Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 15 - A Rollercoaster Ride - full transcript

After a shocking elimination, the final two chefs receive unexpected help for their final menus. They share their highs and lows with Chef Ramsay over brunch and are surprised with a visit from their families. But, the fun is shor...

on "Hell's Kitchen."

Bring in our
esteemed chefs, please.

final four competed

in a tableside challenge--

We are under way.

--Cooking for
four executive chefs

and their brigades.

Smells great.

Everyone brought theirpersonalities to the table.

Help yourself, Chef.


You've got a "Hell's
Kitchen" tattoo.

I do.

I have seafood
tattooed all over me.

But despite effortsfrom Motto, Mia, and Bret

to win over the room--

I have the ballots filled out.

--It was season six veteran--


Thank you, chefs.

--Whose dishearned her the challenge win.


dinner service--

It's going to be good.

--The chefs tookturns running the pass--

Final four for a reason.

Confirm it tonight.

--And faced
quality-control tests

along the way.

I completely forgot
about the sabotages.

Each of the fourchefs missed one sabotage.

Taste that.

Oh, shit.

It's orzo.


The pork needs to
be cooked longer.

What is it?

- Veal chop.
- Veal.

That's right.
What's it look like?

Come on.
- Ribeye.

- Yeah, it is a ribeye.
- Yes, Chef.

Two New Yorks.

But redeemedthemselves by catching another.

Chef, this is lobster,
right, not monkfish?

You're absolutely right.Well spotted.

It is monkfish.

Yes, chef.

I need two beeftartare, not tuna tartare.

Well spotted.

No spaghetti, please.

Can I get a fix on that?

Well spotted.

I can do this shit
in my sleep, man.

We all had some highs,
and we all had some lows.

Yes, Chef.

Not surprisingly, it was difficult to determine

who should go home.

Man, I've got this, y'all.

But "Hell's
Kitchen" first-timer

Motto took the decision
into his own hands--

I'm going to put myself up.

Holy fucking curveball, Motto.

shocked Chef Ramsay--

I put forth myself.

--When he
bowed out to return

home and pursue a new dream.

I don't want to give
up on Baton Rouge.

I want to go back and
sharethis wealth of knowledge

that you've given me.


Motto, step forward.

Once you're done in
Baton Rouge, call me.

Yes, Chef.

And thus
gave up his chance

to become the executive
chef at Gordon

Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

With three chefs
remaining, Chef Ramsay

named his first finalist.

- Ariel.
- Thank you.

I'm ready to fight for
this to the end, Chef.

Tonight we find outwho
will be finalist number two

and go up against Ariel
in the final challenge.

Somebody else will
be leaving tonight.

And it happensright now on the continuation

of "Hell's Kitchen."

The second person movingon to the grand finale

alongside Ariel is Mia.


Thank you.

Congratulations, Mia.

Thank you.

Come here.


Good job.

I made it to the finale.

And I've taken so muchcrap
from so many people.

But none of it matters,
because I'm here.

You'd better fucking win.

Young man, come here.

Listen carefully.

You're probably one ofthe most passionate chefs

ever to grace this floor.

Right now, I know your
parents are looking down

and are absolutely in
awe of what you've done.

And I wish you
nothing but the best.

Goodbye, Chef.

I don't want that jacket.

From the bottom of my
heart, Chef, thank you.

- Bye, Chef.
- Thank you.

You know, if you ever

hit me up, Chef.
- Yeah.

Thank you for everything.

You know, it sucks
that I didn't win.

But I'm blessed to have
beenback in this opportunity.

Next up, the Italian
stallion, Bret.

What brought me
back is my passion.

You OK?


Just tasting my risotto.

My risotto is on the
Hell's Kitchen menu.


Fuck, yeah.


With extreme passion
comes extreme emotion.

Highs and lows, you know.

What happened?

I'm back, ain't I?

I see tears.
What happened?

They're tears
of joy, you know.

For me, it's hearty,
delicious, rustic

gnocchi, catapulted
into the premier league

of items on the menu.

It was a crazy journey.

I've learned so much, Icould write a book about it.

Hell, yeah.

Mama, this one's
for you right there.

With the death of both
myparents, I gained two angels.

The reason I'm a chef is
because of my parents,

you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I know my parents
are real proud of me.

I know they're proud.

Listen carefully.

Right now, you two
talented ladies

need to go to work
on designing an

incredible finale-winning menu.


Yes, Chef.

Your sous chef will be Jocky.

Ariel, Christina will
be your sous chef.

Now, plan these menus
out accordingly.

Think about the message
you're trying to send

to a fully booked dining room.

Yes, Chef.

Head back to the dorms.
Well done.

Thank you, Chef.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you so much.

- Good night.
- Good night.


I'm in the fucking
finale of HK 18.

I can't fucking believe it.

I'm in shock right now.

I can't believe it.

It's crazy.

Are there some
finalists in here?

Congratulations, ladies.

It's you.

So they told us.


Thank you.

You did a good job.

Thank you.

OK, we'll sit and talk here.

I'm going to go
get my notebook.

I couldn't be happier that Igot
paired with Chef Christina.

She obviously has
valuable insight.

So I think this is a good match.

The whole idea is like
Spanish or Latin flavors

and Asian flavors together.

We have a hot app, which is
theWagyu tataki arepas, the pollo

a la Brasa, and then
the mackerel, which

is like a Vera Cruz style.

Do you think mackerel
isapproachable for most people?

Just curious.

I just, you know--

No, it's good.

All right.

What do I need to know?

It's all kind of, obviously, Latin in nature.

I'm excited about my menu.

Do you know what
mofongo is, Chef?

It's a traditional
Puerto Rican dish.

It's funny, because
I'm very Latin.

And I know, like,
all my Latin food.

And he's from the
UK, so I'm kind

of having to explain to him.

I don't know.

You don't think, like,
do the croquettes

as a traditional croquette?

No, I don't want to do
a traditional croquette.

I want to put my spin on it.

Like, I want to, like, bringthe Puerto Rican to it.

You also want to
win the competition.

Working with
Chef Jocky's great.

He works at Michelin-starredrestaurants.

I love his input.

Just be careful that
we're not so repetitive.


I'm just trying to think, because I don't want

them to have to do too much.

You've just got to
get faith in the people.

They're here to support you.

I know.

Most of the people in
thiscompetition don't like me.



I've gotten a lot ofhate from other teammates

in this competition.

And I don't want
them to sabotage me.

Jesus Christ.

This is who I'm voting for.

OK, that's why
I stopped talking.

Don't fucking attack me, dude.

You do great in challenges,
but you can't burn on the line.

Yeah, I fucking can.

She's trying to
play the blame game.

She is lying right now.

The only thing
I can do is lead.

I'm here to back you up andget
you through the final and--


--Make you a winner.

I feel good about the
apps and the entrees.

I think they'll come
together nice, yeah.

Welcome to the finale.

After workinglate into the night refining

their finale menus
with their sous chefs,

Ariel and Mia are
up early, ready

for their final challenge.

Good morning.
This is Mia.

Good morning.

I need to see both of
you immediately, please.

All right.

We're going to the dining room.


Good morning.

Morning, Chef.


Has it sunk in yet?

- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.

It did.

This morning, I thought
itwould be a good idea to give

you guys a little inspiration.



I miss you.

Oh, my god.

It's my sister and my niece.

And she just looks so cute.


I love you.

Hi, Mia.

We're rooting for you.

We love you.

We're so proud.

Blessings and a big kiss.

We love you.

We are proud of you.

Don't try to be perfect.

Try to be yourself.

It feels so good.

It's my family.

And it's been a whilesince I've talked to them.

So just seeing them and
hearingthe words of encouragement

is just amazing.

Hi, Ariel.

We're so excited for you.

Congratulations onmaking it to the top two.

That's amazing.

I'm so proud of you.

Keep doing what you do.

That's all you
really need to do.

That's all you've ever
really needed to do.

You are in it to win it.

Ariel for the win.




This is what I really needed.

My parents, they
are my best friends.

I'm an only child, so
it means a lot to be

reminded that they support me.

What lovely messages.

- Nice to see, Mia.
- Yes, Chef.

Makes the journey
worthwhile, right?

Yes, Chef.

I'm glad you enjoyed that.

But now, ladies, it's timefor your final challenge.

Listen carefully, becausefor this challenge,

you'll be judged by some
of the leading figures

in our industry, Michelinstar chefs, James Beard

awards, and restaurants
from all over the world,

including Las Vegas.

So it is big.

Before I send you
into the kitchen,

I'd like you to meet thisspecial
group who have flown

in from all over the country.

Show them respect, becausethey're here for you.

Our first two are alegendary team from Arizona.

It's time for your
final challenge.

Now, listen carefully.

You'll be judged by
some of the leading

figures in our industry.

Before I send you
into the kitchen,

I'd like you to meet thisspecial
group who have flown

in from all over the country.

Our first two are alegendary team from Arizona.

Ariel, your mom, Marlin,
and your dad, Bill.


I'm super happy and surprised.

It feels great to see my
parentscome through those doors.

I was like, Arizona?

Very cool surprise, Chef.

Thank you.

Now, all the way from
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Mia, it's your mom, Debbie,
and your father, Joselito.

Good to see you.

Oh, my god.

No, you didn't.

I won all but two rewards, but this is by far

the best one I've received.

Thank you.

Nice to meet you.


The challenge is
not till tomorrow.

So I want you to relax
andspend some valuable time

with mom and dad, please.

Thank you, Chef.

I'm super close with myparents,
so I'm just happy they

get to come and be here.

So what do you think?

I can't believe it.

I can't believe-- well,
it'sjust weird to be back here

and that you're
in the final two.

I'm an only child,
so I'vealways been very independent

and always wanted to
befinancially stable on my own.

I moved out fairly young.

But I've always known
that I could go home

and get the support I need.

So the prize is the
first-everflagship Hell's Kitchen

restaurant in Las Vegas.

Oh, my goodness.

So you've got to
get bicoastal again.

Bicoastal, I know.

Mom and Dad, I wouldn't
haveeven a quarter of the work

ethic, drive, morals,
values if it wasn't

for your strong foundation.

I am definitely a
product of both of you.

And the apple did not
fall far from the tree.

Mia's only lost two challenges.

Oh, my gosh.

She's going to be a
very tough competitor.

You look wonderful, Mia.

Gracias, Papa.

Very emotional.

This time with my
parents is so valuable.

You look glowing.
You're glowing.

You're really enjoying it.

I'm proud of myself, yeah.

You have to be proud.

We're proud.

We're super, super proud.


To me, it's all about
family and food.

Those are my two passions.

So just to be able to have
themhere is really, really special.

I was remembering your
poems in second grade.

And it's like,
and doing it.

It's like you were
always into competing.

But not running.


No sports.

My whole life, my whole
career, my whole family

has been extremely
supportive, you know,

even when I was a kid.

And you know, I'm
not sporty at all.

But they're just therecheering
me on and pushing me

and telling me I can do
itand that, you know, if I fail,

you know, just try again.

They're my biggest fans.

And I just want to make
myfamily and my Puerto Rico


All right.

Mums and dads,
first of all, thank

you so much for being here.

Ladies, we have a very,
veryexciting day ahead of us.

So please say goodbye
to mom and dad,

because we've got
some work to do.

All right.It's time to get to work.

OK, baby.

It's yours.

- We love you.
- Bye.

- Love you.
- You're the bomb.

This is great timing.

It kind of took some
of the nerves away.

Take care.

You know, just enough
time to reconnect,

and then back to business.

How nice was that?

- Amazing, Chef.
- Very nice, Chef.


And as you are
the two finalists,

I'd like to reward both
ofyou with a fabulous brunch

at one of my favoriterestaurants
in LA, Republique.

Meet you at the restaurant.

You're going to love this place.
Go get changed.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.

Ladies, welcome to Republique.

Walter, Mia.

- Great to meet you.
- Ariel.

- Congratulations.- Nice to meet you, Chef.

All right, ladies.
Take your seats.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Come on, sit down.

I feel like a VIP.

They have, like, this
private space upstairs.

And it doesn't feel likethis is my life, but it is.

It's like, pinch me.

on the final two.

What a morning.


You guys have been on
quite a journey, right?

Yes, Chef.

I mean, first of all,
season six, ages ago.

Season 18, you're in the finale.

Such a long journey.

It's crazy.

For me, the services havebeen
100 times better for me.

You seem to embrace
them so much better.

- Yeah.
- With authority.


What about low points?

Low points.

A low point for me is
whenyou sent that raw halibut

to Tilly's table.

- Yes.
- Sweet 16.

- Yes.
- Not so sweet.

Not so sweet.

I'm at a loss for words.

This is Matilda's table.

It's raw.

Look, he just threw it.

Like, the worst night tomess
up on, for your daughter's

Sweet 16.



He brought it up again.

And he's like,
looking medead in the eyes and like,

l know your worst moment.

It was on my
daughter's birthday.

That was definitely thebiggest
low for me this season.

And Mia, highs and lows.

The highs for me has beenhaving
so many incredible chefs

taste my food.

Yeah, those scores have
been extraordinary.

This is not only
visually beautiful, it's

really delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.

Very, very nice.

Yeah, and I want more.



This is a delicious dish.

It is worthy of being
on a menu right now.

I think you've both
done incredibly well.

Give us a little
insight to the menu.

Mia, we have a veteran
versus a rookie.

What message are
you trying to send?

So, my menu, it's kind of
acelebration of what I've done

throughout the season
and influence from,

you know, my life at home, different techniques.

My first entree is atraditional Peruvian dish

called pollo a la Brasa.

Oh, my god.

We both have a pollo a la Brasa.

It sucks.

I don't want to change my
wholemenu just because Mia's doing

a brick oven chicken as well.

But we're going
to have a problem.

Instead of doing
the whole chicken,

I'm doing chicken
thighs, roasting them.

And then I'm thinking
ofthrowing them in the brick oven

to get that skin, like,
really nice and crispy.

Uh oh.

Oh, our chicken entree
is very similar.

At a specialbrunch with Chef Ramsay--

on the final two.

Ariel has realized that

her rookie competitor's menu--

I'm doing chicken thighs.

I'm thinking of throwing
them in the brick oven

to be nice and crispy.

Uh oh.

Oh, our chicken entree
is very similar.

--Might be alittle too close for comfort.

Damn, battle of the chicken.

My menu totally has what
ittakes to edge out Ariel's.

She's a great chef.

But I think I'm the bestchef in this competition.

Love it.

Ariel, what are you doing?

I am very much in
thisMexican mode with a little bit

of Asian influence right now.

So my chicken is also kind
of an a la Brasa style.

But it's going to
be a whole half

bird that's brined and
marinated in a achiote

and guajillo marinade.

I feel like it's going tobe
that much more challenging

to succeed and to beat her.

You know, I really
have to nail it now.

The menu sounds great,
andpersonal, which is really good.

Here's some really
exciting news.

After lunch, I've
arranged for one

of the most
sought-after theme parks

anywhere in the
country to be closed.

That's right.

You're both going to
spend the afternoon

at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

They have closed the park down.

So forget the long lines.

Not only are you VIPs,
youhave the park to yourselves.

This is, like, insane.

I love roller coasters.

I love amusement parks.

This is going to be so much fun.

And just to make
thisafternoon even more special,

your families are on
their way there now.

This is like a
dream come true.

It is unbelievable.

Listen, from the
bottom of my heart,

both you have individual
talents beyond belief.

So I really want to wishyou both the best of luck.

- Thank you.
- Bye, darling.

Goodbye, Chef.

Take care.
Enjoy the rest of that.

Say hi to Mom and Dad.
Well done.

Thank you.

Enjoy the
rest of your day, OK.

Enjoy lunch, but don't
be sick on those rides.

Take care.


Good luck.

You deserve it.
- Thank you.

So do you.

I'm happy you're my opponent.

This is going to be fun.





Hello again.

Welcome to Six
Flags Magic Mountain.

Chef Ramsay basically
has opened up

the park for you guys tonight.

Very cool.

And we have 19 rollercoasters,
the most of any theme

park on the planet.

And we're going to
start off at Viper.

I've never had anyone shutdown
an amusement park for me


So this is total baller status.

, Yay.

I love roller coasters.

And my family does too.

It's so much fun.

I can't thank you guys
enoughfor being here tonight, so--

We're happy to be here.

Thank you.

It feels good to be
out of Hell's Kitchen

and with my parents
and just sort

of enjoying the calmbefore the storm tomorrow.

This is the perfect way
to relax before then.

And here we are.


Oh my, god, Chef.


Come over.

This is my daughter Holly.

Now, when she found
outthere's a roller coaster park,

she did not want to miss out.

It's a family
affair right now.

And we're with Chef Ramsay.

There is one
exciting ride left.

We are going to experience
FullThrottle for the first time--


--Before it goes
open to the public.

Wait, has it
been tested, Chef?

It's been tested, but none
ofthe public have been on there.

Let's go.

This is a roller
coaster lover's dream.

Now, I think the girls
should sit at the front.

What do you think, Holls?

Yes, I think so.

And I'll sit at the back.

Back door.

Let's go.

Full Throttle?

Which way?
Full Throt--

Up the stairs.- Right up the stairs.

Ladies, let's go.

Mom and Dad, let's go.
That's cool.

Looks like a stage.

Straight up the stairs.

Turn left.



What's up with all these lights?

I can't see.

Oh, my god.

Look at that!

meeting up with his two

finalists and their familiesat
Six Flags Magic Mountain--

Let's go.

--Chef Ramsay isabout to put Ariel and Mia

through one more wild ride.

Full Throttle,
straight up the stairs.

Turn left.

What's up with
all these lights?

Why are there people out here?

What is happening right now?

Oh, my god.

Look, there's Jocky
and Christina.

Oh, my god.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thankyou so much for being here.

I'm so excited and
so proud to introduce

you to our two "Hell's
Kitchen"finalists, Ariel and Mia.

This is their final challenge.

Your 60 minutes starts now.

Off you go.

I cannot believe that
wehave a challenge right now.



This just went from
a relaxing family

time at an amusement park
tothe ultimate final challenge.

For their
final challenge,

Ariel and Mia have
just 60 minutes

to cook five dishes
with the help

of their sous chefs, Jocky--

Start talking to me.

So we can startmarinating the churrasco.

--And Christina.

- I'm your sous chef today.
- Thank you.

For one hour, I get to
tell you what to do?

For one hour.

That's exactly it.

need to make one

cold and one hot appetizer--

Start working on croquettes.

Mole's started.

I'm marinating the meat now.

--As well as
three different entrees,

featuring seafood,
chicken, and steak.

Chicken sauce next,
so we can just have

it set aside and ready to go.

You got it.

Do we have a
seafood stock ready?


Mix salad on top
of the avocado.


Scared the shit out of me.

I was like, what?

What is going on?

I have a roller coaster
overmy head, lights in my face,

people cheering.

And I'm cooking
up against Ariel.

She's a fierce competitor.

This is like the
cooking Olympics here.

Let's go, Ariel.


I'm doing everything in
my power to avoid making

eye contact with my parents.

I need to be like Ariel
goes into robot mode

and totally has no emotion.

Otherwise, I'm never going
tomake it through this challenge.

Are you watching those carrots?


I want to show you
how to do the plantains.

I may be the
rookie, but I'm just

trying to stay
cool, calm, focused

and just cook my heart
out, like I've been

doing this whole competition.

We need to work on chimichurri,
with the piquillo chimichurri.

- Halfway, guys, yes?
- Yes, Chef.

Christina, you're good?

Yes, Chef, halfway through.


And I spilled the salt.
I knocked the salt over.

Awesome, buddy.

Get it over your shoulder.

This is croquette, yeah?

Yes, croquette.

The fat and the bits
inside the croquettes.

I'm just focused right
now with Chef Jocky.

I'm the one that's in charge.

I'm the one that's showinghim how to do things.

More salt, more
pork, more plantain.

I know what tastes
good, what doesn't.

I've created a bad-ass menu.

And it gives me a
boost of confidence.

Flash these in the oven.

Just a little bit of
lemon juice and salt.


My mackerel's on
the grill skin side.

Chef Christina has
made it very clear

that she's had someconcerns or reservations.

But I'm going to stick to mygut,
and I'm using mackerel.

I know it was a risk.

But I just thought itwould come together nicely.

Five minutes, ladies.

Let's go, please.

Go, Mia.

I love you.

Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia,
Mia, Mia, Mia--

To me, the most nerve-rackingpart
is having my parents here,

because my whole menu
is based on digging

into my Puerto Rican roots.

And it really comes
from the heart.

And I just want to
make my family proud.

We need the mis for the
tiradito on this side.

The mis for what?

The mis for the hamachi.

90 seconds, ladies
and gentlemen.

Let's go.


This is the rib
cap plate right here.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Well done.

Let's go.

This is crazy.

Time is up.

Pencils down.

And I'm happy with everything.

I need to trust that I've
stayedtrue to myself and my flavors.

Now it's just up to the judges.

Let's hear it for
our "Hell's Kitchen"

finalists, ladies and gentlemen.

Let's go.

Great job up there.

Thank you, Chef.

Good job.

Well done.

Now, Mia, on a scale of 1to 10,
how confident are you?

- 11.
- 11.

Love it.


Go, Mia, go!

Ariel, are you happy
with your dishes?

Yes, Chef.

On a scale of 10, how
confident are you?

Well, I have to
say 12 now, Mia.


Love it.

I told you the ladies
are competitive.


Your dishes will be judgedon a scale of 1 to 10

by some of the best
chefsanywhere in the country.

The chef with the most
pointswins your final big challenge.

Are we ready?
- Yes, Chef.


I'm totally nervous.

I've got my stomach in knots.

Cold apps, let's go.

And not knowing who
theguest judges are going to be,

it's driving me crazy.

Our first judge thisevening, she is the co-owner

and legendary chef of the
incredible Border Grill,

Mary Sue Milliken,
ladies and gentlemen.



Thank you, Chef.
- Good to see you.


Thank you.

Oh, my gosh.

The chef from Border Grill.

She is famous for Latincuisine,
and that's what I do.

So could it get any more
nerve-racking than this?

Ladies, let's start
off with Mia first.

So this is a hamachitiradito, the Peruvian version

of a sashimi.

It has a little bit
of black truffle

and then fresh sturgeon caviar.

- Mmm.
- Wow.

How was that, darling?

It's delicious, definitely.

Really delicious.

I don't know if I wouldhave put the truffles in.

But it's really
playful and beautiful.

And that's what I love
in a first course.



Amazing feedback.

All right, Ariel,
pleasedescribe your cold appetizer.

Ariel's dish looks
kind of similar to mine.

But mine looks better.

It's a shrimp ceviche rojo.

There's a little bit ofavocado
espuma at the bottom.

And then some plantain chips
to enjoy it with, Chef.


Visually, Mary
Sue, how does that?

Well, it's also very pretty.

The creaminess of the
avocado is lovely.

The shrimp tastes great.

I didn't quite get that
espuma at the bottom.

But very nice.

All right.

For Mia's cold
appetizer, hamachi,

where are we going on ascale of 1 to 10, please?

I would go with a 9.

A 9.


That's a strong start.

That is a very,
very strong start.

And for Ariel's cold appetizer?


The final
challenge takes

place at one of
the premier roller

coaster parks in the world.

And Chef Mary Sue
Milliken has scored

rookie finalist Mia's firstdish,
cold hamachi appetizer.

I would go with a 9.

A 9.


That's a strong start.

And for Ariel's shrimp dish?

Which I also really loved.

I think I would go with an 8.

Very, very strong also.

It's a
very, very good start.

Mia is definitely
gunning for this,

playing hardball right now.

- Thank you so much.- Good luck with everything.

Thank you.

She nails these challenges.

That's what she does.

What a start.

Now, judging the
hot appetizer round,

he has two critically
acclaimedrestaurants in Las Vegas,

RM Seafood and RM Boiler Room.

Rick Moonen, ladies
and gentlemen.

Oh, my god.

I'm a really big
fan of Chef Moonen.

I would go to his
restaurantswhen I lived in Vegas.

And I've never met him.

So I'm just so excited.


Let's start off with Ariel.

So what I did here
was Wagyu tataki.

Topped it with a spicy aioli,
red onion, garlic chips,

and some micro herbs.

That's a party in your mouth.

This is well seasoned.


Great start.

Mia, please explain
to Chef Moonen.

I'm from Puerto Rico.

And I'm not sure if you'refamiliar with mofongo.

It's a very traditional dish.

And I've been dying
to bust it out.

As long as it's got flavor.

Inside, they have plantain, a little bit of pork fat--

we call it.

This is comfort food.


This is more
comforting to the heart.

It's got good textures.

Maybe a little more
seasoningin the center, I think.

Two good dishes.

On a scale of 1 to 10,
where are we going?

Mia, I would
rate your dish a 8.


Thank you, Chef.

Ariel, I would give you a 9.

A 9, wow.

Thank you, Chef.

Good dish.

I look forward to
seeing you in Vegas.

Great job.

My croquettes were
done on the fly.

But I know how I'm
going to fix this.

We are all
tied up at 17 apiece.

And overall, he liked it.

So I'm happy.

And we're still tied.

Next up
is Michelin star

owner of the acclaimed
Melisserestaurant, Chef Josiah Citrin.

Good to see you.

How're you doing?

The first dish he willjudge
is Mia's seafood entree.

It's called.

It has cuttlefish, shrimp, some prawns as well,

and just clean flavors.

I like the presentation.

I like the texture, theway it's crunchy at first.

This has that craveability,
like you want eat it again.

- Inspiring.
- Very well done.

start for the seafood.

Next to be judged isAriel's
Spanish mackerel Vera


The sauce is a traditionalVera
Cruz with some mirin

and saki in there.

Choosing mackerel,
I mean, that's risky.

Because a lot of
people, you know.

But I love mackerel.

And I think it's very party.

The flavor was great.



Let's go with Mia first,
on a scale of 1 to 10.

I'll give that an 8.

An 8?

And Ariel's mackerel dish, Chef?

I would like to give it a 9.

A 9?

Thank you, Chef.

Usually I have the
leg up on everybody,

but now it's just Ariel.

And she's tough.

Good luck.

Thank you so much.

I really need to kill
it with this next dish.

Judging our chicken
dish is an award-winning

chef whose popular
restaurantsinclude Burger Bar and Fleur.

Please welcome Hubert Keller.


Oh, my god.

Yeah, this is insane.

Chef Keller is a
renowned restaurateur.

And he's the best
French chef out there.

I mean, this is amazing.

Chef, great to have you back.


Let's start off with Ariel.


I have here roasted
chicken breast.

The star of that is the sauce.

It's made with slow-cookedroasted
chicken skin blended

into the chicken jus.

So it'll be nice
and rich for you.

It's a good dish.

The sauce really goes beautiful.

Us French, how spicy
it gets is usually

the black pepper, right,
becauseI'm not used to the spice.

But I think the level
of spiciness right here,

it's just perfect.

Thank you, Chef.

Yes, this is awesome.

Mia, please describe
your dish to Chef.

So, Chef, this is a Peruvianpollo a la Brasa, which

is traditional roasted chicken,
marinated in soy sauce,

cumen, paprika.

I live in South Beach.

And I kind of wanted tobring the bold, fun flavors.


Us French, usually, I'm
not used to the spice.

But I think it's
a beautiful dish.

I think it has flavors.

It's fresh.

The chicken perfectly cooked.

So I think we have
quite a challenge

between both dishes here.

Ariel's chicken
dish looks good.

And we both have
very similar dishes.

But I know mine tastes better.

Let's go with Mia first.

On a scale of 1 to 10,
where are we going?

I would say a 9.

A 9?


And then Ariel's chicken breast?

I would say an 8.

Thank you, Chef.

We have a tie.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Merci beaucoup.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
judgingour final course tonight,

this chef is the recipientof two Michelin stars.

He owns one of the best
restaurants anywhere

in the country, Providence.

Please give a warm
welcomefor Michael Cimarusti,

ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.

We're tied, and
my nerves are shot.

We don't know who's going
tocome out of this the winner.

So I just have to take
a breath and let it go.

Chef, we've got good
news and bad news.

I'll start with
the bad news first.

All right.

Two exceptional ladies.

They are tied right now.


going to be breaking it.

I am?

I thought that was your job.


The good news is
you're going to be

tasting two incredible dishes.

So right now it's 0-0is what you're telling me.

It doesn't matter.

It's nil-nil, right?

Exactly that.

Ariel, please.


We have a mole-rubbed rib cap.

That's a mole red wine
demi and some roasted

carrots with a little
bit of fresh watercress.

That's-- this is
actually a pretty

tricky piece of beef to cook.

But this is, like, cooked perfectly, tender.

It's seasoned well.

The mole sauce is delicious.I don't know.

Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.


Mia, please describe
your dish to Chef.

Thank you.

So Chef, when I think of meat,
it transports me back to home

and my dad on the grill.

I have tostones,
which is how Puerto

Ricans cook their plantains.

On top of the meat,
a little herb salad.

And then roasted tomato
and garlic aioli.

How's it taste, Chef?

I don't know.

I'm almost speechless here.

It's really good.

Chef, the name that youwill say will break the tie

and win the challenge.

What comes through
in both of these dishes

is a little bit of heartand a little bit of heritage

and a little bit of home.

And, you know, you're
cooking in a kitchen

outside in front of a
rollercoaster in a theme park.

I mean, like, the food
should not be this good.

Thank you.

Great comments.

Chef, is it Mia, or is it Ariel?

I need a winner.

Uh, it's--

It's the last roundof the final challenge--

Chef, as
you know, we're tied.

--And acclaimedchef Michael Cimarusti

must decide between
veteran Ariel

and rookie Mia's steakdishes
to determine a winner.

I need a winner.

It's-- Mia, I've
got to give it to you.

The food was just
absolutely delicious.


Thank you.

Chef Michael
Cimarusti, thank you.

This is proof that I have whatit
takes going into tomorrow

night's dinner service.

Like, I know this
menu's a winner.

Narrowly behind, please
give it up for Ariel.

Great job.

Thank you.

I don't think there'sanything to be ashamed of.

Good job.

This competition's
about running a service.

This is where the
real challenge comes.

It's game time tomorrow.

Ladies, welcome back
the returning chefs.

Here we go.

Roe, Scotley, Jose, Trevor,
Kanae, Heather, Motto,

and Bret, our returning chefs.

Thank you so much
for being here.

Welcome back.

OK, Mia.

As the winner of
your final challenge,

you now have a big
advantage, because you

have the first choice
for your brigade.


This person is extremely
organized, efficient.

I do not want Mia
to pick me whatsoever.

I do not want to be on her team.

- Roe.



I think Ariel is a strong chef.

But I think Mia
has been surprising

all of us this whole season.

And I'm happy to work for her.

She's obviously
got what it takes.

Right, Ariel.

This person has one of
the biggest, brightest

personalities I've
ever met in my career

and has a hustle and a
littlespirit like a firecracker.


So I need that hustle with me.

I'm going to pick
Kanae as my first pick.



You know I've got you.

All right, Mia.

Second pick.

This person is
a critical thinker

and has attention to detail.



Mia, uh uh uh.

You really made the wrongchoice picking Trevor.

Good choice.

OK, Ariel.

Bret, get your ass up here.

Bret, right.


You know it, girl.

Wise choice, Ariel.

You've got a murder goon
squad behind you 100%.

Now, Mia.


Jose, wow.


Motto, please come up here.



Last time to shine here.

So I'm going to enjoy
every second of it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
that isa chef's chef, let me tell you.

And Mia, here we go.

Down to the wire.
Two choices.


Heather, let's go.

We'll save the best for last.

And I'm Team Mia.

Uh, OK.

AndScotley, come on up, bud.

Let's go.

Round of applause for Scotley.

We never cooked
together, but we're

going to cook together now.- I know, that's OK.

I'm going to show you.

Tomorrow the two
of you will face off

in the most important
dinner service

of your entire culinary lives.

All season long,
Mia has definitely

been the toughest competitor.

But at the end of the day,
Ifeel like I've earned this.

And I'm the right person
to win this competition.

One of you will become
the executive chef

at the first-ever
flagshipHell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas,
with a salary of a quarter

of a million dollars.

There's a lot at stake.

I'm in it to win it.

And I just have to be
ready for anything.

I haven't doubted myself, not one step of the way.

I started off as a
rookie, but I really

don't see myself like one.

Before you head back
to Hell's Kitchen,

I want you to bond with
your talented brigades.

I mean, the whole team isriding the Full Throttle.


You've got to be kidding me.

My face is about to be so ugly.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen,"

it's a battle for the
most coveted prize

in "Hell's Kitchen" history.

The executive chef ofHell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

This is it.

I want you guys to nail it.

Yes, Chef.

One rookie--

It's do or die time.
I'm ready.

Yay, team.

--And one veteran--

Let's do it.

Push for me, OK?

--Are ready
to do whatever it takes.

What you see today is
someonewho knows they want this,

and they know they're
going to get it.

Let's finish strong.

Don't slow down.

But there's one thingthat
might stand in their way.

Is that the best
you can do, Roe?


Their own teams.

Can I get a new
chicken refire?

30 seconds.

I need that chicken.

Let's go.

Bret, wake up!

I am awake, Chef.

This is not going
according to plan.

Who willovercome the challenges--

Refire everything, guys.

--And leadtheir brigades to victory?

On the count of three--

Will it be Ariel--


--Or Mia?


Find out next timeon the thrilling conclusion--


--Of "Hell's Kitchen."