Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 14 - What's Your Motto? - full transcript

The final four chefs participate in a tableside challenge, preparing them for the showmanship that the Las Vegas Executive Chef position will require. After the guest judges vote, the winner of the challenge receives a luxurious d...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

Good morning.

Holy cow.

--After servinga lavish breakfast

to his black jacket
team, made up of three

veterans and two rookies--

I'm pretty sure that
I need to pay attention

because everything happens
fora reason here in Hell's Kitchen.

Ramsay challenged

the chefs to recreate the
EggsBenedict they were just served.

That's right.

Taste it, now make it.

I'm feeling
confident right now.

I'm going to go from
memory at this point.

Motto went on memory

and chose the wrong protein.

I picked
prosciutto, Chef.

That was incorrect.

Veterans Bretand Heather had breakdowns

on their Hollandaise sauce--

You two are out.

--And Ariel and Miaboth flirted with perfection--

Uh, brilliant.

Let me tell you.

identifying the same

number of ingredients--

The winner is--

--and thus
shared the victory.

--Both of you.



At dinner service--


Heather, where are you?




--What started asa communication problem--

Give me a garnish.

Garnish for one.

--Quickly spiralled--

How long, Bret?

Don't put your fucking
head down like that.

I told you start
talking-- fucking do it.

Heather was completely

submerged on the fish station--

I need two minutes inthe oven for the halibut.

Please listen to me.

I'm being made to look likea
fucking imbecile right now.

--And needed
Motto to bail her out.

Can somebody help me?

I need to re-fire salmon.

What you want
me to??

And who
cooked this salmon here?

- I did.
- I don't know.

Nicely cooked.

The team nominated--

I know who my votes are.

It's Heather and Mia.

You do great in challenges,
but you can't burn on the line.

Yeah, I fucking can.

I'm pissed.

I don't think I should begoing up for elimination.

With Mia andHeather on the chopping block,

Chef Ramsay decided it
was time to send home--


--Ending therunner-up from Season 16's dream

of becoming the
executive chef at Gordon

Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now the continuation
of "Hell's Kitchen."

Get out of here.

Bret's looking
out for himself,

and he'll say anything
that'llkeep him in the competition.

And that's fine.

Final four, yo.

But if I would have
gone home tonight,

it would have been bullshit.

Don't form an opinion on
mebased on what you've heard.

See it for yourself.

- One dinner service.
- Yeah.

All right, and the
both of ya's fucked up.

From what I hear,
a bunch ofthings from everybody else,

I can only assume.

But you've never
worked with me.

This is your first time.- You're absolutely right.

Absolutely right.

That's why I said, based
on what I've heard.

- I got it.- You know what I'm saying?

But I was talking
to you, dude.

You can't say I wasn't
fucking talking to you.

Why do you think I'm
top four right now?

I can cook, but when
I'mworking with a bunch of you

yee-ha's that can't talk
itmakes it really hard for me.

I had a lot to fucking do and--

- We all do.
- That's fine.

It's fine.

We all-- we all do.

I feel like Mia's the
weakestchef in this competition

right now.

Let her stay in her fancy
littleprivate chef life in Miami

and do her little one
plate in 45 minutes.

She doesn't have what it takes.

Now it's, you
know, time to burn.

That's fine.

It's over.

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Hi, this is Mia.

Mia, I need to see allof you in the dining room

through the red kitchen.

Yes, chef.

Let's go.

All of us, red kitchen.


I knew it.

What the fuck.

What the fuck is going on here?

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Come on down, please.

Like, does he not sleep?

Is he a robot?

Like, you should go homeand
get some rest too, chef.

Now, seeing as you
are the final four,

I thought would end theday
with a midnight snack.

Oh, shit.




Dane Drake, founder
of Dancakes, not only

makes delicious
incredible pancakes,

but he does it with
a little extra flair.

No way.

What the fuck?

Lo and behold, it
is a phenomenal portrait

of Chef Ramsay.

The hair is perfect.

He's got blue,
bright eyes, and he's

looking great as a pancake.

Now, Dan has been busy
doing a little something

special for each of you.

I already know.

Let's see.


Oh my god, look it's me.

That's my nose.

Pancake number two.

Oh, shit.

Number three.

This is--

Better to be a pancake
than a donut, Chef.

Come on.

I look better on apancake than I do in person.

Pancake number four is--

That's awesome.

I want it to be my newprofile pic on Instagram.

These are fantastic.

I appreciate that.

Thank you so much
for being here.

So cool.
Thank you.

- Amazing.
- Hey, thanks, my man.

Very cool.

Thank you, bud.

Now, in Las Vegas,
you willbe the face of the restaurant.

So you need to be
a great showman.

For your next challenge,
youwill create an incredible dish

that all of you are going
toprepare and serve tableside.

Early tomorrow morning,
the dining room

is going to be filled
with esteemed chefs

who also will be
serving as guest judges

here in Hell's Kitchen.


Yes, chef.

More importantly,
here's some syrup.

Take these upstairs, let'sgo,
and enjoy your pancakes.

Thank you.
- Thank you, chef.

I look delicious.


The chefs are
in the kitchens early,

preparing for their criticaltableside challenge.

Chef Ramsay expects his
finaltwo rookies and his final two

veterans to deliver outstandingdishes
and great showmanship.

I need all of your attention.

Line up, please.
Let's go.


Listen up.

This is a big
challenge this morning.

Are you ready?

Yes, chef.

Bring in our
esteemed chefs, please.

Good morning.

You good?

- Yeah.
- Welcome back.

How are you, my darling?
- Good to see you.

Good to see you, bud.

People out there
are talented as fuck.

They know food, so Igotta bring it, big time.


We have chef and owner
ofthe Bellwether, Ted Hopson.

Thank you very much.

Good morning.

We also have theexecutive chef from Ocean

Prime, Geoff Baumberger.

Good morning, Chef.

We have the executive
chef and partner of Love

& Salt, Michael Fiorelli, guys.

Good morning.

Good morning, Chef.

And executive chef of
the Wallace, Joe Miller.


Morning, Chef.

Round 1.

Here we go.

You have 15 minutes.

Start now.

We are underway.

Good morning, everybody.

Good morning.

So today, I made aalbondiga dumpling pozole.


Cilantro, lime, and
tequila shrimp scampi.

Today, I'm going
to prepare a shrimp

scampi with cavatelli,
pluswho doesn't love pasta, right?

Today, I'm going tomake for you just some New

Orleans barbecue shrimp.

I want to give y'all a
little taste of home.

You serve it how you wantto
serve it and we'll eat it.

I did the Louisianacook-off one time, and I about

dropped the whole table over.

Don't drop it on
me, please, Motto.

- I will not.
- Getting nervous.

I promise you that.

If you flame it up andit burns off my eyebrows,

I don't know if you're
goingto win, just so you know.

I heard that.

Don't worry, chefs, I'm
not going to burn you.

If anybody is going to
getburned today, it'll be me.

Um, let's say you--


Oh no, no, no.

I almost grabbed
it, and I was like--

Don't do that.

You've got to have a
little trust in me.

Is pozole something
you've made before?

Is it, like, something
you're practiced at?

I have, like--

I have never like this.

I'm serving them a dishthat
I've never made before.

I'm combining two
differentcuisines in a totally different

style than people are expectingof
something called a pozole.

And I'm the only one who's
not making shrimp today

because this is Hell's
Kitchen,I'm not going to play it safe.

It smells great.

Thank you.

Garlic-- garlic and shrimp.Wow.

- Yeah.
- Classic.

- Yeah.- What kind of shrimp are they?

Uh, it's-- it's-- it's-- uh.

It's, uh-- uh--


Oh, damn it.

I'm not sure.

It's really important whenyou're
cooking any ingredient,

you should probably know
where it comes from.

- Of course.
- Yeah?


This is just embarrassing.

90 seconds.

You said you havebread with it too, right?

Yes, sir.

There-- there's tequila?

Help yourself, Chef.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1--


--And down.

While the
guest chefs eat,

drink, and evaluate the food--

Really good dumplings.


I only got one tomato in mine.

The shrimp is the best part.

--The black jacketsrotate to their next table.

Your 15 minutes starts--

Hello, chefs.


Let's go.

Greetings, ladies
and gentlemen.

Good morning.

So today I'm going to
bepreparing a shrimp scampi

with a handmade cavatelli.

You have a Hell's
Kitchen tattoo.

I do.

Something that's
dear to my heart.

I have seafood
tattooed all over me.

So I have garlic and
asparagus, a branzino,

and octopus, mussels, eggplant,
caper berries, and parsley,

as well.

I literally have food
tattooed all over me.

I really want to winthis individual challenge.

I feel like the showmanshipat
the table, you know,

the eye contact, the
conversation piece,

the, you know, the-- the
food tattoos, so I'm--

I'm thinking I got this.

And, uh, "Chef Life."

You know how it is.

It's a lifestyle for us,
youknow, it's not just the job,

it's a life.

I'm really excited
for your feedback

too, because, again, I'venever made this before.

Were you on the--
a previous season?


So, I was on Season 6,
about nine years ago.

How far did you make
it the first time?

I made it to third, so--

if I make it one more
round,I'll be back where I was,

and then I gotta make
it into the final two.

90 seconds, quick.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

Thank you.


Thank you.

on, Motto, please.

Yes, Chef.

I lost track of time.
- 45.

Good Motto.

That 15 minute goes quick.

Come on, Motto.

Let's go, please.

They've got to be served.

Come on, let's go.

I've got to get
this food down.

The last thing I'd wantis to not serve my table.

Motto, you've got to hurry up.

You got to keep going, right?

5, 4, 3--

Come on, you guys.

--2, 1, and down.

Come on, let's go, please.

They've got to be served.

Time is running outin the second round of Chef

Ramsay's tableside challenge.

Motto, you've got to hurry up.

And rookie
Motto is cutting it

a little too close for comfort.

5, 4--

Not much time
to think about it,

just kinda have to put
it down and hopefully,

the flavor speaks for itself.

2, 1, and down.

Here you guys go, alittle taste of Louisiana.

Use that bread to soak it up.

As the
guest judges assess

the second round of dishes--

- The broth is great.
- Yeah.

I like that.


Like, everything was
very well thought out.


The chefs once againrotate to their next table.

Your 15 minutes start now.

Let's go.


I'm just gonna back up so
Idon't get you with this steam.

It's a shrimp stock--
headsand bodies and everything,

yeah, bay leaf.

So this is shrimp
scampi, but it's my way

because I have tequila
insteadof wine, which is more fun,

and I wanted that kind
of bold flavor in there.

Mia, between us-- have you
hada little tequila this morning?


You're asking me?

Oh no, there's no
way I'm going to be

drinking while I'm working.

But I'm Puerto Rican,
this is what we do.

When it comes to
booze, I'm a pro.

Well, you have a
shot glass right there.

She does.

I have some
tequila right here.


There we go.

Not bad.

And then the
beer, you know, we

got to hit the beer in there.

Is everyone here
OK with onion?

Yeah, do it.

Some creamy corn sauce--it's kind of sweet.

And I got a littlepiece of toast for y'all.

2, 1, and down.

Yeah, absolutely.

He's got some little
tricks up his sleeve

that these other guys
have not experienced.

Good flavor.

I don't know how I feel
about this

It's a little-- it's
a little undercooked.

It's not bad.

With three
rounds complete,

Mia, Bret, Ariel, and
Motto each prepare

their fourth and
final tableside dish.

So, this is very
near and dear to me.

I'm making for you guys
aalbondiga dumpling pozole.

You made your own dumplings?

I made my own dumplings
justminutes ago in the kitchen.

And albondigas is, like,
one of the best soups ever.


This is, like, fuckingspeaking to me right now.

OK, good.

I really want to eat this.

I'm excited to
serve this table.

They're familiar with
pozole, and they're

excited about this fusiondish, so I feel like they're

liking my new take on it.

I love it.

5, 4,
3, 2, 1, and serve.

Thank you so much for coming.

I wouldn't change
how I did anything.

I went in with a
great game plan.

I feel like it
was well-executed,

so I'm confident
that I got this.

This is like apost-modern take on pozole.

If either one of you
guys made this for me,

I would, like, just
push it back at you.

I'd be like, OK, nowwhat are you really going

to make now the joke's over?

Judges, we have a tough
decision to make here.

I already locked mine in.


I think we all agree.

I think we all--
all have the same--

I'm pretty sure
we're all the same.



Join me in giving these
amazingchefs a big round of applause

for giving up their day.


Thank you.


I have here the
ballots filled out--

And I'm keeping myfingers crossed at this point.

I know I had my struggles,
but I got stronger every round

and I want to get out
of this house, man.

I'm tired of punishments.

--And the dish of
the day belongs to--

This is the first
dish in the competition

that I'm not
entirely sure about.

It could have been great.

I could have knocked
it out of the park,

or it could havecompletely just not worked.

--It was so close.

Congratulations to Ariel.

Thank you, chefs.

Great job.

Thank you.



Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Now, Ariel, the
reward is amazing.

I've arranged for you to
spend an incredible day

at the beach in Malibu,
and you'll be on horseback.


On top of that,
I've arranged for you

to have your very own
personal masseuse.


Do you know what, Ariel?

It is too good
not to share this.

So think of one of
our fellow competitors

you'd like to take with you.

Oh, my gosh.

Take a good look.

You know these
competitors inside out.

Oh, my gosh.

Let's take Bret.
- Bret?

Yeah, let's.

You need to get out.

Bret, Ariel, head
off to the dorm.

Thank you, Chef.

The boys haven't
been out in so long,

and Mia, you gotta take one
forthe team every once in a while.

I mean, you've only
had one punishment.

You'll be OK.

Yo, thank you, homie.


I appreciate you, bro.

I need this fucking
rub down bad.


Mia and Motto, you
two will be here

in Hell's Kitchen on bar duty.

We've just received
multiplecases of limes, lemons,

grapefruits, oranges,
and also kumquats,

and you'll be preparing
every single item

of that fruit for our
bartender this evening--

washing, peeling, zesting.

Once all that fruit
is prepared, I'd like

you to make an amazing sangria.

Mia, Motto-- to the patio.

Off you go.

I'm used to these.

It's OK.

At least
I get to spend

the day with you and not Bret.

It sucks that I didn't
get to go to Malibu,

but at least I don't haveto
spend the day with Bret.

So I'm glad she took him.

Oh my god,
it's so nice out.


Oh, the sun.

The rain has stopped.


Let me get that door
for you, darling.

Let me get that
door for you, girl.

Oh, these limes are a bitch.

You know what's annoyingabout this garnish?

It's so tedious to make.

Yes, you start with an orange,
and you get every single side,

and then you go on
to another orange.

And when you feel like
you'vedone enough, you look--

--and you still have a
hundred oranges to go.

Oh, are you OK?

Yeah, I'm good.

And when you're done
with those 100 oranges,

you have 200 limes and
200lemons and 100 grapefruit,

so it's like thenever-ending pit of citrus.


Orange you glad you'renot doing this with Bret?

How long have you been
wanting to say that?

All right, Clifford,
nice and easy, pal.

I'm your friend, I promise.

Never did I expect
to be on a horse.

I know.

This your first time?

Yeah, I think so.

Oh my god.

Whoa, wait, oh, nice and easy.

Riding on this horse
is absolutely priceless.

Over this way?


Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Whoa, whoa, this way.

Go, go, go.

OK, go.

He doesn't look at
your finger, honey.

He's pointing,
trying to tellhis horse to go that way,

go that way.

All right, getting
the hang of this.

I'm the first personwearing loafers on a horse.

take it easy, pal.

This is great.

I love horses.

It feels great
to be at the beach.

This is my spot of zen.

It's quiet and it's peaceful, and it's just perfect.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, right there.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yes.


Oh, yeah, right there, Denise.

Oh yeah.


You are trying to
make this a sexy time.


Oh, yes.


Fuck yes!

I had never
envisioned this moment--

me, beautiful ocean, the
breeze, the birds, and--


Ariel, God
bless your soul.


So, Mia, you're not used tothis,
but this is a punishment.

I know, Chef because I'm here.

Motto, keeps on,, haven't you?

One or two, Chef.

Last time I got
out the house was

whenever we did the animals.

Oh, shit.

I've been through so
many punishments here.

Let's see if I can
remember them all--

shucking corn--

--shoveled shit--

--I've cut ice--

--I baked birthday cake.

I don't know about that.

Then I had to clean
the dining room--

I had to make gelato.

Good god.

Fortune cookies is
still the worst one.

My back's hurting
pretty good right now.

Doing a little springcleaning around the house.

Now we're peeling some fruit--

--a lot of fruit.

I'm definitely, like,
ChefRamsay's personal whipping boy

at this point.

Good times.

Coming up--

Final four for a reason.

Confirm it tonight.

--The final four chefsare
tested at running the pass.

One lobster, one beef.

I want carbonara,
two scallops, please.

And in ashocking turn of events--

Holy fuck.

--One chef
quits the competition.

Sorry, uh--


Si, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please.Let's go.


are high tonight

as the dining room
fills with VIP

guests and celebrity diners--

I'm so excited.

looking for a meal

to remember prepared
byChef Ramsay's final four.

Looks crazy.

Tonight, the twoveterans and the two rookies

will face their most
crucial test yet--

Looks like people are
rushing around already.

--Each taking aturn at running the pass.

As we change sections tonight,
what's the most important

thing we do to each other?

Let each other
know what's going on.

Tell each other
what's going on.

While a
chef is at the pass,

sous chef Christina will
cover their station,

delivering surprise
sabotages designed

to keep them on their toes.

It's so cool, like,
actuallyseeing him, like, up close.

He's down to the last four.

It's going to be good.

And the first
chef to run the pass

this evening will be--

Bret, on the hot plate.
Let's go.

- Yes, Chef.
- Good luck.

Let's go.

Chef Bret, I have
a four-top for you.

- For a-- four-top.
- Prego.


Walk it in, please.

Four covers, table 14--two
tartare, two carbonara.

- Heard.

Yes, Chef.
- Thank you.

This is my kitchen now.

Ain't nothing getting in my way.

If it does, I feel bad
for it, because I'm

kicking it the fuck down.

I don't knock anymore,
I kick doors down.

How long, two carbonara, please?

In my hand.

I need about 30 seconds, Chef.

Bret's first
sabotage of the evening

is a carbonara made
with the wrong pasta.

- Carbonaras, please.
- Yes, Chef.

- Right there, please.
- There.

Thank you.

Uh, no spaghetti, please.

Let's go in with a
tagliatelle, please.

Can I get a fix on that?
Thank you.

Yeah, you got it.
30 seconds.

Thank you on the re-fire.

Well spotted.

30 seconds, Chef.

Come on, man.

I definitely know my noodles.

I can do this shit
in my sleep, man.

How long carbonara,
two scallops, please?

10 seconds.

And 30 seconds on scallops.

Running the pass forChef Ramsay is a big deal.

You have to delegate to your
team and time everything

and plate everything
andmake sure everything tastes

perfect and cooked perfect.

They're not so good on the cook.

You need a harder sear
on that, please, Ariel.

Everything has to be
flawlessfive-star performances.


It's like a rush, man.

Risotto, how long, please?

Walking out.

For Bret's next test--

Let's go, let's go.

Thank you, risotto.

Send you risotto, please.

Christina has altered

Bret's own challenge-winningrisotto
recipe by replacing

the rice with orzo pasta.

Hey, come here.

Come here.

Taste that.

Oh, shit.

Talk to me.

It's orzo.


Yeah, it is.

- Not funny.
- It's not funny.

I'm not laughing.
- Not funny.

- I'm not laughing.- You were about to send it.

Come on.
- Heard, Chef.


Chef, you gave
me orzo, I need--

I need arborio rice, please.

Bret, this is your dish
that went on the menu.

You should have this down.

- Plate that.
- Thank you, risotto.

Send your risotto, please.

Now, we go in John, yes?

Let's go, 22.

- Yes, Chef.
- Not bad.

Head up.
Let's go.

Yes, Chef.
Absolutely, Chef.

- Look at me.
- Yes, Chef.

- Look at me.
- Yes, chef.

Watch everything,
tasteeverything, and eyes wide open,

do you understand?
- Ariel?

I have a ticket for four.

All right.

Thank you, four-top.

All right, listen up.

Order in.

Two tartare, two shrimp risotto.


On order, one salmon,
onelamb, two New York strip.

Yes, Chef.


There is zero
room for error tonight,

so right out the gate,
I'm goingto keep this momentum going.

What is-- What is this?

This is not beef.

This is tuna.

Why do I have tuna?

I need two beef tartare,
not tuna tartare.


Look at me.

Well spotted.

Understand why I say we
haveto taste everything now?

I completely forgot about
thesabotages, and then it kicks in

and it's like, oh,
shit, that's right.

They're testing us.

Let's go, tartare!

You're taking me down here.

You've got scrambled
eggs here, Bret.

Well spotted.

I can't serve this.

I have scrambled eggs in here.


I need a new carbonara.

Right away, Chef.

For Ariel's nextquality control check,

Chef Ramsay has
swapped the fennel

puree with an onion puree.


Taste that.

Taste, taste, taste.

It needs a little bit moresalt, and it's a little loose.


No, but what is it?

- Uh, fennel.
- No.

Taste it.

It tastes like celery root.

No, taste it again.


Again, again.

Come on.


- Onion.
- OK, onion.

- Now, look at me.

You missed it.Don't put your head down.

Get your head up.
Let's go.

So, I'm just trying
to remember to breathe

and that it's perfectly
normal that I'm

running the pass with
ChefGordon Ramsay, no big deal.

Enjoy, guys.

Wow, thanks so much.

So good.


Good job.

Well spotted.

Caught one, lost one.
- Sorry, Chef.

Back on the fish, please.Let's go.

All right, Mia--
- Yes?

Come over.

I have a four-top for you.

Heard that.

Uh, four covers, table 5.

Appetizer-- one
carbonara, one scallop,

one tartare, one risotto.

Entree-- one lobster,
one beef, two New York.


Yes, Chef.


I know I can run a kitchen.

Chef Ramsay just needs
to see it and I'm

going to show it tonight.

How long, lobster?

Walking lobster.


Walking lobster, a Welly,
andlamb's right behind it, Chef.

For Mia's
first sabotage,

Chef Christina has swappedout
her lobster Wellington

with one made using monkfish.

Chef, this is lobster
right, not monkfish?


It doesn't look like lobster.

You're absolutely right.
Well spotted.

It is monkfish.

Yes, Chef.

Christina, can I have
thelobster Wellington, please?

Got it.

Moving on.

What's next?

Keep it coming.

I'm ready for it.

Slice the New
York strip, please.

Yes, Chef.

For Mia's
second test, Chef Ramsay

has substituted a ribeye
for the New York strip.

How is the temperature?

Medium-rare, Chef.

And what does that
look like to you?

What does the steak
look like to you?

Does it look like
a New York strip?


Because-- yeah,
it is a ribeye.

Yes, Chef.

Two New York.

Well, I can tell a cut of meat,
but in the heat of the moment,

it's really hard to
catch these things.

How long, carbonara,
risotto, two tartare?

Right here.

Pass the risotto down.

Pull it down.

Fuck me, man.

Yes, Chef?

All of you just stop
what you're doing.

No problem, Chef.

Yeah, right fucking
now, and taste this.

Is that our best?

That's the question.

It stinks of garlic, there's no texture to it.

It's like we struggled.

Can we have a proper
fucking risotto?

Who made this?

The final four chefsare being tested at the pass.

And with rookie
Mia at the helm--

All of you, just
stop what you're doing.

No problem, Chef.

--One bad dish hasbrought the kitchen to a halt.

Who made this?

Uh, Motto started--

I finished, Chef.
- OK.

Is that our best, that's
the question I've got.

Absolutely not, Chef.

Can we have a proper
fucking risotto?

Absolutely, Chef.

My bad, but I ain't
really worried about it.

I got this, Chef.

Bret, how long risotto?

Risotto walking now.


Yeah, I got you.

I'll taste it.

Yes, Chef.

Serve it?


Well done.


Thank you.

Take this.

Thank you.

That's broken.

Can you please change that egg?

Well spotted.


It's the cream of the
crop, and every step

of the competition has
been preparing me--

Here we go, yes?

Good girl.

--To become the
nextexecutive chef in Las Vegas.

I need these a littlelooser, a little more soft.

Got you.

That's my passion.

Take this.

Look at me.

You're last line of defense, OK? Well done.

Jump back on meat, please.- Thank you.

- Let's go.
- Running the pass--

it's definitely
extremely stressful,

and I'm mad that I
didn't catch the ribeye.

That one was obvious,
especially since I

was cooking New York all night.

Uh, Motto, let's go.

Christina, on the
garnish, please.

Yes, Chef.

Here we go.

The kitchen is yours.

You run it or it runs you.Got me?

Yes, Chef.


I'm definitely
excited to run the pass.

I'm ready for whatever
is thrown at me,

so it's time to step
up and prove it.

OK, Chef Motto?


All right.

Motto's first sabotageis already in his hand--

All right, y'all.

Four-top walking in.

--In the form of anincorrect ticket from Marino.


Salmon tartare?

Hold on.


What's wrong, please?

- What's up?

Salmon tartare?


- Wake up, you.
- Sorry.

Sorry, Chef.
- Wake up.

Well spotted.

What the fuck is
going on up here?

Oh, that's right.

It's sabotage night.

One pork, all day.

Pork, please, Ariel?

Heard, Chef.

Thank you.

Motto's next test--

Where is it?

Ramsay has swapped out

the pork chop for a veal chop.

I'll finish that.

Slice your, uh, pork, please.

Yes, Chef.

Two hands, twice as quick.

Slice your pork.

Pork's not cooked.

It's under.
Hold up.


Pork needs to be cooked longer.

- Heard.
- How long?

Get that in the oven.

Heard, heard,
heard-- give it to--

Give me the pork right here.

Put it down.

Yes, Chef.

Come here, you.

Taste that.

Taste this-- when
it's not cooked?

Veal chop.
- Sorry?

The bone.

It's veal, that's right.

Yeah, OK.

Yeah, that's veal.

Yeah, now I realize the
one bone instead of two.

It's hard to tell.

I'll do the scallops, you do the Wellington, yes?

Yes, Chef.

Running the pass
is very difficult.

It's incredible how
ChefRamsay can juggle all this.

Come on guys,
pick it up, please.

Let's go.

And the way he pushes--it's been inspiring to me,

so I think he's made
me a better chef.

Can I get this a little warmer? CHRISTINA: What?

Yeah, yeah.
Give it to me.

I mean, I'm like, just, I'm really excited.

I'm fired up again.

There is nothing in this
worldI'd rather do than be a chef.

That's what makes me who I am.

Thank you, Motto.
Well done.

Wipe down.
Let's go.


Well done.

Tonight, let's be
honest, you all

felt the pressure
and the challenge

of leading the kitchenin the middle of service.

We all had some highs and
weall had some lows, agreed?

Yes, Chef.

I want all four of you
to go back to the dorm,

please, and tell me the
oneperson that you do not think

belongs in the final.

- Yes, Chef.
- Off you go.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.

Thank you, Chef.

Picking someone to
put up for elimination--

it's really difficult becauseit gets really cutthroat.

Oh, man.

We're all very passionate,
but I came to this competition

to win executive chef at
Hell's Kitchen in Vegas,

and I'm going to fight
to the end to get it.

How do you want to do this?

I'm just going to say it.

I'll pick you just because
Ifeel like you've been staying

in your comfort zone and
you'renot thinking out of the box,

like you're making, you
know, the same things

over and over again.

That's how I feel.

Ha, ha.

That's how you feel, Mia?

There's a reason
why I'm still here.

I can out-cook the
shit out of you.

Well, tonight meat lagged heavy.


Everything was
waiting on meat.

Well, that's--

Tonight was all meat.

That's usually how it is.

No, no, no-- but there
was re-- there was--

you know, this, that--

There wasn't re-fire anything.

Nothing came back.

All of my meat was
perfect tonight.

- Was it?
- Yes.


Kiss my ass, Bret.

My station was run
perfectly tonight.

You, on the other hand,
youhave risottos coming back.

You have carbonaras coming back.

Ariel, you gonna
choose one of us?

I need another minute.


Give me two minutes.

I need to process.

I'm gonna go inside.

I'm really cold.

It's always hard
to nominate someone,

and when it's down to
the final four people,

it's definitely even harder.

I'm battling withmyself, trying to process

everything through
my mind right now,

and I think I have a decision.

I don't feel like I've beenthe
weakest person here.

I feel like I've proved
myself day after day.

I've taken all the punishments.

I've kept positive.

I've kept pushing.


--I'm going to put myself up.

Oh, my god.


Holy fucking curveball, Motto.

I don't feel like I'vebeen
the weakest person here.

I feel like I've proved
myself day after day.

I've taken all the punishments.

I've kept positive.

I've kept pushing.

But-- I'm going
to put myself up.

Holy fucking curveball, Motto.

So what you're trying
to say is that you

trying to go home tonight?

I guess so.

Are you sure?

I am sure.

One of you should take
the position in Vegas

is what I'm saying.

I would never give up
on any of y'all, but I

also can't give up on my
friendsand my family background.

And I gotta-- I
gotta accept that.

I'm not one to give
up on anything,

but I think at the end of theday
the place I need to be is--

is back home.

I want to go back.

I want to start a family.

I want to raise the
culinarystandard in Baton Rouge.

That's what I've been
workingon the last five years,

I'm not ready to
give up on that.

Did you just come tothis conclusion right now?

It's been in the
back of my mind.


I am
the support system

for so many people back home.

It's what I do.

I want to go back and
further the mentoring

that I do to people.

I want to take all this
that I've learned here

and I couldn't get
exposed to, and expose

all these people back homewith this information.

That scene is not
going to change itself.

It takes so much for a
personto say something like that.

And when you witness
someonereally, really understanding

that they know exactly
where they want to be,

it's just an amazing
thing to witness.

Oh, Motto.


The one thing I do know isI
can go back to Baton Rouge

and I can make that
town 10 times better--

That just made me cry.

--And pick people up andpush
people, including myself.

I still got work
to do back home.

Black jacket team,
I askedyou to nominate one chef that

does not belong in the finale.

Have you come to a
decision on that?

Yes, Chef.

Was it difficult?

I wouldn't say it
wasn't difficult Chef,

but we did come to a decision.

I put forth myself.

Eh-- sorry?

Uh-- tell me why.

Chef, this has been
an incredible journey.

You're offering this
great platform of Vegas

and there's not a give
up bone in my body,

and I don't want to
give up on Baton Rouge.

I want to go back and
sharethis wealth of knowledge

that you've given me
to elevate that town's

culinary scene because
it'snot going to do it on its own.

And I feel like that's
the place I need to be.


I'm-- I'm surprised.

But I respect your decision.

Motto, step forward.

You know, never beforeacross
this competition have

I met a chef as sincere as you.

So, whilst I accept
your decision,

I want you to accept
this from me--

once you're done in
Baton Rouge, and you're

ready for the next
move, call me.

Yes, Chef.

Thank you for the
opportunity, Chef.

Oh, man.

Take care, bud.

See you guys later.

God bless, Motto.

Bye, Motto.

I'm walking out
with my head held high.

I'm not feeling disappointed.

This has been an
incredible ride.

I'm Motto from Baton
Rouge, Louisiana.

I think of Baton Rouge
andthat extraordinary flavor.

Best food in the world.

What brought me into
this competition

was the opportunity
to prove myself.

- You want to take over, Motto?- I got it.

I got it.
- Chicken's down.

- Heard.
- Backup chicken here.

Got you.


Four New York strip--

fuck-- one chicken, one fish--

Fuck it.

I had some rough starts--

To me, it's almost inedible.

--And some shaky moments--

Shrimp cooked beautiful.

Sauce amazing,
destroyed by the grits.

--But I've stayed true
to myself the entire

time I've been out here.


You're going to bounce back.

Is that you?

Love of food at
an early age, Chef.

I was adjusting and
fixing as I went along.

I mean, that is extraordinary.

Good job, Motto.

And I think I stoodpretty well, you know.

Bret, we need more sauce
and more salt, please.

Absolutely, more sauce.

Baton Rouge in the house!

Hell, yeah!

That's what I'm
talking about, homie!

I told you I'd see you in black!

A big city
in the spotlight

may come in the future,
but right now I just

need to elevate Baton Rouge.

I want to go back
there and just push

the fuck out of that envelope.

And then
there were three.

But, even though Mottohas left the competition,

only two chefs will be
competing in the finale.

Somebody else will
be leaving right now.

With rookie
Motto taking himself

out of the competition--

See you guys later.

God bless, Motto.

--Chef Ramsay hasjust dropped another bomb.

Even thoughMotto left the competition,

somebody else will
be leaving right now.

Ariel, why do you
think you deserve to be

in the "Hell's Kitchen" finale?

Chef, I think I've shown
youthat I have grown immensely

over the last nine years.

And when I came into
this competition,

I wasn't entirely sure ifthis is where I belonged,

but I know that this
is where I belong now.

I want to go to the
next level in my career.

I'm ready for this
challenge, and I'm

ready for Las Vegas, Chef.


I'm just extremely focusedand
extra determined and hungry.

I've only grown as
a person, as a chef,

and I feel like I'm
ready for Vegas.

I feel like Vegas
is ready for me.

I have what it takes
to be that next chef.


Chef, throughout
the whole competition,

I've showed my skill
set and creativity.

I've pushed myself
beyond limits that I

didn't think I could achieve.

Yes, you know,
I've had screw-ups,

but I'm constantly
learning, and I

feel like I would be an
asset to your company

and to your restaurant.

Thank you, Mia.

OK, I'm ready to announce now.

The first person moving
on into the finale is--


Thank you, Chef.

Bless Ariel.

Congratulations.Come here.

- Thank you.
- Great job.

- Thank you.
- Good job.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Amazing.

Thank you.

Bless up, homie.

- Congratulations.
- Bless up.

Good for you, bro.

Thank you.

Young lady, how do you feel?

I-- I feel fucking
amazing, Chef.

You've been one of themost
consistent performers

across this competition.

And the change since
Season 6 is incredible.

Thank you.

I'm ready to--

I'm ready to fight for
this to the end, Chef.

Bret and Mia, you both
have real highlights

in this competition.

Bret, you came out the
gate strong, young man.

You put everyone on
noticewith that incredible risotto,

and it's still--

today-- on the
Hell's Kitchen menu.

Mia, you struck early
in the competition, too.

Perfect score on
your signature dish.

One of the most
consistent performers

in every challenge in
thehistory of this competition.

The second person moving
on to the grand finale

alongside Ariel is--

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen"--

One of you will win the
mostincredible prize in the history

of this competition.

--Who willadvance to the final two--

No, hell no.

It ain't my ass
coming in third place.

I don't consider
myself a rookie.

I'm a pro.

I got this.

--And face off againstveteran front runner Ariel?

Last time, I didn't
fight hard enough.

I'm going to bring it this time.

Will it be Bret?

Fuck, yeah!

--The passionateveteran who always

puts his heart on the line--

You OK?


He's tasting my risotto.

--Or will it be Mia--

This is worthy of being
on a menu right now.

--The gifted rookiewho's
challenged dominance--

- It's really delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.


--And has forcedeveryone to take notice.

I'm the best chef
in this competition.

Find out next time--

--on an outright rollercoaster
ride of an episode--

Oh, my God!

--Of "Hell's Kitchen."