Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Student and Master - full transcript

Tenza and Nurugai are assaulted by an island resident. Even when Tenza's teacher Shion rescues them, it's not enough to save them.

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As far back as I could remember, people
always said the same things about me.


Good for nothing.


I was born and raised in the slums.

My parents had neither the
resources nor desire to feed me.

When I got hungry, I stole, and I took.

Aside from killing, I'd do anything.

I slept when I wanted to,

and woke when I wanted to.

I was free.


Hey, watch where you're going!

A street urchin, huh?


Please, no more.

That's enough.

Who the hell are you?

Student and Master.

We won't find a current leading off
the island wandering the beach aimlessly.

The sun and sand will just exhaust us.

Stop being right all the time!

It's the best idea that an idiot
like me is gonna come up with.

There are bugs and monsters in the woods.

We could defeat them by working together.

Now that I know you're a woman,
I'd like to avoid danger.

You know what? I really
do want to marry you.

It's way too soon for
that in lots of ways.

We need to leave this place alive
before we start thinking about marriage.

Let's play it safe,
even if it takes longer.

We'll avoid fighting as much as possible.

Your prudence will make you a good husband.


What? Who?

She just fell from the sky...

The forest was... noisy. It was unusual.

I saw the corpses of many Soshin.

Also unusual.

Did you do it?

It turned into a man.

It's a monster. We should run.

Why do you flee?


It's pointless.

Not that it matters,

but doesn't it bother you
when things aren't as they normally are?

I don't like it, myself.

Huh, you move well for a human.

You're fast for a human.


We'll run on my signal.

Don't think about defeating it. Just run.


I don't have much stamina, but...

I take pride in the quickness of my blade.



You tore my clothes.

How awful.




Run, Tenza!

Yes, Master!

Who is he?

Yamada Asaemon Shion.

My master.

He's blind.

But he's running through
the forest regardless.

He apparently "sees"
using smells and sounds.

We made it pretty far.

Nurugai-ku—I mean,

Nurugai-san, now that this
guy's here, we'll be okay.

After all, I owe Shion-san my life,
and he taught me to use a sword.

Tameshi-itto-ryu Rank 4
Yamada Asaemon Shion.

He's incredible—ow!

You were relying too much on your speed,
and your movements were sloppy.

Go for the head or feet first against
an opponent like that.

I could hear how lukewarm
your lunges were, too.


Each strike should be executed carefully.


Not even these circumstances can stop
you from acting like my teacher.

I'm actually kind of relieved.

You still finish as weakly as ever, too.

Unbelievable. I'm glad you're all right.

I thought the last time
I saw you would be on the ship.

Do you want me to say something?

Wait a minute, Master. What have
you been doing all by yourself?

I completed my duty and was on my way home.

Unable to find a current
leading away from the island,

I kept searching for one.

Just like us.

I found what seemed to be a current
leading out in just one place, but...

I heard a noise and detected a presence
like nothing I'd experienced before.

Realizing there were limits to what
a blind man could accomplish alone,

I searched for others
who were also heading home.

Please take us there.

Together, the three of us
can figure something out.


But first...

What are you doing, Master?

It's your turn to explain.

Why are you protecting a criminal?

You were told to execute
criminals immediately

if they violated the rules
or the unexpected occurred.

That's what I did.

She tried to seduce me.

So I executed her,

as painlessly as possible.

You seem to be assisting
that criminal. Explain.

Depending on your answer,
an execution may be in order.

This child has committed no crime.

I've memorized most
of the contents of the roster.

I know the circumstances of the criminals.

But the times we live in dictate
what is a crime, Tenza.

The Yamada Asaemon are
the blade swung down by the times.

It would be illogical
for a sword to choose who it cuts.

Above all else, you violating
the rules could be

interpreted as treason committed
by the entire Yamada clan.

The actions of a single man
could threaten the entire clan.

But you taught me how to use a sword.

When I was a homeless scoundrel,

you took me in, even though you
weren't obligated to.

Because I sensed resourcefulness
and potential in you.

Then it's the same for me.

I sense there's potential in a world
where this child can live freely.

You've come to speak like a grown man.

Because of you.

Besides, I know you're a kind man.

I know you'll listen to me
if I speak from the heart.

I don't get why you'd help people.

If you insist.

All right!

See? He's a good person.

Uh, yeah.

But the matter has simply been tabled.

If protecting her would threaten
the Yamada clan or you...


What is it?

Her? I'm impressed you figured it out.

Of course I did.

I've got a good eye for evaluating people.

You sure do love making jokes like that.

Nice to meet you, Master.

Nice to meet you, Nurugai.

But you needn't call me "Master."

I haven't taught you anything.

Let's not waste any time checking
out this current you found.

Keep your voice down.

We'll take our time and be careful.

The greatest threat we face
currently is that monster.

It can't possibly be human.

We should consider how we'll
respond if we encounter it.

If we just intend to flee, then we
should be able to do what we did earlier.

You underestimate me.

You saved us, Master.

Thank you.



I thought I'd taken off his head. Not bad.

I've gotten used to that.

You have to be alive to become Tan,

but because you're so
annoying, I'll kill you.

What should I do? I should run, but...

No, I have to kill it now.

Tameshi-itto-ryu Ultimate...

Wait, Ten—.

Pounding Torrent!

I told you, I'm used to that.


Hey, Master.

Why'd you take in a guy like me?

Mind your language.

Why did you take me in, Master?

Taking lives is our job.

I wish to spend the rest
of my time helping people.

It's true that you're
a bit rough around the edges...

but I sense potential in you.

Well, aren't you great?

I don't get why you'd help people.

Damn it.

You're sloppy with your sword.

You're allowing your
emotions to control you.

Your rage, and your doubt.

It's not like I want to be a samurai.

This is pointless.

I'm not asking you to follow
the samurai code from the start.

But someday, if you find
something you want to protect,

the sword skills you've developed
will definitely help you.

Something I want to protect...

Look at that cherry blossom tree.

Its trunk is lean,
and its flowers are still buds.

But buds contain all manner of potential.

So do you.

The day will come when your
buds of potential blossom.


Good for nothing.


A street urchin, huh?

Now, continue.

I don't.

I don't have potential!

I don't have status or money.

Since the day I was born,
I've never had potential!

I'm quitting.


I said I'm quitting.

I've had enough of this strict lifestyle.

I wanna live how I want to live.

Are you serious about that?


Then I have a condition.

A condition?

Just one blow.

Anytime, anywhere.
Land a single blow on me.

If you can do that,

then I'll allow you to quit.

I don't have time for this.

Where are you going?
The dojo is in the other direction.

Shion told me about your deal.

Have you already landed a blow on him?

Are you going to drag me back?

Do as you please.


But before you go, accompany me on a walk.

I woke up too early and have nothing to do.

Namu Amida Butsu.

Shion's former junior sleeps here.

His name was Tesshin.

His junior?

Like you, he was dissolute.

He had talent, but he lacked motivation.

Then Master must've put him
through the wringer, like me.

At the time, Shion focused
on improving his own skills.

He didn't have nearly the same passion
for teaching as he does now.

In the end, Tesshin said he'd live
how he pleased and left the dojo.

For a while, things stayed the same.

That day, Shion went out
to test his sword just like he always did

and stood before the criminal.

But Shion wouldn't lower
the sword he raised.

Could it be?


Shion realized the criminal
before him was Tesshin.

After leaving the dojo,

Tesshin eventually struggled
to feed himself and turned to crime.

What did Master do?

Naturally, he killed him
as a Yamada Asaemon.

Shion clearly heard Tesshin's last words.

Apparently, he said this.

"Master, I'm sorry."

That's when Shion became passionate about

teaching his juniors
and began helping people.

If you live the life of a scoundrel,
you might eventually end up the same way.

He probably felt it would be
a waste for that to happen.

So do you.

The day will come when your
buds of potential blossom.


Will you run from this place
without landing a single blow on him?

Ah, Tenza.

Master, please spar with me.

You seem different than before.

I've never seriously devoted myself
to anything before, but...

Your flanks are undefended.





I want to land a blow on him.

He's the first person
to believe in my potential.

Hey, Master.

Can I believe in my own potential?

And like you said, someday...

Someday, will I find
someone I want to protect?

My fingertips are growing cold.

But I'm burning from the chest up.

I see.

I'm dying.

We're all going to be
killed by this monster.

I won't let that happen!

Even if I die, I'll make sure they escape.

I don't care how I do it.

I'll do everything I can
to buy time for them.

Stay away.

Run. Please run.

Both of you, run.

Don't, Master.

You can't beat it.

You know that.

My throat's too damaged to speak.

Master, please run.

Just one word.

Let me speak.


Master, I'm sorry.

You took care of me, but I...

Nurugai-san, please live.

You have potential.


I wonder what potential I had.

He was pretty tough.

Why are we abandoning him? I'm going back!


This is what Tenza wanted.

But still... you're his master, right?

Isn't he your student?

He's more than that!

We're brothers who wanted the same thing.

He risked his life for us.
I can't waste that.

We can't beat that monster right now.

If we hadn't run, we would've all died.

We had to retreat.

But I swear we'll make them pay.

All right! I hit you!

That was impressive.

Now you're free to do as you please.

Master, will you keep
teaching—no, I mean...

Master, I humbly request that you
continue teaching me to use a sword.

Of course.