Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 13 - Stars Heating Up Hell - full transcript

The chefs must instruct athletes Candace Parker, Jordyn Wieber, Ricky Williams, Shawne Merriman, and Reggie Miller to make their signature dishes using only verbal instructions; the contestants cook in one kitchen during dinner se...

Previously on
"Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars"...

That's right, it's black jacket time.

This is the day I've been waiting for.

There were seven chefs remaining

but only five black
jackets up for grabs.

Two of you will be going home.

In Chef Ramsay's

first of three black jacket challenges,

taste it, now make it...

I've got to get this win.
That's not halibut.

That's bass.
That's definitely not it.

People are spying in this kitchen,

so I grab cauliflower to make
them think I was doing it too.

Milly came the closet

to recreating Chef Ramsay's
complex fish dish.

The first person receiving
a black jacket is Milly.


Followed by...
Nick. Amazing job.

Earning them both access

to the exclusive black jacket lounge.

It's VIP!

In the second challenge...

Don't push.

The remaining chefs had to
race to grab ingredients.

I'll take the leeks.

Despite Jennifer's confidence..

You guys are making this easy, man.

You're giving me good ingredients.

Chef Ramsay wasn't impressed.

Undercooked potato, no go.

And Elise blew a gret
opportunity with her lobster,

as there was a fatal flaw.

So it's got a [BLEEP] sack there.

They both came up short,

and the third black jacket went to...


Season 14 right here.

And jacket number for went to...

Thank you, Chef.

Everybody who has a black
jacket right now is no joke.

Leaving Elise, Robyn,
and Jennifer to battle it out..

Let's go.

For the final black jacket

and their lives in Hell's Kitchen.

You have total freedom.
It could be anything you want.


Scallops slightly undercooked
in the center there.

And Elise...

Filet is not medium rare.

Both had issues with their temperatures.

I want to beat Elise so bad right now.

While Robyn left nothing to chance.

It's melting in my mouth. Strong effort.

And so the fifth and
final black jacket went to-


Told you I was gonna bring this Mom.

Ending Elise and Jennifer's dreams

of becoming the head
chef at Gordon Ramsay's

Hell's Kitchen restaurant at
Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation of
"Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars."

Cheers, guys.

Good job, Robyn.
[BLEEP] yeah.

Good job, Robyn.
Thank you.

I just got to pinch myself.
Like, I got goose bumps.



I'm gonna sleep in this jacket tonight.
I don't want to take it off.

When you're calm and you're in
control, you are at your best.

Robyn definitely had a rough
start here in Hell's Kitchen

the second time around,
but she's the comeback kid.

I think she's definitely proving
to be a serious competitor.

I'm proud of all of us and this big,
huge journey we came together.

This is the most intense
[BLEEP] that we've ever done.

I was rooting for Elise though.

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Hurry up.

Oh, my God.

What the [BLEEP] is going on here?

Good morning.
It's a club.

Chef Ramsay,
we going to a rave? Ooh, ooh!

Now, listen carefully.
If you're gonna be head chef

at Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas,

I have to know that you
can mentor, instruct,

and teach a brigade.

Yes, Chef.
So for today's challenge,

you'll be tested on a very
important and necessary skill:

your ability to teach.

Seeing how this is an all-star season,

I have for you some very
incredible all-star students.

Take it away.

It's lights going off everywhere.

We got a announcer.
Like, whatever it is,

basketball, football,
cooking, I'm ready to go.

Cooking with Milly,
he's a Heisman Trophy winner

and in his first season
with the Miami Dolphins

made the Pro Bowl and won
NFL's Leading Rusher.

It's Ricky...


Oh, my God.
Oh, yeah!


Yeah! Yeah, bro! Let's go!

Cooking with Michelle...

Winner of the 2016 WNBA championships,

queen of the hard court,

the Los Angeles Sparks'
own Candace Parker!

Whoo! Hi.

Wow, you're really tall.

I was not an athletic child at all.

I think the closest I got to
a sport was in marching band.



Cooking with Benjamin,

he was 2005's Defensive
Rookie of the Year.

He was one of the top
linebackers in the NFL.

Oh, my God.
You may know him as Lights Out.

Shawne Merriman!

Oh, Shawne, baby!


Cooking with Nick,
she was gold in gymnastics

as a member of the Fierce Five.

What? No.

Jordyn Wieber.

Oh, my God!
Oh, yes!

I am so excited to be
working with Jordyn Wieber.

Oh, my God, I'm a huge fan.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.

She's an Olympian.
She is a gold medalist.

I mean, I think I'm pretty
[BLEEP] awesome myself,

so I think we're gonna stick it today.

And now, this hall of fame
athlete is the Indiana Pacers'

greatest player of all time.


Please welcome five-time NBA all-star

Reggie Miller!

Reggie Miller, baby.

Hey, how are you?
This is crazy.

It's an honor.
Oh, my God.

All of you give a warm welcome
to these incredible athletes.

We're gonna do this.

We're gonna do this.
Listen carefully.

Here's how today's
challenge is going to work.

You'll be instructing
your all-star partners

how to execute the dish

that each of you should
know extremely well,

your signature dish.

Oh, my God. I finally get
to cook my signature dish.

You know, it's the dish I
had on my mind the moment

I walked into Hell's Kitchen.

That's when Chef Ramsay
totally threw us a curveball.

Lift your domes.

That's not mine.

What the [BLEEP]?
This is not what I picked.

This time I think I'm gonna ace it.

Now, your all-star athletes

will be doing all the cooking.


Oh, [BLEEP].
You will not be allowed

to touch anything.


You've got 45 minutes,
and your time starts now.

Let's go, into the kitchen.

Come on, let's go, let's go.
Let's go, follow you.

Okay, we got to hurry up.
All right.

Get a couple of these little pots.

You want to get some water going.

Grab a whisk out of that little... yup.

Is this a whisk?

Make sure it's in the center

'cause the pasta's gonna be expanding.

There you go.

Peel those fast, fast, fast,
fast, peel, peel, peel.

Let your knife do all the work.

You've not done it before?
Is that your first time?

It's the first time.
She's an Olympian,

so I mean... she... let's be honest,
she's, like... she's fine.

I never got to learn to cook.
I spent my life in the gym, so.

Yeah, exactly, so here,
now's your chance.

I am just as nervous for...


This competition as I am the Olympics.

I feel like I'm doing surgery.

Yeah, you got to, like,
really get in there.

I would rather do backflips on
a 4-inch balance beam than...

Than test out my cooking skills.

I'm, like, shaking right now.

No, don't be. We're just
chilling in the kitchen.

Okay. Is this right?

Yup. Yeah, that's perfect.
Oh, you're doing great, bro.

I was so scared of this
[BLEEP] dish, but now I...

You got it, huh?
Yeah, I feel great.

That's enough.

A little intimidated by
three dishes, but...

No, I got... I got you.
I promise you, I got you.

Drop your fritter, and then shake
the basket at the same time.

Like this?
Yup, so it don't stick.

All right.
Yup, let it go. Beautiful.

You got to beat three dishes with one.
I don't think they can do it.

Candace Parker can't
tackle Ricky Williams.

Reggie Miller can't
tackle Ricky Williams.

Shawne Marian can't tackle
Ricky Williams, so we straight.

I know we doing a lot,
bro, but I appreciate it.

Just under 20 minutes to go.

We just got 20 minutes.
That's it?

That's a [BLEEP] quarter,
man. You got it.

You can win a championship in that time.

I'm a huge NFL fan,
so it's an honor to cook

next to one of the most prolific
linebackers in NFL history.

This guy is a monster.

So we need to chop up some butter,
so take the butter out.

Shawne Merriman,

he was checking himself out.

He was making sure he still
looked good, you know?

You're doing perfect.
Yeah, you're sweating.

You got... you're working up a sweat.

I mean, he's a good-looking guy,
so it's kind of distracting.

Shawne, we good?
Yeah, we're good.

You're looking good.
We worked up a sweat, yo.

I see it.

I mean, Nick was checking him out.

I don't know who
Benjamin's cooking with,

but damn, that ass though.

Eight minutes, guys.
Always say,

"Walking through the kitchen, hot, hot."

Hot, hot, walking through
the kitchen, hot, hot.

Hot, hot, what, what?
What, what?

It's getting hot in hurr.
It's getting hot in hurr.

You're distracting me.
Right here.

Oh, yeah, go... come on.
Don't focus on them.

That's what we're gonna do,
psyche them out.

Fake, uh, uh.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.

I've only been in the kitchen
with Reggie for five minutes,

and it feels like I been in the
kitchen with him for ten years.

We're just vibing.

That's called we're making them blister.

We're making them blister, baby.

What, what?
Oh, my.

We're making them blister over here.
We're making tomatoes blister over here.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry.

So a score is like you're
just barely marking it.

See, they're so focused.
I know.

All those other athletes,
y'all going down.

This is the team right here.

There's no comparison.
You can't even touch us.

High and wide.

High and wide.



Give each of them a tap-tap.
Tap, tap, tap, tap.

Robyn and Reggie maybe should focus

more on the searing of the scallops

as opposed to your dance move,
'cause we're focused on our sea bass.

We're focused on everything right now.

That's what we're doing,
what's on the whole plate.

Yeah, we'll dance later when we win.

So use the fish spatula
to kind of press it down,

but lightly. Don't
press it down too hard.

So like that?

We're gonna dribble around
this kitchen right now.

And hit threes.
And hit threes.

And half-court shots.

And half-court shots,
whatever that means.

See, that one's getting golden brown,

so let's flip that one first.

Ooh, that's hot, hot, hot.

It is [BLEEP] hot. Don't be scared.

You're not gonna get burned.

Oh, we doing it over here.

Oh, yeah, we doing it.

We're not even sweating over here.

We're not even nervous.

Flip it like... just like that.
It is so hot!

Yo, he's sweating.

It is sweating over here, girl.

Just over three minutes, guys.

Now we're gonna smoke these babies.

Look at that [BLEEP].

That's crazy. Look at that.
See, you just made smoke.

I know.

Oh, my God.
It's good?

Yeah. Yeah, all right. Now we cooking.

Time to plate, guys.

Right on top, right on top.

Yeah, that's good, that's good.

Do a drizzle around it.


That's beautiful.
Six, five.

That's perfect.

Come on, come on, come on.
Three, two, one, and stop.

Well done, guys.

In today's all-star
cook-along challenge...

Tap, tap, tap.

The chefs are teaching athletes

WNBA superstar Candace Parker..

Oh, we doing it over here.
Oh, yeah, we doing it.

NBA legend Reggie Miller...

Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Wieber...

Not too bad so far, right?
No, it's easy.

All right, good.
I got this.

And NFL all-stars Shawne Merriman...

That's perfect.
And Ricky Williams...

That's beautiful.

Some all-star moves of their own.

Three, two, one,
and stop. Well done, guys.

Now, here's how it's gonna
work for today's judging.

I'll taste the first dish,
and that all-star team will then

take a place in those
chairs as king of the hill.

The duo that's still sitting
after all the tastings

will win this challenge.

Right, first up,
Nick and Jordyn. Let's go.

Want to bring it up?
Good luck, y'all.

I'm super nervous to go
approach Chef Ramsay.

I know he's a little bit intimidating,

and I don't know if he's
gonna yell at me or not.

Right, Jordyn,
describe your dish, please.

So we have the...

You got it.
Celery root puree,

and we have peppercorn-crusted scallops.

The actual cook on the
scallops is delicious.

Good job, Jordyn.

I just wish we'd get cook
of the scallop like that

in service. Do you cook often?

I do not, no.

I'm pretty good at scrambled eggs,
but that's about it.

You may want to consider
another career here.

Great start, both of you.
Thank you, Chef.

Good job, Jordyn.
Well done.

Please take a seat.

Good job, Jordyn.

Next up, Robyn and Reggie. Let's go.

Good luck, y'all.
We look good.

We look good. We cook well,
and we're gonna win this thing.

Reggie, describe the dish, please.

This is seared scallops in a uni sauce.

Pasta is cooked excellent.

It's fresh, it's clean,
and it's vibrant, but for me,

the hero of this is the scallops.

Each and every one of them
is seared beautifully.

Nice. You said it.

You said it.

You said it.
Tough one.

We had more scallops.

They only had three
or four scallops, so.

I mean, I could do four
scallops in my sleep.

I love the competitive spirit, Reggie.

Does it outshine Nick and Jordyn?


Yes, it does outshine.

Yeah! Okay.
Come here! We [INAUDIBLE].

All right. Oh, my goodness.

Sorry, Nick and Jordyn,
but this throne is now ours.

Are you kidding me?
We are now...

The king of the hill.



Nice, job, boss.

Right, next up, Milly and Ricky.

Let's go.

We got sea bass three ways.
Three delicious ways.

I mean, I'm telling you,
you taste each one, taste buds explode.

I -I don't see how we can lose.

At all.
So describe the dish, please.

We wanted to take sea bass
and do it different ways,

so here we have a fritter.

We have the pan-seared sea
bass with the risotto,

and over here we have poached sea bass

on a fennel and apple salad.

Right, love the risotto
and the sea bass.

Love the fritter, so does
it beat Robyn and Reggie?

Yes, it does.

Congratulations. Wow.

Well done, guys.


Hell yeah.

Get up out of here, Robyn and Reggie.

And you can't put your leg out
on this one, Reggie, no fouls.

Okay, up next,
Michelle and Candace, please.

Excuse me.
Bring it home, Candace.

Excuse me.
Bring it h... bring it home, Candace.

She just straight elbowed me.

All right, we have a pasta
tossed in uni sauce,

seared sea bass, and miso beet puree.

Great color on the skin here, love that.

Sea bass is cooked to perfection.

That is beautiful,
but does it beat Milly's?

It's a tough one. Um...

I'd like Michelle and Candace
to take a seat, please.

Yes, whoo!

Good job.

Last one, let's go,

Benjamin and Shawne.

Oh, yeah, it's game time. It's on.

We want to win.
That's right.

I mean, I know Shawne wants
to win. I want to win.

They are going down.
Thank you.


Right, Shawne, what was it like
cooking in Hell's Kitchen?

It was a workout.
I was in there sweating

the whole time, and I looked
over, and I seen Reggie.

I said, "Okay,
he's sweating more than me",

so I'm not that bad out of shape."

Describe the dish, please.
So we got a smoked lamb loin

and roasted cauliflower.
Oh, wow.

The lamb's cooked beautifully,
let's get that right.

Inside is pink.

Shawne's nickname,
as you know, is Lights Out.

Is it gonna be lights out
for Michelle and Candace?

That's a really tough one. Um...

The dish...

Is not as good as
Michelle and Candace's.


We won. Yes! Yay, we won! Whoo!

We got to... we got to hit that.
We're going like this? Okay.

And then the spoon.
Oh, and the spoon?

Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] all that.

Candace, Reggie, Jordyn, Shawne,

and Ricky, thank you so much.

Best wishes and continued success.

It was nice meeting you.
Thank you, Michelle.

You did a good job.
Thank you.

Best of luck to you guys.
Thank you.

Didn't see that one coming
this morning, did you?


What a turnout of athletes.

Michelle, I have an amazing day for you.

You're gonna be treated
to the most amazing,

breathtaking views of
downtown Los Angeles

all from your very own helicopter.

Now, once you've flown

high above the sky,

get ready to dine in
the clouds at 71 Above,

a restaurant that is 1,000
feet above the ground.

Oh, my God.

This reward is so special

that it shouldn't' be experienced alone.

Take a moment.

Nick, Chef.
Thanks, Michelle.

You're welcome, Nick.
Michelle and Nick,

your chopper is taking off soon.

Thank you.

Whoo! Nick, come on.
Of course I was gonna pick you.

Oh, my God.

Today in Hell's Kitchen
it is deep cleaning day.


Our red carpet's taken a beating,
so brush, brush, brush.

Make sure there's not an ounce
of dirt anywhere, got me?

Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.

Please jump back in the
kitchens. Off you go.

Oh, man, they getting to ride
around in the helicopter,

but I will never forget this
day because we got a chance

to teach all-star athletes

how to cook in the kitchen with us!

This is the real deal.

Listen, if I'm gonna
clean up your kitchen

and you leave some food over,

thank you for the gift.

I just had some of your lamb.

I got to sample almost everybody's dish.

Oh, that's all that.

Candace Parker, you killed that dish.

Hey, y'all deserved the win.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, my God, look at this helicopter.

Oh, my gosh. Thank you for
taking me. I'm so nervous.

Heights and me do not go
well together, so good thing

I'm wearing an extra pair of underwear.

Ready, Nick?
I'm so nervous.

No, don't be nervous, excited, excited.

No, excited, excited nervous,
excited nervous.

Ah, we're floating. This is cool.

Oh, my gosh.




Hey, Kim Kardashian. Hey, Beyoncé.

Oh, hey, Britney Spears.

I'm glad I'm conquering my fear.
Oh, that's so cool.



Oh, wow.
Oh, awesome.

This is beautiful.

Welcome to 71 Above.
Thank you.

Follow me.
Oh, I'm so excited.

Things I never thought I'd be doing,

taking a helicopter and looking
at this view right now.

Yeah. Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.

It's beautiful. It looks, like,
off the cover of a magazine.

Doesn't it?
We're here again, black jackets.

Last time I don't think we were ready.

I think this time it's our time.
I think we're the final two.

I really do.

Nick and I do have a special bond.

We shared season 14 together,
those experiences,

and we've kept that friendship
throughout this season.

He's, like, my right-hand man,
and he's definitely got my bac.

This [BLEEP] is how immature you are.

Your numbers ain't backing up [BLEEP].

Elise, you're a [BLEEP] bully.

I'm not even talking to you.
This is fine.

Check the scoreboard, yeah.
Boo, boo, boo, boo.

I would rather spend this lunch with him

than anyone else in Hell's Kitchen.

Cheers to the final two?
Yes, cheers to the youngest chefs,

and I hope the old geriatrics

are having fun back in Hell's Kitchen.

Geriatrics, bye.

Um, Milly from Philly,
could you carry that back there?

No. Why me?

Because you got muscles, and I don't.

Naw. If we get paid the same amount,
we got to do the same job.

Your [BLEEP].

That's how I... that's how I look at it.

Okay. Thanks, Milly from Philly.

Milly, over you eating [BLEEP]
strips and Wellingtons and lambs

when we're cleaning up the kitchen,

and you let everyone else clean up.

Do you think you're too good to clean?

'Cause I think you do.

You guys want to empty this for me?

Okay, I'll figure it out.

You think you could help me, Milly?

Or is that too much
work for you as well?

Like, come on, now.


"Why you doing that spot again?"

Are you gonna get down
there and scrub it too?

No, no, no, no.

Come on, Robyn. I don't
need no more aggravation.

I'm already out here
cleaning carpets all day.

Just leave me alone.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, [BLEEP].

Clean, bitch, clean instead
of [BLEEP] talking.

With Michelle and Nik

back from an afternoon
high above Los Angeles...

We need to get in there and go set up.

The final five chefs

are preparing for their
first dinner service

together in one kitchen.

Let's rock out, guys.
Boom, boom, boom. That's good.

Everybody ready? Anybody missing
anything? Are you ready?

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.


I need some help setting up.

Can you finish my beef
tartare, and I need...

What do you need?

I still need mascarpone.

Milly is looking
super flustered already,

and that's not a good sign.

And I need this. This is what I need.

He definitely isn't set up,

and it's not fair to be relying on me.


Capers, beef tartare.
Beef tartare?

Yeah, with shallots and then cornichons.

I said to you, "Are you ready?"

I said, "Are you ready?"
and you go, "Yeah, yeah."

I'm sorry.
Didn't you say that to me? Focus, yeah?

1/2 scallops, three slices, yes?

Yes, Chef.

Good. Wellingtons glazed, yes?
Yes, Chef.

Bacon rendered, yeah?
Yes, Chef, right here,

a couple orders to start.

Eyes wide open, yes?
Yes, Chef.

Yes, wide open, Chef.

Si, Chef?
Open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

The excitement in Hell's Kitchen tonight

is palpable...

Great evening.
As guests have secured

one of the hottest
reservations in Los Angeles.

Oh, man, look at this place.

Ah... no, ladies first. Ladies first.

Well, it's cool. You got
the black jackets today.

For the first time,
the all-stars will be serving

the entire dining room
out of one kitchen.

We got this tonight. No nerves.

No nerves at all.

Including one very special chef's table.

To Hell's Kitchen. Let's get it.


Now bring the steak.

Wyclef Jean has got two

pretty ladies with him,
so that always help.

Let's go.

Come on, bro, order off my
station so I can show off.

Here we go, guys. Two tartare,
one risotto, one carbonara,

and I want two cured salmon.
Yes, Chef!

Come on, Milly, let's go.
Can't stop, won't stop.

You already know what it is.
I'm from Philly.

I'm turned up on cold apps and
hot apps, whip, whip, whip.

I need some more pans already. [BLEEP].

Oh, my God. We just
started dinner service,

and Milly's station is
just a frigging mess.

There's food all over the rang.

If I saw that as a diner, I'd be like,

"I'm gonna pass 'cause
it looks like someone

"just took a [BLEEP] on your station,

so I'm... I'm good
with that, thank you."

Hey, pan's burning.

Burnt pan? I don't got
no [BLEEP] burnt pan.

Oh, my God.

Milly, start again.
Yes, Chef.

I want it cleaned down a little bit.
Yes, Chef.

You work in a mess, you produce a mess.

We work clean and tidy,
and we produce immaculate food, okay?

Yes, Chef.
Like, cooking is a art.

You got to love it.

My favorite that I'm
master, boiled eggs.

Robyn, help with the two
tartare now, please.


Nick, start two cured salmon, please.

Yes, Chef.

Yes, sir.
Um, Robyn?

After that, I'ma ask Nick...

I'ma ask Nick to jump on the tartares.

I don't understand what's
going on right now.

Milly's got a lot of people helping him.

Nick is helping him;
Robyn's helping him.

There's, like, three people
on the app station right now.

Walking behind,
cured salmon to the pass.

Hey, Milly, we're in
full-flight service now.

We can't do any more work for you, okay?

Yes, Chef. One minute.

I need to plate that, though, Milly.
Yes, Chef.

Walking carbonara right now.

I'm not worried about
nothing at this point.

Signed, sealed, delivered,
Milly is gonna serve it,

and it's gonna be perfect.


Milly. Milly.

Thank you, Chef.

Dun, dun-dun, dun!

Yes, Chef?

Onto the meat now.
Yes, Chef.

Milly can do a tartare and
a risotto at the same time.

If he can't, he shouldn't be here.

Yes, Chef.
Service, please.

Thank you. Oh, that looks insane.

Oh, yes.

That is really good.
It's so good, right?

Can I go with two lobster
wellington, two duck?

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.
Six minutes to the window.

When I'm in the kitchen,
I am calm, focused.

I'm always paying attention.

I'm watching, and, you know,
I get [BLEEP] done.

How long do you need?
How long, Benjamin?

Benjamin? Talk to [BLEEP] Robyn!

How long, two duck?
No, I need the countdown!

Benjamin, I'm not exactly
sure how old you are.

I don't know if you're
40 or 50, mid-50s,

but you need to find your voice
'cause the clock's ticking.

The nursing home is
around the corner, buddy.

You two need to join together.

Five, four, three, two, one,
it's not [BLEEP] funny, guys.

My back's turned. There's no countdown.

Two minutes, two lobster, two duck.

Thank you.

One minute to the window, Benjamin.

'Kay. I'm slicing lobster.
Couscous is right here.

Hey, hey, hey, come here, all of you.

This is where the wheels come off.

Just taste that.

There's not a little bit of salt.
It's [BLEEP] disgusting.

Bland, yes. This couscous
is just so bland.

It's almost as bland as
Benjamin's personality.

Show a bit of respect!
Yes, Chef.

A little bit of respect.

Who in their right mind's
gonna serve that [BLEEP]?

Answer me.


No, just answer me.

It's over 45 minutes

into the all-stars' first
black jacket dinner service.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, just taste that.

There's not a little bit of salt.
It's [BLEEP] disgusting.

Bland, yes.
And Robyn's

underwhelming couscous

has Chef Ramsay asking...

Who in their right mind's
gonna serve that [BLEEP]?

That's my question to you.
Just answer me.

I don't have a answer for you, Chef.

Guys, taste everything.

Just give me the best, Robyn, please.

Couscous, two minutes.

All right, everyone, chill out.

Pump the brakes, like, pump,
pump, pump. I'm gonna get this.

Coming now, pass.
Walking with garnish.

Put it down and [BLEEP] off!
Yes, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

Service, please.

Oh, yeah.

That's really good.

Away next, two lobster,
two beef Wellington,

one New York strip, all meat-heavy,

guys, all meat-heavy, okay?

Yes, Chef.
Five minutes to the window.

Yes, Chef!

Hey. You have to come back, call back,

and refresh each other's memories.
You're not doing it, Ben.

Yes, Chef.
Oui, Chef.

Great, here we go again.
For the fourth time tonight,

I need a voice now.

Oui, Chef!
You're in control.

Oui, Chef.
Man, Benjamin,

I'ma keep it real with you.

You've never been to France.

You not French. You're Irish.

Where the [BLEEP] is this "Oui,
Chef," coming from?

Oui, Chef, oui, Chef.

I could oui-oui and
parlez-vous francais,

like voulez-vous vous chez avec quoi,

like, I could do that [BLEEP]
all day, but guess what?

No, stop speaking French and
speak some [BLEEP] English.

Where's the momentum? Count back!

Let's go, 3 1/2, 4, let's go!

Oui, Chef.
You're just saying yes

in [BLEEP] French.
Like, just because you say "Oui"

doesn't mean you have a voice, okay?

Just letting you know.
Hey, come here, quickly.

I turn my back,
and there's no countdown!

I'm getting zero feedback.

Yes, Chef.
For the last time

I'm telling you.

Yes, Chef.
Last time!

Yes, Chef.
Got it?

Yes, Chef.
Oui, Chef.

Robyn, one minute to the window,
two beef, two lobster,

followed up by one New York strip.

Chef has an expectation
for me to take control

and just prove that I belong here.

30 seconds to the pass.

Let's go, Benjamin.
Push, please, let's go.

Benjamin, you want to
stay here to the end?

Well, you better [BLEEP] find
your voice and take control.

Walking garnish right now.
Walking... slicing Wellington.

Here you go, Chef.
One New York strip, yes?

Right side, Chef.
Two beef, two lobster, Chef.

Service, please.

The beef Wellington's amazing.
This is so good.

Oh, my goodness. Excellent job.

On order, VIP,
chef's table, one halibut,

one New York strip, one pork.

Yes, Chef.
Five minutes, Michelle?

Five minutes on halibut.

Keep up this pace.

Nick and I are strong competitors,

and now we're in black jackets.

This is what we've been working
for since we've gotten here.

Can you go in two minutes?

Thanks for asking.

You know, I think we really
need to give Chef Ramsay

a really good service. Chef, halibut.

Get those garnishes up.
Garnishes walking right now.

Come on, speed it up.
Halibut sauce?

Halibut sauce!

Halibut sauce, anybody?
Sorry, Chef.

Guys, think about the dishes
we're doing, come on.

We know this stuff.
Let's go. Walking sirloin.

Michelle, I love you.

You and I are holding it down right now,

but as our buddy Wyclef Jean

at our chef table would tell you,

you're killing us
softly with this sauce.

Nick, come on, guys. Hey, all of you.

Hey, just come here.

Nick, we've been on point.
It's undercooked.

It's three minutes away from that.

Yes, Chef.
Get it back in.

Yes, Chef.

I'm not [BLEEP] up the
whole table. I can't. Face!

Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.

I was having a perfect,
flawless service until just now.

Where's the New York strip?
Right here, refire, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Take it over, Nick, please.
Yes, Chef.

Here's the New York strip for you.
I'm sorry about that.

Hope this is better for you, okay?

All right, thank you so much.
How was everything else so far?

Good, good to hear.

Everybody, enjoy your meal.

On order, hey, one six-top.

It's two pork, two beef
wellington, two lamb.

Yes, Chef.

Robyn, that means you're
four minutes to the pass.

Hold on.

How long?
One second.

We need more pots and pans, guys.

You need to get...
you need to get that table going.

Benjamin, are you slowing down
because of her, yes or no?


Yes, Chef.
Oh, yes?

[BLEEP] hell.
I'm sorry, guys.

I'm in the weeds right now. I apologize.

Don't apologize, just bounce back.
Just bounce back.

The fennel's heating up right now.

Robyn, get a salmon garnish first.

Could you stop calling stuff at me?

Let me focus real quick, please.

Take a breath.
I am getting my ass pounded

tonight, like, pounded,
pounded, pounded, pounded.

Robyn, can you walk garnish, please?

Hold on.

I'm ready now. We're ready to go.


Behind you. Pork. Chef, this is...

Just stop talking to me and
give me the [BLEEP] garnish.

I don't like this.
I want to put new ones down.

Oh, my God. Hey, hey, hey,
all of you come here.

I don't want to send that.
Yeah, just come here.

I didn't send that.

Hey, hey, I'm... All of you come here.

Chef, I told you I don't
want to send that.

I'm sorry if you [BLEEP]
misunderstood me.

What did you just say to me?

Where did they go?

I told you I don't want to send that.

I'm sorry if you [BLEEP]
misunderstood me.

What did you just say to me?

Robyn, you do not want to
get in Chef Ramsay way.

If you get in his way,
it's gonna be like

running of the bulls in Spain,

and you gonna to lose.

I said I didn't want to send that.

Is this?
Overcooked Brussels sprouts.

Chef Ramsay is pissed because
Robyn's Brussels sprouts

look like rabbit turds.

Sorry, Chef, I mis...
changed the wrong pan.

Come on, Robyn.
Bounce back, Robyn.

Just refire it, okay?

I feel like I just got a
beatdown, but you know what?

I am not going down like this.

Robyn, you're good. Come on.
I got it. I got it.

Behind, there you go, Chef.

Let's go. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah,
we're going, yes?

It's really good. It's great.


Last table, let's go.

One pork, one New York strip,
one halibut, one crispy salmon.

Yes, Chef!

I can get this up in four minutes, okay?


Let me know when I can run.

Walk now. Go with garnish.

Garnish coming to the window, chefs.

Walking right now.
Behind you.

Service, please.
Oh, my God.

Is it good?

I'm full.
Stoves off, please, Nick.

Well done.

Man, I'ma sleep like a baby.

Line up, let's go.

Right, first of all, well done.

You served the entire dining room faster

and with more quality

than we have with both
kitchens all year,

but there were bumps and
problems on stations, yes?

Yes, Chef.

So Michelle, you're the only
one with a flawless service.

What I want you to do right now
is to have a one-on-one chat

and decide on two nominees.
Now get out of here.

Yes, Chef.
I was not expecting that.

Oh, my God. It's a
tough position for me,

but I have to decide who
would we be stronger without?

Let's get your spiels ready, I guess.

I don't know what else to say.

Yeah, let's go.

Okay, so I'm just gonna ask each of you

two questions. Why do you deserve
to stay in Hell's Kitchen?

So I didn't make any mistakes tonight.

I think it's really important

to be able to acknowledge
your own weaknesses.

Chef Ramsay had to push you,
you know what I mean?

That's what I saw.

Michelle, the only reason
you'd want to put me up

for elimination right now

is because you don't want
to compete against me.

It'd be purely a strategy
thin, but, you know,

I'm hoping that you want to
compete against the best.

What's the next question?

So what do you think
your weaknesses are?

Oh, I don't know.
I'm one of the best cooks here.

Benjamin is not being completely honest

with his weaknesses. Okay, thank you.

I think he can be a little bit cocky,

so he should have been more vocal.

He should have been driving
from the beginning,

and he should have
stepped up to the plate,

and he didn't.

Milly, you want to go?

Yo, we go.

Sorry, Benjamin.
Sorry, Robyn. Sorry, Nick.

Nobody was perfect tonight
on their stations.

It comes down to the least
mistakes, and I had the least,

so it's only right that
I don't get picked.

I really don't care what
nobody say about me.

I really think I deserve to be here,

and you've been seeing great finesse.

So what do you think
your weaknesses are?

I need to learn more
technique in certain areas.

You had a... like,
a burnt pan too, didn't you?

That was my biggest mistake tonight,

not changing my carbonara from
a dirty pan to a clean pan.

Did you see his section tonight?
That's bad. That's bad.

Basically, all he cooked
tonight was [BLEEP]

risotto and [BLEEP] carbonara.

I did all the cured salmon.

I did the [BLEEP] four tartares.

We were doing his cold apps.

You ready, girl?

I'm not the weakest person here,

and I don't want another
[BLEEP] repeat of season ten,

when I get my black jacket for
one day, and then I go home.

I don't want that.

I'm asking everyone.
What are your weaknesses?

Sometimes when I get frazzled,
I get in my head.

Like when everyone was
screaming at me today,

I need everyone to shut the [BLEEP] up,

and I needed to focus on one person.

I don't even know

why Robyn would have showed
Chef Ramsay that pan.

She's like, "I'm not the weakest
one here," and I'm like...

You're trying to convince yourself.

You're not the tightest one.

I feel like Milly's
definitely weaker than me,

and Benjamin doesn't communicate.

That's my spiel.

All right. I don't know.

Everyone is fighting for
their life for sure.

There's three really good
choices for me right now.

What up?
This is awkward.

What are your strengths,

and what are your weaknesses?

I know this is a competition, Michelle,

but you better not [BLEEP]
put me up, you little bitch.

I'll be so pissed at you.

I'm just kidding.

What a night.

Michelle, your first
nominee and why, please.

So the first nominee is Robyn.

I think Robyn should have
been more comfortable

with herself today on
the garnish station.

She should have been
more familiar with it.

Second nomination and why?


Michelle, your first nominee?

Chef, the first nominee is Robyn.

Second nomination and why?

Um, the second nomination
is Milly, Chef.

Milly had a lot of help tonight.

He should have been more confident
and familiar on his station.

Robyn, Milly, step forward, please.

Milly, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I have improved on finesse
and breaking out of my mold.

I'ma turn up every
time I'm on a station.

I turned up garnish.
I turned up meat Asian night.

I turned up hot apps two times.

Tell me when I went down on a station.

Everyone holds you up.
Get... come on.

Like a team. That's why
you're not going down.

Yeah, shut up, garnish.

You're a better chef than me?
You went down on garnish.

And I admitted that I was going down.

You went down on meat last time.

You tripping.
I'm tripping?

The first time you were on
the station, you went down.

Every time you was on the station
with somebody else, you did good.

Robyn, why should you
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I have not given up.
I have more to show you.

No matter what, when I
was crashing and burning,

I was fighting throughout
the whole time.

I didn't give up, and the
biggest thing in the kitchen

is admitting when you can ask for help.

I said I was drowning,
I needed help, but Milly,

you don't help out when people
ask help, so if I need to call...

You're a liar.
I'm not a liar.

Ain't nobody never even said
that about me ever in life.


You're a liar.
I'm a liar? I see how it is.

While you're sitting
there eating lamb chops,

getting sparkling water,
I'm sitting there busting [BLEEP] out.

Get out of my face.

Y'all judging me on something else,

and it ain't got nothing to do
with cooking. You tripping.

I am...
Don't say nothing else to me.

And this is why I don't
ever want to speak to you,

because you get so angry.
Milly, calm down.

You're a liar.
Don't say nothing else to me!

I ain't judging you on nothing.
Don't say nothing else to me!

Enough, enough, enough,
enough, both of you.

Milly, Robyn, stop it.

They should have handed
you your red jacket back.

Enough right there.

My decision is...

Milly, come here.

Yes, Chef.
Listen carefully.

Yes, Chef.

Get back in line.
Thank you, Chef.

Robyn, come here.
Yes, Chef.

At the beginning of this
competition, you almost left.

Yes, Chef.

And since that moment
you turned it around.

You found your voice.

But you're not ready to
be my head chef in Vegas.

All right, Chef.
I appreciate the opportunity

of coming back here in
Hell's Kitchen again.

I don't want your jacket.
Keep hold of it.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.
Get out of here.


Come here.
Bye, guys.

Love you.
Love you too.

Keep your head up.

I'll see you on the street, Milly.

I did not think this was how
it was gonna end for me,

but you know what?

I have absolutely no regrets
leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight.

I gave it my all.

Who cooked the lobster wellington?

Robyn did, Chef.

Yeah, beautiful.
[BLEEP] yeah.

I was rocky when I started...

One out of five. It was disgusting.


Wake up!
Yes, Chef!

Get out!
But no matter what,

at least I know I've put
my heart on the plate.

The winner of this challenge
would be, I think, Robyn.

Robyn, three for four, Great job.

At least I know I went down fighting.

Who does this belong to?

Congratulations. Well done.

Thanks, Chef.
Yes, Robyn!


I know I'm a strong personality.

Way to bounce back after
two [BLEEP] challenges.

Thank you, that's right,

because I'm the bounce-back queen.

But in that kitchen...
Strip, cod, sole lamb.

Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
You should always have fun.

It's not the end of me.

We're free!

Me and my pet rock, Herbie,
we're gonna be just fine.

One thing I do know for sure

is I definitely have the
right final four chefs.

Now it's gonna be even
harder. Get some rest.

Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.

Oh, my gosh, it feels
so good to be in the final four.

Last girl standing.

Focus is definitely the
key word moving forward.

I just need to keep
my eye on that prize.

I hope Milly brushes that
off his shoulders 'cause...

That was too much, man.

I think it's super unprofessional
the way Milly's acting.

You can't run a kitchen or a
business acting like that.

If tonight was any
indication of how the rest

of this competition is gonna go,

I definitely have this in the bag.

Robyn, you'll see me in the street?

If you do something to me in the street,

I'm calling the cops on your crazy ass.

That's what you want to take it to?

Oh, I know why, 'cause you can't
see me in the [BLEEP] kitchen.

Bye, girl.

I've always admired
Robyn's no-nonsense attitude,

but tonight she had the wrong attitude

and served up a lot of nonsense.

Next time on "Hell's Kitchen"...


Will an emotional
surprise from Chef Ramsay...

Big hugs.
I have pictures of my nephews,

and I look at them every night.

Give the final four
chefs a much-needed second win?

Daddy gonna win for you.
Oh, my God, he's so cute.

Or will it create
such a frenzy to win...

This is the biggest dinner
service of my life!

That it turns one
chef into an unbearable diva?

What is this, haggis? [BLEEP].

Let's go, Milly.
I'm not asking for much.

Will he force his closest ally...

Come on, Michelle. Pick up the speed.

It's not hot.
I need that jus right now.

To become his newest enemy?

Yes, Chef?

I need lamb sauce. This is duck sauce.

Oh, my bad.
Come on, Michelle, seriously?

It's the night
they've all been waiting for.

The first chef into the finale is...

And it's all next time
on "Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars."