Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 11 - Trying to Pasta Test - full transcript

The All-Stars are given $20 to buy ingredients for restaurant-quality pasta dishes.

Previously on
"Hell's Kitchen All-stars"...

Barbie should have gone home.

The Red Team put the
bull's-eye squarely on Barbie.

She has a really distorted
perception of reality.

These girls can talk about me,

but I'm gonna keep my eye on the prize.

But at the all-star
blind taste test challenge...


Wrong. Fire.

It was Barbie...


Who scored the womens
only points for the day.

Well done.

While the Red Team
continued to mess up...

Coriander, Chef.

I'm feeling a little moist.

The Blue Team...

That tastes like vanilla bean.

Excelled in the challenge...

Well done.

Stayed clean and
won their fourth in a row.

Mustard, Chef.

Congratulations, Blue Team.
You are the winners.

The Blue Team's unstoppable.
Let's be honest.

At a special charity
night dinner service...

Let's go, Blue.

Despite a shaky start
on Nick's appetizer end...

Nick, the scallops are overcooking.

Oh, my God. Sear those scallops less.

I need it cooked perfectly.

And Robyn's pasta course...

Portion control.

Less pasta please, guys.

The Blue Team came together...

Nick, how long on the first six fish?

30 seconds.
Go. Service, go.

And delivered another excellent service.


That was not the
case in the red kitchen.

What in the [BLEEP] is going on?

Barbie did not feel
the support of the team...

How about I get that spinach, Michelle?

Oh, my God.

And neither did Elis.

What the [BLEEP] is this?

Oh, my God.

It's burnt.

It was complete
chaos in the red kitchen.

She didn't taste it.

You said, "Take the
first pan. It's ready."

Elise, I don't want to argue with you.

Stop it. I don't want to argue with you.

I love it. Drama.

Tonight has been the worst-ever
charity dinner performance.

The Red Team clearly
lost and nominated...



And to the delight of her team,

Chef Ramsay eliminated...

Ending her dream
of becoming the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now the continuation of
"Hell's Kitchen All-stars."

Now piss off.

Barbie is gone,
but I'm still pissed off at Elise.

I don't care who the [BLEEP] you are.

If you got something to say,
say it to my face.

Don't talk [BLEEP] behind my back.


The first tray of fish
came up [BLEEP] burnt.

Who cooked them?

Don't talk about me like I'm not here.

I'm talking about you
like you're [BLEEP] here.

You ain't perfect.

[BLEEP]. I don't really
know where I'm at,

but I got to tell you, Elise is actually

a really strong competitor.

Hey, can you and I talk?

I guess.

You know what? We got to work together.


They're the two weakest links.

I'm strong. You're strong.
I think we can do it. Agreed?


Would I rather be on Elise's
good side right now?

Absolutely. Am I making a deal

with the devil right now?

Absolutely. I'm dead serious.
All right, me too.

And I've been had your back.

And I have yours. Remember that.

Tomorrow, game on.

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As two former enemies unite in secret,

the rest of the unsuspecting
chefs settle in for the night.

It's Chef.

Or so they thought.

I need to see all of you downstairs

in the dining room urgently.

Yes, Chef. Guys,
Chef Ramsay just called.

He wants to see us all right
now in the dining room.

Oh, [BLEEP].

He's not playing no games.

Everyone here? Come on.

I thought we were done for the night.

Holy crap. Is he sending
someone else home right now?

Listen carefully. One of you
is gonna become the head chef

at the flagship Hell's
Kitchen at Caesars Palace,

but being a head chef

isn't just about running a kitchen.

It's about running a business,

and one of the most profitable items

in the restaurant business is...


For your next challenge,

you'll be tested on your ability

to make a profit with a pasta dish.

Tomorrow morning you'll be
shopping for ingredients.

Purchase whatever you need to cook three

stunning portions

of the most profitable dish possible.

Is that clear?
Yes, Chef.

Get out of here.
Yes, Chef.

On season ten,
we had a similar challenge,

and I won that challenge,

so I'm feeling really confident.

How much would you be prepared
to spend on that dish?

$38 would be what I would pay for it.

Dana, congratulations.

Thank you.

Can I roll shotgun with you?
Let's get out of here.

Let's do this. Let's go. I'm ready.

Let's do it. I'm ready.
Get in.

Now with ten minutes
and a budget of only $20,

each chef must prudently shop

for all the ingredients

they will need to maximize the value,

making three identical pasta entrees.

I need a small piece
of halibut, that one.

So what's the price on that?

The easy part is buying the ingredients.

The clams are $5.99 a pound.

The hard part is making that $20 mark.

Give me eight just to be safe, please.

You got it.
Thank you. The only way to make profit

is to know how to stretch
a buck and flip a dollar.

$10.99 each.
$10.99 each. I'll take one, please.

Lobster, $10.99.

I'm definitely gonna take one of those.

You can get a lot of
value out of a lobster.

How you doing? May I have 12
ounces of ground chicken, please?

12 of the ground chicken?
Yes, thank you.

Come on, Milly.
You can't really get away

with charging that much
more for ground chicken.

I don't know what he's thinking.

Can I get six pieces of
large shrimp, please?

Large shrimp, got it.

Eight clams and eight mussels.

Do you have any raw shrimp?
I do.

Which one did you give me,
clams or mussels?

Hey, I'm still talking.
I was dealing with him first.

Yeah, you got mussels.

Girl, hold up. I had him first.

He's handling me first.

Thank you.
All right, good luck.

Two minutes to go, guys.
Two minutes to go.

Can I get nine pieces of the large

instead of the extra large?

As I'm going through this market,
I'm having to make a lot of compromises.

How much is it?

Shrimp is really expensive,
so instead of getting jumbo shrimp,

I have to get regular shrimp.
And do you have ground pork?

We have ground pork, yep.
Okay. I want to get pork belly,

but I have to go with ground pork.
30 seconds to go.

Thank you.

Time's up, guys. Let's go.

With the shopping portion
of the challenge complete...


The chefs were able to
stay within their $20 budget.

There you go. Thanks.

Bam! Easy.

Have a good day.

Thank you. You too.

Now the chefs return to Hell's Kitchen

to cook up some profits.

Your 45 minutes starts now.
Let's go, guys.

That was a good run.

Guys, are you guys
starting to roll your pasta out?

Make sure you get that done.

Milly, give us an insight
into your pasta, please.

I'm doing a smoked chicken
meatball pasta with spaghetti.

I don't think Milly's
making a smart decision

right now; you want to make yor
dish as [INAUDIBLE] as it can.

Are you sure you want to
do chicken meatballs?

I'm gonna make my dish look
like it's a million dollars.

Right, okay.

I'm feeling real good about my dish.

I'm doing all of these
different little things

to give it that elevated flavor.

It should come off very well.

I know what I need.

While Milly is determined

to deliver on his promise...

30 minutes remaining.

Yes, Chef.
WO30 minutes, y'all.

The Red Team is busy preparing some

unique dishes of their own.

Michelle, what are you doing?

Chef, I'm making a pork pot sticker.

A what, sorry?
A pot sticker, Chef.

So would you say a pot sticker is pasta?

It's made from a pasta dough.

But the word "pot sticker"
is not Italian, that's all.

It's more an Asian dish.

Okay, Chef, I'm gonna
make soup dumplings.

Call it a tortellini.

I'll make an Asian-inspired
tortellini soup.

It's a pasta challenge.
Yes, Chef.

Thank you. Elise.
Yes, Chef?

Give me an insight into your pasta dish.

I'm doing a play on paella.

Just stop there. Paella is Spanish.

Ladies, are we okay?

Yes, Chef.

Are you interested in winning this?
Yes, Chef.

We got an Asian dish,
and we have a Spanish dish,

when we should be making Italian,

so I'm a little nervous
right now for the Red Team.

Jennifer, give me something
Italian. What is it?

Chef, clams and linguini, Chef.
Oh, thank God for that.

Everybody got their pasta rolled out?

Halfway, Blue Team,
22 1/2 minutes remaining.

Yes, Chef.
Careful, especially the raviolis.

That pasta dries quick, yeah?
Yes, Chef. I am making an English pea

and ricotta ravioli with lobster.

How is everybody doing?
Uh-oh. Ravioli is definitely a risk.

The filling could kind of seep out.
There could be air pockets,

so I can't really afford to
mess up my pasta right now

because I don't have a ton of backups.

Good thing I'm testing these now.

Last five, guys. Come on.

I don't want my dumplings to dry out,
so I'm dropping them now.

Stop saying dumpling.
Get it in your head.

Michelle, call it a
ravioli or a tortellini.

It's the same thing. Call it a ravioli.
I know. That's what I'm gonna call it.

You just called it a dumpling again.

Here we go.

Common sense.

Thank you.

Six, five...

Come on Michelle, hurry up.

I'm working, I'm working.

Excuse me.

Two, one, and stop.

I've invited two extremely
accomplished chefs

to help me judge this
incredible challenge.

Our first guest judge has
two amazing restaurants,

Pizzeria Locale and
Frasca Food and Wine.

Welcome James Beard award-winning chef

Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Good to see you.
Thanks for having me.

You good?

Now, our second guest judge is
executive chef and co-owner

of the critically-acclaimed
Union in Pasadena,

named one of the best
new restaurants in L.A.

by "Los Angeles Magazine."

Bruce Kalman, Ladies and gentlemen.

Good to see you, bud.
Good to see you as well, yeah.

Thank you so much, gentlemen,
for giving up your day to be here.

Of course.

The pressure is on.

If anybody knows how to
price things on a menu,

it's going to be a guy
who owns restaurants.

Let's start off with Jennifer,
please. Let's go.

Come on, Jennifer.

The judges will now determine how much

they would be willing to
pay for each entree.

The team with the highest combined

total will win the challenge.

Jennifer, please describe your dish.

Clam linguini. On the bottom,
there's a sweet corn puree.

It actually has great flavor,
but from a textural standpoint,

it's a bit overcooked.

I agree. I almost like
a pasta with more bite.

The pasta's too delicate.
It's way too thin.

Lachlan, if you were
to put this on a menu,

how much would you
charge for it, please?

Probably around $23 for this.


Thank you. Bruce?

I would say $22.
I wouldn't go above $22.

$67, not bad.

Not too bad, but not the greatest
start that I was hoping for.

Nick, let's go, please. Thank you.
Yes, Chef.

This is a very nice-looking dish, Nick.

Describe the pasta, please.

What you have is an English
pea and leek ravioli

with ricotta cheese and
water-poached lobster meat.

The pasta's nice and delicate.

You did a wonderful job with that.

Thank you, Chef.

Bruce, price-wise,
where would you go on that?


I would even say $30 perhaps.

Because there's so much air
trapped inside the ravioli,

I'm gonna go down to $23,

but strong out of the gate, $81.

Giving me a 23 was pretty harsh,

considering somebody else gave me a 30,

but that's Chef Ramsay's opinion,
and I have to respect that.

Dana, let's go, please.

Yes, Chef. I also cooked halibut

when I won this challenge on my season.

I want to win this challenge again.

I did a seafood pasta.

On top, you have a piece
of halibut, some shrimp,

and folded in there
are some sautéed peas.

Did you roll this with a pasta fork?

I did. I used the fork.

This is kind of a problem.


Chef Ramsay has brought in two great

restaurateurs to help him judge
the pasta profit challenge.

Did you roll this with a pasta fork?
I did. I used the fork.

And Bruce Kalman has
discovered a bit of a problem

with Dana's seafood pasta dish.

This is kind of a problem.


The fish is poorly cooked.

Too much dairy too heavily
clumped together, like,

there's maybe a little
bit too much going on.

I think that's a very good point.
Lachlan, how much?

Maybe about $23.

I'd be willing to probably
pay about 20 bucks for this.

$20 max for me. $63 total.

I was really hoping

to come through for my team,

and now I have this low score.

Next up, Robyn, please. Let's go.

This was not what I was expecting.

Right, Robyn,
describe your dish, please.

So you have a Creole
pasta dish right there

with some shrimp, mussels, and clams.

It's amazing.
Thank you, Chef.

The pasta's really not overcooked.
I like the texture.

Like Chef said, it's just...
yeah, it draws you in immediately.

I would give this dish $30.

I would give it $31.

Thank you, chefs.
Good job.

Good job. Total, $89.
Yes, baby.

Great profit margin from a $20 cost.

Right, next up, Michelle.
Let's go, please.

The women are
trailig by an astounding $40

after two rounds,

and Michelle will have to hit pay dirt

if the Red Team wants any
hope of staying in the game.

Michelle, describe the dish, please.

Chefs, today I made for you an
Asian-inspired tortellini soup.

The broth is delicious.

Mmm, wow.
Thank you, Chef.

This is, I think, the first
dish where we've kind of nailed

the pasta execution, the plating style,

and the overall flavor.

The extravagance and the
elegance of it is awesome.

For me, the yield out
of $20 looks amazing.


It's like we would do in our
own professional kitchens.

For me, this is definitely,
like, a $34 dish.

I would say maybe $31.

It's a definite $32
dish for me. Good job.

Thank you.

$97 total.

Michelle and her pot stickers
just [BLEEP] killed it.

Like, holy [BLEEP].

Milly, let's go, please.

Describe the dish to the chefs, please.

What I have here is
smoked chicken meatballs,

zucchini and squash strings,

and the pasta is garlic noodles.

Visually average.

I'd say, for me, this is kind
of bland and a little boring.

It's a shame. They're way too dry.

Honestly, it's not very well done.

On the high end, I would have
to go, like, $18 for this.

I would say maybe $17.

Yeah, I'm gonna go $18. Wow, Milly,

$53 yield on a $20 spend.

Not good.

Milly dug a big ditch for us.

Who wants chicken meatballs though?

Like, really, who wants
to eat chicken meatballs?

Let's go. Elise, bring up your pasta.

I'm feeling good.
I'm hoping that my dish

will bring home the necessary dollars

we need to get up out of here.

Ladies leading by four
going into the last round.

Elise, describe your dish to our chefs.

I made for you today a
seafood pasta with sausage.

Right, really delicious.

I mean, I want to finish this.

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm $30.

I would give it probably around $30.

Probably do, like, $33.

Thank you, Chef.

$93 yield on a $20 spend.

Thank you, Chef.
Good job.

Yes, yes. I want to say
thanks, Chef Bruce,

for, you know, hooking your girl up.

$97 lead right now and the Red Team.

Right, final pasta.
This one's got to be strong.

Benjamin, please. Let's go.

Benjamin needs to earn at least $98

from the three judges,

which would be the best dish of the day,

to secure a Blue Team victory.

We have a lobster pasta.

It's finished off with
a pecorino Romano.

Visually, this is the most
cohesive actual pasta dish

that I've seen so far.

Yeah, well thought out.
Yeah, great color.

The lobster is beautifully cooked.

It has a lot of lift
and a lot of lightness.

Yeah, you know, it's a strong effort.

It's all riding on Benjamin's
shoulders. Come on now.

Right, Bruce, how would you mark?

I would say $30.
I would say $29.

Yeah, I'm gonna go $31.


Ladies, congratulations.

Finally! Yes, yes.

I'm, like,

overjoyed that we're finally
getting out of Hell's Kitchen

and out of a punishment.

It's been longer than I can count.

Will you all join me thanking

these two extraordinary
chefs giving up their day.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Brilliant, great feedback.
Thank you so much.

Thank you, Chef.

Ladies, finally, finally,
finally a victory.

Now, today all of you are competing

in a go-karting grand prix.

This is gonna be fun.

And I've arranged an incredible
lunch for you as well.

Michelle, an additional
bit of good news.

Your dish tonight will
be featured on the menu.

Oh, nice. Thank you, Chef.

Now get out of here.
Yes, Chef.

Let's go. Finally.

Whoo-hoo! We won.

Oh, dear. Right, Blue Team,
you're in for a long, tiring day.

Our pantries are in desperate
need of a serious cleaning,

so I'd like all the racks dismantled,
brought down, and cleaned behind.

Yes, Chef.
Now [BLEEP] off.

I think the scoreboard tells
who's our weakest one right now

and who should be highly
disappointed in themselves.

It should be Milly.

That was interesting.


I did bad on the challenge today,

so I know everybody's
gonna be mad at Milly.


I want to bust my ass on the punishment,

and I'm gonna crush
dinner service tonight.

WOHave fun.

Bye, all.
About time.

It's about time.

Shut up.

See you laters.
Oh, we get to be free.

It feels so good out here.

Let's blow this popsicle stand, ladies.

This is gonna be fun.

Oh, my God, I'm, like, scared.

I came here to win other
things besides a go-kart race,

but, you know, I'm competitive
in whatever I do.

Jennifer is driving like
a little, old grandma.

Hey, Jennifer, see you later.

Eat my dust.

Am I the only one that's afraid here?

Go ahead, girls, kill each other.

So I look over my shoulder,
and Elise is about to pass,

and I'm like, "Uh,
this girl's going down."

Oh, come on.

Cheaters never prosper.


See ya. Yes.

Dana tried to run me off the track so
she could win, and she still got smoked.

Eat my dust.

You tried to run me off the track.

Now. I didn't cheat.

You should've passed me.
Do what you got to do.

I had to go in reverse. I was like...

As the Red Team
enjoys their victory lap...

That was funny.

Back in Hell's Kitchen,

one member of the Blue Team
seems to be on cruise control.

I'm stuck with Milly.

Like, I know how this is gonna be.
I'm gonna do all the work.

Milly, you want to help me pick this
up real quick? Okay, that's fine.



Cheers to not doing another punishment.


No punishment, no punishment.


That was a good rush of adrenaline.

We do have to win dinner service.

But I think now that Barbie's gone,

we can get through a
service without fighting.



Did I say no?

You didn't say anything.
I'm just listening.


It's just awkward sitting
with a group of people,

and we're all trying to pretend we
like each other, when we don't.

I think we should just take our
high morale from earlier...

Barbie wasn't the sole
problem of the Red Team,

so I don't know why you're
putting it all on Barbie, but...

The fighting?

Okay. The Red Team can't
even enjoy a reward.

You're gonna make us lose our appetites.

We think now that Barbie's gone,
everything's gonna be fine,

but that's not the case, and as usual,

Elise has to bring something up

to make everybody want
to get in a fight.

I'm just gonna leave it there.


Who gets basil oil?

Who gets basil oil?

Chef Jocky has a very thick,
extreme Scottish accent.

There's no new proteins
in there, was there?

There's what? Sometimes when he speaks,

I'm kind of just, like, "Oh, okay."

Is that gonna be all
right in an aluminum pan?

Excuse me?

That's not gonna get discolored
in an aluminum pan, is it?

We in America, Chef Jocky.
What the [BLEEP] is that?

Little small dice of carrot
in the salad as well.

Okay, whatever you say.
Evening, Red Team. [INAUDIBLE]?


Do y'all have the mushrooms?

Do y'all have mushrooms over here too?

Here, let me help you.
How many do y'all have done?

My dish is on the menu tonight.

It's super awesome. Here I come.

I'm kind of in the weeds right now, so.

Yeah, it's really easy.

So I'm making sure everyone
knows what they're doing.

So y'all just get some
color on these mushrooms.

Red Team, what are we
doing in here, please?


They know how to poach a [BLEEP]
tortellini. Hurry up, let's go.

Then just walk it up.
That's it?


Three ingredients.

Si, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please. Let's go.

Oh, man.

Tonight, both All-
Star kitchens are eager to prove

that they can execute a
perfect dinner service.

Open Hell's Kitchen, y'all.

Door's open, guys. Door's open.

And deliver amazing meals to a full
house of excited guests.

Oh, wow. Look at the kitchen.
To having dinner in hell.

Yes, cheers.

In addition to the classic menu...

I'll have the risotto, please.
I'm gonna do the duck.

And I'll have the scallops.

Chef Ramsay has added Michelle's challenge
winning tortellini to the menu.

You ready?
Yes, I'm ready.

Okay, on order, six covers, table 30.

Fire two scallops, two risotto.

Yes, Chef.
Easy. [bleep] hell.

3 1/2 minutes out on two risotto.
Two scallop, Jennifer?

3 1/2 heard, Elise.

A bit of speed there.
Let's go, a bit of vigor.

Yes, Chef.

This is my first time on hot
apps since I've been here,

and at this point in the competition,
there's nowhere for you to hide.

There's no one for you to partner with.

Do you need help,
or you got it? Do you have it?

I got it. Please, excuse me. Thank you.

But I'm feeling confident
that I can make a risotto.

Walking with two risotto.

Chef, next to you, two scallops.

Delicious risotto.
Thank you, Chef.

Thanks to Elise...
Go, John, please.

The Red Team is quickly

delivering appetizers to their diners.

Let's go.

Very, very good.

Scallops, let's go.

Yes, Chef.
The Blue Team is keeping pace.

Walking risotto to the pass.
Working hard, guys.

And Chef Ramsay is
ready to move on to entrees.

On order, four covers,
table six, Nick, away.

Entree, one halibut,
two Wellington, one lamb.

Yes, Chef.
Wellington in.

Yes, Chef. I'm on meat,
and I feel awesome.

Now is my time to shine.

I am gonna knock it out
of the park tonight.

Come on, Blue Team.
I want the garnish up first,

before the protein.
Lamb out of the oven, Chef.

And she just blurts over me.

I've got no idea what the
[BLEEP] she's saying.

Before, you blurted all over me.
What was that, sorry?

I said I took the lamb out of the oven.

I'm gonna put it back in there
for two more minutes, Chef.

Okay. Hey, Marino.

Come here. Breaking news.

Robyn's got something to tell you.

Lamb's going back in the
oven for two more minutes.

There you go, as if you need
to know that. [BLEEP] off.

I took my lamb out.
I put my lamb back in.

Yes, Chef.

I don't give a [BLEEP]
what you took out.

One thing's for sure,
when Chef Ramsay start talking,

everybody shut the [BLEEP] up.

Milly, how long, please?

How long, Milly?

I'm ready on halibut.

Walking garnish.
Walking now.

Wellington garnish up. I got the lamb.

Protein. Come on, Robyn, please.

Yes, Chef.

I have two beef Wellington, two.

Where is it?

I got another one
coming right now, Chef.

[BLEEP] hell.

Right here, Chef.

Robyn can tell us stories about
when she was eight years old,

jumping in piles of [BLEEP].

How you can't remember a
ticket from two seconds ago?

Like, something is wrong.
I need a... where's the sauce?

Just red wine demi?
Yes. Coming with more red wine.

Too cold?
Yeah, [BLEEP]. Hey, just come here.

This is where the wheels fall off.
Just touch the center.

Yes, Chef.

Come on, we've got to bounce back.

I got it.
Well, it should be in the oven.

Get it in the [BLEEP] oven!

Yes, Chef.

I'm [BLEEP] done now.

This is [BLEEP].

Robyn needs to be 100% focused, calm,

and collected to have a good service.

[BLEEP] that.

If not, you get spazzy, mistake Robyn.

Behind, Chef. The remake
Wellington's right here, Chef.

Beautiful. Thank you.

After a quick recovery from Robyn,

the Blue Team has successfully
started to deliver entrees.

While over in the red kitchen..
How long, Dana?

The women are hoping to do the same.

Give me an indication on the Wellington.

Lobster Wellies coming out. Oh, my God.

Guys, I have to re-fire the Wellingtons.

We're off to a strong start, and bam,

all of the sudden, we're at a halt.

You know why? Because of Dana.

Where are they?

They're over here, Chef.

Oh, my God.

It's 45 minutes into dinner service.

Oh, my God. Guys, I have to
re-fire the Wellingtons.

And Dana's miscalculation
on the meat station

has brought the red
kitchen to a standstill.

Where are they?
They're over here, Chef.

Oh, my God. Who put them in?

I put them in. What a way to
start off dinner service.

We're on this first ticket,

and I'm gonna need another 20 minutes.

Can we flip the tickets, Chef?

Yeah, we can flip the tickets.

Can we go with two lamb,
one salmon, one tortellini?

Yes, Chef.
How long, please?

Eight minutes, Chef.

So look at me. All is not lost,

but we've got to get our
heads up a little bit.

Yes, Chef.

Everything we're
waiting for is coming from me,

and we're skipping a ticket,
and it's the worst thing you can do

'cause you have to go
back and do all these.

Are you ready on the salmon?

Walking with the tortellini.
Here's the tortellini, Chef.

Drop it. Take that
back with you, please.

Lamb, please.

Come on, Dana.
Walking with lamb.

Right behind you, Chef.

The lamb's raw. The lamb's
got to go back in the oven.

Urgently, please.
Yes, Chef.

I don't even know what to
say to Dana at this point.

All I can do is look at
her and shake my head.

Everyone's walking around like,
"We're just [BLEEP] all-stars."

We are currently behind.

Yes, Chef.

While Dana tries to
pull herself out of the weeds..

I don't know what the [BLEEP] to do.

The Blue Team is forging ahead.

All right, now one lamb, one beef,
one lobster Wellington, one duck.

Yes, Chef.
What's going?


Are you... are you okay?
Yes, Chef.

One beef, one lobster Wellington,
one lamb, one duck.

Say it.

One lobster, one lamb,
one beef, one duck.

Oh, my God.

How long? How long do you got?

Three minutes. Let me know
when I can cut my Wellington.

It feels like diarrhea of the mouth.

She just talk, talk, talk, talks.

I'm trying to concentrate.
I'll get to you in 30 seconds.

Don't talk to me right now.

Let me know when I can
cut my Wellington,

Benjamin. Benjamin.
Ben, you heard her?


Be quiet, please. I'm going to
the pass. Are you guys ready?

Right now, Chef.
Walking garnish.

Excuse me, Chef. Behind.
Where's the lamb?

The lamb is right here.

It's one beef Wellington.

A, man.

Hey. What was going? What was going?

One lamb, one lobster,
one beef, one duck.

Right, and what did you bring me?

I don't know what...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, look.

You're screaming at me what's going,
and you bring up the wrong order.

Yes, Chef.

Here we go with the dumb [BLEEP].
What's wrong with you?

Nothing, Chef. I'm sorry.
Come here, you.

And the volcano is erupting right now.

What is... hey, you,
get the [BLEEP] out of here.

What is wrong with you?

Nothing, Chef. I'm asking
what my callback is,

and garnish is being quiet.

So how long?

The lamb is ready. The beef is ready.

Oh, I know the lamb's ready.
I told you that,

but the beef's [BLEEP] blue.

Yes, Chef.
Wake up!

Yes, Chef.
Get out.

Your next ticket is gonna be
two beef Wellington, mama.

And the garnish is [BLEEP]
up the meat apparently.

Answer that one if you would.

Robyn, it's really simple.
Go [BLEEP] yourself.

No, seriously, go [BLEEP] yourself.

All right, Wellington
pulling out. How long, Ben?

How long on garnish, Ben?

Shut the [BLEEP] up.

While Robyn tries
to get back on track...

Lamb walking.

The Red Team is
quickly making up for lost time.

Chef, salmon.

Go, please.

Walking beef Wellington.

Let's pick it up, ladies.

Go, John, please. Go, go, go, go, go.

The remake Wellington's
right here, Chef.

And now both teams ae
closing in on the finish line.

It's really good.

Red Team, all of you, come here.
Blue Team, all of you,

come here, now. Now.

Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.

One, two, three.
One, two, three tables each.

Right now first to finish
is gonna win the evening.

Let's go, ladies.
Let's go, ladies.

Come on, y'all. We got to go.

Two beef, one halibut,
one tortellini. Let's go.

I am two minutes out on this halibut.

And that's going with
my tortellini, yeah?

Yes. Three tickets versus three tickets.

It don't get more even than that.

We've got to beat the Red Team.
Walking garnish.

Walking tortellini. To your left.
Go, John, please.

One special tortellini,
two halibut, one duck.

How long, Dana?

Slicing duck, walking to the window.

The last three tickets are pretty much

all coming from my station.

WOTwo halibut, yes?
Two halibut next.

Sorry, behind you, behind you.
Ooh, behind.

Where's the special tortellini?
In my hand.

Come on then. Go with it, too, please.

So these next two tickets,
we have two duck, one lamb,

one lobster Wellie.

Lobster Wellington's
being pulled out now.

The last two tickets is all me.

How long?
Five minutes, Chef.

I feel like this victory's
all on my shoulders,

and I'm not gonna let my team down.

So we need to have all this
stuff ready in 3 1/2 minutes.

As the Blue Team tries
to finish first by pushing their

last two tickets out together...

Go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go.

In the red kitchen...

Push, push, push. Come on, let's go.

The women have just moved on

to their final two tickets.

Can we go strip?
Yeah, walk with strip.

Dana, don't worry.
It's not how you start.

It's how you finish,
so pull it through, finish strong.

One beef, one New York strip, yes?

One beef Wellington.
Yes, Chef!

Go, please.

Last tickets, come on.

We need to beat that team.
How long on two duck?

We can pick up two duck right now.

How long?
Excuse me.

Can you pick up those two duck?

One minute to the pass. Two duck?

I'm pulling the duck out.

It needs to rest, Benjamin, please.

Guys, we're not the
Red Team. Stop arguing.

With the pressure
mounting on the Blue Team's

last two tickets, in the red kitchen,

Dana is almost ready to deliver
her team's final order.

Walking with beef Wellington garnish.

Heard. Slicing Wellington.

I may have had a little hiccup
in the beginning of service,

but now I'm feeling like I
have everything under control.

Walking with beef Wellington.

Michelle, you need help?

No, I got it.

It's been two hours, and with the end

of dinner service in sight...

First to finish is gona win the evening.

Both teams are racing
to complete their final ticket.

Walking with beef Wellington.

Michelle, you need help?
No, I got it.

And as Dana's final
beef Wellington hits the pass,

the Red Team is hoping to claim victory.

Yes, Chef?

Ladies, come down here.
Yes, Chef.

Just look at the color of that beef.

WOOvercooked, Chef.

Yeah, it is overcooked. It's medium.

Do you have another Wellington?
Yes, I do, Chef.

They're overcooked. They're undercooked.

The hits just keep coming.

Come on, Dana. Right here, right here.

Right here.

Marino. Marino.

Come in here.

What's he freaking out about?

Hey, just come here. Just touch that.

Just touch it. I don't know where to go.

Come on, Dana. Don't stall
us on the last ticket.

Chef, can I put that back
in the oven for you?

Back in the oven? It can go
back in the [BLEEP] field.

All of you, in the back room.

Yes, Chef?

On desserts, please, quickly.
I want you to get out,

I want you to go upstairs,

and think how your team can be stronger

without two of you in it. Get out.

[BLEEP]. I'm stuck.

Christina and I will finish desserts.

Yes, Chef.
Get out. Get out.

I'm [BLEEP] pissed.

Last [BLEEP] ticket, we get booted.

That's [BLEEP].

Dana really had a meltdown today.

We had every opportunity to win it.

Last ticket took forever
and over and over.

I'm hoping that Jennifer

and I can stay connected, stay strong.

We made a pact, and we're
going to stick to it.

I mean, I can't believe we [BLEEP]
got kicked out. That's [BLEEP].

With the Red Team
thrown out of the race...

Walking to the pass, guys.
Lobster, lamb, right now.

The Blue Team is coasting to victory

as they deliver their final orders.

Coming with sauce with
lamb right now, Chef.

It is so delicious.

Blue Team.
Yes, Chef?

Shut down.

Honestly, this is gonna be
a tough one, because...

'Cause we're dwindling down.

My vote is Dana, for obvious reasons,

just because the tickets
came back and Michelle

because you never listen,

and you never assume responsibility.

Honestly, Elise, I think
you did a good job tonight,

so I have to vote for Dana,
and I have to vote for Michelle.

Do you really think our team
would be better off without me?

Yeah, right now I do.

Everyone would think
that the obvious choice

for me to vote for would be Elise,

but I did form this little
alliance with Elise.


I'm gonna vote for Jennifer,
and based on who do I think

would make the team the strongest,

I'm gonna vote for Elise.

I didn't do [BLEEP] tonight,
so y'all keep putting me up

because I'm intimidating to you,

because I know I'm stronger than you,

and I know I'm stronger than you.

Facts. That's just facts.

That's not facts. That's just opinion.

No, that's fact. They're facts, Dana.

Oh, you're so [BLEEP] amazing, Elise.

Thank you. I am,
and I will continue to be.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

You're a [BLEEP] bully.

You can be mad all you want.
You're the one who got us

kicked out the kitchen tonight.

But you can't base it
on just tonight only.

I cooked with perfection tonight,
and they're trying to put me up again.

Michelle and Dana, they're
definitely, like, a clique.

I'm gonna call them Dachelle,
'cause they one thing.

They, like, Dachelle.

I have two votes, and Dana
has two votes right now?

Dana, you're my first vote,

but no matter who I vote for,

we're gonna have a three-way tie
'cause she's gonna have three.

I'll have two,
and one of you will have two.

I don't know, guys. I don't...
I don't [BLEEP] know.

If Chef Ramsay asks us tonight,
we need to be on one accord.

He's gonna ask us who's the weakest.

I would say it was Michelle.

Overall, I think it's Michelle.

You think so?
You think it's Dana?

I think so.


And if he asks you,
I think that should be said

that I don't even deserve
to be up there tonight.

I'm just saying, let's be on one
accord when we [BLEEP] get up there.


Everything you do in Hell's Kitchen

from now on in is under a microscope

because I look at all eight of you now

and image one of you
running Hell's Kitchen.

Red Team, have you reached a decision?

Well, we have a tie.

So we haven't come to a consensus.

The team is split, Chef.

Oh, no.

Red Team, have you reached a decision?

Well, we have a tie.

So we haven't come to a consensus.

The team is split, Chef.

Oh, no. Jennifer,
give me the nominations,

please, first and why.
Dana, Chef.

We all agree that tonight
Dana struggled on meat.

Second nominee.

We're split. I voted for Michelle, Chef.

Honestly, I just don't think
she can lead us, Chef.

Third nomination.

Elise, Chef. Dana and
Michelle both think

that if Elise was gone,
we would be stronger as a group,

but I don't think so.

Well, you said the same about Barbie.

Pretty much Dachelle always
votes the exact same.

They're a clique.
Who's a clique?

Dachelle, Dana and Michelle.

Dachelle, got it.

It's facts.
That's funny.


Chef, I voted for Dana tonight. How
can we be a clique if I voted for her?

Elise, Michelle, Dana,
step forward, please.

Holy mackerel.

This is unbelievable.

Okay, Elise, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I should stay in Hell's Kitchen,
Chef, because I'm a leader,

I'm a fighter, and I'm a great chef.

I didn't come here to just play around.

I came here to win.

Dana, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

Chef, I have passion. I have drive.

Yes, tonight there was a problem,

and I'm not the weakest
member in this kitchen.

I'm not.

Michelle, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I deserve to be here.
I think to be a good leader,

you can't take things personally,

and you can't be defensive,

and Elise definitely has
those two attributes.

She fights with everyone.

I haven't fought with anybody
in the kitchen except...

You fight every day with
people in the kitchen.

That's a lie. That's false.

She fought with Barbie.

She fought with Robyn,
and she fought with Michelle.

I didn't fight with
Robyn in the kitchen.

Have we ever had a fight in the kitchen?

That one time on meat.


Let's get this done.

My decision is...


Back in line.

Thank you, Chef.

My decision is...


Get back in line.
Thank you, Chef.

Dana, come here.


You know, honestly,

I first thought I couldn't wait to
bring you back, but unfortunately,

today has been one of the
worst days you ever had.

I'm not feeling that leader.

That's the thing that
needs to pop for me.

Right now you're not ready to become
my head chef in Hell's Kitchen.

Please give me your jacket.

I wish you the best.
Thank you.

Thank you.

I mean, let's face it.
The Red Team is a disaster.

Elise should be standing here.
Elise wants to say she's not a bully,

but I think she uses that
facade to push people around,

when really she's
insecure about herself.

I came into this kitchen
every day and gave it my all,

so to know that that wasn't
good enough, that hurts.

Tomorrow all of you are gonna face a day

like you've never had
before in this competition.

Right now it's more important

that you stand out as an individual.

Yes, Chef.

Get out of here.

I don't think Jennifer
was being honest tonight.

I think she said what she
said as a strategic move.

Those are all moves that Chef
Ramsay sees right through.

He knows when someone's lying to him,

and he knows who the most talented
people on the Red Team are.

And then there were seven.
So check it out.

There's Brangelina,
Bennifer, and Dachelle,

and guess what, they all broke up.

Michelle's on her own island.

She won't stay afloat by herself.

You all right?
Yeah, it just sucks.

I don't know how long my
alliance with Elise will last.

Do I think Elise would push
me in front of a moving car

if she had the chance?

But you know what. I'm ready for it.

In two seasons,
this was Dana's first time

ever being nominated.

Unfortunately for her,

it was also her last.

Next time on "Hell's
Kitchen All-stars"...

It's black jacket time.


With only five
black jackets up for grabs.

Two of you will be going home.

We're gonna go from seven
to five really quickly.

Get ready...
Don't push.

For the fiercest battle
in "Hell's Kitchen" history.

I got it.
No, I got it.

This is gonna get cutthroat.

Who will rise?

I got to get this win.

Who will fall?

The final chef receiving
a black jacket is...

And will one of the toughest chefs

ever to set foot in Hell's Kitchen...

I've been bringing my A game,

and now I'm gonna turn up the heat.

Finally lose her cool?

Describe the dish, please.

Okay, um, I made, uh...

It's the most
emotional episode of the season.

I literally could be going home.

Next time on "Hell's Kitchen All-stars."