Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Flowers and Offerings - full transcript

Gabimaru's party meets two mortal residents of the island, who give them shelter. Meanwhile, convict Aza Chobe and his guard Aza Toma meet two immortal residents, who beat them.

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They're beautiful...

But how can they be so
carefree in a place like this?

What are humans doing here?

What are the Soshin doing?

You make it sound like you're not humans.

Are you some kind of monsters, too?

How cute.

Why don't you come over here
and fool around with us?


Don't be gross.


It's just so rare to see
humans make it this far.


Things were just getting good, too.

Now they've spoiled the mood.

I'll kill them.

You know how this island is.

I wouldn't be surprised
to find anything here.

Whether or not there are hermits
living here isn't the real question.

What matters is if the residents
of this island are friends or foes.

That's all.

Flowers and Offerings.


Huh? What is it?

A child?

Is she a human from the mainland, or...?


Who is that child?

What is this... bonsai creature?

A type of monster?



That girl might know
something about this island.

She could be our only lead.

We have to catch her.

But there's a monster right there.


You guys handle it.

You're kidding, right?


I can't allow Gabimaru out of my sight.

Senta-dono, good luck.

Wh-What are you doing?

I don't want to tip my hand to you.

I want to test myself against
a low-level enemy while I have the chance.

I need to know if my ninjutsu
works against monsters.

You seem accustomed to the woods.

It's vital that we speak—.



What was that?

She shouldn't have been able to pull that
off with the slender arms of a child.

Please wait.

We have no intention of harming you.

We just want to ask you some questions.


You understand us.

This power...

It's something other than
simple brute strength.

A different type of strength...

We've found too many incomprehensible
things since arriving on the island.

This girl, the monsters
and stone statues, the village.

This was supposed to be a simple job.

"Find the Elixir of Life."

"Receive a pardon and return to my wife."

I don't know if you're human or not,
but you look like a young girl.

If possible, I'd like to go easy on you.

But I'm desperate, too.

I might forget to do that.


I'm sick of everything being so difficult.

I'm just looking for the Elixir of Life.

Don't force me to do anything else.

She's crying.

Of course she's crying.

What should I do?

Start by letting her down.

Well, we caught her. Good enough.

Now that I get a better look...

She's an ordinary child.

Hey, what's going on here?

You guys seem to be having a good time.

I worked my butt off back there.

What should we do now?

I'd like to ask you
about the Elixir of Life.

We won't be able to talk to her
until she stops crying.

Who's good at calming kids down?


Did it just...


Please return her to me.

I'll take you to the village.

I'll tell you about the Elixir.

No, thanks.

I'm surprised you can speak,
but you could be trying to trick us.

Asking her seems safer.

You're right.

I have food at the village.

We've got plenty.

There's a bath as well.

Bath, bath, bath.

Is it safe to trust someone
we know nothing about?

It doesn't matter who someone is
as long as they know about the Elixir.

If it tries anything funny,
we'll just take it down.

We're here.

It's like a ghost town.

The mist is so dense.

There's nobody else here.

Until a thousand years ago,
it wasn't like this.

A th-thousand years?

I'll show you to my home.

Look at all these decorations.

They're all old, though.
Do you really live here?

I don't lie.

I have some questions.

What? We can chat later.

First, I want a bath.

We don't have time for that.

It's a real bath.

This is awesome.

Do something about her.

Th-There's nothing I can do.

They're so meek, too.

Now, now.

It's smart to take breaks when you can.

Why don't you join—.


You're so rigid. Even Sagirin's getting in.


I'm only here to monitor you.

I doubt Senta-dono would be
comfortable doing it.

We've simply swapped places for now.

I haven't forgotten my...



It's no use.

I'm so exhausted. I can't resist the water.

We shouldn't be making ourselves at home
like this after forcing our way in here.

Huh? Oh, washcloths?

Thank you.

She seems to like you.

Maybe she can't speak.

They have wells and pottery...


Not until we know exactly
what those monsters are up to.

You're right.

There's food, too.

I-In any case, we should ask them about
the island as soon as possible, and then...

If you're that desperate to eat, then eat.

Not my problem.

They're not poisoned. She eats these, too.

What's your relationship with the girl?

That I won't tell you.

I see.

I'm actually not interested
in anything other than the Elixir either.

Why don't you start telling us about the
island and location of the Elixir?

Wow, they've got food.

Hey, you started without me.


I'm gonna have some, too. Like, right now.

This is...

Throwing us off.

You're not going to eat?

I didn't come here to eat.

I don't know what humans call
this place, but we call it Kotaku.

It is Shinsenkyo, where the gods live.

It's quite different from the gods
and Shinsenkyo I've heard about.

Aren't gods supposed
to be spiritual beings?

I've never left the island.

I don't know anything about that.

Does the Elixir of Life really exist?

Of course it does.

The legend has been passed down
since ancient times.

In the legend, we call it Tan.

The source of eternal life. The Elixir.


It's not a mandarin?

Where is it?

The island is divided into three regions.

The shore and woods are Eishu.

This village is located
in a region called Hojo.

Tan is located in Horai, within the mists
at the center of the island.

This is very useful information.

So there was no point
in searching the woods?!

And it's not even a mandarin, anyway.

The Elixir of Life exists.

I can return to my wife.

Have you ever seen the actual Elixir?

No, first, do you have any proof
that isn't made up?

You'll meet them eventually.

Once you do, you won't be
able to doubt what I told you.

Not once you meet the Tensen.

Never dying, never aging...

Eternally beautiful, perfect beings.

You probably fought off
Soshin on your way here,

but the Tensen are on another level.

Nothing stands a chance against them.

I know you found it strange that I so meekly
welcomed you and told you what I knew.

It's the least I can do for you.

After all, it will likely
be your last request.

All humans who arrive
on the island die eventually.

The Tensen don't allow anyone to leave.

They all die? What do you mean by that?

Are you fooling us after all?

I feel neither affection
nor animosity toward you.

I simply told you the truth.

The Tensen kill everyone
who trespass upon the island.

Who are the Tensen, exactly?

The most important beings on the island.

They command the Soshin
and punish the guilty.

Especially those who come to the island.

But don't worry.

Those who are punished don't simply die.

They are reborn as beautiful flowers.

They are released from their sin
and worldliness to achieve eternal bliss.

Lives that have been transformed
into flowers become the source of Tan.

It's just a legend, right?

Surely it's not meant
to be taken at face value.

The Elixir of Life exists.

I have received one of its blessings.

It regenerated.

You mentioned earlier
that you've lived for a thousand years.

Is the girl the same as you?

Hey, don't point blades at people.


Yikes. Seriously, guy.

Really? Sorry.

Whether you believe it or not,
this place is Shinsenkyo.

The fate of humans
who enter here is up to the gods.

Leaving the island won't be easy.

You're following me to the bath, too?

Senta-dono wouldn't fill in for me.

I'm just going to rinse off
my wounds, so I don't mind.

Besides, it beats you becoming too relaxed.

I'm not relaxed.

You were earlier.

You seemed sleepy
when you got out of the bath.

No, I didn't.

You sure did.

He's so stubborn.

The island has three layers.

The Elixir is in Horai, the central layer.

The Elixir is guarded by the Tensen.

We gained new information,
but it all feels fragmentary.

Do you think we can trust them?

My name is Hoko. This girl is Mei.

We were born and raised
on this island for centuries.

All we want is to continue living quietly.

Don't interfere with our lives.

I doubt they were lying,
but I can't accept everything they told us.

Especially not...

The stuff about the Tensen, huh?

In mainland Shenxian philosophy,
Tensen are high-ranking hermits.

I believe Soshin and Horai are
originally foreign Taoist terms as well.

We can solve those riddles later.

What matters now is if they'll prevent us
from acquiring the Elixir.

I would really, really...

...prefer not to waste
time on anything else.


Hey, what are you doing?

I said I'd rinse off my wounds, remember?

But she's already in the bath.

It's not like it matters.

Back in the village, everyone shared
the same bath regardless of age and gender.

Except for the chief,
who had a bath in his home.

Is this really any time to concern
ourselves with bathing etiquette?

Now that I get a closer look,
her hair and skin are in rough shape.

Despite having bathing products,
they haven't been used.

Perhaps she doesn't have anyone like
a parent to teach her how to use them.

I shall use existing supplies to recreate
the Edo-style bathhouse experience.

I'll take charge so you
can focus on bathing.

What's the point of this?

I'm returning the favor.

We owe this girl for shelter and a meal.


You're stretching yourself too thin, too.

You should rest while you can.

Use that to scrub your body.

My parents made me assist others
with their baths, so I'm good at it.

I have ash and a camellia oil cake.

I don't have much, but I brought it
with me from the mainland.

I'll use this to wash your hair.

See? All clean now.

I can't remove your scars,
but don't you at least feel refreshed?

What are you two doing?


There are so many other things
we should be thinking about.

Besides, that girl...

You're stretching yourself too thin.

It's important to get proper
rest during strenuous times.

Is that right?

That's right.

Besides, we're married.

Don't get embarrassed
about me washing your back.

Is that right?

That's right.

I'm not embarrassed.
I just don't like baths.

I feel like my tension and battle instincts
are washed away by the water.


Are you saying I'm robbing
you of your luck in battle?

Th-That's not what I meant.

You're stretching yourself too thin.

If you don't rest while you can,

you'll collapse before the real battle.

The real battle?

Is there some kind of major job coming up?

No. I'm talking about life.

Live peacefully and honestly.

Do your best to adhere to your convictions,

while sometimes going
with the flow or concealing them.

But no matter what, never let go.

Not even the Battle of Kawanakajima...

compares to the long, long battle of life.

You are the general,
but I am the strategist.

It's my strategic advice
that you rest as well.

All right.

Finally, get in the water.

Not that!

I don't like the water.

I'm clean enough, aren't I?

He's like a cat.

Starting tomorrow,
we'll be living together.

We won't be able to use the bath
at my father's house anymore.

I don't care.

As the general, can I issue
some strategic orders, too?

Go right ahead.

Don't hide your scar with your hair.

I know you must have your reasons,
but I don't mind it.

You don't have to do that.

I simply like styling my hair this way.

What? Really?

But if that's what you wish, my general...

then that's what I'll do. Thank you.

You, girl.

If you're embarrassed
about your scars, then... don't be.

Sometimes women don't have that option.

I disagree.

I know a woman with a large scar,
but there's no one more beautiful than her.

Appearances don't matter.

Why are you looking at me like that?

It was just such a respectable thing
to say. I'm dumbfounded.

Perhaps he's not truly a bad person.

There's a part of me that thinks that.

Perhaps he's beginning
to change, little by little.

Maybe it's because I was able to relax,

but I remembered how I felt at first.

What I should be prioritizing.

That I don't have time
to sit around chatting.

I remember now.