Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Yin and Yang - full transcript

Mei attempts to explain something very important to Sagiri party in the forest. Shion tries to explain how he interacts with the world to Nurugai. A mysterious servant of the Tensen tries to explain why Aza Chobe and Toma shouldn'...

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Yin and Yang

I thought I'd found a moving rag,
but you're that shinobi.

You're looking ragged.
Is it time for you to die?


Didn't think you could trade blows
with me in your current state.

You truly are exceptional.

It'll be difficult to defeat him
without suffering any injuries.

You're more exhausted than you realize.

Your movements are slow.

Your center of gravity on your left side...

I can tell by your posture
that you're not used to protecting it.

Your left arm's too badly
injured to use, isn't it?

Okay, okay. No more.

Let's not waste time
on pointless shows of force.

It's not pointless.

All fights begin with an assessment
of each other's preliminary movements.

It's pointless.

First of all, it's unscientific. Second
of all, this isn't the time for that.

It's meaningless.

What we should be doing right now
is gathering information.

What has he experienced so far?
Where is the Asaemon assigned to him?

Who is that girl over there?

If you kill each other, we won't be
able to acquire any useful information.


We'll take the information without killing.

I know how to do
that without killing anyone.


You intend to fight against the both of us?

Is now the time to move? But...

These two are undoubtedly strong.

I'll have to change my tactics.

After all, I'm not Gabimaru
the Hollow anymore.

What do you think you're doing?

Given your strength, I have a suggestion.

Why don't we work together?

You didn't move.

So you're not trying to fool us.

But I'm disappointed.

I seek strong warriors,

not cowards who easily bow
their heads to their enemies.

Your thinking is simplistic.

I'd like to know why
you're willing to do this.


What are those Tensen monsters?

I didn't run into anything
so powerful! Why not?

I don't know.

They can regenerate?

Breaking their necks
and burning them doesn't kill them?

What about their organs?
What were they like?

I don't know.

I don't know any specifics.

I just want to earn
a pardon so I can see someone.

I'll do anything to achieve that.

Please help me.

But what proof do you have
that any of that is true?

All right, I'm in!

If we can get to Horai and meet these
Tensen, then it's two birds with one stone.

We just happened to be lost, too.

You're not wrong,
but isn't he our competition?

It's fine.

After all, I'm not really
interested in the pardon.

I thought you wanted to
improve your sword skills.

That's just my method.

I want to become immortal.

Don't tell me you intend to consume
the Elixir of Life yourself.


Being literally immortal would be boring.

I'll achieve something grand that
will be talked about throughout the land.

My name will be spoken endlessly across
generations, and I'll become a legend.

The name Tamiya Gantetsusai will
never grow old and never die.

This appearance and these words will survive
as pictures and words in the distant future.

That's what it means to be truly immortal.

What a truly preposterous goal.

Whatever you say. I'm serious about it.

So, what will you do, Whatever-emon?

I've made my decision.

It's "Asaemon."

I'm not interested in your bombastic goals,

but I am very interested
in immortal beings.

Allow me to defeat the Tensen.

Allow me to dissect them
once you've killed them.

Then we have a deal.

If you could provide us
with additional information...

First, concerning this girl...

What's so surprising?

She was a young girl until a moment ago,

but she's grown.

Don't worry about that.

It's one of the mysteries
of female development.

That's not the issue here.

Ga... Gabimaru.

You can talk now?

Who are you?

No, more importantly,
tell me what you know about the Elixir.


Thank you for saving me.

If you can speak, I'd like you to tell me.

That mysterious power...

Are you like the Tensen?

No matter how you look at it, it's strange.


You said the Tensen are gods who
screen people's souls in Horai, correct?


After listening to you, I'm certain of it.

It's simply not possible
for this place to be the real Shinsenkyo.

It's clearly a man-made religious system.

What do you mean?

The terms "Horai," "Eishu,"

and the Tensen's names are all originally
terms used by different religions.

It's a mysterious island.
Who cares if they're all mixed up?

That's the problem.

All the mixed-up elements come
from culturally specific interpretations.


He's in the zone now.

Which means they were preceded
by human religious views.

The elements are combined crudely, too.

Specific eras and cultures
are combined in a superficial way.

I recognize this type of distortion.

Uh, wh-what?

It's Moro Makiya.

He was the founder of a new religion
plotting to overthrow the shogunate.

The religion he founded
was like this place.

There was a certain distortion created
by his patchwork of various religions.

That's why I previously felt
this place was defective.

It's not just the faith, but the monsters
and configuration of the island as well.

This island most likely has a creator.

This is just a theory, but it's not
that no one returns from this place.

From the start, the intention was that only

humans who'd transformed
into flowers would return.

However—no, precisely because of that—.

If someone's deliberate
intention is behind this,

then it could also be our clue
to understanding this place.

We should be able to find both
the Elixir and a way to escape.

I-I'm s-s-sorry. I rambled on.

Don't worry about it.

You're truly knowledgeable, Senta-dono.

You enjoy this kind of thing, don't you?

I w-wouldn't say I enjoy it, exactly...

You've very dependable as long
as you're not keeping watch.

If your theory's correct,
then we have a problem.

That intention has continued on
for over a thousand years.

Are we capable of beating it?

It's possible Gabimaru
and the girl are already dead.

No, I'm sure he's alive.

And he hasn't given up.

He's somewhere on this island formulating
a plan and carrying it out

in order to see his beloved.

That's the kind of man Gabimaru is.

If you know the Tensen's secrets
and how to defeat them,

please tell me.

If there's some power
that can be used to fight the Tensen,

then I'd like you to tell me what it is.



Is that what the power is called?

Tao. Strong, weak.

Mind, body. Strong, weak.

Tanden, turn.

Strong, weak.


Tao. Strong, weak.

I don't understand.

Maybe by "tanden," she means what
the navel is called in martial arts.

To be precise, it's just below the navel.

It's what they call
the meridian in Chinese medicine.

So, what exactly is tao?

No idea.

Tao is the power
that flows through all things.

"The power that flows through all things?"

And the Tensen control that?


Everything in this world
is created by the flow of tao.

To touch tao is to touch
the origin of the universe.

I don't get it.

After all, it's rooted
in a specific belief.

It seems difficult to describe in
a way that we'd understand.

Aw, man.

Isn't there a hot teacher who's good
at explaining things around here?

Do that all you want.
I still won't train you to use a sword.

Please, Master. Teach me to use a sword.

Didn't you swear that we'd avenge Tenza?

You can't.

I don't want to see any more
young lives end before my eyes.

I'm the only one who needs to fight.

I'll avenge him, but I won't wait
for your skills to improve.

I want to fight too, Master.

As I told you before, I am not your master.

I haven't taught you anything.

Well, I'm gonna call you that.

You're no ordinary man.

I attacked you from behind just now.

Instincts alone don't explain that.


Please teach me.

I don't want to see any more
people I love die before my eyes.

I can't take it.

Please be my master.

This feeling can't be taught overnight.

It's too difficult.

Everything in this world
produces a unique wave.

A wave?


They're waves flowing around our bodies.

I can sense those.

Because of that, I know your height,
weight, and that your hair is tied up.

Are you for real?

Of course.

Using the waves improves
not only one's senses,

but their physical capabilities as well.

Mastering the use of tao grants
one godlike strength and body.

You must order your thoughts
in order to sense them.

Neither too fierce nor too quiet.

Tao, mind. Strong, weak.

Stillness and motion, yin and yang.

That cycle, that flow, is the key
to drawing out the power of tao.

Between rage and calmness,
or else both simultaneously.

You must achieve that state of mind.

That will make it easier
to detect the waves.

In Buddhism, it's known as the middle way.

That state of mind allows one
to exceed their normal capabilities.

For example,

it allows people to withstand
greater strength than their own

or survive what should be fatal injuries.

The skill cannot be acquired
immediately, however.

In the first place,
there is much I don't know.

Then at least teach me to use a sword—.

You have more fundamental
problems than that.

The way you wield a blade is all wrong.


Then how am I supposed to do it?

First, keep your left
hand on your center line.

Your right shoulder and left foot
should face the same direction.

You should only grip it tightly
in the moment you attack.

The rest of the time, grip it loosely.

Don't swing your left arm wildly.
Be aware of its position.

Huh? Is he teaching me everything?

Is he an idiot, or is this on purpose?

Killing is wrong.

All life is precious.


The speed of your sword
is important as well.

If you keep it free of oils,
the blade will last longer.

Everything in this world
produces a unique wave.

I can sense those.

Don't rely on brute force.
Use the weight of the sword.

You won't get tired as easily.

Only turn your hips at the last moment.

Keep your knees low and chest high.

I cannot be your
master. I have a job to do.

But you're free to study
and learn on your own.

Yes, Master.

But it's a fact that we don't stand
a chance against those monsters.

I'll need to hone my skills.

But on this island,
I don't have that kind of time.


We can't even have a nice long chat.

Supposing tao is the
way to kill the Tensen,

it's not like we can take
our time learning about it.

The best way to learn to fight
is in the middle of a battle.

And fortunately, we've got plenty
of monsters to practice with.

Now teach me the power of tao, miss.

What a fiery old man.

Who... is that?

If you throw humans into the pit,
they'll eventually merge with the flowers.

You made something amazing, Mu Dan.

Now we'll be able to
harvest tan more efficiently.

Don't kill the humans
you throw into the pit.

What happens if they try to get out?

Once they're weakened,
it's too deep for humans to climb out.

Besides, the walls will block their escape.

They want everyone
to join them on their side.

They grab on and don't let go.

We won't be able to
overwhelm them by force.

We need to assess the situation.


We're gonna kill those shitheads, Toma.

No, we should leave the island
immediately and tend our—.

We're killing those shitheads, Toma.


We're killing those shitheads, Toma.


Then let's come up with a plan of attack.

We don't need a plan.

But how...

Their weakness is their lower body.

When I chopped its body in two,

that monster started regenerating
from its lower body,

not the half with its head and heart.

Which means its weakness
is the groin or navel.

It was kind of plant-like,

so it makes sense that its weakness is the
bottom half with the roots and not its top.

I'm impressed, Brother.

That's what you call assessing a situation
and coming up with a plan.


Nothing. I'm just taking that in.

Taking in what? Oh, right...

You finally feel like
eating monster flesh, too?

No. Wait, that's not a monster—.

Just eat.

You won't last long unless
you build up your strength.


Ah, you're alive.

Forgive me for not
announcing my presence first.

Don't be afraid.

Who are you?

Doesn't matter.

You're a monster. We'll kill it.

Oh, no. I'm capable of reason.

Let's talk.

I simply came to investigate
on orders from the Tensen.

The Tensen?

You mean those things
that are neither man nor woman?

Indeed. They are our masters.

My colleagues have gone to scout out
the other humans who arrived on the island.

The other doshi.

Doshi? That monster mentioned Soshin...

That's a misunderstanding.

The Soshin lack intellect.
They are defective.

They are scum not even
permitted to enter Horai.

The doshi serve the Tensen directly.
We are their right hand.

Within the palace we study under the Tensen

while looking after them
and handling troublesome tasks.

That is our responsibility.

Horai... Palace...

So, please.

Go back into the hole
and allow yourselves to become tan.



How is he so strong?

You're superhuman. Did you consume the tao?

Shut up.

If you work for those Tensen,

then beating you is
the shortest route to them.

How convenient.

I'll force answers out of you.

Very well.

If you don't seek a peaceful resolution,

then I am prepared
to handle you accordingly.

You deeply sinful and foolish human.

You'll realize you would have been happier
if you'd just allowed yourself to become tan.



Kill the nobodies.

I'm counting on you.

Got it.

You focus on him.

This man is strong.

But he is exhausted.

One look at the flow
of his tao, and it's obvious.

He moves well despite
his injuries. It's astounding.

But it's pointless.

Attacks from one
who cannot use tao are trivial.

He has predisposition
for it, but that's all.

Attacks weak in tao
aren't merely ineffective.

I can regenerate from them instantly.

He is astounding, but...

The disturbance in his tao reflects
a blind spot in his awareness.

It is an opening.