Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 20 - Larsen's Last Jump - full transcript

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
'cause when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( barks )

Jennifer: Oh, weren't
those sleigh bells romantic?

Jonathan: They sure were,
they about a dollar a jingle,

but they were
worth every minute.

Jennifer: Oh.

Max: Coffee, Mrs. H?

No, thank you, Max. Pamela?

Oh, no, thanks.

No, I'm fine, Max.

Mr. H?

No, thanks, Max.

You shot that for us,
Dick, you remember?

Yeah, I sure did,

with that funny looking
camera of yours.

A Zeffirelli of the
Michigan peaks.

Oh, I didn't want
you to shoot this.

Hey, that's us, isn't it?

Dick: Yeah, that's us.

Poetry in motion

and in the toughest
run in Pleasure Valley.

We shared a lot of
fun, didn't we, Pam?

I'll never forget it.

Oh, there you are.

You silly thing.

Boy, I'd sure love to
have a copy of this.

I'll see that you get one.

I'm gonna have it edited,

take the glitches out.

But this is the first
time I've seen it myself.

- It's not bad is it?
- No, it's great

and we're very honored
to be invited to the premier.

Oh, well, we're glad
you were in town

and remembered to call us.

Remember, I told you we would.

Jennifer: Oh, this
was our last day,

you two had
already left by then.

Jonathan: You
remember this, darling?

I put the camera
on a tripod, see.

Oh, look at that couple.

And set it on automatic.

Now it'll follow us over, watch.

- Come on, come on.
- See that?

Now it'll shut itself off.

Uh-oh, malfunction.

No, I think it picked
up someone else.

It did that all by itself?

That's why it's a
funny looking camera.

Another Jonathan Hart
Industries breakthrough, eh?

What's he doing?

He looks sneaky to me.

Oh, he's probably just
hiding from his wife.

Is he trying to
steal those skis?

I think so.

Probably he's leaving
a note for some lady.

We could have some
fun with this, you know?

Sort of a James Bond experiment.

Jonathan: That's
the end of the tape.

Jennifer: That was wonderful.
Very well done darling.

You've got some
good shots, Dick.

Dick: Thank you.
Here honey, drink up.

Pamela: Oh, thanks.

What are you thinking?

Well, it would be an interesting
way to test out that camera

if we could find
out who that guy is

and what he was up to.

It certainly would.

Is that possible?

Well, maybe one of
our electronic wizards

has come up with some
fantastic, new, interesting idea

- of how to do that. Who knows?
- That's fascinating.

It would be kind
of fun, wouldn't it?

- You all done honey?
- Oh.

- Thattagirl. It's getting late.
- Thank you.

Well, we're awfully glad
you could stop by like this.

Well, thank you both
for a wonderful evening.

- It was our pleasure.
- Our pleasure.

Pamela: Thank you.

Well, how long you
gonna be in town?

Well, we have to
fly home tomorrow.


If you're ever in Chicago...

Hey, you have to
drop in on us, okay?

Thank you, we will.

We drop in, in
Chicago once in awhile,

it's our kind of town.

With any luck, one
of my job interviews

will pan out and we'll move
back here to L.A. permanently.

- Really?
- Well, we hope everything

works out for you.

Dick: If it doesn't,
could we talk?

It would be a great experience
to spend a couple of days

with Jonathan Hart,
see you in action.

You know, learn how a
business tycoon operates.


Put her inside the house.

Put her in the chair.

Dick: Okay, there we go.

Jonathan: She's burning up.

I should call the doctor.

No, no, no, that
won't be necessary.

See, she gets these attacks,

it's a side effect
of the medication.


She's been having
these treatments

for a nervous
condition, poor baby.

But she wouldn't want
you two to know that.

Well, what can we do for her?

Just keep her warm
and let her sleep.

If I could borrow a blanket,

I'd like to get her
back to the hotel

as soon as possible.

She can stay right here.

Bring her up to the guest room.

Jennifer's right.

I don't want to impose on you.

Come on, I'll give you a hand.

All right, I've got her
Jonathan, thank you.

I can handle it.

I really don't want
to put you two out.

Hang on, baby, I've got you.

Just this way.


Right in here.

Okay. Yeah. All right, honey.

- Jennifer: Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

I can handle it from here on in.

Well, if you need anything,
we're just across the hall.

Okay, thank you, Jennifer,
you've been very kind.

- Certainly.
- Thank you.

Will you come on?

Something wrong?

No, darling.

Max, you startled me.

I startled you?

Well, Mrs. Braddon's been
having a little trouble sleeping

so I thought I'd get
her a glass of water.

Max: How is she?

Still feverish.

Sorry we gave you a scare.

Yeah, same here.

It's okay, Freeway.

Where are you?


You're some watchdog, you are.

Yes, ma'am,
we'll get right on it.

Okay, just as soon
as we can. Bye.

- Good morning, Mr. Hart.
- Hello, Burt.

Burt, go ahead
and take that one.

Thompson here.

Oh, nice layout, Jonathan.

Hope you don't mind
me tagging along,

being a fly on a wall.

As long as your
wife doesn't mind.

No, no, Pam will be
asleep for hours yet,

she always does after
an attack, poor baby.

Well, that will mean that
she'll miss her airplane.

Yeah, I guess I'll have
to call the airlines later.

I'll get right on it, bye.

What can I do for you, Mr. Hart?

This is Mr. Braddon,
he needs a pass.

Okay, I need your name,

signature and address please.


How are things going up here?

Oh, they're going pretty
good, sir. Thank you.

Who is he, a friend of yours?

No, idea, I was hoping
we could find out.

Well, now that you're
in the inner sanctum.


Let me explain this funny
looking camera to you.

It operates on a subject's body.

Oh, so kind of a
heat-seeking device, huh?

The Hart Thermal Video System.

We plan on selling
it to the military

and space program to
operate in sub-zero conditions.

Frank, what I'd like to have you
do is think of this as an exercise,

that Mr. X there is a
saboteur or a terrorist,

that he's planting
something, a bug or a bomb

and that you're with the
counterintelligence agency

and your job is to identify him

and then hopefully
diffuse that device,

whatever it may be, by
the most sophisticated

electronic equipment
at your disposal.

I'll give it my best
shot, Mr. Hart.

I know you will.

- Nice meeting you, Frank.
- You too.

( knocks ) Pamela?

May I come in?

I just wanted to check
and see if you were all right.

I'm sorry, Jennifer.

I didn't mean to impose on you.

Oh, it's no imposition.

Are you sure you don't
want me to call the doc?


Doctors can't help me,

I'm not that kind of sick.

Dick seems to think that...

That you can cure
everything with pills,

but sometimes
there's a kind of pain

that nothing can reach.

I... I was gonna leave him,

but something happened.

I'll be fine, okay?

I... I just have to work
all this out on my own.

Don't tell anybody
we talked, okay?

I'll be fine.

All right.

You just get some rest, I'll
check back with you later.

Thank you.


11% would be fine.

Yes, I can be there
in a few minutes.

Are you free for lunch?

Fine, I'll see you there.


I have the New York closings.

Can you hold those
until I get back?

Anything else?

Yes, Mr. Watanabe
called from Osaka,

he can ship 200 of
the computer units now,

another 150 within 30 days.

No, that's not good enough.

Cable him and tell him I
need the 500 units now

or there's no deal.

And that his German
clients may have to wait.

Does that do it?

Not quite. I need
your signature on this.

Oh, yeah.

A day in the life
of Jonathan Hart,

it's quite an experience.

I'd rather be skiing.

No, I love this more,
it's more exciting to me.

I love the atmosphere,
the ambiance.

It must be a great
privilege to work here.

Yes, I can attest to that.

- Thanks.
- Not at all.

- There you are.
- Enjoy your lunch, Mr. Hart.

I have to go to the bank.

Oh, that's okay.

Could you drop me
off on Rodeo Drive?

I want to pick up a
little something for Pam,

cheer her up.

Little somethings come
high on Rodeo Drive.

Well, I've got the card

you shouldn't
leave home without.

That does you credit.

Jonathan Hart, please.

Well, this is Radinski,
can you find him please?

Jonathan Hart.

Yes, Mr. Hart, this is Frank.

Oh, hi, Frank, what's up?

I think I've hit on something,

I'd like you take a look.

I'm leaving the bank now.

Are you going to have lunch?

It seems that
Banniger is a vegetarian

so I decided to skip it.

I could be there in
about 20 minutes.

Good that gives me
time to grab a sandwich.

All right, could you
pick up one for me too?

- A pastrami on rye.
- You got it, Mr. Hart.

- No, pickle.
- No, pickle.


How you doing, Mr. Hart?

Jonathan: Frank.

Hello, Kelly.

I just wanted to let you
know I'm back in the building.

I'm up in the lab.

Are there any calls?

Okay, I'll get those
when I come up.

Thanks, bye.

I hope you're hungry, Mr. Hart.

I've got some...

Help, somebody!

This is Radinski,
security, to the lab, hurry.

Come on, Mr. Hart.

( telephone rings )

Man: Emergency in the lab.

Right away.

Well, that's really
all I can tell you,

he had on a stocking mask

and one of those blue lab coats

and he hit me from behind.

- Dick: Jonathan.
- Hi, Dick.

- I'm sorry sir.
- No, he's all right,

- that's okay.
- Dick: What happened?

- That's a good question.
- Are you okay?

Yeah, I'll make it, but I think you're
going to have to drive us home.

Frank, I'll talk
to you, all right?

You take care, Mr. Hart.

Thanks, fellas.

Thank you.

It was you, wasn't it?

I know it.

You were the one on
that tape, weren't you?

Dick: Yes, yes, yes.

You went back.

Dick: Yes, damn it.

And chances are
that electronic wizard,

that Radinski or whatever
the hell his name is

will be able to identify me.

You did something to
those skis, didn't you?

Right, now you know.

Oh, my God, you killed him.

- It's your fault too, baby.
- No, it isn't.

Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Listen to me. You were gonna
run away with him, weren't you?

- No.
- Yes, I followed you that
night. I heard every word.

Now you understand this, baby,

if anybody comes
to take me away,

you won't live long enough
to see me stand trial.

- Get your hands off me.
- And if the Harts do anything,

neither will they.

I hate you.

How do you feel, darling?

All I need is a
little pampering.

We'll have dinner at Chasen's.

Oh, I don't think we
should go out tonight.

Nah, I'm fine.

I don't mean you, I mean Pamela.

I don't think we
should leave her alone.


She has Dick.

Yes, but they're
not getting along,

she told me today that she
was thinking of leaving him.

Well, it's none of our business.

I know, but she's so confused

and terribly distressed.

Well, you heard what Dick said,

she as a bad case of nerves.

We can't interfere,

even if she asks
you your advice.

Well, I wouldn't
give her any advice,

how could I give
anybody any advice?

Well, I'm certainly
glad to hear that.

I wouldn't give anybody
advice because I'm happy.

That's right,
you're not qualified.

That's right, neither are you.

Well, what do we know
about marital problems?

We've never had an
argument in our entire lives.

- You're shouting a little bit.
- I am not shouting.

Anyway, it was your
idea for her to stay.

Mine? You're the one who
gave them our telephone number

and tell them to look
us up when to town.

No, no, no, no, no,
no, I didn't do that.

All I said was when
they were in L.A.

that I'd run the video for them.

I never for a moment
thought they'd take me up on it.

Well, when they called
how could I say no?

Well, you could've made
some kind of an excuse.

Any excuse.

I'm going downstairs
to nurse this headache

with a double brandy.

Why don't you ask your
good friend Dick to join you?

My good friend Dick? I don't
even know the man, my good friend.

You don't know him? You
spent the whole day together.

Can I help it if he
keeps dogging me

around the office
hinting for a job?

I don't even know what
the man does for a living.

I'm an engineer.



I'm sorry.

Don't take that the wrong way.

No, it's perfectly all right,
Jonathan, I understand.

Obviously, we've
worn out our welcome.

I'll take Pam back to the
hotel as soon as possible.

Oh, no, no, please.

No, you don't have
to do that, really.

Besides, if she doesn't feel
well, she shouldn't be moved.


Come on down and have a drink.

Stay as long as you like,

as they say in Spain,

"My house is your
house, mi casa, su casa."


What Jonathan means is that

we don't want to
be inhospitable.

Yes, it's just that,
well, I'm a little grumpy,

I'm sort of like a
bear with a sore head.

Come, we'll have a drink.


You're an engineer, right?


Well, maybe you could
help us out tomorrow.

Help? In what way?

Oh, that Frank
Radinski's going to make

some kind of a
demonstration for us

on that video thing.

Do you want a drink?

The usual.



Frank: I blew up
certain areas of the tape,

maximum magnification,
but still holding resolution.

Now check out the
skis, special binding,

extra length.

They're jumping skis.


No, look at this.

Jonathan: "Made
especially for M. Larsen."

Magnus Larsen, the
Canadian champion.

He was killed right after
we left Pleasure Valley.

Competing in the 90-meter jump.

Oh, yes, yes, that's right.

Jonathan: Less than
24 hours after I shot this.

It could be that Larsen's death

may not have been an accident.

Somebody, our Mr. X,

tampered with his skis.

I think the police
should see this.

You know what
I'd like to do first?

I'd like to look at some
film on Larsen's last jump,

I remember seeing
that on the news.

I think I can arrange that,

I have a friend at the network.

There must have been an inquiry.

Oh, it was probably
just routine,

a formality, darling.

Go to work, will you, Frank?

- Bye, Frank.
- Bye.

He's gonna call in
the cops, I know it.

It could mean a whole
new investigation.

Don't be silly, they...

They couldn't
possibly implicate you,

we... we left two days
before it even happened.

You're simple, you know that?

It's just a matter of
time before they find out

that you and Larsen were lovers.

How long do you think you'd
hold up under questioning, huh?

- I'll be fine, I promise.
- Look at you.

- I'll be fine.
- Pills.

- No, no, I don't want any.
- Pills, yes.

- I don't want 'em,
I'll just be fine.
- Yes. Time for pills.

No, I'm gonna be fine.

- Take them.
- Please.

I've got to stop Hart now,

before he talks to the cops,

some kind of a diversion.

Another accident.

Well, I'm sorry I
raised my voice.

You didn't raise your voice.

Oh, yes, I did.

No, you didn't raise your voice,

you shouted.

No, you shouted.

Well, what's good
for the goose...

Excuse me, more coffee?

Both: No.

Jeez, you guys
need an early night.

Besides, you've got to
get up tomorrow morning

and play tennis
with the Williamsons.

You're nagging, Max.

No, I got 50 bucks riding on you

with the Williamson's butler.

Jonathan: Well, in that case,
we'd better get some rest,

don't you think, darling?

This reminds me of something.


About the two
cats playing tennis,

- did you ever hear that story?
- No, what about them?

Well, these two cats are
watching a tennis game, you know,

they're watching the
ball go back and forth,

back and forth.

This one cat turns to
the other cat and he says,

"How do you like the
game?" and the other cat says,

"Great, my dad's in the racket."

Very funny.

Get it, racquet, tennis?


Jennifer: Darling, don't you
think you ought to slow down?

Jonathan: I'm trying.


It's not me, it's the gas.

The gas pedal's stuck.

I can't hold it.

It won't pop back.

( horn honks )

Hang on.

I can't switch it off.

The gearshift is jammed.

Watch out.

Oh, watch it.

See if you can
pull the wires, try it.

I think I got 'em.


What happened?

Kind of close to
the crunch, huh?

I don't know, the car took off

as if it had a mind of its own.

Just like that?

Just like that.

I don't understand it,

it had a regular
maintenance check last week.

The police picked up the car.
They'll have their experts check it out.

Thank God you weren't hurt.

- I'll say.
- ( telephone rings )

Hart residence.

Just a moment please.

For you, Frank Radinski.


Yes, Frank.

You found what?

Yes, I can be
there at about 5:00.

I'll see you then, thanks Frank.

The network tape?

Frank says that he can prove

that Magnus Larsen was murdered.

I'll go change, I'll be
down in about five minutes.

Okay, Jonathan, I'm... I
don't think I'll be going,

Pamela's feeling
a lot better now

and she's like to go back home,

see her old doctor.

I understand.


Jennifer, Jonathan, I don't
know how to thank you,

you've been so sweet to us.

I hope we haven't been
too much of a nuisance,

if you're ever Chicago, you
must look us up, mustn't they?

Yes, yes, of course, honey.

Come on, we have
a plane to catch.

Pamela: Bye, Jennifer, bye
Jonathan, thank you very much.

Dick: Thanks, Max.

- Jennifer: Bye, - Thank you.

- Drive safely.
- We will.

Well, now that's what you
call a high performance.

A little too high.

What a shame.

I really liked her.

Well, they're gone now.

And that leaves
just the two of us.


You sure you have to go
into the office this afternoon?

Yeah, I do for a couple hours.

Well, that leaves this evening,

just the two of us, all alone.

Oh, yeah, I'll build a fire.

In July?

So, I'll turn up the
air conditioning.


Nice, but very strange.

- Frank.
- Yes, sir?

I am going to ask you a question

and I know what the
answer's going to be.

Then what's the question?

The question is, did
you mention to anyone

what we found on that
Pleasure Valley tape?

Mr. Hart, I never
discuss research projects.

I didn't think so.

That means that
there's only four people

that know about that
connection with Larsen.

You, me, Jennifer
and Richard Braddon.

Security, this is Jonathan Hart.

I want you to run a check,

a security check on a man
called Richard Braddon.

Yeah, make it top priority.

He's an engineer out of Chicago.

Yes, make it as soon as
you can, will you please?


Now you stay
here. I won't be long.

Well, where are you going?

I'm gonna get that
damn tape back

before Hart can
take it to the police.

No, the Harts are good people.

You sit. It's the only
piece of tangible evidence

they have against
me. There baby,

these'll bring you down.

No, I don't want 'em.

Larsen's next to jump.

Now, let's take a closer look.

Here it is in slow motion

and now we enlarge.

See this?

The little puff of smoke?

Yes, sir, that's right.

Let's push in closer.

Now I want to
show you something.

These are jumping skis,

identical to Larsen's.

Now here's what
I think happened.

The killer you caught on camera

uncocked this lever,

inserted a small
explosive device

with a miniaturized
radio detonator here,

probably magnetized the
rubber flange here with putty.

Then he simply
re-cocked the mechanism.

The next day, during
the competition,

when Larsen was in midair.

Cute, huh?

You see, the blast didn't
have to be very powerful,

just enough to blow
the cocking lever off,

loosen the bindings

and make Larsen
lose his balance.

With that little puff
of white smoke.

It would look like
a little wisp of snow

caught on the takeoff ramp.

Scarcely visible
from a distance.

But Larsen wasn't
about to go up there

without checking
his skis and bindings.

Sure, but he would
have no reason

to strip down the
binding mechanism.

Thousands of people watching,

millions more on TV.

Yet no one suspecting
it was anything more

than a tragic accident.

The big question is who and why?

Urgent for you,
Mr. Hart, from security.

Thank you.

Try these, Mrs. H,
I just baked them.


Mmm. Oh, they're delicious.

- ( buzzer )
- I'll get it.

Who is this, please?

Max, it's Dick Braddon.

This is really
stupid of me, Max,

I think I left my wallet.

Tell him to come on up.

Well, maybe it's in your room,

I haven't been up there yet.

I'll take a look, come on up.

I'll answer the door, Max.

Oh, thanks.

Pamela Braddon is
heiress to a family trust,

around $40 million,

but she doesn't gain
control for another two years.

Dick Braddon was with
Grey Kirk Engineering,

they fired him for
misappropriation of funds.

He's a big spender,
heavily in debt.

Where does that take us?

Nowhere on its own.

Here's the zinger.

Before she met Dick,
Pamela was engaged

to Magnus Larsen.

The man on your tape, Braddon?

He has the same height and build

and he certainly had the
capability to fix my car.

( telephone rings )


Oh, yes, Mrs. Hart.

Your wife.

Yes, darling?


Have you called the police yet?

Not yet.


I think we better leave
them out of this for awhile.

Why, what's this all about?

You better come home
and bring the tape with you.

The tape?

I don't understand.

Dick is here,

he wants the tape
and he's got a gun.

All right, Jennifer,
that's enough.

Now get over there and sit down.

Now we'll wait for Jonathan.

You know, Jennifer,

you're much too bright a lady

not to have put all
this together by now.

You're the man on the videotape

who tampered with
Magnus Larsen's skis.

See what a bright lady you are?

You did something to those skis

that caused his accident.

Had to.

Larsen threatened
to ruin all my plans,

everything I'd
worked so hard for.

And he was still
in love with her,

she was planning to divorce me.

Well, I knew that Larsen

was due to compete
in the ski jumps

so I took little Pammy
back home to Chicago

and I sneaked back to
Pleasure Valley all by myself,

to fix one of his skis.

And Humpty Dumpty
had a great fall.

Just like you fixed our car?

Mm-hmm, I've always
been good with my hands.

What have you done with Pamela?

Never mind about
Pamela, she's safe.

I have to keep her alive

until she inherits.

Get back!

I'm obliged to you, Jonathan.

That is, I take
it, the only copy?

You've got my word on it.

You don't mind if I don't take
that at face value, do you?

All right hand it over
to Jennifer slowly.

Hand it over to her or I'll
blow her away right here.

You've got it the
wrong way around.

You hand my wife over to me

and let Max go and
then I'll give you the tape.

You're in no position
to call the shots, man.

Hand it over to her.

All right, Jennifer,
now give it to me, easy.

Thank you, Jonathan.

All right, inside, both of you.

All right, now let's
move into the living room.

You all right, Max?

I'm all right.

Hey, Max, I think the Harts

could use a drink,
steady the nerves.

Do as he says, Max.

You don't move.

You stay right there.

That's it, that's
it. Such honesty.

How the hell'd
you ever get rich?

All right, stay right here.

I feel a lot better.

Shall we have our drinks?

Move to the bar.

Hey, Max, pour one for yourself.

I insist.

Four drops in each glass

and you'll sleep like babes.

And never wake up.

You're not about to
leave three witnesses.

Well, I don't claim to have
your sense of honor, Jonathan.

What are you up to, Braddon?

A disastrous fire,

nothing left but
a pile of ashes?

Hmm. And you won't
feel a thing, I promise.

You're forgetting one thing.

- What?
- Frank Radinski.

He knows that it's
you on that tape.

There is no tape and
no jury in the world

will convict me on one
man's unsupported testimony.

Four drops in each glass.

Bottoms up.

Drink it or I swear I'll
shoot you right now.

I'll make it look like a
burglar came in here,

you interrupted him

and he shot all three of you,

starting with Jennifer first.

Drink, Jonathan.

Dick: You know, Jennifer,

you're much too bright a lady

not to have pieced
this together by now.

Jennifer: You're the
man on the videotape

who tampered with
Magnus Larsen's skis.

Dick: See what a
bright lady you are?

Jennifer: You did
something to those skis

that caused his accident.

Oh, darling.

It's all right.

Well, between us,
Mr. H, we got him taped.

It's all right.

Hot buttered rum.

Just like when we
were in Pleasure Valley.

My favorite sort
of winter sports

is apres ski with you and me.

Oh, I love it when
you're poetic.

- You do?
- Mm-hmm.

Locked in desire
in front of the fire.

Very cozy.

Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. H.

Yeah, what is it, Max?

I was wondering how much
longer you plan to stay up.

Why, what difference
does it make, Max?

Well, you two got the fire,

the rest of the
house is freezing.

Oh, I forgot to tell you

I turned the air
conditioning full-up.

I'm sorry, Max,
I didn't realize.

That's all right, Mr. H.

Freeway and me'll
sleep outside in the patio,

it's 78 degrees out there.

You two are strange.

Nice, but very strange.

You see what he said?


That's what I said.

( music playing )