Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 3 - Hell's Riders - full transcript

The chefs are tasked with serving lunch to the Marines.

Previously on
Hell's Kitchen...


Chef Ramsay said goodbye

to a dear old friend...

The lobster risotto.

And offered the chefs
a rare opportunity.

To put your risotto
on the Hell's Kitchen menu.

Wow, this is huge.

Early standout rookie, Mia,

delivered another great dish
in a challenge.

- Man, that's good.
- Whatever Mia's got going on,

Chef digs it.
- Mia.

But it was
veteran Bret's shrimp

and tomato risotto.
- You okay?

Yeah, just tasting my risotto.


That won a place
on the menu.

Winning this challenge...

That one's for my parents
right there.

Means everything.

And earned Bret
another Hell's Kitchen first.

A Punishment Pass.

Not only will it save you
from punishment,

you get to join the winning team
on their incredible reward.

At the opening nigt
dinner service...

Get it together.
Oh, my God.

Come on, please.

The veterans
were a little rusty.

What about the sauce?

I don't know
where the * that is.

And Jen's saucy attitude

certainly didn't help matters.

I didn't see pork sauce.

Did you just say that to me?

But veterans,
Ariel and Bret...

- Go, go, go, go.
- Coming behind.

Got back
their Hell's Kitchen groove

and led their team
to a solid service.

In the Red Kitchen, the talented
rookies stumbled early.

I'm confused, Chef.

- What do you need then?
- You're confused?

When Cleveland
restaurant owner, Scott,

was completely lost.

Why are you cooking
the shrimp?


Let me show you
what tableside means.

Tableside means it's sat next
to the * table.

This is so embarrassing.

And Boston
Executive Chef Chris

couldn't even remember
the orders.

- Uh... blllll...
- Stop writing now.

The best rookies
ever assembled

lost their first dinner battle.

I'm done. Get out!

- And nominated...
- Scott.

- And...
- Chris.

This is not happening.

- Ultimately, it was...
- Scott.

Who became
the first chef to go,

ending his dream of being
the Executive Chef

at Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace
in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation of
Hell's Kitchen:

Veterans versus Rookies.

Get out of here.

This elimination sucked.

There's nothing more you can do
than own up to a mistake...


you're gonna hopefully learn

from that situation
and thrive and become better

and, you know, mentally prepare
yourself for the next battle.

We need *
redemption for tonight.

We looked stupid.

Like, we weren't
talking to each other.

I thought that
we were gonna be much better

coming in as all-stars.

On fish tonight,
I gotta be honest with you guys.

I couldn't tell
who was driving that station.

Oh, I owned my station.

- I held her down.
- But I watched you.

You were, like,
standing there,

and you're like,
"One scallop today, one-‐"

You're not, like, on it.

Well, I wasn't getting
a time out of you.

Who didn't hear
times from me all night long?

Who didn't hear me counting

So how can you sit here and
tell me you didn't hear a time?

Trev can't cook, Jen can't cook.

Certain things
need to be addressed.

And if you let them fester,

we're gonna be in for
a cluster* of a nightmare.

You know
they're underestimating

the * out of us
right now, right?

Man, * them.

I wish you would've stood up
more for yourself

when we was on the couch.
- I gotta play it

* close to the chest
for now.

Yes, and that's what
I've been kinda trying to do,

but it's only so much *
talking a person can take.

They do underestimate me.

The main problem with this team

is that it's a collective group
of a bunch of entitled wankers.

Everybody thinks
they're the boss.

Everybody coming out here
with something to prove.

And God willing
I'ma stay here long,

'cause I'm gonna bring the pain,
and it's simple as that.

But they can keep
underestimating me.

They can kiss
my whole entire ass.

Good morning.
Line up.

Good morning, Chef.

Line up.

Big day.

Last night, the kitchen
did not run smoothly...

Yes, Chef.

But when a kitchen
is running smoothly,

it operates much like
another profession.

Just a lot of marines.

Marine, marine, marine,
marine, marine, marine.

A lot of marines.
Not upset by this at all.

♪ In the land, air,
and the sea ♪


If you want an example

of honor, courage,
and commitment,

you do not need to
look any further

than the United States
Marine Corps.

It takes a special kind
of person to be in Marines.

You think when they get dropped
off out of some airplanes

in the Middle East
that they ain't prepared

for the *
that they about to get into?

They're overprepared.

Good to see you.

We owe a great deal of gratitude

to you and all of
your men and women.

And that is why
today we are gonna serve

the people who serve
this country every day.

What an honor to cook
for all of these men and women.

We'll be making
the Marines an incredible lunch,

serving dishes from...

Air, land, and sea.

My brother's a Marine.

I'm proud of him;
I'm proud of the Marines;

proud to be an American;

so let's go out there
and kick it in the ass for 'e.

That's right.
On the menu today

will be a dish from the air,

from the land, and from the sea.

The team that finishes
serving lunch first

wins the challenge.

This is an extremely
important service for me,

as I'm sure it is for you.

30 minutes of prep starts now.

Let's go.

In today's challenge,

Chef Ramsay will be looking for

exemplary teamwork
from each kitchen,

as they race to feed lunch
to the United States Marines.

Guys, real quick.

This kinda means
a real lot to me.

- I was in the Navy.
- Right.

I don't wanna
* around here.

- Thank you.
- Copy that.

Myself, a veteran,

I mean, this today is a
challenge that I need to win.

I'm gonna kick some butt
for my Marines here.

As in the Marine Hymn,

today's menu will include dishes
from the land, air, and sea.

The dish representing the air

will be chicken parmesan
with angel hair pasta;

the dish representing the land

will be a classic New York
strip steak and frites;

and the selection from the sea

will be a gourmet
fish and chips.

- I need it at 350.
- Yeah.

Additionally, each table

will start with a choice
of either a Caesar

or a red, white, and blue
family-style salad.

On order, four covers,
table 31:

Two Caesar, two bleu cheese.

All right, Chef!

Our team looks confident.
They're not getting screamed at,

so that's a good start.
- Yeah, that is a good start.

That's a positive sign.

Blue Team,
two Caesar, two bleu cheese.

Yes, Chef!

I'm not worried about
the challenge.

You know, I've fed
large numbers of people before,

so it's nothing foreign to me.

Plus, I'm on
an easy station, salads,

so I don't foresee there
being any issues

with this challenge at all.

I'm still waiting on
two Caesar, two bleu cheese.

- Yeah, Chef.
- Still waiting.

Right behind,
coming through.

- Two salads, Chef.
- One fish.

Two salads.

Hey, who dressed this?

Come on, guys.

Okay, Chef,
I'll make another one.

Come on * now.

- * me.
- I'll make another one.

- * off.
- All right, I'm gonna

help you with the salad,
so talk to me.

No, I don't think
I need Heather

on my station to help me
with the damn salads.

But she still decided to bring

her potato head ass
on over there to mess with me.

How 'bout you worry about
your French fries over there?

Focus on you,
and leave me alone,

'cause I don't need
no help over here.

Come and shave the parm,
and I got that.


I have no idea
what the hell Jen was doing,

but if you can't make a salad,

how can you be
an executive chef?

I don't understand that.

Make 'em please look
a lot nicer.

They look like hell.

As Heather lends Jen

an unwanted hand
on her salads...

- Two Caesars, two bleu cheese.
- Two Caesars, two bleu.

The rookie Red Team

has already completed
the salad course

and is moving on to entrees.

Red Team, here we go.

Two fish and chips,
two chicken, two steak.

- Heard?
- Yes, Chef!

- Let's go.
- Two steak,

two chicken, two fish and chips.

I came here to lead;

I came here to stand out
as an individual,

a strong leader, vocal.

- You got a pan to put down...
- Yes.

Some of that?
Let's put some paper underneath.

Why? There's a rack.

It's gonna absorb
some of that oil, though.

Why would it absorb it?
There's a rack.

Whenever you're doing
fried food,

you wanna have
something underneath.

I constantly feel
with this team-‐

they're dismissing me.


You're on fire.
*, no, hey, come here.

You're on fire.

Will you take that out the tray?
You don't need that.

- I told him that, Chef.
- You told who that?

- I told her to put it, Chef.
- I told Scotley that.

Just put that on there.
That's it.

- You don't need that, 'kay?
- Okay, Chef, that's my fault.

- Told him.
- Let's go.

Marines in the dining
room, and we're on fire.

Holy *.

Nobody's listening to me.

I know what I'm doing.

Come on, guys, please.

Big strips, big strips...

- Yeah.
- Big strips.

I'm over on the
salad station, making salads.

You work on one bleu,
and you give me two Caesars.

- I got one more here.
- Give me one more.

I'm supposed to be
over on the fryer.

- One of each?
- That's it, that's it...

- That's it?
- That's it.

Go, go, go.

On the way, One fish,
two chicken, one steak.

Yes, Chef!

'Kay, anybody have fries?

There's nothing in the oil.

there's no fries
in the water right now,

and we got steak coming up.

How far out on two steak?

- How far out?
- Two minutes out.

How long on fries?

Kev, I need a salad
in two or three minutes.

- Well, we only have-‐
- We got two, we got two.

- We got two.
- I just walked over.

There's three other people
on that side.

Nobody else, apparently,
can drop French fries.

Tch. Great teamwork.
Way to go.

Appreciate it.

As Heather
puts a rush on her fries...

Two fish and chips,
two chicken parm, two steak.

A barrage of entrée orders

continues to land in
the Red Kitchen.

I need the pasta
to complete this table.

All right,
pasta water, come on.

It's not cooking at all.

We got the sixtop ready,

but I'm needing
the * pasta.

Is the water boiling?

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.

The water's not even
* boiling.

I'm just, like, as small
as I can possible be.

We never wait
ever for boiling water.

Come on, guys.

Gizzy, get it cooked.
Let's go.

- * hell.
- I'm sorry.

With Gizzy sent bak
to basic training,

the Blue Kitchen
seems to have rallied back,

and it looks like they're about
to take over the lead.

Where's the fries?

Fries? Come on, Blue Team!

It's neck and neck.

Ten second out, Chef.

I mean, * fries.

- Just fries.
- What do you think?

Another 20 seconds?

Give me those,
give me those, give me those.

Let's go, guys.

Got it?

Here, take it out.

I didn't think cooking
French fries was that difficult,

but apparently it is.

It's fries,
and I'm getting *.

Uh, they're not cooked
all the way through.

- They're not cooked all the way?
- I tried a couple of 'em.

Take a bit out of it.
You'll see.

It's like it's not cooked
all the way.

Problem with
the potatoes, right?

Fish is okay?
Just the potatoes?

Can I take the plate back?

I'll take this.


Chef, table one, potatoes
are not cooked all the way.

Oh, * hell.

Hey-‐hey, Blue Team.

Blue Team!


In today's
speed lunch challenge,

both the talented rookies
in Red

and the savvy veterans
in Blue...

All right, boom,
these are perfect.

Are racing
to feed a dining room

full of hungry Marines.

Uh, they're not cooked
all the way through.

- They're not cooked all the way?
- I tried a couple of 'em.

Take a bite out of it.
You'll see.

But in their charge
to get ahead,

the Blue Kitchen has deliverd
undercooked French fries

to one of their tables.
- * hell, stop.

Hey-‐hey-‐hey, Blue Team.

Blue Team! Stop!

Hey! Look!

Look what we're down to.

Chef, I apologize.

A Marine sending
your fries back.

I have new working, Chef.

I don't care
what happened on your statio.

Every single * fry
should've been perfect.

Hey, and right now,
Blue Team, you are behind.

We're supposed to be
the all-stars.

I really thought we would be
doing so much better.

Come on, guys.
I need them now, please.

- Chef, coming to the left.
- Thank you.

With the fryer
station now secured

and the veterans
back in the groove...


The rookies
have also shored up

their weak spot,
the pasta station,

and are rolling
toward the finish.

Two chicken.
Two chicken to the right, Chef.

- Two chicken to the right.
- Thank you.


Oh, I'm not gonna lie,
this is good.

I don't wanna
celebrate too fast,

but I feel good.

It was a little bit of
a jagged start,

but once we got
the rhythm going,

we were all rowing
in the same direction.

It felt great.

Red Team,

now we got our water boiling.
We're in motion.

You're actually in front of
the Blue Team.

- Keep it up.
- Yes, Chef!

With the Red Team
marching towards victory,

it's gut check time
in the Blue Kitchen.

I gotta get these
out of here.

- Where's the fish?
- Behind, behind.

Fish behind, Chef.

it's * soggy as *.

Hey-‐hey, all of you.

Hey, how much
do the Marines mean to you?

Just touch that.

How far in advance
are you frying this?

You know, it's just-‐
it's overcooked.

You're not communicating.
I'm not gonna tolerate it.

We're not being smart,
and we're not working as a unit.

Soggy as *.

Hey, Blue Team have given up,

something you'd never hear
from a Marine.

They never give up.

These guys have.

I know we're better chefs
than this.

We need to serve some Marines
a perfect lunch.

One fish, one steak,
two chicken next.

Let's go, Blue.
Finish strong.

Let's go! Let's push!

- Can I get steak up?
- One more fish ready to go.

Come on,
let's do it, y'all.

We know what we gotta do.
Come on, baby.

You can feel the finish.

You see the light at the end
of the tunnel, you know.

Two chicken
are picked up now.

- Heard
- Two steak. How far out?

1 1/2 minutes out.

As season six
runner-up, Kevin,

rallies the troops,
the Hell's Kitchen veterans

are closing the gap
with the impressive rookies.

It's best fried chicken
parmesan I've ever had.

And both teams
are on their final ticket.

Last ticket, Red Team.

Two chicken, two steak, one fish
and chips at the same time.

- Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.

One minute out.
Be there, guys.

- One minute.
- Last ticket, guys.

Two chicken, two steak,
one fish and chips.

- Yes, Chef.
- Yeah, come on!

Push, push, push!

We gotta finish this hot.

How are we looking
on that steak? One steak?

- You ready?
- Sell it. Sell that one steak.

- Behind! Behind!
- Sorry.

This is the last ticket, guys.

- Come on, come on, come on.
- Ready fish and chip.

Ready fish and chips
All right, let's go.

Boom, we putting it up
right now, Chef.

All right, steak,
and we rolling, baby.

Where's the two steak?

Walking, Chef.

that steak's not even hot.

it's like you're intentionaly

trying to run into
all the rocks

while we're trying to take
this nice little cruise

towards victory land,

Oh, my God.

Hell yeah!

Fries, please.

- Come on, fries, fries, fries.
- Fries, fries, fries, fries!

- Just put the * in there.
- Man, they gotta drain.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go...
- Good job, Motto!

Motto, beautifully cooked.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Go, go, go.

Hey, congratulations.
Well done.

- Whoo!
- Now you can celebrate.

Well done.

It's all right, guys.
Let's just finish strong.

Can I pick up that now?

Service, please.

My apologies.
Thank you.

*, baby. *, baby.

- That's what I do, dog.
- Hell yeah.

- We didn't do very well.
- No.

We look like
a bunch of clowns right now.

It's embarrassing.

You ever heard
the Marine Policy?

- No man left behind?
- Yes, Chef.

You left
your * brains behind.

Red Team, rookies,

Thank you, Chef.

You're all in
for an amazing day.

I've arranged for you to have

an authentic
Hollywood experience.

All of you are going to
Paramount Ranch,

'cause I've arranged
for all of you

to be starring in your own film.

I feel like a champion.

I'm feeling like Rocky Balboa
right now, you know.

That's awesome.

- Head to the dorms.
- Thank you, Chef.

- Ah, Chef!
- Enjoy.

Blue Team,
here's the exciting news.

Tonight we'll be featuring an
amazing tableside calamari dish,

but that calamari is literally
arriving fresh off a boat,

so it needs to be
broken down and prepped.

You remove all the internal

take off that skin,
that membrane.

After that, very carefully
remove that ink sack,

and then carefully cutting all
those squid bodies into steaks

ahead of tonight's
tableside service.

Bret, you've heard
the incredible reward.

I know you enjoy your time
in the spotlight.

That's pretty obvious.

A starring role
in your very own movie.

Or you can prep all the squid
and squeeze the sack gently.

Do you want to use
your Punishment Pass-‐

Yes or no?

Why would you waste
your pass now?

It's only day two of
Hell's Kitchen.

Being a veteran,
you know the further you go,

the more off the wall
Chef Ramsay gets,

and the more intense
the punishments get.

Uh, Chef, I think, um...

I'm gonna use it today, Chef.

- You're using your pass?
- Yeah...

'cause we ain't gonna
lose again.

- So you're going to Malibu?
- Sure.


Take the pass out,
head to the dorms.

- Off you go.
- Yes, Chef.

We're all-stars,
and we're in this together,

and you just *,
you know, first chance

you got to sneak out
the * door,

you took it, bro.

I earned that *,
so I'ma use it.

And if you don't like it,

well, you should've made
a better risotto.

Get out.

Jocky will call you
when the squid arrives.

- Head to the patio.
- Thank you, Chef.

Jen, would you have
grabbed that pass?

No, no, Chef.

- You don't wanna be in a movie?
- I'd love to, Chef,

but I feel like I'm in a movie
right now, unfortunately.

A horror film.

Oh, yeah, this is me all day.

Aww, this is so cute.

Ah, this doesn't-‐
it's not too bad.

- No?
- Can you see these things?

Look at that.
It's fancy right there.

Hey, peep this thing.

Hey, peep this, though...

To find out
their strengths, weaknesses,

who's beefing with each other

and come back with
all necessary information

for my * team,
'cause you know how loyal I am

to my peoples.

Bret looks
ridiculous right now.

I don't give a *
about the rookies.

I give a * about us
as veterans.

We're screwing up big-time.




Yo, I love y'all.

-Ah, man.

- See ya, Bret.
- Good luck, baby.

- Enjoy the movie.
- Thank you, Chef.


- Yay!
- Look at these guys.

- Howdy!
- Howdy!

Instantly, we see Marino,

and he looking fly.

Welcome to the Western town
here at Paramount Ranch.

You're actually on a set where
a lot of movies were filmed.

I am extremely excited

to be featured in my own film.

You're gonna put your
left foot in here,

then swing over, like you're
getting onto a bike.

It's destiny, of course.

No, uh-‐
I'm excited.

Like, this is about to be
so much fun.

Quiet on the set!

Okay? And action!

I'm wearing this awesome outfit.

Like, this is the real deal.

We're in a real set,

and I feel like a movie star.
It's really cool.

Western thug life.

While the cameras roll

on the Red Team's
wild Western adventure,

back in Hell's Kitchen,
things are a lot less glamorous.


All right, guys,
we're gonna get set up

- for dinner service.
- Yes, Chef.

All right?
Now tonight, guys,

you're gonna
make your own beurre blanc.

That's about as much cream
as I'm comfortable with, so...

You put in
too much heavy cream.

I did make it
with less cream yesterday.

Did you see the one
that we used second yesterday,

when you threw back my thing,
and said, "I don't want this,"

and grabbed the one that looked
like mac and cheese sauce?

It was thick, like cheese sauce.

Why are you so pressed
about my beurre blanc-‐

Dude, it's not about
your beurre blanc.

but you keep saying,

"What about the one yesterday?
It was thick, like sauce."

He wasn't happy with yours.
What's the big deal?

That's I'm trying to say-‐

is I was not giving him
the proper one,

so I'm making it closer to
what you had yesterday.

If you * listened, you'd
understand what I was saying.

No, I am * listening,

and you keep bringing up that
same * from yesterday,

and it's really gonna
piss me off.

Jen, just shut up and listen.

What I'm trying to say
is you made it right.

That's how he wants it,
and we need to match it today.

But, like, she's not
smart enough to realize

that's what I'm talking about.

Jen has me
really nervous right now.

She's a little emotional;
she's been in her head.

We need to shed dead weight
to become an unstoppable force,

and if that's Jen, I'm sorry,
honey, but you gotta go.

We lost the challenge.

We just had to do
our punishment.

You know, last time I was here,

I definitely started
a lot stronger.

My head hasn't fully been
in the game.

I've been worrying about
whether I'm getting along

with the people in the kitchen.

It's just-‐
at the end of the day,

that's not what this is about.

It's about cooking my heart out,
putting up some amazing food,

and definitely showing
Chef Ramsay

that he brought me back
for the right reason.

Where's Jen?

- Jen!
- Okay! Thanks.

I definitely have to pull off

a good dinner service tonight.

Oh, great.
Oh, God.

Rookies, line up.

All right, Blue Team,
line up, please.

- Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.

Quickly, let's go.


Red Team, how was it
making a movie?

- Amazing.
- It was really fun.

Literally seconds ago,

Paramount Ranch
delivered the trailer...

That's gonna launch

your very own movie,
Hell's Riders.

Starring the rookies

and Bret from the Blue Team.

Uh, Marino, please,
roll the tape.

Oh, boy.

In a world where
the competition is fierce,

but the competitors
are fiercer,

one unlikely
ragtag band of misfits

must join forces

if they hope to stay alive
for just one more week.

They are...

Hell's Riders...

Yo, is this real right now?

Starring Mia as The Law...

Motto as The Kid...

Gizzy as The Cowgirl,

Chris as The Outlaw...

Jose as The Rustler...

- Wow.
- Rustler.

Scotley as The Gambler.

- Wow.
- Get it, Scot!

Kanae as Annabelle...


And featuring...

Bret as the Dirty Scoundrel.

they are Hell's Riders.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, man.

Thank you.
That's what I'm talking about.

Coming soon
to a theater near you.

- Oh, yeah.
- Awesome.

Ha, that was bomb.



All right, Red Team, well done.
Bret, well done.

Now get on your stations.

- Yes, Chef.

Yes, and Ariel,
in the dining room tableside

with Marino, please.
Let's go.

Talking all night, yeah?

Yes ma'am.

Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

- Let's go.
- Si, Chef.

There is another
highly anticipated night

in Hell's Kitchen...
- Hi.

- Enjoy yourselves this evening.
- Thank you.

As eager diners
are anxious to taste

the new Hell's Kitchen menu.

I think I'll do halibut.

And to witness
the ongoing battle

between the Hell's Kitchen

I'm right there with you.

And veterans.

Game time, kids.
Game time. Let's go.

In addition to
the traditional menu...

So these are pickled fennel.

Chef Ramsay has also added

a special grilled
calamari appetizer

to be served tableside
by Mia from the Red Team

and Ariel from the Blue Team.

- All right, are you guys ready?
- Yes, Chef.

You guys gotta come
out of the gate strong, okay?

Yes, Chef.

Blue Team, here we go.
Good luck.

Four covers table one,
one calamari tableside,

one risotto,
two cured salmon.

All right, Chef!

Four more minutes, Chef.
Four more minutes.

I think hot apps
can be challenging,

but I don't think it's
that big of a challenge.

The bigger challenge is Trevor.

How long are you
on that first table?

Time-consuming piece of *.

Trev, I need you to go, buddy.

I'm on the finishing
touches right now.

Trevor's making 'em look nic,

but he's taking too long.

Let's make it fast.

The risotto's
in the window, mate.

I'm * trying, bro.

You know how many components
are on this thing.

Trevor means well,

but Trevor can't get out of
his own way sometimes.

Where's the other salmon?

Why is Trevor drinking?

Hey, can we drink
after we serve the food?

I need to hydrate.
Sorry, Chef.

Hey, young man, come here.

I'm thirsty, but customers
are more important.

- Yes, Chef.
- Complete the table first,

then get a drink, yes?
- Yeah, Chef.

He had nobody
to yell at for a minute,

so you might as well
yell at Trev.

I'm like a little bit of
a whipping boy around here.

Let's go.

Thank you.

On order, four covers,
table 50,

one special calamari tableside,

- one tartar, two risotto.
- Yes, Chef!

Motto, how long
are you out on risotto?

Six minutes on the risotto.

I have full confidence
in myself

that I'm about to go work
another station,

and I'm gonna kill it.
Fire those shrimp.

As long as I don't overthink
things and do what I do,

I got this, no problem.

Keep the pan down, please.

On the stove.
Keep it down.

- Bring it to you. Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.

- Shrimp you're working, yes?
- Yes, Chef.

I like Motto a lot.
I think that everybody

with a little bit of
a Southern accent,

people think they're slow,
but he's super quick-witted,

and he's super fast
in the kitchen.

Halibut, two risotto.
Come on.


Hey, all of you, come here.

Yeah, all of you, come here.

Taste that.
Hurry up, taste it.

That's you as well, Gizzy.

- Salt, Chef.
- And what else?

Salt and a little bit
more time, Chef.

That's crunchy rice.

Come on.
Stop rushing it.

* hell.

- Leave the pan on!
- Yes, Chef.

You got this dreadful habit
of lifting off the stove.

- You know this.
- Yes, Chef.

Come on, Motto! You know it!

It's 30 minutes
into dinner service.

- Leave the pan on!
- Yes, Chef.

You got this dreadful habit
of lifting off the stove.

Come on, Motto!
You know it!

And the
Hell's Kitchen newbies

are still waiting for Motto
to serve a proper risotto.

- Come on, Motto, please.
- Walking risotto now, Chef.

Speed up.

- Motto...
- Is that better, Chef?

Yeah, you know it's better.

You can cook, young man.

Just stop lifting that pan
in the air.

I put a lot of
pressure on myself.

I feel like I can handle it all.

Go with that, please.
Let's go.

I'm used to bouncing p
and down the line

while I'm expoing.

I mean, I'm quicker than I look.

We got one risotto
followed by two risotto.

Yes, Chef.

Motto has mastered
his technique

on the appetizer station...
- Service, please.

As both teams are sending

the first courses
to the dining room...

I hope you enjoy everything.

- I'm so happy you're here.
- And are ready to move on to..

Entrée, two Wellington,
one salmon, one pork.

Put three Wellington in, please.

Yes, Chef!
- Guys, pick up, let's go.

Y'all okay?

Everyone know
what they got working, right?

Being a leader in the kitchen
is definitely not something

that's foreign to me.

Four minutes
to the window, guys.

- Heard.
- I've been an executive chef

for the past couple of years,
so being a delegator

and being vocal is not something
that's hard for me to do.

Wellington garnish
walking to the window.

Right behind you
with Wellington.

- Right behind.
- Coming down.

Too seasoned.

No, no, that one's not ready.
Keep it hot.

- Put 'em together.
- Yes, Chef.

I'm just taking these Wellies
for a walk around the kitchen.

I mean,
we gotta taste the food.

- I did taste it...
- You have to taste it.

Don't just send it up.
You gotta taste it.

Guys, we're getting held back
here with garnish.

Can somebody show Jen how to do
mashed potatoes, please?

I put a little bit more salt

in there for you, Chef.

I'm a sister.
I know how to season food.

That's never been
an issue for me.

- A little creamier.
- Yeah.

I don't know what
* he's eaten in his past

that ruined his palate,

but the food had
enough salt in it.

- There you go.
- I mean, I guess he just

wants to put these people
in cardiac arrest.

- Young lady...
- What am I doing wrong now, Chef?

- Don't * talk to me -like that.
- I'm sorry.

"What am I doing
wrong now, Chef?"

I mean,
'cause I see you looking

with the look on your face.
I mean, I'm... okay.

Yeah, hey, young lady...
hey, young lady...

Yes, Chef.

Who do you think
you're talking to?

This is still bland.
This is still bland.

What are you doing
wrong now?

- Bret, watch those shrimp.
- Is that what you just asked me?

No, sorry, Chef.

Is there something that
I can fix for you, Chef?

Let me try a little bit.

Yeah, taste it.
It's salty, it's good.

Her tartar potatoes
were disgusting.

You need pepper.

That is embarrassing.

You don't know
how to season food?

Black pepper in here too?

You need pepper;
you need butter.

Yeah, I put butter, cream,
all of that stuff in here.

Now we're at
a standstill.

No one can do anything
without garnish.

- This is good? Yeah or no?
- All right, I got it, I got it.

Yeah, this is good.

Come on!

Two halibut, two lobster,
one pork, one duck.

- Heard, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.

Butter in there, Gizzy.

Keep it down on there, Giz.

Scotley was
more focused on, like,

the technique of me cooking
my fish in the pan

than how long
the meat's gonna take.

- It's not a open flame.
- Let me cook it.

I know how to cook
beautiful fish.

Gizzy is in
her own world right now.

I can't cook my meat
and cook your fish.

- Giz, be ready to walk.
- Yeah, I'm ready to walk too.

Just get it together.
Come on.

They will need more time.
60 minutes is not enough.

- Three minutes, Chef.
- Still three minutes?

- Two minutes, two minutes.
- * hell.

Okay, okay.
Hey, Red Team...

He said we were walking.

Hey, she laughs,
you * around.

It was five minutes
five minutes ago.

You said three, I said,
"No, give it to me in five."

Now we're going back to three.
Any idea why, so I know?

Wellingtons wasn't
cooked all the way, Chef.

- * hell.
- Two minutes.

I promise you, Chef.
Two minutes.

Scotley's not very
organized in his thoughts.

And he's aggressive.
He thinks he's communicating,

but he's not communicating

We're walking Wellington.

Run it up.
Just run it all up.

- Run it, run it.
- Good.

Right behind you,
right behind you.

Out of the way, Scotley.
Out of the * way.

- Oh, no.
- All of you come here.

I honestly don't know
what the * has happened.

Look how dry that is.
It's like * canned fish.

- Is this good enough for you?
- No, Chef.

It's like my soul
that he's just, like,

tearing apart.
He's like, "It's * dry."

Start cooking like pros,
and get your * together.

I'm tired of letting
Chef Ramsay down,

and I gotta figure it out,

or else it's gonna
start to get scary.

Time to get a grip!

It's been an uneven night

for the Hell's Kitchen

I honestly don't know
what the * has happened.

- And Gizzy...
- Look how dry that is.

It's like * canned fish.

Has just made it
a bit worse

with her flakey turn
on the fish station.

All this fish
is so overcooked, it's insane.

There's one fish we never
* reheat... is halibut.

- Got a hot pan down, Gizzy?
- Yeah.

That was all Scotley's fault,

and that's why I'm pissed.

Ah, that *
was so * up, man.

I want the meat, the fish,
and the garnish together.

Yes, Chef!
- Jose, cook two halibut for me.

- Going, Chef.
- Six minutes to the window.

Six minutes
to the window, Chef.

I came here to cook, so...

if he needs me
to cook two halibuts,

I'll suck it up
and get the job done

and do it right.

- Halibut coming?
- Yes.

- Heard.
- You coming?

- I got the garnish, right?
- That's good, let's go.

I can see it in his face.

Jose really, really wants this.

Coming to the window.

He's like,
"I don't give up.

I'm in it to win it, baby."

Oh, * me.

No, it's fine... that one.
It's fine, yeah.

Jose has successfully
bailed out Gizzy

in the Red Kitchen,
and with Jen managing

to catch up with the garnish
in the Blue Kitchen...

All right, I'm going up.

Walking up two Wellies.
Behind, behind, behind.

Both teams
are delivering entrées

to the diners
at a reasonable pace.

Thank you so much.

One beef Wellington,
one chicken,

- one halibut, one pork.
- Heard, Chef!

Behind, chicken.

Where's the chicken garnish?

Chicken, pork, and halibut.

Yeah, let me know
you're walking.

- I didn't know.
- What the *

- She's doing, I don't know.
- Wow.

Y'all can't
* me like that.

I've been talking to y'all
this whole time.

Kanae is lost on garnish.

It's starting to put
everybody behind.

I'm still waiting
on the garnish,

the chicken you brought up
three minutes ago.

I don't if you guys
can't see this.

Sorry, guys.

I've told my team

that I'm such a strong
line cook.

And I am.

However, tonight is not
looking so promising.

- Mia, can we help out?
- Yes?

Use me.
I'm right here for you, okay?

I'm just walking down
all the two-minute garnish.

Heard that.
Kanae isn't

handing responsibility off

because she thinks she's got it,

and I'm just there
to support her.

Don't stand there.
Keep doing something.

Wipe down, fold the towels.
Do something, okay?

I'm not trying to take over,

but nobody knows
what's going on.

I need the rest of
the halibut garnish.

I got it, I got it.
I got the halibut.

I think I'm gonna be
a little bit pissed

if everybody's like,
"Oh, Mia did so good tonight."

I think we have enough
potato here for a halibut.

- What's the next ticket?
- Two halibut, two strip...

I'm sorry, one halibut,
two strip, one pork.

No, one halibut,
one salmon, two New York strip.

Thank you.
Please run this.

- Please lead this.
- Say it again?

- Salmon...
- One halibut, one salmon.

She just, you know,
interjected and came in

and just put out all the fires.

I wanna hear your voice

count this whole thing down,

Heard that, Chef.

While Mia brings some
order to the rookies' kitchen,

the all-stars are once again
at a standstill,

thanks to the garnish station.

- How long?
- Jen...

How long do you need, Jen?

How long?
I'm asking you.

- Us?
- Yeah, because she doesn't know.

I can walk in three minutes.

Heard, three minutes.
Me too.

* Jen, tune in.
I need three minutes.

- Can you get garnish up in two?
- Yes! I am!

I'm asking everybody's
questions right now.

Hot pan.

Everybody wants a piece of Jen.
"Jen, how many of this?"

It's just chaotic now.
My meat is overcooking.

Jen can't cook.

I don't know why the *
she came back.

Maybe she came back to promoe
her damn chef jacket

and her * berets.
- You know what?

Y'all really trying to
clear on me right now,

and it's all gravy, man.

I'm definitely the odd ball
out the group,

so, of course, whenever
anything happens in our kitchen,

it's Jen, Jen, Jen.

You need
the duck garnish up now.

She needs a push.
It's gonna die.

I need to * go.

Walking up with duck garnish.

I'm short of
two portions of duck garnish.

You should
on the leek, Chef.

I gave you the potatoes.
- No, * hell.

Where's the pan gone?

I gave you
the creamy leek, Chef.

* hell. Hey... hey.

All of you,
run up here with me a minute.

I'm short of the duck garnish.

I've got on portion out there,
and barely a third of the next.

You just pulled that
from under there, Chef.

You threw that under there.
I gave you enough meat.

You're trying to clown me
up in here right now.

Hey, come here, you.
Hey, come here.

No, you trying to
clown me in here right now.

I gave you the leek, Chef.

All of you, come here.
All of you, come here.

All of you.

You're trying to clown
me, Chef, and I gave you enough.

No, you're lying.

- You're trying to clown me...
- All of you, come here.

And that's not gonna happen.

I appreciate
that you bring me back,

but you're not gonna
disrespect me.

- Get in there.
- No, I'm not.

Take your apron off,
and get out.

Yeah, I will.
Don't worry about it.

Front door.

Really? Where? Where?

Who set you up?

You're making an excuse.
You're lying.

You're lying.
Ask Jocky, ask Jocky.

"Smart" what?

* get out!
Get out!

You're trying to
clown me up in here right now.

Hey, come here, you.
Hey, come here.

No, you're trying to
clown me in here right now.

I gave you the leek, Chef.

All of you, come here.
All of you, come here.

All of you.

You're trying to clown
me, Chef, and I gave you enough.

No, you're lying.

Hey, all of you, come here.

And that's not gonna happen.

I appreciate
that you bring me back,

but you're not gonna
disrespect me.

No, I'm not.

Hey, take your apron
off, and get out.

Yeah, I will.
Don't worry about it.

Front door.

Really? Where? Where?

Who set you up?

You're making an excuse.
You're lying.

You're lying.
Ask Jocky, ask Jocky.

"Smart" what?

* get out!
Get out!

You haven't got it,
and you know that.

Get out.

What the *
is she thinking?

I've had enough.

All * night,
been struggling

on that * station.

Get a grip, or follow her.

Yes, Chef.

Is she having
a yelling match with the OG,

triple OG, the * jefe?

Come on,
what the * was that?

Two salmon,
two New York strip.

Yes, Chef.

She was gonna be
the first one to go anyway.

Deuces, bitch.

That's all I gotta say
about that.

At the end of the day,

I have an entire business
at home, waiting on me.

I've accomplished
a lot of things.

I'm going home
wishing I would've said more.

I wish I would've told him
to take that blue chef jacket

and stuff it so far up
his *,

he start coughing out

That's what the hell
I wish I would've told him.

- Chef, right here, Chef?
- Go with that, please.

With the distractin
removed from the kitchen,

both teams are successfully
delivering the final dishes.

- Chef, coming in hot.
- Do it right.

- Let's finish strong.
- Walking, 30 seconds.

Nicely cooked, T.

Don't forget the sauce
for the salmon.

- Five desserts, 50.
- Finish strong, finish stron.

Thank you very much.

- That's good.
- So good.

Red Team, line up, please.

Let's go.

Blue Team,
line up, please, quickly.

Jen is missing.

Something happened
on the Blue Team's side,

and I wanna know.

Before we discuss
who the winning team is tonight,

how dare somebody accuse me

of sabotaging their garnish

and attempt to soil
my reputation.

I respect your commitment,

but I am not gonna be accused
of sabotaging anybody.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, Chef.

Okay, she's gone.

I wanna get back to
the chefs that matter to me.

Tonight, both kitchens
did have a number of issues,

some mistakes,

but unlike opening night,

each kitchen bounced back,

and more importantly,
we completed service.

So based on that performance

and the fact that
we sent Jen home

in the middle of service,

I decided that nobody is leaving
this competition tonight.

- Yes.
- Thank you, Chef.

- Get out of here.
- Thank you, Chef.

Jen eliminated herself for u.

I don't wanna be associated
with that hot mess

at all whatsoever.


- My heart was like...
- Pounding really hard.

At the end of the day,
we finished our service,

but not in
the best way possible.

That is our get-out-of-jail-free

and it cannot happen again.

* got real.

The dead weight is cut,

and we're starting to
come together now

as a unit on the Blue Team,

and the Red needs to really be
scared at this point.

What the *
was she on?

Jen accused me
of sabotaging her.

The truth of the matter is

the only thing that sabotaged
Jen tonight was her cooking.

Next time on "Hell's Kitchen"...

Chicken nice and cooked.

- Rookies, you're incredible.
- Hell yeah.

When the veterans
are feeling shown up

by the rookies...

So sick of
these little * rookies.

They are good, man.

Will some egos be so bruised..

Disgusted right now.

They decide to hatch a plan..

Red Team,
you better watch your back.

Don't worry.
They'll be so flustered

at dinner service,
they won't know what hit 'em.

So devious...

I feel like something dirty's
about to happen.

She's going down, big time.

We gonna sabotage you, bitch.

That it changes
the game completely.

Oh, * . Stop.

What in the *?
Out of the way.

-Who put this in the oven?

What the hell is that?

Who did it?

It's all next time

on a low-down dirty episode
of Hell's Kitchen.

Having fun yet?