Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 16 - Silent Dance - full transcript

The Harts come across an accident where a potential Olympic figure skater and her father are seriously injured. Inadvertently, they had just witnessed the preparation for an assassination and the shooter had tried to kill her. After the accident, the skater has been left deaf and so Jonathan uses the resources of Hart Industries to give her an aid that allows her to hear. They also ask a friend, Olympic skater Tai Babilonia, to coach her. But the shooter hasn't finished.

( theme music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( crashing )

( barks )

( clattering )

( clanking )

( skates raking )

Go for it, honey.

You sure?

Yeah, go for it.

Perfect baby, perfect.

Thanks, Dad.

We're on our way to
Sarajevo, the Winter Olympics.

All you have to do is skate
like that in Los Angeles.

( car horn honks )

There you go,
the City of Angels.

I sure hope one of 'em's
looking over us now.

I just wish your mom
could be with us, Susan.

She'd be so proud of you.

I've been thinking about
her a lot lately, Dad,

but I can't remember
her face so well anymore.

Well, that was eight years ago,

you were just a kid.

I remember her hands,

she had the
loveliest pale hands.


I want you to know, Dad,

I'll never forget
how you and mom

went without things
to give me my start.

Well, she made me
promise to work your tail off.

Well, you kept your word.

( laughing )

Hey, what do you say
we stop by the big city rink

before we go to the motel?

Great. I've been hearing about

the Los Angeles
Sports Palace all my life,

I couldn't sleep tonight if
I didn't finally get to see it.

Hmm, what a lovely lunch.

There's something
about Maine lobsters.

Especially when you eat
them on the West Coast.

You know I heard it said that

seafood was good for
increasing brain power.

Oh, I heard it was good for
increasing something else.

No, no, no.

That's only oysters.

Maybe you're right.



You had oysters for lunch.

Yep, I had one dozen.

I didn't have any.

I love challenges in life.

Shall we drive back
by way of the zoo?


Sorry honey, it's closed.

Sure doesn't seem like 20 years.

Your old man left two
parts of himself inside there,

a little chip of ankle bone

and my last hope
for a gold medal.

I thought you said you
weren't gonna look back, Dad.

So I did.

So I did, Susan.

We're here to
work on the future,

starting the moment these
doors open in the morning.

Let's go.

Hold it, there's
a side entrance.

Yeah, in that alley there,
maybe that's still open.

Hey Muller, there's a
couple heading your way.

Mueller: Okay,
I'll check it out.

Hold it, what are
you doing here?

Just looking around,

my daughter's gonna be
competing here next week.

This is a police barrier,

I want you to leave the area.


Yes, sir.

What was that all about?

I don't know,

some kind of security operation,

a stakeout maybe.

( grunts )

Five seconds, standby.


( brakes screech )

Get out of here, go
on, get out of here.

- Who in the hell was that?
- Some guy and his kid.

- Why didn't you warn me?
- There wasn't time.

Dammit, they saw me.

( tires screeching )

( tires screech )

( clanging )

( crashing )


Jennifer: I'll call
an ambulance.

Hello, mobile operator?

Mobile operator,
this is an emergency.

We need an
ambulance on Zoo Drive.

Watch it, watch it.

That's right.

Yes, there's possible injury,

that's why I said I
needed an ambulance.


( explosion roars )

( explosion continues )

Mr. and Mrs. Hart?


I'm Dr. Larwin, we
spoke on the phone.

- How do you do?
- Good morning.

This way please.

How are they doing this morning?

Well, they're
both out of danger,

but we could have
problems with the girl.


The head injuries
are superficial

but there could
be complications,

it's just too early to tell.

I've called in a specialist
to run some tests.

This way, please.

If she needs anything,

would you please let us know?

It's thanks to you she's alive.

What's her name?

Susan, Susan Wilmott.

Would you like
to see her father?


Woman: Dr. Russo,

Dr. Russo, would you
report to your office please?

Mr. Wilmott, you
have some visitors.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'm Jonathan Hart.
- Oh, how do you do?

- This is my wife Jennifer.
- How do you do?

I'm Dan Wilmott.

The paramedics told
me how you pulled

me and my daughter
out of the wreck.

"Thanks" just
doesn't seem to do it.

We're glad to know
you're going to get well.

You're the figure skater,

you were National
Singles Champion.

Yeah, some time ago.

But I'm not the one
that matters here now.

Doctor, anything new on Susan?

There's no changes
yet, Mr. Wilmott.

If she has to miss the
national competitions

here next week,

she won't be able
to go to Sarajevo

with the Olympic team.

She's 17, I taught
her everything I know.

For ten years she's been

getting up long before daylight

and jogging two
miles to a country rink,

same thing again after school,

every day of her life.


I fall asleep and
drive off the road.

Well, try not to
worry, Mr. Wilmott,

just get well.

And if Susan gets better,

and if the doctor says
she can skate again,

I think we could find
her another coach.

We want to do
whatever we can to help.

You people, I don't know.

I guess they don't call it

the City of Angels for nothing.

Kyle: Dramatic rescue,

skating star, father
dragged from blazing wreck.

If they recover in time
for the competition,

see you at the rink.

You think I'm gonna let
that happen, Mr. Landon?

They may already have
told the police what they saw.

You're an attorney,

what would you make of it?

No break in, nothing taken.

You'd probably think
it was some kind of

a security exercise
or maybe an alarm

had gone off accidentally.

You're too damn
casual, Torkensen.

I hired you, just you,

to kill Blake Stockwell,

a man that's threatening
to destroy me.

Now suddenly there are
two others involved, why?

Stockwell is a United
States Senator,

guarded by U.S. Marshals.

In order for me to get
out of that rink alive

after the hit, I
need some cover.

Who the hell are these men?

Muller is a security
guard at the rink,

he gets me inside and
keeps the alley clear.

Spanberg will be at the window

across the street

to pick off anybody that
might come after me.

You haven't told me
how you propose to deal

with those two witnesses.

You haven't read
the rest of the story.

Dan Wilmott's badly hurt

and he won't be
out of the hospital

until long after
the competition.

And I'll take care
of the little girl.


The sooner, the better.

You know it's too bad,

solving our personal
problems, Landon,

could cost America a gold medal.

That's not very patriotic.

I can't hear you.

I can't hear you.

I know, I know. Relax, Susan.

Relax, we're going
to take care of you.

It'll be all right.

The tests are conclusive,

it's worse than we thought.

There is damage
to the auditory nerve

on the left side,

and conductive
loss on the right.

Can it be corrected
with an operation?

We'll have to
make further tests,

but for right now,
Susan is stone-deaf.

She can't compete
if she can't hear

the music she's skating to.

No, she can't.

We appreciate your
cooperation, Dr. Larwin.

You know, we may be
wasting our time, Mr. Hart.

The specialist examined
Susan again last night

and tried every conventional
type of hearing aid.

I know and none
of them succeeded.

Her father called me.

Dr. Larwin: And you talked
him into this experiment?

It happened that Jonathan
Hart Industries Audio Division

has developed a
miniature amplifier,

Max: Come on in.

I thought it was
worth taking a shot.

Mr. H.

Hello, Frank.

- How are you?
- Mr. Hart.

- You know my wife, Jennifer.
- Yes, how are you?

- This is Dr. Larwin.
- Doctor.

And this is Susan Wilmott.

Hello, Susan, I'm
here to try to help you.

Well, here it is,

the latest in our technology.

That's all it is?

Frank: It increases
the signal over 50 times.

Based on a
revolutionary principle.

It's still in development.

Well, it's extremely unfortunate

that both ears
have been affected.

On the left side,

some of the cells
in the auditory nerve

have been damaged.

We're doing some tests

because there is a possibility

that an operation could
restore some of the hearing.


if Susan could hear at
least the beat of the music,

she could compete.

It would be nice
if she could hear

the cheer of the crowd as well.

Well, I've rigged up a
mold to fit inside her ear.

But there's a microphone inside

that converts sound wave
into electrical impulses.

It feeds it to an
amplifier over here,

which then takes
it to a receiver

and converts those
electrical impulses

back into sound waves.

It should bridge
the nerve damage.

Susan, I'm going to place this

inside your ear, okay?

There's still some
bruising here.

Frank: This may
hurt just a little bit.

Here we go.

How's that feel?

Susan, can you hear me?

It works.

I can hear.

Not very well, but...

Hold on just one second.

Is this a little
more comfortable?

Oh yes, that's much better.

Oh, okay. Susan, stand up.

Walk over here.

Come on, take it easy now.

Okay, turn around slowly

and go back to your seat.

No dizziness?


but you sound really
weird, it's all fuzzy.

Try the music, Frank.

Yes, sir.

( music playing )

( music plays softly )

It comes and goes.

She may be
having a little trouble

with the trebled range.

I'll give it a little more bass.

( music playing )

I've got it, I've got it,

it's "Somewhere My Love."

There's no pain, no discomfort?

I feel great.

I'm sure your father
would be glad to hear that.

Say something to me.

What's the matter?


You can hear?

That's terrific,
baby, that's terrific.

That's the only thing
that really matters.

I'm ready to go
back to work now.

I'm sorry, honey, I'm sorry.
We've got some problems,

we lost all the
equipment in the crash,

I'm stuck here, I don't
know what we're gonna do.

It's the Harts,
come in here folks,

she has her hearing back,
did you get that news?

We know.

We have an idea,
with your permission.

Susan could come
and stay with us

and I think we could
solve the problem

about the equipment.

And Daddy, Mr. Hart is
gonna have his people

make up a new
record tape for me,

all I have to do is tell
him the recordings I use

and I can start
training tomorrow.

Hold it, hold it. Who's
gonna coach you?

Oh, we have a friend,

a professional.

It has to be somebody good.

I think that you will approve.

Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.

Come on.


Hi you guys, it's
great to see you again.

Wonderful to see
you, you look great.

- These are for you.
- How lovely.

That's what we
were about to say.

And this is Susan.

Jennifer's told me all
about you on the phone.

Well, you two are terrific.

Thank you. You know, your
dad's a great hero of mine.

Mine too.

I'm gonna try and
get his gold for him.

Well, be here at 8
o'clock tomorrow morning

to show me your routines.

That would be wonderful.

Great, why don't you go
back and find the officials

and register for
the competition?

- Okay. Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- We'll see you later.
- Bye bye.

That device that
we put in her ear

is only temporary.

The other one is
completely useless.

You know it may
affect her concentration,

maybe her equilibrium.

If anyone can help her, you can.

Well, one thing we
know, the girl's got guts.

She sure does.

It gets real cold
down here, doesn't it?

I got a call last night

to open up for the Wilmott girl,

8 o'clock this morning.

Who's coming with her?

How do I know?

They've got the
place to themselves,

hockey practice
don't start till 11.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Let me in by the side door.

Jonathan: Good morning.

Jennifer: Good morning.

Tai: Good morning, Jennifer.

Hi Jonathan.

Jonathan: Sorry to
get you up so early.

Tai: It's all right, I've
already spent an hour

working out with
Randy at the gym.

Hi, yes.

Jonathan: I guess
skaters are like fighters.

Tai: But we get our
bruises in different places.

( laughing )

All right, are you ready?

Well, ready as I'll ever be.

- You want to give it a try?
- Let's try this out.

All right.

You just give us a signal

- then we'll put it on.
- Okay, all right.

( distorted music plays )

( music resumes )

Maybe you ought to go out there.


It's fine, Susan,
just take it easy.

Watch this flying camel.

Feel like trying it
again with the music?


Jonathan, can you
rewind the tape please?

( gunshot )

Come on.

( gun firing )

( bullets ricochet )

( clattering )


How is it?

Oh, it's getting better.

We examined that mask thoroughly

and the only fingerprints
on it were yours.

Well, that's probably
because I grabbed it,

don't do you think, Lieutenant?

Then you must have
seen his face, right?

No, I'm sorry, he
hit me before I...

Before I saw his face.

Well, a man in your position

is bound to incur a
great deal of envy,

maybe even in
somebody you don't know.

Is there anything
else you can tell me?

Susan: Lieutenant,

I'm not sure if this
has anything to do

with what happened
this morning, but...

the day Dad and
I had our accident,

we went by the rink.

It was closed but there was
something going on there,

the police had a barrier
up across the alley

and a security guard stopped us

and told us to move on.

What day was that?

It was Monday.

I'll check into it.

Well, I'd better
get going on this.

I want to thank you all
very much for your help.

And by the way, Mr. Hart,
I'm going to assign

a couple of men bodyguard duty

until we find out
a little bit more

about all this.


Don't slam the door, Max.

Sure, Mr. H. On
your tiptoes, Freeway.

I can jog to the rink tomorrow

now that I know the way.

Oh, I'll be fine Susan, thanks.

Are you going back there?

Well, I'll have
police protection,

you heard what
the Lieutenant said.

Mmm-mmm, correction.

We'll have police protection.

I knew it. I knew it.

Two strikes, Torkensen.

It was the damn
mask, it spoiled my aim.

And you let Jonathan
Hart snatch it off your face.

I told you I knocked him cold,

but he may have seen my face.

Someone else who
can identify you.

I can't risk that.

We go for broke, Hart
and the Wilmott girl.

No more foul-ups.

It's your neck, too, Torkensen.

Can we get to the setup?

At the end of the competition,

Senator Stockwell will
make the presentations

right here.

For once, he'll be on his own,

no bodyguards packed around him.

With the excitement,
confusion, fans,

I'll be right there.

That's when I make the hit.

- Hi.
- Hi, Susan,
feeling okay today?

Oh yeah, I feel great.

Here, you can use
this, it gets cold.


Oh, thanks Max.

Perfect with chocolate.

This is the ticket. Thanks.

Oh, this is great.

Now, what does
this remind you of?

It reminds me of Friday
night at the ice rink.

You had one, too?


My favorite place in town,

that's where we used to go

to look at the girls.

Ours was called
the Reindeer Rink,

that's where we used
to go to look at the boys.


the most romantic
sport in the world.

Did you rent your skates?


You bought them?

I borrowed them.

I didn't have any money
at the time and besides,

my feet were still growing.


( glasses clink )

Here's looking at you.

- Hi, you guys.
- Hi.

Say, you want a sip of this?

Oh, thank you.

More of your protégées?

Midge and Henry Stockwell.

- Oh.
- Oh, yes.

The senator's kids.

Right, hot favorites
in the pairs.

They're good.

- Thank you.
- Oh, sure.

I'll see you guys later.

Look how the youth
come leaping lightly,

up they spring.

Catullus, old
Roman figure skater.

Well, did you learn
that on Friday night?

You bet, and a few
other classy moves.

- I'm sure.
- You liked that

Catullus thing, didn't you?

Okay, Susan, I'd like to
see your compulsories first.

And we use a video to
study your bad habits,

so go warm up and cue me

when you're ready, okay?

All right.

Great position
on your lift, Midge.

- Oh, thanks.
- Thanks.

Come on, I want you to
meet some friends of mine.

Jonathan and Jennifer,
Midge and Henry Stockwell.

- How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.

- You were wonderful.
- Thank you.

Your father must
be very proud of you.

- You know him?
- Yes we do, we've met him.

He's coming to the competition.

- Oh.
- In fact,

he's giving the presentations.

Oh, wouldn't that be
something to get a medal

from your own father?

Yes. Oh, look at that.

You've done a great job, Tai.

Thank you.

Know what? The
memory's coming back.


Maybe the effects of the
concussion are wearing off.

I think so.

I can remember the accident now,

some of it anyway.
And it wasn't my fault.

I knew that, Dad.
You didn't fall asleep.

How do you think it happened?

A car came up on my left,

real fast and forced
me off to the right.

Good, you're all here,

I have wonderful
news, especially for you.

I got a second opinion,

another specialist
examined all of your X-rays

and all of your test readings.

He's convinced that
an operation can restore

at least 80% of your
hearing in your right ear.

- Oh, excellent.
- Oh, that's great.

- Excuse me, Doctor.
- Go ahead.

Well, you can have the operation

right after the competition.

Well, the competition
is a problem.

Jonathan: What do you mean?

Any further impact to the head,

such as a fall on the ice,

could mean permanent deafness.

I'm afraid the competition
is out of the question.

Excuse me.

The doctor's right,
baby. We can't risk that.

Yes, I can, Dad.

I have to.

For all the people
who've helped me

and for myself.

These are very
beautiful flowers,

it's very thoughtful of you.

Dan: Yes, thank you, Jennifer.

I didn't send them, did you?

No, I thought you did.

Maybe there's a card.

I don't know who else
would send me flowers.

( clock ticking )

Get her out of here.

- What?
- Get her out.

Come on.

( shattering )

( explosion roars )

According to the
hospital volunteer,

the man who brought the flowers

weighed about 170 pounds

and was around
35, 36 years of age.

Now, could that
fit the description

of the gunman inside the rink?

Yes, I'd say he's
about the same size.

She also said he had
a rather prominent scar

on his left cheek.

The man Dad and I
saw outside the rink

had a scar on his cheek.

That Monday?

By the way, there's no record

of any police
activity whatsoever

near the Sports Palace that day.

More coffee, Mr. H?

No more, thanks Max.

Well, I guess that
you want me to skip

going to the competition.

Well, that would
make more sense.

Well, I can't hide
for the rest of my life,

sooner or later,

I'm gonna have to
walk out that front door

and whoever it is is
going to be waiting for me.

Better make it later.

We could just
watch it on television.

We could.

But Susan's taking quite a risk

by going out on the ice

and I don't think we should
watch that on the box.

We'll be there to
root her in, Lieutenant.

All right, I'll send
an escort guard.


( police radio chatter )

Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart,
nice to see you all.

Oh, hello Senator,
how are you sir?

Fine, thanks.

- You know my wife?
- Yes. Of course.

I am so excited,

I have a personal
stake in this, you know.

Yes, we met them,
they're terrific.

Thank you.

- Bye-bye sir.
- Bye-bye.

- Jennifer: Good luck.
- Thank you.


I didn't expect to see you,

at least not until I got you

in front of my
investigating committee.

Invitation I can
hardly refuse, Senator.

You and your committee
have spent a lot of time

and taxpayer's
money hounding me.

We'll see about
that in Washington.

Announcer: Now we come to
the free skating program for pairs.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen,

the winners will be selected

- for the U.S. Olympic team.
- Who's that?

Kyle Landon, the attorney.

Stockwell's committee
subpoenaed him,

he's got ties to the mob.

- Oh.
- He'll go down for sure.

Are you all set?

Announcer: And
now the final pair,

Midge and Henry Stockwell.

( music playing )

Announcer: The
Stockwell's scores are,

5.9, 5.9, 5.9,
5.9, 5.6, 5.6, 5.9.

Ladies and gentlemen,

last to skate in
the ladies' singles,

from Linden Valley,
California, Susan Wilmott.

Susan is currently
tied for first place

with Mariana
DeSoto of San Diego.

( music playing )

( applause )

( audience gasping )

( cheering )

( music playing softly )

( music resumes )

( cheers and applause )

( cheering continues )

- Susan.
- Announcer: Susan's marks

- for technical...
- Are you all right?

- Are you all right?
- Announcer: 5.4, 5.1, 5.4...

Mr. Hart, I saw the man

who was in the car
the day of the accident.

He's in a policeman's uniform.

I think he recognized me,

he ducked out of sight.

Maybe it wasn't me,

maybe it was Susan
he was after all the time.

Check the side entrance
to the alley. Move.

Announcer: Now we come to
the last free skating performance,

Miss Susan Wilmott.

She can't go out there,

he's liable to
take a shot at her.

Wait a minute, if she
doesn't go back out there,

the gunman will know
he's been spotted.

He might panic and a lot
of people could get hurt.

You can't go out there.

Mr. Hart, this is
my only chance.

I've worked all
my life for this,

this is my one goal.

I've waited for this a long time

and my dad's waited even longer.

( cheers and applause )

( whistling )

( music playing )

( applause )

Announcer: Susan's
scores are 5.6, 5.9,

5.8, 5.8, 5.9, 5.9, 5.9.

( cheering )

( whistling )

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

the awards ceremony.

To make the presentation,

please welcome
Senator Blake Stockwell.

( cheering, whistling )

( audience shouting )

Senator, I'm sure your committee

would like to talk to that man,

but for right now, the police

will keep him on ice for you.


Thank you.

I don't care how they score it,

you're a perfect 10.

Jennifer: Wait.
Now wait a minute.

Oh, this is great.

- Having fun?
- Uh-huh.

But why is the place so empty?

- I rented it.
- You rented it?

Mm-hmm, for the afternoon.

Sort of for a
little celebration.

Oh, what kind of a celebration?

Dr. Larwin called
me at the office

and Susan's operation
is completely successful.

Oh, that's wonderful.

She'll be hearing
sweet music at Sarajevo.

Oh that's good.

The American National Anthem.

Yeah. Now take it
easy, take it easy.

It's been a long
time, now take it easy.

( barking )

You know, I've
dreamt about this.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

On Friday nights?

Right, being at the old ice rink

all by myself.

With a beautiful
girl all by myself.

Uh-huh. Whoa.

Oh. Don't get...

Don't get too ambitious now.

Wait a minute.

What could be more romantic?

No, no, wait. Whoa.

- Oh.
- Ooh, stop.

( grunts )

( laughs )

( barking )

How's your back?

Let's see.


It still works.

( laughs )

( theme music playing )