Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Gods and People - full transcript

Sagiri's group sets off in search of Horai. Gabimaru goes ahead and encounters the same powerful being that confronted Tenza.

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I searched the village,
but none of it makes any sense.

The more I learn,
the less clear things become.


Is something the matter?

It's nothing. What were you saying?

Well, Senta-dono says...

His brain's about to explode.

There are too many mysteries to solve.

I need to cool my head
and review the facts.

Please rest, Senta-dono.

I can keep watch by myself tonight.

No, that's all right.

I'll feel better once I've taken a bath.

That will make you even sleepier.

I'll be fine.

There are too many mysteries.

It's dangerous to act until we
figure things out to some degree.

How much is "some degree?"

Well... I don't know.

But if the Tensen guard the Elixir of Life,

it'd be dangerous for us
to enter Horai without a plan.

Sorry, but I don't have time to wait
for you to solve those mysteries.

If they're coming to meet us,
then all the better.

Gods and People.

The fog's so thick I can't see.

We reached the village after traveling
south through the woods from the beach.

If Hoko is to be believed,

I should approach Horai,
the central region, if I continue south.

What are these voices? Are they singing?


They're chanting sutras?

Are they more of Hoko's kind?

They're not reacting to
me approaching them.

Are they immobile?

They're praying to something?

It's dangerous to act until we
figure things out to some degree.

Maybe that's how the Asaemon think,
but condemned criminals are different.

It's not like we'd turn back depending on
what the island is actually like.

This isn't that kind of expedition.

No matter how dangerous
we find this place to be,

I won't be pardoned
if I return without the elixir.

Moving forward is my only option,

even if I have to do it alone.

They say Horai is still
as beautiful as ever.

Unlike Hojo and Eishu,
which have fallen into decay,

it is the true Shinsenkyo
where gods and hermits reside.

The true Shinsenkyo?

But this is clearly man-made.

If this place is Horai,
then the Elixir must be...

Who is this person? No...

It looks human, but it's something else.

What are you?

Ugh, this sucks.

Why do they keep coming when it's my turn?

What a pain.


Would you mind leaving?

I just fought some of you earlier.

We're supposed to capture
you humans when we find you.

And today, I—.

So you can turn humans into the Elixir?


It can regenerate, and it's stronger
and faster than its build suggests.

Is this one of the...?

You broke my neck again.

Ninpo: Ascetic Blaze.

Oops, killed another one.

He would've made good Elixir
if I'd brought him back alive.

It's a bit late to ask, but...

are you a Tensen?

Are you a human?

Why are you so tough?

I encountered a fairly
tough human earlier, too.

This is the first time I've seen
someone like you in centuries.

Where is the Elixir?

I should assume bludgeoning
and slashing attacks are ineffective.

Not only that, but it's
exceptionally physically strong, too.

Trading blows in a war
of attrition would be dangerous.

I need to come up with a plan of attack.

It's immortal. Ascetic Blaze
was ineffective.

What other options do I have?

What haven't I tried yet?

What is this feeling?

That reaction was clearly different
from how it's responded until now.

What was it? What worked?

It's back to being a woman again.

Your physical capabilities...

You probably don't realize it yourself,
but you're probably...

No, it doesn't matter.

You're annoying. Die.

What is this?

Wind pressure? No, that's not it.

It feels like the blast
is reverberating through my body.

It's something else. Some unknown power.

Guarding is pointless. I have to dodge—.

Is there any way to defeat this creature?

No, I don't need a plan.

No matter what, I can't stop moving.

I need to get back to my wife.

No matter what happens,
I'll make it back alive.

Even if my eyes and nose are torn
from my face, I'll make it back alive.

Even if I die, I'll make it back alive.

If it can regenerate, then I'll
destroy it faster than it can heal.

Impossible. By a human?

I know you're not dead.

Tell me. Where is the Elixir?

What am I going to do?

I'm going to get in
trouble with them again.

Calm down.

This isn't my first
time fighting a monster.

I just have to do what I've always done.

Analyze and counter.

If I can do that...

Ninpo: Ascetic Blaze.

My body...

I'm finally paying for how
hard I've been pushing myself.

Strange spells, giant monsters...

Is this the real world?

No, have the events
of the past few days even been real?

It's like I'm in a nightmare.

You're awake.

You were groaning in your sleep.

Were you having unpleasant dreams?


I see. It was a dream.


So you were having a nightmare.

You've been so busy lately.

Why don't you rest today?

This is chrysanthemum tea.

I've heard it prevents nightmares.

Oh, do you dislike chrysanthemum?

No, I'm just really glad.

Even if this is a dream,
I'm glad I got to talk to you.

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry.

I might not make it back home.

Shinobi Rule Number 20.

If you are facing death,

then draw on whatever life you have left

to deal as much damage as possible
to the enemy before dying.

You don't have to bother
remembering that one.

I've trained you so
you'll do it instinctively.

On the brink of death,

you'll reflexively attempt
to take your opponent down with you,

regardless of your own will.

I'm sorry. I might...

Mei, what do you think you're doing?

Well, we can't help
what's already happened.

I'm s-s-s-sorry!

I looked for him right away,

but the mist got thicker
the farther I got from the village.

It was a struggle getting back here.

It's impossible for an ordinary person
to make any real progress in that mist.

If Gabimaru headed towards Horai,
then we must search for him immediately.

What? No thanks.


I mean, we don't have time for that, right?

Besides, he's the one who decided to go.

He was an asset in combat,
but it's not like we can help it now.

Plus, it's not like the Asaemon care
about the safety of the criminals, right?


There's no reason to look for him.


If you're going to Horai,
I'll accompany you.

I haven't seen Mei.
She probably went after Gabimaru.

I must look for her.

I'd appreciate your help.

Are you saying you can
get there through the fog?

It's possible.

I'm actually starting to,
y'know, worry about Gabimaru.

Let's go, Sagirin.


Anyway, even if we make it to Horai,

those troublesome Tensen
will be there, right?


Who exactly are the Tensen?
Tell us all about them.

Yuzuriha-san, we'll get lost
if we don't focus.

We won't get lost.

Aren't you curious too, Sagirin?


About the Tensen.

Yes, I suppose I am.

If the Tensen reside in Horai, then
we'll probably run into them somewhere.

The Tensen...

are seven hermits.

I prefer being male.

First, its construction is efficient.

Utility is the essence of beauty.

I definitely prefer being female.

Just looking at women's bodies
makes you want to touch them.


Both are beautiful in their own way.

Are we just talking about appearances?

I prefer being male.

The way this form feels and
operates suits me better.

What? But we screwed
the other day as women...

I was just curious.

No way. You really
seemed to enjoy yourself.

I'm surprised you can
tolerate someone so fussy.

That's my favorite part.

It is good to be energetic.

Oh, shut up.

Enough chit-chat. Let us make our reports.

Some humans arrived several days ago.

They seem different from previous humans.

There aren't many of them,
but they're fierce.

Many Soshin have been killed.

Zhu Jin, it's your fault
for keeping watch so sloppily.

You allowed the humans you
found on the beach to escape.

And last night, you struggled against
another human you met in front of the gates.

You're pathetic.

Not only that, but judging by your
appearance, you've been using too much Tao.

Poor thing.

You reap what you sow.

I can't believe a human forced you
to use your Kishikai transformation.

Enough, Ju Fa.

We're a family. A family sticks together.

And a family also obeys.

I'm the only one allowed to harm Zhu Jin.


Did you deal with the humans you
encountered in the woods properly?

I brought them near death
and threw them in the pit.

They should be flowers by now.

Don't underestimate them.

The corpse of a Monshin
was discovered as well.

Anyone capable of killing them
is no ordinary human.

Between them and the human Zhu Jin cornered
last night, something's different this time.

If they make it out of the pit,

you'll find injured beasts
can be terrifying creatures.

If the humans who arrived
with them this time are just as capable,

then this will be rather difficult.

You killed the man who forced you to use
your Kishikai transformation, didn't you?


Well, no matter who comes our way,
there's only one thing we want.

To eternity and our revered master.

There are seven immortal beings?

They say that, originally,
there was only one.

What? What does that mean?

Shangdi Samantabhadra,
Dadi Aksho, Jiujun Amoghavajra,

Sagacious Dasheng Ratna, Yuanjun Tathātā,
Gonggong Manjusri, Deified Dijun Cundi...

A hermit who mastered their art and
became a god split into these seven parts.

They all look and sound the same,

but their personalities
and roles are different.

Together, the seven
of them rule this island.

But that is only a legend from
when I was a child.

A child? Like, back
when you were just a leaf?

No. I used to look like you.

Everyone who lives
on the island looked human once.

They were longer-lived
and more devout than your kind.

The villages prospered.


What is this?

The villages only prospered
until a thousand years ago.

Though our lives are long,
we transform before we die.


Our bodies slowly become trees.

Eventually we become a tree and take
root in the land, praying cross-legged.

The transformation progresses
regardless of our age,

and we lose awareness as well.

Just before we lose our
awareness, we gather here.

It's said that by doing so, we ensure our
souls are invited into Horai after death.

My awareness is fading as well.

I had a family, but they transformed.

This is my daughter.

Unfortunately, she was
the first in our family to transform.

No wonder your village fell into ruin,
even after 1,000 years of prosperity.

Horai is the final resting place of souls.

The Tensen are gods
that choose who will enter Horai.

They mustn't be defied.

He chose to leave on his own,

and the safety of the criminals
doesn't fall under my jurisdiction.


I hope he's all right.

Where am I?

Did this girl save me?

They're neither hermits nor gods.
They're true monsters.

I'll have to defeat them
to acquire the Elixir.


If they're monsters and not gods,
then there must be a way to kill them.

But I mustn't be reckless.

I need to come up
with a plan to fight them.

It'll be difficult to do alone.

With two, three, or even more...

I thought I'd found a moving rag,
but you're that shinobi.

You're looking ragged.
Is it time for you to die?