Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 4 - Hell Freezes Over - full transcript

The chefs must compete in a sled race for an advantage in the winter soup challenge.

on "Hell's Kitchen":

When the United States
Marinesmarched into Hell's Kitchen--


What an honor to cook forall
of these men and women.

--Both theveterans and the talented

rookies were determined--

This kind of means
a real lot to me.

I was in the Navy.

have their kitchens

feed their Marines first.

My brother's a marine, so let's kick ass for him.

Gizzy made a
careless mistake--

The water's not
even fucking boiling.

--That required--- Fucking hell.

--Some basic training.

That water needs to be
boiling for the pasta.

But the red teammanaged to rally back.

Red team, keep it up!

Yes, chef!

In the blue kitchen--

Who dressed this?

Sorry, chef.

There's fouringredients in this salad.

What the hell is wrong with you?

A number of veteranswere
forced into triage mode

at Jen's salad station.

Make them please
look a lot nicer.

How much you worry
about your french fries

and leave me alone.

And that
had a damaging effect.

How long on fries?

I just walked over here.


Heather, it's just fries.

That resulted
in a blue team loss.


Well done.

And a
rookie celebration.

You ever heard
the marine policy?

No man left behind.

Yes, chef.

You left your
fucking brains behind.

At dinner service--

I honestly don't knowwhat
the fuck has happened.

Oh no.

struggled again.

how dry that is.

It's like my soul whichhe's just like tearing apart.

Jose bailed her out.

Six minutes to
the window, chef.

While in the veteranskitchen
Jen went from bad--

Young lady.

What am I doing
wrong now, chef?

Don't fucking talk
to me like that.

--To worse.

You're trying to clown
meup in here right now chef.

Did you just say that to me?

Don't you dare.
- I didn't--

Don't you dare!

To right out
of the competition.

You're trying to
sabotage me right now.


- You set me up!
- Where?

Get out!
- For nothing!

Get out!

You haven't got it
and you know that.

With Jen
gone, Chef Ramsay gave

the rest of the chefs a break.

Nobody is leaving this
competition tonight.


them all in the hunt

to become the executive
chef at Gordon

Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now the continuation
of "Hell's Kitchen--

Veterans Versus Rookies."

Are you kidding me?

What the fuck is wrong
is wrong with you.

The bitch loony toons.


That is loony tunes
at its finest, bro.

Jen had the opportunitythat
people would kill for--

to come back a secondtime--
and she spits on Chef

Ramsay's face like that.

What the fuck are you thinking?

I know a mother fucker
that will slit my throat

to be where I am right here.


Yo, I was--

I was telling Scott
Lee earlier though,

you can't even go and
seeyour old room some time.

I heard you knockingearlier like, can I come in?

I know!

Yeah, dude, cause all
the fucking ladies

fucking whatever.

Can I move into the boy's room.

Lot of sexy ladies.

For real.

Yo, Mia, dude.

I'm sorry.

Obviously we all know
Miahas a fucking big ass booty.

Dude, if she wasn't so
aggressive I'd be like--

I'm going
to chill out here.

Having fun yet?

Well, I'm not
going to go that far.

Like it just feels like work.


I came here to cook
in front of one

of the best chefs in the world.


I'd rather just like shut mymouth,
do the best I can do,

which is what I usually do.


You might have saw
someblack jackets sitting there

on the couch while you saw
someelimination people sitting out

there by the hot tub tonight.

You're underestimated
a little bit.

I'd rather be underestimated.

So would I, because theneverybody is pleasantly

surprised when you succeed.

Or unpleasantly surprised.

Yeah, that's true.


Bring it on.

Morning guys!

Good morning.

Chef Ramsay has asked us
todeliver these jackets to you.

Oh no.

Please put them on.

Here you go.

Yo, I hope
we get to keep these.

We see jackets.

We're in 90 degree LA.

I have no idea what'sgoing to happen right now.

I'm a little confused.




Line up, please.

- Oh, it is snow!
- Let's go!


There we are.

Good morning!

Good morning chef!

Hell has frozen over.

We're going to have a
bit of a competition.

For the first time ever
in "Hell's Kitchen,"

you'll be competing in
theHell's Kitchen sled race.

It's going to be a
relay, so there'll

be two people in
the sleigh and there

will be one person pushing it.

The winning team will earn
anadvantage in today's challenge.

Let's go!

Any of these physical,
racey type deals,

I get a little nervous.

Let's just hope
the old folks don't

need any walkers after this.


Here we go.





Strike two!

Heather and I were
the first ones to go

and we just got speed.

If there's nothing elsetoday, well, at least we get

to do a little bit of sledding.

Who's up?

Come on blue!

I never went sleddingbefore, who thought that I'd

be sliding down a slope today.

Go blue!

Come on, Jose.

I'm like pissed off right now.

I don't know what happened.


She ate that snow.

Come on, come on, come on!

Is this really happening?

Rookies, you know,
we're allyounger, we're all more fit.

So it's a little embarrassing.


Blue team, great job.

You have a big advantage.

The dish you're about tomake is the perfect treat

on a cold winter day.

For today's challenge, I'mlooking for each of you

to make an incredible,
mind-blowing bowl of soup.

And you'll be making your
soups right over there.

When I heardthat I was making soup

it just brought me backto my lead line cook days.

They called me the soup man.

If you can make a good soup,
you could be a great chef.

Now, all stars blue teamyou
have a 10 second head

start to grab everything
youneed to create a stunning soup.

And you have 45 minutes.

Are you ready?

Yes, chef.

Go blue team.

I'm extremely irritatedwith that 10 second lead.

They're going to snatch all
of the good ingredients.

Two, one, red team, go!

Let's go!

Behind you.
Coming in.

Behind, behind!

You're popping.



Soy, it's so salty,
and thenyou can't really control it.

I'm going to do a
Vietnamese inspired pho.

It's very ambitious to do
agood pho stock in 45 minutes.

God, that needs so much love.

soup I'm doing is

a spicy butternut squash soup.

I've made this soup
many times and fucking

it sells out like hot cakes.

Tell me how
this is working?

I'm just puttingit as a garnish, chef, on top.


pancetta is popping.

What are you going for?

Pasta fagiole, met with
pancetta and some herbs.

Pasta fagiole?

Three minutes!

What am I missing?

Smells so fucking good.

90 seconds.

Come on guys, push it!

5, 4, 3--

Coming up,
coming up, hot.

--2, 1.

Times up.

Well done, guys.
- Thanks, chef.

Great job.

I brought in two
incredible guest judges.

She is one of the top
chefs in the country

and has been awarded
two James Beard Awards.



Please welcome
Traci Des Jardins.

Now, chef.

Chef Des Jardins, I
mean she's a rock star.


She's been honored
severaltimes at James Beard house.

She knows what she's doing.

You have a great
vegetablewinter soup at Jardiniere.

Give us a little insightto the magic of that dish.

Well, you always
want the balance.

You want a little bit of
acid, salt, a little bit

of texture on there.

That's the ideal soup.

I can't agree more.

Right, our second judge.

He's a two time
figure skating world

champion and an Olympic
goldmedalist, Brian Boitano.


What would
Brian Boitano do?

Give me a perfect score.

This amazing skater haswritten
an incredible cookbook.

Thank you.

"WhatWould Brian Boitano Make."

Yeah, you got it.


Blue team.

First up, Trevor.

For the first
ever soup challenge

in "Hell's Kitchen"history, each of the judges

will be scoring the dishes
from one to three stars.

Please be careful.

The team with themost stars wins the challenge.

Today I did a
carrot and coconut

soup with a cajun curry shrimp.

Uh, flavor wise?

Yeah, it's very nice.

Beautiful texture.

I don't really get
the herb in there,

the coconut's kind of dominant.

Other than that, the
soup tastes delicious.

I love the contrast
of the crunchiness

with the creaminess of the soup.


Excellent, six points
for the blue team.

Good start, thank you.

Thank you.

It's rough being the firstone
judged because the judges

always hold back a little bit.

I've never seen anybody
get a perfect score

right out of the gate.

Heather, please
describe your soup.

In front of you,
you have and andouille

and lobster corn chowder.

When you combine andouille,
and lobster, and corn,

it's like, where
can you go wrong?

I like the spiciness.

It's got a good kick.

Thank you, Chef.



Thank you.

- Right,
- Ariel.

Up next: Ariel'sfried chicken miso ramen.

Love the flavor.

Great textures.


I like the perfume
of the seaweed.

I think it's really lovely.

I love the color of the broth.

And I really like the funkyness.

Look at that depth of
authenticity in there.

Gives the blueteam another seven points.

And T's Appalachian
inspired soup--

A celery veloute and a
littlebit of spicy pickled shrimp.

Love the flavors,
the textures.

Visually it's beautiful
and the chicken skin

is really amazing.

absolutely delicious.

a near perfect score.

Next up.

Kevin, you and Brian
go to the same barber.

I know. Yes we do, chef.

Kevin's classicNew England clam chowder--


The textures are lovely.

I was hoping for
one little errant clam

that I could eat with
the soup, but it's good.


a solid score.

Next, Roe hopes to wow
the judges with her--

Vietnamese style pho.

We have yet to win a challenge,
so today would be a great day

to get out of the kitchen,
not have to prep for service,

and get a reward.

I'm missing a
little bit of salt.

It needs more body for me.

I'm missing the acid.

Just a squeeze of
lime at the end, just

to give it that balance.

If they had a
zero, they probably

would have held that shit up.

Last up
for the veterans

is Bret, who is hoping
a big score on his soup

will make it moredifficult for the rookies

to surpass his team's total.

Today I prepared
a tomato basil soup

with crispy pancetta and orzo,
with a roasted garlic crostini,


What kindof tomatoes did you use?

Uh, canned pelati de pomodoro.




In today's
soup challenge,

Bret is the last "Hell'sKitchen"
veteran to present,

and has just served his
tomatoand basil soup with pancetta.

What kind
of tomatoes did you use?

Uh, canned pelati de pomodoro.



You used canned tomatoes.

You're an Italian!

Were they salted
before you started?

Um, I cooked them
down with salt, chef.

Mm hmm, mm hmm.

Is it tomato puree in there?

Um, a little bit
of paste, chef.

Paste, yeah.


I find it a little salty.

And I don't taste
enough of the pancetta.


Good job, Bret.

It's all right, guys.

Yeah, blue team,
you cameout the gate strong there.

And then it just pitted off.

OK, Mia, let's go please.

Yes, chef.

41 is
the score to beat,

and up first for therookies is Mia with her--

Browned butter
and butternut squash

soup with some crispy
Brussels sprouts.

Very, very nice.

Thank you, chef.

The marriage, you know,
Brussels sprouts scream winter,

croutons fried in brown butter.

It's amazing.

I want to get tothe end there and I want more.


Thank you, chefs.

Thanks so much.

I just want to rub it
in the blue teams face,

like in your face!

Like-- like, ah!

Mia's perfect score,

Motto is hoping
to wow the judges

with his southern spiced
sweet potato soup.

Not to only warm yourbellies,
but warm y'alls souls.

The flavors are fantastic.

I'm just not getting
any of that acid.

The base is really
complex, which is nice.

You keep discovering
thingsevery bite that you take.

Thank you.



Gizzy, is this pickled fennel?

It's quick pickled
fennel, yeah.

It's amazing.

Nice touch.

blows the judges away

with her celery and fennel soup,
earning another perfect score

for the red team.

Chris let's go.

Uh oh.

They're doing pretty
darn good right now.

Chef, what I have hereis a spicy butternut squash

soup with fried tomatoes
and fried jalapenos,

then tossed in brown sugar.


Brian, how's that for you?

When you first
served it I felt

it looked like melted cheese.

I can't imagine getting tothe
bottom of this-- this bowl.

Yes chef, thank you.

Thank God somebody
sucks on that team.

let's go please.

Jose is up
next with his soy miso

soup and vegetables.

I like the intensity, Ilike the funkyness of it.

Easy to eat, everything fits on your spoon,

got great textures in there.

Really lovely.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Up next, Scotley.

We need the red
team to stumble twice.

We might have a chance
if they stumble twice.

They have to.

I'll have a
saffron, potato, leek

with some crispy Brusselssprouts, a butter

poached lobster
knuckle and tail.

Love the texture, got anice little airiness to it.

It's a beautiful marriagewith
the texture of the soup.



Hell yeah.

Booyah, it's done!

Like we got this, it's over.

Good job.

Rookies, you have
beaten the all stars,

and you've still got
one soup to taste.

Big blow.

That was a big body
blow right there.


The texture of the
roastedmushrooms is fantastic.

Thank you.

Kanae's dish receivesthe third perfect score

for the rookies as they
dominate the veterans.

I put my scarf on backward,
like I was thinking of Tupac,

like thug life, I'm
about to kill this shit.

great soups today.

Yeah, fantastic.


I want all of you
to thank these two

incredible judges for
givingup their day to be here.

Red team, you're off for
aluxurious day and night--


--Of pampering.

That's right.

At Laurie's own resort
and spa in Palm Springs.


Now, say goodbye
to the blue team.

Bye bitches!

Thank you so much!

Go wild and have some fun.

Thank you chef!

Victory is golden, man,
I'mfilled with diamonds right now.

This is the best one so far.

I'm so excited.

We took their heart.

And we took their soul!

Blue team, asred team are settling themselves

in Palm Springs at
that incredible resort,

you'll be here in Hell's
Kitchen shoveling up

and transporting all this snow.

30 tons of snow needs to go.

Yes, chef.

Head to the patio.

Jocky will call you when
we're ready to start

shoveling this snow.


disgusted with myself.

I let myself down, my team down.

Y'all, on my behalf,
I'm sorry y'all.

I let you all down big time.

I'm sorry.

Here we go.

I'm sorry y'all.

Sorry, Trev.

Stop don't.


I'm sorry.

What the fuck?

Shake it off.

We can't dwell.

You don't know me, bro.

Like as much as Chef
Ramsay criticizes me,

he'll never criticize
me like I criticize me.

You know what I'm saying?


Your team knows you
fucked up, you don't

need to keep bringing it up.

Disgusted right
now in myself, yo.

I need a break.

What the fuck.

With raw passion
comes raw emotion,

homie, and I'm anemotional ass ..

Suck it up, buttercup.

Palm Springs,
here we are!

Whoop, whoop!

Let's go, baby!

Let's go.

Oh my--

Look at this place!

This is crazy.


I'm so ready for this.


Chef Ramsay, he hooked us up.


He know how to live life.



Look at
this outfit she got on.

Holy shit, Kanae.


My husband would kill meif
I didn't have a cover up.

I wonder what the blue
team is doing right now.

I think they're
probably crying.

We're a good team.

When I'm up in Heaven,
I'm going to be like

oh, man, remember when
I was in

in Palm Springs, Jesus?

Ah, that was some good shit.

to the red team.

While the red team
iswhooping it up in steamy Palm

Springs, the veteran
blue team is scooping it

up back at icy Hell's Kitchen.

I know, let's

go back on "Hell's Kitchen."

At the time,

it sounded like a great idea!

We got 30 tons.

You know how much a ton is?

That's a car.

Hey, you got some big
chunksyou don't feel like shoveling,

give them to me.

I'll just throw themmotherfuckers over there.

I'm not waiting for a wheel
barrel, might as well.

Bret is aroller coaster of emotions

and I don't want
to be on this ride.

I know!

at this, Gizzy.


It's definitely a date
night type restaurant.

I haven't been on
a date in awhile,

so I'm super happy to be
here right now.

is that, the sea bass?


The food at Sopa
is unbelievable.

This is a one hell of a reward.

He's not bringing us here
justto eat, it's really to like--

To learn something.

--To learn something.

We've got the momentum.

We win the next one,
they're going to have

to call us the all stars.

Red team!


seriously guys,

should we give one more toast?

With their long dayon snow duty behind them--

The beef prep?

I'm going
to do the poached eggs.

--The veterans are upearly,
prepping both kitchens

for tonight's dinner service.

Man, I'm justliving in egg land today.

How are we doing?

The test batfch was fine.

These are going to be toohard,
because by the time

you reheat that, that's
going to overcook.

OK, so that batch goes out.

Start over again.

OK, fine.

What had happened?

Oh, they'regood, just not good enough.

No, it's not
extremely difficult.

I don't want anybody
thinking that I don't

know how to poach eggs, OK.

I do,

How's the eggs?

About to find out.

Trev is the egg man.

What does that make you?

The walrus?

Nope, I'm just Jocky.

last four here.

See, some of
these are fucked.

That's overcooked.You want it to be like this.

Do you see that?

I see it.

I think he went through
white eggs, brown eggs,

white eggs again.

It's poaching eggs!

Trev, use your teammatesas well around you

to check for your
eggs, because I don't

want to go through this again.

I'm done with salmon, can I come over and--

Oh, why don't-- let's--

let's get everybody on
poached eggs with me

so I just look like the
biggestidiot in the fucking world.

Lighten up,
you'll be all right.

It's getting old.

I got to do them again.

With the rookies yetto return from their reward,

the veterans are busy
prepping both kitchens.

See, some of
these are fucked.

Those eggs aren't good.

And Trevor has failedrepeatedly to please Chef

Jocky with his poached eggs.

Fuckingcocksucking son of a bitch.

It's getting old.

I got to to do them again.


This Chef Jocky--ugh.

Where's your eggs?

Show me your eggs?

I'm still get the tail, but--

- Yeah, but that's--- And I normally get that.

It's nicer.

OK, that's--

It's much better
than you had before.

- OK.
- Beautiful.

All right.

You are the egg man.

I can do things.

Go fuck your eggs.

With the red teamback from Palm Springs--

Hi, chef!

Let's go.

Chef Ramsay
is making sure everyone

is set up for success
beforehe opens Hell's Kitchen.

Do you have them cranked up?

I have it to 460, chef.



Literally six minutes.

minutes there chef.

Flip and kiss.

Everybody knows how
to cook in here, right?

We just all got to
learn how to talk.

Let's do it.

It's not rocket science, kids.


- Si, chef.- Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

Whetherthey've come for the food

or the star gazing,
the restaurant

is filled with excited guests.

On top of Chef
Ramsay's classic menu.

Pan seared scallops
to start with.

Sexy, right on top, Marino.

Sexy, right on top.


They may also enjoya
gourmet clam chowder which

will be prepared table
sideby Gizzy for the red team

and Bret for the blue team.

Gets a little hot in here.

Oh no, it's amazing.

Go blue team.

And with
comedians Cheryl

Hines and Rachel Harris--

Smells so good already.

--And Academy Awardnominee
Morgan Spurlock dining

in each kitchen, there will
beextra pressure on both teams

- Let's go red team.

Go, here we go guys.

Let's go.

On order, two twos, onespecial,
the chowder table side.

How long?

Seven minutes.

One carbonara, on.

Two flatbread, roll.

Yes chef!

Let's go.

Do that one, start workingtwo
more doughs for flatbread.

Yes, ma'am.

The red team isfeeling really good right now.

Watch it, though.

We're making the allstars look like amateurs,

and I just want us to
keep the momentum going.

Can you set this in there?

I have a sheet pan.

It's in there.

I'm just
pointing right here.


I don't know where thisat, you're not telling me.

It's righthere, look, it's right here.

Well, I can'tsee it, I'm tall as fuck.

Mia is somebody who's
hard to deal with.

It's just always something, the littlest thing.

It's not a big
deal, Mia, come on.

It's not a big deal,
but you're standing

Stop, stop, stop.


Scotley is used to peoplestanding down to him.

And I know I'm a foot anda half shorter than he is,

but I'm not just going tolet him tell me, you know,

how to run my station.

I have everything I need, he's standing there,

No, I'm not.

Stop yelling, squash it now.

All right, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry chef.

Hey, don't do this dumb shit.

With temperaturesrising in the red kitchen,

the first ticket of
the night has just

arrived in the blue kitchen.

OK, here we go.

Four covers, table 22
wantsspecial chowder table side,

two scallops, one tartare.

Yes, chef.

Scallops are going in the pan.

Everyone's biggest fear
on the fish station

is definitely the scallops, but my scallops are

going to be perfect tonight.

Scallops for the pass.



Scallops, please, let's go.

Out in one, good.

Let's go.



First table out, not a glitch.

Not even a hit anywhere.

Decisiveness, rhythm.


Yes, chef.- Let's go.


It's so awesome.

With the veteransshining bright on appetizers,

over in the red
kitchen the rookies

are hoping to get in a groove.

On order, four
covers, table 50,

two flatbreads, one octopus,
one special chowder table side.

Yes, chef.

Actress on "The
Goldbergs," VIP.

Let's go.

So I'm working
two flatbread here.

They're working so fast.

Where you need me guys?

Come right here.

Right here?

Why aren't you table
side, young lady?

I'm helping--

Fucking hell.

Gizzy's here doing
Mia's flatbread.

Did you ask her to stay here?

No, chef.

I didn't ask for herhelp, but she offered so--

if you're busy, dude,
go away, I got this.

Mia, table side is what?


Why are you doing
theflatbread over your table side?

Scotley and Mia
should have been like,

hey what are you doing here,
I think you have a table side

and you weren't even
here to fucking hear it.

And you were in
there doing flatbread.

I got you.

You're going to 50.
- I mean, it sucks.

Hi, ladies!
How are you doing?

How are you?

Very good.

As Gizzy shows upfashionably late to her tables,

over on the blue side--

Yeah, I took a break
from the business

in my early '20s andimmediately went back in it.

Out here in Hell's
Kitchen I don't

have too many interactionswith everyday people.

Sometimes I wonder
why I come back,

then I realize to win
Hell's Kitchen, right?

Just schmoozing, as
my father would say.

Most definitely.

We're still waiting
on that special order.

Yeah, but that ticket--that's going first, right?

Yeah, no, but he'staking too long to plate.


Speed up!
- Yes, chef.

You're backing up your
kitchen now, speed up.

Yes, chef.

He wants us to chat
with the customers,

and yabba dabba
do, and greet them,

and then it's shut
the fuck up and cook.

When I tell you the stressthat goes into this.

While Bret stallsthe blue kitchen, over

in the red kitchen--

Hurry up, let's go.

rookies have kicked

it into gear on appetizers--

- It's good.

So good.

--And are readyto move on to entrees.

Where do
you need me guys?

Two minutes!
I got--

On order,
chef table in five, VIP.

Entree one beef, one pork.

Yes, chef.

Is the pork in the oven?

Pork's on the grill.

Why has the
pork, just gone on?

You don't have another pork?


Oh, shit stop.

Oh, fucking hell.

What in the-- other way.

Hey, red team, come here.

Who put this in the oven?

What the hell is that?

Who did it?

On a night
with celebrities

sitting at the chef's tables--

Who put this in the oven?

--Chef Ramsay has made
a shocking discovery--

Who did it?

--That has him
angry and embarrassed.

Seems like they're alittle stressed out right now.

I don't understand howyou could be cooking fish

in that oven all night long.

The first thing I notice
when I open the oven

is the fucking
band of pork chop.

18 seasons, I've neverseen
a pig so fucked as that.


I hate this pork dish.

It's stupid.

It should be on the
fucking meat station,

it should not be on
the fish station.

Fuck off, you, will you?


But who the fuck putthe pork chop in my oven?

Literally, six minutes.

Six minutes.

Flip and kiss.

What the fuck, how the
fuck did I miss that.

Here we go.

Entree, two halibut,
two New York strip.

Yes, chef.GORDON RAMSAY: In we go.

The strip, the strip.

I'm kind of gettingannoyed that we keep losing.

There's a couple of us that
areconsistently doing what we're

supposed to do, and
there's a couple

that waver between they'regood or they're not.

Can you at least
season these for me?

yeah, I know, I know.

Hey, hey, don't beat itup, dude, gently touch it.

New York strip and fries, yes?

Walk to the window,
walk tothe window, walk to the window!

Strip, we got a York's.

Right, chef.

they're not even hot.

Touch them!

I've got fucking--

Well, they
were in the oven for--

- Fucking hell.
- Hey, give me, give me.

in the fucking pan!

There's a pan smoking there.

Why is he so
cute when he yells?

Because he's British.

I'm not throwing out
cold fucking food, guys.

Instead of using me as
autility that can help him out,

it's more like I'm just
going to do it, just

get the fuck out of the way.

All right, man.

Gotta turn that--

down a little bit.

While Kevin choosesto fly
solo on the meat station,

back in the red kitchen
Chris is hoping to put

the pork disaster behind him.

Where's the pork?

Where's the-- the
pork's ..

Fucking hell.

Let's go.

There you go, baby.

There you go.


Thank you very much.

Let's go.

One beef, one,, onehalibut, one New York strip.

How long on the halibut?

One halibut,
minute and a half.

Let's go.

New York strip, fries.

Can I
slice Beef Wellington?

She's asking about
the Beef Wellington.

Can I slice Beef Wellington?

Do not, do not, do not.

Wait, we should be
walking right now.

Y'all are killing
my meats, dude.

In this brigade
system we need to be

in sync, because if
he's off on his times

that's going to fuck me.

What are we
actually waiting on?

I need two and a half minuteson
salmon and halibut, please.

It was just 90 seconds.

Just let me know
when you're planning

on walking it as well, please.- I'm ready to walk.

None of my fish are up here.

If you don't see my
fish on a sizzle pan,

why are you walking?

So chef thinks that you'reon time and I'm behind?

Fuck, man.

Walking behind.

You're walking fish.

10 seconds, please.

Hey, all
of you, come down here.

Let's play guess
the temperature.

Don't touch it.

Guess it, with--
just with your eyes.

Medium well.

Over, it doesn't--

Overdone, a little
wave, too, as well.

- Medium well, chef.
- Medium well, chef.

Can I have a fucking
steak cooked properly?

the fuck on, dude.

I'm trying really hard to
beon point with all of my food.

It sucks when it's beingbrought
down by someone else.


Good, go.

While the red teamworks through their timing

issues, Chef Ramsay is
stillwaiting on season 6 runner

up Kevin--

New York strip.

--To get ittogether in the blue kitchen.

Come on, Kevin.

Right behind, rightbehind, right behind, please.

In front, chef,
there you go chef.

Fucking hell.

Got it.

Mm, so tender.

One beef, one lamb,
one halibut, one salmon.

Thank you--BLUE TEAM: Yes, chef.

Step into it!

I feel like all the rightcomponents of a great team

are here, we just need
to get back on track.

Right behind.

Hey blue team--


Kevin and Trev, just
get down here a minute.

What is that?

That's overcooked lamb, chef.

Who cooked this?

We did.

We did?

Ah, fucking hell.

Trevor, whatare you talking about?

Don't say shit that ain't true.

Lamb, guys.

I have a lamb right now.

Right now, we have it.

Fucking hell.

Blue team.

Come here.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Not looking
forward to this one.

It has
been a rough service

in the veterans kitchen.

Fucking hell.


Blue team, come here.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

And Kevin'sinconsistency on the meat

station has theircelebrity guests wondering

if this is the final curtain.

- Where did--
- What's going on?

--Everybody go?

I don't know.

What is happening?

We're fucking slow.

That's over medium to well,
andthis one's raw in the middle.

I don't know what
the fuck is going on.

I just need somebollocks in here quickly.

And I mean fucking quickly.

- Yes, chef.- Pick it up guys, let's do it.

Yes, chef.

Before tonight I

was comfortable
working with Kevin,

I thought no matter
where we would

put him he would be great.

Mm, not so much at this point.

I got it, I got it.

I know, I just
didn't want the--

I got it, just
fucking let it be, man.

All right.

If I'm going to go
down, let me go down.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm tryingto help you out, dick.

All right, it's ready.

We're ready to go.

Right now.

Double check it
just to make sure, Kev.

Here we
go, third time, lucky.

The lamb's fucking raw.


Oh my god.

Overcooked, undercooked, raw.

What-- what--

what is happening?

What is happening, guys?

Because it's fucking not right.

Oh, fucking hell.

I'm not even getting
an answer now.

never had a seriously

bad night in Hell's
Kitchen, ever,

but tonight was pretty bad.

I've got a lamb here.

With Chef
Ramsay shepherding

the blue team's lamb--

Come on guys,
finish strong, please.

Send that, please.

--The Kitchens
are now finishing off

the last few tickets
of the night.

41 and 51 desserts.

51, 41 desserts, chef.

Finish strongguys, come on finish strong.

Come on, guys, push it.

We got it.

The meringue is
absolutely perfect.

Yeah, it's really good.

You guys were in
oblivion this evening.


There were so many
carelesserrors in both kitchens,

I actually felt
we went backwards.

So it's very difficult for meto
decide which team was worse.

The losing team

tonight is the blue team--

and the red team.

I need both teams to
head into the dorms

and come back with
twonominees for elimination.

Get out of here.

Yes, chef.

Let's just cut to the chase.

The meats were the issue.Right?

Meats was the issue.

That's the station.

Then it's got to
be you and Kev--

and Trev, yeah?
- Yeah.

There's no need to
discuss anything else.

I didn't pull my weight tonight.

I'll stand up for
responsibility, that's

what you're supposed to do.

We were on meats,
and we were a team.

Done and done.

We'll get lucky and therewas
a worse performance

over in the red
team, and Kevin and I

can squeak by with this
not pristine service.

All right, we're done.

It is what it is.
- Cool.

- Yep.

I'm going to say
Chris, because everybody

thought that you didn't
know what time it was.

You were never certain
when not one time.

Anytime I needed thatextra time, I said the time

that I needed, every time.

I was so communicative tonight.

No one else was, no onefucking said a word back.

That pork chop, that's what
fucking threw me under.

I'm going to go with
Chris and Scotley.

You tell me, you know,
you're too snappy--

You are.

I man up to where I'm wrong.

You said, oh I
always cut you off--

You just cut me off.

Just now, you just did.

That's why I'm nominating you.

Gizzy, Chef Ramsay
waspissed about that table side,

and I think that's one of
thereasons why we lost tonight.

Why you guys
didn't say anything?

Do you think that if weknew you had a table side,

we would just let you
be in the kitchen.

It doesn't really fuckingmatter what they say.

I think what matters is
what Chef Ramsay thinks,

and if he wants me to
be here then I'll stay.

And I really hope that's--

that's the case because
I don't want that one

silly mistake to send me home.

After an
abysmal dinner service

by both the rookies
and the veterans,

Chef Ramsay has asked
each team to nominate

two members for elimination.

Bret, blue team'sfirst nomination and why?

First nomination
is Kevin, chef.

Based on tonight's performance,
leading the meat station,

station went down hard.


Blue team's second
nomination and why?

Uh, Trevor, chef.

Being that they were
working as a pair,

seemed to be our
mostdisastrous station this evening.

Scotley, red team'sfirst nomination and why?

First nomination
is Chris, chef.

He got bombarded with
a lot of fish orders

and it kind of frazzled him.

Red team's second
nominee and why?

Second one is Gizzy,
because she was the first one

to lead with apps on
tableside and felt like the ball

was dropped on that part.


Trevor, Kevin, Gizzy,
Chris, step forward.

Gizzy, do you think you werethe
weakest chef on your team?

No, chef.

Who is then?

I believe that Chris is
the weakest individual.

Chris is?



Yes, chef.

--If you're not theweakest in your team, who is?

I would say Mia, chef.

Mia, why?

You need to be able tolead and she doesn't lead.

She demands.

She demands things.


Yes, chef.

What did you do tonight?

Worked the meats with Kevin.

What did you actually
cook, physically?


Kevin, bad service, right?

Absolutely, chef.

All I can say is I hit
theground running, I dusted off,

and I moved forward.

That's what leaders
do, pick up and go.

My decision is--


Take your jacket off.

both teams struggled

through their third
dinner service,

Chef Ramsay has asked
boththe rookies and the veterans

to put up two people
for elimination.

Kevin, bad service, right?

Absolutely, chef.

Trevor, Gizzy, and Chris

were nominated by their teams.

All I can say is I hit
theground running, I dusted off,

and I moved forward.

That's what leaders
do, pick up and go.

My decision is--


Take your jacket off.


Yes, chef.

You're going to the red team.

Yes, chef.

Gizzy, what does
table side mean?

At the table, chef.

That's right.

Give me your jacket.

I expected more from
you, you know that?

I expected more
from myself, chef.

Yeah, well.

Let's see how you
do in the blue team.

Get over there.

Thank you, chef.

Trevor, give me
your jacket young man.

Get yourself in the red team.

Chris, shit night tonight.

Yes, chef.

Last chance, red team.

Back in line.

Yes, chef.

Mia and Kanae, take
off your jackets.

You're going to the blue team.

Bret, take off your jacket,
you're going to the red team.

Yes, chef.

Rookies versus
veterans, forget it.

The experiment is over.

With both teams notperforming, I need to change

the chemistry in both Kitchens.

It's now men versus women.

Now do me a big favor,
fuck off will you?

Yes, chef.

I'm so excited,I'm off of Scotley's team.

I feel like this guy is goingto
end up digging his own grave.

I think this change
is a good thing.

Time to kill it.

It's back to basics,
guys versus girls.

We'll see what happens,

Chef Ramsay I'm verysorry for letting you down

but I feel like
you believe in me

and I'm going to take
this new opportunity

and really use it
to my advantage.

And I will show you,
I will showyou that I'm meant to be here.

: Rookies,

veterans, the only
title I really

care about is executive chef.

It's time to see who willlead and who will fall.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen"--

--it's an all new
house horrors--

--and the terrifying new teams--

Welcome, girls.

scaring up drama.

I'm never at a loss for words,
right now I'm a little, huh?

Will one
rookie's nerves--

She's a little nervous.

--Create a
descent into madness?

It's like a
murder scene over here.


She cuts it again,
then she's just

slaughtering Beef Wellington.

Ending in
an all out bloodbath.

She's crazy!

Tell her to stop doing it.

And will one
veteran torture a rookie

just for the fun of it?

Fucking watch your pansand tell us and talk to us.

It's all next time--

Are you
trying to be funny?

--On a
frightening episode--

--of "Hell's Kitchen."