Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 17 - Death Dig - full transcript

The Harts are sailing around the Aegean Sea and berth at the island of Rhodes. They soon find themselves involved in murder and the smuggling of stolen Greek artefacts.

( theme music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( crashing )

( barks )

( clattering )

( clanking )

Good morning, Arco.

I know what you and
your partner are up to.

And naturally, you'll report

what you've seen
to the professor.

Unless you shoot me.

Shoot you? That would be stupid

and unnecessary.

( shouts )

Professor: His horse
came back without him,

the whole area's being combed.

Wild country, the
animal could have

stumbled or thrown him.

My assistant Arco

is an accomplished horseman,

your excellency.

I believe he was murdered.

- Why?
- He was helping me

with certain investigations.

Please, be specific, Professor.

I believe that valuable relics,

classical sculptures

are being smuggled
out of Rhodes.

Arco had one of the
suspects under surveillance.

Why didn't you go to the police?

I was about to, when I
had sufficient evidence.

The government
takes a serious view

of illicit dealings
in ancient artifacts.

Professor Kalvos, as
curator of antiquities

for Rhodes, you should
prepare a confidential report

addressed to me, no one else.

I will then consult with Athens.

I understand, your excellency.

Secrecy is vital,

until you have decided
what action to take.

Very good.

I will find you someone
to replace Mr. Arco,

an outsider perhaps.

But a specialist in antiquities,

someone the culprits
won't readily suspect.

That may take a few days.

Thank you. In the meantime,

you'll have my report.

( speaking Greek )

George Damos.

Kalvos is to write a
confidential report,

his assistant will be
replaced by an outsider,

a specialist in antiquities.

Thank you.

Smile, let's see some teeth.


- ( Mr. Hart laughs )
- ( camera shutter clicks )

( seagulls screeching )

Welcome to the island of Rhodes.

Oh it's a pity
we're here so late.

We're right on schedule.

Not according to the book.

If we were entering this harbor

just 2,207 years ago,

at this very moment
we would be passing

under the Colossus of Rhodes,

a solid bronze figure of Helios,

the sun god, over 100 feet high.

It was destroyed in an
earthquake around 224 B.C.

You're getting a little red,

you want your hat?

Yeah, thanks.

Hey, you know that
this looks Moorish.

This whole thing was
built by the Crusaders.

Jonathan: Was that in the book?

Jennifer: No, I remembered that.

Very smart.

Jonathan: And very pretty too.

Thank you very much.

What do you think, down there?

That looks open, doesn't it?

What's that number, 16?


Hey, kid, hey.

( speaking Greek )

( pulley creaking )

What's that smell, Mr. H?

That's souvlaki, Max.

That's shish kebab and fish

cooked over a wood stove.

Sure beats the burgers
at the Santa Monica pier.

- Ready?
- Yep.

Let's go.

There you go.

( children chattering )

For you.

For you, Max.

Thank you.

Not bad, huh?


Do you think you
could copy the recipe?

Mr. H, we've been on
vacation three weeks now

and I've got enough
recipes to last me a year,

a different dish every night.




Oh, Nicholas.

Is that the guy
you told me about?

Mrs. H's old classics professor?

Jonathan: That's him.

I want you to meet
my husband Jonathan.

- Jonathan: It's a pleasure.
- Americans.

- Jennifer: And this is Max.
- Obviously.

Stay here, honey.

Oh it's so nice to see you,

I can show you
some of the things

we're so proud of.

- You look fabulous.
- Good morning, Professor.

Yes, gentlemen?

Well, aren't you
going to introduce us?

May I present Mr. George Damos,

Mr. Eberhardt,

this is Mr. and
Mrs. Jonathan Hart

- from California and Max.
- Hi.

Will you be staying long?

Well that's up to the professor.

There are so many
things to show my friends

and my brightest student.

You're English, Mr. Damos.

Well, I was born here

but I was raised in Bristol.

Mr. George Damos's
company is trying

to build yet
another tourist hotel.

Tourism is the
island's life blood,

you can hold up
progress, Professor,

but you can't stop it.

Nice meeting you, enjoy Rhodes.

Progress, all they
think of is profits.

They're not
interested in the past,

but I've got my eye on them.

Well you always were a stickler

for detail, Nicholas.

As a custodian of antiquities,

that's my job.

But as a human being,

it is also my passion.

But why are we talking

this hifalutin twaddle,

why don't we have
a drink, come on.

Oh it's a little early for that.

Get in the car, girls.

That woman is
his former student,

obviously a specialist
in antiquities.

A replacement for Arco,

the outsider that we
were warned about.

Just two more days
and it would not matter.

Something must be
arranged, leave it to me.

Oh, Nicholas,

you must be having
the time of your life here.

Most of the time
here is perfect,

sometimes I have to
be a bit of a detective.

Well a good historian
is like a bit of a detective.

My dear, my investigations

aren't always
confined to the past.

For example,

my assistant has
just disappeared.

Really? What happened?

I'm not sure yet, may
turn out to be murder.


Have you contacted the police?

No, the police haven't
been brought into it as yet.

Investigating murder on your own

can be a dangerous business.

Those two fellas that we met
earlier today, Damos and...

And Eberhardt?

They have anything
to do with this?

What makes you think that?

Well, just the way that
your attitude changed

when they came over
and asked to be introduced.

Oh you noticed, eh?

He'll turn out to be
the best detective of all.

I hope you'll have
breakfast with me

at my house tomorrow morning.

You know with us Greeks,

hospitality is the prime virtue.

We'd love to, how do
we find your house?

Ask at the museum,

the attendant will direct you.

- All right.
- All right.

Well, we'll see you
tomorrow morning then.

Yes, undoubtedly.

Bye bye, Nicholas.


Jennifer: Oh isn't
this wonderful?

Jonathan: Isn't what wonderful?

Jennifer: Just being here,

listening to the
music and the people.

I don't hear anything.


We're the only ones here,

that's what's wonderful.

Just the two of us, you and I,

alone in the world
in all of history.

Max: Hey, Mr. H.

Not now, Max.

Max: I got to talk to you, boss.

Go away.

Max: It's important.

I know what's important.

Max: I'm sorry, Mr. H,

but something funny is going on.

Tell me later, Max.

Max: You've got
to take a look now.

Take a look at what?

Max: Come on, I'll show you.


( seagulls screeching )

Here, look.

It's a box.

Anybody can see that,
but it doesn't belong to us.

I wonder who it belongs to.

Well it's not ticking,
that's one good thing.

Hand me that crowbar
over there, will you?

Let's get it open
and see what it is.

Darling, let me
have a look at that.

That's Hecate.

Max: What's that?

Hecate the goddess.

Goddess of Hades,
protectress of witches.

She looks as if she's
just been dug up.

Is it genuine?

I don't know,

it certainly looks
like ancient marble.

If it is,

it's 2,000 years
old, maybe more.

I think we'd better report this.

Well, that's awfully convenient.

Maybe somebody beat us to it.

Inspector Demetrius

Rhodes Police Department.

We have received
certain information

regarding a classical artifact.

I have a warrant to
search this vessel.

Is this what you're looking for?

Whatever you paid for this,

was for a fraction of its worth.

An object so exquisite is
beyond monetary value.

We didn't pay anything for it.

It isn't ours.

Correct, madam. It
belonged to the nation.

How does it come to be here?

We discovered it on board,

exactly where it is.

We were going to report it.

Of course we were.

It is a serious offense to
possess an art treasure

without authorization,

especially for foreigners.

Your passports, please.

I was sure the
police would throw

the Harts in jail.

They're so close,

the ship will be here tomorrow.

Can't let the old
man stop us now.

Don't worry,

he goes snooping
around up there again,

I will deal with him.

Nicholas: I just
can't believe it.

Jonathan: Neither can we.

Nicholas, you're the only person

that we know on this island.

Somebody is obviously

trying to involve
us with the police.

Damos and Eberhardt, I suspect.

Why do you think that?

You see Jonathan,
they want to involve me

with your problems
to distract me

from my investigations.

May I have some more coffee?

( speaking Greek )

He's a sweet boy, Nicholas.

Is he your grandson?

No, it's a boy, orphan.

Follows me everywhere,

I find jobs for him to do.

Yesterday, you said to us

that you were
investigating a murder.

Yes, unfortunately
that is the case.

Does it have to do with relics?

Everything I do is
connected with relics.

Then, obviously there
is some connection

between your investigation

and our mysterious statue.

Jennifer, I'm sorry,
I can't help you,

I can't even
discuss it with you.

Matters of national
interest are at stake.

Would you consider
coming with us

to Inspector Konstandidos

and tell him what
you're working on?

Please understand me, Jonathan.

I am bound to secrecy
for the time being.

Nicholas, they have threatened

to throw us in jail
if we don't come up

with some reason why that statue

was found on our boat.

Give me 24 hours,

by that time my investigation
should be complete,

I will then go to the police
and explain everything.

And your passports
will be returned to you.

Thank you.

( speaking Greek )

Some vino, please.

A glass of the local vino, okay?

( speaking Greek )

Drink this every day

and they say you
will never grow old

because in a few weeks
your liver will burn up.

Hey, you speak
English pretty good.

All my life I take
care of tourists,

the English,
Australian, young kids.

My name is Max.

Nitsa Kriakos, widow.

To you, Nitsa.

( speaking Greek )

Two more trips will do it.

Well, Kalvos has
obviously been told

not to call in the
police but he might try

and follow you himself.

I'll keep my eye open
for him on the trail.

Come and sit down.

Mr. H charted a
doozy of a yacht.

A two-masted schooner.

I saw you come in yesterday.

You did?

Did you happen to
notice anything funny?


Like somebody sneaking around.

Delivering a marble
statue maybe?

How'd you know that?

This is a small community,
news travels fast.

Nitsa, somebody
is setting us up.

Have you any idea
who it could be?

Sorry, I cannot help you.

That's okay, it's nothing
Mr. H can't handle,

I hope.

Oh here he is now with Mrs. H,

come on, I'll introduce you.

Hi, I'm Mr. and Mrs. H,

I present Nitsa,
she owns the tavern.

- Hello.
- How do you do?

Both: Hello.

( horn honking )

Our friend from Bristol.

He must be quite a
big man around here.

He is not popular,
but people respect him.

For what? For
building a new hotel?

Oh, he makes many jobs

and even now that
the work is held up,

he pays his crew.

Held up?

You mean construction
has stopped?

Two months ago.

What's the problem?

Water seepage from the sea,

they wait for special
pumps from the mainland.

Why don't you all
come and have a drink

at my taverna, please?

Good idea, come on.

Two months ago?

I know ten companies

who can ship heavy
pumping equipment

any place in the
world within a week.

( gate creaks )

( gate slams shut )

( engine starts )

( clanking )

( scraping )

( men chattering in Greek )

( speaking Greek )

Sightseeing, Professor?

( Nitsa speaking Greek )

Tzatziki, cucumber with yogurt.

Moussaka mixed
with a white sauce,

stuffed peppers, mint and
Greek feta cheese salad.

Thank you very much.

Any luck, Mr. H?

No the circuits are still busy.


Here's to Professor Kalvos,

he'll get us out of this mess.

Sure he will.

- To the professor.
- To Nicholas.


There she is, our
ship's come in.

Argentinian registration.

The captain's been bribed,

the crates will go on
as farm machinery,

and he'll deal with the customs.

As usual, you
thought of everything.

Oh, Eberhardt made some
small contributions to the plan.

Will he have to be with us

after you have sold the statues?

You don't like him, do you?

No, he makes my flesh crawl.

How you can stand
him, I don't know.

Well, it's simple, my darling.

I need him.

We both inherited two
very important connections.

My father told me where
the statues had been buried

before the Italians
left the island

and Willy's old
man left him a list

of all the crooked art dealers

who are prepared
to buy illegal artifacts.

We need each other.

Neither half was worth anything

without the other.

Like a treasure map torn in two.

( chuckles )

Hey, hey!

( shouting in Greek )

( continues shouting in Greek )

I guess Nicholas
must've sent him.

( continues shouting )

Okay we're coming.

What is it?

( speaking Greek )


Yeah, yeah, Nicholas.



Paul: Nicholas, yeah yeah.

( speaking Greek )

( car engine starts )

Professor Kalvos' house.

( speaking Greek )

- Nicholas?
- ( speaking Greek )




( speaking Greek )


Look at this.

Well, it obviously
wasn't a robbery.

( dog barks )

( barking continues )

( speaking Greek )

Where is Professor Kalvos?

I was hoping you could tell us.

Well, I am wondering
what you are doing here,

Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

A friend of Professor
Kalvos brought us here.

Somebody wanted something
rather badly, it seems.

I am not accusing you, Mr. Hart,

but you must admit that the
circumstances are peculiar.

First of all, the lock
on the door, it's broken.

The place has been ransacked.

Now you, Mr. Hart,

you are here but
Professor Kalvos is not,

so please do tell
me, Mr. and Mrs. Hart,

please tell me
what should I think?

The Professor told us he
was investigating a murder.

- On Rhodes?
- Yes.

Well there have only been
two crimes committed in Rhodes

in the last month

and both of these
seem to include you.

First of all, I find you
with a stolen statue.

Now, I know that you
are a rich man, Mr. Hart.

This I have established.

So perhaps you are on
the track of making more.

And perhaps Professor Kalvos

discovered what you are doing.

That's absurd.

Possibly, Mrs. Hart,

but until you can supply me

with better answers than
you have already given,

I'm afraid I'm going
to have to detain you.

( speaking Greek )

Mr. and Mrs. Hart, please.

I take it we're under arrest.

Oh, correct, Mr. Hart.

( dog barking )

( grunts )

( policeman speaking Greek )

( speaking Greek )

( siren wailing )

( siren wails )

( speaking Greek )

Professor Kalvos. Shh.

Now wait a minute, listen to me.

Listen to me.

( siren wails, tires screech )

( speaking Greek )

All right, all right,
wait a minute.

Shh, no quiet, shh.

When did you see
Professor Kalvos?

You see Professor
Kalvos, what time?

- What time did you see?
- ( Speaking Greek )

- What time?
- What time?

( Speaking Greek )


Seven o'clock,

couldn't have been
seven o'clock this morning,

it had to be seven
o'clock last night,

he was in the
harbor this morning.

All right, you take us.

Come on.

Take us, take us
to Professor Kalvos.

When can I start
loading the ship?

As soon as possible,
Willie, I can't risk any

- last-minute delays.
- There'll be no delays,

the Americans are on
the run from the police

and we don't have to
worry about Kalvos anymore.

What have you done with him?

George, you know I have a talent

for making things disappear.

Thank you very
much for the clothes.

( horn honks, tires screech )

Look, honey, real live peasants.

Oh excuse me,
let's take a picture

for the folks back home.

They look clean enough,
and the bridge club

will really love one.

( speaking Greek )

Just one moment, please.

Hang on, hold it.
Oh, that looks great.

Thanks, thanks a lot. Wonderful.

( speaking Greek )

( speaking Greek )

It's all right.

( men chattering in distance )

Those look like the
same kind of crates

as the one that was on the boat.

I'm going to go over
and check that out,

- you wait here.
- Wait, Jo...

Paul, you stay here, okay?

Okay, good.

- ( man shouting )
- ( horn honking )

( speaking Greek )

( man shouts in Greek )

Inside the cave.



You must be glad you found him.

Now you can spend the
rest of your lives together,

sealed up here in your tomb.

( all speaking Greek )

I have done this
to you, my friends.

Forgive me.

He needs a doctor.

I'm afraid that will not
be possible, Mrs. Hart.

Can these all be relics?

Yes from the temple
of Helios, the sun god.

You see, according to legend,
he was supposed to be born

on the island of Rhodes.

I always knew that
somewhere in the island

there was a temple
devoted to him.

And you and Damos found it,

the construction site.

And you used the hotel as
a cover for illegal excavation.

Very good, Mr. Hart.

We smuggled everything
out of town, piece by piece,

and hid it up here.

But now it's time to
start shipping it out

to sell it abroad.

We unearth the treasure
and we bury all of you.

Don't you think that someone
will notice the explosion?

There are stone quarries
all over these hills,

they are always blasting.

You'll never make
it to the harbor.

Inspector Konstandidos
has put up road blocks,

they're searching
every vehicle for us.

In that case, I'll take Mrs.
Hart along as a hostage.

You'll take both of us.

Jonathan, no.

Show your head
outside, and I'll blow it off.

( speaking Greek )

( gasps )

Come on, Professor.

Come on, let's get
away from the blast.

( speaking Greek )

Okay, Professor, take it easy.

We should be far enough away.


( coughing )

Are you all right?

Thank God you're here, though.

( speaking Greek )

Somebody out there?

( speaking Greek )

( speaking Greek )

We're gonna get out, Professor,

we're gonna get out.

Come on.

( speaking Greek )

I'll leave him here
with you, I'll send help.

I understand, but
take him with you.

( both speaking Greek )

Oh, so stubborn, he
wants to stay with me.

Family planning, sometimes a kid

decides to pick his own father.

( crane whirring )

- This is your bike.
- Yeah.

- You want to sell it?
- No.

- Buy yourself a motorcycle.
- Oh.

( engine revs )


Man: Bye.

There he is.

( tires screeching )

- ( horn honks )
- ( man shouts )

( tires screech )

( Vespa skids )

Woman: Oh, my God!

( crowd shouting )

( tires screech )

Demetrius: Back...
back it up, this way.

Move it, move it!

( man shouts )

You crazy?

Man: Hey, what are you doing?

( woman screams )

( tires screech )

( clanging )

( splatters )


Stay back, Hart,
or I'll kill her.

( Eberhardt speaking Greek )

( grunts )

- Jennifer: Jonathan!
- (gun fires )

( grunts )

( siren wails )

Where did you
learn how to do that?

Oh just something I
picked up. Lucky, huh?



These are for you, Inspector.

This is the only
treasure I need.

Your action in recovering
the classical relics

is worthy of the highest praise.

The Greek government
formally thanks

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hart

and hereby
authorizes a reward of

500,000 drachmas,

signed Melina Mercouri,
Minister of Culture.

- ( crowd cheering )
- ( music playing )

Look at that, I
don't believe it.

( laughing )

Go, Max.


I'd like to have that
reward money go to Paul,

for his education.

The boy you can
teach, you must tame.

I'd like to have
you be his tutor

and trustee for
the fund for him.

Thank you, thank
you, thank you, Jon.

What's the matter?

I love happy endings.

(theme music playing )

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