Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 12 - Five Is the New Black - full transcript

The All-Stars face three difficult challenges for the coveted black jacket.

Previously on Hell's Kitchen: All Stars,

Chef Ramsay challenged the chefs

to create the most expensive
pasta dish they could on $20.

What's the price on that?
$5.99 a pound.

Back in the kitchens...

Let's go, guys.

Elise needed help translating

her dish to Italian.

I'm doing a play on Paella.

Just stop there. Paella is Spanish.

And Michelle was on
another continent altogether.

I'm making a pork potsticker, Chef.

The word potsticker is not Italian.

I'll make a tortellini, Chef.

Thank you.

At judging...
Thank you so much, gentlemen,

for giving up your day to be here.

The Red Team got off to a shaky start.

It's a bit overcooked.

This is kind of a problem.


While Robyn...

Thank you, Chef.
And Ben...

This is the most cohesive dish so far.

Thank you, Chef.
Cashed in for the Blue Team.

I'd say $29.

$31. Great profit
budget from a $20 cost.

Thank you, Chef.
Thanks, Chef.

But strong performances by Elise...

Really delicious.
$93 yield

on a $20 expense.
Thank you.

And Michelle...
Good job.

Thank you.
$97 total.

Gave the Red Team the win.

Ladies, congratulations.


At dinner service,

Robyn struggled to keep
her head in the game...

What is going?

Are you okay?

While Dana struggled

to keep the meat station running.

Oh, my God.

What a way to start off dinner service.

But both teams recovered

and were on their way
to a solid service.

First to finish is
gonna win the evening.

Let's go, ladies!
Yeah, Chef!

And while the Blue
Team hit its stride...

Walking garnish!
Walking tortellini!

Go, John, please.

The Red Team tripped
before the finish line.

Bam, all of a sudden,

we're at a halt. You know why? Dana.

All of you, in the backroom.

The Red Team lost...

I want you to think how your team

can be stronger without
two of you in it.

Get out.
And nominated...

Elise, Michelle, Dana, step forward.

And Chef Ramsay eliminated...

Ending her dream

of becoming the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation
of Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars.

Let's go. Good morning, let's go.

How are we feeling?
Great, Chef.

Now, cooking is very similar
to other professions.

The people who rise to
the top are individuals

who combine real talent with
an incredible work ethic.

Right now, I'd like you to meet
two incredible individuals

who have done just that.

Please welcome David and Dania.

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Dania, please, can you come to my house

and teach my girlfriend how to
change her clothes that fast?

'Cause I'm literally waiting
in the living room for her

for hours every time
it's time to go out.

How the hell did they do that?


What the [BLEEP]?

What? How'd she do that?

That's right.

It's black jacket time. Come on, guys.


This is the day I've been waiting for.

Back in season 14,
I was the youngest person ever

to receive a black jacket.

Really good job. Well done.
Thank you.

So moving forward, I wanna make sure

that I'm the youngest All-Star
ever to receive a black jacket.

Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.


Told you. It's a big one tonight.

Now, as you may have noticed,

one, two, three, four,
five jackets stand behind me,

and there are seven of you.

Two of you will be going home.

Oh, my god, Chef Ramsay's

not playing around today
in Hell's Kitchen.

We're literally gonna go from
seven to five really quickly.

The chefs who will receive
their black jackets today

are the ones who are most successful

at facing three difficult challenges.


Are you ready for your first challenge?

Yes, Chef!
There will be two winners.

It's a big one.

It's become a Hell's Kitchen classic.

Any ideas?

Taste it, now make it.

You got it. My favorite.

Oh, man, I love "Taste it, now make it."

Follow me through the kitchen. Let's go.

I lost to Nick and
Michelle on season 14.

I gotta get this win.

Are we ready?
Yes, Chef.

Your 45 minutes...

starts... now...

In the first of three
black jacket challenges,

Chef Ramsay is having the All-Stars

recreate a 16-ingredient entree,

the most intricate dish
he has ever presented

in a "Taste it, now make it" challenge.

One stunning portion.

Let's go.

I'm confused by the fish.

It's a little bit dense,
it's a little bit dry.

It's like, "Look at that
bloodline underneath."

Just by the bloodline, I could tell.

That's not halibut, that's bass.

Fingers crossed.

What fish are you gonna cook?
Sea bass.

I'm going to with bass, Chef.

What are you thinking?

All of the chefs have
gone with the same protein,

sea bass.
30 minutes remaining.

The chefs must now decipher

both the white and green puree.

I keep tasting the [BLEEP] process.

I know, it's so [BLEEP].
It's so confusing,

'cause my brain's telling me
one thing, but I don't know.

It's definitely a mental mind[BLEEP]

when you're like, "Could this be celery"

or could this be cauliflower?
Is it white asparagus?"

And the more you think about it,
the worse you do.


Kind of.

So I'm definitely still
nervous about my purees.

I did cauliflower and fava bean.

I'm hoping for the best.

I'm watching them try to
figure out these purees,

but I know I got the
correct ingredients.

That green one, it was Romesco,

and then, the white one,

I knew exactly what that was.

White asparagus.

I know that people spy in this kitchen.

So I go over there and
I grab cauliflower

just to send it over to my station

to make them think I was doing it too.

Do you have anymore extra cauliflower?

I'm planning on doing a turnip puree,

but then I tasted the turnips,
and they're kinda funky,

and there was more of a
creamy, velvety taste,

and that kinda comes from cauliflower.

And for the green puree,

it reminded me of the slight sweetness

that's in edamame,

so I used that puree.

Robyn has decided that the two purees

are cauliflower and fava bean,

while Elise and Jennifer are convinced

they are cauliflower and pea-based.

I think that this is the
puree instead of the peas.

Michelle is going out on her own,

choosing green asparagus

and white asparagus for the purees.

14 minutes!

For the final key component,

the chefs must solve the
mystey of the complex hash.

That's definitely not it.

It is do or die to get
the right ingredients.

I'ma cook this just in case.

The hash, I know is some
kinda root vegetables,

and I know that there's rutabaga,

fava beans, and chives.

That's it. I've been bringing my A game,

and now I'm gonna turn up the heat.

The black jacket is mine for the taking.

Look at your options and taste.

I decide that I'm gonna do yams,

fava beans, and chives.

Every person has done "Taste it,
make it" besides me.

I'm hoping first time's a charm here.

Remember how that plate looks.
Yes, Chef.

Nick's hash consists of...

Celery root, apples, chives...

And fava beans.

While the other chefs

have chosen a similar array

of fruits and starches
to complete their hash.

Last five!
Five minutes, Chef.

Damn it.

My fish got a little too brown,

but I'm hoping it's not a problem.

Don't leave it too late to plate.

Yes, Chef.
2 1/2 minutes remaining, guys.

2 1/2? Holy [BLEEP].

I'm freaking out.

I am just trying to get
everything on the plate.

90 seconds remaining.
Holy [BLEEP].

This is black jacket day.
Get it together.

Ten, nine, eight...


Six, five, four,

three, two, one,

and serve, please.
Whoo, my God.

Today Chef Ramsay
has designed three challenges

to determine which five of the
seven remaining All-Stars

will receive a coveted black jacket.

Let's hope your palates
have served you well.

It's now the chefs'
first opportunity to advance,

as he judges the "Taste it,
now make it" challenge

Let's start off with Jennifer, please.

I am freaking out.

I'm trying to see who
picked a different fish,

what color everyone's purees look like.

This is a tough one.
Describe the dish, please.

I did bass.

The purees are cauliflower and pea.

Cauliflower and pea puree.

Interesting. Okay.

Chef Ramsay was exactly
how like when women say,

"I'm okay," but you know
their "okay" is not okay.

Slide down. Michelle...

Okay, visually, it looks nice.

Last time I did "Taste it, now make it,"

I was paired up with Nick, and we won.

Congratulations, Michelle and Nick.


I'm the king of Hell's Kitchen!

Today, I'm by myself,

but I'm sure I'll repeat that success.

Chef, I have a seared sea bass.

Underneath, you have a hash of rutabaga,

celery root, and fava beans,

and a white asparagus puree
and a green asparagus puree.

Tastes good.

Okay. All right.

Yes, Chef.

Describe the dish, please.

I'm sorry?

Describe the dish, please.

Oh, okay, um, I made...

A sea bass.

Um, the hash is...

rutabaga and fava beans.

The puree is cauliflower and pea.

Elise's face usually looks
something like this,

but today Elise is grabbing her face.

She's looking very scared.

I think she's just unsure of herself.

Okay, very interesting.

Benjamin, please, bring your dish.

Benjamin has chosen
sea bass for his protein.

For his hash, he's picked celery root,

rutabaga, apple, fava beans, and chives.

And for his puree, he's chosen...

Edamame puree, as well as
the cauliflower puree.

I think I'm the only
person who did edamame,

so hopefully I'm the only one
who got the puree correct.

Um, top slightly toasted.

Slide down, please.

Milly has selected

sea bass served over a
hash of Yukon potatoes.

His white puree is a white asparagus,

and his green puree is Romasco.

It tastes like Romasco.

Back to the end of the queue, please.

Robyn. Okay, fish, visually, looks nice.

Robyn has also picked sea bass,

and for the hash, she's chosen turnip,

celery root, and apple,

and has decided on a cauliflower puree

and a fava bean puree.

Wow. Swap places, please, yeah?

Nick, describe the dish, please.

What you have is a seared bass.

Underneath is celery root,
apples, and fava beans,

tossed with butter and chives.

Around the plate, you have a cauliflower

and fava bean puree.

Wow. Thank you.

Chef Ramsay should start playing poker,
'cause I couldn't read him at all.

First of all, you all
have nailed the protein.

Let's come down to the white puree.

Only two of you had the puree right.

The white puree...


White asparagus.

That's right, Michelle.

Congratulations, Milly and Michelle.

Thank you, Chef.

Let's move on to the green puree.

Only one of you had that correct...

And it's the first person
receiving a black jacket...

And that chef is...


Good job, Milly.

Yes! Everybody is eating humble pie,

especially Nick right now.

He picked me as one of the weakest chefs

on the [BLEEP] Blue Team.

I'd like to see Milly kinda
step it up a little bit,

and see if he can finesse
well with this dish.

And now I'm the first
person with a black jacket.

All that noise is done.

How are you feeling?
I feel great, Chef.

Let's move on to the hash.

There were five incredible
ingredients in that hash.

Sweet potato...

Fava beans, celery root,

apple, with fresh chives.

Two of you...

got four out of five.

And those two are...

Benjamin and Nick.

The second recipient...

of the black jacket...



Good job.
It's been awhile,

but I'm super excited.
I'm really proud of myself.

This is just solidifying
what I've worked for

this whole season, and I'm ready to win.

Amazing job.

Benjamin, you were so close,

but you burned the protein.

I didn't do as good as I wanted to,

but it's like being a quarterback
and throwing an interception.

I didn't get it done, but you know what,

I'm not giving up. I'm gonna come back

and be the top contender.

Both of you will be spending
the rest of the day

in our very exclusive,
Black Jacket Lounge.

Wow, that's awesome.

Well done.
Thank you, Chef.

Now, Nick and Milly,
say goodbye and head off.

Good luck, guys.
Some of them you may see later.

Good luck.
Good job.

Thank you, Chef.
Good job, girls.


I fought so hard for this black jacket.

This is the All-Star season,
so it's the best of the best.


Oh, damn, okay.

Would you guys like a massage?


I can just sit back and chill
in the Black Jacket Lounge.

I'm drinking Marino
margaritas. Thank you sir.

Getting my feet massaged,
playing a little mini-golf.

This is VIP!

I was the first black jacket
on the All-Star season.

Hell, yeah.


Time for challenge number two,
and the opportunity for you

to get your hands on a black jacket.

Under each of these five
domes are ingredients

that you will use

to create a unique and delicious dish.

When I ring the bell,
you will run to the first dome,

grab one, and start cooking.

Obviously, you'll need to be quick,

because there's limited
options under that dome.

And then the bell will ring again,

and you'll grab another ingredient

from underneath all those domes.

You'll all have 30 minutes
to perfect an amazing dish.

Are you ready?
Yes, Chef.

This is gonna get U-G-L-Y.


Don't push.



On the count of three. One...

Don't push.


Three. Let's go.
Get off.

Damn it. Okay, veal chop. That's fine.

I'm not here to argue with Elise.

If she wants lobster, that's fine.

It might come back to
bite her ass in the end,

because lobster is
really hard to execute.

Now that you've got your proteins,

I suggest you do something with them.

It's the second black
jacket challenge of the day...

Jennifer, what do you have?
Airline chicken, Chef.

And while Milly and Nick relax

in the Black Jacket Lounge...

Oh, what the [BLEEP]?

The remaining chefs will be presented

with five domes.

Standby for the starches.

Each time Chef Ramsay rings the bell...

They must quickly grab

one ingredient from the uncovered dome.

What? Well, what's the...
It's fell over.

You all grab one or what?

And incorporate it

into a dish worthy of a black jacket.

There it is. Around the other side.

Hurry up.

I said stand by.

What'd you end up getting?


I can think lightning
fast, so I feel like

this challenge is perfect for me.

But whoa, sweet potato?

Like, that's the name of my cat.

Hopefully whatever's
underneath that dome three

is gonna get me rocking and rolling.

Can you open this for me, please?

Yeah, of course. Honey, yeah?

Just a little bit.

Stand by for the third dome.


Yeah, you can have that.

I'll take the leeks.

You guys are making this easy here.

You're giving me good ingredients.

This is like a Sunday dinner right now,

Chicken, potatoes, and broccolini.

I can't go wrong with this.

Seven minutes gone.
23 minutes remaining.

What the [BLEEP]?

All of my ingredients are really odd.

With the leeks, I don't really
know what I'm doing...

So I kind of just have
to go with my gut here.

Ah... I don't even know.

Oh, no.
This one.

You have to be quick
on your feet and thinking,

like, "What am I gonna grab?"

And I thrive under that
type of pressure.

Elise, what did you get?
Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan, wow.

Because if I don't make
it to black jackets,

I'm not gonna have a chance
to shine as an individual,

which is my strongest suit.

I'm gonna wait.


Benjamin, what did you get?
Truffles, Chef.

Oh, my goodness me.

Whole Perigord truffle?
Oui, Chef.

Who doesn't love [BLEEP] truffles?

I mean, they're amazing.
I love my dish. Very excited.

This is, like,
the challenge made for me.

I do this at the
restaurant all the time.

I'm always making special
requests for our guests.

So I feel great.

One more dome to go.

I got it.
No, I got it.

I had my hands on it first.
My hand is in the bowl.

I had my hands on it first.
Sun-dried tomatoes.

Sorry, Robyn, I'm not giving
up these sun-dried tomatoes.

They are definitely meant for my dish.

Three minutes remaining.

Okay. What?

Robyn, are you happy with your dish?

Yes. We're chefs.


90 seconds remaining. Time to plate.


Five, four, three,

two, one.

And stop. Okay.

Time to find out who's
gonna join Milly and Nick

in that Black Jacket Lounge.

Let's start with Robyn.
Bring the dish down, please.

I've waited 5 1/2 years to
get another black jacket.

And all the emotions

after creating this
dish has just hit me.

It's like, this is real.

This is really, really real.

I have a pan-seared Chilean sea bass

with sweet potato, corn, and...

With a little bit of honey.

Why honey?
I just wanted to elevate

a little bit of sweetness
to balance out the saffron.

But you've got sweet potato puree.

Which is what?


It's a really strong effort. Wow.

Benjamin, slide down, please.

Benjamin is presenting a filet mignon

with braised Swiss
chard and cauliflower,

topped with truffles.

That is beautiful.

What would I change? A little less heavy

on the reduction of the sauce.
Yes, Chef.

But, filet nailed.

Really good indeed.
Thank you, Chef.


Next up is Jennifer,
with her airline chicken,

potatoes, and broccolini dish.

Chicken cooked beautifully.
Love that lemony

fresh lightness.

But I've got potatoes here
that are undercooked.


I thought they were cooked, Chef.

Undercooked potato. No go.

Why did you put untasted potatoes

on your plate, Jennifer?
You're a [BLEEP] chooch.

Michelle has prepared
an elaborately seasoned

veal chop with couscous and leeks.

Great sear on the chop.
Thank you, Chef.

What's the rub on there?

It's got that spicy,
fragrant note. What is that?

Cardamom, cumin, coriander,
salt and pepper,

lots of different spices.

I haven't gone too crazy with
spices yet in this competition,

and I feel like in this challenge,

it's really gonna help me win.

That's a really good dish.
Thank you, Chef.

Really good. Thank you.
Good job, Michelle.

Finally, Elise, let's go, please.

I do believe that I am the strongest

member of the Red Team.

And one of us has to make
it to black jackets,

but I'm hoping it's me.

Elise has served a poached lobster tail

with Parmesan rice and asparagus.

Visually, there's
something on that plate

that doesn't sit right.
Can anyone see it?

Take a close look.

Oh, my God.

So it's got a [BLEEP]sack there.

And that's the poop sack that
you do not want to crunch on.

One tiny sack of [BLEEP]

can destroy the flavor of a $60 lobster.

Oh, my God. Elise, you need
to come up to New England

to learn how to break down a lobster,

because you do not leave the
poop sack in a lobster.

It's not edible.

What a shame. Thank you.

Poop! That's what I think
about Elise's lobster.

The first recipient of a black jacket

and joining Milly and Nick in
the VIP Black Jacket Lounge.

The next black jacket is mine.
Fingers crossed.

Hoping, hoping, hoping.




Thank you, Chef. Ah!

Yay! I got a black jacket, finally.

Congratulations, great job.
Thank you, Chef.

I'm the third person to get
a black jacket overall,

first person on the Red
Team to get a black jacket.

Michelle, to the lounge.

You do not wanna miss a minute there.

Good luck, y'all.

I am just so proud and
relieved right now.

I'm just ecstatic.

Yes! Yes!

Yo, you got it.
Season 14 right here!


The person joining Michelle,
Nick, and Milly

in the Black Jacket Lounge.

In the second of three challenges...


Michelle has just earned her way

into the Black Jacket lounge.

With Jennifer's potatoes being raw...

Undercooked potato. No go.

And Elise's blunder with her lobster...

So it's got its [BLEEP]sack there.

Chef Ramsay is now deciding

between Benjamin and Robyn

on who gets the fourth black jacket.



Thank you, Chef.
Great job, solid.

I think that black jacket shows

that you're here for business, you know?

Everybody who has a black
jacket right now is no joke,

and we're here to win this competition.

Elise, Jennifer, Robyn,
head for the patio.

Wait for your final challenge.

Oh, [BLEEP].

Yeah! Yes!

Yeah, look at that!

Yes, oh! Damn!


Damn. Oh, I'm so happy for you, bro.

If I don't get it, you have to beat her.

You have to beat her.

To only have one spot left?

You know, if I don't get it,
then I hope Robyn gets it.

Because, you know, they always
say nice guys finish last,

so hopefully the nice guys finish first.



One of us is gonna beat her.

It wasn't supposed to
come down to Jennifer

or I getting the black jacket.

This [bleep] sucks.

I respect Jennifer so much.

And to have to go against her
like this, this is really hard.

Sorry, Jennifer, I love you,
but I want this more.

Ladies, there is only
one black jacket left.

That means only one of
you will be moving on.

I need to focus, because I
put everything on the line,

for a second chance,
and I didn't sacrifice

everything to come here for no reason.

Here's the challenge.
It can be anything you want.

You have total freedom.

So it needs to be something
really impressive.

Yes, Chef.

You've all got 30 minutes,

and your time starts now.

Let's go.

30 minutes to cook the dish
that's gonna change my life?

I just need to focus, and I need
to cook my ass off right now.

Anything you wish.

Something special.

Oh, what is it? What is it?

Oh, damn.
Oh, baby.

Oh my God.
It's on, guys.

This is awesome.
Yay, we get to watch this one.

Look at all those ingredients they have.

That's a lot of food.
Oh, my God.

That's a lot of food, man.

Robyn, be smart. What is she doing?

That's gonna [BLEEP] her up.
She has too many options.

Yeah, it's easy to put
too many things on the plate.

You've got to come up
with something goofy.

You gotta show that you
deserve to be here.

And two of them dropping.

Yeah, only one of them
is gonna survive this.

That's crazy, you guys.
That's awesome.

Better not be Elise.

There's, like,
a thousad ingredients on the table,

and I have so many ideas,
but can't really hone in on one.

What dish are you doing, Elise?


Come back to me.

Come back, yeah?

I fought my way to get here,

and now I find myself up against a wall,

and with one black jacket left,

I'm upset with myself that
I'm even in this position.

But I want this more than anything.

I'm just fighting for my life.

We don't have jalapenos?

Chef Ramsay's like, make what you want,

but there's so many
ingredients right now.

Oh, no.

Too many choices are scary.

What are you gonna make?

I'm going back to halibut
with a mango berre blanc.

I'm gonna finish it with a
chimichurri sauce and a salsa.

What dish are you doing, Jennifer?

A corn succotash with
seared scallops, shrimp,

and a paprika butter.

I'm going with this dish,
because it's something

I do all the time.

I'm gonna go with what
I know, what I love.

This is how I'm gonna win my jacket.
I'm gonna cook from the heart.

Come on, Jen.
Yes, Jen. Get that corn.

She looks focused. She looks
like she knows what she's doing.

So far, Jen's ingredients
seem the most cohesive to me.

Elise looks confused.

Look at her. She's just staring.

You need to be doing something, Elise.

She seems upset.

Yeah, her last round was super bad.

That sucks.
No, it doesn't.

Oh my God, she's putting
her potatoes in the Vitamix.

Oh, no.

They're gonna be gummy as [BLEEP].

Nope, they're done. Gummy.
They're already gummy.

That's bad.

Culinary 101 has gone
out of Elise's brain.

Elise is cracking under this pressure,
and I couldn't be happier.

Ten minutes gone.

Just under 20 minutes remaining.

Yes, Chef.

Something special. Something unique.

I changed it.
You changed?

Yes. Lamb loin.
Lamb loin?

What did you start off with?

I started off with halibut,

but I'm more confident
with this now, Chef.

Changing your protein?
Yes, Chef.

I started with halibut,
because I'm like,

"Yo, I really kick ass cooking fish."

But I'm like, "You know
what? Forget that."

"I am gonna step out of my box
and use a really hard meat

to cook, so I can execute
that protein perfect."

And who the hell changes their dish

when they're already ten
minutes into it? I do.

Got 18 1/2 minutes to go.

They don't have a lot of time.
Focus, Robyn.

Calm down.
I know, calm down, Robyn.

I thought she was making halibut.
What's she doing?

She changed her protein.

With 20 minutes left?
She thought too much. It's over now.

I hope she's not putting
mango berre blanc with lamb.

Changing proteins
mid-challenge is very risky.

There's kind of a fine line
between just being stupid

and taking a risk.

I'm nervous for them.
15 minutes left.

15 minutes.
Got 14 minutes left, 14.


This is scaring me. They need to finish.

Have you thought of your dish yet?

Yeah, I've thought of it the whole
time, I just didn't want to talk.

Go on. Tell me. Speak to me.

I'm making a pan-seared filet mignon

on rainbow Swiss chard...

Mushroom duxelle,

and chive mascarpone whipped potato.

Whipped potato?
Potato puree.

Whipped potato?
Potato puree.

Robyn, she hasn't
done anything remarkable,

and Jennifer's not vocal enough,

and to me, she doesn't know how to lead.

Robyn, your corn fell off.
I just put it back on.

Thank you.

Jennifer and Robyn, they're a clique.

I don't need someone to cheer me on.

I don't need someone to drag
me across the finish line.

I'm going to sprint to the
finish line and beat you there.

I don't need a clique.

90 seconds, guys.

How much?

90 seconds.
90, 90, 90.

Get your plate ready.
I need a bit more thyme.

Elise, Jennifer and Robyn

are cooking for their lives

in the last of today's three challenges.

It is their final
chance to earn a black jacket.

90 seconds, guys.
How much?

90 seconds.

Nick, Benjamin, Michelle,

and Milly already earned their,

and are watching along from
the Black Jacket Lounge.

I need a bit more thyme.

Elise, we could all use some more time

in this challenge,
but we're not gonna get it.

Thyme, yeah?
Thank you.

Oh, you mean thyme, the herb. My bad.

75 seconds.

Come on, guys.
Holy [BLEEP].

Don't forget, guys. Seasoned, yeah?

Make sure your protein's cooked
well, vegetables cooked.

Make it look beautiful.

Guys, it's a mad dash to the finish.

Come on, come on,
come on, Robyn. Come on.

She's so [BLEEP] at plating.
She's cutting it too thin.

Oh, she's cutting it too thin.

Oh, my God, this is stressful.

No, I want to see the other dishes.

I know.

It doesn't make a difference
who walks through the door,

because I'm just gonna beat them
later on in the competition.

Only one of them is gonna
come through those doors.

Three, two, one.

And stop.

Wow, that was intense.

Ladies, only one spot left.

Have you put everything you
have into these dishes?

Yes, Chef.
Glad to hear it.

Let's start off with Robyn.

I am shaking in my boots,

and I'm trying not to let it show.

It's all down to this dish.

Describe the dish please.

I have a seared lamb loin.

I did a potato and corn hash
with some bacon in there.

And I finished the lamb loin

with a little bit of chimichurri
sauce and some lemon zest.

Visually, it looks refined.

It's got that kind of quirkiness to it.

You know, you changed your protein,

So you were setting
yourself up for failure.

But you've actually nailed
the lamb beautifully.

Every slice, from top to bottom.

Thank you, Chef.
Also, it's melting in my mouth.

This dish is finessed.

It's exactly what I would call special.

What would I change?

Bit more potato in there,
so you've got that starchy element.

Balance out the corn.

But, yeah, strong effort.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you.

I am so glad I switched my dish.

That was, like, the smartest
thing you've done today, Robyn.

Elise, let's go.

It's been a rough day,
and I'm emotional,

but that's because I'm passionate.

And I literally could be going home.

There's only one black jacket left.

So I'm humbly hoping that
my dish is good enough.

Wow. Describe the dish, please.

I made for you a
pan-seared filet mignon,

potato puree, and rainbow chard.

And there's a mushroom
duxelle underneath the steak.

Mm-hm, wow. What have
you done to the potato?

Pureed it with a little
bit of cream, mascarpone.

Put it in the blender?
Pureed it.

Yes, Chef.

A great sear on the filet.

Temperature inside?
Medium-rare, Chef.

Let's have a look inside.
Medium-rare, right?

Yes, Chef.

Wow. Filet is not medium-rare,

but it is tender.

I love what you've done
with the seasoning.

Mashed potatoes taste a bit strange.

Duxelle, delicious.

And the greens, wonderful.

Filet is tender.
Please, pick up your dish.

Yes, Chef.
Thank you.

Next up, Jennifer, please. Let's go.


When I'd go home the first time,

I was [BLEEP] blindsided,
I was backstabbed.

I feel like I was robbed.

I promise, if you
will defend me to the end,

I will have your back.

The weakest chef? Will?

I think Elise is a stronger
cook than Jennifer.

Jennifer? Please give me your jacket.

Keep your head up, Jennifer.

I've always said that
I wanted redemption.

I want to [BLEEP] beat
Elise so bad right now.

Jennifer, describe the dish please.

I have seared scallops and shrimp

with Old Bay butter
and a corn succotash.

Visually, it looks beautiful.

It's glamorous, it's decadent.

That's exactly the personality
that I want to see

with that attitude on a dish.

Break down the succotash.
What's in there?

Corn, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes.

Also, there's a little bacon in
there. It gives it smokiness.

Love the succotash.
Shrimp, cooked beautifully.

Just the shrimp on its own
with the succotash, delicious.

How long did you cook the scallops for?

I don't know, Chef.
You don't know?

The time goes fast here, Chef.

Got a great sear on the outside.

Not so good underneath.

The big question is,
what's it like in the center?


Scallops slightly undercooked
in the center there.

Love what you've done

with the color on the outside.

Succotash, delicious, shrimp, delicious.

Thank you.

If Elise gets farther than me,
she can [BLEEP] sit and spin.

I am a way better chef than she is.

She's just a cook, and I'm a chef.

Elise, Robyn, Jennifer,

all three of you put
tremendous efforts in

across all three challenges.

And also, during your
time here as All-Stars,

I'm grateful for that. You've done
yourselves proud, your families proud,

and unfortunately, the journey
ends for one of you right now.

I'm gonna narrow this down
to two remaining chefs.

I feel like I deserve this so bad.

I want that jacket!

My decision is...

Jennifer's scallops is undercooked,

and I think that I'm a better leader.

I just hope Chef Ramsay
hasn't given up on me yet.

I'm sorry, it's time
for a nice girl to win,

not a [BLEEP] devil.

The person leaving Hell's
Kitchen right now...

Elise, Robyn, Jennifer,

the person leaving Hell's
Kitchen right now.


Come here, young lady.

First of all, I was so
happy to see you back here.

Your passion is exemplary.
Let's get that right.

That dish fell short,
but I don't want your jacket.

I want you to walk out of
here with your head up high.

Thank you, Chef, for having me back.

Thank you.

Hey, don't you stop on that journey.

Yes, Chef.
Good night.

I'm absolutely better
than those three dishes

I put up today,

and I'm definitely embarrassed
by my performance.

Mentally, I was cooked,

and I should've gotten
that black jacket.

But... I guess you could say the
pressure got to me a bit today.

Ladies, bring your dishes up
here one more time, please.

Yes, Chef.

[BLEEP] redemption, bitch.
Bye-bye, Elise.

You went out first. Boom.







Jennifer's an amazing cook.

It just sucks that I'm gonna
have to go against someone

that I truly respect in this industry.

This is so tough.

My decision is...

Christina, Jocky, I need your help.

Both of you come out here, please.


I'd like both of you to taste this.

Come over.

To the end, I've got your
back, no matter what.

No matter what, roomie.

I'm doing this for myself,

but most of all,
I'm doing it for my mom.



She's my rock. This is for you, Mom.

I want to get this black jacket for you.


I always said if I came
back, I would win,

so, for me to go home today,
it would suck,

and I would be so upset with myself.

But you know what? I went
[BLEEP] out swinging if I go home.


Oh, boy.

The final chef that's
receiving a black jacket,

congratulations goes to...

Oh, [BLEEP].


I'm so proud of you.

Jennifer, that was awfully
close, young lady.

You know, your palate is incredible.

And the change in you
since the last time

you did the competition
is just mind blowing.

I hope you continue that journey,

because there are some
great things ahead.

Chef, I'm so happy that
you asked me back.

I'm so proud.

You better [BLEEP] win this.

For us, now, girl.
Thank you, Chef.

Oh, dear. Come here.

Yeah, good luck.
Thank you.

Thank you, Jennifer.
Thanks for everything.

Thanks for helping me out.

Super proud.
Well done.


I did not expect myself

to be going home right now.

I wish I had done a little bit more

to make it to that black jacket.

But you know what, I definitely think
Robyn deserves the black jacket.

She beat me out today, fair and square.


I still beat Elise.

Who does this belong to?
Congratulations. Well done.

Thanks, Chef.
Good job.

Black jacket! Whoo! Yes!

I think I look pretty
pimp in a black jacket!

Like, black looks great on me.

Well done. Oof.

Deep breath. Enjoy it, right? Good job.

Told you I was gonna bring this, Mom.

Oh, [BLEEP].

As long as it's not Elise, I'm happy.

Who is it, who is it, who is it?

Open the door. Who is it?

Who is it?
Yes, Robyn!

Blue Team!

I knew it! I knew it, baby.

Yay! Elise is gone.

There's nothing more I could
ask for at this moment.

Who is it?

Come on. Congratulations.

Thank you, Chef.


First of all, you should all
be feeling incredibly proud.

That was intense.

It was intense for a reason,
because you've all become that good.

Now, it's gonna get even tougher.

It's been much more
challenging this time.

The competition's tougher.

The challenges are tougher.
The service is tougher.

To be able to get to the
blacks is really important.

This is when it starts to get real.

You know, I think it's gonna be
a mad dash to the finish line.

One, two, three, four,

five talented individuals,

with a 1-in-5 chance

of getting yourselves
that incredible position.

It does feel really surreal right now.

It's every woman or every
man for themselves,

because we all need to show
Chef Ramsay our talents.

And it's gonna be a really cutthroat
competition from here on out.

There's not long to go, but it is
still a very tough road ahead.

Yes, Chef. I'm number one. I got it.

And now I've just got to ride
this number one [BLEEP] car

all the way to the finish line.
I just got to keep in front and win.

Black jacket.
Yeah! Whoo!

Thanks, guys.

Next time,
on Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars...

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come to Hell's Kitchen...

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It's All-Stars teaching All-Stars.

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We're just vibing.

And with only five
chefs left in the competition..

Hey, pan's burning.
I don't...

I don't got no [BLEEP] burnt pan.

Oh, my God.

Will the spotlight
be too intense for some?

Milly, we can't do any
more work for you.

Start again.
Yes, Chef.

It's all next time...

This is where the wheels come off.

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gonna serve that [BLEEP]?

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What did you just say to me?

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