Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 7 - Episode #19.7 - full transcript

The teams take on a compelling surf and turf dome challenge, with the winners enjoying rooftop surfing above the Las Vegas skyline, and the losers making crab-cakes for service.

Male narrator: Previously
on hell's kitchen...
We got to start from scratch.
Narrator: Marc tried
to put his issues
with the blue team behind him.
I want to work well
with you guys.
I'm over arguing
with the blue team.
That turned the house
against me.
Narrator: In the morning,
both teams found
something to celebrate...
-It's my birthday.
-Happy birthday!
Narrator: And their challenge
started on a high note.
Narrator: The chefs first
unleashed some energy.
(rock music)
♪ lobster ravioli, yeah
narrator: And then they had to
modernize an italian classic.
-Mary lou: Biggest side first?
Mary lou: It's good
when you can see
your fingers underneath.
Who's [bleep] risotto is this?
It's burned.
Narrator: And while lauren
and amber rocked out...
Thank you.
Narrator: Jordan...
My risotto's undercooked.
Thank you, chefs.
Narrator: Syann...
I'm judging you
on tortellini.
There isn't any there.
Narrator: And josh...
-It's too dense.
Narrator: All fell flat.
Josh: That's how my birthday's
gonna start today?
Narrator: In dinner service,
josh was lost on garnish...
Ramsay: All of you,
taste the mash.
-Adam: Salt, salt, salt.
-Ramsay: Bland, bland.
Narrator: And amber drowned
on the fish station.
Look, raw.
Come on, amber.
What's happening?
I know you can do
better than this.
I know how to cook salmon.
Over in the red kitchen...
Oh, jordan,
[bleep] hell, man.
(tense music)
I do not get it.
Narrator: Jordan's scallops
took a wallop.
Tough, tough, tough it up.
Narrator: And the meat statin
had its share of issues.
Ramsay: And the lamb,
that might as well
be back in the field.
-Mary lou?
-Yes, chef?
Ramsay: Drive it.
Let's go.
Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
Narrator: But mary lou
came to the rescue
and led her kitchen
to victory.
-Ramsay: Mary lou?
-Mary lou: Yes, chef?
-Ramsay: Nicely cooked.
Mary lou:
I'm so [bleep] proud of you.
I'm proud of you.
You were an awes--
oh, don't hug me
in front of chef.
Don't hug me in front of chef.
Don't touch me.
Ooh, ooh.
Narrator: So the blue team
-Adam: Amber.
-Narrator: And...
Adam: Josh.
Narrator: Before chef ramsay
Narrator: Ending his dream
of becoming head chef
at hell's kitchen lake tahoe.
(dramatic music)
and now the continuation
of hell's kitchen.
Now it's time
to emerge as leaders.
-Got it?
-All: Yes, chef.
-Good night.
-Cody: Good night, chef.
Declan: Thank you, chef.
Amber: That's awful.
I never want to disappoint
chef ramsay,
and my team threw my name
in the hat
because they think
I'm a big threat.
Nobody wants to be
in the final two
with somebody who they feel
is stronger than them.
It's so [bleep] up.
So I just need to keep my eye
on the prize.
Wanna go in the hot tub
with me?
Oh, god, yeah,
let's go in the hot tub.
Let's all get weird.
Mary lou: All right,
let's go get in the hot tub.
Mary's getting naked.
I don't know how to relax,
but if you're doing
back massages,
I bet you
I can learn real quick.
All right, cody.
Sorry, I gotta get
in here for--
she just went
through elimination.
Cody: Holy [bleep],
I see the light.
Amber: Oh, she's good
with her hands.
I like it.
I like it.
That's 'cause she's been
a lesbian before.
She's right about that.
What, because you used
to be a lesbian?
I don't know how somebody
used to be.
It's just you ain't
found another chick
-you want to [bleep] with.
It's all about the fingers.
spirit fingers.
Ooh, I see ass.
She's, like, wearing a thong.
You better watch out.
Cody's on the loose.
Today was a stressful day.
We made it through.
We're still here, so,
hell yeah, we're celebrating.
This one over here,
big booty judy.
How y'all doing?
syann: Can I--can I get
your number?
Can I--can I cook for you
on Wednesday nights?
Hell yeah.
Cody: Oh, my god.
All right, I gotta go
check my blood pressure.
I'm gonna be out back.
[bleep], lord in heaven.
(intense dramatic music)
(tense music)
-ramsay: Right, good morning.
-All: Good morning, chef.
Las vegas is now one
of the culinary capitals
-in the world, yes?
-All: Yes, chef.
And surf and turf
has been a vegas staple
for decades,
but today it has evolved.
Great chefs
have been reinventing
that dish for years,
and that is what today's
challenge is all about.
(sweeping music)
syann: I love surf and turf:
Lobster, shrimp, scallops,
a little piece of steak.
I'm getting hungry.
ramsay: But you're not gonna
be cooking a surf and turf.
You're gonna be tasting it.
Oh, [bleep], I'm allergic.
I'm allergic
to shellfish.
Holy [bleep].
Ramsay: Each team
will compete one at a time,
and you'll be paired
in groups of two.
When I say go, first team
will taste the dish,
run into the dining room,
find those proteins, run back,
and place them
next to the dish.
If both proteins are wrong,
the lights will turn red.
(buzzer buzzes)
if the proteins are right,
the light will turn green.
(bell chimes)
but if you get one
right and one wrong,
the light will turn blue.
The team that identifies
all six proteins the fastest
wins the challenge.
Red team, you won
dinner service last night,
so you're up first.
This is gonna be fun.
Blue team, head to the patio.
Both: Yes, chef.
-First pair, step up, please.
-Jordan: Let's go, ladies.
Mary lou: All right.
Come on, girls.
On your mark, set, go.
In today's challenge,
chef ramsay
has disguised several proteis
to look like traditional
surf and turf dishes.
Come on, ladies!
Narrator: Each pair must
correctly identify
both proteins
used to make the dish.
-Nikki: Catfish, guys, catfish.
-Lauren: Nuh-uh.
Looks like it.
When we pull off that dome,
I see fried chicken.
I see clams.
Chicken and clams.
It's really that easy.
I'll get the chicken.
Mary lou:
Right there in front of you.
Lauren: Where's chicken?
Mary lou: Right there
on your left. Right there.
Clam, clam.
Jordan: Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, ladies.
Chicken and clams.
-What she said.
-(buzzer buzzes)
(all speaking at once)
nikki: It's not gonna be
the obvious, girls.
Mary lou: This is dry.
It's probably turkey.
That's pork, pork.
-Come on!
-Syann: That's not mussels.
-Mary lou: It's--it's mussels.
-Lauren: Oh, they are mussels?
-Lauren: [bleep].
-Mary lou: It's mussels.
Lauren: Where's pork?
Mary lou:
On the left-hand side.
-Nikki: Where is it?
-Syann: Pork.
-Kori: Pork chop.
-Syann: Pork, pork, pork.
Pork chop, come on, come on.
- Kori: Yeah, mary lou!
Run it!
Syann: Pork.
-Mary lou: Mussels and pork.
-Kori: Say it, say it, say it.
-Mary lou: Mussels and pork.
-(bell chimes)
(all shouting)
53 seconds, ooh, ooh.
Next pair, let's go.
nikki: All right, filet and--
jordan: Let's see, let's see,
let's see.
Kori: Pull them apart.
Pull them apart.
-Kori: Lobster.
-Mary lou: They're hiding them.
Kori: That's lobster.
Do bison.
-Do bison.
-Nikki: Are you sure?
-Kori: Crab.
-Syann :It looked like crab.
Mary lou: They look--
it looks like king crab.
-Syann: King crab.
-Jordan: Come on, ladies.
Come on, ladies.
-Syann: Let's go.
-Jordan: Whoo!
Syann: Let's go.
Nikki: I'm gonna drop these
crabs legs everywhere!
It's too early for this.
Bison and crab.
-Nikki: [bleep].
Taste it, ladies.
Taste it.
-Mary lou: Grab the filet!
-That's filet.
-That's [bleep] filet.
-Mary lou: I told you.
-Filet, filet, filet.
-Syann: Let's go.
-Kori: Together, go together.
-Syann: Let's go.
Jordan: Hurry, hurry,
hurry, hurry.
Come on, ladies.
Come on, ladies.
Go back, go back.
-Filet and crab, king crab.
-(buzzer buzzes)
Now they're both wrong.
Kori: They're both wrong.
Ramsay: Think, think.
You had one right before.
Lauren: Is it crab and filet?
Crab and filet?
Syann: Put the filet back up.
Put the filet back up.
Kori: Girls, shut up.
You're not tasting it.
You don't know.
Bison and lobster.
Mama knows.
(bell chimes)
(all cheer)
-mary lou: Go.
-Jordan: Come on, sy.
Taste, taste, taste.
Gotta get it together.
-All right, ladies, all right.
-Mary lou: Let's go.
-Taste that [bleep].
-Syann: We have two tacos.
Taco number one,
I take one bite.
All right, find a whitefish.
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, go.
Second taco, suspect.
That's ugly
is what it is.
Syann: It looked weird.
It tastes weird.
Something gamey.
Something gamey.
Whatever it is,
I know I don't like it.
-Mary lou: I can't see.
-Nikki: I see crab.
-Kori: Looks like squid.
-Syann: It's not squid.
It's a white fish.
It's a white fish.
All: Grab the snapper.
Jordan: Grab the snapper.
Come on.
Right there, grab it.
Come on.
Mary lou:
Grab it. Grab it.
Shout it out.
(all shouting)
-jordan: Venison and snapper.
-Ramsay: One.
Jordan: Come on, sy!
Come on!
process of elimination,
come on.
-Jordan: Snapper and elk.
-Mary lou: Take it back.
Come on, come on, come on.
Just keep grabbing meat
until you get it.
Veal and snapper.
-Syann: [bleep] [bleep].
-Jordan: Go, go, go, go, go.
Jordan: Duck and snapper.
Not it, come on.
Let's go.
(all shouting)
syann: At this point, we're
just playing russian roulette
with all these meats...
Rabbit and snapper.
And none of them are right.
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, run.
Kori: Take up the one on the
left-hand side in the middle.
Come on, sy.
Don't give up.
It's something gamey.
I don't understand
why we're waiting.
Just grab it and run.
Just grab something.
Put it down.
Let's guess.
It doesn't work, throw it away.
We pick another one.
-Wasting time, ladies.
-Kori: Sy, come on!
Just grab a red meat,
and let's go.
We done already grabbed
all the [bleep] red meats.
Is it quail?
-Is there quail up there?
-Mary lou: Short rib?
-Jordan: Squab, come on.
-Syann: Is it catfish?
Come on, come on, come on!
Squab and snapper.
-Ramsay: Congratulations.
-Jordan: Squab and snapper.
-Ramsay: Great job.
-Syann: [bleep].
(all cheering)
ramsay: Oof, 8:46.
Syann: I never had
squab before,
and I still can't
get this gamey,
meaty taste out of my mouth.
Ramsay: Okay, blue team,
let me show you
the time you
have to beat.
Marc: Okay, ladies, I see you,
but we gon' beat you today.
Ramsay: Now, you have to come
in under that.
Let's do this, baby.
Nikki: As the clock ticks down,
the pressure's
a little bit higher.
Cody and marc, blue team,
you're first up.
In position, please.
Nikki: I'm hoping that that
gets to the blue team's head.
On your mark, get set, go.
Let's go.
Narrator: With the clock
ticking down
from the red team's time,
marc and cody start things of
for the blue team.
Marc: We see clams
and some kind of breaded meat.
It looks like chicken,
too easy.
I got this.
Clams and chicken, go.
They're clams, guys.
-They're not mussels.
-Amber: Clams.
Let's go.
Cody: In this challenge,
things are not as they seem.
-Marc: Clams.
-Cody: And chicken, chef.
(buzzer buzzes)
You have nothing right.
Told you, bro.
Adam: Go, run.
I think I was half right.
It was a clam shell.
It's mussels, for sure.
Cody: Mussels and turkey,
Ramsay: One right.
Cody: Let's go back.
Turkey, turkey back.
Turkey back.
We're one minute,
46 seconds in.
-Marc: Pork.
-Adam: Hurry up, hurry up.
Pork and mussels.
Ramsay: Congratulations,
let's go.
-Adam: Go, go.
-Ramsay: Next one.
Amber: I'm allergic
to shellfish,
so declan's gonna taste the
fish, I'm gonna taste the meat,
and that's our strategy
going into this next round.
Filet and king crab, chef.
(buzzer buzzes)
taste again.
Come on, blue team.
Declan: Yeah. Go.
-Adam: Come on, guys.
-Marc: Let's go.
Let's go.
-Amber: Bison.
-Dungeness crab and bison.
-One right.
-It's not bison.
(exhales sharply)
declan: Ostrich
and dungeness crab.
-(buzzer buzzes)
-ramsay: Nothing right.
-Adam: Grab that.
-Amber: It's bison.
Marc: Grab that.
-Cody: Try the lamb.
-Amber: It's bison.
You had one right before.
-Work it out.
-Declan: Beef.
Amber: No, I already
took that one, declan.
Bison is right.
Declan is so scatterbrained
that he's picking up
the same protein boards.
Cody: Is that--you
already had that.
-You already had that, declan.
-Ramsay: (laughs)
declan: So dungeness crab.
No, you already took
that one.
This guy's just all over, man.
-Grab something.
-Let's go back.
I'm gonna taste it.
[bleep] it.
We're not getting anywhere.
I need to taste the shellfish,
even if it might kill me.
-Declan: It's a [bleep] crab.
-Amber: It's not the crab.
Right away, I know.
Tastes like lobster.
What's down in front?
It's lobster.
Lobster and bison.
(all speaking at once)
Let's go.
Narrator: While amber looks
after her shellfish allergy..
Thank you.
Declan will go again,
pairing up with adam
for the final round.
-That's a whitefish.
-Adam: Okay.
-Declan: Come on.
-Ramsay: Okay, let's go.
Three minutes.
Adam: I think it's venison.
I think it's venison.
Declan: I think it's venison.
What's the whitefish?
It wasn't catfish.
Was it dirty?
-Adam: It was halibut.
-Declan: Okay, let's go.
-Adam: Let's go.
-Declan: Back in hot.
Adam: Venison and halibut.
(buzzer buzzes)
ramsay: Zero.
Come on, guys.
Three minutes to go.
Come on.
Declan: (breathing heavily)
this is not really like
a taste test challenge.
This is more like
an endurance challenge.
Come on, fish.
Adam: Cod for sure.
Come on!
I'm an old man
with a bad knee.
-Goat, cod.
-(buzzer buzzes)
-Declan: Ostrich and monkfish.
-(buzzer buzzes)
Adam: Quail and snapper.
You've got one right.
It's not snapper.
No way is that snapper.
Ramsay: Two minutes to go.
Nikki: I'm stressed.
It is down to the wire.
They are on their last plate.
-Declan: Halibut and quail.
[bleep] me.
I'm just praying that
they run out of time.
Catfish and squab.
One right.
60 seconds to go.
Come on!
-Amber: Go, run!
-Bring the snapper back.
-Bring the snapper back!
-Amber: Run!
I have yelled
snapper seven times,
and it's not like I'm just
like, "snapper, snapper."
I'm like, "snapper!"
let's go!
Bring it back!
-Amber: Go, run!
-Cody: Bring the snapper back!
Snapper or flounder,
Bring a whitefish.
-Declan: Flounder, go.
-Cody: Start running.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
-Adam: Squab and flounder.
-Declan: Snapper.
-Adam: Are you sure?
Cody: Bring the snapper back!
Oh, [bleep].
-Ten, nine, eight...
-Get the monkfish!
-Ramsay: Seven...
-Declan: Where's the monkfish?
-Ramsay: Six, five, four...
-Bring the snapper back!
-Declan: (grunts)
-ramsay: Three, two, one.
(fish sizzles)
(tense music)
narrator: In today's surf
and turf palate challenge...
Come on!
Narrator: The red team
identified all six proteins
in eight minutes,
46 seconds.
That's a whitefish.
Narrator: Now it's up
to adam and declan
to determine the final two
proteins for the blue team.
-Declan: Where's the monkfish?
-Ramsay: Ten, nine, eight...
-Declan: Here.
-Ramsay: Seven, six...
All: Six, five...
-Four, three...
-Declan: Nope.
-Ramsay: Two, one.
-Declan: Squab and monkfish.
(buzzer buzzes)
(all cheering)
jordan: Snapper!
The girls won.
Jordan: Snapper, squab.
Cody: I can't tell you how
many times I yelled snapper.
We should have won.
Red team, well done.
All: Thank you, chef.
You girls are gonna ride
this wave of victory
to planet hollywood's rooftop
flowrider surfing experience.
(cheers and applause)
nikki: I said I wanted
to go swimming.
-Are you ready to hang ten?
-All: Yes, chef.
-Jordan: Let's get it.
-Go get ready.
-All: Thank you, chef.
-Ramsay: Well done. Good job.
Jordan: We're going surfing.
We're gonna hang ten.
Hell yeah.
Oh, blue team, damn.
You had it.
That we did, chef.
Right, while the ladies
are enjoying
some fun in the sun,
you're gonna suffer through
one shell of a punishment
because you will be shelling,
by hand, crab.
Oh, great.
I'm also allergic to crab.
This is awful.
You have to prepare
all the crab that
we need for tonight's menu.
Right, head to the patio.
Oh, boy, taken down
by a snapper.
Amber: I can't believe
there were mussels
in those clam shells.
I was telling you guys, man.
We dropped the ball
on this one.
You gotta believe
in your team, bro.
Declan: (clears throat)
amber: Do you see
what's going on there?
Like, cody doesn't smoke.
What am I supposed to do?
You just do you.
[bleep] them.
It's not easy
to switch teams.
Amber: The blue team has such
a different mentality
for how to get through
all of this together.
Any chance somebody's not
looking and they can [bleep]
somebody over,
it's gonna happen.
If you guys are gonna
have team meetings,
you want to get everybody?
we're not having
a team meeting.
I came out here
to smoke a cigarette.
Like, if it's gonna be, like,
let's play dirty, then fine.
-Cody: It's not that.
-Adam: Yeah, what is this--
we're talking about measuring
out the [bleep] crab cake.
I'm just saying, like,
all the girls just,
like, literally said
in front of marc and I, like,
"hey, you realize they just
said--like, cody said smoke
and cody doesn't smoke
and they left you two in here."
adam: I don't know why
you listen to the red team.
I really just want
to work as a team,
and I don't want any problems,
you know?
Declan: So don't be listening
to the girls.
They're putting
daggers into you.
Amber: It's really
uncomfortable switching teams,
and I'm just trying
to do the right thing.
But you're on the blue team
now, so chill.
- Amber: All right.
-Declan: Paranoia?
So [bleep] annoying.
Amber is still, like, half
red team, half blue team.
She needs to understand
that if she wants to go far
in this competition,
she needs to be
fully blue team
or she's gonna get
pushed out all the way.
Let's go.
Declan: Everybody got
the crab cake recipe?
Adam: Yeah, you big,
beautiful beast.
Declan: (exhales sharply)
Well, well, well. [bleep].
Amber: Oh, my god.
Adam: Oh.
This [bleep] sucks.
Do not get a shell
in here, okay?
That's the last thing
we're gonna need.
-Cody: Yes, chef.
-Amber: Yes, chef.
Adam: Okay,
let's get it moving.
Crab city.
(quirky music)
how bad is it looking
for how much meat you need?
After we pick through
all the shells,
we need to yield at least
40 pounds for 200 crab cakes.
(exhales sharply)
all right.
Marc: I've worked with crab
plenty of times in the past
but never this many crabs.
(exhales sharply)
marc: You know,
we're suffering right now.
Cody: Hands are gonna [bleep]
be raw after this [bleep].
Declan: You separate the body
from the legs,
and in the torso, there's small
filaments in between each one,
so you have to crack them,
and then you pick it out
with a stick.
You start working
on the place.
Amber: We also need
fresh shallot,
fresh parsley,
lemon zest.
There's a lot of components,
and we need 200 crab cakes.
You ever been surfing,
Do I look like
I've ever been surfing?
Narrator: While the blue team
is having one shell of a day,
the red team doubles
down on fun and sun.
(surf rock music)
(all shouting)
welcome to the flowrider.
My name's riley.
I'll be your guys'
instructor today.
-Nikki: [bleep], yeah.
-Lauren: Yeah.
Syann: Oh, I'm not nervous.
It's water.
It ought to be fine.
Nikki: Get it, girl!
Come on!
I have some floating devices
that'll help me.
(all shouting)
nikki: You got it!
You got it!
(all cheering)
lauren: We're having
a good time.
We're trying to hang ten.
Yeah, lauren!
Lauren: I grew up
in san diego.
I grew up surfing
and riding boogie boards,
so, you know,
it's right up my alley.
(all cheer)
but it's a lot different.
It's not as easy as it looks.
(all cheering)
I have, like, big, awkward
limbs, and my center of gravity
is not conducive to the whole
stand-up surfing thing.
Check that off the, uh,
bucket list and just move on.
(all cheering)
syann: She went all the way.
(all cheering)
Everybody who saw
my fun muffins,
you all owe me $20.
(all laughing)
narrator: While the red team
is enjoying the perks
that come with winning...
Cody: If we lose another team
member, how will that work?
He'll start bringing
the girls over here.
Narrator: The blue team is
discussing the ramifications
of their losing streak.
Yeah, but I still think that's
not a good mind-set to have.
Yeah, that--I don't
want that to happen.
Cody: 'cause then amber's
gonna team up with her,
and then we're all [bleep].
(tense music)
that is a little aggressive.
Amber, you've got
to start trusting us.
Amber: I just felt like
they had my back
in a different way over there.
I told you,
we've got your back.
I'm staying quiet on this.
Why are you staying quiet?
Uh, I like talking
when it's meaningful.
(water bubbling)
(car horns honking)
(tense music)
declan: Amber, you've got
to start trusting us.
Amber: I just felt like
they had my back
in a different way over there.
I'm staying quiet on this.
Why are you staying quiet?
Uh, I like talking
when it's meaningful.
This is a team competition, but
I'm not here to make friends.
jordan: Red team.
(all cheering)
-adam: Don't even look at them.
-Cody: No, don't engage.
Keep your head in the game.
Don't engage.
Kori: Crabby patties
in the blue kitchen.
How's it going, y'all?
-Jordan: Hey.
-Hi, guys.
Jordan: I need to lay down
for a second.
Nikki: Yeah, me too, boo.
Syann: Hey, big booty,
how you doing?
I missed you.
I like how you cut
that, um--that scallion.
Big black women love me
for some reason.
I don't know.
All right, all right,
all right, okay.
-Syann: Okay.
-Oh, man.
(dramatic music)
Amber: You guys all have
each other's back,
and you're supportive
and uplifting,
and they're just not like that.
They're all out for each other,
and it's just really hard.
I mean, what am I
supposed to do?
Amber's a very loyal person,
so if they treat her right,
she will treat them right,
but I hope
that she gets it solved
because I really want
to see her here.
I just don't want to be
on the blue team anymore.
-nikki: Who's prepping what?
-Kori: I'll do sides.
I haven't done that.
-Lauren: I'm gonna do meat.
-Nikki: You gonna do garnish?
Kinda helping everybody,
getting my hands
in all of it.
Sy, get your
hands all dirty, girl.
Get 'em dirty.
-Amber: You okay, marc?
-Marc: Yeah, I'm good.
Amber: Okay.
There is a lot riding
on my shoulders right now.
I have no room for
error this evening in servic,
and so I'm just going to put
my best foot forward,
and I'm gonna cook
from my heart.
We gotta
win this one tonight.
There's no hiding
behind any excuses.
-Si, chef?
Open hell's kitchen, please.
Let's go.
(upbeat music)
narrator: Once again,
it's an exciting night
at hell's kitchen...
All: Yes!
Queen: Yes, hell's kitchen,
Love it, yes.
The most sought-after
reservation in vegas.
The halibut should be awesome.
Cheers, everyone.
Happy birthday, mom.
Thank you.
To chef ramsay.
(both laugh)
narrator: Throngs of people
fill the dining room...
Have you heard any broken
dishes yet or anything?
narrator: And orders pile
into the kitchen.
Ramsay: Four covers,
table 61,
two risotto, one scallops,
one carbonara.
All: Heard, chef.
Ramsay: Let's go.
Christina: Guys, get in
a rhythm right away.
Mary lou, you doing good
on that risotto?
Mary lou: Yes, I can give you
a solid four minutes.
Kori: Working garnish is
the backbone of the brigade.
You are the one that is
telling everybody what to do
and making sure
we get out all together.
-Ramsay: Let's go.
-Lauren: Walking carbonara.
Chef christina,
on your right.
-Nikki: I have risotto.
-Syann: Coming hot.
Scallops in the window,
Nikki: Heard, scallops
in the window.
(tense music)
ramsay: Nicely cooked,
the scallops.
-Syann: Yes, chef, thank you.
-Lauren: Good job, ladies.
We got this tonight.
-Mary lou: Yeah.
-Yes, ma'am.
While the red kitchen
is off to a smooth start...
Ramsay: On order,
fire, blue team,
four covers, table 12,
one scallop, one carbonara,
two beet salad.
-Marc: Heard, chef.
-Ramsay: Let's go.
Narrator: The blue kitchen
is out for redemption.
Adam: How long you need
for carbonara
so I can drop my scallop,
-Let's say five minutes.
-Marc: Five minutes.
Adam: Heard.
Marc: Tonight I'm on apps
with cody.
We're gonna make sure that
we're poised,
we're in control,
and that we're focused
and we're communicating.
We got this, chef.
We got your back.
Adam, how long
on scallops?
I gotta drop them, 3 1/2.
Marc: Okay,
thank you, 3 1/2.
I've been wanting to do fish
for a long time.
What's up?
-Adam: What?
-Declan: More color.
I'm good with them.
I'm driving out of a station
that usually crashes and burns,
and here's my chance to shine.
Come on, don't leave those
scallops, adam, please.
Scallops walking or not?
Right behind, hot.
Yes, chef?
Declan: Please, god,
can we do one good service,
make chef ramsay happy,
and make sure
we get it on point, please?
I saw you over there in the
fridge getting something out.
I don't know what
the [bleep] it was.
-Yes, chef.
-It wa--look at me.
It wasn't more important
than this.
-Adam: No, chef.
-Ramsay: So when you
abandon that, you're gonna
create [bleep].
That is [bleep].
-Adam: Yes, chef.
-Declan: Scallops still pan on.
Ramsay: I've got the carbonara.
I've got the beet salad.
Scallops drop urgently.
I cannot believe
our food's not here.
What do you think
the holdup is?
We're waiting
and waiting and waiting.
I don't have an excuse.
It's just embarrassing.
Go, please.
Oh, my god.
-I have the scallop.
Narrator: Adam finally
executes scallops.
Mine's really good.
Narrator: But over
in the red kitchen,
the ladies have already
moved on to entrées.
Fire now, please, lamb,
salmon, wellington.
Let's go.
Syann: So what are y'all about
to send out?
Salmon, you need one salmon
in four minutes, okay?
-Am I dropping the salmon now?
-Yes, right now.
Yes, go now.
Nikki: We're firing.
Garnish walks in three.
I'm feeling good.
Everybody's communicating.
How long on salmon?
I need another two minutes.
Meats are walking
in one minute.
I'm hoping and praying
that I can keep this momentum
going for fish station.
Mary lou: Sy,
you can't sell that.
Kori: It's burnt.
That skin is burnt?
Sy, don't sell it.
Don't sell that.
That salmon is black.
-Mama, look at that skin.
-Syann: She said it was burnt.
Is that burned?
That's a little burnt,
just a little.
-You have another one?
-How's this?
-it's on the brink.
-So no.
I'm not selling this?
Mary lou:
It looks okay to me.
That one looks better
than the other one.
I really think it's okay.
Yeah, put that one down
with the other one.
Salmon is not a hard protein,
so I don't really understand
what's happening
to her right now.
I cook salmon
every single day of my life.
Walking wellington
and salmon sides, girls.
All: Heard.
Come on, sy.
Get in the game.
Where's the callback?
Let's go.
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Right behind.
Ramsay: Wellington
nicely cooked.
Thank you, chef.
Lamb nicely cooked.
Jordan: Thank you, chef.
Where's the salmon, please?
Come on, ladies.
Get that over the heat.
Put it on the heat.
I'm waiting on the salmon.
I've got the sauce.
I've got no [bleep] salmon.
I need two min--I need
two minutes.
-I told them, chef.
-You told them? Is that right?
Syann: Yes, I did.
I kept them updated, chef.
I did. I did, chef.
-Ramsay: She did tell you that?
-Jordan: Two minutes ago.
She said two minutes
two minutes ago?
-Jordan: Yes, chef.
Ramsay: So that's time now,
Jordan: Yes, chef.
I've sliced the wellington.
The lamb's sliced.
I'm almost there, chef.
Ramsay: She said
two minutes ago.
-Time's up, sy.
-Yes, chef.
I'm there, chef.
Nikki: Sy, you better
be sure about that.
Walking up hot.
Nikki: You absolutely sure
about that, sy?
(tense music)
Oh, [bleep],
what did I do?
(meat splats)
(tense music)
narrator: It's 50 minutes
into dinner service...
-Time's up, sy.
-Yes, chef.
I'm there, chef.
Nikki: Sy, you better
be sure about that.
Walking up hot.
Nikki: You absolutely sure
about that, sy?
Narrator: And syann's
insecurity on the fish statin
has her rushing salmon
to the pass.
-Sy, beautifully done.
-Thank you, chef.
With syann somehow
nailing her salmon
Ramsay: Two salmon, one
halibut, one wellington, fire.
-Both: Yes, chef.
-Jordan: How long, sy?
-I need--I need six minutes.
-Nikki: Six minutes, heard.
Five minutes garnish,
six minutes protein.
Narrator: The red kitchen
is off to the races
with their next ticket.
Nikki: All right,
one wellington from us?
Yeah, we got one that's rested
and ready to go.
Me and nikki are on
the meat station tonight.
The next ticket's salmon,
lamb, two new york.
-All: Heard.
-Nikki: Yes, chef.
We're vibing.
We gotta keep it up,
keep it going.
Coming down hot behind.
-Nikki: Yep.
-Open behind.
Ramsay: Two salmon,
one halibut,
one wellington,
how long?
Kori: Two salmon and halibut's
going out right now.
-Nikki: Thank you.
-Mary lou: Heard.
Nikki: Two wellington
to your left.
Syann: Hot, hot.
New york strip
and lamb walking.
Right behind, chef.
Ramsay: Hey, ladies,
all of you. Hey, come here.
Come here.
Going now is two salmon,
one halibut, one wellington.
Who just brought me this?
Jordan: I did, chef.
Is that the next table?
My apologies, chef.
I misunderstood.
Ramsay: Sy, are you ready
for the next ticket?
No, I'm not, chef.
Garnish, are you ready
for the next ticket?
No, chef.
I needed two minutes, chef.
They're not ready,
garnish is not ready,
and, look, on top of all that,
I've got two bits
of black [bleep] salmon.
Now, I'm gonna start
this whole [bleep] thing again.
I want two salmon,
one halibut, one wellington.
Jordan: Yes, chef.
My fault, guys.
Syann: I don't know why
that meat went up.
None of us was nowhere
near ready.
What are we working right now?
Kori: I need two salmon right
now and a halibut right now.
Syann: Come on, jordan.
I'm already in the weeds for
what I have going on on fish.
I'm getting really,
really pissed now.
Nikki: And what about the lamb?
Do you need that with that?
Kori: They need a lamb
and a wellington from you.
Okay, for this ticket
that we're putting up?
Kori: Lamb, wellie,
two salmon, one halibut.
That is the refire.
-Nikki: Beautiful, okay.
-Mary lou: Heard.
Narrator: While the
red kitchen must refire
their first mistake,
in the blue kitchen...
Ramsay: On order,
four covers, table 14,
two wellington, one halibut,
one new york strip, yes?
-Adam: Heard, chef.
-Marc: Yes, chef.
-Declan: Heard, chef.
-Heard, amber?
Two wellington,
one new york strip, chef.
It's meat heavy.
-Amber: Yes, chef.
-Ramsay: Let's go.
Narrator: Amber is determined
to shine on the meat station.
-How long you need?
-I need exactly six minutes.
Amber's on meet
station tonight,
and she just has to prove
to all of us
that she's meant to be here.
-Let the pan get hot.
-Yeah, we gotta push it.
-We gotta push it.
It's pretty much you sink
or swim here,
and this is gonna be
that test for her.
Dropping halibut right now.
These ones are too thin.
I just don't
want it to go over.
In hell's kitchen, so many
variables get into your head.
-Don't overcook it, okay?
-Yes, chef.
With meat temperatures, you
have to be very, very careful.
Oh, [bleep] me.
It needs to be perfect.
It needs to be done right.
Pulling first
two wellies to rest.
[bleep], man,
they're a little dark.
I don't want
to [bleep] up here.
Let it rest for 2 1/2.
-I'll walk the halibut, okay?
-[bleep] my life.
It's [bleep] over, man.
It's [bleep] over.
I don't have any room
for error tonight, none.
Where are we at now, amber?
I don't want to walk
this strip.
It's all soggy.
I shouldn't sell it, yeah?
No, you're good.
-That's on point.
-Marc: Take it out.
-There's not a good sear.
It's not the sear I want.
Declan: Amber, stop fussin'.
Get that food up
and give it to chef ramsay.
Adam, check that for her.
That steak, she's worried
that it's overdone.
Amber: It's over.
It doesn't have a sear.
I'm not serving it.
I need one more minute.
No, man.
Like, we're not walking that
steak because, guess what?
A good leader
doesn't try to walk [bleep]
that they know isn't right.
New york on your left.
Oh, my lord.
Look at this.
-Amber: Yes, chef?
-Come here.
-Amber: [bleep].
I've never seen
such perfect cooking
in meat ever this year.
I'm talking about
both kitchens.
This is absolutely spot-on.
-Thank you, chef.
-Ramsay: Keep it up, good girl.
Amber: Thank you.
(exhales sharply)
I can cook better
than all these people here.
I just need to own it
and trust myself.
Narrator: As amber
impresses chef ramsay
with her
perfectly cooked steak...
Ramsay: Absolutely
In the red kitchen...
Jordan: Two minutes
walking garnish, heard?
-Mary lou: Yes.
-Lauren: Heard.
Narrator: Kori is pushing
to get the refired ticket ou.
Kori: So wellington
and lamb are walking.
Jordan: Behind, chef.
Christina: What's that lamb up
for the first, chef?
Ramsay: God knows.
Christina: It's on
the next ticket.
That's the one
they messed up last time.
Ramsay: Oh, boy.
Red team, sorry to disturb you.
The meat station's
brought the lamb again.
Kori, come on, man.
The lamb is for
the next ticket.
Nikki: You told us there was
a lamb on this ticket.
Kori: No, the next ticket,
I said.
You said this ticket.
You said ten times that
it was on this ticket.
Kori: They need a lamb
and a wellington from you.
-That is the refire.
-Nikki: Beautiful, okay.
-Mary lou: Heard?
Don't tell us to fire it
if it's not fired--
I didn't say fire it.
I said next ticket.
At this point in the game,
I'm not taking fire
for something
that I didn't [bleep] do.
So what do we do now
then, red team?
Refire it, chef.
I mean, there's a lack of
communication on kori's part,
and now
we're just dragging ass.
One salmon, one lamb,
two new york strip, let's go.
All: Yes, chef.
Nikki: I have to do these
two new york strip,
and our next ticket
isn't fired yet.
While the red team
struggles with
You got it, nikki.
Come on.
Narrator: The blue team
gets tested with a--
ramsay: Six top, two salmons,
two new york strip, two lamb.
Amber: Two salmon,
two new york strip, two lamb.
I need eight, chef.
-Eight minutes, heard.
-Ramsay: Let's go.
Amber: Cody, I need you to keep
eyes on those two strip.
Yep, got you.
We're really working as a team.
Declan: Let's just talk
to each other.
-Let's work together.
-Cody: Yep, absolutely.
The conversation is flowing.
-Two salmon dropping.
-Amber: Heard.
The communication is perfect.
-Amber: Cody, you got it?
-Cody: Yep.
The kitchen is abuzz right now,
so let's keep it up.
One minute.
You ready to walk?
Yeah, go ahead, walk.
Back's hot.
It feels really great
that we are finally finding
a rhythm on the blue team.
Right now, chef.
For the first time
in I think ever since
I've been on the blue team,
everybody is finally
on the same page.
-Ramsay: Exceptional.
-Thank you, chef.
Adam: Keep it going.
Narrator: While the blue
kitchen basks in praise...
Ramsay: Lamb, salmon,
two new york strip, how long?
Four minutes, chef.
Four minutes, let's go.
Narrator: The red team
to correct a mistake
for the third time.
I need another two minutes.
Everybody's a little
bit frantic now
because the once
smooth-sailing course
that we had
has now become very bumpy.
Nikki: Steaks are gonna
be walking in ten seconds.
Those are ready.
Those can walk.
Lamb can walk.
-All right.
-Lamb's hot.
Are they ready for me
to walk the steaks?
Garnish is walking right now.
Nikki: Beautiful.
Jordan: Go ahead,
take the new york and sauce.
-Nikki: Go.
-Jordan: Okay.
Mary lou: Salmon,
you're walking?
Syann: Yep.
Walking up hot.
Ramsay: Oh, boy.
Red team, come here.
(flames whoosh)
(tense music)
ramsay: Oh, boy.
Red team, come here.
Come here.
Mary lou:
Oh, my god.
Ramsay: Fries soggy,
Beef overcooked,
we've got medium now.
We've got medium,
and salmon's
ice cold in the middle.
There's no excuse, chef.
-Jordan: No excuse, chef.
-Nikki: No excuse.
I'm done.
Blue team, come here.
You, come here,
all of you.
On the stations now.
-Adam: Yes, chef.
-Ramsay: On the stat--
amber, on meat.
Declan, on fish.
-Declan: Yes, chef.
-Ramsay: Adam.
Adam: Yes, chef?
-Ramsay: Take over the garnish.
-Adam: Yes, chef.
Now show some accountability.
Have a [bleep] meeting,
a very serious meeting,
and find out
which two individuals
you could do without.
[bleep] off.
(dramatic music)
That was a [bleep] nightmare.
We got kicked out
of dinner service again.
Mary lou: This is gonna be
a real [bleep] conversation.
At this point
in the competition,
there's no reason we should
be having these issues still.
While the red team
contemplates their
disastrous service...
Marc: What the [bleep]'s
going on here?
Narrator: The blue team
works to restore order...
Garnish is ready.
New york coming
in the window in a minute.
Declan: Salmon's walking
to the pass.
Ramsay: Extraordinary.
Let's go.
Narrator: Feeding hungry
diners to finish the night.
That just melted in my mouth.
Well done.
Adam: Nice work, guys.
So we got raw salmon,
soggy fries,
and overcooked steak.
Nikki: Every single one of us
made mistakes tonight.
It's just which ones
really contributed
to the downfall
of the team as a whole?
Lauren: Sy, you know how much
I love you, girl,
but I think fish was
definitely the weakest today.
I know that for sure.
I'm not--I have
no problem going in.
Who else is coming?
Chef wants us to be
owning up accountability.
I'm just not the only person
that's messing up,
but I'm the only one
taking accountability.
Go around.
Let's go.
Nikki: I think kori.
I feel like it was
huge miscommunication tonight.
I feel like you were flustered.
Kori: Yes, did I [bleep] up
on the last french fry?
'cause I was rushing it
to get the [bleep] out
because we still had
the other tickets to go.
Today is a complete
cluster [bleep].
Salmons were
The meats kept coming back.
But you know what?
That's okay.
The french fry, whoa,
[bleep] me for the french fry.
I get the lack
of communication,
but I honestly don't think
that I should go up.
nikki: Those two new york
strips, that was me,
but that was the only
real mistake that I made.
If I'm being unbiased
and blatantly honest,
I feel like that
I actually did pretty well.
Syann: Everybody wants
a say on accountability,
but, jordan, you were the one
who sent up meat
that was on the next ticket,
and that's what broke
the camel's back.
Do not let the next person
put themself in
if you know you had
a share of a [bleep] up too.
That lamb wouldn't have
made it up there
if it wasn't for kori.
This whole thing
is a bunch of [bleep].
Kori just couldn't
pull it together.
That started a lot of the
domino effect in the kitchen.
It's so frustrating.
It's so frustrating.
Lauren: Uh, this is gonna keep
getting harder and harder.
I could definitely go
for a cocktail.
(tense music)
blue team,
that was one
of the best dinner services
we've ever had
in hell's kitchen.
-Adam: Thank you, chef.
Blue team switched on.
The red team switched off.
(dramatic music)
mary lou, read team's
first nomination and why.
Chef, our first nomination
is going to be syann.
She made mistakes
on the fish station today,
which caused us
to be pulled out of position.
That is true.
Red team's second
nominee and why, please.
Our second nominee
is going to be kori.
Why had miscommunications
on the team with the tickets,
causing us to sell tickets
out of order.
I asked you all to be honest
with each other.
I asked you to be accountable,
and what you've just given me
is [bleep].
by far the worst two performing
chefs in the red team
this evening are syann and...
(grinder whirrs)
(tense music)
ramsay: By far the worst
two performing chefs
in the red team this evening
are syann and...
Therefore, step forward.
jordan, I'm gonna
start with you.
Yes, chef.
Why do you think you should
stay in hell's kitchen?
I have more fight, chef.
Um, there was miscommunication
between all of us.
I--I did put the meat up
one ticket too early.
How does that happen?
I got mixed up when
you called for the salmon.
I thought it was the
salmon on the next table,
so I went with the meat
for that salmon.
And garnish?
There was garnish
for a new york strip
that was on the previous table,
and that's what I saw,
-and that's--
-is that right?
I said two minutes out
for french fries
for the new york.
Ramsay: I heard you
say two minutes.
sy, we started off beautifully.
-We did, chef.
-You got backed up.
Syann: I did,
but I never gave up.
I kept pushing.
I kept fighting.
I just had a rough night, chef.
So when you're getting
snowed under,
the secret of a great chef
is using everybody else
around you...
-Syann: Yes, chef.
-Ramsay: And standing strong.
I had people helping me,
but at that point,
once we're flustered,
communication goes,
quality goes,
and at that point,
we're rushing
and not taking our time.
Ramsay: But the big question
I've got for you,
are you better than jordan?
Yes, chef.
ramsay: Theme of the night:
so my decision is...
Get back in line.
ramsay: Sy, let me tell you
something really important.
-The energy was there.
-Syann: Mm-hmm.
Ramsay: But you need
to open up.
Yes, chef.
Ramsay: You need to talk
before you go down.
Absolutely, chef.
I want you to
keep your head up.
Syann: I will, chef.
Ramsay: And do not give up.
Heard, chef.
Give me your jacket,
young lady.
Syann: Yes, chef.
This was amazing, chef.
Thank you so much.
I learned so much.
Thank you to the blue team,
the red team.
-Adam: Love you, sy.
-Declan: Love you, sy.
-Syann: Y'all take it home.
-Nikki: You're my girl.
-Syann: Thank you, chef.
-Ramsay: Good night.
(all speaking at once)
(wistful music)
syann: Although I may not be
ready right now
for lake tahoe,
my journey was amazing.
I fought every day.
Chef ramsay told me
to keep my head up,
and that's exactly
what I'm gonna do, period.
Ramsay: Ladies,
if you honestly think that kori
deserved to leave
this competition tonight,
you girls are dreaming.
Cut the [bleep].
Is that clear?
All: Yes, chef.
Get out of here.
Kori: I'm legit pissed off.
If that's how you guys
want to play the game,
bitches, you all on your own.
I ain't got nothing
to prove to you
or anybody else
in this competition.
All I care about is showing
chef gordon ramsay
I'm gonna be
his next head chef.
Adam: I think everyone on the
red team is weak right now,
so I'm gonna kinda
just sit back,
get through my dinner services,
and just knock 'em off
one by one.
Jordan: I don't think
I deserved
to be up there tonight.
I don't think I was the worst
performing cook by any means.
Hopefully chef ramsay sees my
resilience and my perseverance
'cause I'm just not prepared
to go home yet.
I still have more things to do,
more things to show,
more things to prove.
Ramsay: Sy's winning
personality and determination
were enough to take her far,
but her lack of experience
made me say sy-onara.
narrator: Next time
on hell's kitchen...
-(phone rings)
-amber: Hello?
Ramsay: I need to see everybody
in the dining room immediately.
-Amber: Heard, chef.
-Marc: Adam, let's go.
Narrator: One surprise
phone call...
Ramsay: I have something
very important to tell you.
Narrator: Leads to an earth-
shattering announcement.
Tonight I'm closing
hell's kitchen.
Narrator: That rocks every
chef to their core.
Marc: I'm having a hard time
even breathing right now.
Lauren: Whoo!
Now it's a party.
Kori: I'll be damned if I don't
go down with a [bleep] fight.
Narrator: Tune in to see
who stumbles, who crumbles...
Well, I tried it once.
Yeah, but that
was different.
Narrator: And who survives.
Adam: Amber, do you need help?