Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 7 - Pride Comes Before a Brawl - full transcript

Hercules would have saved time by going around a toll bridge on the road to the games in Thrace, but Iolaus started a fight with the guardian gang, which they both enjoy anyway. Lydia is chased and captured by a gang of road bandits masquerading as satyrs. Hercules follows a sign to Thrace, Iolaus insists to bet it's a trap and splits. A ferryman claims the lake is filled with all kinds of deadly monsters, as is the only alternative land road; Hercules spares himself the fair by carrying a boat which would have taken ten ordinary men. In no time Iolaus is lost and captured, in the same hole as Lydia, who was only on the road as only volunteer to go look for Hercules, the region's only hope. On the boat, Hercules is visited by Nemesis, who is invisible to mortals and explains she just executes orders to deliver divine justice, while Hercules claims to judge fairly himself, then she admits her next mission is to make arrogant Iolaus cause his own death by an arrow on Hera's command. Iolaus and Lydia escape; Rankor's bandits chase them with hounds to avoid being exposed as mortals; Iolaus' mud trick works, but they are tracked to the lake, where a giant eel attacks Lydia but is defeated by Iolaus, who next sets efficient traps for the bandits. Arrows chase them into a cave, where Iolaus must fight a hydra. Hercules finds and knocks down the bandits, helped by Nemesis, who convinces him not to intervene. Lydia's father's hunting trick to make fire chases the hydra till Rankor has entered and gets attacked while they escape, but catches up after the joined Hercules in the village, where Nemesis...

Even the son of Zeus pays
to cross my bridge.

So, what do you say?

I say we cross further
down river.

I say we take 'em.

I say we cross over
further down.

Come on,
we can take 'em easy.

- Sure we can.
- Yeah. Come on, Hercules.

But it will be that much longer
before we get to Thrace.

What's the matter, Hercules?

You waiting for the gods
to help you get past us?

Can't make it on your own,

Come on.
We'll cross further down.

What's the matter, Hercules?!

Wait a minute. You're gonna let 'em
get away with that?

Drop it, Iolaus.

- Don't have anything to prove.
- Come on, you yellow belly!

Hey, what's the little guy doin'?

He gets one shot,
then we get him!



Okay, guys,
go get them!

Bath time.

He was mine;
I had him cold.

Well, now he's cold
and wet.

- Uh, behind you.
- I know!

When was the last time
you shot an arrow?

Needing help?!

I'm fine!

Yeah..., right.

Had 'em cold, did ya?

Hey, I was doing just fine.

Well, you don't wanna leave
your bow lying around.

In the wrong hands
it could be dangerous.

- Need me to help?
- No, I'll take them.

Excuse me.

Stop them!

They're getting away!

Iolaus, behind you!

Iolaus, it was a joke.

Oh, come on, Iolaus.
It was a joke!

Stinking satyrs, put me down!

You animals!

This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!


We must be close.
Come on, I'll race you;

it'll be good practice
for tomorrow's games.


You're going the wrong way!


You're going the wrong way.

I am not.

The sign says
Thrace is this way.

The sign is wrong!

Someone put it there
to fool travellers.

Iolaus..., look at the road.

It's obvious
everybody uses it.

I can't believe you don't recognize
a trap when you see one.

You have to be joking.

If you wanna walk into a trap
any kid could see...,

go ahead.
I'll be waitin' for ya in Thrace.

You'll be lucky to get there
before the games are over.

- I'll be waiting for you.
- That's a bet.

- One hundred dinars.
- You haven't got a hundred dinars.

I should worry. You're the one
that's gonna have to pay.


Iolaus this. Iolaus that.

He thinks that because
he's the son of a god, he can...

know everything!

Always in his shadow.

Always, always playing
second lute to him.

People always thinking
I'm his... kid brother...

that doesn't know
how to look after himself.

Right road
or wrong road...,

I'm gonna be waitin' for him
in Thrace.

A ferry.


Maybe the walk will burn off
his bad mood.

Morning, traveller.

- Going to the games at Thrace?
- Yes. Can you take me there?

I'm expecting a lot of trade
for the games.

You'll have to wait
for the boat to fill.

Ah... I don't have time to wait.
How much to go now?

A hundred dinars?

I'll swim.

I wouldn't do that, traveller.

Place is infested with serpents...;
swallow you whole.

And piranha fish too.

We had a traveller,
tried to swim it last year.

Yeah, he was a big fellow
like you.

They picked him clean
in twenty seconds.

I lie; ten.

Clean to the bone.

And then there's the snakes
and reptiles..., giant eels...

Looks like your boat
is the only way.

Did you... put
the sign at the fork

to make sure
you got plenty of trade?

No, traveller.

I put it there as a warning
to strangers like yourself.

The other way
is deadly dangerous.

None return who go that way,
my friend.

Don't tell me.
More serpents.

Worse. Ghouls, fiends,

giant eels that suck ya down
into the mud.

Writhing things,
wolves the size of horses,

and... satyrs.

Maybe I could, uh,
borrow this boat.

Uh, this boat won't be ready
to launch for a week.

I've hired ten men
to haul it to the river.

If I launch it for free,
can I borrow it?

You won't find ten men
to work for free.

Ah..., I don't need to.


That way?

Or that way?

Oh, great.

Okay. Uh...

West... is the night-side
of south, so...

A traveller's coin.

Yeah..., this must be the...

Oh. Hi, there.


Any of you guys know
the way to Thrace?

One of them dropped it.

They're not monsters.

They're men
pretending to be monsters!

I knew I should have trusted
my instincts.

I'm Iolaus.


So, what are you doin' here,

Trying not to be scared.

I think they're gonna kill me.

Over my dead body.

You're probably right.
They're bound to kill us both.

- Is this all?!
- He had nothing else, Rankor.

Then he won't miss
his life. Kill him!

- Give me that!
- I want it!

- It's mine!
- I said it's mine!

Give me your arrows!

I decide
who gets the spoils.

You'll take what I tell you,
when I tell you.

And not before.

Yes, Rankor.

Sorry, Rankor.

What about the girl?

Kill her too.
She's seen who we are.

Give 'em the usual treatment.

Then throw 'em
on the road to Thrace.

Any idea
who these guys are?

They're bandits. They've been
terrorizing the road for months.

Well, aren't there any men who can
band together and flush them out?

They think they're satyrs,

so they're too frightened
to go into the woods.

These, uh, bandits...,

do they raid the town?

They don't have to.

This is the only good road
into Thrace.

- Then this is the way to Thrace.
- It used to be.

Where does the other road go?

Dead ends at the river.

What's so funny?

Come to think of it...,
not a lot.

Go back!

She's mine!

I'll handle her.

I don't get it.

If the road is so dangerous,
why did you use it?

We heard that Hercules
was coming to the town games,

so I volunteered
to go find him

and ask him to help
clear out the satyrs.

You came alone?

Nobody'd go with me.

Well, somebody had to do it.
He was our only hope.

Besides, I've always wanted
to meet him.


Well..., don't worry.

I'll get us out of this mess...
without Hercules.

Ready for me, girl?!

Take your dress off.

Couldn't that wait until
after you've rescued us?

Take it off!

Hello, Hercules.


I can't believe it.

Oh, sure you can.

As I recall, there is nothing
you can't do.

I thought I'd never
see you again.

- It's been what? Ten years?
- At least.

And then you just...
drop out of the clear-blue sky!

I... surprise a lot of people
that way.

Put a call in
for old-times' sake, come on.


It's... It's just so good
to see you.

Come here.

Let's see what that pretty smile
tastes like before you die.

Come on, girl.

Show me what you've got!

Anything you say, handsome.

What do you want
this stinking thing for?

To prove to the townspeople

that these are men pretending
to be monsters!

Then maybe they'll have
the courage to... chase them off.

Could I have my skirt, please?

You know,
Hercules wouldn't be lost.

Well, don't bet on it.

He doesn't know everything.

And how would you know?

I just... do.

Well, who told you?!

Nobody told me.

I know him.

You know him?!


I mean, personally?

- We travel in the same circles.
- Wow.

Well, what's he like?

Big, you know, uh..,

shoulders like an ox, has
the strength of ten men, like that.

They say he's got
beautiful eyes.

Well, sure.

Is it true that he spends
his entire life just helping people?

Oh, yeah, he's very helpful.

He never stops
helping people.

Well, I don't think
you know him at all.

It so happens,
I'm his best friend.

- You are not.
- I am to!

- You can't be.
- Why not?!

Nobody talks about their best friend
that way.

Nobody talks about their...

They got away?!

Then we'll hunt them.

And we'll chase them and stick 'em
and roast 'em like pigs

before they die.

Get the dogs!

They've got hunting dogs!


- Roll in the mud with me.
- I don't think so!

Listen to me.

If those dogs get our scent,
we won't stand a chance.

Now do what I tell you
or we'll be eaten alive.

It's an old hunters' trick.

An animal can smell a human
from a mile away.

We've gotta get rid
of our scent.

Do it!

stay perfectly still...

and don't breathe.

But we're out in the open;
they'll see us.

No, no, no, no,
they'll be too busy

beating the bush
to look in this direction.

Trust me.

That's what all the boys say.


You're terrific!

Hmm. I know.

Remember how long it took me
to get up the courage to kiss you

for the first time?

Yeah, you were ten,
and it took about three seconds.

Uh, yeah.

What have you been doing
all these years?

I work for the gods.

And what do you do for them?

I deliver divine justice.

Whenever some mortal
gets too powerful,

too arrogant, whatever,
I... drop on by

and arrange his comeuppance.

- You ever get the wrong guy?
- How would I know?

I'm just doing my job,
kind of like you.

Are you still saving maidens
and killing monsters?

No, mostly I...
save people

from the tyrants
you work for.

Looks to me like we're both
in the punishment business.

- There's a difference.
- Hmm.

Amaze me.

I find out whether they deserve it,

Oh, come off it, Hercules.

That's a very convenient excuse.

You're telling me
you never make a mistake?

Well, if I do,
I don't try to defend it.

What I do is for a purpose,
not a career.

When did your sense of justice
fly away, Nemesis?

Or did you just... sell out?


I bought in.

Do you see anything
you recognize?

Well, that looks familiar.

I'm not sure, but I think
I've seen it from the river ferry.

You mean there's a ferry?

Sure. People sometimes use it
now to avoid the old road.

- But it's pretty expensive.
- Where does it start?

Oh, just back at the fork.

It's only a few hundred yards
from the sign.

I don't believe it; he'll be
floating along like a prince.


Nobody. Come on, let's see
if we can make that hill

before our imaginary monsters
pick up our trail.

Here, let me take the rope
for a while.

It's all right, I can manage.

If you can help me,
I can help you.

Idiots! He was right under
your feet!

He's clever, this one!

If he gets to town,

and tells them that we're men
and not monsters,

- we're in big trouble!
- Yeah.

- I want him killed!
- Yeah, okay.

They're headed for the lake.

A-ha! Not so clever!

He doesn't know
what's waiting for him in there!

Oh. Not the water.

It's okay. They've gone.

Let's go!

Come on.

Get out of the lake, Lydia!

It's all right, Lydia!

I can handle it!

It's... just a serpent!

How on Earth did you kill it?!

I bit its eyes out.

Don't tell me.

An old hunters' trick!

So, tell me about this friend
you're travelling with.

He's a great guy.

Good company...,

courageous, loyal, fearless.
The best friend a man could have.

So why did you split up?

He got angry at me
this morning

because I helped him
out of a brawl.

Then we argued about
which way to go to Thrace,

he got mad and...

bet a hundred dinars
he could beat me there.

He has a lot of pride.

Well, you know what they say?

Pride comes before a fall.

Oh, he won't fall;
he's too smart for that.

But not smart enough
to win a hundred dinars.


- So, what's his name?
- Iolaus.

What's wrong?

Iolaus is the name of the man
I've come to kill.

You're sure Iolaus
is the right target?

Yes..., it's him.

- But why?!
- Pride.

Pride, arrogance and ego.

Among the gods, pride,
arrogance and ego are virtues.

What's his punishment?

- The penalty is his life.
- What?!

- Hercules, it's not my decision.
- Make it your decision!

Go back and say
you couldn't find him or something.

I can't.
It's out of my hands.

What are you talking about?


My job is to set things up

so that the mortal
brings retribution on himself.

"Pride comes before a fall."

That's what the brawl on the bridge
was all about.

It's too late.

It's already started.

What are our chances
of getting away from them?

We'll make it.

I can take the truth.

Lydia. Lydia.

It's okay.
I think we can beat them.

Nice try, Iolaus,
but there are too many of them.

Yeah. Well...,

we'll just pick 'em off,
one by one.

With two arrows?!

That's all
we're gonna need.

Any fool
can shoot arrows...,

but a smart fighter...
uses cunning.

I think we should be
running away.


That's exactly
what they want us to do.

Come on.

Give me a hand, Lydia.

It's his!

Spread out!

Ten dinars
to whoever brings me his head!

Fifteen for the girl!

If she's alive.

Let's go!

- How is he supposed to die?
- I can't tell you that.

Only the gods
are allowed to know.

The gods...

Iolaus is my friend,
and so are you.

Bend the rules, Nemesis.

How is he supposed to die?

- By an arrow.
- Who ordered it?



Just give me the parchment.

Give me... the parchment.

I never could say "no"
to you.


She ordered you
to kill my friend...

because she can't kill me.

That's the kind of tyrant
you work for.

Even you can't defy
the will of the gods, Hercules.

There is nothing
you can do.

That's where you're wrong.

Iolaus needs my help.

No, Hercules. Don't you see?

Your help is the last thing
he needs.


Hey, buddy!

Oh, sorry!

Next time, try harder.

Harder? Right.

Lookin' for me?

Thanks, guys.

I missed this.

The broken bow was a trick!

To get us too close
to use our bows!

I can play
clever games too!


Wow! That was great!

N' I couldn't have done it
without you!

Run, rabbits!

You're going where your tricks
won't do you any good!

Up there. I can hold
a whole army back from that cave.

- Come on!
- I don't think that's a good idea.

Come on, Lydia.

Easy, boys.

Right where I want 'em.

Your eyes'll get used
to the dark.

It's not the dark
I'm afraid of, Iolaus.

Wait here.

There's something you
oughtta know about this... cave.


I tried to tell you.

I've killed a hydra before!

Of course..., then I had
Hercules with me.

Don't talk to it, Iolaus!
Chop it's head off!

I can't do that!
It'll grow two more!

How can you ever win?!

You just... keep going till...
something clever occurs to you!

- How did you beat it last time?!
- Fire!

- I don't see any fire.
- Yeah..., I noticed that.

An old hunters' trick.

- Huh?
- Which way did he go?

Looks like you haven't lost
your touch, Iolaus.

Excuse me.
Could you give me a hand with this?

Ooh. That's gotta hurt.

That is as far as you go, Hercules.
You are not a part of this.

- That's my decision.
- Oh, no it isn't.

For once, you cannot interfere
with Iolaus' destiny.

Excuse me, will you?
I'm too busy to argue right now.

Don't turn around.

Wait for it. Wait for it.



- We make a good team.
- We always did.

I thought that you said
working for the gods meant

- you could never interfere.
- Hmm.

So I freelance
once in a while, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

- I gotta go.
- Oh, no you don't.

I tried to tell you!

Go away!


Listen to me.

You have to let Iolaus
do this for himself.

If you help him now,
he will go to his grave hating you.

We always help each other.

When Iolaus helps me,
I don't end up hating him.

You weren't under sentence
from the gods.


one way or another, I'm always
under sentence from the gods.

Not this one.


Lydia, what're you doin'?!

I spend my life
helping strangers.

I ca-I can't do less
for my friend.

That is the problem.
You gave Iolaus too much help,

and his injured pride
walked him right into this.

Now he's got to get himself out
of it.

But what if he can't?

He has to do it.



What are you doing?!

I'm lighting you a fire!

I don't believe it!
You're a genius!

How did you know how to do that?

From my father.

How did he know?!

He was a hunter.

This is gettin' to be
a very long day.

How long will the torch
keep burning?

Not long.

When it goes out,
you run for the entrance.

- I won't leave you.
- You will.

If you wanna keep us both alive.

Hey! You! Clown!

There's no hydra in here.

I guess you're gonna have to try
and kill me yourself, huh?

With pleasure!

Run, Lydia!

Come on!


That guy sure
is a slow learner!

You gonna keep your promise?

You said there'd be something for me
if I rescued us.


I rescued us.

But that was a joke.

Okay, let it down.

There we go. Come on.



- Fine!
- Good to see you.

Fine, crafted spears!

I was wondering
when you'd get here.

- Did you get lost?
- No, I did not get lost.

How long have you been here?

- Hours.
- How many, Hercules?

Oh, about...
a hundred dinars' worth?

Only the best craftsmanship here!


this is... my friend, Hercules.

Hercules, this is Lydia.

Hello, Lydia.

I'm very pleased to meet you,

Your friend, Iolaus, and I
have had quite a day.

I saved her from...

a few dozen satyrs,
a hydra... That's why I'm late.

- And an eel.
- Oh yeah, there was an eel too.

And how big was it?

Oh, not much.
You know how eels are.

- Yeah, sure.
- Oh!

He was amazing!

I just wish you'd been there
to see it, Hercules.


You'd have been in the way.

I know. I-I mean, I...
know you can... handle yourself.

See, there's nobody else on Earth
I'd rather face trouble with, Lydia.

He's not only my friend,

he's a great... hunter...,

a warrior, an archer.

- You really mean that?
- Sure.

I'd trust you with my life.

You know that.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

What're you doing?

- Hey, uh..., may I?
- Suit yourself.


Well, that's very...
thoughtful of you.

Well, it isn't for you.
It's for me.
















That's a nice shot.

Get your hands off me!

It was you.

Thanks, Nemesis...,
from... both of us.

That's okay.

Iolaus earned his reprieve.

This is the man
who saved my life.

Ah, it looks like
he swallowed his pride.

He's so modest.

You were ready to let him
shoot, weren't you?

I had to show him
that I trusted him.

He fought men and monsters
with no thought for himself.

He's a true hero.

He wasn't going to shoot,

- You knew that.
- Mmm.

It was enough for him to know
that you were ready to let him.

He wouldn't have risked
hurting you.

And now, this noble warrior
has unmasked the satyrs...

and freed us
to use our road again.

What would you have done if
his pride had made him take the shot?

I'd have killed him.

Who were you talking to?

Uh... Nobody.

I heard you talking.

Come on, who was it?

Iolaus, my crazy, irreplaceable

You don't wanna know.

Bye, Hercules.

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