Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 5 - Fish Out of Water - full transcript

The contestants are greeted by Grammy nominated pianist and composer, Stephan Moccio and Chef Ramsay explains that like a great musician, great chefs must be versatile in a wide variety of cooking styles. During the challenge, each team is tasked with cooking halibut 7 different ways for Michelin star chef David LeFevre. During the dinner services, both teams struggle with communication and supporting one another which ultimately results in a contestant's elimination. Tune-in to find out which front-running contestant is cut, creating a major wake-up call for the rest of the chefs.

on Hell's Kitchen.

Hell has frozen over.

Olympic gold
medalist Brian Boitano,

and guest chef Traci
Des Jardins judge

the teams in the first everHell's
Kitchen soup challenge.


Great flavors.

Yet again, Miaserved up a bowl of perfection.

In Brian's world, that
would be a gold medal.

And along
with Gizzy and Kanae,

led the impressive rookiesto a blow-out victory.

Rookies, who have
beaten the all stars.

That was a big body
blow right there.

While therookies bask in the warmth

of their winning streak--

Holy shit, Kanae.

The veterans
endured another

morale-chilling punishment.

Kind of getting annoyed
that we keep losing.

At dinner service--

- Baby, just do it.
- You're standing there.

You're standing there.
- Stop.


--The red
team began to splinter.

- Hey.
- Sorry.

Don't do this dumb shit.

Yes, chef.

And Gizzy's failureto show
up in the dining room--

Why aren't you
table-side, young lady?

--And Chris's
faulty communication

on the fish station--

Just a minute and a half.

I need a minute and a half.

We should be walking right now.

in the worst dinner

service yet for the rookies.

Why are you walking?

So chef thinks that you'reon time, but I'm behind?

In the blue kitchen--

The lamb's fucking raw.

curbed Chef Ramsay's

enthusiasm when he
deliveredthree bad proteins in a row.

Come on, Kevin.

Why the fuck did I
come back to this shit?

Putting alleyes on the meat station.

Who cooked this?

We did.

We did?

The losing team tonight isthe
blue team, and the red team.

The red
team nominated--

Chris chef and Gizzy.

--While the
blue team put up--

Kevin chef and Trevor chef.

But Chef
Ramsay shocked them all.

Kevin, you're going
to the red team.

Gizzy, blue team.

With the hope thatthis shakeup of the teams

would get these
talentedchefs back in the groove.

Rookies versus veterans,
the experiment is over.

And now,
the competition

to become the executive
chef at Gordon Ramsay's

Hell's Kitchen restaurant
atCaesars Palace in Las Vegas


Fuck off with you.

Yes, chef.

That was unexpected as fuck.

I'm never, never at
a loss for words.

Right now, I'm a little huh?

Damn yo, I'm shocked.

And now, just like that,
it's men versus women.

I'm happy to have
you guys on our team.

For sure.

We're not going to try
todance around girl's emotions.

We're going to be direct
because we're men.

We got each other's backs.

Bros before hos.

Do you have kids?

My daughter is
11, my son is four.

Your life changes
when you have kids.

Your priorities are just--

totally taking on a
different meaning.

My kids are definitely
the reason why I'm here.

Growing up in the Bronx,
mygrades weren't great in school.

I spent some time
in the streets.

Never really focused
on how serious life is.

The main thing is,
make sureyour kids are always, always,

always priority number one,
no matter what else in life.

And then, you know,
I became a father.

And it's all about showingthem that I'm driven.

And I take not only
my family serious,

but my career serious--
thatI'm doing this for them.

It's wonderful.

I mean, I couldn't, I wouldn'ttrade it for anything.

Time to reboot.

I do look good in
blue, though, you know.

Today it's beast mode.

Come on, blue.

Better wait for your team.

Good morning.

We have a very special
guest here this morning.

I'd like you to meet aGrammy
nominated composer.

He's written for Miley Cyrus.

You've heard of the
song "Wrecking Ball"?

Yes, chef.

And he's also written
for Celine Dion.

Please welcome, Stephon Macchio.

So good to see you.

Thank you.

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

Now, all of you,
listen very carefully.

People who are at the
top of their profession

possess great versatility.

Stephan here is
comfortableplaying in the classical style.

Rock and roll.

The blues.

Let's hear it for
Stephan, come on.

Holy cow, we've got
a major player here.

Literally, a major player
inthe dining room right now.

Thank you so much
for coming tonight.

Guys, please.
Come on, guys.

Listen carefully,
a greatmusician is like a great chef.

He has the ability towork across a wide variety

of styles.

Today, each team will work
withthe same incredible protein

cooked seven different ways.

Steamed, wood
burning oven baked,

grilled, poached, hot smoked,
pan seared, and shallow fried.

So I'm thinking about aprotein that lends itself

to many different techniques.

What comes to mind
to me is fish.

Marino, wake up.

Let's go.

Christina and John,
couldyou help him out, please?

Smell that?


Here you are.


Come on, seriously?

Out of all the
fish in the sea,

you pick the dirty littlecousin to the sardine.

Where is the fish I ordered?

I don't know, chef.

I got busy.

What the--

Oh my god.


I almost farted.

I almost--

That was like the
snakes all over again.

Fuck me.

Come on.

So for today's challenge,
each team will produce seven

incredible halibut dishes.

You've all got 45 minutes.

Your time starts now.

Let's go.
Let's win the challenge.

One squad for the homies.

Behind you.

Guys, just a
reminder that you've

only got one piece of fish.


You got no margin for error.

What are you working on?

I'm going to do a fried--

it's like a bang bang
cauliflower as my side.

I'm going to do a classicpapillote with it.

Sounds good.

Papillote is like
a steamed fish.

So you have the parchment
paperkeeping steam and liquid in,

which keeps the fish moist.

Are you going to pop
it in front of chef?

Like, that's how
you'll present it?

Or are you--
- Yeah.

I'm going to pop it
right in front of him.

Just making a simple
stock right now.

Deglaze with a little
bit of fish stock.


Little, just a touch.

But, yeah.

Chef, do we have any
yellow food coloring?

Yellow food coloring?

Get the fuck out of here.

Yellow food coloring?

Scotley, how about
I go in the back,

and see if we got
some finger paints.

And you could draw
your dish first.

Number nine.

Number seven.

Oh, that sounds like
a good idea, right?

I just need tobrighten up my gastrique.

Do you have any
turmeric, maybe?


Yellow food coloring.

It's not an Easter
egg challenge.

Keep it on him, man.

Come on.

15 minutes left.

Yes, chef.

That went really fast.

It's not ready yet?

You see how it's
cracking at the top?

It's overcooked, but it'sstill raw on the inside.

I know.

Oh my god.

My fish is falling apart,
andI'm freaking out a little bit.

It's like a murder
scene over here.

I might break it apart.

Would that be a bad idea?

It came apart in
three perfect pieces.

So I'm taking this,
I'm like, all right.

This seems like
it was a mistake,

but I'm going to spin it asit's
supposed to be this way.

How you doing, guys?

Good, good.

60 seconds to go, guys.


Finishing touches, come on.

Does anybody need help?

Do it, team.
Everybody feeling good?

Come on, Scotley.

Kanae, how you looking?

I'm looking good.

Plating right now.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and serve.

To help me judge
today, I've reached out

to a very dear friend of mine.

He has three critically
acclaimed restaurants.

Michelin Star Awardwinning chef David LeFevre.


Good to see you.

David LeFevre, great
chef, great restaurants.

Chef Ramsay has the
coolest friends.

Those restaurants, how
did you nail the success

behind all those three?

Well, I think it's
important to take

a look at the innovation.

You can't get caught just
doingthe same thing over and over,

even though people like it.

You've got to continue
to be creative.

This man never stops.

Let's start off with thebattle of the grilled halibut.

Bret and Gizzy.

Thank you.

Bret, please explain.

So here, I have
a soy and Sriracha

marinated halibut, grilled.

Roasted beech mushroom
slawwith some grilled baby bok choy.

Be careful with
soy because it can

draw some of the
moisture out of a fish

that's already pretty lean.

Flavors are really nice,
it looked beautiful,

but the texture of
it is slightly dry

just because of that soy.

Gizzy, describe
the dish to chef.

Thank you.

So I have a grilled
flaked halibut.

I wanted to do smaller
medallions so I

can get a little harder sear.

A blistered tomato vinaigrette,
and charred onion pillow.

I hope that she
has fixed her dish.

I'm a little anxious, butI have faith in you, Giz.

The flavor on it is great.

I mean, this is seasoned
very, very well.


Also, I like the idea.

You split it into three
so you cook it evenly.

Chef, does the point goto Gizzy or Bret, please?

I think in this
situation, just in terms

of hitting the temperatureand
the texture correctly,

I think Gizzy is the one
I'm going to go with.

Gizzy, well done.


I didn't expect
anything like that

to happen in a million years.


Next up, battle of
the steamed halibut.

So we have Chris and Mia.

Oh, and Mia's sous chef.


So why don't you go first, Mia,
because you've got your sauce.

Of course.

Of course you have a
tableside fucking pour.

She's an overachiever,
and pompous about it.

So I can't wait to squash her.

So I wanted to make
a very flavorful broth,

yet still delicate because
it'ssuch a delicate piece of fish.

So the broth is amazing.

You did a really nice job
onthe steaming on this fish.


I'll take the rest to go.


Chris, please.

You've done en papillote.

Yes, chef, en papillote.

Cabbage on the bottomwith
some purple potatoes.

With en papillote, it'stough to tell if it's done,

so you have to hit it right on.

Otherwise, it's
going to be under,

or it's going to be over.

And once you go to
the table, like,

there's no point of return.

Yes, chef.

It's cooked
actually very well.

Hot damn.

That's what's up, man.

But the ingredients thatyou're putting in there,

you want to be aromatic.

Seasoning needs
to be on point.


Because you can't
season it after.

I think Mia has the edgeon this one for the point.

Well done, Mia.

Chris kind of screwed me
overlast night, so I kind of just

want to rub it in his face.

How'd that feel, Chris?

Absolutely incredible.

Poached halibut, please.

Let's go.

With Chris's
high risk attempt

on steamed fish falling flat.

The newly formed men's team
willneed Kevin to rebound with his.

Coconut curry broth.

I poached the
halibut in the broth.

That texture is
really nice and moist.

The broth is
incredibly flavorful,

and the cooking techniquewas
done very, very well.

veteran Kevin looks

to knock out his competition,
veteran Roe counters with her--

IPA and butter
poached halibut.

The fish itself
is cooked properly.

The smoked tomato
broth is really nice,

so I think you've
done a very good job.

But the halibut that
Kevin has done really

hit what poaching
techniques should be,

and I think the flavor is great.

So I give the point to Kevin.

Good job.

That flavor packed apunch, and I won the point.

Good stuff.

It's really good
feeling right now.

That helps drive me.

Next up, the battle
of the hot smoked.

Let's go, PLEASE.

It's now up to rookieScotley to try and tie it up

against rookie Kanae with his--

Smoked halibut
in applewood chips.

I don't get a
ton of smoke on it.

So if you're going to go
withsome stronger other flavors,

make sure you have
enoughsmoke to hold up to that.

Yes, chef.

With Scotley failingto properly use the smoking

technique, the door is open
forKanae's smoked halibut and baba


The texture of
the fish is great.

It's very, very moist.

The point is going to?

Kanae you did a great job.

Thank you so much.

I appreciate you guys.

I've got to beat my chest.

Thanks, Scotley.

Don't underestimate the women.

Next up, battle of
the shallow fried.

Let's go.

As the ladies
extend their lead,

it's Ariel's turn
to try and impress

the judges with her
shallow fried halibut

and tomatillo sauce.

It really pops.

It really works well together.

The pressure
is now on Jose,

with his shallow fried
halibut featuring--

Bacon braised red cabbage.

The dish is really
prepared well.

It's flavorful.

The fish is spot on cooked.

It's cooked with heart.

They're both good.

I would give them
both a point for this.

Thank you, chef.

I really put my
heart into that dish.

And hearing that
from Chef Ramsay,

it meant the world to me.

Next up, battle of
the pan seared halibut.

Motto and Heather.

With the red
team down two points,

with only two rounds to go.

It's up to rookie Motto'span seared halibut

to keep their hopes alive.

Beautiful presentation.

Motto's halibut look sexy.

I wanted to dig my
face into his dish.

That looked so fucking good.

Seasoning on this, very nice.

Oh, yeah,
I'm gettinggoosebumps thinking about it.

Properly cooked.

You pushed the
fish, and it holds.

That's the point where
it's right there.

Oh, fuck, man.

I want some of that fish so bad.

- Tastes really great.
- Thank you, chef.

- It really does.
- Right.

Heather, describe your
dish, please, to chef.

Chef, what I have for youis a pan seared halibut.

I butter basted it with alittle bit of star anise,

and a little bit of
fennel, and a parsnip

beet fennel puree underneath.

Look at that.



The puree is very good.

That citrus is like,
it's almostlike a mostarda power to it.



Very good.

Is it Motto from the red team?

Or does the point
belong to Heather?

Or are both dishes
goodenough to warrant a point?

In today's
challenge, the chefs

are cooking halibut
usingseven different techniques.

The women hold a 4-2
lead over the men.

And after Motto presentedhis
pan seared halibut--

Very nice.

Tastes really great.
- Thank you, chef.

It really does.

Heather now has

a chance to win thechallenge for the blue team.

- The puree is very good.
- Yeah.

Very good.

But I have to
say, the halibut,

it isn't seasoned enough.

I really think
that Motto, you've

earned the point on this one.

Thank you, chef.

Motto, nice.

All right, Motto.

Now we're back in it.

We have some hope now.

Final battle, woodburning oven baked halibut.

Let's go, T.

Come on, T, let's go.

And Trev.

I want nothing to do withthis
woman at all whatsoever.

Battle of the T's.

I know this is a good dish.

This is a winner.

I'm excited to bury this bitch.

Right, T, describe
your dish to Chef.

Thank you.

I want the fish
to stand on its own.

So it is a ginger sakebroth,
and just some kumquats

for a little extra citrus.

The fish, it's super tasty.

That really hits
that on all marks--

to a T.

Thank you, chef.

Trevor, explain
your dish to chef.

So we fired the
halibut with just

a hint of S&P and some butter.

You want make sure you
get that good sear,

and then bring it back soyou're
not overcooking anything.

Something I really like todo
with my food is baby sit.

I like to--
- How much do you get?

$12 an hour for that?
- Yeah.

You know, sometimes.

It depends on where you're at.

I would never leave
mychildren alone with Trevor.

Absolutely not.

I like the combination.

Tomatoes and arugula.

Classic, right?

Job well done.

I think it's great

Thank you, chef.

Right, both take your
dishes back in line.

I want this win bad.

I can taste it.

Like, I need it.

I need to get out of here.

Does the point go to Trevorand
the red team to even it?

Or does the point go
to T with the victory?

Bottom of the ninth, twoouts,
down by one, man on first.

And here's the pitch.

It's a swing.

I think I have to gowith the blue team, with T.

And a fucking miss, bro.


Good job, ladies.

I finally get to
leave Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you, ladies.

Join me in thanking
this incredible chef,

an absolute asset.

Good luck, guys.

Keep going.

Ladies, all of you are
going to be traveling

to the top of a sky scraper.

100 stories above the ground.

All of your courage
will be tested

as you walk a narrow
plankfrom the top of the building.

If you survive that,
you'llfight the zombie apocalypse.

I'm sending you all
for a truly incredible

virtual reality experience.



Count me in.

I am a super nerd,
as everybody knows.

So virtual reality,
zombie apocalypse--

I am so stoked about this.

Good job.

Red team, I'm expecting
anyminute now a giant humongous

dumpster brimming with manure.

Since we've been opening
this competition,

we've been saving
all of our waste.

And today is composting day.

So we're going to take all
thosetrash, mixing it with manure.

Kevin, are you OK?

- I'm wonderful, chef.
- Yeah?

I can tell.

I'm sick of losing, man.

Came back for redemption.

Came back to win.

I certainly did not come
backhere to shovel some shit, man.


Oh, shit.

That's terrible.

Oh, that sucks.

Bye, boys.

This is some stank ass shit.

Ugh, gross.

It just smells disgusting.


Ladies day out.

This whole punishment stinks.

It stinks like nobody's
frickin' business.

I mean, we got shit on onehand,
nasty garbage organic crap

right here, and then we
got all the other stuff

that's in the bins already.

I mean, now we're goingto smell not only like BO,

but we're going to
smell like shit all day.


This is awesome.


Thank you.

Welcome to VR territory.

There you go.

Virtual reality,
you are there.

Like, you are so there, you're not even spatially

aware of the real world.

Oh, shoot.


I kicked some major ass.

I am declaring myself
thezombie apocalypse queen.

Thank you.

Oh, shit.

I can't see my feet.

Oh, it's OK.

There's a fucking
spider out the window.

Oh my god, no.

Aye, no.

My heart was racing for
asolid 30 minutes after that.

You're like, oh no.

How was that?
Too real?

Too real.

That was a bit too real.

Motto, it's like backat home in the farm, huh?

You're right, baby.

Brings back memories.

Growing up, we've
got cane fields.

Moved so many loads of dirt.

Nothing in life
comes easy, dude.

Nope.If it did, we wouldn't be here.


Didn't have that silverspoon growing up, did you?


Grew up in the country.

I've been through way
worse shit than this.

And I started picturing
my grandfather.

He wouldn't let me
slack off on a load

back then, so I'm
not slacking off now.

Show them how fast we go, dude.

Hard work doesn't scare me.

Hard work is the reason
I'vegot to this point in my career.

I got juiced
right in the face.

Manure, it's like
we're down on the farm.

This one's gross.

So why a ski resort?

There's a bigger
vision for a hospitality

group, which will be
all food and beverage,

concessions, hotels.

What do you guys
do in the off season?

We have a water
park, it's a zip line

park, scuba diving
park, wake boarding.

Sounds like you got
an empire, and all

of a sudden you put on
thebrakes and come out here.

Why did you agree to this?

Revenge, right?

Last time I was here,
I got denied something

I felt I earned truly.

Kevin, well done.

This time, four punishmentsthis guy's had to do.

You can only take a kick
inthe crotch so many times.

Oh, jesus.

Are you kidding me?

As the women step backinto
Hell's Kitchen reality--

We killed zombies like
we'regoing to kill you tonight.

--Chef Ramsay
has one more reward

waiting for them in the dorms.

Oh my god, we got presents.

It's like Christmas.

They're so huge.

Enjoy this incredible
gift, and use it well.

Oh my god.


Vitamix, thank
you Chef Ramsey!

It's a Vitamix.

I got a Vitamix.

This is the best
present so far.

Coming up--

I want you to
fucking watch the pass,

and tell us, and talk to us.

It's the first dinnerservice with rookies and vets

working together.

You're sharp enough up there.

You're sharp enough for me.

And for
some of the rookies--

Why have you cut these?


Is he crazy?

--It's sink or swim.

If those two sink the blueteam,
those two are going home.

- Marino.
- Yes, chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please.Let's go.

Serve it up.

Tonight, the
battle of the sexes

returns to Hell's Kitchen.

Good luck.

Hey, kill it.
- Thank you.

Thank you.
- We got this.

We got this.

Rookies and veteransalike are looking to impress

with their newly formed teams.

Shake and bake.

You want to be the shake,
or you want to be the bake?

As another
a-list crowd arrives,

excited to sample
ChefRamsay's outstanding cuisine--


So we're team blue.

--Along with awide variety of menu items.

The lobster wellington.

Why not?

Are you ready
for your mussels?

Guests may
enjoy a table side dish

of mussels in a saffron broth.

Hey, Marino, you're
a fire blanket.

Oh, yes.

Served byHeather for the blue team,

and Chris for the red team.

It's pretty
strong as a flavor.

Jesus Christ.

Ladies, let's go.

Yes, chef.

I'm excited to have
the rookies on my team.

They've all been
strong in challenges.

Welcome, girls.

Try not to sound too
creepy saying it.

Welcome, girls.

Blue team, good luck.

Two twos, let's go.

Two scallops, one carbonara.

One mussel tableside.

Yes, chef.

Two scallops in one minute.

Hit the pan.

Scallops in the pan right now.

It's our first nighttogether with all the ladies,

and I hope I can figure out
howto totally just manipulate all

of them to follow my
lead so that we can get

a win under our belt. Can I go?

I can't sell these scallops.

These shits are fucking--

I don't know what
is wrong with them.

I'm going to sell you one,
and drag on one scallop.


I'm literally 30 seconds behind.



You want me to sell thisone,
and not this one, right?

Yeah. Sell that one, please.

I can't sell these.

Chef, scallops.

Where's the other scallop?

You know what.

Behind you.



I got milk scallops.

Just, when I put
them out like that.

- Can I get one more, please.- No.

Look, look, look.

First of all, why are weputting
two portions in one pan?

Chef, I told you not--

never mind.

That's not the
one that you want.

There were two scallops.

I told you not to sell onebecause it's not ready.

I got the second one
going right here.

Chef, that's our bad.

Ariel, don't touch anythingon my fucking station.

Don't touch my spoon,
my butter, my oil.

It could be on fucking fire.

Don't touch it.

Talk to me, T. I'll take it.

Chef, I got just perfectscallops right now, Chef.

Walking with scallops.

Nicely cooked scallops.

After T's quickrecovery on scallops--


You guys spicy?

Not spicy?
- Yeah, spicy.


All right, good.

--And with Heather'stableside service hopping--

I apologize.

--The blue teamis off to a solid start.

Unfortunately, Chris'stableside service is not.

Hey, Chris.

Come here.

What have you got going on?

Yes, chef?

You've got nothing going on.

So why aren't you in here?

Look at me.
Red team.

Yes, chef.


It's too silent.

Yes, chef.

An order and five.

Two minutes from
now, two scallops on.

Yes, chef.

Is anything I can
help you with, man?

No I'm good, man.

I have to do something.

It's hot.

I got you.

Do you have a--

Jose, you OK over there?

I'm all right.


I'll take--

I'll take it.
- I got it, dude.

I'm good.

I'd rather-- if I'm going togo down,
I don't want someone--

No, it's OK.
But I want to help.

I came in here to help you.Can you please--


As long as you do it right.You good?

- I will.
- Right on.

Make sure it happens.
- All right.

Here we go, locked and loaded.

I love cooking scallops.

I love this station.

I'm pumped.

Scallops working hard?

Scallops working.

How long to scallops?

Chef, I got about
another 30 seconds.

No way.

No, you got 45 seconds.

60 seconds, chef.

Why are they taking so long?

Chris, man.

If we're going
to be late on it,

we've got to be right on it.

Scallops to your right.

Hey, red team.

Oh, god.

Here we go again.

Look what I've got.

I wouldn't send
that to customers.

You know better, brother.

I know you know this.

God knows this.

Meaning Kevin, of course,
and he's going to kill you.

I'll cook the scallops.

Portion me out two scallops.

My patience are done.

You know, I've tried to
giveChris the benefit of the doubt.

But you know what?

Fuck you now.

Would you like me tofinish this halibut for you?

- You watch the fucking--
- No.

I heard.
I heard what the--

Fucking watch the pass,
and tell us, and talk to us.

While the redteam looks for a safe place

to hide Chris, blue
diners are starting

to enjoy their appetizers.

Really well done.

Very good.

And the women have moved
onto their first order of entrees.

Mia, you're coming
with the wellington.

- Yes.

Right now.


Let's see this one here, then.

Oh my god.

She's slaughtering
that beef wellington.


She cuts it again.

There she is, just, like, just butchering that.



Look, would you-- put it down.


Stop, stop, stop.

Why have you cut these?


It's 40 minutesinto dinner service.

And while the newly
formed blue team has had

success with their appetizers--

The girls are getting it.

--Mia's search for
the perfect wellington--


--Has brought the
first order of entrees

to a screeching halt.

Put it down.


Stop, stop, stop.

Why have you cut these?


How would you gaugewhether or not it's cooked?

What do you do?

You cut the end off, chef.

Thank you.

There's your indication there.

That's super pink.

So you get it back in, andyou haven't destroyed it.

Hey, you ladies, come up here.

I'm busting my ass off
here trying to help you,

but you're not
fucking listening.

I turn my back,
and they're fucked.

Tell her to stop doing it.

Are you crazy?

All right.

Put these back togetherso
you can keep them warm.

Pick up.

Because we have
another one after this.

Put it back together.

Keep it together.

It's my mistake.

I fucked up.

But I don't trip over
the same stone twice.

See, that's hot?

You're going to keep
them close together,

and you're going
to keep them tight.

- Yes.


Mia is strong when she's
cooking her own dishes.

But everything changes
come dinner service.

Stop being so frazzled, Mia.

Mia, ask me before
you cut the next one.


Yes, chef.

One beef wellington,
one salmon, one halibut,

one lobster wellington.
- Yes, chef.

Two beef wellingtons in.Let's go.

- Yes, chef.
- Yes, Chef.

Scotley, multitasking.

Yes, chef.

Scotley, 3 minutes
to the window.

I'm waiting on garnish.

Got potato puree going.

Creamy, salty, sexy.


Scotley, you good?

Scotley, you're supposedto be driving the train.

Come on, brother.

What are you doing right now?

Scotley, how long?


Not only not an
answer, but literally,

the guy's doing nothing.

Wellington's up.

- Are you still waiting on mash?- Yes, chef.


- I got you right here, chef.- Yeah, I know.

But it's just a
bit weird for me.

All this fucking time,
weonly got the garnish in there.

Gotta think a little
bit, young man.

- Yes, chef.- Just too casual for me.

Yes, chef.

You're sharp enough up there.

You may be a good cook,
butyou're not sharp enough for me.

It's a new system,
working with new guys,

and that communication
definitely wasn't there.

But I know I'm way
better than that.

I know I'm way better than that.

Garnish up, Scotley.

Yeah, I already went.

So right now, twolamb, one lamb, one duck.

Yes, chef.

Guys, I'm two
minutes out on lamb.

Just keep it in the oven tofinish getting that crust.

But I'm nervous about it.- OK.

She's nervous about it.

So let's give it the time.

Bro, give her one
extra minute, please.

What's the extra minute for?

Chef, the lamb is
running a little behind.

Out of the way.

T, did she tell you one
minute for the lamb?

Or was that you telling her?

No, chef.

She was telling me
she's a little nervous.

I was a little
nervous about the lamb.

You need to start cookingyour own fucking food.

- Yes, chef.
- Yeah?

It's just a bit strange for me.- Yeah.


You need to cook
with confidence.

That's the whole thing.

How strange.

If she doesn't starttrusting that natural instinct

as a chef, I can see it beinga
problem for the blue team

in the future.

Blue team.


It's perfectly cooked.
- Awesome, chef.

It's beautiful.

You've got some
confidence your ability.


It's absolutely perfect.

Yes, chef.

I don't get it.

It felt weird.

We have to trust Mia and
Gizzy to do their job,

but they don't even
trust themselves.

Why are you so scared?


Hey, you and you, come here.

Hey, T, they need to
run their station.

Yes, chef.


Now if those two sink the blueteam,
those two are going home.

But they need to fucking
run their station now.

- Yes, chef.
- Got it?

- Yes, chef.
- Got it?

Yes, chef.

Now you two, sort it out.

Go on.

How many salmon
do I have all day?

One all day.

You let me know
when you're ready.

I can go.

Two salmon, two
New York strip.

How long?

- How long salmon to New York?- Oh, no.


I need-- give me
six minutes, please.


Six minutes please.

I didn't know I had two salmon.

I had one ready.

Scotley, you drive the ship.

Garnish station,
what's going on.

All right, here we go.

The hell am I going to
makethis happen in six minutes?

I have to add wicked
hot, hot butter.

Going to take a risk with this,
but I gotta get this salmon out

before he loses his mind.

Right here.

Right here, please.

Thank you.

Behind, behind, behind.

Look at this.

I want to back down
the end here a minute.

Just, hey, just stop that.

This is hell.

It's just getting ugly
and more embarrassing.

What I'm concerned
about is just the way

we're cooking the salmon.

You think that's raw?


Are you trying to be funny?

This newly
formed men's team

made up of rookies and
veteranshas been struggling all night.

You think that's raw?


Are you trying to be funny?

No, chef.

They are fucking rubber.

And for Chef Ramsay, it's no laughing matter.

Do me a favor,
I'll finish this.

Fuck off in the storeroom.

Now sort your differencesout in fucking private.

I'm a fucking cooking garnish.

I can't do the pass no more.


Y'all can't expect
me to do the pass

if I'm cooking fucking garnish.

Fuck kind of word
is that, Scotley?

You can't.

You're supposed to be
a chef, aren't you?

That's your job.


Somebody do the fucking pass.

Who is going to
work with him, then?

- I am.- You're watching the pass.

We need all fucking
days, all day long.

Let's do it.

Come on.

Is this the red
team that I know?

No, it's not.
Is it over?

No, it's not.

Was it over when theGermans
bombed Pearl Harbor?


It's not over yet.

Come on.

Can I get a
halibut wellington?

Halibut's up.


Chef, halibut's here.

Wellington, sauce.

I'm ready to go wellington.

Yeah, garnish is gone.

Line up.

Right behind with
wellington, chef.


Oh, boy, have they given up.

Hey, put your finger in there.

Yes, chef.

Just put your
finger in there just

to identify how
fucking ice cold it is.

Fucking hell.

How pathetic.

Not even a boiling
fucking sauce.

When you can't be bothered.Leave me.

Hey, all of you.

Enough's enough.

I've taken shit all night.

Every fucking table hasbeen
a battle, and I'm done.

All of you, try and do
something as a team.

Fuck off out of here.

And have a great discussionabout two individuals

that you want to get rid of.

Get out.

Sorry, chef.

Cold sauce, my bad.

Gotta love it.

Last table, blue team Yes?

I'm about to walk garnish.

Walking through
chicken and duck, guys.


Let's go, you.

Duck, beautifully
cooked, crispy skin.

New York strip, nice to cook.

Pork nicely cooked.

- Yeah blue team.
- Go.

- Oh my god.

This is so tropical.

It's delicious.

Worth the wait.

That's it.


When you cook like
that, and everything

is absolutely on point, why are you holding back?

I just wasn't thinking.

I'm looking for a leader.

Yes, you can cook.

You'd better find your voice.

Just self-doubt.

That's all it is.

And I think that's what sucks,
is that other people can be

loud and confident, and
fucking suck at this,

and at least they have a voice.

Help me to help you.

Got it?
- Yes, chef.

It's OK.

You're OK.

Just breathe.

He would not be on your
ass if he didn't think

there was more inside of you.I promise you.

Trust me, he was so on myass,
the way he is on you.

They're hard on me
becausethey know that I can do this.

I feel like they know itmore than I do sometimes.

You're going to
find your voice?


Come on.
Good job.

Thank you.

Leading up to gettingkicked out of the kitchen,

the most problems was
on the fish station.


I had two salmon come back,
but I didn't know where I was.

So that's the problem we had.

After the entrees
startedcoming in, there's no way.

There is a way.

I did it.

That's how you do that station.

In my mind, Scotley
should go home.

I went down because he
couldn'tfigure out how to communicate

what you're supposed to do.

I know I fucked up tonight.

You know what I mean?

Put it to a vote.

I personally have to
go Kevin and Scotley.

Scotley and Kev.

They weren't on their stations.

People put my name up becauseI
had two things come back.

But what about the lack
ofleadership in anybody else?

Chris, go ahead.

Who's your two?

I would say Scotley and Bret.

It was a soft finish
to the service.

I'm going to go y'all two.

Bret dishing out the cold sauce.

I don't even know
what to say right now.

I'm baffled.

The fucking sauce.

I'm not going home
because of a cold sauce.

Yo, so had there not
beenmistakes in dinner service,

cold sauce would've
got us kicked out.

I'm just thinking.


We wouldn't have
been kicked out.


We would've been kicked out.

Because I think me
going up for elimination

on a cold sauce's behalf isfuckery,
to be honest with you.

Every wellington was perfect.

They weren't all perfect.

Did that ruin dinner service?

It was one of
many things, dude.

I mean, we had problems.-
What was the other things?

We had problems.

What were the other
problems, Motto?

Spit it out.

Dude, I've been telling
youwhat's on my fucking mind.

Dan's a lot of big
barking, and no bite.

Bret, you want to talk the talk,
like, walk the motherfucker.

I don't deserve
to go up because

of a cold fucking sauce.

That's for damn sure.

Fuck, man.

After the ladiesof the newly formed blue team

won the dinner service,
the men of the red team

must nominate two
chefs for elimination.

Red team, have you
reached a decision?

Yes, chef.


Red team's firstnomination, and why, please.

First nomination for thered team is Scotley, chef.

Garnish was one of the
problemsthat we had this evening,

with timing and communication.

Red team's second nomination?

Second nomination was--




The salmons that
came back, seems

like that's when
everythingstarted to break down.

Scotley, Kevin,
step forward, please.

Kevin, second time in a row.

Why should you stay
in Hell's Kitchen?

I got fight in me, chef.

You know that.

I'm not always
yelling and screaming,

but I'm a very confident person.

I communicated very well.

You know, I need to
kick a little rust off,

and this is definitely
a wake up call, chef.

Scotley, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I'm a good chef.

I'm determined to win.

I'm not here to lay down.

Yes, I could have
communicated better.

But I didn't go down
hard, like how the fish

station went down tonight.

Fish station
didn't go down hard.

I had two friggin' things.

You didn't give
me definite times.

One is eight minutes.

Then going back, oh, I
need eight more minutes.

Like, come on.

Garnish drives the ship.

Everybody knows that.

Everyone's always known that.

You are the one
that communicates.

You can't say, I can't do it.

The fuck?

Are you going to give up?

Chef, I got so
much fire in me.

You know, I'm not
ready to go home.

You know, I step up andsay, yeah, I've messed up.

I fucked up tonight, chef.

But you know what?

It's not over for me.

And I know that.

This is a very
difficult decision.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen is--


Give me the jacket.

I'm not feeling the desire.

I mean, you've got
successoutside this competition.

And you are nowhere
near as hungry now

as you were last time
you graced this floor.

I wish you nothing but success.

Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Appreciate it.

- Thanks for coming back.- Any time.

- Good luck.
- Peace out.

Eight long years, I've
been chewing on this.

I came back for redemption.

I already run several
restaurants right now.

So, he's right.

I didn't have that fire.

I'm going to give my
kids a hug and a kiss,

and I'm going skiing.

Scotley, back in line.

I just want to make
one thing very clear.

Do not ever underestimate
theimportance of being passionate.

When you give up, I'm
going to give up on you.


Yes, chef.

Get out of here.

I have a bull's
eye on my head.

But I'm going to
make sure that I

do everything to perfection
sonobody can put the blame on me.

I'm a strong chef.

I know I'm a damn good leader.

Our big brother is gone.

Somebody has going
to fill those shoes.

And I'm ready for it.

Kevin getting eliminated
thisearly, a chef of his caliber,

it is a wake up
call for everyone

to get their shit together, or you could be next.

Kevin was a standout in
hisfirst time in Hell's Kitchen.

Unfortunately, this
time around, he

seemed more determined
tohead back to the ski slopes

than to the Las Vegas strip.

Next time on
a very special episode

of Hell's Kitchen.

At least you and I are
still on the same page.

Will a
budding friendship be

cut short by a painful quarrel?

How did you
support me tonight?

You didn't have my back.

That was all you, not me.

And will
one woman's battle

to save the relationship--

I want this more
than anything.

You bet your ass I'm
ready to fight for it.

I'm not going to gothere with you right now.


--Fall on deaf ears?

Can you at least just talk sowe
can stay on the same page?


T won't even speak to Heather.

And when
all hope seems lost--

Walk that.

Please would be nice, right?

--Will it breakChef Ramsay's heart?

What's happened.


And tear
the blue team apart?

You're done.

Who cares.

Find out next weekon a
heart-wrenching episode--

It hits you in the feels.

--Of Hell's Kitchen.