Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 1 - Welcome to Vegas - full transcript

Gordon Ramsay coaches another selection of hopeful chefs, with the job as head chef at his restaurant in Lake Tahoe and $250,000 going to the winner.


All right, let's rock 'n roll.

NARRATOR: 'Before heading
to the restaurant

'that they will compete in,

'Chef Ramsay has flown
this year's hopefuls to Las Vegas

'to see the first permanent
Hell's Kitchen restaurant.'

'I can't believe I'm here.'

I'm a gaggle of emotions.

You know, I'm excited,
I'm nervous, I'm terrified.

I've been to Vegas one time,
when I turned 21,

and saw a Chippendales show.

Hello, everybody. Bruno!


Welcome to Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

in Las Vegas.


Come in. Follow me. Whoo!

I am so pumped to be
in Hell's Kitchen right now.

'This is an absolute dream.'

Oh, hell yeah.

Wow. Wow. It's amazing.

'Who would've thought that
this guy out of the South Bronx'

would ever be one of 18 people
out of how many thousands of people

to be here today?
I'm just so blessed.

Cheers. Salud.

Congratulations, you guys.

Where you from. Uh, Chicago.

I went to culinary school
at Le Cordon Bleu in France,

where Julia Child studied.

I've worked for some of
the top chefs in the world -

Guy Savoy, Grant Achatz,
Michael Mina.

I'm ready to do this.

Good to see you. Hi.

When I walked up, I was like,
"That's gotta be her."

I know Amber.
She's a decorated chef from Chicago.

She knows how to run a brigade
and she knows how to cook.

I can't wait to go up against her.

Hi. I'm Mary Lou.

Mary Lou, nice to meet you. Kori.
Hi, Kori.

Let's get it cracking.

'A lot of people don't like me.'

People think I'm a little cocky,

but that's just confused with
how much confidence I have.

ALL: Cheers.

My biggest fear,
if I'm being 100% honest...


..it's absolutely nothing!
I can't wait for this.

I know I'm gonna win.

Cheers, boys. We made it.
Cheers. Yay!

Season 19!
Hell's Kitchen, let's go.


Oh, my God.


In the flesh, Chef Gordon Ramsay!

I've seen him on TV,
I've read his books,

but there he is in front of me,
three metres away!

Right, good morning.

ALL: Morning, Chef!

Is he real?

I wanna go touch him just to make
sure that he's not a projection.

I'm so happy that you guys
are celebrating your arrivals.

This restaurant has been built
on the reputation of 18 seasons

of Hell's Kitchen.

It's one of the highest-grossing
restaurants in America, a top three.


I brought you here this morning
to inspire you all

because this year's winner
of Hell's Kitchen

will become the head chef
at a Hell's Kitchen restaurant

just like this in the stunning,
picturesque city of Lake Tahoe.



Lake Tahoe is amazing.

It's so scenic out there.
It's so beautiful.

That comes with
a quarter of a million dollars.


Dude, that's a quarter of a way
to a millionaire!

I gotta do everything I can
in my power to win that prize.

Has any of you ever been to Tahoe?

It's beautiful.

Have any of you ever seen
a quarter of a million dollars?

ALL: No. No. No. Hell no.

Trust me, that's also beautiful.

Obviously, this year's competition
will not be taking place here.

This restaurant's far too busy.

So, now that you know what
you're competing for, Allegiant,

our official travel partner,

has offered to fly you all
to Los Angeles.


Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Marino, got the tickets, right?
Yes, sir.

OK, good. I'll see you guys
over at the hanger, yes?


I'm so ready
to get this competition started.

People may look at me
and think I'm this ditzy blonde girl

that can't cook, but when I get
in the kitchen, it's game on.

These are your tickets.


LA, here we come, baby!

"Yeah! Get to the chopper!"

Hell yeah.

I really hope we get
to ride in one of those,

cos it just seems
so much better than an aeroplane.

Look at that.
I'll see you at Hell's Kitchen, OK?

CHEERING See you later.

Damn, Gordon Ramsay just jumped
on a helicopter like 007, yo.

Now that's how you make an exit.



Why can't we go with him?

Go right on in.
Thank you. Of course.

Welcome. 'I am so excited.'

I'm, like, pinching myself
over and over and over again.

There you go.
Thank you. Howdy, howdy.

'I can't wait to get on that plane.'

Bring it on. LAUGHS


ANNOUNCER: 'Allegiant passengers
traveling on flight 1901

'with non-stop service
to Los Angeles, welcome aboard.'


Let's do it. Here we go.

I can't even express how, like...

Have a great flight. Thank you.

'I wanna get to this competition.'

I need to get into the kitchen,

I need to start showing Chef
who I am,

what I'm made of,
and just start cooking.

Oh! Oh, shit. Oh, boy.

SHE SQUEALS Go, go, go, go, go.

This is definitely
nowhere near an airport.

Oh! Oh, my God.


What's happening?
I'm so confused.

Chef Ramsay flew away
in a helicopter.

How'd he come back?

Chefs, for the first time ever,
Hell's Kitchen will take place

in the entertainment capital
of the world, Las Vegas!



That's awesome.

Oh, wow. OK.

I am, like, freaking out.

It was like a culinary circus.

I see girls and guys on skates.

This girl, her body's,
like, moving like this.


Hell's Kitchen is crazy.

Does she have a bow and arrow?
So badass.

Do it, do it, do it.


Whoa, look at this.

I'm getting dizzy
just watching that.



That was incredible.

Give it up for WOW. Come on!

The Vegas Spectacular at the Rio.


Well done.

Great job. Thank you.

How good was that? Seriously?
It's so good.

Can you spin plates like that?
No. No, Chef.

Can you roller skate like that?
No! Oh, God, no.

But can you cook?
ALL: Yes, Chef!

NARRATOR: 'Las Vegas.'

MC: 'Let's get the party started!'


'Not only one of the most
exciting cities in the world,

'but also one of the
culinary capitals of the world.'

Bon appetit.

'And for the first time,

'Las Vegas is the battleground...'

Hell's Kitchen fans, it's time!

'..for the greatest competition...'

I've never seen
such perfect cooking.

'..Chef Ramsay has ever cooked up.'

Go, go, go, go.

'18 chefs who share a dream...'
I am so pumped!

Have you got the qualities to become
a head chef at Lake Tahoe?

ALL: Yes, Chef!
'..will roll the dice...'

Vegas-style, baby.
'..and put it all on the line.'

Something is about to go down.

'But in Sin City...'

I'm taking lead of this kitchen
for all services. You listen to me.

You can kiss my ass.
'..where the stakes are high...'

Quit playing politics.
I can just cook better than you.

'..and the payout's even higher.'
A quarter of a million dollars.

I wouldn't even know
what to do with that money.

Enough! Enough! Stop!

Chef Ramsay is coming right at us.

One minute. 'These chefs
must be willing to risk it all...'

Are you done? Oh, no, Chef Ramsay,
you're not taking my jacket.

You're gonna have to pull it
off my dead body.


Unfortunately, he will not be
returning to the competition.


'..in the most breath-taking...'


It is freaking amazing.

'..adventurous...' Whoo!


Bitch, I'm moving!

CHEERING '..dazzling...'



Gordon looks like
he's under pressure.

'..and sinful season yet.'

Hey, big booty. How you doing?
I like how you cut that scallion.

Oh, my God. Ooh.

'So when the chips are down...'
This is nuts!

'..and the odds are against you...'
No, no!

'..you have to bet
everything you've got...'

Drew, fix your jacket.
Pull up your pants.

Have you got one of these?
No, Chef.

Get one! Yes, Chef.

'..because this time,
what happens in Vegas...'


'..is not staying in Vegas.'

Everybody who saw my fun muffins,
you all owe me $20.



Time to get down to business.

Please welcome
the red kitchen sous chef,

season ten winner,
Chef Christina.



Are you good? Wonderful.

I just can't believe
it's actually her.

I look up to her, I admire her...

Christina is the executive chef
of the Gordon Ramsay group

across the whole US.


..and I just hope that I
can follow in her same footsteps.

You've been amazing.
Thank you, Chef.

You've stood in their shoes.
I have.

You're highly competitive.
You do NOT like losing.

I do not. The last two winners
have come out of the red kitchen,

so I'm on a bit of
a win streak still.


We'll see about that. Uh-huh.

Please welcome
the blue kitchen sous chef.

He was the runner up
in season seven... Oh, shit.

..and the owner of three
amazing restaurants in Boston.

Chef Jason.

All right? I'm good. Very good.

'I got so much respect
for Chef Jason

'and what he's accomplished.'

At the end of the day,

this is gonna come down to us
bonding together as a team.

We are definitely not gonna lose.
I've already lost once.

It's not gonna happen again.

Yes, Chef.
That's right. That's right. Whoo!

Good luck with your teams.
We'll see you later.

Thank you.
Thank you, Chef. Thanks, guys.

Now, as you know,

every Hell's Kitchen competition
for the last 18 seasons

has begun with the same,
unique challenge.

ZZ Top in the back...

..what's your first name? Adam.

Adam, what is
that first big challenge

that I really get to know you?

Signature dish, Chef.
That's absolutely correct.

You've all been practising, right?
ALL: Yes, Chef.

I want a little insight.
Um, young lady.

First name, tell us about the dish.

My name is Amber,
and I'm gonna do a New York strip...

My name's Jordan,

and I'll be doing a roasted sea bass
for you, Chef, with...

Chile relleno.

I'm actually gonna stuff it with
some shrimp and some scallops.

Fried cauliflower steak.

We're going vegetarian?
We are gonna go vegetarian.

Wow. That's a brave move
for a signature dish.

It is gonna knock his socks off.
And his shoes.

I'm doing a pan-fried cod...

I'm doing a dish called
chicharron con yuca. Wow.

My name's Cody.
I'll be making karaage,

a Japanese fried chicken.

Love it.
Ladies, how does that sound?

Good. Delicious. Damn straight.

Everybody's confident, right?

ALL: Yes, Chef.

Listen up. I am changing things up.

Oh, boy.

You are not gonna be making
your signature dishes.

ALL: What?

What the hell is going on here?
All this thought in my brain

for absolutely nothing, nothing.

We're in Las Vegas, right?

ALL: Yes, Chef.

Everything in Vegas is a gamble,
and tonight, I'm gambling on you.

Everything in Vegas is a gamble,
and tonight, I'm gambling on you.

No. Oh.

'Oh, my God,
I see this big ass slot machine

'sitting over here on the side, '

and I was like, "Hold up, hold up.
I'm not a gambler."

Here's how it's gonna work.

One chef from the red team
and one chef from the blue team

will go head-to-head tonight...

cooking with the same ingredients.

Each pair will come over
to the slot machine,

one of you will pull the lever,
revealing a stunning protein,

an amazing vegetable,
and a phenomenal starch.

Feeling confident?
Hell, yeah! Yes, Chef!

Let's start with you two.

Get it, baby.
What don't you want?

I'm good with anything.
Love that.

'I don't care what it is,
bring it on.'

But deep down inside, I'm like,

"Don't give me rice.
Man, I hate rice."


Brussels sprouts.
Brussels sprouts. Oh, yeah.

TOGETHER: Brown rice.

Why the third thing rice?

Like, why couldn't I get
any other freaking starch?

NARRATOR: 'Up second...'
Let's go.

'..executive chef Marc
and executive sous chef Brittani

'end up with...' Pork chop.

Pork chop. Ooh.

Asparagus. Love it.


Yes! I'm Puerto Rican,
we cook pork like pros.

Well done.

'Up next,
Lauren from southern California

'and Drew from central Pennsylvania
take a spin, earning them...'

Halibut, my favourite.

Spinach. Spinach.

Fettuccine. APPLAUSE

'Followed by Kori from Los Angeles

'and Kenneth
from Philadelphia with...'

Chicken. Chicken.

Eggplant. Eggplant.

ALL: Orzo.

Not bad. I'm happy.

'Cody from Los Angeles
and Syann from Atlanta spin for...'


Filet. Filet, ooh! OK.

Cauliflower! CHEERING


I was originally gonna cook
cauliflower for my signature dish.


Syann, you're lucky.
Maybe you should stay in Vegas.

'Up next, sous chef Peter
and executive chef Amber land...'

Rib eye. Oh, man, come on!
Oh, my favourite!

Beets! Oh! Dude.


Oh, I got this.
It's like looking in my fridge.

Sometimes it's just random shit
and you gotta put it together.

You got this.

'..while line cook Nicole
and executive chef Declan

'walk away with...'
New York strip.

Oh! Corn?

Aw, come on. Couscous. Couscous.


'Executive chef Josh
and line cook...' Fabiola.

'..spin for...'

Scallops. Scallops! Yeah.

Swiss chard. Swiss chard.

Jasmine rice. Yes! Yes!

I really do love seafood,
especially coming from Honduras,

where we deal with seafood
all the time.

I'm fucking stoked. Ha!

'And up last, two executive chefs.

'Jordan from Fort Worth is going
against Adam from Milwaukee.'

When was the last time
that thing was trimmed?

Oh, before I left, Chef.

Before you left?
I didn't trim it all the way.

No, no, but it's like a fire hazard.
Does it ever go up in flames?

Maybe, Chef. Be careful, please.

Pull away, give it a spin.
Last one. Here we go.

Here we go.

ALL: Rack of lamb.

Oh, baby. ALL: Mushrooms.

ALL: Polenta. Hell yeah.

I'll take that all day.

First meal I cooked for my wife
was a rack of lamb.

Game on. Let's go.

Now, you've got
those three ingredients.

You'll have 45 minutes
to make a spectacular dish.

this is your first team challenge.

Tonight, the reward,
it's off the charts,

cos it's only something
that you can experience in Vegas.

Trust me, you wanna win this.
ALL: Yes, Chef!

Your time starts now.

Let's do this.
Let's go. Let's get it.

Go, man, go, go, go.

'I'm not nervous.'

I've cooked for some of
the best chefs in the country.

I've cooked alongside
the best in Milwaukee.

This is my time,
this is my challenge.

I'm gonna bring it,
everything I got.

Let's go, guys.
Be smart. We are not losing this.

No, Chef, we are not losing.
What are we making, fucking bangers?

Tell me we're not making bangers.
We're not making bangers.

My signature dish,
out the window.

I gotta come up
with something on the fly.

I am an old dog,
I know a lot of tricks,

and I'm making sure
I'm doing them exact.

All right. Do you mind if I plug
this in right there? Yeah, go ahead.

I have not gone to culinary school.

Ooh, so sorry. Right behind.

I actually have only been
in the field for about two years.


But I've picked up
as much as humanly possible

in that short amount of time.
I'll prevail. It's gonna be good.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.


Mmm, smell good for mama.

Yes. Cool.

I'm TERRIBLE at rice.
And brown rice?

It takes like 30, 40 minutes
to make brown rice.

I only got 45 minutes!

Ay dios mio.

You're gonna take a breath.
Yeah, I'm sorry, it's my face.

Do you know
where the brown sugar is?

Relax, Eliott, you got this.

Brown rice
is so much more challenging to cook.

It's gonna be loud, watch out, guys.

'So I took the rice
and I blitzed it up'

to make a fine powder
to coat the salmon.

Took the skin off,
made it look good.

Hopefully, Chef Ramsay's
gonna appreciate the creativity.

30 minutes remaining. Yes, Chef!
30 minutes, all right, Chef.

Plenty of time, let's go.
Taste everything, boys.

Corner in, corner in, down the line.

The energy is crazy.
The blue team, we are communicating.

All right, coming around hot.
Going down the line, gentlemen.

We are in here having fun.

Deglaze, deglaze, deglaze, deglaze.

You know, we are knocking it out,

we're coming together as a family.

We're not losing this one, guys.

That's right, we're not losing.
Gonna take it.

We're not gonna disappoint
this year, Chef.

OK, I'm on a win streak.
Don't lose it for me. Hell no.

Nice and calm, girls.
Remember to breathe.

You gotta be confident.
I know what I'm doing.

But you have to stop and think,
what is Kenneth doing?

What's his background?

I gotta outshine this guy and
make an impression on Chef Ramsay

and not mess up the chicken. Yay!

Looking good.

20 minutes to go, OK?
20 minutes. Heard.

It's not a race, OK?


20 minutes left and I'm done?

I'm just, like, so lost.

Like, what do I do next?

How we looking?
Anybody need any hands?

No, Chef. All right.

So I'm sitting here,
wiping my plate.

But I'm confident, right?
I'm confident.

Anybody need any help?
I'm good, I'm done.

Kenneth, he wrapped his dish up,
like, in 20 minutes.

Either this guy is the
Michael Jordan of challenges already

and he's that good,
or this is gonna be really bad.


Oh, my God.

Here we go.
Excuse me. Coming behind.

20 minutes to go.
Coming around hot.

Anybody need help?
I'm up, I'm up.

I plated and I'm up. Kenneth.

Have you finished? Yes, Chef.

I'm done.
But you're happy with it?

I'm confident, yes, Chef.
You're confident?

Yes, Chef.
That's the most important.

Either you're about
to hit a home run

and show how fast
and magical you are,

or you're gonna expose yourself

for not really knowing
what you're doing.

I'm hoping that you put out
a great dish, Kenneth.

Just over ten minutes to go.

Let's finish strong, ladies.
We got this.

Everyone confident?
Everyone good?

ALL: Yes, Chef!

Fat guy coming down the line.

It's hot, it's hot.
You Gucci, you Gucci.

He's gonna watch that.
Clean those off the side. Yep.

I have seen, I would say,
90% of every Hell's Kitchen.

I would consider myself
a secret sniper.

I can do everything in the kitchen
that Chef Ramsay needs me to do.

Let's go, boys.
Tighten up, clean the plate.

60 seconds, let's go.

It looks good. Looks great.

Ten seconds to go.

Great job, chefs. Great job.
We did good.

I think we all
just got done nailing it.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Let's go.

I'll be judging you tonight
on a scale of one to five.

Five, obviously,
being an outstanding dish,

one, a disaster.

The team with
the most total points wins.

Let's begin with
the battle of the New York strip.

Let's go. 'I'm feeling
really confident, actually.'

But I'm trying
not to psych myself out.

I had to strike this balance
between, "You got this, girl"

and the other side, which is,
"You suck, you suck, you suck."

Right, Nikki, the passion for food
came from where?

I actually just started cooking
two-and-a-half years ago.


I was formerly a certified
brain injury specialist

and I got a kitchen job
as a way to make extra money.

And as soon as I stepped foot
in the door, I quit my entire career

and just wanted to stay forever,

So cooking's clearly your passion.
Yes, absolutely. Amazing.

Right. Describe the dish, please.

Char-grilled New York strip with
a Mexican street corn couscous

and some pickled red onions
and some truffle chimichurri.

Dish is delicious.

Thank you.

That, for me,
is a very, very strong four.

Good job. Thank you.


'I don't need 20 years
of experience.'

I have two, and that's gonna do
just fine. Watch me.

Chef. Born in Dublin. Yes, Chef.

I've only been in America
four years.

I'm 42 now. I'm here now.
I'm an executive chef in D

So a big, strong, Irish guy
in the middle of Washington.

Declan by name.
What's the nickname in the kitchen?

What do they call you?
Uh, Big D.

Big D? Yeah.


Ladies, say hello to Big D.


Let's get in there. Now...


Wow. That looks lovely.

Visually, it looks beautiful.
Describe the dish, please.

So, Chef, you have
a pan-seared New York strip

with Israeli couscous.

Steak is cooked beautifully.
Thank you, Chef.

Medium rare, rested well.
Flavour profile's there.

Seasoning's beautifully done.

Definitely a Big D, a big delight.

Declan, you've got the blue team's
first five out of five.

Good job. Thank you, Chef.


Big D! Good work, Big D!

I got a five
on the first competition

in Hell's Kitchen
with Gordon Ramsay.

The luck of the Irish!

Both of you, good job.
Both showed great finesse.

Five and a four. Well done.
Thank you. Yes, Chef. Thank you.

Next up, the battle of the filet.
Let's go.


'Next up is line cook Syann
from Atlanta

'against executive sous chef Cody
from Los Angeles.'

Let's begin with Syann.
Give me an insight to the career.

For the last year, I've been at sea.

I work for major cruise lines,
major riverboat companies.

Big inspiration growing up was who?

My grandfather, who just passed.

But he pushed me to be a chef,
and it was the best thing he did.

And sadly, he's just passed?
Yes, Chef. I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, he's right here next to me,
he's my guardian angel.

We are going to glide through
this competition.

Let's get in there, shall we?
Now, describe the dish.

What is it?

Scotch-marinated filet mignon,
deep-fried cauliflower

and some sweet-potato mash.

So inside that cauliflower
is rammed with lumps of raw flour.

You cook on a riverboat,

and right now
I feel like I'm up shit creek.

Out of five,
I'm gonna give you a two.


Cody, let's see what you got.

Even though I don't get to do
my signature dish,

this dish is going to become
a signature.

I'm very confident in my ability,
and it's about to come out now.

Describe the dish.

Poached yam,
oven-roasted cauliflower,

a salad made with preserved lemon.

Just... it looks a mess, Cody.

You know, you're a smart,
cool-looking guy

so I don't expect you
to plate like that.

'This is hilarious,
cos that kid is so cocky.'

He's not intimidating to me

All the flavours are there.

Great taste, bad presentation.
Yeah. Three out of five.

Both of you, back in line.

Right, next up.
Battle of the chicken.

I'm confident in my dish,
I'm confident in the flavours

I'm confident in the taste
of everything.

Kenneth, your current job is what?

Currently, I'm a personal chef
and also a food service director

at Philadelphia Montessori
Charter School. Wow.

So you cook for kids?

I cook for an elementary school.
You have two jobs? Yes, sir.

Kenneth, you did something tonight

that I haven't seen
in over a decade.

You had 20 minutes to go
and you started plating this dish.

Yes, Chef.

You were wiping your plate
for 15 minutes.

I'm not looking
for the Usain Bolt of cookery.

Use your time wisely. Yes, Chef.

Time management for a chef
is being close to godliness.

'This dish better be perfect.'

Let's have a look
at what you put under there.

Describe the dish, please.

Pan-seared chicken, eggplant
and andouille sausage and orzo.

Oh, dear. Kenneth. Oh, my God.

What happened there?

NARRATOR: 'After finishing his dish
in record time...'

Oh, dear. Kenneth.
Oh, my God. What happened there?

'..Kenneth, a food service director
at an elementary school...'

You fucked it. Scorched it.

'..hasn't impressed Chef Ramsay
with his speed or his cooking.'

Right now, looking at this chicken,

I'm feeling bad
for those kids in Philly.

Are they still talking to you?
Yes, Chef.

Um, for me, that's a one.

'This sucks.'

As a team, we should've noticed
that he was plating

with 20 minutes on the clock.

And we should've pushed that
he put more effort into his work.

Right, Kori, the love for food
comes from where?

Comes from my family.

Watching my grandmother
and my tias and my mom cook dinner.

I was born in Los Angeles,

I grew up in Puerto Vallarta,

and recently just moved back
about six, seven years ago.

Wow. Give me an insight.
Describe the dish.

I marinated the chicken in a little
bit of yogurt, garam marsala,

curry and some cumin.

The chicken's like butter.

Thank you. Literally, you slice
through that and it's like...

I've never seen a chicken so soft.
Thank you, Chef. That is beautiful.

What'd you marinate that in?

Just a little bit of yogurt,
let it sit as long as I could.

As soon as you yelled 20 minutes,
I pan-seared it.

Could you just tell him that?

Soon as we yell 20 minutes,
you started cooking chicken.

Takes about 15 minutes to cook.
He had plated it. Five to rest.

If there's one tip
you'd give Kenneth

on how to cook chicken beautifully,
what would it be?

Just, you know, take your time.
Make love to your food.

Make love to it.
Don't fuck it, yeah?


So, young lady,
you just earned yourself a four.

Great job. Thank you, Chef.

Thank you. Really good dish.

Really good dish, wow.

It's obvious
that she's got some real talent.

Glad she's on my team for now,

bringing home some points
for the red team.

I'll worry about having
to beat her personally later.

'Following Kori's winning hand,
Lauren and Drew ante up with the...'

Battle of the halibut.

Lauren, what makes you stand out
as a chef?

Everything about me.
Everyone calls me Flawless Lawless,

from the way I dress
to the way I present my food.

OK, Flawless Lawless,
let's see what you got.

Wow. Describe the dish.

So I made a pan-seared halibut,
a spicy arrabbiata sauce

and then I did
some fresh lemon zest on top.

Fish is glistening.
Yeah, look at that.

As you break into that, it just...
it shines beautifully.

What's the spice in there?
A little bit of red pepper flake.

Mm-hm. Give it a little bit of heat.
Like me. A little spicy.

But why would you put
so much bloody pasta on there?

I will not put so much next time,

You know, that was in
the four/five if you finessed it.

That's a three out of five.
Thank you, Chef.

'After Lauren's hearty halibut dish,

'it's up to Drew's halibut
with pesto sauce

'to get the men back in the lead.'

Just taste that.

Taste that.

Lauren, what is the one thing
that pasta needs?

Salt. Oh, boy. Absolutely, Chef.

I've got a bowl full of pasta
with no seasoning.

Just absolutely forgot.

Two out of five. Yes, Chef.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.

Knew I should've went with
more salt. I knew it, I knew it.

APPLAUSE Next one.

Next up,
one of my favourite proteins.

The battle of the salmon.

Mary Lou,
let's start with you first.

And to give me an insight, how
long ago did you colour that hair?

My mother's a hair stylist.
I change my hair all the time.

OK. It was pink before this.
It was pink before this? Wow.

Let's have a look.
OK, describe the dish, please.

Um, I have a blackened salmon
with a rice pilaf.

The actual salmon,
blackening looks too heavy,

but it's not,
it's seasoned beautifully.

But the one issue with this is,
have a taste of that.

It's crunchy.


I make shitty rice.

The dish, easy,
is a three and a half/four,

but because of the rice
being crunchy, it's a two.

Yes, Chef. What a shame.

A two? Aw, man.

'This was a terrible first day
for me.'

I just don't want everyone to think
that I'm a weak link on the team.

'After Mary Lou's crunchy rice,

'Eliott presents
his rice-crusted salmon.'

You've taken the skin off.

That skin is delicious
when it's crispy.

And you replaced it with
a blitzed brown rice with sesame.

I'm gonna give you
a two out of five.

Yes, Chef.
And I'm being generous.

Thank you.

'Eliott's bad bet leaves the
blue team trailing by two points.

'Now, Adam's lamb
with black garlic polenta...'

Your lamb is cooked beautifully.

Thank you, Chef. Love that.

It sits as a very strong four.
Good job.

Wow. Really good.

'..will battle
Jordan's miso lamb with polenta.'

It looks a little bit
stuck together,

but the actual lamb is delicious.

You're closer to a three
than a four. Thank you, Chef.

But it's a strong three.
Well done, both of you. Good job.

Yes, Chef. Thank you.
Thank you, Chef.

'Down by a single point,
the men cross their fingers

'as Peter's Cuban-spiced rib eye...'

That's a strong four.

Thank you, Chef. Good job.

'..turns the tables,

'and fine dining chef Amber
rolls the dice

'with her balsamic honey
and Dijon rib eye.'

Cooked beautifully.
Can you guys see that?

ALL: Yes, Chef.
It's a very, very strong four.

Peter and Amber,
two very good dishes.

Thank you, Chef. Well done.

I worked hard for that four.

I'm glad I got that four
and I definitely deserve that four.

So I'm happy to start
the competition off with a four.

Wow, ladies, we have a narrow lead,
22 to 21.

Next up, battle of the scallops.
Let's go.

'Ahead by only one point,
the women strive to stay on top

'with Fabiola's
scallops and coconut cream rice.'

It's a very, very, very
strong three.

Good job. Thank you, Chef.

'Trailing now by four,
it's up to Josh

'and his scallops with braised kale
to keep the men's team in the hunt.'

What have you done to this?

Sauteed the kale in some shallot,
garlic, some white wine.

Have a taste. Yeah.

Mm. You've burnt it. Yep.

The bitterness with
the burnt flavour is such a shame

cos you've destroyed the dish.

So you have a two. Oh.

What a shame. Thank you.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.

'It's the final pair,
and the men are down by two.

'It's Brittani from Kentucky
versus Marc from Albuquerque.'

Cos it's the last,

I'm gonna make sure that I get
both of you at the same time.


Yours is gorgeous.

Two good-looking dishes.

Brittani, describe yours, please.

I kept it simple, Chef.
I went with a pan-roasted pork chop,

a little brown butter
rosemary baste on it.

I'm from Kentucky.
We know how to do a pork chop.

Now, what's that look like to you?

That looks a little dry.

Uh, God.

The pork is overcooked.

So, Brittani, you have a two there.

Thank you, Chef.

I got two points. Motherfucker.

Uh, sorry, Nanny. Don't watch this.

Oh, good Lord,
I can hear her right now.

"Oh, my stars, Brittani."

Marc, how'd you cook the pork?

I basted it with butter, oregano,
thyme, garli

Deglazed it
with a garlic mojo marinade.

Do you see that inside?
Yeah. What is that?

It's... juicy.

It's juicy.
Juicy, almost falling apart.

I'm Puerto Rican, Chef.
One thing we know, we know pork.


Three and below, the red team wins.

Marc, it's a four to tie
or a five to win.

EXHALES SOFTLY: Come on, Chef.

We are down to the fucking wire.

We need a perfect score on this,
or we are in the shit.

It all comes down to this.

Mar.. it all comes down to this.

Three and below, red team wins.

A four means a tie, a five is a win.

Declan is the only individual
to have a five this evening.

Declan, I'm sorry.
Tonight, you're not the only five.

Marc, congratulations. CHEERING

Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby!

Yeah! Let's go, baby! SHOUTING

'I was never nervous.
I cook with conviction.'

And I've made a statement
from day one.

I'm here to go the distance.

Good job.
I got you. Great job. I'm your guy.

But most importantly,
Chef Ramsay knows that I'm his guy.

Final score, 28-27.

Ladies, what a shame.
Just missed out.

Although it was close,

I felt that it was
righteously deserved.

The other team should be worried.

So far, the foundation that
we've been laying... it's solid,

and it's a force
to be reckoned with.

Gentlemen, you are in for
a Vegas evening

that you will not forget
for a long time, let me tell you.

You're gonna start off

with dining at one of the most
exciting steakhouses on The Strip.

My steakhouse.


You're gonna go
to Gordon Ramsay Steak,

and you're in for a treat, trust me.
I pulled out all the stops.

It sounds so good,
I'm gonna join you.


'Chef Ramsay his self is going to be
having dinner with us?'

Oh, my God,
it doesn't get no better than this.

Once you've finished dinner, head
over to the High Roller at the Linq,

the tallest Ferris wheel
in the world.

Wait till you see the views.

Great, can't wait
to hear what we're doing (!)

Oh, ladies, you will also
have a unique Vegas experience.

You'll be heading
to the Caesars Palace fountains

and you will not be admiring them.

You'll be cleaning them.
Oh, my God.

Ladies, this one's not glamorous
or pleasant.

Men, well done. Get dressed.
I'll see you for dinner.

Day one, sucks to lose.
My dish got a four.

A lot of the other girls' dishes
got a two.

'Let's weed out
some of the weak links now.'

Maybe some of them
won't make it out of the fountain.

Oh, yeah.

This is gonna be sexy as hell,
bitches. I'm feeling good!

'Look at me. It's embarrassing.'

This is not a good look for anyone.

Hasta la tacos, bitches.

'Bye, Felicia.'

Go enjoy scrubbing those fountains.

We're gonna go have dinner
with Chef Ramsay.

Check it out, man.

Gordon Ramsay Steak. This steak's
gonna be the best, you know it.

Holy shit.
Like, this is really happening.

Wow. Wow. Take a seat.

'Meeting Chef Ramsay was amazing, '

but now I get to have dinner
with him? I'm really blown away.

It's like
I'm floating above my body,

just looking down at this
phenomenal experience,

and just thinking, "I'm here."

Now, questions. Anybody?
What made you want to do this?

Why cooking?
That's a good question. Two things.

I got a massive injury on my knee.

Rugby? No, soccer.

Oh. I got released at just 17.

Mum and Dad were going through
a shitty divorce.

My brother had just become
a heroin addict.

I think it was just trying
to better where I came from

was the inspiration
to sort of getting out of that.

It's just so surreal,
hearing about his life story.

'I can relate to that.

'Growing up in the Bronx
was not easy stuff.'

My mother was 14
when she got pregnant with me.

Always had to work
to have money in my pocket.

But I'm a fighter,
I'll do whatever it takes.

It was just absolute, sheer focus
for the rest of my life.

I pinch myself sometimes. I'm still
incredibly passionate at what I do.

I started pinching myself
to see if this was real.

Declan, our first European.
How does that feel?

It's crazy, and to get five...

You've made your mark
on the competition.

'Dude, it was just... it's just
mind-blowing. It's amazing.'

I can't wait to tell
all my friends about this.

ALL: Cheers! Yeah. And Mar

Double fives.
Win that for us. Yes.

To the fountain girls. Yes.

Just gather around. So, you know
what your punishment is.

You gotta do the ledges,
the statues, pick up all the coins.

Get your buckets and let's go.

You got me in front of my restaurant
with the losing team, like a dick.

Course she's gonna be pissed.
She has every right to be. Go, go.

She shouldn't have to be there

in front of the restaurant
that she opened and be humiliated

because we don't pull
our fucking game out.

Don't scare that duck over there,

It's not his fault
you guys didn't win today.


This is stupid. Yeah, it is.

It's a lot colder than it looks,

The crowd is starting to gather,

and every time I would look up,
a new person with their phone.

I feel like an animal attraction.

I'm not here for your enjoyment,
people, OK?

Who else can say they cleaned the
fucking statues at Caesars Palace?


I'm sweating.
Throw some water at me.


Some of my teammates
aren't exactly taking this serious.

Gotta get all the water
out your boots, first.


This is a punishment
and not a pool party.


Jordan, Mary Lou, Fabiola.

Yeah, you guys
are having a good time?

You guys have fun on punishment?

Like, you enjoy losing.
Is that what that is?

Let's go. Oh, look at this.

Whoo! We made it. We're here.

We had the opportunity
to eat with Chef Ramsay,

and now the High Roller. Like, wow.

I mean, we're in the largest
Ferris wheel in the world.

It is freaking amazing.

Oh, man, what a day.
What a day. Yeah, here we are.

There's Hell's Kitchen
with that dome.

We're at the very top
of the High Roller right now.

'Congratulations, guys. We did it.

'The first mission,
we accomplished it.'

The whole team
is fired up right now.

ALL: Blue team!

To not being the red team, too.
Let's go!

'This is a great way to start off
the competition.'

Damn, this IS high up.


I come from the little land
of Ireland.

I know, right?

Me and Big D, we just get along.

He put up a five, I put up a four.

Feels good to win these challenges.
Yeah, man.

Strong chefs need to stick together.

I just want that feeling every
single time, to hear him say,

"Congratulations, blue team."

Yeah. And one thing, too.

Like, you know, yes, communicate,
that's so important.

Also, don't over-communicate.
Like, don't speak over people.

Like, you don't have to be,
"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

Calm down, relax.
Like, ain't none of us here rookies.

'Marc is a firecracker.
That man has energy.'

He's buzzing, he's bouncing around.

He's already trying
to jump at the chance

to be the leader of this team.

Let's work together,
but let's be smart.

I have a feeling it's all talk.

And at the end of the day,
who we really are will be exposed.

Talk is cheap, period.
So, you know, just...

I like the vibe, there's good
communication, but...


Was she mad at you?

Don't know. Christina hates me.
I haven't figured her out.

I couldn't believe Christina
looked at me and was like,

"When you're done having that
fucking party over there."

I was like, damn! SHE CHUCKLES

I'm definitely
on Chef Christina's level.

Wait, you guys weren't over there
having a party?

I thought you were having a party.

'Some of these people
are not meant to be here.'

It's, like, a big problem.

If you're doing a punishment,

she wants you to take it
as a punishment, not have fun.

Amber... relax. Chill out.

We're just trying to have a good
time and hang out and settle in.


Yeah, I'm about to go to sleep, man.

Fellas, good night.
Night. Good night.

Dude, I cannot stand
that motherfucker.

He's gotta go.
You saw what he did.

He pulsed the rice.

It's like... HE CHUCKLES

..what the fuck is going on?

There's some people that
I feel like are over their head.

They have no idea
what's about to happen.

This is just day one.

If you're sending up
shitty-ass food, you're going home.

There's two that I know
are gonna go.

Who's the other one? Kenneth.

With the chicken.
I'm on the same page as you, man.

I am not leaving here
till the last day.

Fuck yeah.


Oh, my gosh. Kenneth's so loud.

You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

Shut the fuck up.

I'll give one of y'all $5
to stab him.


Welcome to hell.


Hell's Kitchen, this is Cody.

Cody, I need everybody
to meet me outside. Quickly, please.

Heard, Chef. Let's go.

In other words, get there now.

Here we go, boys and girls.

When they say move it,
they mean move it.

Go, go, go.
Come on, come on, come on.

Let's go. CLAPS

Rise and shine.

Right, good morning.
ALL: Good morning, Chef.

I'm about to do something
that I have never done before.


My good friends are here
to make a special delivery.


What is this sound?
Like, what's going on?

Something is about to go down.


My mind is completely racing.
I have no idea what's in store.

It could be anything at this point.
Time for a special delivery!

What the fuck?

Wait a minute, that's a crate.
What are they doing with a...

Holy shit, they kicked it out
of the helicopter. Oh!


'Next time on Hell's Kitchen...'


'..when the box breaks...'
There's more.

'..you won't believe
what's at stake.'

Today's winner will receive
something very, very valuable.

What an ace to have up your sleeve.

'With every single chef in shock...'
God damn it!

I didn't even see that coming, dude.
I didn't see that coming.

'..it's the most tearful,
fearful...' I'm shaking.

'..and star-studded
opening night...'

I'm feeling the stress.
I need a drink.

'..that you won't want to miss.'

My heart is like...