Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 10 - Poor Trev - full transcript

Both teams are down to four chefs each as the competition continues to heat up. The dining room gets an Italian transformation for one of the most anticipated challenges of the season, the blind taste test. Hell's Kitchen closes i...

on "Hell's Kitchen,"

the chefs were
challenged to cook

traditional Chinese cuisine.

Oh, shit.

It's still moving.
- What are you doing?

Duck three ways.

Three ways?

I'm not going to
quack under pressure.

the competition

was renowned chef and
Beijingnative, Shirley Chung.

Now we have to follow
throughwith actual Chinese cuisine.

And the chefsquickly realized this wasn't

going to be a walk in the park.

It's very sweet.

It's not coming
together as a whole.

I think it's a little
bit on the dry side.

She's really nit
picking every detail.

Thankfully for
the blue team, Ariel's

duck with plum sauce was a hit.

The flavor is really good.

Thank you, Chef.

while Jose's prawns

sparked some laughs
from his teammates--

Suck out the juice
out of the head.

I'm going to suck the head.

--It failed
to impress the judges--

It's a little bit
difficult to eat.

--Leading to
another victory for--

The blue team.
- Blue team.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Yeah.


--And a fabuloustrip to Las Vegas.

Notice the marquee
at Caesar's Palace.

One day that marquee is
going to say, "Welcome

HK 18 winner Ariel Fox."

At dinner service--

Walking lamb first.

Walking to carbonara.


--The blue
team danced their way

to a near flawless service.

Ladies, well done.

Thank you, Chef.

The same could notbe said in the red kitchen.

Hey, red
team, this is painful.

Who just gave me them?

This is a joke.

--As Trevor and Josemassacred the fish station.

I am
at a loss for words

--and Scotley
mangled the Wellingtons.

beautifully cooked,

except that's from
the blue team.

The red team lost--

Get out.

--And had plentyof blame to go around.

Your sandwich was fucked up.

We pulled them outbecause you weren't ready.

- No excuses, man.
- All right.

All right I'm not.


elimination, Chef Ramsay

called up Trevor, Scotley,
andJose, ultimately eliminating--


--Ending his chancesof
becoming the executive chef

at Gordon Ramsay'sHell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation
of Hell's Kitchen.

Fuck off.

Scotley, it was his
time to go tonight.

I think Jose's a
very strong chef.

I know he's going to bounce
backand just push forward and have

some good dinner services.

You're going to bounce back.

Today was a fucking day.

You're still here.

Tomorrow's another
day to prove yourself.


Bret, how many kids you got?

I got a 10-year-old daughter.

Oh, just the dau-- oh, OK.

--And a 3-year-old

I guess you could say.
- Oh.


My girl's daughters is three.

I'm sure there's more
outthere that I don't know about.

They don't want to tell meabout,
to be honest with you.

No, maybe like, six.

I've improved
myself quite a bit.

Back in the day, women
wouldthrow themselves at me.

But I live a different
lifestyle now,

and I love my girl at home, man.

It's just the way it is.

That's real.

I'm good.

Man, I like this one a lot.

I love her.


It still sounds weird
coming out of my mouth.

I loved the woman
before, but not really.

Not really?

Yeah, but like it's weirdbecause then I'm like,

you know, I ran through
so many fucking broads.

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Come on, blue.

As fast as possible.

As fast as possible.


Bonjourno, Chef.

As you can see,
I've transformed

the dining room into
hisbeautiful, cozy Italian cafe.

Thank you.


Italian challenge?

Forget about it.

My team is guaranteed
victory on this one.

Thank you

I'd like you
all to think about

your perfect Italian meal.

How would it start?

Starting with wine, Chef.


Bret, give me a
little excitement

behind the pasta dish.

Classic pomodoro, Chef.

Maybe a gnocchi dish,
lobster tagliatelle.



How would you end the meal?



Love it.


Did you know that
Marino's family in Italy

are the makers of
the finest gelato?

Yeah, Marino.

Look at those shorts, man.

Short shorts.

Do you
shave those legs?

No, I don't.


Holy crap.

I love Marino.

I feel like he's
been saving those,

and he's just been
waitingfor the perfect moment

to bust them out.

Let's start off with
chocolate and vanilla.

Here we are.

Grazie, Marino.


- Thank you.
- Chef?

Yes, please.

Even a simple chocolateor
vanilla tastes amazing.



There are so many other
great flavors it takes.

And we're going to
do that right now.

But first, you'll need these.

Oh, yes.

It is the blind taste test.



I have nightmares
about this challenge.

I did so horrible the last time.

But this time around,
I'm ready for it.

Listen carefully.

Today, each of you will taste
avariety of stunning gelatinous

infused with the flavor
of the single ingredient

that you should identify.

The team that correctlyidentifies
the most ingredients

wins the challenge.

If your teammate getstwo
wrong, your teammates

get blasted with spaghetti.

If your teammate getsthree
wrong, well, come on,

what goes well with spaghetti?

Marinara sauce.

Thank you, Ariel.

Marinara sauce will
pour from the ceiling.

Oh, no.

If you get four wrong,
whichI doubt any of you will,

how do we finish off
theperfect spaghetti marinara?

Some Parmesan cheese?

Parmesan cheese,
that's a great idea.

Thanks, Jose.

I have never did a blindtaste
testing ever in my life,

so I feel sorry for whoeveris
sitting in the hot seat.

Let's go.

Trevor, and from the
blue team, Heather.

Yes, Chef.

In the hot seat,
Jose and Kanae.

Let's go.

I just did my
cute little ponytails.

I don't want to get
them all messed up.

Kanae, you good?

Yes, Chef.


Let's go.

Let's start off
with something easy.


Nice, easy carrot gelato.




Sweet potato, Chef?

One wrong each.



Number two, mango


He's like a kid right now.

- Mango, Chef?
- Correct.

Well done.


Stand by, Jose.

It's coming, Chef.



I should know mango.

I cook with mango
all the damn time.

At this point, I'm just
hoping that I get one.

I'm in the mood
for some pasta.

Let it rip.

Nice ginger.

This is an easy one.



Nothing better than
pasta with red sauce.

Nice and slowly.

Oh my god.

Oh shit.

Fucking Trevor.


I'll take the dry spaghettiwith a little olive

oil on it any day over
everyorifice full of tomato sauce.

That's for sure.

Coriander, Chef.


Fuck you.

Brace yourself, Kanae.


Let's go.

Damn, that was hard.

Number four.

Tomatoes Easy.

Kanae, stand by.

Oh my god.

Come on, dump tomatosauce on this bitch, man.

Tomato, Chef.


Way to go.


I did not want any
spaghetti sauce.

My hair is safe.

OK, Trev.

Here we go.



Stand by with the
grater, please.


Survey says,.

You're wrong again.

You should havehad nicotine as a flavor.

You have got that one.

No more smoking for you guys.

Let's go.

Pass the cheese.

It's like slow.

How cute.

Oh, man.

Off we go.


Hey, what's up?

I can't hear you.

You can't taste, either.

He can't taste that shit.

Look what you
did you teammate.

Oh my god.

I mean I'm drenched.

My pants, my socks,
my fucking underwears.

I don't even want mentionwhat
else is fucking sitting

in tomato sauce right now.

The gelato threw me off, Chef.

Oh for four?

It's fucking embarrassing.

It's harder than it looks.

I have a good palate, butI don't walk around in life

with a blindfold in mypocket,
and then just walk in

on the grocery store
and start popping

stuff in my mouth to seeif I can guess what it is.

Here we go.

Up next, Motto and
Mia, the two M's.

Let's go.

Come on, Mia.

Mia has had the best
performanceout of anybody in challenges

this whole competition.

So she should have
this in the bag.

So let's start off.

Let's go easy, shall we?


Banana, Chef.

Good job, Motto.




Oh my gosh.


Two for two.

Damn, Motto, you got
a banging-ass palete.


Good job Pepper.

Black peppers, Chef?

Good man.

Black pepper.

Well done.

Good girl.

Come on, Motto.

Toasted coconut, Chef?

Peanut butter.

Could Mia be the first
this year to go 4 for 4

round two
of Chef Ramsay's

18th annual blind taste
test, and rookie Mia

is one correct answeraway from a perfect score.

Let's see if Mia
can stay perfect.

Come on, Mia.

Peanut butter.


Nice work, Mia.


Four for four.

Challenge master.

Good job.

Mia and Motto, take the seats.

Next up, Bret and Ariel.

Let's go.
- Come on, Ariel.


I'm nervous.

I'm more nervous about
thisthan I am cooking challenges.

I don't want to look
like a total doofus

and get 0 out of 4.


Let's go for something simple.

Pistachio, the most
famous nut in the world.

Chocolate chip, Chef?

Chocolate chip.


Caramel, chef?


Number two, a staple
acrossItalian cuisine, garlic.

You got to get this one.

I would hope so.

He uses it in
fucking everything.

He has it tattooed on him.

Garlic, Chef.


Garlic, Chef.

Come on, Bret.


Coconut, Chef.

Jalapeno, she should get it.

Heather would love this one.

Sriracha, Chef?

Pasta to the face.

Motto, time to
face your pasta.

It's like up the nose.

Man, that thing's got
some force coming now.

This is good


Thank you, Ariel
and thank your mouth.

- Well done.
- Thank you.

I don't like this challenge.

Why does everybody else
getthis fucking magic tongue?

What if everybody else
getstwo and three out of four,

and I'm the only asshole
t hat goes 0 for 4?

The scores coming to
thisfinal rounds, 9 for the blue,

5 for the red.

That means red, you need
a clean sweep to tie.

Ladies, you need to just
getone correct, and you've won.

Kanae, Jose, let's go.

Don't be nervous.

Ariel, Bret, in the chair.

So let's go for coffee.

She doesn't drink coffee.


Coffee, Chef?


If Kanae gets this correct,
she wins it for the blue team.

Oh, come on, Kanae.

Coffee, Chef.


That's the ball game.

We won again.

We didn't just win by a point.

We annihilated them.

Blue team.


You're in for anincredible day of pampering

and relaxation at
Southern California's

premier Korean spa.

Oh my god.

Whatever service you
want, they have it.

I need a scrub, Chef.

Yes, a spa day.

Now, gentlemen,
whilst the blue team

are relaxing their backs,
you'll be straining your back.

You need to clean up the
mess in the dining room,

and tonight we'll be
honoringtwo very special charities.

I want two 12 tops set up.

Polish all the silverware.

And we'll be serving
a special gelato

for dessert, which
you'll be making

from scratch, cranking it by--


--To perfection.

Is that clear?
- Yes,

Off you go.

I just made an
ass out of myself.

Trevor, pick your head up.

There's nothing you
could do about it now.

This is the big one.

If you don't score
in this challenge,

you're not going to get the job.

You all right, bub?


Deep breath.

- That's it.
- No.

No, no, no.
It's not.

It's all palette.

You know it is.

Don't let this break you.

You're fucking better than that.

You've got to have
a palette, and I

just shat the fucking bed.

Just take a deep breath, man.

I'm embarrassed
This is my life.

I chose to do this for a living.

What does it say
about you as a chef.

If you can't identify
foursimple fucking ingredients?

This isn't going
to define me, but

damned if I'm not disappointed.

I have your cleaning
supplies here for you,

so let's get started.



Trevor scoring 0 did us in.

I mean, it does not feel
good to fucking lose.

We on our hands and
knees scrubbing.

I feel like Cinderella and shit.

It looks like a
mafia movie when they

kill people in the restaurant.

Fucking rude.

It feels so good
to keep on winning.

It's so much validation.

Yeah, we're the shit.

This feels so good.

I feel like royalty.

These challenges are
so awesome to win.

I have a feeling Trevor.

Trevor is going to snap.

Jose really needed this
toscrub off all that pasta sauce.

While the blue teamgets pampered at the spa,

the red team turns gelato.

You broke it already, Trevor?

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Trev has somehow
sabotagedthe ice cream churner.

How are we going to fix it?

The threads won't
pop into the seat.

You're the reason
we're here, and I'm

not going to be the onlyone
cranking this stuff out.

As Jose and Bret
polish silverware,

Trevor is still on his
first batch of churning.

Come on, guys, I justwant to do the punishment.

I'm being weird about this.

Don't break this one, Trev.

Don't break this one.

Everybody just
thinks that, you know,

I'm a shit-head for getting
0for 4 on the blind taste test.

Hey, Trevor, what flavoris it, banana or carrot?

It would be nice if
somebodyactually gave a shit, you know,

what I was going through, too.

You need five minutes,
like, you need to put

some cold water on your face?

Figure it out?

You'll be all right?

I'm fucking sick of it.

I really am.

Trevor has fucked it all up.

Sometimes the clown
gets sick of laughing.

After Trevor went 0for 4 in the blind taste test--

Hey, Trevor, what flavoris it, banana or carrot?


His teammates
aren't exactly

helping him get over it.

Trevor just fucked it all up.

Sometimes the clown
gets sick of laughing.

Today has probably been
themost stressful day for me

on Hell's Kitchen so far.

He better fucking
snap out of it.

He's good for elimination.

I just wanted to crawl
underneath the covers

and pretend the world isn'tthere for a little bit,

but you don't get
that luxury in HK.

You got to bounce back.

You've got to show Chef
that you can do it,

and that's what I'm
going to do tonight.

What else can I
do to make your life

more interesting, Bret?


I don't think that's
the word I'm using.

Feel the churn.

The ladies are
back from their reward,

refreshed and ready--

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

both teams prepare

for tonight's exclusive
charity dinner service.

We just need to work together.

It's really not-- it
shouldn't be that hard.


Men, line up please.

Ladies, line up.

Yes, Chef.

Let's go.

Line up.

As you know Hell's
Kitchen is closed

this evening for a very
specialevent honoring two charities.

Red team, you'll be
cooking for St. Jude

Children's Research Hospital.

This organization is
dedicatedto advancing prevention

and curing pediatric
disease at absolutely

no cost to patients and family.

Cooking for St. Jude
means a lot to me.

They helped save my niece,
so that's huge for me.

I feel like I need
to give back to them.

Make it a night to remember.


Yes, Chef.

Ladies, you'll be lookingafter
the Waterkeeper Alliance


Their mission is solely
focused on clean water

across the globe.

The Waterkeeper Alliance,
they're doing amazing things.

I'm really excited
and really honored

to be able to go for
these charities tonight.

Tonight, of course,
therewill be a completely new menu.

It's a stunningfive-course Italian menu.

Each of you will be responsible
for your own course.

They want each course servedto
both tables simultaneously.

Is that clear?

Yes, Chef.

on your stations.

Let's go.



Open Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen

is closed to the public foran
exclusive charity event--

You know, I'm
living the dream.

Fancy restaurant.

Look at this.


Keep up the good work.
Good to see you.

Thank you


to the Waterkeeper Alliance--

Thanks so much for
everybody being here.

This is an amazing night.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Well said.

Thank you, Don.

--And St. JudeChildren's Research Hospital.



The special
guests will enjoy

a five-course Italian
mealfeaturing pan-seared scallops

over polenta, headed by
Motto in the red kitchen

and Mia in the blue, branzino with fennel puree,

led by veterans Bret and Ariel,
truffle carbonara from Trevor

and Kanae, veal saltimbocca,
overseen by Jose and Heather,

and each team will worktogether
on the tiramisu souffle

dessert with the red
team'shand-turned gelato on top.

Motto, Mia pan-fried scallops.

Give me a time.
- Eight minutes, Chef.

- Eight minutes, Chef.- Eight minutes to window.

12 scallops.
Let's go.

Start working, guys.

This place is unreal.

This place is insane.

It's awesome to see thisgoing on live, now, man.

The sorrel for
the scallops is back

here, so to start our serviceis
extremely nerve racking--

Are you sure they're seasoned?

--Because I'm going
to be the leader.

But thankfully, I know what
he'sexpecting and I will deliver.

Let's go, please.

I don't want to go
too early on these.

We'll drop them in one minute.

Keep that pan on the heat.

Mia, I'm not hearing you.

Who's cooking?

I have Ariel
and Kanae cooking.

I'm watching them.

She will be plating the polenta.


Six minutes.

How we looking
over here, guys?


Get a nice color
on those things.



I'm having faith
in my teammates.

I got Bret and Trev
working scallops.

- You see that?- I got them, right here, too.

- Beautiful.
- Same color.

It's not that
complicated of a dish,

so they just need to
fire up some scallops

and not let me down.

How are the scallops coming?


Toasted one side andfucking
cooked the fucking--

I'm on it right now.

That's up to you.

There's no color on this.

We need all new scallops.

Come on, Trevor.

We've got some
new ones going down.

- Yep.
- These are the backups.

They're going down now.


come on, man.

They're scallops, dude.

You've cooked them
a million times.

You've been on fish stationin
two different seasons.

Are you
happy with these?

I don't need that.
I don't need that.

- Mia!
- Yes, Chef.

Are you happy with these?

Yes, Chef.

You're the one that
maintains the standard.

Check your plates.

Yes, Chef.

Let's get this on the plates.

- I'm right behind you.
- Heard.


Two minutes.


- We're ready.
- That's good.

That's good.

Waiters, please, pick up.

Marino, my apologies.

Red team behind.


Drop that branzino, ladies.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.DINER: Wow.

That looks amazing.

That looks phenomenal.

The scallops are sweet.

Let's move, guys.

- Motto.
- Let's move it.

Let's move it.

Motto, we need
parm crisps down here.

go, go, young man.

Motto, I've gotta go.

Hold up.

One line, please.
- Go.

I've got to go.

It's a specialcharity night in Hell's Kitchen,

honoring contributors
of St. Jude's

Children's Research Hospitaland
the Waterkeeper Alliance.

And while rookie Mia
hassuccessfully led the blue team

to deliver the first course--

Wow, that looks amazing.

That looks phenomenal.

--Motto and the redteam
are still dragging behind.


We need parm
crisps down here.

Come on, young man.Motto, I've got go

Hold up.

One line, please.


I've got to go.

Hey, Motto,
you good with these?

- Up and out.
- Yes.

- Go, please
- Yes, Chef.

All right.

Let's pick it up.


Thank you.

It's delicious.

I don't know what
he's screaming about.

I'm a happy camper over here.

- So yummy.
- All right.

Let's go.

We're going to do a saute.

Hey, hey, come
down here a minute.

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck happened here?

How did we fuck up
so many scallops?

Man, I don't know, man.
I know never--

You don't know?

Unacceptable, chef.

- I thought you cooked them.- Yeah I did.

Me and Trevor, Chef.
- Yeah, Chef.

Where the fuck did
all these come from?

That's not good enough.

And I know I'm
not the one that

fucked up those scallops, Bret.

I am shocked.

We need to divide and conquer.

Yes, Chef.

explicit what you want,

and demand that you get it done.

Chef, heard.

Let's go.

Trevor, tighten up, man.

It's second course go,
whichis my course, the branzino.

Pinch of salt. Be easy, please,
on the salt because they've got

anchovies extra salty.

And I'm about to stand at
thetop of the iceberg, flexing.

Everything has to be
executed flawlessly.

Not too wet, yeah.

As Bret tries to getthe red team back on track--

I would just let those finish.

I'll call for them
in 1 and 1/2 minutes.


Under Ariel's
veteran supervision,

the blue team is ready
todeliver the branzino course.

All right, Kanae.

I'm ready for the
first pan of fish.

Come on, let's go.

Fish, coming.

Leave the porton, so it keeps it warm

when we plate, you doughnut.


Watch your back.
Watch your back.

Where's the salad?

I'll taste it.
Why is it all bruised?

Come on.

Get rid of the fucking bruise.Let's go.

Please, let's go.Let's go, let's go, let's go.

on, we've got to go.

Heather, wipe
the plates, please.

I need that fish.

Where's that fish, Trevor?

Excellent job.

Service, please.

I'll be there in
20 seconds, Chef.

As the
blue team's branzino

makes its way to
theWaterkeeper Alliance 12 top--

We're winning, I think.

Should we be
waiting for this table?

No, no, no, no.
They're on their own.

Because I notice theydon't have their food yet.

It's coming out now.

Thanks to
Bret's leadership,

the men are not far behind.

Go, please.

Yes, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you.

is that branzino?

It's amazing.
- Good.

Please enjoy.

Thank you so much.

Look at this.

Next course, third courseup
as the truffle carbonara.

How long for you both?
- Eight minutes.

Sounds good to me.

Let's go.

Eight minutes, team.

- Yes, Trevor.

Let's do it.

I might talk a lot, but,
youknow, I give direct orders.

All this fuckery is
behind us right now.

Now it's my turn
to be in charge.

I'm not going to let you
guys make me look bad.

Perfect, right there.

That's what I want to see.

I hope you all hate myloud, annoying Irish ass.

Bang it out.

Make it pretty.

I want tight sauces, though.

If it's loose, we're fucked.

Make it tight.

Right here, number one.

That egg mixture.

It's a lot of
pressure right now.

I have to keep
the momentum going

and put some trust
in my teammates,

and they better not fuck it up.

We want to win.

Where did the tongs go?

Tongs are all right here.

No, I only have one.

She lost hers.

I didn't lose mine.
They're right here.

I didn't lose--

One, two, three, tongs.

God, I was fucking
trying to communicate.

Keep an eye on that mixture.

Let's go.

Hey, come on.

Get them up nice and tightin the middle, please.

Yeah, this is--

Run your finger around
that and get it in.

You know what I mean?

I want sex on a plate.

I want somebody to look
at it and go, "Ooh.

I just want-- ooh.


Come on, get your
fingers in there.

What's going on over there?

Oh my gosh.

This is.CHEF RAMSAY: Tight.


Sexy, sexy, sexy.

- Look at this one.

Look at how nice
and tight that is.

That is beautiful.

This should be our
example right here.

Yeah, sure.

tight in the middle.



Nice job, guys.

Are you happy with these?

- No, I'm not.
- OK.

What do you want on them? What do you need?

I need them the same--

looking the exact same.

You need morepasta in this one, ladies.

You do have more pasta, right?

These are too small.
- Heather.


I need it better looking.

It's sloppy.

I'm going to clean them.

I'm trying to portion size it.

Yeah, but it's not
the right portion.

Smaller or bigger?

You tell me and
I'll pull it out.

It just needs to
be plated better.


So tell me that, then.

I did tell you that.

Dear god.

Take it easy, woman.

This carbonara dish,
it's not rocket science.

I got it.

Get away from me.

- Hey, Kanae.
- Yes, Chef.

There's not
one bowl looks the same.

Look at the size,
the portionwise they look-- hello?

Yes, Chef.

Look at the difference
between that and that.

The same frickin' table.

Yes, you have it, Chef.

Heather, Heather,
Ican't pick peas out of one bowl

and put it in
another fucking bowl.

I understand that, Chef.

Jesus Christ.

I feel like we're in trouble.

Now he's getting mad.

Oh my god.

Everything back in thepots and replate, you guys.


Heather screwed me.

I have to take everythingoff the plates.

I'm so pissed.

We're screwed.

We're not through, Chef.

This is
terrible, terrible.

Come on, you guys.

- Let's go.
- Up in the window.

Let's go.

Up and out.

Nice job, boys.

Excellent job.

Let's go.

- Red team, go.
- Nice.

Go, go, go.

Trevor, best-executed
course so far.

Thank you, Chef Yeah.

Oh, it's so, so good a feeling.

This was the comeback
I needed to show

Chef that not only can I
bounceback, but I am built for this.

Oh, my god.

It's perfect.

- Kanae.
- Yes, Chef.



Ladies, please.

Sorry, Marino.

My apologies.


All right, Marino.

That looks so good.

That looks perfect.

I'm very glad my peas
were dispersed properly.

I'm happy.

You can fire the next course.

- How long to fire?
- Eight.

Eight minutes is good.

Are you sure?


- Come on.
- Let's go ten.


Let's go eight, then.
Eight is good.

All right,
let's go.

- Eight minutes.
- Fire.

Two minutes.

- Fire.
- Fire.

- Twelve veal.

Let's go.
- Eight minutes.


Hey, come on, red team,
we got this tonight.

There's a huge dinner.
I'm feeling good.

So let's kill this.

Let's work together
and let's stay focused.

Start that broccoli.
Make sure it's nice.

- Already going.
- Beautiful.

How are you looking
over there, Motto?

I'm good.
I'm Good.

Come on, guys.

Give it a chance to geta little more color, yeah?

A little bit
more color in that?

A tiny bit more.

I have the veal
saltimbocca, which

is veal wrapped in prosciutto,
and I'm going to own it.

Mark my words.

Dropping butter.

Don't put the
butter in too early.

Half that butter.
- Half that amount.


You can always add, but
we can't take it away.

Yes, Chef.

Come on.
Beautiful Here.


- Sauce.
- Wipe.

Wipe down.
- Drop the sauce.

Start wiping.
- Move over.

Move over.
Move over.

Wipe down plates, please.

I'll follow with sauce.

Wipe the
plates, please.

Somebody wipe the plates.

I got it.

I got plates.

Come on, let's go.

- Very nice, Heather.
- Thank you, Chef.

Service, please.

Go, please.

You think we can get
you to crack a smile?

It looks amazing, guys.


Come on, guys, please.

Come on, come on, put it up.

That's perfect.

Jose, are you happy with that?

Yes, Chef.


It's so tough.

Oh my gosh.

Mine is completely raw.

See, this is what
you would call raw.

Yours is raw?

Oh, yours is raw.

We've got it out.

Let's get ready for dessert.

Oh, no.

Red team, come here.

Yes, Chef.

Oh, fucking no.

Oh my god.

Oh, shit.



Who cooked it?

I was cooking veal,
along with Trev.

- Jose, did you check?
- Yes, Chef.

Most of them.I didn't open them up, though.

Oh, fucking no.

Oh no.

Oh my god.


Guys, come here, in the back.

Look at this.

Jose dropped the ball.

Not one of them was cut into.

It looks like something
out of a horror movie

that you peeled off aradioactive monster's back.


It looks like a giant scab.

Just touch that.


There's more coming back.

Oh, fuck.


I need six.

Oh, shit.

Oh my gosh.

Hell's Kitchen ishosting a special charity

dinner honoring supportersof
the Waterkeeper Alliance

and St. Jude Children's
Research Hospital.

With both teams serving
thefourth course of the night,

the blue team's table
isenjoying their meal, while half

of the red team's 12 top--

Oh, there's more coming back.

Oh, fuck no.

--Have sent backtheir raw veal saltimbocca.

I think people are getting itin
the head with broken plates.

This is crazy.

I wish I could have
cooked the veal myself.

I feel like my team
let me down, for sure.

You, get over the souffle.

Yes, Chef.

You, get on with the souffle.


Oh my god.

It was up to you to do
what was needed, Jose.

Not me, not Motto, not Bret.

And you didn't check one thing.

You just fucking
screwed us, bro.

I can't believe it.

Oh, boy.

I cannot believe it.

If Chef Ramsay's
cooking for us,

that means we
fucked up real bad.

Send the four,
please, Christina.

Yes, Chef.

We're lucky Chef didn't
stab us or something.

The red team is nowrunning
a full course behind--

I'm ready for dessert.

--As the
blue team charges

ahead with theirtiramisu souffle dessert.

Let's go.


You're doing a great job.This is awesome.

Thank you.

Yeah, this has
been great, you guys.

Thank you.

This dessert
matches my bottom,

and it will go
straight to my bottom.

High five.

Just take it.

You got to go.


Meanwhile, thered team races to catch up.


Go, go, go, go, go.

Thank you so much

Bon appetit.
My pleasure.

Thank you.
- Oh my gosh.

This is so good.

When we close Hell'sKitchen for a night like this,

it means so much to
me and our reputation.

I'm very disappointed.

The losing team tonight
is the red team.

Men, want to go back to the
dormand nominate two individuals.

Piss off.

Yes, Chef.


St. Jude, man.

Everybody fucked up tonight.

Average stations,
exceptfor carbonara and souffle,

which I ran.

So God help those
guys if they try

and fucking put me up tonight.

Not a chance.

I definitely don't thinkI
should be up for elimination.

That's for sure.

I know I owned
two stations tonight

that went out flawlessly.

What's the second station?

The desserts was mine.

That was a team effort.

That was a team
effort, but I was the--

You had carbonara,
whichwas the easiest station to do.

Hey, can I finished
the sentence?

The only thing you
managed was a carbonara

that we do every day.

That went out flawlessly.

Yeah, you know why
it went out well?

Because you didn'tfucking cooking anything.

Exactly, exactly.

What about the
scallops from the start?

That was not my
fucking scallops.

The fucking bad
ones that came back

that were fucking not
cooked on the other side

were the ones that youburned to a crisp, brother.

Burnt to a crisp?

That was all Bret and I.

I watched everything
I did tonight, man.

- Burnt to a crisp?
- I'm not fucking--

No.I'm not putting up with it.

It'll be like listen, no way.

Chef's going to laugh
youguys right out of the fucking

kitchen and put your
ass up for elimination

if you try and put me there.

Now, I'm not going anywhere.

I didn't fuck up half
of my fucking veal.

I pulled my pans off
whenthey were too fucking hot.

Mine were sitting there.

So it's either you or it's me.

Go ahead.

Which veals were they?
Whose were they?

Were they Motto's
or where they mine?

- How do we know?- How do you fucking know?

Did it have your name?

You checked all the onesthat I had on my pans.

You checked them personally.

You're not intimidating
by getting loud.

All right?

You act like a little
bitch in the kitchen.

Now you want to be
all fucking loud.

Personally, I don't
thinkTrevor deserves to be here.

I don't.

I think he should've beengone a long time ago.

Everything he does
fucking sucks.

Besides talk.

That veal was murder.

If you would've
just cut into one.

If you would've
just cut into one.

I didn't think about it.

That was disastrous.

I had you check all of mine.

Again, not owning
up to anything.

You know, he never
owns up to anything.



Did you fuck up
scallops today?

Come on.

Of course not.
Of course not.

See what I mean?

You don't fucking
own up to shit.

All you do is run
around with your fucking

nose up Chef's ass.

That's what you do
all fucking day.

Well, you're the fuckingtail running around.

Hey, Chef, how about this?

How about we cut the
fucking lamb like this?

I think this would be great.

- No one can work with you.- All right.


Well, red team, youroyally fucked that one up.

Men, have you come
to a consensus?

Yes, Chef.

Trevor, red team'sfirst nomination and why.

First nomination was Jose.

He was in charge of the veal.

It was his station to run.

Trevor, second
nominee and why.

- Me, chef.
- You?

Do know why?

There's a couple of
reasons, apparently.

They put the veal on
me, even though it

was two of us working
thatstation and somebody else

was in charge of it.

I, apparently, kiss yourass all the time as well.

You what?

I'm too loud.

And there's no
communicationwith me, apparently.

Hold on.

Hold on a minute.


Bret, just clarify.

We feel that our team
wouldbe stronger without him.

Trevor, Jose, step forward.

Jose, why are you
different from Trevor?

One of the main reasons
Trevor's up here today

is because he fucked
up scallops and he

fucked up the veal as well.

There was two people
on each station.

I cooked my scallops.

They went up.

I followed orders
tonight on veal,

and there's six came back.

So there's two people
on fucking veal.

Two people--
- Who cooked the veal?

Two people cooking.We both had fucking veal in

What did you say earlier?

That Motto cooked them.

I said we both--

Because you couldn't
take the blame.

No, not at all.

The same way you're
not taking blame

for the scallops you fucked up.

That's my point there.

You don't own it

Why would I own a mistake.

I didn't make?

Jose, why shouldyou stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I have a lot of
drive, a lot of passion.

Today was a bad day when
it came to that dish,

but overall, I've been
strongand I've continued to grow.

I've got more fight
in me than anybody here.

I want this more
than anybody here.

I prove it to you
on a daily basis.

I bounce back, no matter what.

And I bounced back
hard again today.

You're looking for a leader.

You saw one today.

My decision is Trev.

Back in line.

Jose, come here.

Tonight was a disaster.

Your lack of leadership
onyour course that you own

confirms that you
are not ready to be

my head chef in Las Vegas.

It's for that reason
I want your jacket.

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you.

Appreciate you.

I wish you the best of luck.

- It was an honor, Chef.
- Thank you.

Head up.

It's a disappointment andit
has been a long journey,

but it was ultimately
a learning experience.

The lesson is don't
hold yourself back.

Go, go for the stars.

That's all I can say.

Now listen carefully.

I expect all of you to comeout of the comfort zone

and prevent mistakes
from happening.

Piss off.


I know how to cook.

I know what Chef
wants, and I'm trying

to fucking give it to him.

This is a job interview.

So the rest of theseMoppets, I could give two

shits what they think about me.

I really do.

I absolutely think
Trevorshould've gone home tonight.

I just feel like he's
a cancer to the team.

Moving forward, he needs to
stepit up and carry his own weight.

I think the
red team are so

consumed by their own
hate for each other

that they're just
not getting it.

It's really a bad sign for them.

On a night when itshould
have been Hell's Kitchen

giving back to some
amazing charities,

it was charities that ended
upgiving back Jose's raw veal.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen--

Moving forward, yo, gotto to be on one page, bro.

--When Trevor
and Bret put up a wall--

Silence is golden.

They don't like me.

They just want me out of here,
and I can't give two shits.

--Will Trevorand Bret take a great fall?

I really dislike this dish.

I really dislike this.

There's nothing about
thisdish that came together.

I'm so sorry I fucked up, man.

This is like one
of my nightmares.

Can all
the King's forces--

The fucking lamb
is overcooked.

Get in.

--And all
the King's men--

What in the fuck is going on?

What is happening?

--Put these twochefs back together again?

It's fucking pathetic it'sall next time on a bruised

I can't flat-line.

This food shit is all I've got.

--And broken episode--

I just don't give
a fuck anymore.

--Of Hell's Kitchen

Uh, oh.