Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 9 - What Happens in Vegas - full transcript

Chef Ramsay challenges the nine remaining chefs to prepare authentic Chinese dishes and each chef must crack open fortune cookies to reveal their ingredients for the challenge. Ramsay invites renowned chef Shirley Chung to judge e...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

Please welcome
my daughter Tilly.

Ramsay was joined

by his youngest daughter--

How's the boyfriend?

I don't have one.

Good, good, good, good.

Keep it like that.

challenged the chefs

to create dishes for her
sweet 16 birthday party.

Think teenagers.

Don't go too complicated.

I think she's not
your average kid.

On the red team,
Mottodazzled Tilly with his dish.

I think that's a yes.

Thank you.

As did Jose.

I love it and definitelywent it on the menu.

Thank you, Tilly.

While Scotley, Trev, and Bret all fell short.

These are not for
my 16th birthday.

Not for your 16th
birthday party.

Trying to impress
a 16-year-old

girl never worked for me.

But does that really
surprise anybody?

On the blue
team, Roe's efforts

to impress Tilly--

Tried to play it
in the shape of a T

because it's Tilly's night.

exactly spell success.

I think I'm going
to pass on this one.

But the rest of thewomen each scored a point.

This is a wow dish.

Ladies in the house.

Winning the challengeand earning an afternoon

at a Malibu mansion.

At Tilly's sweet 16 party--

Happy birthday, Tilly.

--Trevor andScotley clashed yet again.

That's too much garlic, man.

I would never talk
to somebody the way

that Scotley talks to people.

Garlic, lightly sauteed first.

You didn't listen to me, and look what happened.

But the
rookies on the red team

worked well together,
firing on all cylinders.

Jose, Motto, absolutely perfect.

Thank you, Chef.

Jose, Motto, me-- we're
aforce to be reckoned with.

On the blueteam, one of their rookies,

Mia struggled to deliver
proper fish and chips.

It's fucking ice cold.

And Roe, steak
queen from season 13,

could not get her
temperatures right.

No sear there, cremated there.

The little
blue team lost.

Get out!

You'd be feeling pretty goodif
you were the red right now,

wouldn't you? NARRATOR: And nominated--

Roe, Chef.
- --And--


But Mia was quick topoint
a finger at someone else.

I didn't set it up, Chef.

Who set it up?

Kanae set it up.

She's trying to
play the blame game.

Ramsay eliminated--


--Ending her dreamof
becoming the executive chef

at Gordon Ramsay'sHell's Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now the continuation
of "Hell's Kitchen."

Get out of here.

Yes, Chef.

I'm sure it's because
I've had ..

All that back and forth
between him and Kanae.

The girls are fractured.

It's like somebody just drovea
stake right into the middle

of the blue team.

And you can just see
the cracks coming out.

Listen, I nominated
you because I

don't want to be up there.

And I feel like--

Yeah, so you had to
blamesomebody, so it had to be me

to blame.

I-- I thought--

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.- Listen, I just--

I know.We still got to be a team.

We have to come togetherright
now because tomorrow

we got a big fucking job.

We've still got
to be a team again.

I know.
We're coming together.

We're talking about it.

,, But the negativeenergy has to leave the room.

I know, but I feel like
we have to talk about it

to move on.

We definitely need those twoto
put their differences aside.

But at the same time,
the morethose two are at each other,

the more it's going
to benefit me.

I'm not an evil person--

I swear.

Ariel is about to just
todestroy the rest of that team.

She's a gangster bitch,
and she can cook.

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Welcome to Good Day, HK.

I'll be your host Trevor.- Good morning.

- Morning.
- Skinny morning.

Rise and shine.

We're about to get at it
foranother day of fun in the sun--


So let's check in with
the weather, and it's--

yeah, we're still
inside the dorms.

Good morning.

This is Trevor.

Chef Ramsay is waiting
for you out front.

You got it.

Right out into the front.

So bring your umbrellas
and your stomping boots

because it's going to be
acracking good time today.

What is that?

What is going on?

Confetti falling
down, and boom,

badoom, boom, boom, badoom,
boom, boom, badoom, boom, boom.

Yeah, get it.

Come on, guys.

That was brilliant.


Please join me in thanking
theImmortals Lion Dance troupe.

How cool were they?

In case you haven't guessedit,
for today's challenge

you'll be cooking--




Oh, nice.

I'm joking, you Muppets.

Of course, it's Chinese.

Now listen carefully.

For this challenge we've
got five Chinese boxes--

spot prawns, chicken
breast, pork tenderloin,

duck breast, and black cod.

Jose, who in the blue teamwould
you love to cook against?

I would say Kanae, Chef.


I'm excited to
cook against Jose.

He's the first one to pick.

So it makes me feel good
becausehe sees me as competition.

Bring it on, Jose.

Kanae, what protein would
youlike to select to take on Jose?

- Prawns, Chef.
- Prawns.


Both of you, come up.

Do not open that box.

Next up, Mia.

I would like to cook
against Trev, Chef.

Let's go with the pork.

The pork.

That was a
poor choice on his end.

Puerto Ricans love pork.

Mia versus Trev.



Ariel, chef.



To be the best, you
got to beat the best.

Damn straight, I'm
the best chef here.

Let's do duck.

Thank you.

- Bret.

Let's go with the cod, Chef.

The cod.

Scotley, that means you'llbe
cooking chicken breast.

Now which one of you four
isprepared to cook two dishes

and go up against Scotley?

I feel like whoever
has the cod or the--


Yeah, prawns are
going to be quick.

All right.

You have quick prawns, so OK.

I'm excited to take on both.

At this point in
the competition,

I have to show them who's best.

If you need help,
just let me know.


Yeah, we can help.

Inside each box are
eight fortune cookies

printed with the name
of the ingredients

to use with your protein.

Your 45 minutes starts now.

Let's go.

Go, go, go, go.

Time to start
smashing these cookies.

In today'sChinese cuisine challenge,

each chef has been providedeight
traditional ingredients.


Shimeji mushroom.

To create an
authentic Chinese dish.

Asian pear.

Chinese dried sausage.

Smoked prawns.

This smoked prawns?
- Yes.

All right.

Get the prawns.

Looks good.

Oh, shit.

They're alive.

And they're moving.

It's still moving.

Come on.

Let's move.

Easy, cheesy, easy.

Fucking motor mouth.

Trevor just knows how
to say the right things

to really set me off.

I'm not getting my pussy hurt.

You're just talking
a lot of shit.

Enough of that
nonsense already.

What are you doing?

Duck three ways.

Three ways.

I'm competing against Ariel,
who I know is very technical,

but doesn't quite think
outside the box as much.

How bad you want this?

I'm not going to
quack under pressure.

Coming for you, Ariel.

Gentlemen, just under halfway.

What kind of
sauce on the noodle?

You're going to use the
prawnhead sauce for the noodle?

Yes, prawn head and cashew.

But you need me to tasteit
because you're allergic.


I'm allergic to nuts asfar as, like, eating them.

So Ariel, you are
my taste tester.

It needs more salt
to the sweetness.

I mean, I have to createtwo dishes instead of one.

So I am going to call
for help when I need it.


Do you have any limejuice you can hit it with?

60 seconds to go.

Come on.

Whoever is
done first, I need

help plating the rest of this.

Where's it that?

Chicken is right there.

I have my noodles right here.

We got it.

How's that chicken
breast doing?

Nice sexy chicken stir fry.

Fucking beautiful.

I'll take it.

5, 4,
3, 2, 1, and stop.

Well done.

Now I brought in a
very special judge.

This chef knows Chinese cuisine.

And she's just opened
her brand new restaurant

Steamers Company.

Chef Shirley Chung.

You didn't even have
to say her last name.

I knew who he was talking about.

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you for having me.

I heard from people
who worked with her,

she was an amazing
chef, an amazing mentor.

So I'm really
excited to see her.

We're going to be
tasting the dishes

head to head by proteins.

Let's begin with the battleof the pork tenderloin.

Mia from the blue and
Trev from the red.

I was looking over atMia's, and it looks like she

did some kind of weirdo salad.

So I'm like, oh, OK, I
actually made a dish.

What the fuck does
she do over there?

Trev, why don't you
start first and describe

the dish to Chef please?

I did a spice rub
pork tenderloin.

Togarashi and some star
aniseon there on the outside.

I feel the nice heat.

I do want to point
out this plate

doesn't come off very Chinese.


You have noodleplated with pork on top versus

if you plate on the plate.


And then the cookery
of pork tenderloin,

I think it's a little
bit on the dry side.

Apologies, Chef.

She's really nitpickingevery
detail that's going on.

I'm like, this isn't
good right off the bat.

Mia, please describe
the dish to Chef.

I went with a soy
andginger-glazed pork tenderloin.

And then I did a stir
fry with the vegetables.

This is not only
visually beautiful,

but it's really delicious.

Thank you, Chef.

Does the point belong
to Mia and the blue team

or Trevor and the red team?

- Yeah.
- Thank you, Chef.

Hands down.

Good job, Mia.

I lost out to the young
whippersnapper again.

You know, that little girlworries me a little bit.

I'm not going to lie.

Next up, black cod.

Heather and Bret, let's go.


Let's start off withHeather this time, shall we?

Chef, what I made for youis
a black ramen miso soup.

I poached the black cod
in the actual broth.

Overall, your whole entiredish-- it is very sweet.


the acid, the spice,

I think it's Asian ingredient,
but not necessarily Chinese.

Bret, explain please.

So here I have apan-seared cod with Chinese

five spice and powdered ginger.

The miso butter is
notnecessary at all for this dish.

But the cod is
really well-cooked.

Thank you, Chef.


I think this one's
going to the red team.

Chef, it's a
pleasure meeting you.

Thank you, Chef.

I'm really nervous.

She's a tough judge.

And I think that we were
allin this fluff zone of working

with Chinese cuisine.

And now we have
to follow through

with actual Chinese cuisine.

It's very well-seasoned.

They taste good,
but Chinesecuisine has this thing that you

want to-- all the shapes match.

So you have long bean
going with your noodles.

But you have big
chunk of chicken.

Her critiques are so
thorough and so intense.

It's very intimidating.

Traditionally thiscombination really works.

But in this case,
it's notcoming together as a whole.

Does the point go to Scotley,
or does the point go to Kanae?

This is my pick.

Scotty, you deserve the points.- Thank you, Chef.


Congrats, Scotley.

My dish is not even closeto
being what she's saying

to everyone else
about how I should be

able to get some in every bite.


Next up, duck breast,
Motto and Ariel.

When I think of Chinesecuisine, it screams duck.

Beijing duck, right?

Beijing duck.

I'm from Beijing.

Are you guys ready?

Good luck.

I'm totally fucked.

Oh, wow.

Interestingchoice of plate.

In today'sChinese cuisine challenge,

guest judge and Beijing
native Shirley Chung

is dissecting each dishdown
to the smallest detail.

This plate doesn't
come off very Chinese.

Overall, your whole
entiredish-- it tastes very sweet.

It's not coming
together as a whole.

And with the blueteam
one point away from losing,

self-assured Ariel isnot feeling so confident.

I'm thinking
about my dish,

and I'm just like,
I know theChinese ingredients are there.

But my dish was meant
to be, like, served

with two shared plates.

Interestingchoice of plates.

This is elongated
Chinese plate.

I can see that.

It's a little bit
difficult to eat.

I think if you on this--maybe a large oval plate--


a little bit better.

But flavors-- really good.

Thank you, Chef.

It's just very awkward to eat.


So here I have duck
three ways for you.

Oh, wow.

Duck fried rice, fivespice grilled duck breast,

and a little duckcrackling or chicharrones.

Um, do you use Sichuan
peppercorn in this?

Yes, in the
charred plum sauce.

While you bit into
it, it literally just

took over everything.

So it numbs your palate.

Heard that.

Chef, does the point goto Ariel on the blue team

or Motto on the red team?

- Ariel.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.

Great job.

I wanted to go
against Ariel because I

felt like she was the strongest,
and I wanted that challenge.

They both swung hard.

That was a mistake.

2-2, and it all comes down tothe
spot prawn, Kanae and Jose.

Oh, tiebreaker.

Jose, describeyour dish please to Chef.

This dish, I servedthe prawns with the head on.

So the idea is to suck outthe juice out the head.

I am going to
follow your direction.

I'm going to suck the head.

Please suck the head.

Wow, flavorful.

That is more season
than the noodle.


does that happen?

Kanae, describe your dish to Chef.

I have a cold cashew
sauce with the prawns

that are poached.

The fact that I'm
allergic to nuts,

I just have to depend on Ariel.

very aromatic.

Flavor's really good,
but I think it's

a little bit on the dry side.


Take the dishes back in line.

Please let theseflavors just pull through.

The big question is,
doesthe point go to the blue team

or the red team?

Blue team.

- Oh!
- Yes.


Thank you.


Your brain, my mouth.


Join me in thanking
this incredible chef

for giving up her day.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you.

Ladies, congratulations.

Thank you, Chef.

The girls are
reaping all the rewards

and having all the goodtimes
and all the relaxation.

The one reward that I gotto
go on, we were on safari,

and we got a fucking stupid hat.

You're all in for
an amazing treat.

All of you are
going to the place

that will be the home of
thewinner of "Hell's Kitchen."

Oh, sh--

We're going to Vegas!

right, Las Vegas.

You are in for anextraordinary VIP experience.

I'm putting you up
in the private villa

of The Noble Hotel.

Fuck that.

Why are you standing
here staring at me?

Your private plane is waiting.

Oh my god!

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you, Chef!

I'm feeling like Beyoncemore
and more every day.

Private villa, private plane.

My Vegas experiences havenever been like this.


Oh my god.

I have to teach the
girls how to twerk.

Men, today I've offered
yourservices to a local vendor who

provides fortune cookies
to Chinese restaurants

all over Los Angeles.

So guess what you'll be doing.

Stuffing fortune cookies.

Making them first.

Guys, what are you waiting for?

Go make a fortune--


Enjoy Vegas, ladies, because it's going

to be your last time there.

Because my ass is
gonna be living

there here soon enough and
notjust visiting for the night.

That's it.

Confucius says--

Men do not fail.

They give up trying.


I ain't never been
to fucking Vegas.

I wanted that
fucking Vegas trip.

I'm so pissed right now.

It's not just any loss.

It's a trip to Vegas.

Scotley, carry your
weight at least, bro.

Come on.

Let's get to it.

Halfass doesn't work for me.

Scotley, man, let's get to work.

I'm so excited.

And we have a new plane.

Oh my god.

I can't wait to
get there already.

Yes, wheels up,
bottoms up, baby.


We're all the way up right now.

That's what's up.

This villa is
absolutely breathtaking.

I'm calling Vegas home.

That executive chefposition is calling my name.

This is amazing.

This is what I was
put in this world for.

I'm totally feeling
like royalty right now.

Like, just call me Queen Mia.

Go ahead.
Go get changed.

We're going to have
dinner in a few minutes.


What the--

The toilets wash your butt.

And the toilet has a blowdryer for your stuff.

Oh my god!

I'm feeling fresh, and myass is feeling fresh too.

Damn, I'm ready.


Look at this.

Look at you guys.

Look at the view.

One day, that marquee
is going to say,

welcome HK 18 winner Ariel Fox.

Four hours of balls deepin
fucking fortune cookies.

I feel like I could cry.

My back's hurting
pretty good right now.

Come on, Motto.

Hold it together.

I'm held together, dude.

We've been doing this for hours.

We're not even close to
filling up the bucket.

Really, Scotley?

Taking product that's supposedto
be used for something Chef

asked us to do and
makingyourself a snack with it.

Scotley doesn't careabout anybody but himself.

I could pass out.

Guys, if we start
breaking down now--

Come on with that shit, man.

I'm putting it out
there before it starts.

Fuck it.

Just go.

Because goddamn,
you're gonnamake it a fucking argument.

I'm not making
an argument, man.

I'm just saying--

Fuck, yo.

--If this carries allday, this is what's going

to affect dinner service later.

Let's keep it up and positive.

Trevor, shut the fuck up.

Make cookies.

Just keep working

We don't want to do this shit.

The more you talk, the more
it'sgoing to be fucking annoying,


Wow, I just said
one thing, bro.

Come on, fellas.

No one want to hear that today.

I'm just trying to
keep a positive outlook.

That's it.

Stop running around
and get something done.

He's ticking me off.

Quit being a
dickhead or go home.

The women have
returned from Las Vegas.

But the mood in thedorms is less than inviting.

We got a half hour.

I'm going to lay down.

Dude, you could cut
the tension with a knife

going through there.

I know.

That's why I'm not talking.

Scotley is just a
fuckingdouchebag the entire time.

He fucking was taking
eggs we're supposed

to use for the fucking cookies,
boiling eggs, and making him

and Bret snacks.

He went in here and
madesliders and brought lunch out

for himself.



I feel for Trevor
because Scotley--

he just-- the chip on hisshoulder is, like, huge.

I don't know.

I'm just sick of it.

It's going to fester.

It's going to be like
a cancer for service.

I'm worried about tonight.

With dinnerservice quickly approaching,

both teams are prepping
their kitchens.

All right.

We feeling good, ladies?


Make me a winner.

Let's tighten up theorganization a little bit.

Like, this is a hot mess.

Taking up way too much
real estate with these.

Get your water
ready for over here.

Tighten up garnish.

There's way too much
shit everywhere.

We've got make a
clean playing ground.

I'm going to change beurreblanc into a

so that it's ready to go.

Why don't you ask for
usbefore we do that though?

Yes, boss.
No problem, boss.

I'm right on top of that, boss.

There you go with
the sarcastic shit.

Oh, yeah, man, because
you question everything

that comes out of my mouth.

Hey, enough already.

Please gentlemen.

We need to come together
as a team and execute.

None of that back and
forth shit, especially

during dinner service.

There's four of them.

We don't want to be
embarrassed like that.

What the hell?

What are you, crumping?

Gentlemen, line up please.

Yes, Chef.

line up please.


Thank you.

Ladies, welcome back.

Thank you, Chef.

Kanae, favorite part?

We were popping bottles, chef.


Well, for one of
you talented nine,

Vegas is going to
be your new home.

Now, we have a number of
VIPsin the dining room tonight,

including the stars of
the Beacher's Madhouse.

It's unfair to give the boysa
10-top, likewise the girls.

So we'll split it--

five for the red team andfive
from the blue team, OK?

Yes, Chef.


Now get on your stations.

Get set up for success.

Let's go.

Come on, guys.

- Si, Chef?- Open Hell's Kitchen please.

Let's go.
- Very good.

As the dining roomfills with a few special guests

who know a thing or
two about competition--


--And a bevy ofcolorful Hollywood performers,

Beacher's Madhouse--

I'd like to get
a grub on, dude.

--Both kitchensare eager to impress

tonight's talented crowd.

It looks so much
different on TV.


- Let's do this, ladies.
- You got it.

- Yup, yup.
- Go blue.

Let's get it, homies.

Strong start, strong finish.

On order, six top, table 22-- two Carbonara,

two scallops, two risotto.

Heard, Chef.

How far are you out on
that first two risotto?

At least a solid
four and a half.

Coming back from
Las Vegas this morning,

there's a different
motivation now.

One minute out on
the scallops, you guys.

This is where we reallyneed
to buckle down and kill

this service just
to show you that we

can work hard and play hard.


- What?

- You all right?
- What is it, Kanae?

Two scallops just fell.

All right.
That's OK.

You got a second.

Re-fire it, yeah?

Yeah, pushing it.


Walking risotto, walking
two Carbonara, yeah?

All right.

Two carb.


Scallops coming, Chef.

Give me 30 seconds please.

Come on.

Hurry up, guys.

- Kanae.
- Yes, Chef?

Out in one.

What did you just say?

Out in one.

Out in-- what the fuckdoes he mean, out in one?

Fucking hell.

I'm so confused.


Oh, sorry, Chef.

Out in one.

Out in one sweep, heard.

Fuck me.

Flying them all out at
onetime instead of, you know,

one by one.

I like, out in one?

It's so hard to understandChef
Ramsay sometimes.

Table four.

Let's go.

Four covers, table 52--

two risotto, two scallops.- Heard.

Yes, Chef.

Let's go.

Eight minute out, y'all.

I'm a little worried
that Trev and Scotley

are still kind of going at it.

There's definitely a
little bit of a divide.

But we've got to keep
theteamwork going during service

and worry about that shit later.

All right.

About five minutes
out on that risotto.

Firing scallop.

Just make sure you
get a really nice sear.

Stop moving them around so much.

Let them color.

Jose, I haven't
even cooked anything.

And you're like,

Don't touch them.
It's hotter up there.

That's why he puts
them up there.

Come on, Trev.
- I hear you.

I hear you.
I hear you.

- Ready to go on scallops.- All right.

Walking risotto.

Make sure they're beautiful.

Make sure the other
side is seared, brother.


I don't need to hear any more.

Shush, shush, shush.


Thank you.

Fuck me.

Who's cooking the scallops?

Jose, come over here.

Coming, Chef.

Who's cooking these?

Got color one side.
- Me, Chef.

Blond the other side.

Make sure you haveenough oil in that pan, yo.

Where's your
clipboard now, Trevor?

Piping hot pan first.

- Piping hot pan.
- All right.

I'm going to take over.
I got this.

- I got it.
- I got it.

I got it.
I got it.

- I'm right here.
- I got it.

- I'm right here, man.
- I know you--

He just yelled at me to do it.

I'm going to do it.

I got it.

I'm going to flip
my lid pretty soon.

I swear to fucking god.

I'm cracking my neck,
and I'mrolling my shoulders, going,

I'm going to fucking
stab somebody.

He's putting them
all in one pan, bro.

I know.

I know you know.

I'm just saying,
you're not going

to kick me off my station.

Nobody is getting kickedoff the station, Trevor.

I know, but he
already threatened it.

No, the fuck you cannot.

You got to leave thatbullshit at the time clock

before service.

Scallops please.

Scallops coming.

Take this to the
pass for me please.

Come up.

Take them off.
Take them off.

Right there.
There you go.


Go, go, go, go.

Scallop up.

Look at the way
I get my fucking

scallops thrown in there.

Who is this fuck?


Hey, red team.

This is painful.

Who just gave me them?

It's only 15
minutes into service.


Hey, red team.

This is painful.

Who just gave me them?

And the fish station'ssecond attempt at scallops

has left Chef Ramsay asking--

Who cooked them?

I did, Chef.

Come on, Jose.

There you go, Chef.

There's your shit.

Sort it out.

This is a joke!

It's like we're going
backwards again.

It's not opening night!

Fuck off.

- Oh, shit.
- I'm on it.

I got it back.
It's me.

Enough is enough.

I want to get
through the service.

Right now with scallops, Chef.

Coming down.

Scallop up.

Please, please, please, please.

Very nice.

Service please.

You guys awake now, yes?

Yes, Chef.

Come on, guys.

With the red teamfinally
gaining some momentum--

Two beef, two
lamb is next, right?

Walking lamb first.

Walking beef.

Am I good?

Yes, it's up.

--The blue teamcontinues full speed ahead.

GORDON RAMSAY: Beautifully-cooked, Ariel.

Thank you, Chef.

Go please.

Much to the delight ofhalf
of the Beacher's Madhouse


Unfortunately, the
other half of the table

is being cooked in
the red kitchen.

Yeah, but you
guys eat, eat, eat.

Ooh, the shrimp is delicious.

Four covers, table 32--

entree-- two salmon,
two beef Wellington.

Yes, Chef.

On the two Wellingtons,
like, how long?

They're coming
out in one minute.

Jose, you don't need
to be put Wellingtons

in the oven for Scotley.

He's got fuck all
to do right now.

Check it out.
These are out now.

All right.So these are your first ones.

Yo, I'm going in this order.
All right?


Every time I pick up
myfucking head to look and see

what the hell's going on,
he's ditched me for a taller,

more svelte looking black man.

Hey, what the hell?

If you wanted to play witheach
other's meat that much,

just tell me before
fucking service.

Two salmon, two beef, yes?

Can I walk?

Come on.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Go, Scotley.


It's crisp, and it's fucking burned.

Hey, guys.

Yes, Chef.

Fucking skin is burned.

Why is the skin
so fucked on that?

Come on, fellas.

Hey, it's not even crisp.

It's just scorched.

Is there any oil in the pan?

Yes, Chef, there was.

Trevor, come on, yo.

- I'm taking over now, OK?- Fine.

Go ahead.

Trev has ridden this"Hell's Kitchen" bus before.

So the fact that he's
struggling worries me.

Check it out.

You see how I got
the skin, right?

- Yeah, I kissed it.
- Check it out.

Now watch-- six minutes inside.

That's it.
All you gotta do.

You know, I don't want
it to get to that point

where it's too late.

This group of five hada great service last time.

I've got no idea
what's going on.

I am lost for words!

Yes, Chef.

The salmon's fucked.

Chef, I need time
on the salmon, Chef.

The salmon is fucked.
- The salmon's brown.

The salmon's fucked, Chef.

The salmon's fucked.

Come on, y'all.


Yes, Chef.

Who's running the station?

This would be my friend Jose.

Have you met Jose,
who doesn'tknow how to cook salmon?

Don't you dare say we!

Oh, wait.

You have nothing to say?

Jose's running.

I'm backing him up
right now, Chef.

Watch your back.

Go ahead, down.

Just make sure
it's not raw again.

I know.

They're pissing in
the wind over there.

They're going nowhere, man.

I mean, you had some
raw fish too, so--

I-- give me some
fucking salmon.

It's already in.

There's nothing you
can do to fix it.

It's in the other, bro.

All right.

Two lamb, two halibut.

Keep the countdown coming.- Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

You have garnish
for halibut ready?

Yes, I can walk it it in two.

Walking in two.

Walking garnish in two.

There is such a good
synergy right now.

We're talking to each other.

It's like a whole
new world here.

This is like a real
kitchen right now.

I'm walking lamb, guys.

Walking halibut, garnish.


Walking halibut.

I haven't been in a
real kitchen for weeks

now because we keepflailing around like idiots.

So feels good.

It feels like I'm back to work.

It feels like I'm doing
whatI'm supposed to be doing.

Look at this.

Ariel, come here.

Yes, Chef.

Hey, red team, come here.

Hurry up.

Just look at that.


Thank you, Chef.


Fuck off, will you?


It's absolute
slap to the face.

It's like gettingcurbstomped or something.

Like, not even kicked
when you're down.

This is the final blow.


I'm dragging two
salmon, two Wellington.

How long?

Minute and a half, Chef.

Minute and a half, I'm ready.

We're behind, Scotley,
butI need you to bounce back now.

Yes, Chef.

This is breaking
the fuck apart, man.

How you looking
on Wellington?

Shit's just falling apart, yo.

Chef, my dough from the side
ofthe Wellington is pulling up,


The dough.

My pastry.

Bret, could you
show Scotley how

to slice a fucking Wellington?

Absolutely, Chef.

I don't get it.

What's the problem?

Let the knife do the work.

It's a serrated knife.

1, 2, 3, you're
through the Wellington.

It's glorious is
the word I'll use.

I'm begging, dying for a
twobeef Wellington, two salmon.

Come on, man.


I need proteins.

That's it.


Wellies right now.

Yo, let the knife
do the work, right?

Hey, red team, come here.

Wellington, beautifully-cooked.

except that's

from the fucking blue team.

God damn.

Look at the
fucking difference.

That's perfection on a plate.

That's undercooked,
and it'sjust sabotaged the side.

I've got no idea
what's going on.

I am lost for words!

It's one hour
into dinner service.

Hey, red team, come here.

Wellington, beautifully-cooked, except that's

from the blue team.

And Scotley'smangling of the Wellingtons

is another critical mistakein
a red kitchen that has been

riddled with errors all night.


I'm just trying to show
perfection on a plate.

That's undercooked,
and it'sjust sabotaged the side.

Look at the fucking difference.

Come on, guys.
- Let's go.

Do it again.


Jeez, I've got 1, 2, 3, 4,
5,6 tables left on their team.

The halibut.

Bon appetit.
- Run it.

Yes, no?

Yes, please.

Heard that.

Service please, John.

I'm down to my last
fucking table here now

with these girls.

Really good.

Ladies, all four
of you, well done.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.

Right now come here.

Yes, Chef.

What the fuck is going on?

Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Let me bring you some help.

Ladies, one on each station.

Right now.
Right now.

I'll help out with fish.

You want to work
fish-- get with him.

Dude, if over here,
then let me help you.

Don't get defensive.

It's not my fault
you're fucking up.

Two salmon, two beef.
Let's go.

Yes, Chef.

What do you need, Jose?
How can I help you?

Just a salmon.

This salmon is, like,
not fucking cooking.

Are we up on garnish
for two Wellingtons?

- Yes, up.
- All right.

Can you pull that?

I need that Wellington
to go to Chef Christina.

Coming out, salmon.

I got the sauce right here.

Just make sure that's
donein the middle this time.

Walking to the pass.

Let's try it again.

Chef, salmon.

Look at this.

That's still raw.

It's still raw.- You're fucking kidding me.

I can't.


Hey, men.

Hey, hey, hey.

And look-- hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.

- You were running.
- Hey!


The salmon is still fucking raw.

The salmon is still raw.

Put the ladle down.

You, stand up straight.

Red team, get out!

Oh my god.

He's kicking them out.

Get out!

Yo, my bad.

Red team is completely
ousted from the kitchen.

I'm done!

Yes, Chef.

Enough's enough.

Hold your heads
in fucking shame!

Hey, red team,
maybe youcan do one thing together.

Come up with two names
thatyou could do without to make

your team fucking shine.

- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.


Guys, get on this station.

Get settled in the station.

Make sure you have
everything you need.

Next is two lobster, two
halibut, two chicken.

Two lobster, two halibut, two chicken.

- All right.

I'm sending the chicken.

They got a big
mess to pick up here.

All right.

Halibut's ready.

Get them nice and hot.

I know it's hard.

Keep it going.


Hot, hot.

I apologize for
the long delay.

Oh my god.

This is so good.

Hey, ladies, well done.

You didn't just pick upthe slack of the red team.

You did 2/3 of their tables.

I got to go with Jose
andScotley or Trevor and Scotley.

I'm going Trev and Scotley.

One from meat, one from fish.

The first two salmon that
was supposed to go up--

Those are the ones
that were burned.

I mean, the first twosalmon, yeah, I cooked it.

But everything that
Josetouched on fucking fish tonight

came back raw.

Tonight Jose wanted
to be a me, me, me.

I know how to cook fish.
Me, me, me.

I want to be the lead now.Me, me, me.

I'm going to kick
you off your station.

You, you, you fucked
up big time, buddy.

Scotley, thoseWellingtons were fucked too.

There's no reason for me
toleave garnish in the middle

of service for beef.


Two of them was just miscut.

Your salmon was fucked up.

We pulled them outbecause you weren't ready.

No, that was not on me.

Those were pulled out
becauseof the Welly, and they set.

Get the fuck out of here.

No, that was not on me.

Trevor never wantsto take any responsibility

for anything.

He's, like, only trying
to cover his own ass.

They were paired
with the meat station.

- It got sent back, right?- Yeah, fine.

- No excuses, man.
- Fine.

All right.
I'm not.


Ladies, that was the
servicethat I've been waiting for.

Great job.
- Thank you, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

Red team, they fedmore red diners than you.

What the fuck is going on, Jose?

There's just like a badvibe
right now with the team.


Thank you.
So it's a bad vibe.

A terrible vibe.- So you don't like each other.

Some of us do not
like each other.

Speak up.

Feel like Trev is bringingthe team down, Chef.

I don't feel like that at all.

I'm running around, tryingto fill in any voids.

Running around with
his clipboard, Chef.

That's all he does.
- No, no.

A clipboard?

No, there needs
to be notes taken.

Yeah, running around
with a notepad, Chef.

- No, no.- That's what he does the best.

Hey, I wasn't
boiling fucking eggs

in the middle of a punishment.

Making yourself a snack.


Smoking on the fuckingdeck,
eating White Castles

while we're all cutting shit.

I cut more than you.

I don't give a shit
how much you cut.

It's a punishment.- OK, I cut way more than you.

What are you
doing making lunch?

And at
the end of the day,

I was running
circles around you.

You're making snacks!

I cut more than you.

I don't give a shit
how much you cut.

- OK, I cut way more than you.- It's a punishment.

What are doing making lunch?

And at
the end of the day,

I was running
circles around you?

You're making snacks!

That's the bad vibe thatyou see right there, Chef.

Bret, red team's first
nomination and why.

Scotley, Chef.
- Scotley.

You just witnessed
some of it right there.

And based on
tonight's performance

with the Wellingtons, horrible.

Red team's second
nomination and why.

That would be Trevor,
Chef, based on tonight's

performance on fish.

He broke down.

He wanted to take the lead.

We just didn't get
off to a good start.

And there was also athird consideration, Chef.

- Oh, jeez.
- Yup.

A third.
Go on.

Give it to me.

And that was Jose,
owningup to the horrible performance

on the fish station, Chef.


Yeah, I understand that.

Trevor, Scotley, and
Jose, step forward.

Scotley, why should
youstay over Jose and Trevor?

I'm not giving up.

I'm not bowing down.

I can man up to my mistakes.

I know that I could bounce back.

You put me back on
that station tomorrow--

I do it with perfection.

Jose, same question.

I'm ambitious.
I'm driven.

I'm here for the main
reasonto be the executive chef

of Hell's Kitchen.And I want to stay, Chef.

I'm here to continue
topush and continue to grow.

Trevor, what in the
fuck'sgoing on with a clipboard?

Clipboard, my ass.

It's a notebook.

Fucking hell.

I'm not a clipboard chef.

But you needed me to
find my voice last time.

I have my voice.

You need somebody to
bea leader for these teams.

I am.

My decision is Trev.

Back in line.

Yes, Chef.

Scotley, come here, young man.

You came in here
all guns blazing,

claimed to be the big bad wolf.

It started off bloody strong.

But tonight you were
like a lost lamb.

Yes, Chef.

Give me your jacket please.

Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.

Good night.

Good luck.

Bye, Scotley.

Trevor is a bitch.

He is the weakest link.

That red team is going tofall
apart now that I'm gone.

Trevor, baby girl, good luck.

You four, that was a disaster.

Get a grip.

Yes, Chef.

Fuck off.

I felt personally
embarrassed today

in the kitchen.

So it was time to become
that monster I feel

like that I was in season 14.

Y'all ain't going to
like it, but it's going

to get us through
thesemotherfucking dinner services.

The red team is completely
breaking down right now.

They're so consumed right nowby
their own hate for each other

that they're just
not coming together.

They're not getting it.

There's no
room for Scotley's

negativity in this
competitionor this industry at all


I've been busting my ass
trying to be a leader

on my team for Christ's sake.

I want this fucking
job more than anything.

GORDON RAMSAY: I really hoped

that Scotley would
be the big, bad wolf

in my restaurant in Las Vegas.

But after his
performance tonight,

I could not let him in,
notby the hair on my chinny chin,


Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen"--

You can't taste either.

Balls on this bitch, man.

--After teasingfrom the women goes too far--


--Will moretaunts from his own team--

Trevor just fucked it all up.

Trevor over the edge?

I'm sick of it.

I really am.

And on a
special charity night--

Keep up the good work.

- Thank you.
- Good to see you.

Thank you.

--Will one teamserve up something so foul--

It's so tough.

Oh my gosh.

Ladies, standards!

Oh, no, no.


It looks like a giant scab.

--It shuts Hell'sKitchen down for good.

This is terrible.

It's all next weekon an alarming episode--

Oh my god.

--Of "Hell's Kitchen."