Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 16 - The Grand Finale - full transcript

Chef Ramsay sends the teams back to Hell's Kitchen to learn menus and plan for the biggest service of the finalists' lives, taking place at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Find out who has what it takes to win the life-changing grand pr...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

The competition began
witheight memorable veterans

hungry for a second chance.

That door is mine
this time, guys.

I'm sorry.

Going up against ateam of eight talented rookies.

I'm comfortable withanything
in the kitchen, dude.

I don't mind being

to make their mark--

Rookies versus veterans.

In the most
intense season yet.

No chef was backing down.

Don't yell at me.

Let's do it!

My teeth is fucking showing now.

The wolf is here.

Get out!

You haven't got it,
and you know that.

You can walk that.

Please would be nice, right?

And when
the dust settled--

Only two chefs will be
competing in the finale.


I'm ready to fight for
this to the end, chef.

And Mia.


I made it to the finale.

Chef Ramsay choseone outstanding rookie--

And one
remarkable veteran.

Thank you, chef.


Mia, the rookiephenom from Miami, Florida.

Congratulations, Mia.

Made her
mark on day one.

I'm the best chef
in this competition.

And continued
to use her artistry

and skill in the kitchen.

It's amazing.

dominate challenge--

This is worthy of being
on a menu right now.

After challenge.

Black pepper.

Four for four.

Challenge master.

Now they know I'm aforce to be reckoned with.

Refusing to back downfrom
her veteran competitors.

Who the fuck are you
calling a munchkin?

And her
finale opponent, Ariel.

Meatballs are going
in the sauce, ladies.

I don't need any
help from anyone.

The season six veteranfrom
Brooklyn, New York--

Last time, I didn't
fight hard enough.

I'm going to bring it this time.

Establishedherself as a front runner

from the beginning.

Look, I have goosebumps.

That's how good this dish is.

Impressing ChefRamsay with her culinary skills.

Look at that.


Thank you, chef.

And garnering
her teammates' respect.

She's a gangster
bitch, and she can cook.

I'm ready to win "Hell'sKitchen" this time.

And tonight--


I want you guys to nail it!

They will both layit all on the line to win

a life-changing dream job.

It looks terrible.

Is that the best
you can do, Roe?

I have to prove that
I have it in me.

We're trying on our steaks.

We want perfect food tonight.

Oh, boy.

Wake up!

I am awake, chef!

Who will claimthe executive chef position

at Gordon Ramsay'sHell's Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas?

And the quarter million
dollarsalary that comes with it.

I have made my decision.

Find out
right now on the season

finale of "Hell's Kitchen."

One, two, three.

And now, theconclusion of "Hell's Kitchen."

So first of all,
thank you guys so much.

I'm happy I got all of you.

Mia has stuck it out,
and she'sproved a lot of people wrong.

And she's had a lot
of people doubt her.

I always root for the underdog.

Like, I would love
to see Mia win.


Start with apps,
just in general?


All right.

You guys know what mofongo is?

Mon-fon-- mon-fon-- mofongo?

What the hell is that?


I'll just say croquettes.- Yeah.


It goes with a salsa criolla.

Mia's menu is definitely Mia.

I'll make the marinade.

It's just a --

Peruvian this
and Peruvian that.

Peruvian causa.

Could you spell that for me?

C-A-U-S-A. Causa.

The way there we're
goingto start everything here

is pretty much Latin flavors.

Kind of a modern Mexican menu.


I'm going to do the dish thatI
have one table side with.

The albondigas
dumpling posole soup.

It's going to be,
like, two pot stickers.


I think my teamdefinitely believes in me.

Everyone's really engaged.

The sauce is a very reduced,
rich jus that's then blended.

And I think that
they honestly believe

that I should be the one
to win this competition.

I'm going to do my
signaturebrown butter butterscotch,

but with a sweet
corn ..

Ariel is confident
as fuck with her menu.

I am more than happy
to be on her team

to help her win this
competition, which

she deserves.

Tomorrow is also a
test of us as a brigade,

and me leading a brigade.

It's going to be, like, loud.- For sure.


We're going to be, like,
engaged, and it's going to be,

- Fuck yeah.

- All right?
- Cool.


You guys are going
to kill it tomorrow.


Kill it.

And then, um, potato puree.

The potato does not
go in the ..

I'll show you guys how to do it,
but just so you have an idea--

This is going to
go down to the wire,

I have no doubt in my mind.

I'm going to serve it inthe little round style pans.

This is, like, the
young up and comer

versus the seasoned
veteran, but I think Mia

is a force to be reckoned with.

All right, entree--
chicken dish.


Throw it in the oven,
and thenwe finish it in the brick oven.

Well, you could cook itthree
quarters, if not almost

the whole way, let it
rest, and then bang,

finish it right with hot apps.



Mia and I didn't have
the greatest departure.

You didn't have the
proteinthat he was asking you for.


And that's where I had
asked you all day, so I

could have the protein ready.

And you couldn't do
thatbecause you had a hard time

reheating vegetables.

As much as I don't like her,
I know what it's like to not

have people 110% behind you.

My fish is dying!

It's dying!

I'm walking in 30
seconds, Heather!

Don't give me raw food, Kim.

I would run if I was you.


- All right, Heather.
- It's raw.

- It needs to be flashed, yeah.- Ugh.

Come on, Kim.

You're giving me raw meat,
man.- Are you kidding me?

They've been in--

Get off meat.

Devin, take over.

So I'm going to give
her my heart and my soul

on my station, and that's that.

All right, any
questions, guys?

Who do you want where?

Who do you feelcomfortable putting where?

Let me see.

Because that's your job.


After a long night, the teams are up early.

And Ariel and Mia are
leading their brigades

into prep for the final time.

Ready, guys?
Ready to rock?

- Ready.
- Yes, chef.


This is definitely one of themost
important days of my life.

One more.

That's it.

Everybody needs to be focused,
and everybody needs to remember

that this is all business.

Apples are in?

Where's the apples?

- I'm making brown butter.- Oh.

Thank you.

I'm like, hold on.

Jump on the apples.

She's working on
the brown butter,

and then finish up
the chimichurri.

That's already peeled.

Like, everything's
done for the apples.

You just have to lay them out.

Mia definitely knows
what she wants,

but her brain is just a bigfucking
jumbled mess right now.

Where's my crispy pancetta?

That was the pork
fat that you gave me.

And then--
- Yes.

Where's the pancetta?

No idea.

OK, so we need to find it.


Mia needs to re-fucking-lax.

Find the pancetta.
You find the pancetta.

I'm good over here.
Find the pancetta.


And I need you to hurry
on that mango sauce.

OK, Jose?


I don't like this.Who did this?


No, I was trying to get
your attention, and--

Oh, sorry.


Don't slow down.

If you want us
to be successful

and drive you to
victory, you need to be

able to be a great leader.

And she's being a
little dictator.

I am just a peon.

Keep working.

You want basil leaves?


Thai basil or basil?

- Just basil.- I thought it was Thai basil.

If we have Thai
basil, Thai basil.

If not, just basil.

And cilantro.

In between, you want to
gently take your fingers

and loosen these up a
little bit, because that

has some good sour-ness.

What I'm gonna do is
I'mgonna probably sweeten up

that vinaigrette just a touch.

Looking back on the
last time I was here,

it's like night and day.

That, you know, insecure,
unsure young woman is long gone.

I'm sorry.

I thought one of these--

Would you send
that lamb if you

were standing at the
Araxi Restaurant,

whistler on the hot plate?

- No, chef.
- Tell me!

No, chef.

What you see today is
someonewho knows they belong here,

knows they want this,
and theyknow they're going to get it.

You guys want to look
atplates with me for a minute?


I'd love your opinion.

As a leader,
Ariel's very vocal,

very detailed about everything.

Oh, I like this.

This is nice.

I like this for this soup.

Even though
she's leading the team,

we are really in this together.

And you know, that
brings up the morale.

We're gonna all
finish strong today.

There's gonna be a partyin your honor tonight.

The best thing about
a true champion--

Muhammad Ali, Bruce
Lee, Mike Tyson--

they won the fight before
theyeven stepped into the ring

with their opponents.

You know what I'm saying?

I got you, homie.

You know what I'm saying?

Here you go.

We're gonna sweep the
floor with 'em, chef.

Oh, Motto, I love
your one liners.

It's two hours beforethe final dinner service.

Right, we ready?

Yes, chef.

And Chef Ramsay isabout to do his last check

on Mia and Ariel's menus
to see if they live

up to his high expectations.

Visually, when you start fromhere,
you all the way down,

what do you see?

- A lot of color.
- A lot of color.

You're absolutely right.

A lot of color.

I feel great about my menuand
I've had great feedback,

so I'm using all
of that feedback

just to elevate these dishes,
and to really nail them.



So we have a
sweet pea risotto,

basil, lemon zest, pancetta.


Really good, indeed.

Next one?

This is the Peruvian causa.

We have the
potatoes, avocado cream,

and hamachi ceviche.

You know, it's a cold, dense,
sweet puree with the avocado.

Chili, the heat-- love it.


The girl can cook.


So it's no surprise that
ChefRamsay is really loving the way

her menu is coming together.

So we have the
mofongo croquettas.


I lightened them up today.

It's more potato,
we didn't blend it.

So they should be a lot softer.



Wow, wow, wow.


So we have soy ginger
glazed churrasco.

Fresh mango sauce.

Pickled bok choy
and fresh mangoes.

Really good, indeed.

- Thank you, chef.
- Pass it down, please.

Next one.

So we have grilled
pork medallions,

chorizo chimichurri,
potatopuree, and sweet plantain.


Now, that is
seasoned beautifully.

I mean, really beautifully.

On point.

I think there are
some great plays here.

Yes, chef.

I think the diners are
going to be pleasantly

surprised with my food.

I feel like I'm bringingsomething
new to LA right now.

So I'm really excited.


Yes, chef?

Let's go.

First of all, what's the
messageyou're sending to your clients?

This is a modernLatin cuisine with a hint

of Asian influence into it.


It's very approachable, clean flavors, and simple.

I think chef's going
to like my menu.

We have a lot of good,
clean flavors here.

Layers and layers.

First appetizer?

First appetizer is
the shrimp ceviche roja.

That's served with
an avocado mousse.

Visually, it looks beautiful.

Great colors here.

Does it need the
puree underneath?

I was just holding
the chips in place,

but if we don't need it, we can go without it, chef.

Quick taste.


A little salty, chef.

A little?

A lot salty, chef.

That's not a little
salty, that is fucking--

Very salty.


Next we have thealbondigas dumpling sopa.

This is the broth
with the hominy in it.

I never work
with even numbers.

Visually on a plate,
I go 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

It needs to be exuberant.

You need to be generous.

And so make three.

But my big worry
there is the filling.

That filling needs to
be that magical moment,

and all I've got is thisdense,
under-seasoned pork.


This is the rib
cap mole, chef.


With yellow beet puree,
roasted thumbelina carrots, and

the chocolate red wine demi.

It tastes very meaty.

Very pasty.

There's no seasoning in there.

This is the.

We did a loup de mer
tonightinstead of the mackerel.

Could we not get mackerel?

No, we could.

We decided to change
it just because more

guests will enjoy the
Mediterranean sea bass,

I think.

Your mackerel was a big hit.

What did the judge say?

Choosing mackerel--
I mean, that's risky.

There's a lot of
people-- you know?

But I love mackerel, andI think it's very hearty.

The flavor was great.

He said that it was
quite a risk, and not

very many people loved mackerel,
but it was done very well.


How do I say this?

Without sounding like I'mtrying
to dent your conference.

It's two hours beforethe final dinner service.


We ready?

Yes, chef.

And Chef Ramsay isgiving last minute feedback

on Mia and Ariel's dishes.

First appetizer.

And while
rookie finalist

Mia received rave reviews--


Chef Ramsay
is less than impressed

with veteran Ariel's menu.

How do I say this?

Without sounding like
I'mtrying to dent your confidence.

Stop running from success.

The mackerel was a hit.

You may not have
won that challenge,

but you haven't lost the finale.

Yes, chef.

So get confident.

- OK.
- Yeah?

- Yes.- I want to see Ariel back.

Thank you, chef.

I had a horrible start.

There is a tweak on eachplate,
but all of his feedback

made sense.

We're going to go back
tomackerel because that's what

the dish was intended to be.

So these guys are going
tokick it into high gear for me

right now, and we're
going to knock this out.

Kanae, I want to get
more duck fat in there.

It's just a little bland.

More salt, less peat,
andthen a squeeze of lemon.

The food's looking
good and we're

going to put the heart andsoul, and all the flavor

into each dish.

That's what my food
is about-- flavor.

Do or die time.

I'm ready.

I've been ready.

I need everybody
to kind of start

setting up their stations, OK?

You guys should be doinglast
minute things right now.

How are we looking on
apps over there, Kanae?

I still gotta pushout all these dumplings.

And if I don't get 'em donenow, it's gonna be hell.

Communicate, OK?

All right?
Thank you, guys.

Come on, guys.

Let's do a little group huddle.

Please, always, communication.

Appetizers, appetizers.


I'm going to talk
you guys through this.

I'm never going to leave
you alone, all right?

I'm gonna make sure you guys
areOK the whole step of the way.

I want you supporting him.

When I call the
meats, pull the meats,

and then just help
him whenever possible.

On three.


One, two, three.


Let's go.

Let's do this.

Mia, one final thing.

Ariel-- let's go.

Every night, when
we are ready, what's

the one thing I do to Marino?

Oh, tell him to
open Hell's Kitchen.

- So can you do it together?- Yes.

On the count of three.

- On the count of three.
- Off you go.

1, 2--

1, 2, 3.

Marino, open Hell's Kitchen!


Kitchen is the place

to be for this much
anticipatedshowdown between veteran Ariel

and rookie Mia.

Of course,
the finalists'families are in attendance.

To our baby.

Our baby.

Along with other VIPs.

In Ariel's kitchen, former
OJSimpson prosecutor Marcia Clark

will be dining.

Please let me introduce
you to our finalists.

Hi. Welcome.

Pleasure to have
you this evening.

Thank you.

While Mia's
kitchen will host

actor and comedian JB Smoove.

Man, this is the joint.

Look at this, man.

OK, guys, listen up!

Two risotto, one shrimp
scampi, one ceviche.

- Yes, chef.
- Thank you.

This is it.

It's crunch time.

I have to prove that I
have it in me to lead

an entire kitchen,
and I feel like I'm

going to surprise Chef
Ramsaywith my performance tonight.

How long?

Two risotto.

Shrimp ceviche.

Six minutes.

Heard that.

Risotto working.

Put Trev on apps--

you know, I would have
went a different route.

That was Mia's decision, but--

you know, you don't
want to start off slow,

because then it
could just slow down

the whole service after that.

Risotto, 30 seconds.


30 seconds.

Are you tasting it?

Yes, I'm tasting everything.

More salt.

More salt. Heard, chef.


Season every stage.

Every stage.

Yes, chef.

Mia on it, man.

Trev, I don't need this, dude.

Come on.

Like, this is rookie shit.

This needs to be perfect.

Walking risotto.

Good job.
Keep it coming, OK?

- Got it.
- Good.


Taste it.

Tasting everything, chef.

All right, listen
up, red team.

You guys ready for this?
- Yes, chef.

All right.

We have a four top, away.

Two scallops, two dumplings.

Heard, chef!

My team is amped
up, they are in this,

and I feel like we're going
tojust knock this out of the park


Scotley, five
minutes all day, OK?

Five minutes.

We only have one
shot at tonight,

and we are determined
to have everything

come out perfect for Ariel.

Fuck, Motto.

It burned.


They burned.


This is not going
according to plan.

Kanae, get it together.

You've got this, baby.

I'll be walking twodumplings with two scallops.


Right after--

Walking scallops.


Let's go.

I need 30 seconds, chef,
and it will be at the window.

Ariel, I've got
scallops dying.

We've got to go.

We can't just leave
food hanging like that.

This is your standard.

All right, I need
those two dumplings.

Let's go, guys.

Yes, chef.

I need service, please.

Thank God.

I didn't make all thesedamn
dumplings for nothing.

Rock that shit.

With Kanae's quickrecovery on dumplings--

Thank you.

And ceviche right
behind it, please.

are now making

their way out of both kitchens.

Table 23.

This is my family.

VIP, please.

Thank you so much.

- Like mommy.
- Bon appetit.

Bon appetit.

And receivinghigh praise from the diners.


That's phenomenal.


Pretty damn good.

It's pretty damn good.

This risotto is
definitely off the hook.


Two sea bass, two pork.

How long, Roe?

Seven minutes, please.

Seven minutes to
the window, chef.

Thank you.

I'm one for one being
on winning brigades,

so I think this
bodes well for Mia.

Two fork in my hand.

Let's go to the promised land.

Fork, hot plate, chef.

How long until sea bass?

30 seconds.

Come on.


Glazing right now, bro.

Glazing right now.

I need you up here right now.

She needs you to
look at that pork, Roe.

Pork is raw, OK?

I need you to flash them.


How long?

Two minutes.

Here come the pork
medallions back.

Roe, honey, they're thick.

You need to mark themand get them in the oven,

and let them finish.

If not, you're going tosell
medium rare pork again.

And I highly doubt
anybody wants that.

- Heather, come here.
- Yeah?


Check that. If it's
not good, go back in.

Why isn't it going?

What are we waiting on?

We're waiting on pork.

Aw, shit.

How long, pork?

Just checking it now, chef.

I don't want to give
you anything raw.

Aw, man.

This ain't good.

What the fuck is going on?

How long, pork?



It's 45 minutes intothe final dinner service--

Why isn't it going?
What are we waiting on?

We're waiting on pork.

Aw, shit.

rookie finalist Mia

has been left waiting on Roe
todeliver properly cooked pork.

How long, pork?

One minute on
those re-fires, Mia.

I won the challenge,
and Roewas my first pick last night.

I thought she was the strongest.

And this is a little

Super hot.

It's done.

Go, go, go.

Man, it's a process to watch.

It's scary.

Very scary.

Guys, listen up.

First entrees-- we're going
togo on two rib caps, two wagyu.

How long?

I need eight minutes, chef.

Eight minutes.

Two rip cap, two wagyu.


I've never worked
with Scotley before,

so I'm going to keep
an eye on him tonight.

And the menu's a
little lighter tonight,

so hopefully
Scotley can keep up.

Oh, my god.


Right now, chef.

Scotley, watch
your grill, man.


We're charring on
our steaks over here.


We want perfect
food tonight, OK?

Not a race.

It always gets
annoying when, you know,

you have a backseat driver.

Somebody over your shoulder,
telling you how to cook.

Man, I got this.

I've been doing this.

We've got to watch
the grill because we're

getting too much char.

I would like to start
a couple new ones.

Yes, chef.

Come on, man.

I'm not concerned about
rushing these out.

I want to make sure we
getthem to the guests the way

they're intended to be enjoyed.

All right, I need to
see those rib caps.

Bring 'em up.

Bringing it right now, chef.

That's perfectly cooked.

Not more than this.

Heard, chef.

Trust me.

I'm here to help you.

I need service, please.

Our chef seems
very self-assured.


All right, guys, next ticket.

You said three minutes.

You should be 30 seconds out.

Let's go.

OK, so away now, two
chicken, two churrasco.

Two chicken, two beef.
Heard, chef.

Two chicken, two churrasco.

Guys, I need fiveminutes on that next check.

The two skirt, and
the two chicken.

I'm a little
nervous about Heather.

She just lost to me,
so it may be a little

difficult to motivate her.

Nice sear, nice glaze.

Medium rare.

I just hope that
she can support me.

How long?

Two chicken, two churrasco.

Give me three minutes onthe
two beef and two chicken.


I'm all about carrying Mia
tovictory, whether we're BFFs

or not.

Chicken and beef are up.

Let me know when
you're ready to walk.

You ready to go, Jose?

Let me go first, yeah.
Two chicken--

I'm coming next.

Proteins walking.

Behind chef.


Are they rested?

Yes, chef.

Hopefully I lead
Mia into victory,

because I know what it's liketo
have my hand on that door

and it not open.

It hurts.

- Heather.
- Yes?

Beautiful cook on the protein.

Keep it coming, OK?

Thank you.

With entrees
leaving Mia's kitchen

at a steady pace--
- Keep it going, Mia.

Keep it going.

This meat is juicy and soft.


Over in the redkitchen, veteran Ariel--

Guys, next ticket.

How long, chicken?


Is continuing topush Bret for perfection.

Walking as soon as
garnish is up, chef.

Thank you.

Bret has a big responsibility.

He has to cook two
proteins tonight,

so I need to make
sure that he nurses

and babysits that wagyu
sothat it's absolutely perfect.

Oh, boy.

I wish I was in the
finale right now,

considering I was so close.

But Ariel, she's
a phenomenal chef,

and she deserves this win bad.

And I'm gonna do whateverI
can to motherfucking help

her get it.
- Chef behind.

Chicken and wagyu.

He told me he walked
up chicken garnish,

followed by steak garnish.

Fucking hell, really?

It's cold.

We're serving cold fucking food.

I need a little heat on this.

Be very careful.I don't want it overcooked.

- Just touch it.
- Heard, chef.

I know it's a wagyu, I getthat,
but it's barely lukewarm.

Yes, chef.

Timing is way off!

I feel bad whenever I fuckup
a food, or it's not 100%

flawless the first time.

Whether it's for Ariel, chef,
any customer, my clients--


I bring passion every timeI step in that kitchen.

Chef, right
behind to your left.

- Thank you.
- Get this on the plate.

It's got to set.
Service, please.

Let's go, let's go.

Three pork, one churrasco.

You've got a
minute and a half.

After a fewhiccups from both teams--

Pick up two
mackerel, two wagyu.

How long?
- Right now, chef.

Right now!

The "Hell's
Kitchen" rookie--

- Rested?
- Yes, chef!

And the "Hell'sKitchen" veteran--

Let's go.
Send it up.


Are now both
pushing out quality

entrees at a brisk pace.

Gotta go.

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.

And living up to ChefRamsay's high expectations.

- Very good.
- Perfect.

I'm not sharing this with you.

This is too good.

Wow, that's good.

That is really good.


Very good job.


Away now.

Two sea bass, two churrasco.

Two sea bass, two--

I want it perfect, Roe, OK?- Yes, ma'am.

- Let's go!
- How long?

Five minus.
Five minutes.

You can do five?


Guys, this is the
last stretch, OK?

Let's finish strong.

I want you guys to nail it.

We have a really good
pacegoing, and it feels good,

but I'm not
celebrating just yet.

Two sea bass, two churrasco.

How long?

You ready?

I can go.

Do you need a minute?

I think I'm good.


Chef, coming in to the right.


How long on that sea bass?

In my hands, chef.


Is that the best
you can do, Roe?

It's falling apart.

Come on, guys.

It's falling apart.

Were you boiling
rapidly or steaming it?

Steaming it, chef.

It looks terrible.

I always have thisproblem that the minute I

go under on something, I, like,
overcompensate on the next

and go over.

Refire everything, guys!

Garnish, protein, everything.


For some unknown reason,
which I don't understand why,

Roe was the first
pick last night.

And I don't know if those
arebig shoes to fill, or what,

but she's dropping the ball.

How long for table
four to come out

with the main, more or less?

We're re-firing it.


So I'd rather be a
bit slower and perfect

than send something
thatshe's not happy with, right?

It's perfect.

- Piss off.
- How long?

Two sea bass, two churrasco.

Protein walking.

How long, sea bass?

Sea bass?

Is it OK?

For the love of God.

You good, bro?

Are you happy with that?

Yes, I'm happy with that.


- That's what I'm talking about.- Go.

Follow with the broth.
- This is the bass?

Oh, my god.

All right, listen up--

I'm firing a six top.

We're almost there, guys.

Keep pushing.

Two mackerel, two
chicken, two wagyu.

Got it.

Guys, push for me, OK?

- Yes, chef.
- Let's do it.

Let's finish strong.
- Come on!

Let's do it, yo.
Come on, yo.

- I need some vinegar.-
You guys are smashing this.

Got this.

Service is going so great.

We're almost there.

We're down to the last six top.

18, what, what?


Let's finish as
strong as we started.

Where are we?

Two mackerel, two
chicken, two wagyu.

And how long on the mackerel?

90 seconds.

I'll be there in 2 and 1/2,
as long as garnish is ready.


This six top are theexecutives from the Six Flags.

Magic Mountain.

I don't think they looked last night, right?

- Yes, chef.
- Yes, chef.


Let's go.

I'm taking your
garnish on, then.


I'm bringing it right to you.Hot.

- Chef--
- Thank you.

Look, hit me with
some vinegar here.

Come on, 18.


Hey, Scotley, that mackerelis sexy, all right?

Nice job.

For you, baby.

Bret, can I get a
new chicken re-fired?

burnt is that skin?

My fault, chef.
Sorry, chef.

The mackerel is cooked.

Won't happen again, chef.

Come on, Bret.

We almost there.

Put your big boy pants on,
andlet's get this shit rolling.

Bret, I need that chicken.Let's go.

30 seconds.

I don't want to give
it to you raw, chef.

I fucked up with the chicken.

So I gotta to make sure
that this chicken's

proper, and yabba dabba
do, we keep it moving.

Bret, chicken?

Come on, Bret.

Let's go, Bret.

Mackerel's been
there two minutes.

Chicken, hot pan.

It's raw.

Fucking hell.

Yes, chef?

Look at me!

I would be freaking out.

Wake up!

I am awake, chef!

Yeah, well, if you
were awake, you wouldn't

be cooking fucking raw chicken!


Look at me!

Wake up.

I am awake, chef!

Yeah, well, if you
were awake, you wouldn't

be cooking fucking raw chicken!

Heard, chef.I was trying to hold it--

Wake up a bit fucking more!

Enough's enough.

Bret, come here, please?

It's still a little under.

That's why I didn't
want to serve it to you.

Yep, take that one.
Take that one.

Come on.

If that one is,
then that one--


Just give it two moreminutes, all right, Bret?

Heard, chef.

We're so close to
the end of service.

We so don't have time
for these mistakes.

- Come on, Bret!
- I got it, chef.

I'm finishing the--

Third fucking time.

We have to get
this food out right.

Very hot pan.

Hey, Bret?

Your chicken looks beautiful.

Thank you.
- Thank you, chef.

- Ariel, good job.
- Thank you, chef.

Well done.

With Bret finallydelivering perfect chicken--

Last ticket of the night!

Both Ariel and Miaare pushing their brigades

toward the finish line.

Two chicken, two pork.
How long?

I need three
minutes in the oven.

- Two minutes!
- Nail it.

Let's bring it home, guys.- Come on, guys.

Push it.

Guys, I need perfect
food on this table.

Let's go.

Come on, y'all.

Finish strong for Ariel, man.

Two chicken, two pork.
How long?

I'm ready to go
in one minute, chef.

Pork, how long?

- One minute for the pork.- Taste it.

I want it perfect.
- Hey, keep it going.

Good.- This is the last table.

Send it to me.

Ready to go?

Can I walk these steaks?
- Yes, chef.

I got two mackerel.

Chef, going in to
your right really hot.

Walking towards--
- Hot, hot, hot.

Very hot.
Out of the oven.


Right behind you,
steaksgoing with the two mackerel

right there.
Thank you, Chef.

All right, mackerel's good.


- Hold on.
- Go.


Service, please?

It's really good.

The temperature is perfect.

It's amazing, right?

It melts in your mouth.

This is one.

The detail and
the presentation

really goes a long way.

Ladies, how is everything?

All right?
- Oh, my god.

- Thank you.
- It's wonderful.

Thank you.
- Love it.

Thank you.

On you.

Well, you have to be.
You have to be.

- You gotta be a general.- It gets busy, yes.

The hustle is on point.

- Thank you.
- Baby--

Have a great night.

Thank you very much.

You guys did a great job.

I love you, too, man.

I'm so glad service is over.

I hope Chef Ramsay saw
a true leader tonight.

A captain, and someone
that he can trust.

Oh, you were so good.

It was so amazing.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Hey, I liked that mackerel.

It was pretty good.

Do you think you can fixthat
for me some other time?

Holy mackerel.


Thank you guys so much.

Amazing work, everybody.

Amazing work.

Thank you.

We had a few bumps,
but I'mhappy and proud of myself.

I left all of it in the kitchen.

Thank you so much.

I gave everything I had.

I tried to do my best.

You did a great job.

You did a really,
really nice job.

Thank you.

I feel like it's going to be avery,
very close call tonight.

I have no hard
feelings against Mia,

but I really hope
that Ariel wins today.


Thank you for your work, Jose.It means so much.

- Mia.
- Thank you so much.

I told you, I got you.

I'm proud of Mia.

Coming in as a rookie andproving to the veterans

that, you know, we were
strongerthan what they imagined.

Definitely feel likeMia's taking this W home.

Dinner service was great.

It's over now, and thisis when the nerves really

kick in, because
there's absolutely

nothing I can do anymore.

- Amazing job, both of you.- Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you for your work.

May the best lady win.

Congratulations to
the both of you.

I'm proud of my team.

They did an amazing job.

I couldn't have asked
for a better team.

I'm just anxious now.

I can't sit down right now.

I'm wired right now.

I'm fucking wired.

I feel relief because wegot
through the final dinner


I think it went pretty well,
and I'm just moments away

from finding out whether
or not I've won or not,

which is giving me
total anxiety job.

- Good job.
- Good job.

I'm trying to just keepit together for a minute.

- You'll be OK.
- I'm good.

Would anybody
like some ice cream?

No, you're good.

I was like, that's my dog.

Time to get serious.

Chef Ramsay, what
are you doing here?

Time to get serious.

So this is where you live?

- Yes.
- Right.


Behind you.

Oh, my god.

You want to look at
this all the time?


I'm not one for
apologizing, but I

am sorry about that
fucking mess on there.

Was't trying to be--

First of all, let me tellour
returning chefs how much I

appreciate the effort
that you all put

in across tonight's service.

Not only did you
support your chefs,

but you guys had a good service.

Thank you, chef.

Even after, you
know, being eliminated,

I will bleed for Chef Ramsay.

That's the hierarchy.

That's your mentor.

We've got a lot
more things to do,

and I am miles away
from being ready.

But for now, I'd
like both of you

to say goodbye to your brigades.

- Bye, guys.
- Buy, guys.

- And your sous chefs.
- Bye, guys.

See you in a little bit.


- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Thank you so much for tonight.

Guys, head into
the dining room.

I'll see you there shortly.

Hell yeah.

Let's do it.

Scallops are
cooked beautifully.

I love what you did
with the celery.

You've done something
pretty magical.

Thank you, chef.

Good job.

Just look at that.


Thank you, chef.

First recipients
of the black jacket.

Congratulations, Ariel.

- Thank you, chef.
- Great job.

Good job, Ariel.

Why do I have tuna?

I need two beef tartare,
not tuna tartare.

Look at me.

Well spotted.

It's amazing.

I'm gonna get to the endthere, and I want more.

- Yes.
- Awesome.

You did a really nice jobon
the steaming of this fish.


I'll take the rest to go.

This is a delicious dish.

It is worthy of being on a
menuright now, in a restaurant.

Peanut butter.


Nice work, Mia.

Four for four.

It doesn't look like lobster.

You're absolutely right.Well spotted.

It is monkfish.

Yes, chef.

This is it, girl.


This is bananas.

I'm having, like,
an out ofbody experience right now.


I said in the
beginning, I thought

Mia was my biggest competition.

And I think that sheovercame a lot of hurdles,

but I think based
on my performance

that I won "Hell's Kitchen."

Let's get this over with.

I'm going to beat
Ariel because I

feel like we're
at the same level

as far as leadership goes.

I feel like my dishes
are more creative,

so I definitely think
I'm the next executive

chef at the flagshipHell's Kitchen Restaurant

in Las Vegas.

Scared me.

Hi, this is Mia.

Hi, Mia.

I've made my decision.

Can you and Ariel pleasemake
your way to my office?

Yes, chef.

Thank you.

He said make our
way to his office.

This is it, girl.

Good luck, Mia!


You two, welcome.

Ariel, Mia, this has been
anextremely difficult decision.

Let me tell you.

Mia, never before have wehad
a chef that has performed

so strongly across challenges.

Above that, you've been one
ofthe most creative chefs we've

ever had in Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you, chef.


Yes, chef?

You have been the
most consistent chef

across this entire competition,
so it's no surprise to me

that you are the only
chef on either team

never to be considered
for elimination.

Ariel, right now,
how are you feeling?

My stomach is in knots,
chef, to be honest with you.

I'm just trying to containmyself,
and maintain my--

my calm that I've
had all season.

Mia, what's going
through your mind?

My heart is racing, butI'm just so proud of what

I've accomplished.

And I'm really proud of myself,
and I'm so grateful for all

the faith you've had in me.

I could not be prouder
of the two of you.

In my eyes, you're both winners.

Thank you, chef.

Mia and Ariel,
please stepup in front of your doors.

Yes, chef.

For me, everything
is on the line.

This is what I want.

I've been completely
sure of myself.

I came to this
competition to get here.

This is it.

This is a huge opportunity.

This is the perfect
next place for me to be.

It just feels so rightthat if it doesn't happen,

I'm just going to
be so confused,

and just so bummed out.

The chef whose door opens
willbecome the winner of "Hell's

Kitchen" and the executive
chefof the flagship Hell's Kitchen

Restaurant at Caesars
Palace in Las Vegas,

with a salary of a quarterof a million dollars.

Both of you very carefully
placeyour hand on top of your door


On the count of three,
I wantyou to turn your handles.




The chef whose door openswill
become the executive chef

of the flagship Hell's
Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas,
with a salary of a quarter

of a million dollars.

On the count of three,
I wantyou to turn your handles.






Thank you, chef.

- That was amazing.
- Thank you so much.

- Well done.
- Thank you, chef.

You're going to have
a phenomenal career.

- Thank you so much, chef.- No doubts, OK?

Thank you for the opportunity.

I'm so proud to have
gottento this place as a rookie.

You know, I knocked
out everybody but one,

and this isn't the end for me.

Not that, like-- this
is just the beginning.


I have been to Hell's
Kitchentwice and made it out alive.

And not only alive, but
I made it out a winner,

and this feels
incredible right now.


Great job.
Come on.

Thank you.

Go down those stairs.

Come on.

Let's go.

This job is made for me.

I am the person who
says every single day

when I go to bed,
how am I going to be

better than I was yesterday?

Thank you.

I dedicate winning
to both my parents.

I'm happy to show myparents how far I've come.

Every time they see mesucceed
makes them feel happy.

Mia, I have so
much respect for you.

I think that you
are so talented.

And when I go to LasVegas, if you want to come,

if I have the position
for you, it's yours.

I would hire you in a heartbeat.

Would you like to hear
fromthe "Hell's Kitchen" winner?

Come on.

I am so effing
excited right now.

I'm very excited.

I'm so excited to workwith this incredible woman

right here, Chef Christina.

I can't wait to work for you.

I can't wait to work with
you, Chef,,

and of course, chef, I
am very excited to show

you what I have in store.

So thank you for
this opportunity.


Thank you.


Yes, girl!

Ladies and gentlemen,
our"Hell's Kitchen" winner, Ariel!

Since the first
time she was here,

Ariel has grown
tenfold as a chef.

She is fiercely talented, extremely determined,

and a commanding leader.

I could not be more pleased
tohave her as my executive chef

of Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas.

One final thing to do--

it's a tradition here
at "Hell's Kitchen."

Hang that up.
- Have we got it?

- Did you get it on there?- I don't know.

It's up there.

Come on, carpenter.

Straighten that out.

Well done.

To feel like you
did well and to know

that you earned something, and that you belong

there is an amazing feeling.


This has been
the most rewarding

journey of my entire life.

I have worked so
hard in my career,

and to just be so
validatedright now for everything

that I have ever done
is the most satisfying

feeling I have ever felt.

- Cheers!

- Cheers.
- Woo!


Season 18.