Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 15 - The Dog Who Knew Too Much - full transcript

( theme music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( crashing )

( barks )

( clattering )

( clanking )

Jonathan: Come on
shape up will you, Freeway,

this is your big chance, boy.

This could be your
moment of glory.

Don't muff it.

( light applause )

Now boy, stop wiggling now.

Jonathan: She's beautiful.

- Darling?
- What?

Listen, there's still some time

before Freeway's
moment of glory.

Why don't we take a break,

I think you're
getting channel fever.

Freeway is going
to win a ribbon today.

I certainly hope so.

- Jonathan: Why not?
- Jennifer: Oh.

He's the most
miscellaneous I've ever seen.

( laughs )

Come on.

( dog barks )

Oh, hi.

Entered in the show?


Miscellaneous breeds.

Yeah, I mean, us too, yes.

It's a treat for Freeway.

It gives him a chance
to mingle with his peers.

( laughs )

( birds chirping )

I'm Jennifer Hart, this is
my husband, Jonathan,

- and this is Freeway.
- Oh, really? That's nice.

Could you do me a favor, I
have to make a phone call.

He hates to crouch. Could
you just hold him for a second?

- Well...
- Oh, sure.

What's his name?

Yes, thanks a lot.

Jonathan: That's a
funny name for a dog.

Hey, get out of the??

( grunts )

- ( glass shatters )
- ( woman screams )

( shatters )

( crowd screaming )

( tries screeching )

( crowd chattering,
dogs barking )

( police radio chatter )

Outrageous, intolerable.

I understand, sir, but
can you add any facts?


And then he just
took off and ran away.

Did he give you his
name or anything?

No. All he left us was his dog.

( whimpers, barks )

Jennifer: He was entered
in the Miscellaneous

Breeds competition.

It was not, madam.

Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart,

do you have
anything else to add?

Not really. We don't
know who the man was

and we don't really
know what was going on.

And I think that's
it. Thank you.

Oh, wait a minute.

What are we gonna
do with the dog?

I suggest that you take
him to the pound, madam.

( dog barking )

My sentiments exactly.

( dogs barking )

Ah, that's it.

( dog barks )

It's a what?

It's a dog.

Miscellaneous breed.

Yeah, that I can see.

Jennifer: Isn't he cute?

The very word.

We've named him Watson.


Elementary, my dear Max.

Because he's cloaked in mystery.

And we don't know
what his name is.

Jennifer: He'll be
staying with us for a while.


I thought they liked each other.

Well, you know these
pickups in the park,

they're all right
for fun and games

but when they move right in...

I'm sure in time
it'll be different.

Mr. and Mrs. H,
what about the guy

who dumped him on you?

Oh, we gave him our
name, I'm sure he'll call us.

Then he can explain.

I'm not sure I wanna know.

Somebody tried to kill him.

But, darling, he's
got to be a nice man.

Anyone who could own a sweet dog

like Watson couldn't be all bad.

Man: So even though Strick
deserves killing several times over

I want him alive and
conditioned to talk

and you lose him.

Clavell: Not completely, sir.

His medicine, he
had a heart condition.

We already knew that.

It's a refill made out to
Strick to the Charter Motel,

we went there.

But Strick wasn't there?

But the manager
recognized his description.

Grayson has it staked out now.

Well, well, well.

Some progress.

Did you search the room?

Yes. There was nothing there

but clothes,
personal belongings.

So, what do we have?

He's either hidden
it, he still has it,

or he's already
sold it to someone.

Did you notice,
had he made contact

with anyone at the dog show?

He talked to a couple.

But only for a few seconds.

And got away with
50 million dollars.

All right. Get back
there, cover the motel

and when he returns,
rip it out of him.

We'll get it.

Yes, and when you
do, get rid of him.

And Clavell, if he did
make contact with anyone,

they go too.

Now, Max, you
make sure that the vet

gives him a full physical.

I'll see to it he gets the
works, Mrs. H, trust me.

Isn't he cute?

- That he is, have fun, Max.
- Look at this.

Max: It'll be a
whole new thrill.

No, no, no. Stay in there, boys.

Now, there.


Darling, do you think
Max is upset with me

because I'm giving so
much attention to Watson.

Yes, I do.

Are you jealous?

Is this a serious love affair?

Well, I'm a very
old-fashioned girl,

I can only have one
love affair at a time.

( doorbell buzzing )

What a time for visitors.

He hasn't showed.
What do we do now?

We wait until he does.

Good morning,
Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart.

Good morning.

Won't you come in?

How did you find us?

You're very well-known.

Very lovely house.

Thank you. Won't you sit down?

Well, thank you.

I'm sure my dog
had a wonderful stay.

I'm really grateful,
may I have him now?

First, would you tell
us what happened?

- Happened?
- At the park.

Why did that woman shoot at you?

Cynthia, oh, she's my ex-wife,

we had a little

Jonathan: A little

What do you do
for a real quarrel?

Use landmines?

Oh, Cynthia just
flies off the handle,

terrible temper.

That's why we got divorced.

Besides she has a new boyfriend.

The man who blew out
the rear window of your car?


Well, I was pretty angry
about that, you understand.

Jennifer: Certainly.

You have every reason
to be irritated, Mister?

Peter, and can I
have the dog now?

I'll be happy to
pay for any trouble.

There's no charge

but Watson isn't here right now.

- Who?
- Watson.

We didn't know what to call
him, so I called him Watson.

What is his real name?

Oh, Watson will do.

Where is he?

Jonathan: He's
at the vets, on...

He's having tests.

Max took him.

I don't know which vet it
was, Max just took him.

Max is our man, he
does everything for us.

Jonathan: Max is
sort of a free spirit.

He's off doing errands.


You don't know where the dog is?

Oh, he will be back eventually.

I'll tell you what, Mr. Peter,

why don't we bring
him over to you?

Where do you live?

Oh, that's a good idea.

We're going out anyway
we could drop him off

when we go to our party.

Where do you live?

You're very kind.

I'm at the Charter Motel
on Quincy, room 112.

We'll see you there.

Thanks. I'm really grateful.

Oh, don't mention it.

And thank you so
much for coming by.

Yeah. And please don't forget
the Charter Motel on Quincy...

- Bye.
- Bye-bye.

I do not trust him.

If his story was any taller

it'd be in the NBA.

National Basketball Association,

- tall people.
- Oh.

We cannot hand Watson
over without knowing

what kind of a
home he's going to.

It's important to me.

It's important to me too.


How are you?

Mr. Troy's very
disappointed in you.

He wants his property back.

- He's clean.
- I don't have it.

It's with somebody else.

It's safe.

With who?


( gasps )

It hurts.

Who has it?

Heart doctor.

I'll get you a doctor when
you tell me who has it.

Who did you see today?

Jona... Jonathan Hart.

Help me.

Jonathan Hart.

Jonathan Hart.

Hart Industries.

He finally came up
with an honest answer

and it killed him.

Jonathan: There it is.

I don't know if I like the idea

of Watson living in a motel.

Keep an open mind, darling.

Come on, boy.

Come on, boy.


Jennifer: He told us some
story about his ex-wife.

Cynthia, wasn't that her name?


He said she was insanely jealous

that she was after
him with a gun.

Clearly he wasn't
shot, Mrs. Hart.

As a matter of
fact, we aren't sure

of the cause of death.

By the way, did he
happen to mention

any other possible enemies

or any other
explanation for the gunfire

- at the dog show?
- No, he didn't.

He didn't even say
what's his last name was.

His first name was
Peter, wasn't it?


Any idea who he was?

No. There was no ID.

We're working on that too.

I'll have your
statement typed up

and bring it over
after we clean this up.

I think he was lying
about his wife, lieutenant.

But he was very frightened.

Well, what we can
do now is try to find out

why and who killed him.

( Watson barking )

That a good boy.

Yeah. You're such a sweetheart.

- Darling?
- Yes?

I've been thinking.


- What?
- We can keep him.

Oh, great.

- Ah.
- It makes you happy, huh?

You know something,
from time to time,

I love you.

Ah, from time to time, huh?

- Uh-huh.
- Only from time to time.

- And all the spaces in between.
- Hmm.

( car door closes )

Got a problem?

Not anymore.

Oh, hi, Max.

Hi, there, Max.

- Jennifer: What?
- Sorry, Mr. H.

( door shuts )

Jonathan and Jennifer
Hart, it's a pleasure.

Where is it?

Where's what?

We know that Strick
sold it to you, we want it.

Jennifer: Strick?

Oh, you're Cynthia?

Jonathan: The one
who believes in divorce

machine gun style.

Are we in business?

I know this may
sound like a cliché

but I don't really know
what you're talking about.

You have two choices,
you can tell me now

or you can tell me later.

Tell you what?

I could tie you up
and search this place,

but that's gonna take more
time than I wanna waste.

Just tell us what you want.

All of it.

Structure, data, configurations,

I know how much it's worth
to Jonathan Hart Industries,

so you know
just how far I'll go.

( police radio chatter )

( doorbell buzzing )

Mr. Hart? Mrs. Hart?

Croyden: Mr. Hart? Mrs. Hart?


- What's...
- They're headed for the back.

( engine starts )

( tires screech )

You say this woman
was very strong?

Max: I'll say she was.

She sacked me like
she was a linebacker

in the pros.

Are you feeling all right, Max?

I'm fine, Mr. H.

What about coffee for all of us?

- Okay?
- Good.

Great. Thanks, Max.

She kept insisting
that Strick gave it to us,

whatever it is.

Strick, the dead
man at the motel.

Have you found
anything more about him?

Yes, we finally
tracked all that down.

His name was
Peter Andrew Strick,

age 57, unmarried,
profession: biochemist.

- Biochemist?
- Lieutenant Croyden: Mmm-hmm.

Employed where?

Vera Corp. Chemical.

You know them?

We've done business with them.

They're big outfit.

Everything from pesticides

to high potency pharmaceuticals.

What did they say about Strick?

Not much. He was with
them for a couple of years,

got an excellent record.

Are they missing
anything valuable?

Well, I'd thought that
might be the motive,

that he had stolen
some industrial secret.

But I've checked
with their security,

they say nothing's missing.

So they don't know what
he could've been mixed up in.

Maybe I could talk to them.

I know David Carlton,
he's the chairman.

That would be very
helpful, Mr. Hart,

because we're certainly
getting nowhere this way.

Mr. H, the dogs,
both of them are gone.


Clavell: How'd you
locate this place?

I went over his bank records,

went through his checks,

found out that he'd been
renting this warehouse

for months, secretly.


Stuffed animals.

Some kind of hobby?

Don't be stupid.

Strick double-crossed
me for $50 million.

Well, well, well,

look what we have here.

He had to have a way
of hiding the formula

and he did it here.

Look at this.

Didn't you tell me that
Strick had a dog with him

when you first spotted
him at that dog show?

Yes. He was
talking to the Harts,

they had a dog too.

He left it with him
when he saw us.

Oh, that's clever.

That's brilliant.

Strick inked the entire formula,
the sketches, the process,

everything on the skin of a dog.

And then he passed it
over to Jonathan Hart

right under your noses.

How could we know?

Of course you couldn't,

that would require intelligence.

Well, they couldn't
have found a safer place.

Files, tapes, lock
boxes, all too obvious.

And who would think to
search the rump of a dog.

He bought himself time
until he could find a buyer.

Just one question,
does Hart know about it?

Has he figured it out?

Well, we can solve that problem.


Get the dog.

( dogs barking )

( barking )



( dogs barking )

( whistles )


Grayson: There they are.

Get ready.

Grayson: That must be
their dog coming toward them.

Come here, Watson.

Come here, baby. Oh.

Grayson: I'll get
the one on the table.

( motor revving )


( whimpers )

- Darling?
- Hmm?

I know how you feel.

But they won't hurt Freeway

because they wanna
use him as leverage on us.

You heard what the police said.

But wouldn't you have
thought that the kidnappers

would have called or
sent a ransom note?

We're not gonna
wait around and see.

What can we do?

Strick was killed, Freeway
has been kidnapped.

If there's any connection,

it's got to be tied in with
Vera Corp. Chemical.

Oh, Max, would you stay here

and see if there's any
calls about Freeway?

Sure, Mr. H. Where will you be?

We're going to a party.

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

I appreciate you inviting us
on such short notice, David.

Oh, my pleasure.

We'd love to do more business

with Hart Industries.

In case you missed
that, I'm selling.

I could see that.

I wonder if you could
give us some information

on a man that worked
for you, Peter Strick.

Jonathan, our people
talked to the police,

we opened our files.

We're always working
on new products

but this fella Strick, no.

Matter fact he wasn't very good,

he used a great deal of money
and time to come up empty.

No mysterious secrets?

( David laughs
) Sorry, Jennifer.

No mysteries, no secrets.

But I tell you what,

I'll let our vice president
in charge of security

answer all your questions, okay?

- Oh, Damian?
- Yes?

What have I done now, Dave?

( laughs )

I just like you to meet
Jonathan and Jennifer Hart.

- Yes. How do you do?
- Damian Troy.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

I was telling them
that you could clarify

this whole tragic Strick thing.

- Go ahead.
- Mmm-hmm.

Will you excuse me?

I'll leave you in good hands.

- Dave.
- Thank you very much, David.

What can you tell
us about Strick?

Well, I can only talk to you

from a security point of view.

You see, Strick wasn't

really that important
to the company.

As a matter of
fact, he had a rather

disordered personal life.

Women, possible drug use,
we weren't very happy with him.

That's too bad.

What was he working on?

One of our research areas.

intriguing, but nothing

half as attractive as
that gown you're wearing,

Mrs. Hart.

Oh, well, thank you very much.

And it's Jennifer.

It's Damian.

And it's Jonathan.

And you certainly
changed that subject.

Well, I'm really not at liberty
to discuss details with you.

Suffice it to say that Strick

wasn't really working
on anything top secret.

I hope I've answered
your questions.

Would you like some champagne?

No, thank you.

Would you excuse me?

Typical security executive.

Paranoid, trusts no
one including himself,

talks in code.

And confuses
everyone including me.

Maybe I know
someone who can fill in

some of the missing links.


This is Damian Troy,

Security at Vera Corp. Chemical.

Yes, I'd like to speak to
Lieutenant Croyden if I may?

No, no, no, no, I prefer
to speak to the lieutenant,

if you don't mind.

Yes, I need some information.

Thank you, I'll hold on.

Clavell: There should
be ink on his rump.

Grayson: Like
those animal skins.

There's nothing here.

There has to be,

check out the
collar and the tags.

Yamahiro: I'm not
getting anything.

There's nothing on these.

( door creaks )


You stole the wrong dog.

( barks )

Oh, he misses Freeway, too.

- Mr. Hart.
- Baldwin.

Baldwin is the head of one
of our research departments.

Oh. How do you do?

It's a pleasure, Mrs. Hart.

How do you like your
coffee, Mr. Baldwin?

Black with 1.5 teaspoons
of unrefined sugar, please.

Any more coffee for you, Mrs. H?

- No, thank you, Max.
- Mr. H?

No, thanks, Max.

Any answers?

Well, I've consulted
with the late

Dr. Strick's teachers,
university colleagues,

fellow biochemists

and contrary to the information

that you've been
given, Mr. Hart,

he was a brilliant scientist.

What about his personal
life, was there a woman?

Any liquor or drugs?

Dr. Strick did not use drugs

of any sort including
coffee or tea.

What did he do for excitement?


No broads?

Sweet enough?


He was engaged to a
Ms. Angela Stayman,

a doctoral candidate
in endocrinology.

But Dr. Strick broke
off the engagement.

Any reason?

He informed Ms. Stayman
that he only had time

for his research because
he was on the verge

of making a major
scientific breakthrough

which would make
him rich and famous.

And it killed him instead.

( phone ringing )

I'll take that, Max.

This research, did it ever
involve animals, dogs?

No, Mrs. Hart.

Jonathan Hart.

Grayson: We're
ready to make a trade.

Your dog for ours.

You have Strick's
animal, we have yours.

You want it back?

( Freeway barking )

- That's Freeway!
- Shh!

Grayson: Deal or do
you want a dead dog?

It's a deal.

Oh. Oh, darling.

I wish there was some other way

to get Freeway back.

( Watson barks )

( Freeway barks )

Come here, Freeway.

Come here, baby.


I'll take it.

Are you sure you got
the right dog this time,


I'm impressed.

I did little checking.

Strick made a major discovery

while he was working
for Vera Corp Chemical.

And the company doesn't know it.

But you as head of security

could cover up that discovery

and make a deal with
Strick to sell whatever it is.

A breakthrough in biogenetics.

We figure it's worth between

50 and 100 million
dollars, worth killing for.

And worth kidnapping for?

Under the circumstances, yes.

The ingenious Mr. Strick
inked the formula

on the skin of that mongrel.

That's what I wanted to know.

Unfortunately for you,

that's a fatal bit
of information.

Follow us with the
Harts in their car.

You can't kidnap us.

Max knows exactly where we are.

And he'll undoubtedly
be the first

to discover the bodies.

( Watson barking )

Damian: The dog.

Get the dog.

( dogs barking )

We've got Freeway,
but we've lost Watson.

How we ever gonna find him?

( engine revs )

Oh. Hi, boy.

It's all right, baby.

Thanks, Max.

He misses his buddy.


Who doesn't?

But, you know, we seem to be

the only people concerned
about finding Watson.

I know, darling.

I wish Freeway could
give us some kind of a clue.

What we've got here is
a failure to communicate.

Not necessarily.

It's been an electrifying
67 minutes but...

Darling, just give him time.

Freeway will find
Watson, I know it.

Damian: Anything in sight?


Well, something has to happen.

The Harts aren't following
that animal for fun.


( whistles )

( Freeway barking )

Jonathan: We'll have a
tougher time finding Watson,

than the police will
finding Damian Troy.

( Freeway barking )

( Freeway barks )

He really digs cookies, Mrs. H.


- Hello there.
- Mrs. O'Brien,

meet Mr. and Mrs. H.

Oh, it is a pleasure, I'm sure.

Hello, Freeway.

How are you today?

It is a wonderful
dog you got here.

Thank you.

I never realized what an active

social life he has.

Oh, would you like a cookie too?

No, thanks.

One scrounger in
the family is enough.

You're supposed to be
taking him out for exercise,

not providing him
with a pot belly.

But it's one of
his regular stops.


What is the next regular stop?

Well, actually, Mrs.
H, to be precise...

Well, to put it exactly,

there's a very
congenial coffee shop.

Oh. Is that where he gets his

regular croissant and espresso?

Just a biscuit.

Let's assume he's had that.

Where then?

Well, then, it's play time.

Let's take him to
his last regular stop

and see where he
heads to from there.

Jennifer: Freeway, come on, boy.

Come on, Freeway.

Come on, Freeway. Up here.


Why don't we just run them off

to the side and work them over?

They've been
through half the city.

If necessary, we'll
cover the other half too.

Millions of dollars running
around on four legs.

We've got to get that dog.

( barks )

From here on Freeway
just usually sniffs around,

then we start back home.

- Oh.
- All right, Freeway.

Free play period.


Now, Freeway, go find Watson.

It's very important.

( barks )

I think he understood you.

Why not? I've always
had good diction.

- Wait here, Max.
- Have fun.

( birds chirping )

( children chattering )


He just wanted to come
back here and play.

Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

I have some news for you.

I've been making inquiries
among the dog people,

and I think I've located
the owner of that mongrel.

Well, that's wonderful news,

but I'm afraid we
lost him again.

Oh, that's too bad.


Just when we were
growing fond of him.

( Freeway barking )

( barks )

- Will you excuse us?
- Yes.

Come on, Freeway. Time's up.

( dogs barking )

- Come here. Come here.
- Come here. Oh, Watson.

We have had a lot
fun hounding you,

you know that?

Jonathan: You wore me out.

Here we are.

I'll take the dog.


( gunshot )

Well, get them and get the dog!

( gun fires )

Give me it.

Give me that.

All right, hold it.

All right, put the gun down.


Now call the dogs.

( whistles )

( Watson barking )

- ( growling )
- ( Damian shouts )

( siren wailing )

( tires screeching )

Take him, will you? Here.

And another one
on the other side.

- Come here, Watson. Come on.
- Freeway. Come here, baby.

You are some dog, you know that?

Good dog, baby.

( doorbell rings )

We'll take care of it, Max.


Do we have to?

Minnifer said the
description fit perfectly

and there is a reward.

But we can't just give
Watson up to a stranger.

( doorbell rings )

Not even the real owner?

But, darling, in
order to own a dog,

you have to love it.

( knocking on door )

All right. I'll get
rid of whoever it is.

- Can you?
- All right.

Possession is
nine-tenths of the law.

And love is the other tenth.

- ( Watson barks )
- Rascal.

You're right.

Love is the other tenth.


( theme music playing )

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