Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 11 - Devilish Desserts - full transcript

The competition heats up with only seven chefs left in the competition. During the challenge, guest judge and renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Valerie Gordon cracks down hard on both teams' take on dessert. The dinner service ...

on "Hell's Kitchen"--

Chef Ramsay
put an Italian spin

on his signature blind
taste test challenge.


Challenging the chefs'palates
using gelato infused

with different ingredients.

Let's startoff with something easy--


On the red
team, Trevor couldn't

identify a single flavor.






Which had
consequences for Jose.


This isn't going to define me.

But damned if I'm
not disappointed.

Despite the men'sbest
efforts to make up ground--

- Coconut.
- Coconut, chef.

Sriracha, chef?


The women
kept their lead.



Black pepper.

Well done.- Yes.

Peanut butter.


And thanks to rookieMia's perfect 4 out of 4--

Challenge master.

They ran awaywith another clear victory.

We won again.

the women indulged

in an afternoon of pampering--

It feels so good
to keep on winning.

Trevor spent theafternoon beating himself up.

I've got to have the palate.

And I just shat the fucking bed.

At a specialcharity night dinner service.


flared between rookie

Kanae and veteran Heather.

This needs to
be plated better.

Tell me that then.

I did tell you that.

But the blue
team still served up

a smooth service to
their VIP guests.

The red team hitan early groove that gave

Trevor a much-needed boost.


Best-executed course so far.

Up and out.

But it all
came crashing to a halt.

Oh my gosh.

Mine is completely raw.

Oh, fucking hell.

When Jose
sent out raw veal.


No, no, no, no, no.

The red
team clearly lost.

And nominated--
- Jose.


Me, chef.

I got more fight in
me than anybody here.

Chef Ramsay eliminated--


Ending his dreamsof
becoming the executive chef

at Gordon Ramsay'sHell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Now, the continuation
of "Hell's Kitchen."

Piss off.

Yes, chef.

You know, for Trevor to saythat
he's the most determined

guy here, that's nonsense.

I should have just took
that station over, dog.

I bleed determination.

You definitely don't
got the most drive.

We all got that drive, homie.

Trev's about the
glory right now,

and not necessarily the team.

Obviously, Chef Ramsay
thinksthat you're better than Jose.

So you know, there must
be a reason for that.

I have a feeling thatBrett
wanted me gone tonight.


But I don't give up.

Because that's the
ultimateinsult to Gordon Ramsay.

Honestly, bro, I feel likeafter today's challenge,

you was crumbling with
theshaky hands and mad nervous.

But moving forward, yo,
got to be on one page, bro.

No more of this he say, she say,
pointing fingers and all that,



Silence is golden.

I feel like Trevor will
eventually take himself

out of this competition.

Motto, you know, he's
a good cook and all,

but I don't think
he has what it takes

to make it to that next level.

And I feel like I do.

Silence is golden.

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Good morning, Hell's Kitchen.

How are you today?

Oh, I'm fine.

Thanks for asking.

Oh, shit.

Let me tell you.

The roads are backed
upfrom here to Santa Monica.

And it doesn't really matter,
because we won't be getting

outside anytime soon today.

So I hear the weather isshitty,
but again, we wouldn't

know anything about that.

So back to you at HK station.

Trev, how you
doing this morning?

This sucks.

Good morning.
This is Trevor.

Good morning, Trevor.

I need all of you downstairsimmediately, please.

Thank you.
- Yes, chef.

Come on.


What the fuck, man?

Yeah, I don't know
what's going on.

As you
can see, Hell's Kitchen

has yet again frozen over.

Uh, yeah.
No, thanks.

I don't do ice skating.

Or ice dancing, or ice anything.

I live in South Florida.

Of all
the Olympic sports,

ice dancing is truly
the most romantic.

Ice dancing is real sensual.

Motto, do
you ever get romantic?

I try to at least once a day.

Once a day.

That's what I'm
talking about, Motto.

OK, good.

Similar to ice dancing,
in the culinary world,

there's nothing
more romantic than--

Dessert, chef?


They pulled out a cupcake.

Yeah, I mean, that's
pretty romantic.

You want that treat, thatexcitement at the end.

Great to see you.Gorgeous sequence.

Thank you.

Dessert takes a
little bit of finesse.

You know what I mean?

It puts you in the mood
forthe after-dinner get down.

For today's
challenge, each of you

will be creating onespectacular,
delicious dessert.

Your 60 minutes starts now.

Let's go.

- Time to make the donuts?- Yeah.

Time to make the doughnuts.- OK.

Let's do it.

Taking one of my
favoritedesserts, bread pudding,

and putting a little spin on it.

The best part of wakingup is cognac in your cup.

Brett, what are you doing?

I'm doing a white
chocolateorange zest cognac arancini.

A play on Italian creamy.


Because you can't do
spaghetti in a dessert.

Oh, again, with the Italian.

Who the fuck are
you, Rocky Balboa?

Let's, like, shake
it up a little bit.

I mean, even he went onand
did "The Expendables."

Because you can't
make spaghetti dessert.

Finger foods, to me, are sexy.

You know, when you
canfeed the person, you know,

that you're in love with.

You get to licking the
fingers and whatnot.

We know what can
come after that.

What are you making, Kanae?

I'm making Luxardo
cherry tiramisu.

But I'm going to do a
deconstructed version.

I want to make everythingfrom scratch right now.

I want to show Chef
Ramsay that I am

really good at making desserts.


Avocado mousse is done.

I got my meringue working.

Everything in my dish
todayis actually a superfood.

The goji berries.

Not only does it taste
good and decadent,

but it really is good for you.

I'd order that.


I think Trev might be
gettinga little overconfident.

That's rich.

go, let's go, let's go.

Bread pudding is the
mostsought-after comfort food.

I put the whiskey in.

I just want to know if
I should go more or not.

It's not hot.

The whiskey is
like, so potent.

You might want to cookthat out just a little bit.

I think Heather right
now is a little tipsy.


What, what'swrong with the??

- It crumbled, chef.
- It crumbled?

All right.
That's fine.

No worry, no worry.

If you screw upsomething that you baked,

it's not that easy to fix.


The way I'm going to
salvage this plating

is by deconstructing it.

60 seconds to go.Come on.

Let's go.

The fastest hour ever.

Everyone's got their
plates organized, yeah?

Yes, chef.

30 seconds to go.


Let's go.

Trev, you good.


9, 8, young lady--

You got it, Ariel.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

And stop.

Blue team.

You have one more chef
onyour team than the red team.

This is a three on
three competition.

So ladies, turn around,
cometo consensus on which one

you're going to drop.

Hurry up.

Speak it out.

Based on presentation,
I would say yours.

I tasted it.

I think it's going to
be sweet on top of sweet

on top of sweet.

I feel like thebrittle's a little clunky.

So basically, mine's out.



I'm not happy about that.

Heather looks really
pissed right now.

But I don't care.

Because I personally
tasted Heather's dish.

And I don't like it.


Was it a tough decision?

Apparently not, chef,
for the other three.

We're dropping
the bread pudding?


sounded delicious.

Thank you, chef.
I know it did.

Karma's a bitch, ladies.

And you better hope
it doesn't come

back to bite you in the ass.

this test, I've

brought in one of the top,
award-winning chocolatiers

in the country.

She owns two incredibly
popular cafes.

Please welcome Chef
Valerie Gordon.

Valerie Gordon, man.

She's bad ass.

She's the creme de la
creme of chocolatiers.

- So nice to see you.
- How are you?

So I hope we got
some good desserts.

First up, let's
start with Kanae.

Let's go.

In today's
dessert challenge,

Chef Ramsay and guest
judge Valerie Gordon

will both score the dishesindividually from 1 to 5.

The team with the most
pointswill win the challenge.

Here I have a deconstructedLuxardo tiramisu.

I made my chocolate
ladyfingers with a cherry glaze

on the bottom.

Yeah, presentation--
not the best for me.

It feels unfinished.


But let's taste, yeah?

Cherry is one of the
most challenging fruits

to work with.

You can either get that
gorgeous sweetness,

or it can taste
like cough syrup.

I'm getting a note
of cough syrup.

When you startdeconstructing something,

you need to come back with
itbetter than it was constructed.


And so it'snot hitting those marks.

Nowhere near it.

So I'm giving it 1 lady finger.

I'm going 2.

Chef Valerie is not
holding back anything.


Motto, describe yourdessert for Chef, please.


I'm a big fan of the
outdoors and camping.

One of my favorite things to
doout there is build a campfire

and then do some S'Mores
atthe end of the night, you know.

So what I have here is a
campfire bread pudding.

Very moist inside.

It is very moist.

I think it's a great concept.

It looks really good.

And it's something that
definitely strikes a lot

of emotional chords for people.

The milk chocolate getsa little bit lost for me.

I really would have taken
a bittersweet chocolate,

so you get a little morecomplexity in the flavor.

There's something
very lovely about it.

I'm going to say 3.

concept though.

Thank you.

You've energized
the challenge.

It was great.

Four me it's a 4.

Thank you, chef.

A seven's a great
score to start off.

You know, it got us
off the gate strong.

So I have a deconstructed--

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Deconstructed here.

What is going on?

Chef, I tried to go
for the whole tart.

But it crumbled.

So I had to improvise.

It's a roasted apple
and mascarpone tart.


Let's see what we get here.

Dig in.

The ginger is a little
aggressive for me.

I want a stronger note
ofcaramel to play with that.

Or else it just gets muddy.

And I would say that that'smy
description of this dish,

is muddy.

So I go 2 on that.
- 2.

I'm going to be generous
and give it a 2 as well.

Thank you, Mia.
- Mmhm.

Stick with it, hon.

Sorry, Mia.

Welcome to the real
world where you're

not a perfect little princess.

Next up,
the Italian stallion.

- Brett.

Let's go, please.

Get them, Brett.

Come on, killer.

I wanted to do a play onan Italian rice pudding,

if you would.

So I've prepared a
whitechocolate and vanilla arancini.

And these little
cuties are fried?

They are.

These are little fried balls?

Chef, how's that?


Oh, no.

Chef, how's that?


Oh, no.

Al dente.

Oh, jeez.


It is really al dente.

In today's dessertchallenge, season 14 veteran

Brett's Italian arancini
ballshave left guest judge Valerie

Gordon extremely underwhelmed.

Beyond undercooked.

Just not really cooked.

Have a taste.

Did you taste it?
As you were making it?

I did, a thousand times, yeah.


Oh, dear.

No, you don't want
to finish that.

I like the concept.

I think the concept
was interesting.

But the idea might be great.

The experience might not be.

That's a 1.

There's nothing
about that dish that

came together successfully.

It's a 1 for me as well.


Chef Valerie justannihilated Brett's balls.

So sorry.

I fucked up, man.

I'm so sorry, dog.

It's all right.

The Italian stallion over here.

You just served raw
balls to two chefs.

Somebody give Valerie a five.

Ariel, let's go, please.

I am like, completely
stressing out

about getting my dish judged.

I have a Thai lime
and beet tart.

There's a lot there.


That's yummy.

That tastes really, really good.

I don't think of beets anddessert,
but that's delicious.

There's something
very smart about this.

This is a 4.

Thank you, chef.

I would love to
have seen 25% less.

Because it gets a
little bit long-winded.


It's a 3 for me.

Thank you.

Thank you, chefs.

All right.

Now I can only pray thatTrevor
got a banging-ass dish.

Come on, Trevor.

All right.

We could do this.

All I need to get is a 30r higher from both judges

and we're in like Flynn.

I've made this dessert
a bunch of times.

Everybody loves it.

I'm thinking, all
right, let's go

up there and give her a kiss.

These are avocado kisses.

This is actually my
take on superfood.

I really dislike this dish.

I have to say.

I really dislike this.

This is everything
that I dislike

about healthful eating
gettingintegrated with dessert.

It's incredibly soggy.

Like, am I dreaming this?

Because this is like one ofmy
nightmares, where I think

that I make something
amazing, and then

they just tear it to
shreds and tell me

I'm fucking horrible at my job.

It tastes like a bush.

I want to forget this.

should be a treat.


Not a health kick.

So I go 1.

1, yeah.

I agree.
Thank you.

Blue team.


We most definitely dodgeda
bullet on this challenge.

Thank God the guys were
worse than we were.


All of
you join me in thanking

this incredible artist.

Thank you, chef.

Thank you so much.
Such a pleasure.

Good to see you, darling.

Great feedback and
great comments.

Good luck guys.
Take care.

Thank you, chef.

Thank you very much.


Because here is $2,000
andI am sending all of you

on a shopping spree at one
ofmy favorite high-end culinary

stores, Sur La Table.

Ladies, say goodbye
to the three wise men.

- Bye guys.
- Bye.

This one almost doesn't
even feel like a win.

Somehow my little
seven saved the day.

Yo, she is intense.

That was nerve-wracking.


Whilst the ladies areshopping at Sur La Table,

you'll be here
chopping and chipping.

Because it is ice deliveryday
here in Hell's Kitchen.

And you know, Motto,
whenyou're making the most amazing

cocktail and you've got
a handcrafted ice cube,

how good does that
cocktail taste?

That much better, chef.

So we've got 600
pounds of ice coming.

Got it?

Yes, chef.

Off you go.

How many times have I
said that to you, Trev?

Every time except once.

Oh, man.

It's getting a little old.


I really thought
Trev and Brett,

they were going toperform better than that.

You know, I come out
everyday with a positive attitude,

a clear mind, ready to bust ass.

I'm feeling pretty beat down.

You guys again?

Happy to see you too, man.


So did you ever do this before?

The breaking of the ice blocks?



So you grab the saw,
go allthe way around the block,

in order to get the perfectthree
square, the ice cubes.

We literally have hand saws.

And we have to saw and
chisel through hundreds

and hundreds of pounds
of ice to make fucking

2 inch by 2 inch ice cubes.

This sucks.

Don't try to pick that
up by yourself, man.

I've done it before, so.

Trevor said he knew
what he was doing.

So, knock yourself out, man.

I guess me and Brett
are going to figure

it out on the other one.




Chef, you get out
of the kitchen too?

Blue team.


Let's have some lunch.

This is our first
time hanging out

with Jocky outside the kitchen.

So I'm looking
forward to getting

to know him as a human being.

Cause usually we're
terrified of him.

What's for dessert?

That's the question.

I hope it's not theavocado and goji berries.

I got so nervous.

I have not been that
nervous in years.

And I was just like--

And I'm just sitting thereand I'm like, hmm, ..

I'm a little pissed off
still about the whole,

oh, well, your
dish looks clunky.

I think this will be sweet
ontop of sweet on top of sweet.

I feel like the brittle
is a little clunky.

It sucks to be disregarded.

I can't stand the
fakeness anymore.

So I'm going to get
throughdinner service as a team.

And then it's every
man for themselves.

Like homey.

Oh, oh, oh.

I present to you, the firstcube of the afternoon.

One cube.

That's about how many
pointsyou got for that dessert.

Ouch, Motto, ouch.

Hey, man.

I don't give a shit.

One opinion, that's
all that was.

Yo, the one opinion islike, one of the illest pastry

chefs in the country, man.

Her opinion is the world, dude.

That's all right.

I know it was good.

I'm not going to
let it get me down.

I lost mad respect
for Trevor today.

Trevor's like, oh,
it's just her opinion.

Valerie Gordon, man.

Yo, she is a creme de lacreme
pastry chef chocolatier.

Her opinion means,
obviously, a whole lot.

They don't like me.

They just want me out of here.

And I can give two shits.

I'm looking at the black jacket.

And one more person
has got to go home.

Then I don't have to deal
withanybody on a fucking team.

And that's my goal right now.

I just don't give
a fuck anymore.

The men
are in the midst

of their fifth
straight punishment.

And Trevor is beginning
tocrack under the pressure.

I think Trev's cracking
morethan the ice is at this point.

We're having more
success tapping the saw.


We're not bonding at all.

Those two want to
see me fucking gone.

Why do you think two of
themwent on one chunk of ice,

and I was left out by
myself on the other?

Oh, man.

It's good to have
a sense of humor

when the ice chips are down.

Shopping spree.


Walking into Sur La Table
islike a kid in a candy store.

I don't know which
direction to go.

I don't know which wayis up, which way is down.

I'm just so excited right now.

Thank you, Chef Ramsay.

This is like, so
overwhelming right now.


And how much is this one?


I have $500 to do
with what I want.

I've never had that
feeling before.

Kanae, when you
saw the aprons,

did you see any for like, kids?


Of course, like, you know,
shopping sprees should be cool.

It should be,
like, all about me.

But it's not.

I'm a mom.


It's so cute.

I know.

All I think about is Logan.

And you know,
getting backinto the kitchen with him,

and just spending every ounce
offree time that I have with him.

Oh, there you go.

Mommy and me spatulas.

The women are back
inHell's Kitchen from their day

out shopping.

Set up fish.

And both
teams are busy prepping

for tonight's dinner service.

Kanae, I got dijon for you.

Heather, we got tostay communicating the whole

night, OK?
Me and you, baby.

Oh, I know.

I'm happy to help
you guys as you need.

- When you have a minute--- Yeah.

I'd like a word, if I could.

Yeah, of course.

I've been on the losingteam since I've been here.

I'm betting you right
nowthat the peeps on my team

think that I'm the weak link.

I just want to say,
win lose or draw,

whatever I got to doafter I get out of this--


To get on board--

I will start in the dish
pit and work my way up.


All I wanted to do
is work for this man.

I mean, I don't
understand why you

don't use that leadership
duringprep and during dinner service.

They don't want to listen.

I don't know if it's
them not listening.

They won't, they won't.

Motto and Brett
won't listen to you.

No, not at all.

I don't know what Trevoris in there talking about.

Trevor just wants to
be like the Lone Ranger.

Like, hey, Chef Christine.

I need a minute on some
secretshit before dinner service.

I don't know what the
fuck Trevor is doing.

Me and Motto are
the two real world

fucking warriors on this team.

He needs to
watch his pancetta.

The three of you rowing
theboat in different directions

is not working.

We're not getting anywhere.- We're not at all.

Don't think that you won't getmy
support or Gordon's support

if you step up.
- No, I know.

As far as the job inVegas, win the competition.


And if you don't,
then we can worry

about pushing that door open.-.

- OK?

- Got it.
- OK.

Good luck, man.
- Thank you.

All right.

Not to sound like that dick,
but let's pick up the pace

a little bit.
We're behind.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ariel, is the oven back on?

Just in case Jocky getsaccused of sabotaging you.

Let's go.
Wakey, wakey.

- Let's get it.
- Everybody ready?

- Yeah.
- Marino.

- Si, chef.- Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.
- It shall be done.

Hell's Kitchen ishopping as tables quickly

fill with hungry guests.

Welcome to hell.

Thank you.

Including actorRandall Park and NFL star

Malcolm Smith, and
their guests, who

will dine tonight at theexclusive VIP chef's tables.


This is pretty cool.

We're going to do
the beef wellington.

- The Wellington?
- Yeah.

OK, ladies.

Listen up.
Here we go.

We're not going backwards.We're
going forward, right?

Yes, chef.

Two carbonaro, two risotto.

Yes, chef.

Two carbonaro, two risotto.

Seven out.

You've got to
taste everything.

Yes, chef.

Taste, please.

The only issue that
I'm having on hot apps

is that I have to
pick up risotto.

Risotto's something that
you have to taste often.

A little more salt. Andyou've got to bring it down.

It's too watery.

Yes, yes.

And I have a shellfish allergy.

This is a seafood risotto.

So I can't taste it.

I'm bringing down the butter,
but let me know the taste.

Let's go.

I understand having
a food allergy.

However, you're a chef.

You need to be able to cook
theshit that you're allergic to.

The tiniest bit moresalt. Not too much though.

It doesn't make
sense for someone who

can't taste it to even make it.

You don't want two people
goingback and forth from a pan.

And I'm getting a
little bit frustrated.

Ariel, why don't
you do the risotto?

She does the carbonaro.
- I can do that, chef.

the best way around, no?

- Yep.
- I'm a perfectionist.

I usually feel like I can doit
better than somebody else.

So it's hard for
me to ask for help.

Two risotto, yes?


Let's go.

Very nice, Ariel.

Thank you, chef.

Thanks toAriel's veteran guidance,

the blue team is nowsending out appetizers just

as quickly as the red team.

Oh, that looks great.
How is it?

Really good.

And both kitchens areready
to move on to entrees.

On order, here we go.

Three halibut, one beef.

Yes, chef.

Let's go.

I'm pulling welly in 3.

I'm glad that I'm on meats.

Brett's on fish.

You know, we got
Motto on garnish.

Halibut, how long?

2 and 1/2.

2 and 1/2, can I slice welly?

This kitchen is flat right now.

It's like being in a library.

It's like, shh.

Two minutes, New Yorks.

I don't know what the hellis
the deal with these two.

I don't.

God forbid you answer
fucking chef back.

Come the fuck on.

Can I slice welly?

- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Send garnish first.
- Garnish.

Walking right now.- He's going, he's going.

Let's go.
Come on, guys.

Walking halibuts
in 15 seconds.

Wellington, where is it?

Sauce for the halibut?

In my hand, chef.

Wellington, where is it?

Wellington's right here.

Come on, guys.

Yes, chef.

Yes, chef.

Wellington, chef.

Coming down.

Oh, fucking hell.

The wellington's raw.

Come on, guys.

Yeah, you just--

- Yes, chef.

Does that--does that look like--


it back in the oven.

- Yes, chef.- Where's the tester gone?

Up front, chef.

There's a reason
Trev's fucking cooking

on that cruise ship by himself.

Look at that.

The test is better
than the real one.

Get that in the
oven for one minute.

I'll serve that.
- Yes, chef.


Red team, I'm missing
coordination here.

I'm driving the tickets.
I'm picking up.

Yes chef.

I'm counting down.

And nobody's getting theirhead out of the sand.

- Yes, chef.
- Hey.

Time to get a grip.

It's 45 minutesinto dinner service.

The Wellington's raw.

Trevor's undercooked

Beef Wellington has brought
thered kitchen to a standstill.

- Get it back in the oven.- Yes, chef.

Where's the tester gone?

Up front, chef.

You fucked up.

It was fucking raw, man.

test is better.

Get that in the
oven for one minute.

I'll serve that.

Yes, chef.

Chef rides my ass constantly.

Like, if I was chef, rightnow is the perfect time

to push Trev to
his breaking point,

to see how far he can be
pushedbefore he either loses it,

or he rises to the occasion.

- Hey, come here, you.
- Yes, chef.

Please start thinking
for me a little bit.

Yes, chef.

The one you test is
betterthan the one you cooked.

Than the one I had, yep.

The one you gave me
wasfucking red in the middle.


And the one that was
test is much better.

But you need to step up now.

Yes, chef.

Service, please.

You're in love.

I'm in love.

I need the momentum now.

I've got momentum
on the appetizers.

I need momentum on the entrees.- Heard, chef.

Start off, two New York
strip, two salmon, yes?

Yes, chef.

Guys, how long?

Keep talking to me.
How long?

Give me four minutes.

Four minutes, heard.

I feel really good.

I'm amped.

I'm pumped.

But these strip steaks
are thick as hell.

So a little more difficult.

Guys, I'm walking salmongarnish
and New York garnish.

- Heard.
- Let's go.

Let's push.

Two New York.

I'm ready to go.

Give me 30 seconds.

Chef, right behind you.

It's all fucking overcooked.

Come on, really?

Yeah, really.
Come here.

I don't know what
the fuck it is.

All of you, come here.

Oh, my God.

We cannot get kicked out
of the kitchen tonight.

This cannot happen.

And look.

I've got white meat.


But why?
- You shouldn't, chef.

Help me.

Help me.

- Did you see the steak?

It was--
- It was bad?

It was bad?

You shouldn't chef.
I'm overcooking it.

I apologize.

But while we wait,
is it the fish?

Is it the meat?

What is it?

Hell, no.

It's not because of the fish.

Heather just
overcooked the steak.

Don't blame it on me.

I basted too long, chef.I apologize.

Do we have two more behind it?
HEATHER: Yes, I do.

All right.

Get two more on right away.

Here you go.

I never fuck up proteins.

I've been nailing filets
on every challenge.

Two halibut, two lamb.

Yes, chef.
30 seconds, halibut.

30 seconds, heard.

Followed by a minute
by the lamb, correct?


You ready?

You got lamb garnish?

Yeah, lamb garnish is up.

Lamb and halibut--

Where's the crust?


- The crust.
- Shit.


Shit, shit, shit.

Two seconds.

I haven't made this lamb.

At all.

Not one time.

A million things are
going on right now.

I forgot to put on the crust.

Yo, get it right inthe convention, ASAP dude.

I am.
I am.

- Come on, Trevor.
- I am.

I am.
- Come on, baby.

Come on.
- A minute 30.

Motto just popped it.

Trevor didn't put the
crust on the lamb.

He made him go back
and put the crust on.


Why are you doing this to me?

Come here.

All of you, come here.


Look what I'm just
being given now.

Your pan's filthy fucking dirty.

And just look at this shitthat you're sending me.

Yes, chef.

- I'm not going to send it.- Yes, chef.

Wake up, all three of you.

Yes, chef.

Yes chef.

Refiring halibut.

We're just going
nowhere fast right now.

How can you forgetthere's a crust on the lamb?

I haven't done one yet.

I haven't.

I never cooked lamb,
so I forgot the crust.

Just say, I forgot the crust.

My bad, chef.

It won't happen again.

Not, oh, I never worked
the lamb station before.


It's your job to
know what it is.

It is, chef.
You're right about that.

Right now, I've got
three individual cooks

and there's no team spirit.

Yes, chef.

As Brett and
Trevor try to bounce

back in the red kitchen--

Double check that for me.

Over in
the blue kitchen,

Heather is hoping to
redeemherself on the meat station.

I think it's under.

How long for a refired strip?

The refire, chef,
give me one minute.

I'm very shocked that
Heather is struggling

right now on this meat station.

She was a runner-up.

And she's a veteran.

Are you ready with the refire?- Yes.

I'm walking in 30 seconds.

All right.

I'm walking garnish again.

In the real world,
you would not get

away with just burning
orovercooking food every night.

You'd get fired for this.

Behind you.

Better, chef?

- It's fine.
- OK.

Let it rest.- Right.

But I didn't have
time to rest those.

I wanted to refire
and give them to you.


Just like when your
parents are disappointed

and you apologize,
but youstill feel a disappointment

in their eyes--

it's like the
worst feeling ever.

Service, please.

seems to have steered

the meat station back on track.

Halibut, ready to go.

I'm ready to go on lamb.

While over
in the red kitchen,

the men are desperately
hoping to do the same.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

Lamb right now.

The fucking lamb's overcooked.

Hey, come here.

Christina, get in here.
- Chef, go ahead.

You get in here.
Come here.

They're going to
the back of the back.

Somebody's going to
shed a tear back there.

Close the fucking door.

What in the fuck is going on?

What's happening?

We haven't found our stride.

I know, chef.

We're not pushing each other.

We're sending crap.

And then this here--

that's the biggest
fucking insult.

There is the fucking lamb.

Fuck off.

It's an hour anda half into dinner service.

What's happening?

We're sending crap.

And a series
of careless mistakes

has Chef Ramsay
thoroughly frustrated.

That's the biggest
fucking insult.

There is the fucking lamb.

Fuck off.

What's happened?

I'm trying to
communicate, chef.

I'm calling out everything.-

Not at all.

No, chef.

It's fucking pathetic.

You guys better fuckingpull it together right now.

serve one cutlet

of fucking lamb for that table.

Yes, chef.

Come on, Trev.

Trevor, he don't want to
takeresponsibility for nothing.

Yo, I'm about to get
realfucking mad in real life, yo.

Hold on, please.

Bounce back.

Come on, guys.

Awaiting fire, four
covers, chef table.

Ladies, yes?

- Yes, chef.
- Yes, chef.

One salmon, two halibut, one New York strip.

Let's go.
- Yes, chef.

Kanae, three minutes.

Salmon, yeah?

I-- I need five
minutes, please.

Kanae's trying to break
openalmost every piece of fish

with a spoon.

I'm sorry, but if you
can't feel a protein

and know that it's done, you shouldn't be cooking.


Yes, chef?

Explain to the chef tablehow long for the salmon.

Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

Your salmon will be right out.

Give me two minutes, OK?
- OK.

Appreciate it.

Thank you.


Oh, that looks great.

It's OK.

You can have some of mine.

Want some?
- All right.

How long on that salmon?
He's going to come back and ask.

30 seconds out.



Oh, there it is.


Oh, man.GORDON RAMSAY: This is raw.

- Is it raw?
- Yeah, yeah.

There you can all you want.

This is raw.
- Yes, chef.

- All right, leave me alone.- Heard.

Leave me fucking alone.



Prepared by Chef Ramsay, right?


Oh, lord.

At this point, I'm
just like, get that--

get the salmon out of my face.

I don't-- I don't want it.

I don't want it.

Oh, Kanae.

Yes, chef.

It's extremely embarrassing.

Go, Jocky.

I'm praying that
he's not in the mood

to kick us out of the kitchen.

- Oh, thank you so much.
- I'm sorry about that.

- Yay.
- Now it's here.

And it looks so great.
- Yay.

Great job.

It looks beautiful.

How long?

Salmon welly, how long?

- 90 seconds.
- 90 seconds.

Slicing welly.

Garnish is going
to be up in 60.

This is chef's table.


Any interest?

Walking right now, chef.

Any passion?- Yes, chef.

Yes, chef.

doesn't get any bigger

inspiration than that.
- No, chef.

How long?

Walking, ready.


Oh, my God.

The salmon's raw.

Here comes the welly
over your left shoulder.

She's pregnant.


Come here, you.

Come here.

Oh, it fell apart.

Worse than that.

The lady is pregnant.

The salmon is ice cold.
- Heard.

I'll get it back in chef--- No, no.

Come in here.
You three, come here.

Hey, come here.
Come here.


Get in.

An MVP player.

His wife is five
months pregnant.

I get a hacked, chewed
up piece of fucking

shit of a Wellington.

And a raw salmon.

I'm fucking done.

Get out.
- Yes, chef.



All of you.

Decide on one person
who should leave.

And fuck off.

There's two lamb
in the oven, chef.

Fuck off.

I'm pissed.

Raw fucking salmon and
fuckinghalibut's fucked me tonight.

What more could I have
done, honestly, dude?


Not a damn thing.

You did-- you were runningall over the place.

There's no communication frommy
other two fucking teammates

at all tonight.

It's like, they were
just waiting for me

to fucking go down in flames.

I know who my pick is.

I feel like Trevor deservesto
go home at this point.

I feel like he's been
crumbling mentally.

And to be executive chef,
you've got to be able to cook.

But you've got to havethat mental discipline too.

Motto did everything he could.

Me and
Trevor, I say Trevor.

The lambs and Wellingtons.

Well, I mean, I'm
going to say you,

because the whole
reason that lamb was--

it was dragging the fish.

And everything else
just got backed up.

That was one lamb.

That had nothing to
do with the crust.

I know.

But I'm not going to put
myself up there, man.

Bret's the one that
served a pregnant woman

raw fucking salmon.

What do you think?

You-- you had issues
withevery-- every protein tonight.

You saw my fucking
resting racks, man.

They were just fucking
loaded with meat.

It started with that
fucking halibut,

and everything got backed up.

Trev and Bret both held
back the team the most.

And both of those guysdeserve to be going home.

I'm sorry I let
y'all down tonight.

I'll make it up.

I feel like I should gohome tonight ..

I love y'all, everything, ..

It's a 50-50 chance that
I can go home right now.

You know, I can't flatline.

This food shit is all I got.

Tonight I sawthings I couldn't believe.

I am in shock.

Let me put it this way.

A pregnant lady being
served raw fish.

It was embarrassing, chef.

Come on, Motto.

What's happening in there?

There was no communicationback and forth.

Why, though?- I don't know.

When I asked for an answer,
I was fighting for a heard.

I'm getting no feedback from
myother two peeps in the kitchen.

So they shut down.

Yes, chef.
- No, chef.

- Why?
- I don't know.

- Absolutely not, chef.
- Not at all.


No, I did not shut down.

I kept moving.

I kept going, kept tryingto pick my team up.

You kept moving, but you didn't communicate.

I got buried.

Did I fuck up a
couple of tickets?


Were they being dragged by fish?


The fish station fucked me.

I got buried.

Did I fuck up a
couple of tickets?


Were they being dragged by fish?


The fish station fucked me.

And the service continues.

That, ladies, is what
I've just witnessed

over the last two hours.

Fragmented beyond belief.

And no cohesiveness as a team.

Did you think you had
agood service tonight, Bret?

It was subpar, chef.

Are you the weakest
chefright now on the red team?

No, chef.GORDON RAMSAY: You're not.

- Who is?

I believe Trevor, chef.
Shaky, I--

believe Trevor.


I thought he brokedown a couple of days ago.

At least I'm not
a one trick pony.

does that mean?

All I see
out of Bret so far

has been nothing but Italian.


Bret, step forward.

Bret, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

Chef, I give you everythingI have every day, chef.

I cook my heart out.

This is the lifestyle for me.

It's food.

It's all I have.

And I feel like every day,I'm better here, chef.

Every day you're
getting better,

and that was your
worst performance.

How does that match?

I had a subpar
performance tonight.

Everything else I've been--

I had undercooked fish, chef.

Why was that?

No excuses.


Yes, chef.

What's happened to you?

Nothing's happened to me.

happened to you.

I got backed--

- The team have given up on you.- Yes, they have.

Why?- But we've seen this before.

I have no idea.

Because nobody likes
the guy that stands up.

I don't give up.

You know this.

You see my fight everyfucking day that I'm here.

Always, from the
beginning to the end.

This isn't a lifestyle for me.

This is my life.

I would do anything
for this job.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen is--


Listen carefully.

Yes, chef.

This is your
third time up here.

Yes, it is.

And the downward spiralover
the last three services

indicates to me that
you are not ready to be

my head chef in Las Vegas.

Give me your jacket.

Yes, chef.

Thank you.- Thank you.

- I wish you the best of luck.- Always.

Thank you.

I don't understand.

I think Bret should
be going home, not me.

The guy definitely doesn'thave
as much passion as I do.

And neither does Motto.

Those guys didn't
give up anything.

They have a lifestyle.

And I don't have a lifestyle.

I just gave up my life
to come back here again.

You know, I really know
that I can do this.

And I don't want to
doanything else with my life, so.

I'm just going to keep pushing.


Yes, chef.

I've given you a lifeline.

But I want to see a
lot more from you.

Back in line.
- Yes, chef.

Thank you, chef.

Only two members
left in the red team.

Ladies, which one of you
will emerge as a leader

and jump in to the red team?

Because right now,
they need one.


Yes, chef.

Now piss off.

Yes, chef.

I want to emerge as a leader.

And I feel like I can takecharge in the red team.

And I just need to
prove it to Chef Ramsay.

And this is my chance.

Come on.

There's a reason why he got
putup three times in a row, man.

Bye, Trev.

Bon voyage.

Good luck, wherever
the fuck you end up.

Don't make it Baton Rouge.

I got your one
trick pony, homie.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

My girl told me when
I come out here,

you know, try and be morekind
than you were originally.

Man, fuck that.

Kind ain't going
to cut it, baby.

: Trevor

is one of the most
passionate chefs I've

ever had in Hell's Kitchen.

But until he has the
support of his brigade,

he'll continue to
be lost at sea.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen"--

It is
black jacket time.

With just fiveblack jackets for the taking--

Who is going tomake it into that elite group?

Y'all better back up.

I'm coming for the jacket.

The fight tosurvive is going to be epic.


talented rookies.

Three tenacious veterans.

Who will break through?

Duck, duck, uh, uh.

And who willcrack under the pressure?

Hurry up.

Oh, fucking shit.

The bird was talking to me.

And will
an untimely injury--


Stop the lone
remaining runner-up?

I burnt the
fuck out of my hand.

Oh my God.
- Oh, you OK?

No, I'm not.

going the distance.

I can't catch a break today.

It's conquering me.

It's a red-hot
battle for black.

Let's go.

Just give it to me.

There's no way I'm not
getting a black jacket.

Hell, yeah, yo.

Next time
on "Hell's Kitchen".