Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 2 - A Fond Farewell - full transcript

The contestants are tasked with preparing their own risotto dish when Ramsey takes his off the menu.

16 enthusiastic chefs

arrived at Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen 18!

But half of them were
in for an unexpected surprise.

I haven't been
completely honest with you.

My name's Ariel and I came in
third on season six

of "Hell's Kitchen."

As the other half

revealed they've all
been here before.

‐ Runner up of season 16.
‐ Brett from season 14.

‐ Season 13.
‐ What the hell?

If they were previous
"Hell's Kitchen" winners,

I would be nervous,

but they're previous
"Hell's Kitchen" losers.

Chef Ramsay declared
this special season as...

Rookies versus Veterans.

And announced the greatest title

and position ever as the prize.

The winner will become
the executive chef

of the first ever
"Hell's Kitchen" restaurant

at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

In a very special
signature dish challenge...

‐ Bloody hell.
‐ Look at theirs.

The veterans
got a surprise of their own.

You are not gonna be making
your signature dish.

Come on!

- You'll be making theirs.
- Oh, no.

The hell are you
trying to pull, Chef?

Ohio restaurant owner
and name dropper Scott...

Is this from?
‐ Charlie Palmer, actually.

Couldn't live up to his hype.

The good news is, Scott,
your restaurant's closed now

and no one's eating this *.

While season 4 veteran Jen...

Way overcooked.
That's a two out of five.

Had a miserable homecoming.

Come on, you an All Star.
A two?

- That's unacceptable.
- After the challenge

ended in a tie...

The best dish from both teams
wins the challenge.

Season 6 runner up,
Kevin, and his fish chowder...

Nobody here can cook
better than me.

I wake up in the morning,
it's the first thing I do

‐ is * excellence.
‐ Congratulations, Mia.

Was beaten
by Puerto Rico native Mia

who sealed the first victory
for the most talented

rookie team
in "Hell's Kitchen" history.

Now they know I'm a force
to be reckoned with.

After a punishing
day, veterans Bret and Jen

bonded in the dorms.

Both my parents just
recently passed away.

That's why you see me kiss

my wrist because their names
are tattooed on me.

- The next morning...
- Oh, *.

Chef Ramsay gathered the teams

for a stunning announcement.

I'm about to tell you
something quite shocking.

And now, the continuation

of "Hell's Kitchen:
Veterans vs. Rookies"...

Today is about a passing.

Right here in "Hell's Kitchen."

One of our near and dear.

We are saying farewell to...

‐ Jocky.
‐ No!

No, not Jocky,
but Jocky, come on out.

Lookin' snazzy.

What is he doing?
Keep it down!

You shouldn't be looking.

We are saying goodbye to
a "Hell's Kitchen" favorite...

‐ the lobster risotto.
‐ What?

That's right.
One of the most famous dishes

‐ ever to grace this kitchen.
‐ This risotto is a staple.

It was on my season,
past season,

next season, the other seasons,
every season.

Two risotto I need now.

Very nice, that risotto.
No, no, no.

You don't toss a * risotto.

That risotto's excellent.
Where's the risotto?

I need that urgent risotto,

You're putting the crab
in the lobster risotto!


I've got another burned risotto.

* Burnt!

A light one, a dark one,
and a medium one.

The same * table.

How long for risotto?
Delicious that risotto.

Two risotto fire.

I call out risotto
and he's still standing there,

* gawking at me.

How do you manage to make
risotto looks like

a bowl of vomit
has been dipped in oil?

Two risotto.
17 minutes an order.

At least it's delicious.

I'm gonna give you each
a chance now

to put your risotto
on the Hell's Kitchen menu.

I mean, you don't get that

if you're not
on a different level.

It's because
we're the best of the best.

These aren't people
that Chef Ramsay just picked up

on the sidewalk, these are people
that really know their *

But that's not all, Blue Team,
you know that Hell's Kitchen

is a long, demanding,
difficult journey, right?

Yes, Chef.

I'm giving the winner
of this challenge

something very valuable
that'll make their journey

a little easier.


‐ Buongiorno. ‐ ln the history
of "Hell's Kitchen,"

there's never been
anything like this.

A punishment pass.

The winner of this challenge
will receive that free pass.

If that winner finds themselves
on the losing team,

the ticket will allow that chef
to get out of the punishment.

Not only will it save you
from punishment,

you get to join the winning team
on their incredible reward.

It can only be used once,
so use it wisely.

Oh, my God.

I would never have to drink
a fish gut milkshake again.

Your 45 minutes start... now.
Let's go.

♪ Fire ♪

♪ Uh, uh ♪

♪ When you're hot,
you're hot ♪

♪ You really shoot your shot ♪

♪ You're dyn‐ o‐ mite, child,
yeah ♪

♪ The way you squeeze
and tease ♪

♪ Knocks me to my knees ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm smokin',
baby, baby ♪

♪ Fire ♪

I'm working with crab, guys.
‐ All right, I got duck breasts.

- Bacon.
- Panchetta.

Put this right here.

I see everybody piling
around all of the meats...

and I just... I was like,
"You know what?

I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna do it."

I think I'm gonna go vegetarian.

All right.

I'm feeling like that's really
gonna set my dish apart

from everybody else.

‐ Oh, balls.
‐ You got everything you need?

I'm getting there, yes,

but I'm doing an asparagus
and shrimp risotto.

I do it at home
five times a week.

There's no way I can lose this.

Let's get it, baby!

I breathe, live, eat, sleep,
* risotto all the time.

I should win this
when I make a risotto at home,

literally, three, four,
five times a week.

Setting yourself up,
big boy, setting yourself up.

The whole time Bret kept saying,
"I do this all the time.

‐ I do this all the time."
‐ I literally make this

three days a week,
four days a week.

I'm almost thinking
he might be too confident.

You okay?

Yeah, I just tasted my risotto.

When you talk
about how good you are,

you better damn well prove it. >

‐ What do you got working?
‐ Sweetpea pancetta basil.

Okay, so this is your protein
in there then?

‐ Mm‐ hmm.
‐ Yeah?

I know I'm amazing
at making risotto.

It's one of the first things you
learn when you're in culinary school.

So if we're in Hell's Kitchen

and we can't make a * risotto,

Then we shouldn't be here.

- Hey, Chef Christina...
- Yeah?

To stop the pork belly
from buckling,

would I just cut the fats
out of it?

Have you ever cooked pork belly
in this short amount of time?

‐ Yeah? No?
‐ No. No.

It's pretty ambitious.

I mean, we make this
at Gordon's restaurant

and we slow cook it
for 36 hours.

‐ Wait.
‐ It's a tough one to work.

Got it, Chef.

‐ Five minutes.
‐ Five minutes!

‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Yes, Chef.

This is mine.
Confidence is high right now.

I am so ready to blow everybody

out of the water
with this risotto.

I want my dish on the * menu.

15 seconds.
‐ Oh, my God.

Come on, baby,
you're almost there.

Almost there, baby.
Almost there.

Five, four, three,

two, one and serve.
Well done.

Let's go.

Okay, great.
Look at that punishment pass.

That pass is a game changer.

I want to win
this punishment pass

just in case I have to eat,
like, some cow testicles

or something one day
in a punishment.

I can opt out of that.

I will not be tasting all 16
of your risottos.

Not only are Christina
and Jocky your sous chefs,

they are trusted colleagues.

They're going to be tasting
all the risotto dishes

made by their kitchens.

After that,
they'll narrow it down

to four from the Blue Team
and four from the Red Team.

I'll be in my office
organizing tonight's menu.

I love the idea that Chef Ramsay's
only gonna taste four dishes.

Anything that can set me apart from
anyone else in this competition

is only gonna be to my benefit.

‐ Come on down.
‐ Got it, Chef.

‐ Let's get cozy.
‐ What I have for you

is a roasted carrot parsnip
and pearl onion puree.

The color did not
stay the way I wanted it to.

- Thank you.
- Chef Jocky,

the blank stare.

‐ I don't know how to read him.
‐ Bret.

‐ What have we got here?
‐ So today I prepared

a grilled shrimp risotto.

It's cooked in a seafood stock
brodo with some Parmesan...

What did you call it?
Tomato seafood...

The Italian word for...

‐ for broth.
‐ No, not Italian.

‐ I'm sorry, Chef. Stock.
‐ Thank you.

While the Blue Team tries to
deliver an All‐ Star performance...

‐ Give me one second.
‐ No problem, Chef.

The rookies attempt
to make a lasting impression

with Chef Christina.

Okay, here I have
a uni and crab meat risotto.

I'm feeling confident
in my dish.

Coming from Puerto Rico,
it's really weird

because my cooking style
is way more than

just the Hispanic culture.

I have many tricks up my sleeve.

‐ Thank you.
‐ Thank you, Chef.

- How you doing, Chef?
- Great.

So what I have here
is pan-seared pork belly

- and I did with a poached egg.
- Mm-hmm.

And this is intended to crack
and mix into the risotto?

I put it off to the side
as an option.

Do you put things on a plate
often that are just options?

Hello, Chef.

I did a lemon and leek risotto

with sautéed clams and chorizo.

Would you change anything
in this?

No, I would've eaten it
for lunch.

So here we have
a blistered tomato risotto

with a little Parmesan.
Little crispy leeks on top.

I know my dish is good
so I'm ready for Chef Christina

to hopefully give me
some positive feedback.

Thank you.

Or not.

Thank you, Chef.

What do we have here?

Well, maybe let's call it
Under the Sea Risotto

'cause it's a trilogy
of seafood.

Can I taste that with you, Chef?

‐ What's that?
‐ Can I give it a taste

- with you, too?
- Of course.

Have you not tried it yourself?

Um, yeah, mm‐ hmm.
I tried it.

‐ What are you looking for?
‐ Nothing.

It being a veteran
versus rookie season,

we're being held
to the highest expectations

and you have Jen over here
out in left field...

nobody's gonna hold your hand.

‐ Okay, thank you.
‐ Thank you, Chef.

Chef's Jocky and Christina

have narrowed the field down
by half

and it's up to Chef Ramsay
to taste the final eight

and choose a winner.

Okay, Christina,
tell me who the first

dish belongs to.

First dish from the Red Team,
Chef, will be from Chris.

- Chris.
- What?

Let's go, Chris.

Oh, wow, I'm blown away.

Chef Christina, are you sure?
This Chris?

Are you sure?

describe the risotto, please.

I have pan-seared pork belly
seasoned with salt and pepper,

a little bit of chili powder.

How'd you cook the pork belly
in such a short time?

Ah... I don't know, Chef,
I just managed to pull it off.

It doesn't look like a risotto,

but let me tell you,
the flavor, it punches.

It's great.
Great start.

‐ Thank you.
‐ Thank you, Chef.

Good job, bro.

Jocky, give me the name of the first
dish that I'm tasting today, please.

Come on, bro.

- You're my bro.
- this should be a...

Slam dunk.

Gordon, the first dish
is from T.

T, let's go.

T would be
my biggest competition.

We've both had our hands
on that door

and we both have had our hearts
ripped out of our chests

and smashed.

‐ Describe the risotto, please.
‐ All right, Chef,

what I've prepared for you
today is a scalloped risotto.

Leeks, pancetta.
It's finished with a little bit

‐ of green tomato relish.
‐ Why relish on top of risotto?

The green tomatoes really
give it that different dimension

and if the scallops
cooked beautifully.

‐ It should work perfectly.
‐ I'm not a big fan of relish,

but on the risotto,
it tastes delicious.


The question is whether
it's better than Chris'.

‐ Uh, T...
‐ Yes, Chef.

It's definitely better
than Chris'.

‐ Good job.
‐ Thank you, Chef.

Thank you. Wow.

Being back in Hell's Kitchen,
I'm in my element.

I know what Chef Ramsay wants
and I got talent.

the second name, please.

The second dish coming
forward, Chef...

‐ ls from Gizzy.
‐ Gizzy, let's go.

Oh, *.

Here we go.

Describe the dish, please.

I kinda took a risk
and went all vegetarian.


Uh‐ huh.

Some of these rookie dishes,
I don't think they understand

that this is going
on the Hell's Kitchen menu.

Gizzy's doesn't even
have a protein.

You got no backup
or great proteins.

There's no beef,
there's no pork.

There's nothing in there.

A vegetarian dish
in Hell's Kitchen?

What are you? Stupid?

‐ There's no way.
‐ Gizzy...


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In this individual challenge,

the best risotto dish
with not only become

a permanent fixture on the menu,

it will also earn
a Punishment Pass.

I kinda took a risk
and went all vegetarian.

Hell's Kitchen first timer Gizzy

is trying to unseat a former
"Hell's Kitchen" runner up, T.



It's delicious.

Okay, phew.
We can breathe on this one.

It lifts the palate up.

It has the edge over T's.

‐ Congratulations.
‐ Yes! Thank you, Chef.

I'm just beside myself.

It's really validating.
Really, really validating.

Chef Jocky's second choice...


Is banking on her...

Carrot, turmeric,
ginger risotto.

To impress Chef Ramsay.

Your rice is just a touch
too crunchy.

Is it better than Gizzy?

sorry. No, it's not.

Gizzy's dish is still
the one to beat

‐ as Christina's third choice...
‐ Mia's risotto, Chef.

And her...
‐ Sweet pea and basil risotto

with crispy pancetta.

Has Chef Ramsay...

Wow, that's good.

Going back for seconds.


That's good.


Whatever Mia's got going on,
Chef digs it.


Does it beat Gizzy's?

‐ It definitely does. Great job.

‐ Thank you, Chef.
- Well done.

That sucks for me,
but Mia is proving

that she's a force
to be reckoned with.

And now, Chef Jocky's
third choice, Ariel,

‐ and her...
‐ Speck, pecorino,

and wild mushroom risotto.

Will try and unseat Mia.

One risotto has a slight edge.


Take your dish back.

It is good, but not good enough.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on here?

Last time I was here,
Ariel was one of

the strongest on our team.
These guys that good?

‐ Or are we that bad?
‐ Christina, the final risotto

from the Red Team
belongs to who?

It's coming from Scott, Chef.

Excellent, let's go.

Yeah, baby!
That's what I'm talking about!

Saving the best for last,
that's how we roll up in here.

So we have
blistered tomato risotto

with a little Parmesan,
mascarpone, and bacon

with a little bit
of simple syrup and butter.

That's good.

Tell me, do you think
your risotto

‐ tastes better than Mia's?
‐ Yes, Chef.

You're wrong.
It's not. Thank you.

‐ Take your dish back, please.
‐ Thank you, Chef.

Set up.

Jocky, the last risotto
coming out of the Blue Team?

- It's gotta be mine.
- Like, what the *?

Man, my * is delicious.

Is it gonna be me?
Am I finally gonna get in there?

Did I do a good enough job?

- It's Bret.
- Bret.

Let's go.

It bums you out
when you don't get picked.

I wanna be part of the game.

I wanna be part
of the big leagues

and I wanna win
these challenges.

That's why I came here for.

Describe the dish for us.

It's a grilled shrimp

and charred asparagus tip

The broth is actually a seafood
and tomato brodo

‐ with some Parmesan rind.
‐ Go back in line two seconds.

Yes, Chef.

Let me tell you.
I can confirm that these two

are the best risottos.

I know that I've nailed
every single component

and I just want my dish
on the menu.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Come on, Pop.

I gotta win this.

Like I gotta * win this dish.

‐ It's risotto.
‐ The risotto going on the menu

for the first time ever
in this competition

and will be the recipient
of that incredible

Punishment Pass,
that dish belongs to...


- * Yeah!
- Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yeah, winning this challenge
means everything.

That was for my parents
right there.

Food in my family
was always surrounded

by a lot of love.

Right now my parents
are * ecstatic.

I know it.

Tonight you're making history
because your risotto

will be featured
on Hell's Kitchen menu.

If that's not enough, young man,

you are the exclusive owner
of the first ever

Punishment Pass.

Thank you.

Pick it up.

Mind if I take the whole box,

You can hold on to it for now.

I'm not sad to see
the Punishment Pass go to him.

I'm sure he's going to need it
throughout this competition,

‐ so good luck.
‐ Red Kitchen, Blue Kitchen,

- head to the dorms.
- Thank you, Chef.

Obviously, I'm a little bummed
out that I didn't win,

but I know my dish
was executed perfectly.

I got Italian flag tattooed on
my chest for a * reason.

"I got the Italian flag
on my chest."

Come on, it's an individual win,
but it's a W for the team,

you dig?

"What's up, baby?"

I said I make this *
at home five times a week,

‐ you dig?
‐ Yeah! Yeah, baby, yeah!

Today I bounced back.

I think he can calm down
just a little bit.

Here we go.
Emotional Bret is back.

Oh, God. Just calm down.
It'll be okay.

You don't have to go
Wolverine on everybody.

Everybody come in
the Red Kitchen.

Everybody in the Red Kitchen.

Oh, let's be
the first ones there. Let's go.

While the All‐ Stars
know the importance

of being on time
and showing up as a team...

You guys can line up right here.

The rookies have to
learn some lessons the hard way.

Where's the other team?

We're gonna get yelled at.
Come on.

Don't * with me today.

Rookie mistake numero uno.

Where's the rest of your team

and why aren't you
traveling as one?

Get the * in the kitchen!

They don't know what to expect

and no veterans are gonna give
them any kind of pointers.

Are you kidding me?

Are you on vacation or are you
trying to win a * job?

Sorry, rookies,
you're on your own.

Is that how you go to work?

You just like wander
into work do you?

It's not funny, yeah?

All right,
we're gonna go through the menu.

So we're gonna start off
on the right-hand side here.

Over there a charred
grilled octopus,

and then we got the carbonara,
beef tartare.

You have two
Wellington's this year:

beef Wellington,
lobster Wellington.

So you know, you'll only be
slicing the Wellington's.

Pork chop, don't get confused.

It'll be coming off
fish station.

‐ This is your halibut dish.
‐ Flatbread, butternut squash.

- Chicken jus.
- Scallops.

Lamb rack.
‐ Pancetta.

‐ Just gonna take one of these

and then you slice it.

Get in front of me. Go.

Guys, shut the * up, will you?

There's nothing worse
than me showing you

and then you doing
exactly the opposite

of what I showed you.

I'm not really worried
about anything.

I'm a trial by error kinda guy.

Wellington's, mark them.
I use the back of the knife.

Okay? Just down the center.
Down the sides.

I know how to cook.
This isn't a hard menu.

I'm definitely gonna hang back
a little bit

and just let my food
do the talking.

All right,
free hands, free agent.

‐ Who needs what?
‐ Do you want to do four Wellys

‐ while I do these eggs?
‐ Yes.

I'm super competitive.

I need somebody
from my team to win.

Your advantage over there
is that they all have egos

and they all thought
they should've won.

There's a reason they didn't.

‐ Garnish, fish, hot apps, me.
‐ Me, hot apps.

Oh, my God!
What are you doing?

What the * is that?

I just knew
you weren't paying attention.

I could see
you weren't listening.

This is really bad work.
Bad, bad work.

And you think you're gonna
get away with that?

I just knew you weren't
paying attention.

This has just proved to me
you weren't listening.

I egg-washed it first
and then I marked it.

All right?

And you marked it very * as well.

This is really bad work.
Bad, bad work.

I didn't spend the last
* seven years of my life

trying to, like, work my way up
in this industry

all over the world
to come in here

just to get yelled at
for screwing up a Wellington.

What is that?
What is that?

I'm gonna do 200 times
what I can to make sure

that I don't
get yelled at again.

You better get your
* act together, Trevor,

or you're not gonna *
last long in this competition.

Yes, sir.

Right. Let's go.

Blue Team, I call out an order,

I wanna hear some form
of communication, yes?

Yes, Chef.

We are returning veterans.

We know what the drill is.

I got all this eagerness.
I'm ready to go.

I'm ready to go.
Let's go.

I mean,
you're just so jacked up.

Red Team, we fire a ticket,
we countdown.

Yes, Chef.
‐ I am thrilled to have

- this first dinner service.
- I got some * to prove,

but at the same time,
I'm terrified, you know?

I don't know what's coming next.

Let's go, guys.
Good luck.

My team is so ready
for this service.

We are coming in guns blazing.

We have to beat the veterans.

‐ Yes, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

‐ Let's go.
‐ Subito.

Hell's Kitchen
is hotter than ever

with tables booked
months in advance

for the most
anticipated opening in history.

Pan seared scallops.

While every returning
veteran has worked

in Chef Ramsay's
brigade system...

‐ Kill it.
‐ You got it, babe.

The rookies will al
be experiencing

a Hell's Kitchen dinner service
for the very first time.

‐ Ready for this?
‐ Ready.

Tonight, Chef Ramsay
is testing the two best brigades

he's ever assembled
with the biggest and hardest

Hell's Kitchen menu ever

which now includes
Bret's newly added

tomato risotto with
grilled shrimp and asparagus.


I'll do the pesto.

Chef Ramsay
has also added a special

shrimp and pasta appetizer...

So there gonna be
the smoke and then the fire.

To be served tableside
by Scott for the rookies

and Roe for the veterans.

Blue Team, good luck, yeah?
Four covers table 22.

One special pasta tableside,
one scallop, two risotto.

Yes, Chef.
‐ Six, seven minutes?

- Seven minutes, please.
- Seven minutes.

Seven minutes.
Out the gate, I wanna

assert myself as a leader.
Make no mistake.

I know how to burn, bitch.

90 seconds to risotto.

Scallops are going
into the pan right now.

Okay, start those shrimp,

Taste to see
if you're happy with it.

Pinch of salt. Delicious.
‐ All right. Fantastic.

I make it at often
at home for my clients,

my family, my friends,
but now the world

‐ 'gon be able to taste it.
‐ Walking risotto, guys.

Going up with your shrimp
right behind you, T.

All right.

‐ Hey. Hey.
‐ Yes, Chef?

Come here, you.
Bret, urgently.

Taste that all of you.


Tomato risotto.
What's the first taste

‐ that comes in there?
‐ Cheese, Chef.


‐ Less cheese, please.
‐ Yes, Chef.

‐ Hey! This is your dish, right?
‐ Yes, Chef.

You need to be over it
the first couple

‐ to get her up to speed.
‐ Yes, Chef.

Bret's like, "Oh, my God,
deer in headlights,

Chef Ramsay's talking to me."

‐ T, come on, let's go.
‐ Yes, Chef.

Rookies, here we go.
Listen up.

An order. Four covers table 50.
Let's go.

One pasta tableside,
two risotto.

- Heard?
- Yes, Chef.

All right, we're at seven
minutes out on two risotto.

The energy amongst the rookies
is really awesome.

Scott, let me know when
you're good to go on shrimp.

Minute and a half.

We're really
trying to go for blood

and show everybody that

the rookies are
going for all the wins.

You ready to go on that risotto?

‐ Yeah, walking.
‐ Walking.

I'll meet you
at the pass with the shrimp.

Where's the shrimp?
‐ Right behind you, Chef.

Aw, * no.

So I've got three * shrimp.

‐ How many risottos are going?
‐ Just one.

Oh, *.

An order. Four covers table 50.
Let's go.

One pasta tableside,
two risotto.

- Heard?
- Yes, Chef.

I need six shrimp,
you send me three.

‐ What do you need, Chef?
‐ Oh, my God.

- Where are the other shrimp?
- I'm confused, Chef.

‐ What do you need then?
‐ You're confused?!

I need the shrimp
for the risotto!

I will put 'em on right now,

‐ I'm sorry, Chef.
‐ Oh, my God.

Please don't * that up again.

Go. Go. Go. Go.

I'm so lost on what
he's trying to order

and I need him
to slow down to be able

to process that information.

Six shrimp, Chef.

‐ Six shrimp?
‐ Oh, my God,

- you only need three now!
- Oh, my God.

You already cooked three.

All right, some Ptarmigan.


Hey, donut,
why are you cooking the shrimp?

‐ Pardon?
‐ You'd already done the order!

‐ It's gone!
‐ Tableside.

Are you real?

Your name is Scott.
Scott Lee is doing tableside.

Come here. Come here, you.

‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Come here. Come here.

Let me show you
what tableside means.

Scott cooking tableside
in the kitchen?


Tableside means it's sat
next to the * table.

Yes, Chef.
This is so embarrassing.

Don't worry about it.

While Scott gets accustomed to
tableside being done tableside,

over in the Blue Kitchen...

All right, guys,

I'm ready to walk risotto.
Are we ready?

T is ready with her second
attempt at the risotto.

‐ Chef, two risottos
to the pass.

Service, please.

And the veterans
are moving on to...

One risotto, two scallops.
Let's go!

‐ All right, six minutes.
‐ Yup.

- You've got this, yes?
- Yes. Yes, I got it.

‐ Good, let's go.
‐ Two minutes out.

Chef Ramsay,
he's not looking for somebody

with the biggest ego or,
you know, the biggest wang

or the biggest set of garbanzos,
he's looking for a leader.

Somebody that can run
a * restaurant

and that's why
he brought me back this time.

I think he's gonna say
there's not enough color.

You don't think
they're a little light?

No, I don't.

All right, man, now when Chef
comes back here yelling,

I don't want that energy
coming my way

- because I told you.
- Scallops up.

I'm trying to be proactive
so we don't get

kicked up out the kitchen.

And why...

Hey, come here.

Just touch them first.
Just touch how rubbery they are.

‐ All milky.
‐ Bigger pan, guys, come on.

And hold on, hold on.
The worst thing is...

they didn't come out the pan

for me to drain them.

- Get it together.
- Yes, Chef.

Enough's enough.
Scallops on the fly.

‐ Urgently!
‐ Scallops on the fly. Hurry!

It's frustrating.
Scallops that are, you know,

a fickle bitch.
Scallops refired.

- 35.
- Oh, my God.

Once I saw the beads of sweat
coming off Trev,

his eyes in the glasses of his
getting all fogged up,

‐ I knew it was something.
‐ Scallops.

But, hey, I can pat myself
on the back.

‐ Service, please.
‐ Thank you.

Trevor's scallops finally mae

an appearance
in the dining room.

Oh, my gosh,
these scallops are to die.

Service, please.

As both kitchens deliver the
rest of their appetizers.

Go, Papa, we got it.

‐ Go, John.
‐ Yes. Yes.

Thank you so much
for your patience.

‐ That's risotto right there.
‐ It's like heaven.

And are ready
to move on to entrees.

First entrees. Two lobster
Wellington, one New York strip,

‐ one halibut.
‐ I'm driving this ticket.

Seven minutes.
Halibut's down, Chef.

I'm gonna take the lead on fish.

‐ I'm feeling fired up.
‐ Halibut how long?

Give me one minute
and a half and we're good.

‐ I'm on my A-game.
‐ How long on the strip?

‐ Right now, Chef.
‐ Good? I'm ready. Walk.

Ready to walk.
I wanna show Chef Ramsay

that, you know, I'm a force
to be reckoned with

in the kitchen
and I'm a silent killer.

Hey. Hey, hey, Red Team,
come here.

I'm * pissed off.
Come here.

Come here.

This is just lunacy.

Got raw * halibut.

This guy can't even cook me
six shrimp

with your * risotto,

this is ridiculous.

And you need to get a * grip

and you need
to grow some quickly.

‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Otherwise, you and you

can * off on that cart

and I'll push you down, La Brea.

You're professional chefs
and you're acting like idiots.

It's the rookie's
first dinner service

in Hell's Kitchen
and Jose's raw halibut...

You're professional chefs
and you're acting like idiots.

Was not exactly
a smashing success.

I need a halibut on the fly.

Yes, Chef.

Jose, get it together
on the halibut, please.

You're like sinking right now.

Coming to the window.

Yeah, it's cooked.

The rookies have
delivered their first entree.

While in the Blue Kitchen,
Chef Ramsay looks

to Ariel and Bret
to deliver on...

Two halibut, one lamb,
one beef Wellington.

Yes, Chef.
‐ Lamb and Wellington.

Being back in Hell's Kitchen‐
because it's the second time

and I am much older,
I have a lot less nerves.

Don't break my heart today,

Three minutes on this halibut.

I'll be right behind you
when I slice.

I'm just focusing.
It's dinner service,

we're all professionals,
we should know how to work

the station.
Go. Go. Go. Go.

Right behind. Right behind.
Right behind.

Right behind, lamb.

Hey, what you doing
carving the meat?

‐ I'm sorry, Chef?
‐ Who told you to carve the meat?

* I'm so sorry, Chef.

I cut... I'm sorry.

I sliced the lamb
and it was cooked beautifully.

‐ Bret, don't slice it.
‐ I know... I'm sorry, Chef.

‐ My apologies.
‐ I'll slice it.

It's not building confidence,

It won't happen again. I'm so
sorry, Chef. I'm so sorry, Chef.

I sliced the first one.
My apologies, Chef.

Sorry, Bret.

‐ Yo, my bad, yo.
‐ My God!

Get over it.
Swallow it, move on.

Lamb, beautifully cooked.

I'm so sorry.
Won't happen again, Chef.

You good?
Good, how's that looking?

Yeah, I just... I don't know what we have
on order, and I'm on fire right now.

‐ Do we have everything?
‐ Yes.

Whole day, what do I have?

I have... uh...

So we just walked out two lamb...

I need you to give me.

Little sassy Puerto Ricans,
let me tell you.

Two duck, one lobster,
one chicken.

How long?

Ten out, chef.

‐ Ten?
‐ Yes, chef.

‐ Why ten?
‐ Because I only have one duck.

Oh, *.

What are you
writing down there?

Hey, hey, where's the duck?

‐ Right... ‐ Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Red Team, all over here.

We got two duck on here.

And one * duck cooked.

All the * writing!

It's not an English exam.

Chris right now thinks he's chef with
his little pen and his little paper.

He can't even write down
the order correctly.

You gotta stop writing now.

You gotta stop writing and you
gotta come here, young man.

Gotta come here.

This is elementary, guys.

Just one * duck and he just comes
up and rips my whole * map up.

Give me that * thing.
Ahh! Ahh!

That way,
you can't write anything down.

As Mia and Chris
try to get on the same page,

over in the blue kitchen, Jen's
night is heating up on the grill.

I guarantee that pork's * over.

That one's over.

This one's not.

I think it's gonna
be over when you cut it.

I'm telling you, I just cooked
one and cut it in half,

and it was completely pink
in the middle.

Man, everybody wanna be a boss.

Right behind.
They all come over there,

touching my pork with their little
booty digging nubs, just neh, neh, neh!

Touching and poking...
leave it alone.

Where's the sauce?

Come on, guys.

Who brought the pork up?

I did the pork chop, Chef.

And what about the sauce?

I don't know where the * that is.

Did you just say that to me?

It's... I didn't see pork sauce.

Pork sauce!

‐ Pork sauce right here, Chef.
‐ Right here, Chef.

Pork sauce to your right, Chef.

After a brief delay
on the sauce,

the veterans are successfully
delivering entrees

to satisfied diners.


While back in the Red Kitchen...

‐ You ready, lobster?
‐ Yeah, ready.

‐ Ready, ready, ready, ready.
‐ Okay

Mia and Chris are hoping

to write a new chapter
in the rookie playbook.

Oh, my God.

Beautifully cook.
Go, then, go, go, go, go.


Away now, two halibut,
one lamb, one beef, two pork.

‐ What's away?
‐ One lamb, one beef, two pork.

‐ Halibut, halibut.
‐ Oh, halibut...

* we have two‐

Two scallops, one
halibut, one lobster?

Two scallops?

Yeah, I'm not used to having
this * ticket system.

I'm not a space cadet. I just
have to write these things down.

I visually have to see it.

Two halibut, two pork,
one lamb, one beef. Sing it!

Two halibut, one pork...

Everybody's saying
something different.

Everybody's saying
something different.


This is not happening.

This is not happening.


‐ How long?
‐ Seven minutes, Chef.

- How long?
- Seven * minutes, let's go.

Yes, Chef!

We gonna bounce back.

We comin' back with fire
like the red on our jackets.

Walking, Mia.

Coming behind.

Hot sizzle pan, Chef.

Oh, * my lamb is raw.

Mia! Chris!

Hey, hey, Red Team.

Hey. All of you, come here.


Oh, God.

I've never known
such a fragmented service

in all my life.

He is lost.

He's writing things down.

And the only thing missing
on there is the wool.

I'm done.

I'd rather cook on my own
with * Christina.

* off to your dorm.

And start thinking about
two individuals

that you could do without.

Now * off, all of you.

Get out.

After struggling all
evening in the Red Kitchen...

The only thing missing on there
is the wool.

Chef Ramsey has seen enough

from the rookies.

* off to your dorm

and start thinking about
two individuals

that you could do without.

Now * off, will you?

Get out!

It's embarrassing
that the final straw

was one of my mistakes.

But so much more * happened before

that lamb.

I'm not blaming myself for it.

I can't even believe this.

While the dejected rookies

head back to the dorms...

‐ Last table, Blue Team, yes?
‐ Yes, Chef.

The veterans are
closing in on the finish lin.

‐ You good with duck, Ariel?
‐ Yep, it's going out.

‐ I'll walk 'em both, girl.

‐ Finish strong, babe,
you got it.

Behind duck, Chef.

Nicely cooked, the duck.

Service, please.

That was the best piece of meat
I've literally ever had.

‐ Are you good? Okay.
‐ I am fantastic, thank you.

The Blue Team took the W

We finished service,
and I'm not surprised.

Like, we're All‐ Stars.

And I think it's finally
starting to sink in

to the Red Team where
they * actually are.

‐ Yes?
‐ Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Everybody * up
in some way our rhythm.

I mean, you see how much * fish ‐

I fillet fish *
more than anything.

Scott, you were lost.
You know what I mean?

From the jump, Scott,
he was in the twilight zone.

Man, I don't know where
his head was at.

I let the team down.
I know it.

Damn, you don't even sound
like you wanna be here.

No, I... I‐ I let the team down.

‐ He's honest.
‐ I know.

Own up to your mistakes.

I own up to mine.

But I am gonna prove that

there is a reason why I'm here.

So Scott is number one.

We have to pick one more person.

Fish station was
the biggest problem.

Let's go fish dish.

Clearly, fish station is the
weakest station tonight.

Scott and Jose, they had
the most problems,

and they were
all over the place.

I think Jose is extremely

However, he did mess up
on a lot of the fish.

- I agree, unfortunately.
- I did * up tonight.

And listen, I apologize.

It was very confusing
in the beginning.

At the end of the day,
two stations were the ones

who up:
Fish and me.

Yeah, so, like,
whoever was in charge of meat

needs to step up and own it
because that was

the communication
that broke down.

Chris, I nominate you.

I‐ I must have asked,
like, ten times...

‐ Yes, three solid times.
‐ I need an all day.

I forgot, Mia, your only job
is to cook the meat,

not even listen to the order,

- Are you kidding me?
- Like, * you.

I don't think he had to keep up
all the tickets solely.

I think both of y'all should have.

Man, we gotta cut the *, man.

The reality is if we don't pick two
people, it's goin' get real * ugly.


So who's going up?

Roll the dice.


One of us is going home.

That was a nightmare.

Kanae, Red Team's
first nomination and why.

Scott is the first nominee,

He just couldn't handle it.

And that was one of our

One of many.

Red Team's second nominee
and why.

Our second nominee is...

Chris, Chef.

He wasn't doing enough
at the meat station,

and once the meat started

then it was hard for Jose.


Scott, Chris.

And I wanna hear
from somebody else.

After a humiliating
loss on opening night,

the rookie team has nominated...

- Scott.
- And...


But Chef Ramsey wanted more.


I wanna hear from somebody else.


Step forward.

All three of you.


Tonight, you dropped your head.

You sunk.
You just disappeared.

Why should you stay
in Hell's Kitchen?

I'm a great leader.

Today, I started off slow.

I was working with a team
on communication,

trying to, like, see
where we'll all at.

I'm driven, I'm ambitious.

I wanna be here.
120%, I wanna be here.

Scott was that you
at your best tonight?

No, Chef.

What have I not seen?

Well, I‐ I know beef
extremely well.


You should be a * butcher.

I know I can do better, Chef.

I want to prove to you and to
myself what I can do.


What happened tonight?

I got * confused, got mixed up,

trying to remember things and I
got in an accident last year.

‐ My mind is not the same...
‐ You got what?

I got into an accident, I broke
90% of my face last April.

And I got a concussion.

And so that's my biggest

is trying
to, like, remember things.

You know, it's something that...
it's a challenge.

‐ Do you have fire in your belly?
‐ Yes, Chef.

I feel like I'm behind the curve
on some things,

but I have so much fire
in my * soul.

I got so much fire left in me.

Right, so, I'm sorry about the
accident, but fight back.

Yes, Chef.

My decision is...

Jose and Chris.

* off back in line.

Scott, come here.

Let me tell you something.

You did something tonight

I've never seen before.

You were cooking the tableside
dish in the kitchen.

Take off your jacket.

The good news is,

your restaurant's open
tomorrow night.

‐ Now get out of here.
‐ Yes, Chef.

My ego right now
is totally bruised.

I'm the only one
out of this whole group

that owns their own restaurant,

closed it down to come here,

and I'm the one standing
out here...

Going home.

Get out of here.

Coming into this competition,

I didn't tell anybody
about an accident.

'Cause I'm not making excuses.

There's a reason why I'm here,

and I'ma put in 110%.

I don't wanna be on
the chopping block again.


Being in front of Chef Ramsey,

put some fire up my *.

I wanna make him proud
and I wanna show

him that he chose me
for a reason.

He didn't just choose some
regular shmoe from the Bronx.

The All-Stars have so much more
knowledge than these rookies.

And there's only seven more
of them to go.

We'll wipe the floor
with the Red Team.

Scott remembers working

with some of the biggest name
chefs in the world.

But whether they would remember
him is another matter entirely.

I know I won't remember him
by tomorrow.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen...

This is the episode
everyone will be talking about.

My head hasn't fully
been in the game.

When one veteran starts
to feel like an outcast...

Did you * listen?

Do you understand
what I was saying?

No, I am * listening.
You done piss me off.

And sees the writig on the wall.

‐ Young lady. ‐ What am I
doing wrong now, Chef?

Don't * talk to me like that.

I * beg you, continue arguing.

‐ You threw that under there‐
‐ Never * you, is it?

Will she go to a place...

Come here. Hey.

That no chef
has ever dared to go before.

‐ You're trying to sabotage me.
‐ You're lying.

- Don't you dare!
- A storm is brewing.

‐ You set me up!
‐ What the * is she thinking?

You're not gon' keep this

I'ma bring the pain,
it as simple as that.

And it's all next week.

You haven't got it.
You know that?

On "Hell's Kitchen.