Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 6 - Hot Potato - full transcript

Chef Ramsay introduces the chefs to a culinary legend known all over the world, Mr. Potato Head. For their challenge, the chefs must create a dish with the potato as the key component. Then...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

What the-- oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

The chefs werechallenged to cook fish using

seven different techniques.

Steamed, baked, grilled, poached, hot smoked,

pan seared, and shallow fried.

Hot damn.

That's what's up, man?

To be judged byMichelin-starred chef, David


Chef Ramsay has
the coolest friends.

Season 6 runner up, Kevin,
scored for the red team.

That texture is
really nice and moist.

So I'd give the point to Kevin.- All right.

But all of the otherpoints went to the blue team.

did a great job.

Mia has the edge on
this one for the point.

Thank you, chef.

I think I have to go withthe blue team ..


And the newly formedwomen's
team won the challenge.

You can only take a kickin
the crotch so many times.

At dinner service.

She was telling me
she's a little nervous.

I was a little
nervous about the lamb.

Blue team
rookies ----

You need to start cookingyour own fucking food.

Yes chef.

And Mia--

Why have you cut these?


initially struggled

with their confidence.

If those two sink the blueteam,
those two are going home.

quickly bounced back.

It's perfectly cooked.

I don't trip over
the sink zone twice.

In the red kitchen--

Is there anything I
can help you with, guys?

I got it, dude.
I'm good.

I'm good.- Jose, you OK over there?

I'm all right.

Rookie Chris
struggled to find

a place on his new team.

Just fucking watch the
passand tell us and talk to us.

veteran Kevin forgot

his place with Chef Ramsay.


You think that's raw?

Are you trying to be funny?

Oh, God.

Get out.

The red team
lost and nominated--

, chef.
- And--


In the end, ChefRamsay eliminated Kevin.

You are nowhere near
ashungry as you were last time

you graced this floor.

Who didn't
have the drive

to become the executive
chef at Gordon

Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuationof Hell's Kitchen.

- Get out of here.
- Yes, chef.

Yes, chef.

Goodnight, chef.

I don't know what happened.

I don't know either.


I'm extremely surprised.

Kevin was a phenomenal chef.

I don't know.

But, hey.

This here's a competition.

And it's one less person
inmy way to the prize at hand.

And now we've got us.

We've got to beat these girls.

They've got two big
personalities in there

right now that are going
to butt heads very soon.

And I'm telling you,
I'm tellingyou it's going to happen.

So now we have tomodify a couple of things.

You guys need to stopsecond guessing yourself.

There's nothing that I
can do to teach you meat

temperatures in five minutes.

You know that shit.

The rookies have to step up.

There's no room
for B and C games.

Gotta bring your A+++ game.

You're here for one reason.

Fucking cook food,
get yourhand on that fucking door.


Chris, how you feeling, man?

I don't think

It's always.

I'm not feeling that great.

You know, I'm starting
to doubt things.

Starting to doubt things.

You know, because
of my accident,

I had some past demons.

You know, and I've worked
sohard to be this optimistic man.

And if I feel like I'm
losing that, like--

there's no purpose.

I'm kind of losing myselfto this competition.


Good morning.

And welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

I'm Trev.

It's a beautiful day inthe neighborhood, isn't it?

Let's go.

Too bad I haven't seen
theoutside of these fucking

walls in two weeks.

Jesus Christ, can
we get on with it?

Good morning.

Good morning, chef.

There are many legends
in the culinary world.

Today, you all have
the good fortune

of meeting a household name.

His brand is known
across the entire world.

Please welcome
the one and only--

come on out.

Buon giorno.

Oh, no.

Good morning.


I said a legend.

It's right here.

Here you are.

Mr. Potato Head.

Look at this.

Mr. Potato Head.

I haven't seen one of
thesethings in 30 fucking years.

You could put his eyes on hisear,
and his ears on his eye,

and his nose on his dick.

You could stick
anything anywhere.

For decades, this toy
hasencouraged creativity and

imagination around the world.

For today's challenge,
I want you all

to create a dish with
thepotato as a key component.

The hero.

I want your imaginations
running wild.

Jocky, Christina.

for each of you.

Inside this bucket
are dozens of potato

head's little attachments.

Each labeled with an ingredient.

You'll have 30 seconds
tocollect as many ingredients

as you need to build your dish.

I'm looking around.

I'm counting the
people, you know.

I'm like, you know,
we don'thave enough pieces here.

Not at all.


We need more.

Oh my God.

On your mark, get set, go.

Oh my God.

In part one
of today's challenge,

each body part the chefs
select will be attached

to their Mr. Potato Head.

Oh, I can't find
a damn protein.

And the
corresponding ingredient

must be used in their dish.

Nobody seen shrimp?

I haven't seen shrimp at all.

No problem.

I dropped to my
knees and I'm picking

through like I'm
looking for lice

in my daughter's fucking hair.

Don't step on me.


Oh, I'll take pork.


15 seconds.- Watch your fingers.

Filet mignon.

arm goes on the leg

and the eyes go in the ear.

I don't care.

So I got new eyes.

Chicken, red cabbage.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

And stop.

Well done.

Thanks for the ingredients.

We're going to win
this right here.

Can you see the resemblance?

time starts now.

In today's Mr.
Potato Head challenge,

each chef will have
45minutes to create a dish using

the ingredients they gathered,
highlighting the potato

as the star of the plate.

Chris, give me a little
insight into your dish.

I'm doing a
shepherd's pie, chef.

I'm taking a big
risk, making a lobster

version of shepherd's pie.

It's with mushrooms, peppers.

I'm going to do tarragon.

You sure?

Yes, chef.

What are you going
to do with this?

Potato crumble.

Like, potato chip but crumble.

It's really good.

What are you

Chef, I'm making a meatloaf.

This is a dish that I've
made time and time over.

Oh yeah.

That's perfect.

I'm pretty sure this
is my challenge to win.

We're downto two minutes, guys.


Let's start plating.

T, can you pass me my plates?

They're behind you.

- You want more color, right?- A little more.

A little more.
A little more.

- What?- My plates are behind you.

Come on, guys.

10, 9, 8--

Come on,.
- 7.

Chris, come on.

6, 5.

Let's go, Chris.


3, 2, 1, and down.

Holy mackerel.

Good job, guys.

Blue team, you have one more chef

on your team than the red team.

You need to come to consensuson
who has the weakest dish.

Because that dish
will not be judged.

Anyone off the bat
feel not comfortable?

The pancake.

Well, my sweet potatoesaren't
going to be smooth.

It's like a yam.


I'm telling the blue team,
I'mvery confident in my flavors.

You need my dish to go up,
because that's the only way

we're going to win this thing.

Ladies, hurry up.

This is just really
like a little bit--

it's just chunky.
- Yeah.




Blue team, whose dish are you dropping?

Chef, we're going
to drop Kanae's dish.


Yes, chef.


Visually, it's
not that appealing.

And it was a little clunky.


Yes, chef.

I brought in a James

Beard-nominated cookbook
author with three

hugely successful restaurants--

The Crack Shack,
Juniper and Ivy,

and The Flip Burger Boutique.

Please welcome,
Chef Richard Blais.

Chef, welcome to Hell's Kitchen.


When I seen Chef RichardBlais, I was like--

ATL in the building.

- Good to see you again,
chef.- Good to see you too.

How are you?

Thank you for coming.

Jose, let's go, please.

Ramsay and Chef Blais

will each score the
potatodishes on a scale of 1 to 5,

for a total of 10 points.

The team with the most
pointswill win the challenge.

Here we have a
sweet potato gratin.

I have broccoli
here, so what I did

was char them to
resemble bone marrow.

Well, Jose.

So ambitious.

I think you could just
servedthe potato gratin in a little

with maybe
some of the chicken

inside of the gratin and
that's a beautiful dish.

Sometimes people are
beautifulin jeans and a t-shirt.

They don't need to get dressedup
and wear fancy suits, right?


I wanted more jeans and
a t-shirt in this dish.

I'm going to go with a 2 here.

And for me it's a 2.


Next up.

T. Let's go, please.

I did,,
sweet potatoes,

and some butternut squash.

It looks a little granular.

The bacon is a little crispy.

You could have peeled
theends of the peas a little bit,

because that's not a
pleasanttexture to have in your mouth.

So the mostunderwhelming thing for me

on that plate is
the actual potato.


I'm going to have to
give this dish a 1.

It's a 2 for me, T. Thank you.


T, you better pray that
wedon't lose this challenge.

After a less
than stellar start

from both teams,
Trevor's potato fritter

with shrimp earns him a--


Thank you.

Heather's surf and turf

potato pancake following suit.

I'm going to give it a 3.

Thank you Chef.

All right, Heather.

All right.

Chris, let's go, please.

So what we have
is a lobster pie.

So rich.

And the potato'sdefinitely the hero there.

Chris, I was worried
thatyou weren't going to have

enough lobster flavor in here.

It's just enough lobster.

I think it's the best
thing you've cooked

so far in this competition.


Man, I'm going to give you a 5.

For me, it's a 4 plus 1.

Thank you, chef.

That's what I'm
talking about, youngin'.

Coming off being put
on the chopping block

two times in a row.

He needed that more
than anybody else.


I have a Yukon andsweet potato Pommes Anna.

Flavor's on point.

Seasoning incredible.

- Look, I have goosebumps.- Yeah.

That's how good this dish is.

I'm going to give it a 4.

I'm going to give it a 5.

Thank you very much, chefs.

With Ariel unable tomatch Chris's perfect score,

the men now hold
a two-point lead.

And Motto is looking
to widen the gap.

A take on a
shepherd's pie, but this

would be more like
theprivate shepherd to the king.

That's not a thing
that exists, by the way.


I mean to me, it's
almost inedible.

Because it's so rare.

It's tough for me to chew it.

I'm going to give it a 1.

I'm giving it a 1.

Thank you.

Motto's royal fail,

the blue team trails
by only four points,

giving the challenge queen,
Mia, a chance to take the lead

with her Peruvian potato dish.

A cold potato dish
tasting that good--


Yeah, Mia, I mean, Ihate to contradict Gordon.


And I can't.

This is a delicious dish.

It is worthy of being on amenu
right now in a restaurant.

I'm going to give you a 5.


Because it's
just so delicious.

It has to be a 5.
- Thank you, chef.

It's outstanding.

Great job.

Thank you.

I got it a 10 on my dish.

With only two roundsto go in the judging, Atlanta

native, Scotley--

- A 4.
- 4.

Thank you, chef.

Impresses his
fellow Georgian chef.

While another Atlanta
native, Gizzy--

I'm going to have
to go with a 1 here.

Can't seem
to make a connection.

What the--

Is Giz getting worse and worse?

I'm going to give it a 2.

And worse.

She gets a 3 out of 10.

And she wanted to
put my dish back.

It's the final round.

And with the blue team leadingthe
red team by the narrowest

of margins, it's anyone's game.

So potato.

Immediately, I think gnocchi.

Italian heritage.

Italian cuisine.


I mean, I think
texturally, it's a win.

For me, it's hearty.

Delicious, rustic,
gnocchicatapulted into the Premier

League of items on the menu.

Thank you, chef.

Brett, I'm going
to give this one a 5.

Thank you, chef.

For me, it's a 5.

Thank you, chef.

Yeah, Bret.


Straight up.

Fucking gnocchi, 10
out of 10, you dig?


The final dish.

Roe, please, let's go.

Going last is the worst.

For me, potatoes
always scream steak.

So I went with a
classic pairing.

But I really wanted the
gratin to be the hero.

Hopefully, I can be the hero.

I would love to win
this challenge for blue.

It's tough because we've hada
really great gratin earlier.


I'm on the fence.


In today's Mr.
Potato Head challenge,

the red team leads by 9.


With only Roe'sdish yet to be scored.

I like that there's multiplepotatoes in the gratin.

I'm going to give it a 4.

Thank you, chef.

It's packed with flavor.

Definitely a 5.
- Thank you.



So we're tied.


We're going to give itto the best dish overall.

Chef Ramsay
and Chef Blais will now

decide between the
chefswho earned perfect scores

on their dishes--

Mia, Chris, or
Brad's potato dish--

Chef and I agree.

Please say Mia.

That the most outstandingdish of the day--

We have to get out
of the house today.

Trevor has not been out.

To get him out and
stretchhis fucking giraffe legs,

that's all I care about.

I just want the red team to win.

That's it.

Belongs to--




- Yeah, baby.
- Yeah.

I feel like my fucking soulis
sitting right next to me.

I feel like, like I'mlooking at myself to the left

and just being
like, what the fuck.

Like I just got
ripped out of my body.

Thank you, chef.

Good for you, Chris.

Now, because there's sevenof
them and six of the guys,

we knocked out a dish.

Kanae, let's go, please.


I feel
that she deserves

to have you taste her dish.


I have a purple mashedpotato
with some scallops,

crispy prosciutto and zucchini.

Kanae, it might have
served your team to have

this dish on the roster.

Chef, what would
you give that?

A 4, for sure.

- Yeah, I agree.
- Thank you.

That wasan 8 out of 10, that dish.

Thank you.

- Good job, Kanae.
- Wow.

That would have won
it for you guys.

Who cares?

I don't have time
to think about that.

All of you, one moretime, join me in thanking

this incredible chef.

Thank you, chef.

An absolute honor, everyone.


Thank you, chef.

Red team.

I've arranged for all ofyou a walk on the wild side

at one of the country's
premiereexotic animal experiences,

at Animal Tracks.

Thank God we won.

I'm the only one that
hasn'tbeen out so far, so, yeah.

This is nice.

When you're done
feeding the animals,

I've arranged for you
wild animals to be fed,

by three Michelin starchef, Daniel ..

His food truck isincredible, upscale comfort

- Yes.


Head to the dorms.


Let's hear it one more
time for the red team.

You surprised the
shit out of me, Chris.

Good fucking job, Chris.

Good fucking job, bro.

Last night, I wasn't feelingtoo
good about my cooking

so far.

It feels good, right?

Do one of these in themirror real quick, Chris.

So, yeah, like.

I just fucking-- I needed this.

I needed this
reward, and you know,

I showed my team I can excel.

- Oh.
- Hell, yeah.

Hell, yeah.

Let's go red team.

Red squad up.

Let's do it.


You'll be stuck
right here, washing,

peeling, chopping, grating,
andmashing hundreds of pounds of--


Tonight is steak night
here in Hell's Kitchen.

I need all those potatoesprepped and ready

ahead of tonight's big service.

Off you go.
- Thank you.

Thank you, chef.

I'm pissed off right now.

T, I smell your bullshit
from a mile away.


You think that I'm not
going to say nothing,

but you got the wrong
bitch right here.

But now we know we can't
just look off of looks.

Yeah, I know, right?

To be, like, oh, your dishdoesn't look that great.

T, he said I wouldhave potentially had a 8.

8 out of 10 versus 3.

I want T and Gizzy to peelthe
most fucking potatoes.

And I want them to
shave off a fingertip.

Challenges are nice to win.

But service is the ticket.


My name is Stacy.

I'm the director
of Animal Tracks.

Are you ready to go get wild?


It's great to get
out of Hell's Kitchen.

It's a beautiful day outside.

We get some bro time together.

It's really fantastic.

All right, you guys.

Oh, my God.

The princess
of Animal Tracks.

Here she is now.

Hey, sweetheart.

the African baboon.

Hey, sweetheart.
How about a peanut?

Are they salted proper?

I'm a real gregarious
dude, you know.

I have a way with the
ladies if I want to.

I like your hair.

Hey, sweetheart.

Some people say it
might be flirting.

I just call it, you know,I'm smooth like that.

I got one right here for you.

Hey, Miss Baboon.


I got some peanuts for you.

No, you don't want my peanuts?

Oh, look at that.


He'd love a little
touchy touchy.


Hey, buddy.

I love animals.

When I was younger,
I thought I was

going to be like a zoologist.

- Who wants to kiss him?
- I'll kiss him.

Give him a kiss, Chris.- Mwah.

I guess the second best
thing is to cook them.

Hey, he left you a present.

I know, thank you.

Hell, yeah.

Bon appetit.

We deserve this
after that win today.

Burger cheers?

I got a dog cheer.

Cheers, homies.

Red team go, red team go.

Red team.

It's nice to be outside.

I've been cooped up in
thesewalls for God knows how long

now, how many dinner services,
how many punishments.

This was a nice little
break in the monotony.

I got to get out.

I'm going to do everythingthat
I can to enjoy myself

and eat it up, literally.

When I think of these
fries,I'm thinking of the women,

peeling a bunch of
potatoes tonight.

Time for the
potato apocalypse.

I say we start grabbing
some of these crates.

Let's knock this shit out.

There's a bunch of Mr.And Mrs.
Potato Heads just

hanging out, looking at us.

Look deep into my eyes.

They're fucking creepy.

There's a slight form
of genocide happening

in our kitchen right now.

We're murdering
Mr. Potato Head's

children right in front of him.

I feel bad for the poor guy.

I'm just thinking, these
little potato heads are

going to come to
life and just, like,

murder us all in our sleep.

The men are
back from their wild day

out of Hell's Kitchen.

But not everyone is
feeling re-energized.

I'm feeling those
emotionscoming back from yesterday.

I don't feel good at all.

It was a cool win, but.

Winning and being on
this like, natural high,

and then knowing that
it's coming down,

I feel like the
longer I stay the more

it's going to progress,
in this darkness.

I believe this is for fish.

This right here is
a pain in the ass.

Chef, when you get a second,
do you mind if I talk to you?

Yeah, of course.

What's the matter?

I-- it's, um--

it's just, um--

Can you breathe for me?

You're making me nervous.


No, I just, um--

I just-- my head's
not in the game.

I can't look if my
head's not in the game.


Can you start the fuck
out of here, please?

Um-- so--

I'm going to be bowing
out of Hell's Kitchen.


Chef, when you get a second,
do you mind if I talk to you?

Yeah, of course.

What's the matter?

I-- I just--

my head's not in the game.

I can't cook if my
head's not in the game.


Can you stay the fuck
out of here, please?

Um-- so--

I'm going to be bowing
out of Hell's Kitchen.



I was in a dark spot afterall this stuff happened.


And, um, I'm starting
tofeel like, certain emotions.

When I got into
my accident, like,

I was in a very,
very, very dark spot.

And like, those feelings, that like, I once felt,

that I've tried so
hard to get away from,

I feel like creeping
on me again,

which is real, real scary.

It's bringing back a demon.

And I feel like once
I'm in that spot,

like, if I don't get
myself out of it,

it's a very, very,
very very, dark path.


I don't-- I don't
want you to go there.

More so than anything,
I want you to grow

and I want you to remainhealthy,
especially mentally.

I appreciate your honesty.

Now let me go talk
to Gordon quick

and see if he can grabyou for a couple minutes.

With dinnerservice quickly approaching,

sous chef Christina has
informed Chef Ramsay

about Chris's state of mind.

Chris, come here.

Christina gave me the heads up.

How are you feeling?

Uh, just fucking demons.

I don't know how to
explain it, chef.

It's not voices in my head.

It's a feeling of--

chef, I don't know--

I don't know how to
put it into words.

First of all, your health andyour
well-being is number one.

That's priority, OK?

Yes, chef.

But if you're uncomfortableand
you're feeling demons,

then you need to go
and get help quickly.

Yes, chef.

We need to get you sorted.

That's the most important thing.- Yes.

I want youto go straight to somebody

and talk immediately, OK?- Absolutely, chef.

I'm not going to doanything other than that.

help you with that.

- Thank you, Chef.
- OK.

I wish you the best luck.Go on.

Head up.

This opportunity
has been unreal.

And what you've taught me,
and your passion is something

I aspire to be, but I can'tdo that with ..

Let's get you
sorted out first.

- Yes, chef.

Let's go.

It's easier to lie
and hide behind things.

But it's harder
to face the music.

And to take yourself off
an opportunity thousands

would kill for.

But for me, it's just
absolutelythe right thing to do.


Gentlemen, line up please.- Yes, chef.

- All right guys, come on.- Ladies, line up please.

Yes, chef.


All of you, listen carefully.

Chris is dealing with
somepersonal issues as we speak.

And he has left the competition.


He's got all the
support he needs.

But we have to move on.


Yes, chef.

Get on your stations.

We are opening steak night
injust under 10 minutes, guys.

Let's go.

Yes, chef.

It hits you in the feels.

You grow a bond
with these people.

You're kind of forced
into tight quarters.

This is like a platoon.

Let's go, guys.
Come on, guys.

- Let's do this one for Chris.- Yeah.

- Marino.
- Si, chef.

Please open.

Steak night in Hell's Kitchen.Let's go.

It's an all-exclusivesteak night in Hell's Kitchen.

Can I do a filet mignon?

And while theoverbooked dining room fills

with anxious meat lovers--


special VIP guests--

The risotto?


Oh, bring on the carbs.

Pan-seared crab cakes.

Let's get it.

Let's eat.

The blue team ishoping to capitalize on the two

extra chefs in their kitchen.

Seven on five.

I like these odds.

Let's do it.

Let's go, blue team.

Two covers, table two,
two covers, table 21.

Two crab, one
tartare, one risotto.

Yes, chef.

Risotto on, please.

Oh my God.

Mia makes these
weird, like, gorilla

faces when she's concentrating.

There's the big eyes whenChef Ramsay comes in.

There's the
scrunched-up nose one.

She does that one too.

Let's go.


All right.
Riso is walking.

Thank you.

Very nice, that risotto.

Good job, Mia.

Thank you, Chef.

Good risotto.

Two risotto, one wedge,
one shrimp cocktail.

Yes, chef.

We're doing this
for Chris, baby.

- Yes, we are.
- All right.

Bless up, yo.
- Two risotto, yes?

Yes, chef.GORDON RAMSAY: Good, let's go.

We've got it keep
it on the fire.

Everyone's holding back here.

I need it on there.

Whenever Chef
Ramsay's in the kitchen

with us showing ussomething, it's because he

wants you to do better.

So we have to just takeit in and obviously, it's

going to make us a better chef.

If you keep on moving thepan,
it's not going to cook, OK?

OK, chef.

It's just an honor
to be in the presence

of somebody of his caliber.


Walking risotto, chef.

That risotto, get
in my belly now.

Very nice risotto.

Thank you, chef.

Oh, wow.

She put truffle
on the risotto.

I need it.

I want it.

Talented Hell'sKitchen rookies, Mia and Jose,

have successfully
spearheadedappetizers for their kitchens.

- What do you think of that?- I love it.

That was the best
crab cake I've ever had.

And Chef
Ramsay is moving

both teams on to entrees.

strip, two ribeye,

one filet, one branzino.

Six top.

How long?

- Ready to walk right now.- All right.

Garnish is walking up.

Ladies, I'm walking
the two strip.

I'm ready to walk ribeye.

How long for the branzino?

One minute on fish.

Come on.We can do better than this.

This is not right.
This is not right.

It's not chef.

Refire chef?

Yeah, fucking right, refire.-.

Oh, shit.
- FYI.

This six top of six firefighterssat right over there.

Just FYI.

Roe, I'm refiring this fish.

I can't even believe thisis happening right now.

Are we ready to walk?

60 seconds.

I make branzinos every
day in my restaurant.

Walking branzinos.



Hot fish.

Oh, no.

Hey, blue team.

- Yes chef?


All of you come here.

Yes, chef.



It's raw.

That's cold in the middle.

We waited all that fucking time.

I did not expect this.

Get them.

Get them, chef.

This is a joke.

It's an hour
into dinner service.

And Kanae's delivery of
rawfish for a special table--

They are six firefighters.

Has set
Chef Ramsay ablaze.

Get it back in the oven.

Yes, chef.


Oh, my God.

I literally need 60 seconds.

Just apologize.

Your main course is goingto come out shortly.

Finishing ticket
with branzino.



Will you filet the branzinofor
the firefighters please?


They've waited long enough.

Do you
like the fish head?

Let's go.

Motto, I need the next table.

Come on, Motto.

Motto, do we need one
more mac and cheese?

Talk to me.
- I don't know.

- Come on, Motto.
- Motto, come on.

Motto, I need the next table.

Slow it down
just a minute, man.

I got to warm this
spinach through.

Hey, you.
Come here.

Yes, chef.

Four New York strip,
two filet,

one ribeye, one chicken.

Turn around.

Over here.

Heads up, guys.

Four New York strip--

one chicken, one fish--

- Fuck.
- Come on, Motto.

Get it together.

You got it.

Motto, I know it's tough
when chef's standing

right there next to you.

But you just gotta
put that past you.

Guys, heads up.

Hey guys, heads up.

First, four strip, next twofilet,
one chicken, one ribeye.

- Perfect.
- You need to talk.

Let's go.

I want to show Chef
Ramsaythat I do have a voice.

I'll meet you at the
window with the steaks.

And that I can move around
thiskitchen just as fast as anybody

else and stay on top of my game.

Now you've got it.

- Wingman.

- Let's go, baby.

Two filet.

One chicken.

One veal.

Filets are coming
right now, chef.

It's steak night.

And it's an honor to
actuallyhave the meat station.

Filet right now, chef.

Heather and I should
be a power couple.

This is a station that I'veran by myself flawlessly.



T. Heather.

Come here.

We're way off here.

They definitely
need more cooking.

Got to go in the back oven.

Chef Ramsay, he expects a
hellof a lot more from T and I.

I've got a runner up from14,
and a runner up at 16.

We need to step it up.


Filet right now.

Give me a time.


and T. Urgently.

I'm slicing these.

Just look.

Look at this here.

Over, chef.

They're way over.

And look at my temperatures.

I'm not sending them.

Heather, are you kidding me?

You got one job.

Pull the meat out the
oven when it's ready.

One fucking job, Heather.

Right here.

- Bring them up?
- Yeah.

Yo, you got to pay a
littlemore attention to the oven.

Yeah, I understand that.And then I--

I can't cook and
fucking man the oven.

I understand that, T.
Those are the refired.




Come on.

Yes, chef.GORDON RAMSAY: What is that now?

That's rare, chef.

Come on, ladies.

Put the steak back inthe pan, T. Fucking hell.

How can it be a team
when I can't fucking

trust you to have my back?

Check the meat.

Make sure that it's good.

You want me to do that?


I'm not going to gothere with you right now.

No, no, no.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No.


I'm going to
fucking cook the meat.

Guys, stop fucking chattingand just get it done.

covers, table 30, yes?

Entree, one branzino, one veal.

Two New York strip, two filet.

Hey, how long?
- 6 minutes.

6 minutes turn.
- Yeah.

Hey, fish.

Careful now.

Yes, chef.
- I just--

I don't want it mashed.

Why are they all
fucking mashed up?

Where's the fish gone here?

Come on, that's terrible.

It was diamond
shapes on both of them.

Who scored these?



Really, Scotley?
I got your back.

You're supposed to have mine.

Same team, bro.

- So nice and gentle, OK?- Yes, chef.

Nice and gentle on there.

That's it.

Trev, you said you've
beencooking for x amount of time.

You're supposed to
know how to score fish.

These little things
cannot bring us down.

Let's go.

Walking with the protein.

Branzino, chef.


Let's go.

That's a fish head.

Here you go.

You can walk that.

Please would be nice, right?


Fuck off, man.

Chef, going to
the right of you.

Finally, T. Thank you.

Service, please.

Two strip, one
filet, one branzino.

Yes, chef.

What strips are you
going with, so I know?

She should be at
five minutes, yes, T?



So now you're going
these two strip first?

Yes, no?

Pissed off at me or not, you're not a great leader

when you shut down and you
act like a little bitch

and you don'tcommunicate with anybody.


Later, Heather.

Let's just-- I know.
I know.

I'm trying to get food out.

I know.

I really think meat hasjust given up at this point.

T won't even speak to Heather.

Please, Heather.

Yes, chef.

Right now.

Like, how do you not--
how do you just stop?

How do you just stop
talking to the person

next to you that's supposed
tobe sharing your responsibility?


It's 90 minutes intosteak night at Hell's Kitchen.


Look at this.

Oh my God.

And the meatstation in the blue kitchen

has brought Chef
Ramsay to his knees.


Fucking hell.

Hey, blue team.

All of you, come here.

- Yep.

Cook that, will you please.


Heather and T, you
guys are supposed to be

All-Stars in this competition, and you're sinking

our entire ship.

What's happened?

There's no cohesiveness.

There's no teamwork.

I've never seen it like this.

And I've got a
talented team in here.

It's embarrassing, chef.


Yes, chef.


Come back to me
with two nominees.

Now get out.

Are they out?

- Oh, my goodness.
- They're out?

Did he kick them out?

Oh, my.

What about dessert?

I'm at a loss for
words right now.

Fish and meat station
completelycrashed the kitchen tonight.

So we left guests hungry
in the dining room,

like a bunch of assholes.

Here we go.

That sucked.

While ahumiliated blue team heads

back to the dorms in disgrace--

- Everything has been spotless.
- Thank you, chef.

Don't screw on
these last two tops.

No, chef.

The red
team pushes forward

on their near-flawless service.

- Come on, boys.
- We got it, baby.

Walking with the protein.

Motto, you going with garnishes? MOTTO: Yes.

cooking the filets?

That'll be me, chef.

Your cooking
has been on point.

Fuck yeah.

I love meat station.


It feels good, man.

Service, please.

That's phenomenal.

We killed service tonight.

Good fucking job, Trev.

Nothing came back
to the kitchen.

Everything was rock star, baby.

- Great job.
- Thank you, chef.

And that's a fastservice, let me tell you.


We were almost to the end.

The way I see it,
it was meat and fish.

Kanae had that rough
start on the fish.


That last fish was theonly one that got sent back.

What about the one
that he said was burnt?

No.We never ever sent that up.

So that's not even a factor.

I don't feel like
there's a chance at all

that I should be nominated.

Meat station literally
everysingle filet came back.

Every single filet.

I think meat just broke
down on each other.

And they couldn't communicate.-
We didn't break down.

We didn't break
down on each other.

You got how many sent back?

Here's what happened.

She got so inundated--

I don't feel thatI was the biggest issue.

But here's the thing, Heather.

You expect me to
cook the filets--

No, I expect you to
communicate with me

and tell me what you're doing.

Pull the fillets,
sell the fillets.

We were communicating.
- OK.

You could come up with all
theexcuse you want in the world.

I'm not having any excuses.I'm talking to you.

The bottom line is,
you didn't have my back.


I fucking cooked themeat, gave it to you rare.

All you had to do
was bring it up.

You don't have the
fuckingcommon sense to be like, well,

this is not two to
three minutes out.

Let me fucking check this.You're a chef too.

You were the one in
control of that station.

Oh, God.

Heather was blaming me
forthe steaks coming back.

But it's like, how can you
workwith someone where they need

you to tell them how to getto A,
B, and fucking C. Plus,

you're trying to fucking getto A,
B and C your damn self.

How did you support me tonight?

Oh, I was like your
little meat bitch.

I get them out of thecooler, I get ready for you.

Anything I ask you--
- How did you support?

Because I'm searing
andbasting the fucking meat.


Can you pull them outthe
oven when they're ready

and sell them?


Don't sit there and
try to pinpoint me,

because I'm not one of
theselittle girls that's intimidated

by you because of your size.

I'm not laying down.

I'm not going home tonight.

The last one that came
back, that was all you.

Not me.

Or is that my fault too?

When I had no part in
touching any of it?

I think not.

So are we?

What do you guys want to do?

Uh, blue team.

I'm embarrassed.

Mia, blue team's first
nomination and why.

We picked T, chef.

T. Why?

We felt that she
couldn'tcommunicate with her partner

on her station.

Blue team'ssecond nomination and why.

Our second nomination is--

Heather, chef.

She couldn't communicate
with her teammate.

And you know,
it was justbringing the whole line down.

T, Heather, step forward.

This is somewhat bizarre.

I can't believe what I'vegot sat in front of me.

A runner-up from season 16
anda runner-up from season 14.


Heather, why are you
a better chef than T?

I keep communicationopen whether good or bad.

I don't shut down on my team.

I'm trying to speak
to her and ask

her what she is doing,
ifshe needs help with anything.

Will not speak to me.

Talks to everybody but me.

And I've never seen
anything like that,

except when my son
doesn't get what

he wants from the toy store.

It was that bad?

Oh, chef,
it was horrible.

Like, you just shut down.

You wouldn't speak to me.

Like, that's not
executive chef material.

Chef, I did not shut down.

I made an executive
decision to not have

Heather touch the meat anymore.

Basically, chef,
I've got to think

for myself on the station.

Plus I've got to think
for her, and I've

got to check and
verifyeverything before it comes up.

You were leading.

I was supporting you.

I wanted to make sure
you were happy with what

was going up also.
- Support.

You-- I counted on you
for support, Heather.


And I was trying to help
you with the support.

And you shut down and youstopped talking to me.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen is--

T. Take off your
jacket, young lady.

Heather, back in line.

Thank you, chef.

a bloody good chef.

But right now, T, I've
got 11 chefs behind you

that are performing better.

Thank you.

Thank you, chef.

Good night.

Bless, T.

I feel that Chef Ramsay
pushedme harder than anyone else.

And I should have been giventhe
opportunity to bounce back.

To exit on this note,
it feels very unfair.


Ladies, get rid of the
personal crap, will you?

And start focusing
on the job in hand.

Got me?

Yes, chef.

Get out of here.

Yes, chef.

Being knocked down completely
tothe bottom of the totem pole--

you bet your ass I'm
ready to fight, claw,

I don't care who
stands in my way.

You're done.

I think going forward,
thevibe is going to be different.

I feel like the energyis going to be different.

That was some dead
weight for us.

And now that it's gone,
Chef Ramsay can really

see what the blue team can do.


I would have, in fact,
bet my life that T was

going to be in a black jacket.

And right now I'd be dead.

First Kevin and now
T. Are you kidding me?

Ain't nobody safe.


As a former runner-up,

I expected T to come
backfull of swagger and skill.

Sadly, she came back
withdouble the swagger, but only

a fraction of the skill.

Next time
on Hell's Kitchen--

As chefs, there is no
greater joy than letting

our imagination run wild.

It's anything
but a fairy tale.

No more white wine.
It's enough.

Talk to me.
Don't yell at me.

Just do it.

My teeth is fucking showing now.

The wolf is here.

Will a big,
bad wolf come calling?

And set his sights on
a vulnerable target?

Baby girl.

I was wondering, what's
wrong with baby girl.

Make sure you don't breakdown
again tonight, baby girl.

And will hisprey actually fight back?

I'm nobody's
fucking baby girl.

Or will a whiteknight ride to the rescue?

It's a fucking honor.

It's all next time.

I've got to
fight for my homie.


Oh, my gosh.

On an episode wherethere is no happy ending.

I see tears.

What happened?

You didn't see this
one coming, did you?

In Hell's Kitchen.