Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 13 - An Episode of Firsts - full transcript

All hell breaks loose as the final five chefs struggle through a new challenge, leading to a bitter elimination that dramatically alters the dynamic of the group. As the remaining chefs reach the final stages of the competition, p...

on "Hell's Kitchen."

It is black jacket tie.

Chef Ramsaydevised three challenges.

Give it everything you've got.

Yes, chef.

To determine whichof the remaining rookies

and veterans would
receivea coveted black jacket.

You all better back up.

I'm coming for this jacket.

In the
first challenge,

each chef selected
ingredients at random.

Get those black jackets baby.

Veteran Aerial'sdish packed a punch.

Ariel, congratulations.

Along with
rookie sensation.



I made it.

Earning them admissionto
the exclusive Black Jacket


Don't mind if I do.

In the
second challenge,

the chefs had to spin.

Quail, baby, leeks,
eggplant, cauliflower.

For the ingredientsthat they would all cook with.

This dish sounds a nightmare.


A three-Michelin star
chefdoesn't even know what the fuck

to do with these ingredients.

Heather stumbled.

When you got that lemonin there, tons of bitter.

Rookie mistake.

rookie Kinee served up

a lackluster cauliflower puree.

Looks gloopy.


Season 14
veteran Brett's dish

dazzled Chef Ramsay.

Bloody good effort.

Thank you.

Earning him
the third black jacket.

Hell yeah, yo!

Damn, I look good in this coat.

And rookieMatta was soon to follow.

In the house!

Leaving one
veteran and one rookie

to fight for their lives in
afinal surf and turf challenge.

Going down to the last
round, I'm a kill it.


Nothing is stopping
me from getting

into that Black Jacket Lounge.

While Heather playedit
safe with a traditional surf

and turf.

That looks delicious, so soft.

went out on a limb.

Have you ever cooked
a dish like this before?


The last black
jacket goes to Heather.


Landing Heatherin the Black Jacket Lounge.


Oh, wow, don't look
so fucking happy.

Aeriel looks like her dog died.

ending Kenee's dream

of becoming the
executive chef at Gordon

Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuationof Hell's Kitchen.

Congratulations, dude.

Thanks, guys, holy fuck.

Like, don't make me
feel wanted or anything.

I'm ready to snap.

These people are ridiculous.

From here on out,
I'm fucking gunning.

I'm gunning for Mia.

I'm Gunning for
Aerial, Brett, Motto.

Nobody's safe at this point.

Here, has anybody hugged you?

No, thank you.

Bite me, bitch.

Yeah, yeah.

What's up, homie?

You all right, buddy?

Yeah, yo.

Means more to me than
youall could ever imagine.

This is real, man.

It's a true blessing,
true blessing.

You know, growing up in
theneighborhood I lived in,

I became a product of it.

So never in a
million years would

I have ever thought that
I'll be here right now.

Like shit and change, you know?

When I was 20 years old,
I wasa product of my environment.

Imagine sitting in a courtroom.

And the judge tells you,
oh, Mr. Hauser, you're

looking at 30 years in prison.

Oh my God.

At 20 years old.

To be out here,
have the opportunity

to cook next to and
for Chef Ramsay, all

because of food, yo, food, man.


So this means the world to me.

And I ain't gonna stop, man.

I just try and take
one day at a time.

You know, I got a
beautiful daughter.

I got a woman that I truly, like, am in love with.

So it's all right.

You sentimental guy.

It's good, yo.

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I'm not even hungry.

Yeah, me either.

I'm not eating today.

Good morning, chefs.

Good morning.

Gosh, what is this?

Chef Ramsay has made
you some breakfast.

Holy cow.

Jack is getting VIP treatment.

Is this real right now?

It is.

Yo, man, breakfast
in the dorm.


Welcome to black jackets.


We'll see you in a bit.

Man, we got a spicy
tomatodish with some baked eggs

on top.

There is an eggs
Benedict up there.

Eggs are ridiculous.

It's just a beautiful
spread of perfectly

executed breakfast.

I wonder what he
does to the eggs?

I don't know.

Look at them, though, right?


Although it's beenquite lovely this morning.

Peppers, onions.

I'm pretty sure that I
need to pay attention.

So I've mentally logged
allthe dishes and presentation,

because everything happens
fora reason here in Hell's Kitchen.

Did you get a mental
note of all of this?

I think so.

Did you notice that it's
twodifferent types of mayonnaise?

One was ham.

I didn't see the other one.

Did they both have
bacon on top of them?

I think it's prosciutto.

This is Mia.

Good morning,
black jacket brigade.

I need to see everythingdown
through the blue kitchen

in the dining room
urgently, please.

Heard that, chef, thank you.

Blue kitchen everyone.

It's nice to have family
mealand all that kind of stuff.

But you have to be on yourtoes in Hell's Kitchen.

I have 12 toes.

And that's not enough to keepme
up around here all the time.

Good morning.

Good morning, chef.

Heather that was a close one.

Too close.

You're absolutely right.

You've been in this
situation before.

What's different
now to last time?

Well, I don't remember
getting breakfast.

So thank you, chef.

Thank you so much, chef.


Mia, did you get a chance
todig in and eat everything?

Yes, I always like a
runny egg with bread.


Bread, did you taste
all those dishes?

I did.

Yes, chef.

That's good to
hear, because right

now, it's the challenge
that separates

the chefs from the cooks.

That's right.

It's taste it, now make it.

Oh, shit.

I was just eating.

I wasn't thinking we
gonna have to make it.

You know I got ADDDDD as it is.

So I'll do the best I can.

Christina, please?

Good morning, chefs.

Good morning.

That stunning eggs Benedictis the breakfast dish

that I'd like all five
of you to recreate.

The chef who is
the most successful

with the presentation
andtaste wins the challenge.

Your 30 minutes start now.

The other four chefs just
kindof dive back into that plate,

and start tasting things over.

And I'm feeling
confident right now.

So I'm going to go from
memory at this point.

You've got a handle on this?

Tasted it this morning, chef.


You paid attention then, huh?

Yes, chef, always.

I feel like there
was a lot of things

thrown in here to
make sure we were

paying attention to detail.

So I'm feeling like
the first Benedict

is for sure Canadian bacon.

And the other one
looks like prosciutto.

veteran Ariel has

decided that Chef
Ramsay's eggs Benedict

dish has two different meats.

And Brett, Heather, andMia are all in agreement.

While rookie Matta
has decided to use

prosciutto on both Benedict's.

You confident with
making a hollandaise?

I know how to
make eggs Benedict.

I know I can
recreate this easily.

But the only thing that I'mnot sure of in the sauce

is the spice.

It tastes like a
traditional hollandaise.

But it's red.

So I made a reduction
withshallot and escalate powder.

is using red wine

vinegar and shallots
as Chef Ramsay's

secret hollandaise ingredients.

Ariel and Heather are
both only using paprika.

Somebody got all the chives?

I got some more,
if you need them.

While Brettdecides to go with chives.

Four minutes, guys.

Yes, chef.

I go to use my hollandaise.

And it kind of looks likereally thin cottage cheese.

Oh my God.

This is not happening.

15 seconds to go.


This is going downhill for me.

My yolk broke.

My Hollandaise just broke.

I have no idea what I've
done to the food gods.

But the karma they'regiving me back is not nice.

Finishing touches.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,
3, 2, 1, and plates.

Well done.

I hope that your
palates served you well.

Matta, please slide down.

Thank you.

Matta's looks OK.

But it definitely doesn'tlook
the way that mine looks.

Describe your dish, please.

Eggs Benedict, not
as good as yours, chef.

But I have the Englishmuffin,
and the crusted bread.

What's the protein?

I did prosciutto, chef.


Then I have a shallot red
winevinegar reduction hollandaise.

Wow, great.

Thank you.

Heather, describe your dish.

I have the English muffin.

I used Canadian bacon.

What happened to
your hollandaise

and your poached eggs?


I know, chef.

Even if they're not
exactlylike Chef Ramsay's dish,

if you can't at least justput
up a nicely poached egg

and a nicely made
hollandaise, then we

have deeper issues here.


Look at that dish.

I don't feel that it's you.

It's not.

OK, interesting indeed.

I'm so over this
fucking challenge today.

It's not even funny

OK, Brett, come down, please.

What happened?

I fucked up royally
on this one, chef.

Well, I'm not
going to eat that.

to replicate

an intricate eggs Benedictdish, in today's taste

it now make it challenge--

What happened to hollandaise?

I fucked up royally
on this one, chef.

Season 14veteran Brett has presented

Chef Ramsay with a disaster.

Yes, my hollandaise broke.

The protein is the
Canadian bacon.

I used the English muffin.

OK, what a shame
your hollandaise.

Thank you.

Yes, chef.

I'm not going to
win this challenge.

But I'll never crack.

I have to just
bounce the fuck back.

Aerial, slide down, please.

Yes, chef.

- Visually, it looks beautiful.- Thank you, chef.

Really good, indeed.

Describe your dish.

So I did a sourdough
muffin, Canadian ham.

And then the hollandaise isa
white wine lemon reduction

with salt, paprika.

OK, thank you, interesting.

Mia, please.

Thank you.

My first job out
of culinary school

was at Bhushan doing
breakfast and brunch.

And I may have made 300
Benedict's in one day.

I totally have this.

So on the English muffin
I have Canadian bacon.

Tell me about the
base of the hollandaise.

How come it's looking so rich?

I did a reduction ofwhite wine vinegar, shallot,

with espelate.

Right, wow, Thank you.

OK, let's break this down.

For the hollandaise,
So you can not--

Brett and Heather-- servea broken hollandaise.


Yes, chef.

You two are out.

We're wearing
black jackets now.

The game steps up.

So Brett and Heather,
yougot to take this seriously.

Where is that
attention to detail?

Rest of you listen up.

Two of you used Canadian
bacon and prosciutto.

One of you used only prosciutto.

That, Matta, was incorrect.

That leaves Mia and Aerial.

You both seasoned it
completely different.

Mia, you had the shallots.

Yes, chef.

And Aerial, you said
you seasoned yours

with a hint of paprika.

Yes, chef.

The winner of the taste
it now make it challenge

is both of you, congratulations.


So you both have the
exactsame number of ingredients


It feels amazing to
win this challenge.

This is one of the most
covetedtitles in Hell's Kitchen,

and an awesome way to
start black jackets.

I got to know, chef, whatis in that hollandaise?


There was shallots
in the reduction.

- There was, OK.
- Congratulations.

Thank you, chef.

However, there was paprika.


The fact that you got
that depth and darkness

in that hollandaise,
and you got the shallots

in the hollandaise, brilliant, let me tell you.

I'm stoked.

I always get to have fun,
because I keep on winning.

I do have a question
for both of you.

Are yo afraid of heights?

A little bit.

Have you ever been in a
singleengine plane with no door?

Oh, Jesus.

Fuck me.

Have you ever been skydiving?


You just got
really white, Aerial.

Well, today, both
you are going to iFLY,

the country's premierefacility
for indoor skydiving.

OK, that I can do, OK?

I just had a heart attack.

Phew, OK.

You are going to have
a blast, both of you.

Christina, why are you smiling?

It sounds awesome.

Would you like to go?

Can you come with us?

I would love to.

May I?

Yes, you can join them.

Come on, you want to go as well?

Please, can I go too?

Yes, you can.

Get out of here.

Congratulations, girls.
Great job.

Thank you chef.

Well done.

Brett, Heather, Matta.

Yes, chef?

The three of you
are going to be really

miserable, because
today in Hell's Kitchen

is dorm cleaning day.

You'll be sweeping,
dusting, cleaning,

vacuuming, polishing the dorms.

I want those dorms spotless.

Heard, chef.

Cleaning supplies will
be arriving shortly.

Let's go.

Yes, chef.

It's not horrible.

You're a mom.

You probably clean
the house every day.

Plus, my son can't aim
in the fucking toilet

to save his life.


Taste it now make it.

Eggs Benedict.

Fuck, man, my
hollandaise was garbage.

Yeah, mine broke right
at the last minute.

It was nice until I
fucked with it again.

First black jacket
challenge in the books.

And I feel like I'm
letting myself down.

And I hate that feeling.

Out of the five people stillhere, I was a runner up.

I had my hand on that door.

I know what it takes.

And I need to just
put my head down

and cook my fucking heart out.

That's what I need to do.

We all beasts in the kitchen.

That's why we here still,
you know what I'm saying?


I say we execute a
flawless dinner service,

and make it very hardfor one of us to go home.

You ready, goose?

Ready to go.

Yes, we're going skydiving!

I like adrenaline.

This kind of thing is fun.

Let's do this.

You look fabulous, Mia.

Thank you.

Mia is like a fearless
little firecracker.

Oh my God!

She looks so tiny in there.

It's adorable.

I just like
having a good time.

I feel like this kind
of thing is really fun.

I'm just going up anddown with the instructor.

I was like, yeah!

Holy shit!

I'm just looking atthis big tunnel thinking,

don't make a fool yourself.

Don't freak out.

Act cool.

It's going to be OK.

All I can feel is my stomachjust
like going into my chest.

And I feel like I'm
going to throw up.

I think that I might be ableto
eventually work my way up

to jumping out of an airplane.

But let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

It kind of looks likeChef Jockey has pigtails.

I don't know how I'm
going to take him

seriously in the
kitchen now when I think

about how he looked today.


Amazing, huh?

Cleaning the dorms, cleaning the dorms--

uh-oh, oh shit.

I feel like I'm
back at home, cleaning

up after my five-year-old son.

People are gross.


Boom, shipwreck.

We on our hands and knees,
feel like Cinderella and shit,

scrubbing, and wiping,
anddusting, and yaba-daba-doing.

It's a big ass
house to be cleaning.

I got a one bedroom apartment.

And I still pay
somebody to do it, yo.

There was some shit pushed
tothe back of that refrigerator.

It was disgusting.


They smelled so bad.

A lot of fucking chia pudding.

We know who that's is.


Oh yeah.

Have you worked with her yet?- Nope.

In the kitchen?


Let me tell you,
she can bang solo.

That's what I keep hearing.

Mia is very good as
an independent chef.

She can cook in a
challenge flawlessly.

But when she has to
answer to anybody,

and she has to try to work
asa team, she fails miserably.

Her OCD will drive you
up the fucking wall.

For real, right?

Coming up.

You need to listen to me.

I apologize.

It may be the firstdinner service as one team.

There's two of you on there.

You need to talk.

Please, do not talk to me.

I'm not.

But does
one veteran chef.

Don't put your fucking
head down like that.

I told you start talking.

Fucking do it.

Have their
own sneaky agenda.

That's it!

I've been dying to ask you.

What was it like when yougot your black jacket?

Black jacket, that
was such a great night.

First of all, great service.

Thank you, chef.

There's no greater way
tocelebrate a unique service

than putting on a black jacket.

Thank you, chef.


But now you guys are
down to one kitchen.

You got to learn
to work together.

And the expectation has
justjumped from here to here.

You've been in
this position before.

I have.

But like I said,
for some reason,

last time, I feel like I wasn'tin
it as much as I am now.

Like yesterday, when
I'm standing there,

I was like, I don't want
just a black jacket.

I want the first black jacket.

Give it to me.

I want the first one.

Ariel is my biggest
competition right now.

I admire her.

I think she's a great chef.

And facing her in the
finale and beating her

would be unbelievable.

This is something that
I really, really want,

and that I feel like
I can touch already.

When the rookies werebeating us left and right,

I was getting pissed.

I was like, oh, so this is
howthis season is going to go.

And then the rookies
came to your team.

And you started winning.


I feel like I
helped Mia throughout

this whole competition.

But the mentorship
program is over.

I'm sorry.

It's time for us to
shine individually.

As I say, nothing youcan't hate anything though.


Everything's now exposed.

So do we have a
list of what we need?

What else do we need besidesblack
pepper and candy pecans?

We need dessert
plate, I think.

- I got them right here.
- OK.

Canal spoons, did you find?- Yeah.


I pay attention.

Trust me.

Coconut-- yeah, coconut.

It's already in.

It's under here.

OK, cool.

Yeah, OK.

The fryer's on right?
- Yeah.

Yeah, everything's on.


And then maybe more
chopped pecans,

just plain chopped pecans.

I don't know if that's enough.

Just a little bit more.

Mia, we're all
in a black jacket.

You are no better than
anybody at this point.

Pipe down.

Heather, if you're justworking on that right now,

you want to lay
out the carpaccio?

I'll show you.

I'm ready to fucking kill her.

I am just not
getting caught up

in this whole too manychiefs tonight situation,

or we're fucked.

OK, black jackets, we ready?

Yes, chef.


Can we get vocal, straight,
simple answers, yes, no?

Communicate before the problem.

The earlier you tell
me, and the earlier

we tell each other,
the morewe can do something about it.

That's understood now, right?- Yes, chef.

Let's go.

Good luck.

Yes, chef.

- Marino?
- Si.

Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

Yes, chef.

It's the first
time the final five

are cooking out of one kitchen.

You guys are good? You know what you're doing?

You have everything you need?

Yes, chef.

And with thepressure at an all time--

You good over there, Heather?

Yeah, I'm good.

The Hell's Kitchendining room is the place to be.

Thank you so much.

As veterans androokies in the kitchen.

He's a drill Sergeant.

He doesn't play any games.

That's cool.

Are determined togive the
diners and Chef Ramsay

a night to remember.

This is crazy, man.



Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

He just said to wake up.

Four orders, table 22.

Two octopus, one
risotto, one scallops.

Yes, chef!

Matta, I'm going to need help.

What you want?

Can you spread those
out a little bit?

I gotta get this pork on.

Brett and I are workingthe meat station together.

So I'm the extra person
tonight, essentially.

Pork, two octopus.

I got a scallop, yeah.

It's going in the rizzo.

Heather, we just
started service.

Why do you need help already?

Two octopus, one risotto,
onescallop, straight after, yes?

Heather, you have
scallops dropped?


Heather, where are you?

Guys, I need another 3
and1/2 minutes on this risotto,





Heather, I need three
minutes on my risotto

coming with two scallops.


I got your scallops.


Two octopus, one
scallops, one risotto.

How long?

I need three minutes, chef.

Three minutes, thank you.


Right behind you.

Where's the risotto?

Next one is two and
a half minutes, chef.

One risotto, one
scallop, two octopus.

And I've got the scallops.

Why do we have that up, guys?

I said I needed three minutes.

Yes, you did.

I apologize.

Hello, fish, anyone in there?

Yes, chef.

I need you to
run your station.

Heard, chef.

I apologize.

I apologize, chef.

I apologize.

Like, how about you don'tdo shit to be sorry for?


Who do you need to talk to?

I need to talk to Ariel?

You need to listen to me.

I didn't know why he
was going up with them.

I apologize.

So do we hold
or we start again?

- We start again.
- Start again.

Yeah, I'm not
serving them again.

One scallop now, followedby two more scallops.

How long do you
need now for that?

I need another two
minutes now, guys.

Drop scallops.

Drop them.


The title at stake
is executive chef.

But right now, Heather's
actinglike a line cook who doesn't

know what the fuck she's doing.

Where are you at on
the scallops, heather?

You ready?

I'm walking this
risotto, Heather.

All right.


Here, garnish.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Scallops up.

Chef, going to you're right.


Yes, chef?

Nicely cooked.

Heard chef, yes.

As Heather
has now regained control

of the fish station,
a rush of appetizers

heads out to the dining room.

Good, very nice
that carbonara.

Here we go, John.

Yes, table one, thank you.

This is so good.

And the
black jackets are

ready to move on to entrees.

So first entree are threeNew
York strip, one halibut.

Heard, chef.

Three New Yorks.

Three, right?

I got them.

Meat's a beast of a station.

And I'm a beast
of a motherfucker.

So I'm a take this meat station.

I'm a manhandle this shit.

How long, Bret?

Mia, two minutes
to the window.

Walking in one, garnish.

You gotta give
me at least two.

How long garnish New
York halibut, please?

I can run right now.

I just told you I
need two minutes

in the oven for the halibut.

Please listen to me.

Hello, somebody talk
to fish, because I need

to fucking get in on this too.

Guys, I just want garnishfor three New Yorks.

Walking New Yorks.

Let me help you.

I got it.

Right behind, chef.

I'm walking garnish
for one halibut.

You got to give me 30seconds
to get them in the oven

and check.
Hold on.

I'm being made to look
likea fucking imbecile right

now, because I'm trying
to rush a protein

that I'm not even
ready on because there

is no communication.

Go, go.



Walking halibut.

Chef, where would you like?

Over here.

It's really hot.

- Finish the halibut, please.- Yes.

Nicely cooked.

Thank you, chef.

The slicing meat.

Brett, two cookedbeautifully, one fucking rare.

Here we go.

Back in the pan.
- Absolutely, chef.

- Let me help you, man.
- I got you.

Come on.

Brett's focused and
in his little zone,

and trying to own
the meat station.

But if Brett can just
be a little bit more

vocal as to what help heneeds,
than I can get in there

and help him find a rhythm.

Now, Brett, how is thatstation getting organized?

I mean.

- There's two of you on there.- Yes, chef.

You need to talk.

Yes, chef.

When you talk, we're
on the same page.

When you shut
down, we're fucked.

Yes, chef.

Don't put your fucking
head down like that.

He's getting
after him right now.

I told you start talking.

Fucking do it.

It's 30 minutes intothe first black jacket dinner


Brett, how's thatstation getting organized?

I mean.

And Brett's
lack of communication

on the meat station.

When you talk, we're
on the same page.

When you shut
down, we're fucked.

Is slowing the
kitchen to a standstill.

I told you starttalking, fucking doing it.

It's all good.
I'm here for you, bro.

No, no, I know that.

I'm sorry.

They were slightly
undercooked, bro.

Come on now.

Slow down, man.

We gotta get this right.

Refire strip, chef.

Thank you.

Very nice.

Yes, chef.


They're not talking
again to each other.

Young man?

Talk to Matta.
- Heard.

Stop trying to
do it on your own.


Matta, get this Peppercornsauce please going.

Got you, got you, heard.

- Brett?
- Yes, chef.

- You need to talk.
- Yes, chef.

I want the sauce
when the steaks arrive.

- Yes, chef.- Not two minutes fucking later.

Yes, chef.

I'm going to scream
at the top of my lungs

so Chef Ramsay does hear me.

On order, six covers, table30,
lamb, entree, two salmon,

two lamb, two New York strip.- Yes, chef.

Lamb on.

I need six minutes, please.

Yes, chef.

Mia, five minutes for thenext
two lamb, two New York.

Mia, give me a garnish.

Garnish for what?

Mia, come on, garnish, please.

She's flustered as fuck,
man, like a deer in headlights.

She's like.

Two salmon, two lamb,
two New York strip.

We're what, five?

Yes, chef.

Mia is going in four
to the window, yeah?

I'm looking right
at her fucking eyes.

And she's, uhh.

Mia, garnish right now,
please, in a minute.

Mia, do you-- Mia?

Two salmon, two
lamb, two New York.


You heard me, Mia?

Two lamb, two New York.

With the two salmon, yeah?


That's what's
selling first, Mia.

Got it.

Got it, got it.

Salmon garnish, how long?

Walking salmon
garnish right now.

Where's the salmon?

Right here.

Here, drop it.

Just put it down.

Salmon garnish is up, guys.

How long on the salmon?

Heather, are you ready?


Right behind, chef,
two lamb, two New York.


I'm coming, chef.

30 seconds.

I'm slicing the lamb.

I'm dragging the New York strip.


- Oh, shit, Heather.
- I know.

I know.

We got to refire those.

That skin is fucked.

It got stuck to the pan.

Must have been cold
or something, Heather.

You can't put it
into a cold pan.

That's a big no no.

No no.

We need a refire salmon.

All right, can
somebody help me?

I need a refire salmon.

Oh, shit.

Matta, do you have
30 to help me out, bro?


Where's the salmon?

The skin came off.

I'm not serving
it that way, chef.

Come in here, please.

Explain to Marino.

Finally, a good
excuse to apologize.

Go Heather.

You're really good at this.

Go, go, go, do it.

Marino, I apologize.

I need to refire.

Good job, Heather.

Get it in the oven.

Yes, chef.

At this point, I
just want to finish

the dinner service so badly.

It doesn't matter what
I have to do to do it.

How long, please, two salmons?

Should be good right here.

They're good.

Two salmon garnish,
right away, please.

I can run.

Hot garnish.

All right, and who
cooked this salmon here?

Who cooked the salmon, please?

I did.

Nicely cooked.


Finally, the fish has been sold.

Like, fuck's sake, man.

That took longer than I thought.



I'm happy whoever
made it, made it good,

because I kind of felt
bad for them, because he

got yelled at for a while.

All right, I need an all dayon
this station, where the hell

we're at.

Next is four halibut.

Four halibut?

All right.

You have six halibut,
andyou have the two salmon.

Two salmon are fired.

You got shrimp?

Two salmon, three--

two salmon, three halibut.

Two salmon, two New York.

Halibut, three salmon,
halibut New York.

We got three salmon, two
New York, one halibut,

garnish walking.

One salmon, one halibut.

Six all day on the board.

There's two at a time.

I'm trying to help Heather.

It's super frustrating.

It's definitely a jumble
of numbers everywhere.

If I could just
get a firm answer,

then, please, I
can cook this fish.

Six halibut all day, right?

- Four, I apologize.
- Four of what?

How many salmon on that?

Four, two.

Two all day, in my oven.

Four halibut all day.

Oh no.

Followed by four more, yeah?


Two and two.

Hey, hey, hey, whoa.

Shut the fuck up.

For the first time, the veterans and rookies

are cooking out of one kitchen.

All right, I need an
all day on this station.

And with
Matta now taking over

the fish station from Heather.

You have six halibut
and two salmon.

Two salmon, three halibut.

You're giving me
different orders.

Four, I apologize.

Followed by four more, yeah?

The rest of the teamis having a difficult time

getting their numbers straight.

Hey, hey--

Two and two.

Whoa, whoa, shut the fuck up.

How dare you.


We are doing two halibut,
followed by two halibut.

Do not give me fucking four.

No, chef we only have two.

All day, chef.

Yeah, all fucking day.

Hey, young man, just standards.

Just stick to one fuckingfour top at a time.

Yes, chef.


Yes, chef.

Two followed by two, please.

Six minutes.

This halibut?

I got this in four.

- Heard, four minutes.- Please do not talk to me.

I'm not.

Thank you.

Four minutes on these halibut.

Sorry about that, Chef.

Yeah, I just wanteverybody shut the fuck up

for just one second,
letme cook the fish, you know?

I was going to bring them
at the same time, Chef.

Coming now.


Sauce for both, chef.

He can cook, can't he?


Matta stepping up,

entrees are successfullycoming
out of the fish station.

Please let me
know when I could

slice lobster wellington's,
going with two halibuts,

please, first table.

Followed by four salmons behind.

And the chefs pushto complete their first service

in black jackets.

Running halibut garnish.

Service, please.

Lobster, coming in.

We need to stay connected.

Lovely, thank you very much.

We got one more ticket.

This is the last one, chef.

Fucking hell.

This lamb is some of thevery
best lamb I've ever had.

Five desserts, 22.

Let's go.

Clear down, Christina.

Line up, please.

We got off to a great start.

We just couldn't maintain it.

I want all of you to
head back to the dorm,

and decide which
two people should

be put up for elimination.


Yes, chef.

Piss off.

I feel like tonight's
overall dinner service,

the worst performer was Mia.

I feel like she
doesn't have what

it takes to be that
gangster leader,

beast mode executive chef.

I just don't feel that
she has it in her.

I know my votes are
is Heather and Mia.

I go y'all two.

I'm voting Matta,
becausehe was lost, and Heather

Jesus Christ.

This is who I'm voting for.

OK, that's why
I stopped talking.

Don't fucking attack me, dude.

There is absolutely no fuckingway
I should go home tonight.

Yes, I fucked up becauseI
was put in a predicament

that I couldn't fucking get outof
because my team failed me.

My team failed me.

I'm going to go
with Brett and Mia.

Ah, nothing died on me.

Are you fucking kidding me?

What, I had two New
Yorks come under?

Real quick fix, that's it.

It's definitely not me.

That's absolutely,
absolutelyirrelevant, in my opinion.

And Matta, who
are you voting for?

Heather, and, uh,
guess I'm gonna go Mia.

I was getting different
numbersshouted at me at the same time.

So I couldn't get
anywhere with that.

So I apologize for that.


I got to go in.

It's cold out here.

That's what it is.

This all business right here.

Ain't shit personal.

Just business, know
what I'm saying?

I'm pissed.

I don't think I should begoing up for elimination.

Brett's looking out for himself.

And he'd say anything
that'llkeep him in the competition.

Just FYI, Brett,
I think it'sbullshit that you guys aren't

nominating each other,
becauseI feel like you guys are trying

to cover for each other's ass.

Absolutely not.

I should be nominated,
tell me why?

Because you had
two steaks sent back.



All right, undercooked,
60 second refire.

- OK.
- OK.

But what did I have sent back?

When was I dragging?

You were like a
deer in headlights.

Forget my facial expression.

Forget my hands.

Mia, I saw you like
this in your pan.

I watched you.

And you're like.

Forget my-- forget
themovements that I'm doing.

When did I stop talking to you?

First of all, I don'tneed to cover for anybody.

I would--

But I feel like it's
bullshit, because I

didn't have shit sent back.

I sent everything.

And I was ready
for every ticket.

Are you trying to intimidateme
by raising your voice?

I'm just asking.
- No.

You feel like you getyour point across better?

- No.
- OK, cool.

It doesn't matter.
Am I intimidating you?

Of course not.

Then what does it matterif
I raise my voice or not?

I'm just wondering if
youfeel like you need to raise

your voice, because
does that make

you feel better about yourself?


I don't give a shit.

I can talk however
the fuck I want.

Of course you can.


OK, you do great
in challenges.

But can't burn on the line.

Yeah I fucking can.

What a night.

Not good.

Black jacket team, have
you reached a consensus?

Yes, chef.

Ariel, first nominee and why?

First nominee tonight
is Heather, chef.

The fish station was
struggling with cookery

and with communication.

The second nominee.

Second nominee tonight
isMia on the garnish station.

Heather, Mia, step forward.

OK, Heather?

Yes, chef?

Tough night.

Very tough, Chef.

Why should you stay
in Hell's Kitchen?

I haven't given up.

I have the passion, thedrive, the determination.

I don't shut down.

I know I'm better than this.

And I know I'm worthwinning this competition.

During dinner service,
I had no communication,

you know, with
certain team members.


Just say the name.

Yeah, you know, I
have Mia and Brett

communicating in front of me.

And I literally have
to scream at Brett--

But you're standing
right next to me.

You're hearing
everything I'm saying.

I shouldn't have toscream across the brigade

because you two are,
like, connected.

And I'm just standing therelike a fucking lost dog.

But you were also doing
the callbacks to Chef.

And you didn't have the
proteinthat he was asking you for.

Right, and that's where Ihad asked you all day so I

can have the proteins ready.

And you couldn't do
thatbecause you had a hard time

reheating vegetables.

So we're good.

No, I had everything onthe
pass when they needed it.

And nothing got sent back.

Mia, why do you think
youshould stay in Hell's Kitchen?

And what the fuck
happened tonight?

I did the best I could
under the circumstances.

And I feel like I
delivered in my station.

I wasn't doing callbacks.

Say it, yes or no?

A couple of times, yeah.

At the beginning, yes.

I feel like I was
always doing callbacks.

You would tell me the
garnish you needed.

I would say, OK.

I would repeat it.

And I would have it ready.

I always had my garnish ready.

Matta, based oneverything you saw tonight,

and during the course
of the competition,

who should go home?

Tonight, I think
Heather struggled

the most on the fish station.

So in my opinion,
Heatherwas the weaker performer.


Based on overall, Mia, chef.

She does good in challenges.

From what I've heard
fromher former teammates,

that when it comes to
time to dinner service

she can't get it in
like everybody else.


In terms of culinary skilland
overall, unfortunately

I would have to say
the person who should

go home would be Heather, Chef.

My decision is Heather.

You're not ready to
be my executive chef.

Give me your jacket, please.

Thank you for the callback.

- Appreciate it.
- Thank you.

Say hi to Logan.

I will, thank you.

I never thought I'd be
leavingwithout the executive chef


I came out guns blazing.

And I was ready
to prove a point.

I was the runner
up of season 16.

That door is mine
this time, guys.

Heather, 5 out of 5.

Good job.

Coming back to Hell's
Kitchen a second time,

it mentally challenges you.

There you go.

You can walk that.

Please would be nice, right?

Yeah, fuck off, man.

I'm the one who's gottastand
there in embarrassment.

Get out!

I can run right now.

I just told you
I need two minutes

in the oven for the halibut.

Please listen to me.

At the end of the day,
Ineed to show my son that you

need to be the one to
drive your self-esteem

and your confidence.

You thought it
was the end of me!

Oh, wow, don't look
so fucking happy.

Without a doubt, missingmy son, it broke me.

I thought I was indestructible.

But at the end of the
day, I just want my kid.

You are the final four.

You've got to push everysingle
second in that kitchen.

Is that understood?

Yes, Chef.

Get out of here.

They think I'm going tolet them walk all over me,

they're fucking wrong.

All of them.

They can kiss my ass.

I'm here to fucking win.

Final four, yo.

I'm at a 25% chance to
win this competition.

I'll take those odds any day.

I've been waiting
years for this moment.

I think my performance
has been great.

I worked very hard tonight.

And I'm motivated unlike
I'veever been motivated before.

This is it.

It's all in right now.

Too many times, Heather
blamed her mistakes

on having a bad day.

I'm not looking for apologies.

I'm looking for
an executive chef.

Next time
on Hell's Kitchen.

Mia, between us, have you
hada little tequila this morning?


When it comes to
booze, I'm a pro.

Will one chefhave a little too much fun?

Well, you have a
shot glass right there.

And I have some
tequila right here.

I'm Puerto Rican.

This is what we do.

Will her naughtybehavior rub off on the others?


And when thingstake a serious turn.

Oh my god.

Holy fucking curve ball.

Will even ChefRamsay be left speechless?


Oh shit.

This is bad.

It's all next time.

Oh hell no.

On an intoxicatingepisode of Hell's Kitchen.