Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 19 - Slam Dunk - full transcript

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
'cause when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( barks )

Good "D," good "D"!

Oh, yeah.

Man: All right. All right.

Let's go, let's go!

Arnie: Play
defense, get in there.

Man: All right,
team. Come on now.

Okay, pick him up, pick him up.

That's okay. Come on now.

Man: Yeah.

Arnie: Pick him up.

- Man: Come on now.
- Boyd: That's the way

to take it in, Dougie.

Good, good.

Boy, they look great, Coach.

Best team we've had since
you guys won the championship.

Move around, move around.

Man: Come on now.

You're playing him too close.

Man: Come on now.

Stay after him. Come on.

Man: Go, go!

Arnie: Too close.

Man: All right,
team. Come on now!

( blows whistle ) All
right, that's enough.

Come on, take a shower.

Team meeting at 3:00.

( chattering )

I want you, one on one.

Me and you.

All right.

Thirty pounds maybe
by next practice, huh?

Man: It was not 30
pounds, really I tell you.

- Fantastic.
- Man: He was hot today.

He really had the
moves, you know?

- Oh, yeah.
- Man: Boy, just whoosh.

Whoosh, whoosh.

Dale, playing that rough
was pretty damn stupid.

Hey, I'm supposed
to defense Doug.

But not injure him.

That's right, that's right.


Especially not before
the Braddock game, Dale.

I mean, come Saturday
Doug's our big gun.

I'll try to be more gentle.

Can I have your autograph

when you're an all-American,
Mr. Templeton, sir?

Why, sure, son.

Here, you can carry my towel.

Hey, Dale.

All right.

You want him taken out?

So do I.

I'll do it.

Jennifer: Oh, there he is.

Isn't he gorgeous?


You have lovely legs too, dear.

Oh, thanks, darling.

They're two of my
greatest qualities.

They certainly are.

( buzzer )

I'll get it.

I'm ready.

Good because I
think this is your taxi.

Hey, Max.

- Hello?
- Woman: You called for a cab?

Take a look at this.

Yes, we did, come on up.

Your favorite nephew.

Hey, that's Doug.


What a great kid.

If Jenny was still alive,
she'd be real proud of him.

Well, you should
be just as proud.

You sent him through school.

And now you get to
watch him graduate,

isn't that great?

Mind if I keep this?

No, go ahead.

Come on, you've
got a plane to catch.

Oh, wait a minute.
Don't forget your bag.

Now, Max, you be sure to call us

when you get there.

♪ Westcliff, we sing to thee ♪

♪ Heads held high
and spirits free ♪

♪ Thy sons and
daughters call my praise ♪

♪ Tell the story of the days ♪

Can you tell me how
I get to Wayland Hall?

Sure, right down
the street on the left.

Are you here for the game?

It's high on my agenda.

Well, we're gonna win.

What makes you think so?

We've got Doug Templeton.

Is that so?

People tell me I look like him,

what do you think?

Like I said, down
the street on your left.


Doug: Uncle Max.

Uncle Max.

Uncle Max.

Look at you, awesome.

The very word. You are too.

Oh, Doug. Good to see you.

Yeah, you too.

Come on, let me
show you my room.

Tell me. What's more exciting,

the game or graduation?

- Truth?
- Yeah.

You being here for all of it.

I'm not gonna beat it
to death, Uncle Max,

but I've got to say it once.

You know, after the accident,

after mom and dad and...

after it happened,

I mean you were all
I had to hang onto.

It's dumb to try to
say it but... thanks.

I got to tell you,
I've been paid in full.

Now, what's the program?

Well, for openers,

want to come to the gym, meet
the team and Coach Hansen?

We're having a little
strategy session.


Karen: Doug.

I'll catch you guys later.


Uncle Max, this
is Karen Michaels.

Karen, this is my Uncle.

Uncle Max, hi.

I knew it right away,

you look just like Doug.

I told you.

Now, you've all read
the scouting reports,

Braddock is fast.

They run an
excellent fast break.

Answer, offensive rebounds,

we've got to crash
the boards over and...

Coach, I'm sorry I'm late,

but my Uncle Max just arrived

and I wanted him to meet you.

Uncle Max, this is my coach.

Coach, this is my Uncle Max.




Boyd Miller, I'm chairman

of the Westcliff
Alumni Association

and number one
Doug Templeton fan.

That's nice to hear.

We think he's pretty good.

So do I.

So, guys, as I was saying,

we do everything we can

to get those offensive rebounds

and once we get 'em,

we do what we
can to free Doug up.


Excuse me, Arnie.

Boyd: Hi, Ben, what's up?

Dean Musgrove, this is
Doug Templeton's Uncle Max.

- Hi.
- How do you do?

Excuse me.

Doug, would you mind

if we had a look in your locker?

My locker, why?

Well, I'm simply making
the request, do you object?

Come on, Ben, what is this?

Well, I don't understand
but no, I don't object.

Why should I?

No reason at all I hope.

Well, if it's steroids,
I don't use 'em, sir.

Doug doesn't even
like to take aspirin.

Would you open it please?


Man: Come on, man.

Hey, come on.
Those are my clothes.

Take it easy, son.

What's that?

It seems to be cocaine.


That's not mine.

I've never seen that before.

Ben, this is crazy.

Throwing away a
chance at all-American,

yes, crazy.

I'm sorry, son. This
is a criminal matter.

I'm gonna have to turn
you over to the police.

Doug, I'm going with you.

Uncle Max.

I'm right here, Doug.

( phone ringing )


The phone's ringing.

Don't you think
you'd better answer it?

And concede this point? No.

No way.

Might be somebody important.

It's just gonna have to wait

until I put this shot away.

I guess I'll answer the phone.

You didn't have to get angry.

Don't get so hot, you know?

Hello, Jonathan Hart.

Hey, hiya, Max.

How's everything going up
there, as well as expected?


Hold on, let me put you
on the speaker. Go ahead.

Max: The police
here are holding Doug.

They found some
cocaine in his gym locker.


Max, I'll call legal

and have them locate
an attorney up there,

he'll contact you.

Thanks, Mr. H.

Jennifer: We'll
be right up, Max.

And Max, don't say anything

to anybody about our coming up.

Anything you say, Mr. H.

And hang in there,
we're on our way.

Why not say anything to
anyone about us coming up?

Well, I don't think it's a
good idea if we barge in there

without any kind of
an approach, do you?


Hello, legal please.

Herriman, this is Jonathan Hart.

I'd like to have you find
the best criminal attorney

in or near Westcliff College.

Yeah, that's up north.

I'll be here at the house,
you can call me back.

Thanks very much.

Boyd: Come on,
Ben, this is ridiculous.

You know Doug Templeton,
he couldn't have done this.

The evidence,
Boyd, the evidence.

I know that.

I understand he's out on bail,

who arranged it?

His uncle, I believe.

Well, great, then
all you have to do

is bend a little bit,

give the boy the
benefit of the doubt

and he can play on Saturday.

That's impossible.

He's the difference between us

beating Braddock or losing, Ben.

Damn it Boyd, I want to see

that young man play
just as much as you do.

I'm doing the best I can.

There's going to
be an investigation.

Well, who's gonna conduct
it, the campus cops?

They couldn't find a
pair of stolen panties

if the girl was still in 'em.

Boyd, there's an outside
investigator arriving today.

Believe me, every
effort will be made.

Outside investigator? Who?

I'm not at liberty to
discuss that, I'm sorry.

Well, it's a relief to know
something's being done.

- Thank you.
- Thanks, Ben.

I gotta go. I'll see you.

Oh, Ben.

I can't tell you
how pleased I am

that you're bringing
in a professional.

Do my best, Boyd.

Mr. Hart?

Let's talk inside, shall we?

You know why I'm here.

Yes, of course. Young Templeton.

I didn't want to believe
the accusation either.

Anonymous phone call?

But the drugs were
found in Doug's locker.

All that proves is
somebody put them there

and I intend to find out who.

Can you arrange
some reason for me

to be on this
campus legitimately?

Oh, I believe the department
of business administration

would be quite excited
to have Jonathan Hart

as a guest lecturer.

That's good, very good.

Consider it done.

Mr. Hart, I'd like
nothing better

than for Doug to
be proven innocent.

Anything I can do, I will.

Well, that's exactly
why I'm here, Dean.


Come on in.

( knocking )

Who is it?

Jennifer: Your roomie.

You are my roomie.


Welcome to Westcliff.


We have to be very careful

how we act in public.

This is an undercover operation.

Oh, and there's no one

I'd rather be undercover
with than you.

Aw, you silver-tongued devil.

( knocking )

- Who is it?
- Max.

Max? How did you
know we were here?

I followed Mrs. H over here,

but don't worry, nobody
knows you're here.

Doug, sit down

and fill 'em in on
what's happened.

Well, before I do Uncle Max.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart,
I want to thank you.

I really appreciate
what you've done,

I mean, the lawyer
and the bail money.

It's an investment in the truth.

We know you're not
involved with drugs.

Obviously you're being framed,

the question is by who and why?

Have you got any idea?

I don't know.

Max: I got an idea.

Yeah, what?

Last week, according
to my sources,

Westcliff was an eight-point
favorite over Braddock.

Today it's picking, even money.

Doug, if you didn't
play for Westcliff,

do you think they could lose?

It's possible, yeah.

None of the guys on the
team would do this to me,

plant drugs in my locker

to get me off the team.

It had to be somebody
connected with your team,

it was a closed practice,

nobody else could get in the gym

without being spotted.

But those guys are
my friends, Uncle Max.

Somebody could've
been pressured.



Max, could you find out

if there's been any heavy
betting on Braddock?

That's easy, Mr. H.

Jonathan: The big one is.

Could you find out who's
been doing the betting?

That ain't so easy.

Tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna find out what
the real score is around here.

Who's making book and
what's more important,

who's taking the
layoffs, the big men.

I'm gonna start local

and work my way right up.

Come on, kid.

See you later.

I've already registered
and I have to get to class.

So do I. You know, darling,
we're not going to be able

to have any real contact.

And my mother told me

that marriage was
a contact sport.

Then this is our last scrimmage.

That's right.

See you in class.

Still going through
the motions I see.

Yeah, a lot of kids think

maybe Doug'll be cleared
in time for the game.

Well, it's possible.


Jonathan Hart arrived
on campus today.

Who's that?

Oh, he's important

rich, powerful.

Doug's uncle works for him.

I think he hired an
undercover investigator.

Oh, my God.

Don't worry, Dale.

You did a real good
job with the cocaine.

I figure if you and
I work together,

there's no problems
we can't handle.

Hey, I don't like Templeton,

but I'm not gonna get
myself into anything heavy.

Don't be more stupid
than you already are,

you're an accessory to a felony

and you've got to
keep riding this, tiger,

or you're dead meat.

( laughs )

Now, you just listen and watch.

Any strangers on campus,

anybody coming around
asking cute questions,

you just let me know.

I want that investigator.

Hey, bro.

Is this the journalism seminar?

( cheering )

Yeah. That it is.

And I'm Larry.

And these are mere
peasants, who are you?

Jennifer Davis,

I'm here for a refresher course.

- Could I have my...
- Oh, well I think

you're in luck,
I'm fully certified

to handle all refresher cases,

ready and eager to be of help,

you may sit right here.

You can swat him,

but some people
prefer bug spray.

That's a good idea.

That's the level of humor

that you're liable
to suffer, Jennifer.

But... but me, I'm
much more mature.

Larry: Not blasé, I could flower

given the loving attentions

of an appreciative woman.

Man: Oh, man.

Get out of here.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Gentlemen, can we
have it quiet please?


Thank you.

Good afternoon,
gentlemen and lady.

Professor Brianski has
been kind enough to allow me

to introduce today's
guest lecturer.

I think you're going to find him

truly big-league.

Mr. Jonathan Hart
has owned several

sports franchises himself,

I think he's uniquely qualified

to discuss the
relationship between sports

and money.

Mr. Hart.

Thank you, Dean Musgrove.

Good afternoon, it's a
pleasure for me to be here.

Sports and money, big business.


few of you will ever
get close the big bucks.

What does that mean?

It means that
one college athlete

out of a thousand
makes it to the pros.

It means that if you
don't get your education,

you've got nothing.

It means that if you
start cutting corners,

you'll be cutting
your own throat.

There's big money in the NBA.

That's true, there is
big money in the NBA.


I don't think you're
going to see it.

That's pretty rough.

Would you rather I lied to you?

Is that because
most college athletes

aren't good enough for the pros?

Yes, that is one of the reasons,

but there are some more.

Like what?

Like drugs.

Some of you think that
you're indestructible.

One of your teammates
here at Westcliff,

he got wiped out
because of drugs,


That's a hell of a thing to say.

Doug Templeton

was on his way to
be an all-American,

Doug Templeton is now a loser,

not only to himself
but to his teammates.

I don't want to hear that

and you've got no
right to jump on him.

Well, I'd like to
hear some answers

if you'd like to
give them to me.


professional sports
is for winners.

And he kept talking
about Doug and cocaine.

Okay, I'll meet you there.

Larry: Hey, Mr. Hart.


You got any plans for any
new franchises or anything?

Jonathan: Well, I'm
trying to put together

a franchise here
in the near future.

Larry: Yeah, I'm a
great team manager.

Hey, one more thing.

What's the best way to
make a million dollars?

As fast as you can.

- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah.

Hey, thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

She's got to be.

There's never been a
girl in our class before.

It's midterm.

How could she just waltz in here

for a refresher
course at midterm?

Mr. Hart.

Mr. Hart,

I wonder if I could
interview you.

Well... I really am
a working journalist,

I'm just in school taking
a refresher course.

Well, in that case,
perhaps a few minutes.

That's Hart's investigator.

I'll handle it.

Larry Harmon, the
little guy in class,

he's working his
way through college

so he's the team
manager, he needs money.

Then there's Dale Conners.

I only need a few
minutes of your time.


Mr. Hart, this is...
- Larry.
- Larry.

- This is Mr. Hart.
- I know.

I have to get to
my next lecture.

Miss Davis, it was
nice to have met you.

And you too, Mr. Harmon.

Thank you, Mr. Hart.

How did he know my last name?

Oh, that's why he's successful.

So where's your next class?

I don't have another class,

I'm just going to
the village for lunch.

Oh, great. I was
going there too.

I'll show you a shortcut.


Jennifer: Are you
sure this a shortcut?

Larry: Would I lie to you?

Jennifer: I don't know.

- Would you?
- Larry: Never.

Hey, what are you doing?

I can't help it, my
brakes won't work.

This is a steep hill, slow down.

Larry: Jennifer, slow down.

( tires screeching )

( horn honking )

Lean over!

I got you.

Hang on.

Are you guys okay?

Yeah, we're fine.

Next time, I think
I'll take the long way.


What do you think happened?

I'll bet somebody
sabotaged your bicycle

and whoever's
betting on that game

has just raised the ante.

Max: Where did I get
this telephone number?

From a dear old
friend, Hank Eulin.

I can give you a
couple other names

that'll guarantee me.

Man: Okay. The
man said he'll see you.


Hey, Doug. Doug slow down, slow.

Hey, hey, you know man,

you remind me of myself.


If I was a foot taller,
had great hands,

moves like Dr. J, huh?

The old Kareem sky hook.


We all know that it's a scam.

Hang in, you're gonna be okay.

Is that a guarantee?

It's a hope.


Yeah, that's the way
we all feel I guess.

This just hasn't
been a great week,

nothing but troubles.

Why, did you blow
the poli-sci midterm?

No, there's a new
woman in my life,

sweet Jennifer.


You didn't hear?

She nearly got wrapped up in
a bike accident on Cliff Road.

I mean, everything
went kablooey,

she nearly got hurt but bad.

I mean, weird accident.

- Patsy.
- Maxi.

When I heard Max

from Graves Avenue
I said got to be.

But I didn't believe
it until right now.

Maxi, you haven't
changed one bit.

Oh, Patsy. It's been awhile.


Oh, thanks.

Remember how you
used to look after me,

you kept me from getting
shoved around school?

Well, Patsy, you were
a nerdy young punk,

I mean then.

Yeah, you can be
honest with me Maxi.

What can I do for you?

Well, Patsy.

I need some information.

I'm sorry, Jonathan

but I'm afraid there's no way

Doug can play, none.

I can't accept that.

What if we came up
with some hard evidence

clearing him?

Yes, but it would
take a small miracle.

Well, even if it's
only a small miracle,

we might be able to manage it.

I hate to desert you
right now, Jennifer

but I am the team
manager, you know.

I've got responsibilities.

Oh, sure.

You know, you have that
executive air about you.


Notice the three-piece suit.

But I am stuck

with the job of
fixing up the gym,

so you'll just have to bear up

without my electric presence.

I'll try.

I know who you are.


Look, I know you're
Hart's investigator.

You nearly got hurt,

I think that's
terrible, it's crazy.

Well, how is it that
you know so much?

I can't talk here.

Meet me over at the
gym in the weight room.

You have to be careful, Dale.

Never lift more
than you can handle.


Please, Mr. Miller.


What do you want to tell me?


( cheering )

It was no accident

and the police agree
with your suspicions,

but there's simply no proof.

But at least it clears Doug.

I believe that but
the police don't.

As long as there's
no firm evidence

clearing the boy,

my hands are tied, I'm sorry.

What do you think?

I think it's too bad
Doug's missing all of this

and where is Max?

He should be back by now.

Man: Hello, again, everybody.

Chick Hearn speaking to you live

from the Westcliff
Wildcats gymnasium,

where today, for the
state of California,

Junior College
Basketball Championship

gets the Westcliff Wildcats

against the underdog,
Braddock Bears.

( crowd cheering )

Chick: Braddock Bears,
they get it all the way

to Billy Chadway
and lays it up and in.

2-0. A quick start
for the Bears.

( crowd cheering )

brings it back up
to the little guard,

Piermont puts it
up, it's on the way,

it is no good, bounces high

for the rebound by Eckworth.

Eckworth slowly, methodically
coming out of the back court,

he's attacking with
his club out in front

by a good margin

and on their way, possibly,

to winning the state
championship for junior colleges.

Now, the ball given
off the Chadway.

Chadway dribbling
around the top of the key.

He looks outside, nobody there,

so he throws the ball
away and out of bounds.

( crowd cheering )

A beautiful rebound.
Lays it up and in.

He weighs 255 pounds

and that was a
great, agile move.

It's Braddock 30, Westcliff 22.

Takes it in for another basket.

So the score is
Braddock 34, Westcliff 22.

Whitewood handling the ball,

he goes down the middle,
he makes a fake to the left,

he lays it in
left-handed, a nice play

and the Wildcats
get another basket.

Braddock's Bears though,
still comfortably in front

as they start down the floor.

Man for man defenses.

I thought we would
see a zone here.

( tires screeching )

There's a lay-up, it's no good

and that rebound
is fought for viciously

and finally coming
down with it is Armanda.

Armanda not the
biggest guy out there,

but maybe the biggest heart.

( crowd cheering )

the free throw
line, 15 feet out.

And now just 3:18
to play in the first half.

Braddock 44, Westcliff 37.

No good. Rebound
taken and put up and in.

I think we're gonna
get a substitute now

for Westcliff
Wildcats, that's right.

Jeff Moore to be in, number 32,

the next time the ball is dead.

11-point lead for the Bears

and timeout Westcliff.

The score 48 - 37 Braddock.

All-stater Gene Rumson
for the Braddock Bears,

16 points, 5
rebounds... Max: Doug!

Get over to the gym,
I'll meet you there.

( crowd cheering )


What did you find out, Max?


This guy has bet

over 600 grand on this game.

Who bet $600,000 on this game?

Boyd Miller.

He's the president of
the alumni association.

He's also over his head in debt,

the banks are squeezing him,

he owes his bookie
over 60 grand.

I'm telling you, for this guy,

this game is it.

And he's winning.

Jonathan: It's not over yet.

Max, go find Doug.

- Come on.
- Uncle Max, what's happening?

- Come on.
- Where?

Where you belong.

He framed Doug?

We gave you the facts.

You asked for hard evidence,

now you've got it.


- All right.
- Chick: It's 58 to 49

as we go to the second half,

just about ready to get underway

and here we go.

The state title is on the line.

- Come on.
- Coach.

- Yeah?
- Doug can play.

- What? Where is he.
- He's here.

The rebound is knocked
away. It's a free ball.

Look at here,

coming into the gym
is, ladies and gentlemen,

in his basketball uniform,

he's six-foot three-inch
tall and all-American,

the baseline kid,
Doug Templeton.

( crowd cheering )

Okay, fellas. Now,
Doug is clear, okay?

Our strategy is really simple,

let's set our picks

and let's set our speed.

And free 'em up, okay?

One, two, three.

( crowd cheering )

Not only here in this gymnasium

but around the world now.

And your too will be watching.

Right off of the bat.

And that was of course
on a backdoor play.

Banks it in off the
top of the glass.

Templeton dribbles right,

a seventeen-footer...

You can feel the fury

of the Westcliff Wildcats,

they're trying to get
back into this thing

but they only have
20 minutes, of course.

The clock reads
12:43 left to play,

Braddock still clinging
to a seven-point lead,


Down the floor
with the Wildcats...

Oh, what a nice play that was.

And the Braddock Bears
starting to sweat just a little bit

as they feel the pressure now,

they're down to only 4:20 left

in regulation, ladies
and gentlemen.

It's Braddock by three, 74-71.

Here's a shot underneath,
put up and then a nice play

for the Braddock Bears.

And the Bears are not
gonna turn over and hide,

you can bet on that.

Two of the most remarkable

junior college
records in history.

A nice bounce pass.

He gets the ball back,

he's on his way
to another basket.

All the way...

2:09 left to play
in this thriller,

Braddock 82, Westcliff 77.

Long way to go in this
basketball game though,

and the Braddock Bears know it.

Oh. The clock is winding down

and so are the heartbeats here.

We're inside the
final 30 seconds,

Braddock 88 and Westcliff 85.

Templeton steals the ball,

puts the ball away...

And that puts them into this basketball
game, but they have never had the lead.

It's always been
the Braddock Bears

and now they're just seconds
away perhaps from a state title.

The Bears controlling
the ball. The pass...

He is everywhere.

Templeton comes down the middle.

The clock is winding down.
They give it to Templeton.

He drives. Does he
get the shot off in time?

( buzzer )

The game is officially over.

They rule that he was
fouled before the buzzer.

That means, ladies
and gentlemen,

he will get a chance
with two free throws

to win for his team.

( cheering )

Fires it and makes the
first one. We're tied at 88.

( screaming )

( cheering )

Templeton makes the basket
in one of the most dramatic

finishes at any sporting
event that you will ever see.

Jonathan: Here it comes.

You have to follow
through, Uncle Max.

It's all in the touch, Max.

You think it's easy, Mr. H?

Sure, let me take a shot.

I used to be pretty good.

At what?

Well, it takes
practice, Jonathan.

To throw a ball through a ring?

Very good, Jennifer.

I just wanted to tell everybody

that sandwiches
are ready inside.

Darling, can you do that again?



( music playing )