Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 8 - The March to Freedom - full transcript

Cyrus and his betrothed were hoping to be taken safely to Calydon, but are betrayed by their traitorous 'guide' Belus, attacked by horsemen on the beach and captured for the slave trade. Hercules was visiting his mother Alcmene and his wife and sons' graves. Bringing her grain to the market, his fist cheerfully bumps into Iolaus who was bringing the pig Penelope to the butcher. A hideous one-eyed hag offers Hercules money to spend some time with her. He attends Belus' slave sale just in time for the prize piece, oriental Oi-Lan and buys her for the grain's value, frees her and finds she's also on the way to save her lover Cyrus, who was in the lot just sold to Inias, for the Libyan games, but stolen back by Belus to sell them again there himself. They travel together, she remains rude and un-trusting first but saves him from a poisonous spider, proves as good a masseuse as she is at martial arts and says Cyrus helped her flee her father's palace. Cyrus escapes, defeating Belus's strong man Mudo, goes looking for Oi-Lan, catches up, sees them kissing and knocks him off a cliff with a tree log, only to get both chained again by the slave traders, till Hercules climbs up and sells Belus instead to... .

I never thought this day
would come, Cyrus.

You and me...,

free of the past,
heading to...



Something's bothering you;
what is it?

It's Bellus.

Don't worry, everything is fine.

Then why is he leading us along
the beach, where's there's no cover?

We should have weapons.

Did you hear, Admeta?

Cyrus thinks...
we should be armed.


Cyrus is a fool.

We left our home
to escape war.

- Exactly.
- Why do you laugh?!

- Cyrus just wants to protect us.
- From what?

Once Bellus has taken us
to Calydon,

we will have no enemies.

Maybe they're right, Cyrus.

We've had good luck this far.


What is that?




Over this way, all of you!

Move along!

Come on, get up, now!

All right.

Move 'em out!

Liar! You betrayed us!

What's this?

A rebel in our midst.

Oh. You've put fear
in my heart.

I'll put a knife
in your heart.

You better do it before
we get you and your friends

to the slave auction.

When I say move,
I mean move!

We'll escape
first chance we get.

Silence, slave!


Don't damage the merchandise,

A slave with fighting spirt
like that

will fetch top dinar
at the Libyan animal games.

And this one...,

I'm tempted to keep
for my own pleasure.

- Pig!
- Oh, good!

He never quits!

We'll start the bidding high
on him.

All right, move out!

This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!



What are you doing?

too heavy for you.

Guess I'm used to taking care
of things by myself.

All ya... have to do...

is ask.


But I can manage. Really!

Would you let me do that?

What good is it having your son visit
if you don't put him to work?

- I suppose you're right.
- Of course I am.

Don't settle for less than 400 dinars
for this load.

You want me to sell the grain?

- You said you wanted to help.
- Well, yes, but...

I can't haggle with those vultures
in the marketplace.

The gods gave you
a sharp mind to go

with that strong body,

You give yourself a chance.

All right. All right.

- But you're wrong about one thing.
- Oh?

It wasn't the gods
who gave me a sharp mind.

- It was you.
- Mmm.

How many times did we walk
across this very place?


thinking our happiness
would never end.

I look around...

and all I see is you, Deianeira.



Aeson and Klonus.

That's why I didn't come back

I was afraid
it would hurt too much.

I know I should get on
with my life, but...

I can't stop
missing you.

You were everything to me.

And now I have nothing except
the memories you gave me.

All I can offer
in return are these.

I'll try to do better
the next time I come here.


Chickens! Here's chickens!
Chickens! Chickens!

Two dinar! Two dinar!

Goat for sale!

Weapons, sir?

The finest weapons
in the marketplace.

Please... have a look, sir.

Then may I interest you
in some bows, sir?

The finest quality.

Try it out, sir, try it out.

It's a nice bow.

Only... 15 dinars.

Hey, you!
Stop kickin' my pig!

Only 10 dinar, right here!

Hello, Iolaus.


You beast slayer!

- What are you doing here?
- Visiting my mother.

Oh, and neglecting
your best friend?

No, actually, I was headed
to your house,

when my mother roped me
into selling her grain.

- You're lookin' well!
- Thanks.

Come on.

Someone new in your life?

Oh, very funny.

Actually, uh...,

I'm just about
to sell Penelope to the...


Oh, the butcher.

You know? You've got to stop
naming your animals.

Get in there!

Low-life scum.

Yes, sir.

- What's all this about?
- Gold and jewelry.

That's Bellus.
Slave trader.

Comes through here every month.

What about the one
pushing the slaves around?

- What, the big guy?
- Hm-hmm.

That's Mudo, the gargantuan.

I hate slavery.
It's not right, Iolaus.

Well, you're not gonna end
the slave trade here... today.

You got some grain to sell.
Come on!

Let's see if we can find a buyer.
Come on, Penelope.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Hercules.

Will ya look at that?

There's nothing like
a hero's homecoming.

I forgot the scenery
around here was so good.

Don't walk away before
you hear my offer, Hercules.

Uh, look,
I'm... flattered and all...

I was talking about your grain.

You were?

Well, good..., because there's
a time and place for everything,

and this is the time and place
for business.

Do you mind?

What I have here

is the finest grain that can be
found for a hundred miles

in... any direction.

Then you better not waste it.

It's all right. Hardly enough
for a loaf of bread. Uh...

Uh... So, uh, I'll tell you
what I'll do. I'll...

I'll... drop the price
of, uh, what spilled there

and, uh, give you all six sacks
for... 400 dinars.

Now, you know in your heart
you can't beat a deal like that.

I don't have a heart.

- Who are you?
- Her mother.

- I never would've guessed.
- You've got your nerve,

trying to take advantage
of my daughter.

- Oh, but, Mother...
- Quiet!

I wouldn't feed your grain
to a pig.

- Aw, hey!
- My mother grew that grain.

- A likely story.
- Mother, this is Hercules.

It is?

Come here a minute.


Hey, Hercules...,

I've got a deal
for a big, strong man like you.

If you'll spend
a little time with me,

I'll give you everything you want
for your grain.

What do ya say, pretty boy?

- It wouldn't kill ya.
- How much for just the grain?

Scared of a real woman?!

No, it's not that,
it's just that, uh...

You don't know
what you're missin'.

Uh, I'm the shy type.

Two hundred dinars!

That's all?

- Unless you'd care to renegotiate.
- Two is fine.

Two is great.

Take it and be gone.

Thanks, it's been, uh, a...

pleasure doing business
with you.

- Goodbye, Hercules.
- Goodbye.

That other 200 dinars'll be waitin'
for you if you change your mind.

Pigs'll fly first.

Maybe she gets her looks
from her father.



And next..., fresh off the livery,
a young scrapper.

He'll work your fields,
tend to your livestock,

and he'll take
a good whipping, besides.

Who'll start the bidding
at a hundred and fifty?

Do I have one-fifty?

Do I have one-fifty?
I have one-fifty.

- I have one hundred and fifty dinars.
- Two hundred dinars!

Do I hear two? I have two.
Two-fifty? Two-fifty.

Do I have more?
Do I have any more?

Three! Three hundred.
A strong lad here.

Three-fifty. Three-fifty.

- Four hundred!
- Four hundred dinars!

Do I have more?
Do I have any more?

Five hundred!

Five hundred. Five hundred.
Once..., twice...

Sold to Ineas
for five hundred dinars.


you've got yourself
a spirited young slave.

Ineas is a buyer
for the Libyan animal games.

- Lunch for the lions, huh?
- Get your hands off me!

What's wrong?

And now..., what you've all
been waiting for.

The best for last.

A fine young wench
for your bidding.

She'll cook your dinner,
scrub your floor,

and... with that soft skin
and pretty face...,

she'll warm
those cold, lonely nights.

- Who'll start the bidding?!
- With his twelve, we've got enough.

Well, what about my new plow?!

Fool! Once we buy the wench,
we'll charge others to use her!

We'll make enough
to buy ten plows!

Who'll give me one hundred dinars
for this flower of the mystic east?

One hundred.

Two hundred!

What are you doing?

Trying to save her.

I've got two hundred, but...

surely, this is not enough
for a woman

who has so much untapped
potential as a concubine.

- Do I hear two-fifty?!
- Two-fifty!

Ah, music to my ears.
Do I hear three hundred?!

- How much money have you got?
- No, I don't want a slave.

Consider it a loan.

I'm supposed to buy
a new forge.

Come now, gentlemen!

A lass this lovely is certainly
worth at least three hundred dinars.

Don't worry.

You'll get your money back.

Yeah, okay. Well, I've got
two hundred dinars.

Four hundred!

What are you doing?
No one's bid three hundred yet.

Four hundred?

At last, a man
who appreciates pulchritude.

Uh, do I hear five?

All right, then.
Going once, going twice...

Sold to the gentleman
with the sparkle in his eye

for four hundred dinars.

Congratulations, sir.

Enjoy your purchase.

This way!

Keep moving,
or you'll feel my whip!

Where are you taking us?

Hurry along!

Move it!

Come on, you...!

He'll make a tasty morsel
for the lions!

Get in there, ya vermin!

Get yourself in there, slave!
You heard me!


I'm here for the woman.

Money first, friend.


- Now take her shackles off.
- You think you can handle her?!

Do it.

Go ahead, Mudo.

We're just spectators
from this point on.

What do we do now?

Ah, yeah... Well, maybe
we should introduce ourselves.

Hello. I'm Iolaus.

Don't be afraid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.


It's bad enough
when you flip me.

Well, you certainly
have a way with women, Iolaus.

Don't touch me...,
either of you.

You seem to have forgotten

The delivery charge?

You're changing the rules!

It always used to be included!

- Then you're refusing?
- I certainly am.

This is robbery.

Such a pity. I guess we'll just have
to take the slaves back.

But they're mine!
I paid for them!

There you go again,
forgetting the delivery charge.

Mudo..., show Ineas
the error of his ways.

Now, you keep that animal
away from me.

I'm afraid it's the price you have
to pay for being so cheap.


What do you say we... take
the slaves to Libya ourselves and...

sell them all over again?

You'll have to kill me, first.

Beg your pardon.

That's the only way
I'd be your slave.

I'd have to be dead. You'd have
to slice me open and skewer me.

Shy..., passive...,
willing to please...

Yeah. She's pretty much
like I expected her to be.

Don't pay attention to him.

Look, we're trying
to help you.

By selling me to someone else?

- Turning a nice profit?
- Hey, you better watch your...

mouth. That's Hercules
you're talking to.

Everyone has a name.

You mean you never heard
of Hercules?

It doesn't matter, Iolaus.

- Yeah, but she said...
- Hey.

You're free to go.

- I don't believe you.
- No, I mean it.

Go on, you're free.

- Why are you doing this?
- Because I hate slavery.

You better not change your mind
until I'm gone!


that's 200 dinars
I won't see again.

- Let's go.
- On the other hand...,

maybe it was a good thing
we let her go.

A Calydonian boar
has got a better personality.

She was dangerous.

I noticed.


Come on! Quickly, quickly!

Oh, Cyrus...

- Where are you goin', slave-girl?
- Get out of my way!

We can't do that. Get her!

Now you're mine.

That's funny.

I bought one just like her.

That's not gonna matter
when you're in two pieces.

And which two pieces
would those be?

A figure of speech, that's all.
No harm intended, friend.

You bought her,
she's all yours.

Get outta here!

You should have hurt them.

That's not what I came for.

I wanted to make sure
you were all right.

- Don't worry about me.
- Well, it's my nature.

Ha. You probably wanna
make me your slave again.

You were never my slave
in the first place.

Then keep it that way.

If you tell me where you're going,
I might be able to help you.

I'm goin' to save
the one I love.

They made him a slave too,

and he's somewhere on his way
to Libya.

Now, if ya really wanna help,
leave me alone!

- But you'd be safer with me.
- I've heard that before.

And I know the road to Libya;
I've travelled it many times.

- You have?
- Yes, I have.

Very well.

You may help me, then.

Just stay out of my way!

- Fine.
- Fine.

Be careful!

Follow me!

When I need your help,
I'll ask for it!

Some shortcut!

We had to take it!

If you wanna catch up with Cyrus,

this is the quickest way down.

You sure
you don't need help?!

I'm fi...

Be down in a minute.

Looks like there's a cave
over here!

I'll fix us dinner!

You sure you're all right?!


What happened?


Why don't you come inside,
where it's warm?

I'll just stay out here.

You should have something to eat.

And miss this beautiful evening?

I hear Hercules
bought your woman.

She must be making him...
very happy.

It's there for the eating.

Help yourself.

I'm not hungry.

Sooner or later, you're...
going to have to trust somebody.

I've already tried that;
it didn't work.

The slave trader?

That's not what he said
he was.

Cyrus and I aren't fools!

We were gonna get married...,

start a new life.

And this man, Bellus,
said he would take us there.

Us and all the other settlers
who believed his lies.

Bellus isn't a reason
to give up on everybody else

on the face of the Earth.

A lot you know.

I know how it feels
to be betrayed.

I doubt it.

You really... make it hard
to like you, you know that?

You can leave me
any time you want.

I can get along by myself.

I'll try to remember that.

If you change your mind about eating,
it's here for you.

- I'm going to sleep.
- Good.

I could use
a little peace and quiet.

Get back or no gruel!

What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?

Cyrus, where are you going?

To find Oi-Lan...

and to kill Hercules.

There you are.
I was looking for you.

I, uh, didn't wanna wake you.

Besides, I...
thought I could use a bath.

- I could use a bath myself.
- Yeah, you could.

I, uh... I didn't mean
right now.

Don't be embarrassed.

People bathe together
all the time where I'm from.

Well, not where I'm from.


I don't bite.

You could have fooled me.

Something wrong with your shoulder?

Well, it's... a little stiff, yeah.

Turn around.

Go ahead, turn around.

Why are you being
so nice to me now?

Turn around,
I'm not gonna hurt you. Huh.

You better not.
I bruise easily.

That's not so bad, is it?

No. It's, uh...

It's very good.

I used to do this for Cyrus
all the time

when he was an acrobat
at my father's palace.

- Your father has a palace?
- Yes.

And all the power
that goes with it.

He banished me
from our province,

because my mother
wasn't his number one.

I'm sure
you wouldn't understand.

Oh, I think I do.

It sounds like the family I come from.
If you could...

call it a family.

Then you know how it feels
to be lonely?

Uh, yes.

Cyrus cured my loneliness.

He stood by me
when my father neglected me.

I hope you have somebody
who loves you too.

I used to.

We come
from far different places, Hercules.

And yet we come
from the same place.


Set me up with another!

Who's there?

What's the problem, handsome?
You lost?

- I'm looking for a man.
- Aren't we all?

This is serious.

- His name's Hercules.
- Figures he'd be the one.

You're no more fun
than he was.

- Tell me where he is.
- Men!

You're all the same.
"Gimme, gimme, gimme."

When do I get mine?

- You buyin' for the lady?
- No.

You're gonna have to learn
how to treat a lady

if you wanna get anywhere
with me.

Where... is... Hercules?

Off to Libya, I hear.
Him and his new woman.

That's the direction
I just came from.

And you didn't bump into them?

What were ya doin'?
Swinging through the trees?


Why do you want Hercules,

I don't want Hercules.
I want the woman I love.

If he tries to keep her from me,
I'll kill him.

You?! Kill the son of Zeus?!

Did ya hear that, Minus?

This little guy's
gonna kill Hercules.

Think he's single?

Do you mind
if I ask you something?

You don't need my permission.

Those three lunkheads
who tried to grab you...,

where'd you learn
to throw people around like that?

One gift my father gave me
was an education in martial arts.

It didn't look like you missed
any classes.

How much farther?

Until we find Cyrus?

I wish I knew.

- What's wrong?
- I keep thinking about Cyrus.

Ah... I'd be surprised
if you didn't.

There's this voice in my head
that keeps telling me

that we're never gonna find him.

We will, Oi-Lan.

I promise we will.

You'll pay for that, Hercules.

It can be dangerous
around here...,

- but we'll make it.
- I trust you.

Never thought I'd hear that.


- Cyrus!
- No, wait here.

Cyrus, what are you doing?


- You killed him!
- He got what he deserved.

But he was helping me!
We were gonna rescue you!

Didn't you hear the same thing
from Bellus?!

They all say they're helping you,
but you can't trust any of them!

But Hercules was different!

Come on, Oi-Lan!

What a pleasant surprise.

Your infidels didn't foul it up.

Hercules is out of the way,

I get my two most valuable commodities

Let her go!

I'm not going to Libya
one slave short.

it's a long trip, and...

I might get lonely.

Let's go!

I want her at the front...

and him at the back!

I don't want 'em
anywhere near each other.

And now you'll all
live or die as one.

If you had any spine at all,
you'd fight me man-to-man.


There's no time for that!
We're already behind schedule.

Let's get movin'!


- There you go.
- Keep on line.

Together, together.

Hurry up.

Keep moving.

Keep moving.


I think you owe me
an apology.


I thought you were dead.

We'll talk about that later.

Look out!

Kill him!

Thanks for the keys.


Stop her,
she's getting away!

Careful. Big knife like that,
you might cut yourself.

Look out!

Drop 'em!
You still belong to me.


Cyrus! Hurry up!


- Cyrus!
- Mind your manners.

I wouldn't wanna have to cut
that pretty little throat of yours.

We want the girl!

If he's hurt her...

How does he do that?

Let her go.

You want her so much?!
Buy her!

I'm not here to negotiate.

Stay back! I'll kill her!

That's not a good idea.

- He deserves to die.
- No.

I have a better idea.

Three hundred.

Three fifty.

Four hundred dinars.

You drive a hard bargain,


He's worth it.

You should a' let
that crazy man kill me!


Mummy wants her little love slave
nice and lively.

- Hercules!
- Listen to the lady, Bellus.


- You don't hafta do that.
- I want to.

It would make me the happiest woman
since Venus met Adonis.

What're you talking about?

Your mother's offered to have
our wedding at her house.

Oh, she did?!

Well, only special people
get an offer like that.

Now, if you'll come with me,

I'll show you what else special
people get for their wedding.

The land extends
to the end of that ridge.

It's a lot of work, but the soil
is fertile, and the weather is kind.

I don't know what to say.

Say you'll take it.

You know we will.

Thank you for everything,

You're welcome.

I hope you're as happy here
as I was with my family.

We were always good to each other.

Try to do the same.

- Trust us.
- And have lots of children.

We'll call our first son

You think the world's ready
for another one?

You'd like them, Deianeira.

They'll bring laughter back
to these hills.

And one day,
they'll bring children too.

The kind of children who'd have
run and played with ours.

People as much in love
as Oi-Lan and Cyrus

shouldn't have to spend
their lives apart.

But sometimes it happens, doesn't it?

Then all you can do is...

look at the ones who are lucky
enough to be together...

and try to remember
what you had.

It was special, Deianeira.

I take it with me

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