What happened?

MAN: It just sort of fell.
Who are you?

How can you see me?
I, uh, I don't know.
I just do what you can do.

Fantastic. One of those.

One of those?

What do you mean?
You know someone
else Iike me?

Hey, wait.
Where are you going?
You need to explain this.

Look, I saw you.

I saw you in my dream.
Who are you?

CLAUDE: Hey! I'm no one.
I'm the invisible man.

I'm CIaude Rains.
Now get away from me.
Forget you ever saw me.

Yeah, but you know
what's happening to me.

What is this? What...

Listen, I found you.
I need you to help me.

Why would I want to do that?
Because we're in danger.

This entire city
is in danger.

Yeah, it was in my dream.

People die, we die.
I don't know when,
but it happens.

Then you'd better
Ieave town.

Hey! Where are you going?
You can't hide from me.

I'm the invisible man.
I can walk around the corner
and disappear forever.

Yeah, but I can see you.
I'm going to follow you.

Smarter men than you
have tried
and they've paid for it.

You stay away from me.

And don't follow me!



Red elephant
with blue stripes?

Pinstripe or plaid?

Honey, I can't
see your thoughts.
I can only hear 'em.

Oh, I have a good one.

Wait, the ratty curtains
in our old apartment?


How do you do that?

DOCTOR: I'm not sure
what's happening.

His vitals
are extremely irregular.

After all we've done to him,
I'm not surprised.

Keep him stabilized.

There is another option.

Our instructions are
to keep him alive,
do whatever it takes.

If he crashes,

you bring him back again,
and again.


When he dies,
it'II be on my terms,
not on his.


ANDO: But I'm only
two minutes over.

ATTENDANT: That'II be $48.50.

For one-day parking?

Hey, you want
your car back, or not?





There's a man
chasing us!


NATHAN: Dr. Suresh.

Do you remember me?

Nathan Petrelli.

You yelled at my car.

Yes, we met under
unfortunate circumstances.

I believe I came off
as a deranged Iunatic.

Do you mind if I come in?

I'm Iooking
for my brother, Doctor.

That makes two of us.

I'm sorry?

I've been Ieaving messages
for him for two days now.

I guess I'm in
the wrong place, then.

I need to find him.
The Iast time I heard,
he was in Texas.

He made it home, barely.

Barely alive,
and now he's run off again.

I'm afraid that he's gonna
somehow hurt people.

Doctor, I, um, I was hoping
you could explain to me

what the hell
is happening to him?

Before his death,
my father compiled a Iist.

Thirty-six individuals
who carry a genetic marker
which he discovered.

A marker which he theorized
gave these people
certain abilities.

And my brother
is one of them?
As are you.

I didn't come here
to talk about me.
Fair enough.

Peter's specific DNA
allows for a blend,

Iike colors in a mosaic,

resequencing itself
to mimic the abilities
of those around him.

Like a chameleon.
More Iike a sponge.

It's precisely
why I've been
studying him.

Could his condition
become dangerous to himself,
or to other people?

If he absorbs too much
or comes into contact
with an unstable ability,

then most definitely, yes.

Can you fix it?

AIter his genes somehow?

Theoretically, it is
possible to develop
a specific site inhibitor,

but, Iook, I will know more
when we find him.

Doctor, the Iast thing
my brother needs is somebody
feeding into his paranoia.

But thank you.

Mr. Petrelli.

Of all the people
on that Iist,

your brother may be
the most important.

If I can find him,
study him,

then I can do
more than help him.

Then I can help
all of you.

Now, give me a minute,
and I'II get my coat.

CLAUDE: I told you
not to follow me.

PETER: I need help.

You Iive up here?

You're a fast Iearner,
aren't you, mate?

I took care of a man
who owned this building.

His name was
Charles Deveaux.

Never heard of him.

You don't think
that's strange?

I worked here,
the place where you Iive
and keep your birds.

CLAUDE: I don't keep anything.

I Iet them out once a day.
They come back.

Sounds Iike free will to me.

I need to Iearn
how to control this,
Iike you do.

What are you talking about?
It can't be controlled.

Well, there has to be
some way. If I don't,
New York explodes.

Okay? I explode.

Exploding man.
Where did you
get that idea?

My dreams. This place.

I found you
for a reason.

I think you're the one
that has to teach me
how to stop this.

There's no such thing.

No teaching,
no Sunday School
for the special.

What I can do,
you can't Iearn.

You wake up in the morning,
and it's there.

If you've got thin soup,
then that's your supper.

Sorry, mate.
That's the way it is.

I'm trying not to die.

There's got to be
something you can do.

I can kill you myself,
right now,

solve your
exploding problem here.

Maybe that's why
you dreamt me.

Don't bother Iooking for me.
You won't find me here again.

So what exactly
am I Iooking for here?

CLAIRE: Anything my dad
doesn't want us to find.

You said you're good
with computers.

I make movies
on my Iaptop.

No, you're good
at finding those holes

in that Internet
nanny-blocker stuff.

Shouldn't you be
watching the door?
What if your dad walks in?

He's at work.
It's just you, me,
and Mr. Muggles.

There's nothing.

There's not even any porn.

I'm serious.
This thing is totally clean.

No. My dad Iied to me
about my entire Iife,

my biological parents,
my ability,

you can't just
hide things Iike that.

There's got to be
something on there.

If your dad's the guy
you're describing,

I don't think
he's gonna keep his secrets
on the family computer.


Uh-oh. Shut it down.

Okay, okay.

I thought you
were at work.

Forgot my cell.

Zachary, what a nice surprise
to see you here.

Yes, biology class.
We're Iab partners now.

Yeah, we were just doing
some research on the Internet.

We have a presentation on...
The manatee,

also known as the sea cow.

Do you mind
if I talk to CIaire
in private for a moment?

CLAIRE: You can wait
in my room.

It's upstairs,
second door on the right.

So, you and Zach?

Miss Gomez
stuck us together.

Must be some social
experiment or something.

Worst day ever.



You two used to be friends.
You might find you
actually get along.


Nice save.


So, what now?

I need to talk to someone
who has some answers.

He said if I needed him,
I should hang these
outside my window.

What the hell
are you talking about?

JANICE: Okay, wait.

You're saying that
the guy with the glasses
actually abducted you?


And he did this to you?

Yeah, and I've got
to figure out how
he did this,

and I'm gonna take him
and everybody with him down.
That Haitian guy, all of them.

Matt, I'm sorry,
I've got to say,
this is all a Iittle nuts.

I mean, first
the whole psychic thing,
and now...

God. Come on,
you're telling me

you're about to run off
and chase some guy

who works in a paper
factory in Texas?
They did this to me, Janice.

I need to find them.

I have to figure out
what this is all about.

Maybe you can call the FBI.

No, I can't.
I can't go to the FBI.
They think I'm crazy.

I've got to get ready.
I've got a review hearing
this morning.

I'm about to get
my ass handed to me
by three captains.

Yes, I will call
the plumber today.

Are you always
gonna be in my head?

Well, I can't
control this thing.

You can't,
or you won't?







ANDO: Oh! Oh! Hiro, Hiro!


Who are you?
HIRO: Hey!


Let me go.

I am very special.

I offer myself in trade.

Release unspecial Ando,
and I go with you. Okay?


Good deal, yes?

What are you doing?

You no Iike the good deal?


Why did you take
that off me?

I'm Dr. Witherson.
I'm a psychiatrist.

And I have been assigned
to your case.

Go. You shouldn't be in here.
It's not safe.

If it makes you feel
more comfortable,

we can put the restraints
back on while we talk.

You don't understand.
The drugs keep her weak.

That jacket can't stop her.
Give me a shot.

You mean Jessica?

How do you know her name?

I read your file.

I know all about your past,
your marriage, your website,
your sister.

Her accident.

Her name was Jessica, too,
isn't that right?

Give me another shot.

You know, I haven't made
an official diagnosis yet,

but it seems Iike
we're dealing with

a classic case of
multiple personality disorder.

You're wasting your time.

Just go.

You know...
It's okay, it's okay.

It makes sense,
facing the kind of sentence

that you're facing,
that you want to give up.

You think your Iife is over,
but it's not.

You can still make something
of yourself in here.

People do it all the time,
but you've got to want help.

And, yeah,

it can take years to integrate
a multiple personality,

but if you Iet me,

I can help you.

What I am, you can't fix.

Just give me another shot,
and go away.


Oh, man,
I'm trying to pay this rent.

You know,
it would really help if you...

No, it's cool. It's cool.

I know you would if you could.

Thanks, anyway.

So, have you seen
my Iunch box or not?

I don't know.
It's wherever you Ieft it.

I Ieft it in the car.
Then that's where it is.

Okay, so where's the car?

The car's in the shop. Micah?

So you Iost my Iunch box?
I didn't Iose anything.
It's in the car.

Fine. You make
bad Iunch anyways.

Micah! Micah!

It's not my fault
you can't keep track
of your own stuff.

Mom always put my Iunch
in my backpack
every single morning.

Well, I'm not your mom.

Yeah, that's for sure.

Micah, this isn't easy.

It wasn't easy
for Mom, either.

But she always found a way
of making some money, Dad.

I'm Iate for school.

Do you have any idea
how dangerous this is?

You said if I had an emergency
to hang the chimes
outside my window.

Is your father
becoming suspicious?

No, and it's
kind of a problem.

Every word out of my mouth
is a Iie.

I have to Iaugh and smile
and Iook him in the eye.

My own father.

It's breaking my heart.

Would you prefer
I took your memory?

I need to know that one thing
in my Iife is real.

Do you know
who my real parents are?

Of your father,
I know nothing.

And my mother?

Only that she died
in an explosion

here in Texas,
14 years ago.

My mother died?

Are you sure?

Your father told me
many years ago.

He had no reason to Iie.

This is the Iast conversation
we have about this.

Now you need
to go back home,

and forget
about your real parents.

The groomer missed
one of Mr. Muggles' nails.

I'm gonna run him back
by the shop before they close.

Don't want you scratching
up my wood floors.

No, we don't.

Where's CIaire?

She's at the Iibrary
getting books
for some biology report.

I cannot believe
how many projects
they Iay on these kids.

I don't know
how she holds everything
in that head of hers.

No, I don't.

You're still worried
about her, aren't you?

She's had a rough
couple of weeks.

Well, besides
a Iittle memory Ioss,

I'd say she's doing
just peachy.

Do you really?

It's Lyle
you need to worry about.

That boy is getting
so absent-minded Iately.

Yes, yes, we'II be back.


I did everything I could.

He's dead.

Well, that's Iess than ideal.

What do you want me
to do with the body?

Get it ready for shipping.

I'II be in Iater.

ZACH: There was a fire
in an apartment house
14 years ago in Kermit, Texas.

Kermit, why does that
sound so familiar?

Because of the frog?

Check it out.

A 21-year-old woman
was killed in the explosion,
Meredith Gordon.

CLAIRE: Oh, my God.

AIso killed in the fire
was her 18-month-old daughter.

CIaire, I think that's you.

But I didn't die.

Somebody thought you did.

What am I supposed to do
with all of this?

You may still have
a real family out there.

Maybe you've got an aunt,
or a rich eccentric uncle.

Great, an uncle.

Who knows?
One of them might even know
who your real father is.


I'm surprised you Ieft out
the flying saucers.

Officer Parkman,
is this really
the statement

you want entered
into your public record?

That a paper salesman
from Odessa, Texas,

is currently harboring
a super-powered serial killer,

and that you raided
his warehouse on a hunch?

Sir, all I've ever
wanted to do was
protect and serve,

to help my fellow man.
I'II ask you again.

Do you want your future
as a police officer

to be decided by
what you've written here?

Just say yes, so I can
flush it down the toilet.

At this time,
I'd Iike to recant
my previous written statement.

I made the whole thing up.

Why did you do that?

I failed to make detective
three times, sir, and, uh,

quite frankly, I was sick
of directing traffic,
handing out speeding tickets,

and I wanted to Iook
Iike a hero.

I am sorry for any shame
that I may have brought
this department.

Great, a liar, not a nutcase.

Officer Parkman,
pending review of your case
by a civilian ombudsman

and union representative,

we're enforcing
a six-month suspension
of your active duties.

We're gonna need your gun
and your badge.


will you come upstairs?


Oh, Matt!


Now are you gonna
fix the pipes?

Oh, God.
Give me a wrench.


HIRO: Where are you taking us?


Tell your boss
I'm on very
important mission.

I know all about
your so-called mission to
save the world, Mr. Nakamura.

You think you have a power,
and that you can use it
to make a difference.


Two first-class tickets,

non-stop to Tokyo.

You aren't answering
your cell phone.

I've been Iooking
everywhere for you.

What's he doing here?

Making up
for past mistakes.

I'd Iike to help you.

You Ieaving town?

Yeah, I think I'd get away
for a Iittle while.

What? Be a danger
to somebody else?

There's got to be
another way, Peter.
Let me help you.

You can't.
But maybe I can.

We find that
answer together.

If you allow me to test you
with more research, I...

So you can cure me?
You're gonna fix all of this.

It will take study
and then time.

Time? I don't have time
to be your guinea pig.

I have a plane to catch.
I'm not Ietting you
run away, Peter.

So, what,
you're gonna call
the cops on me, Nathan?

You gonna tell them
your brother's going nuclear?

I could have my mentally
ill brother detained.

For his own safety.

I know you want
to help me.

You're my big brother,
you fix everything,
but you can't...

You can't fix this one
this time.

I can.
Look, Iet's just sit down.

We can figure this out.




Where did he go?

You're supposed
to watch the door.

My God, did he just...

Get down to the airport,
and make sure he doesn't
get away this time.

Yes, sir.

PETER: Yeah,
just help yourself.
CLAUDE: Your place?


Guy with family connections
Iike yours could do
a Iot better.

Left the family business.
I'm a nurse now.

Nurse who's an empath,
very cute.

Empath, what's that mean?

It means you're a pain
in my ass, mate.

Yeah, but you're following me.

Yeah, well,
I'm not very much
of a people person,

but I'm certainly not gonna
Iet you kill them all.

You seemed pretty sure
about that pending
apocalypse of yours.

Yeah, not unless
you help me control it.

You don't know
what you're asking,
what you have to go through.

You might want
to reconsider dying.

Hell of a Iot easier.
I can handle it.

Yeah, that's what
they all say.


(STAMMERING) How many people
have you taught before me?

Come on, mate,
I'II steal us a cab.

You coming or not?



So they suspended me
for six months.

Oh, Matt.

I actually thought
this ability was gonna
be a good thing,

and now I'm unemployed
and about to Iose
my marriage.

You haven't Iost that.

Not yet, anyway.

Thanks, that's encouraging.

Look, we...

We just have to
trust each other.

I can do that.


So I'm gonna give you
one more freebie.

What am I thinking?

We're having a baby?


We're having a baby!


Nik, what have
they done to you?

If they catch you...
They won't.

Come closer.
What is it?

Your shirt.

It smells Iike home.

How's Micah?

Is he okay?
He's fine.

It's just...

I can't do this, Nik.
Not alone.

I thought I could.
I thought I could handle
everything, but...

D.L., you can't
do this to me.

I have got to find a way
to get you out of here.

This is crazy.

I can walk in here
any time I want, right?

I should be able
to get you out.

I am going to be
in here for a Iong time.
The rest of my Iife, maybe.

You need to get used to that.
Your son needs you.

Damn it, D.L.,
that is not fair.

I am counting on you.

And you know
that I need to stay in here.

I need you, Nik.

We need you.

He's having such a hard time
without you.

You need to talk to him.

You need to be honest.

He needs boundaries,
and a strong hand.

It's not too Iate.

You need to go.



CLAIRE: There's only
12 people in Kermit
with the Iast name Gordon.

So far, only three.

None of them
have ever heard of Meredith.



I'II call you back.


Sorry, I was just

talking to Zach
about our report.

Ah, well.

Molly in accounting
is married to
a marine biologist,

and he said that...

You're already
on top of it.

Did you know that
all three varieties
of the manatee

are vulnerable
to extinction?

No, I didn't.

Is everything
all right?

We haven't talked
in a while.

there is something.


The bears,
my stuffed bears.

I think it's time
for them to migrate.

I'm almost 16, Dad.
Bears and talks
can't Iast forever.

Whether you're 16,
or 32, or 64...

When I'm 64, you'II be...
...I will be there for you.


Don't you think it's time
I Iearn how to deal
with my own problems?

Well, dinner's in an hour,
and just do me a favor.

No extinction talk
at the table.

You know how sensitive
your mother is.


You had a change of heart?
My son.

My family
needs me, so...

I want you to understand
that there are no guarantees.

I don't care.
I need to get
rid of Jessica.

So, you know what might help?

If I could talk to her.

AII right?

Isn't there another way?

I'm afraid
in cases Iike these,

it is imperative
that I have interaction

with all aspects
of the patient's personality.

Honey, Iet me talk to her.


You can't.

So, Iet me put it to you
this way.

Either I speak
with Jessica,

or you may not see
your Iittle boy
for a very, very Iong time.



Micah, where have you been?
I was worried to death.

I was just out
walking around.

Sit down.

Micah, we've got to
figure this out,

because the truth is
your mom's not coming home.

I'm having
a really hard time, here.

I can't get a job.

I can barely pay the rent.

I never felt much
Iike a man in my Iife.

My father never taught me,

but I want to be
a good dad to you.

But I'm gonna
need your help.

We've got to pull together,
and make this work,

because it's just
you and me.

I'm sorry, Dad.
I can try harder.

Maybe this will help.

Where'd you get...
Where'd you get this from?

You know how you and mom
have a secret?

Well, I have a secret, too.


That's up to the Boss.




WOMAN: Hello?

Hi, I'm Iooking for someone
related to Meredith Gordon.

She died in an explosion
14 years ago.

I've been calling
everyone in Kermit

with the last name
of Gordon.

Any chance
that you're related to her?

Who is this?

My name's CIaire Bennet.
I'm calling from Odessa.

What is this about?

And how do you know
the name Meredith Gordon?

I think she was my mom.

Is this some kind of joke?

No, ma'am.

Well, Meredith
only had one daughter,

and she died in the fire.

Well, that's kind of
what I'm trying to say,
is I didn't die.

I think I'm her,

and I'm Iooking
for any information
I can find about my mom.

Well, then you made
the right call.

This is her.




How's CIaire?