Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 14 - Max's Waltz - full transcript

Max becomes very interested in a very wealthy widow and their relationship becomes serious. When Max decides he is not the marrying type she breaks it off. However, she is also the target of some conmen interested in stealing her money.

( theme music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( crashing )

( barks )

( clattering )

( clanking )

( music playing )

( party guests chattering )

You're quiet tonight?

Not quiet, just happy.

I love dancing with you.

I dreamed about you last night.

You did?

Did we enjoy ourselves?

There's your mark,
Mrs. Katherine Prince.

Last year, her old man
left her $10,000,000.

She gets more
attractive by the moment.

This fellow she's dancing with,

have you seen him before?

One of the regulars.

I think she's a
bit taken with him.

Well, things can change.

I know she's not bad looking.

Some of the others have been...

The others paid off.

They're all beautiful.

Sixty grand from
the Olden woman,

$34,000 from Mrs. Morrison.

And they parted
with it so willingly.


Here's the information
on Katherine Prince

and her dearly departed.

Do your homework.

I see she's been a
member for three months.

Like clockwork, every Tuesday

and Thursday comes by taxi.

According to that, she
could buy a fleet of them.

There's a million
dollars down there,

ready to waltz
right into my arms.

I think you mean my arms.

Max, it's still early.

I don't have to
rush off right away.

Kathy, I have to bring
you home early tonight.

Mr. H is having a
big breakfast meeting

at the house tomorrow.

I got to get up
before the roosters.

Oh, we get to see
each other so little.

Isn't there some way I
could see more of you?

Katherine, I am rather busy but,

you do have Tuesdays
and Thursdays.

Want another cup
of coffee, Mr. H?

Jonathan: No thanks, Max.

How did the meeting
go this morning, Mr. H?

Jonathan: Fine,
everything went all right.

The croissants were okay?

Everything is terrific.

( Max whistles )


Yes, Mr. H?

Is there something on your mind?

Oh, no, nothing. I'm
just doing my housework.

( continues whistling )

- Mr. H?
- All right.

Let's have it.

How did you know that you wanted

to marry Mrs. H?

- You were there.
- Yeah.

- Remember?
- Yeah.

I fell in love with her.

Yeah, but beyond that?

What do you mean?

Well, you met a lot of ladies

- before Mrs. H.
- Uh-huh.

Now, how do you know

that the lady you've seen...

- Yeah?
- Is the lady?

How can you tell?

- What's her name?
- Whose name?

The lady we're talking about.

Oh, I'm just speculating,

sort of feeling out the turf,

you know what I mean,

just in case something pops out.

Sort of handicapping, huh?

Yeah, that's it.

Well, it's a little
hard to explain, Max.


It's sort of like doing

- a jigsaw puzzle.
- Uh-huh.

You pick up a lot of pieces,

you're hoping for the best.

And you know some of
them aren't gonna quite fit,

but you look around and bingo,

you find one and
you know right away

that that piece is
gonna fit into the puzzle.

And you... you try.

You know, I did that once.

I finished dead last.


Forgive me, I
don't wish to intrude

and I may be mistaken
but aren't you...

Yes, aren't you
Mrs. David Prince?

Why, yes. Have we met?

No, but David always had
your picture in his office.

Oh, did you know David?

Yes, yes, I did, very well.

I was so shocked
to hear about him.

It was quite unexpected.

Oh, aren't you English, mister?

Peterson, Courtney Peterson.

Yes, I'm from London.

I come over here
several times a year

on business.

David did a lot
of traveling too.

He used to always say
that he had chronic jetlag.

Well, that's one of the miseries

of modern commerce, I'm afraid.

But that's why I come here

whenever I'm in Los Angeles.

I find the dancing
helps me to relax.

- Ah.
- Courtney: I sleep better.

Besides, it's my kind of music.

- May I?
- I'd be delighted.

Oh, thank you.

Hello, Max, the usual?

Did you work with David?

Yes, we worked
together in the early days,

when he was with the
Bayard-Ruskin Corporation.

What company are you with now?

My own, Courtney
Peterson Enterprises.

We build shopping centers.

Here in California?

At the moment, yes.

We're planning a new one

for the Pine Springs area.


Here you go, Max.

Thanks, Lou.

( applause )

- Katherine: Thank you.
- Courtney: Tell me,

do you dance very much,
do you come here often?

Oh, every Tuesday and Thursdays.

Hi, Katherine.


Oh, Max, this is
Courtney Peterson.

How are you?

Absolutely splendid, thank you.

It's a great pleasure
meeting you.

Katherine, it's been a delight.

Would you excuse me?

Sorry I'm late, Katherine,

but Freeway hid
my cumber button.

Do you know that guy?

I just met him.

He used to be in
business with David.

He worked for your husband?

No, no, no.

Courtney has his own business.

He builds shopping centers.

With cement or with charm?

Oh, Max, what's wrong?

Where is this shopping
center going up?

Pine Springs.

Say, what are we talking
about shopping centers for?

I missed you.

Well, so far, so good.

How did she take to it?

Well, quite warm.

Not quite as warm

as when that fellow
Max came over.

Still, if he gets in the way,

I shall just have to charm him.

Right out of his life.

Thank you.

Katy, I had a great time.

Oh, so did I, Max.

Do you ever get lonely, Max?

Me, lonely?

I got Mr. and Mrs. H,
Freeway, the house.

I'm not talking about
that kind of lonely.

I'm talking about...

Well, do you ever think
of getting married again?

The first time was enough.

Well, if at first,
you don't succeed...

I wouldn't like to fail again.

Kathy, you know,

whenever you and I are together,

it's great.

I know, Max.

But my feet still
get cold at night,

come on.

Let's go inside for a minute,

I'll make you a pot of tea.

Well, thanks, Katherine,

I... I'd love to but,
really, I got to go.

Max, is there something
you're not telling me?

No, Kathy, honest.

Kathy, thanks for
a wonderful time.

See you on Tuesday?

Same time, same place.

Good night.

Good night.

Come on, Freeway.

How do you expect to
grow up big and strong

if you don't take your vitamins?


Look, they're not so terrible,

look, hmm, terrific.

Why don't you look upon it

as just a little
cocktail before lunch?


Okay. You win,

but don't ever come to me
for sympathy if you get a cold.

Here, I'll give you your lunch.

You know you don't deserve it.

( barks )


somehow, I don't think
this is what they mean

by a cold wash.

I'm sorry, Mrs. H.

I guess Freeway got me

a little bit discombobulated.

Is everything all right?

You seemed to be a little

preoccupied lately.

I got a few little
things on my mind.

Wanna talk about it?

I don't know, Mrs. H.

Well, you see, I got this friend

and he's in a bit of a tizzy.

What's the problem?

Max: Well, he met this lady,

don't get me
wrong, she's terrific

but she's well, like, after him.

She wants a commitment?

Yeah, she wants
to make it serious.

I told you, Max,

- trust your heart.
- Max: Yeah.

It's my problem, Mrs. H,

I guess I'd better
figure it out for myself.

What's her name, Max?


Has Katherine actually
told you she wants more?

Yes. She more than
hinted she wanted marriage.

And how do you
feel about Katherine?

She's the best, she's
a wonderful dancer,

we have laughs together,

she's not bad looking.

I've got my family.

Families do get bigger, Max,

without breaking up.

I know that.

Look, if it had to be someone,

it'd be Katherine.

Have you told her how you feel?

No, she cares for me very much.

I don't wanna hurt her.

Oh, Max.

Telling her the truth
will be a lot less painful

than keeping your hopes alive.

Jonathan: I haven't
heard you talk like this

for a long time.

She sounds like somebody
you don't wanna lose.

That's it, Mr. H.

I don't wanna lose her.

Then you have
to tell her the truth.

I don't think she'll
take it so good.

You might be surprised.

Max: Katherine, I had
to be honest with you,

you're a wonderful woman.

I love being with you.

There's nothing
wrong with you. It's me.

I just can't go any
further than that.

Well, why didn't you
tell me this before?

I didn't wanna hurt you.

Kathy, I don't wanna lose you.

You have lost me, Max.

I never wanna see you
again as long as I live.

Katherine, how
very nice to see you.

Good evening, Courtney.

Would you like to dance with me?

Oh, can't think
of anything nicer.

May I?

Thank you.

Come on, Freeway.

Oh, hi, Max.

Oh, Max.

What are you two doing up?

It's after 1:00.

Well, actually, it's 1:42.

- We were just reading.
- Talking.

Well, enjoy. Good night.

Jennifer: Wait, wait.

What happened with Katherine?

You guys really don't
wanna be bothered

with all this stuff.

- Yes, we do.
- Yes, we do.

It didn't go down

according to Hoyle, Mrs. H.

Oh, didn't go well.

Remember your
reaction when I told you

what Freeway did
to your new coat?

Oh, she really
didn't take it well.

Max: And what bothers me,

not that she was
so angry with me

but now she's making a
play for this Peterson guy.

You sound like you're
getting jealous, Max.

Not of him, Mr. H.

He's like floor wax,

bright and shiny
but watch your step.

Well, look at it this way Max.

You were honest with her,

she's a grown-up woman.

She can take care of herself.

Yeah, it may be so but...

there's something about him
that doesn't come up kosher.

Could you check
him for me, Mr. H?

What's his name?

Max: Courtney Peterson.

He's supposed to
be a big enchilada

with shopping centers,

putting a big one up at
Pine Springs right now.

I'll get on it in the morning.

Max: Thanks. Well,

you two maybe into eating,

and reading, and
talking but I'm beaten.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Good night, Max.
- Good night, Max.

You know, I'm kind of glad

that you two were
up so late tonight.

Good night.

- Good night, Max.
- Good night, Max.

Here. What do you think of this?

Dear Katherine,

I realized that
you're real angry

with me right now

but I don't think you realize

how special I
think you really are.

( barks )

All right, all right. All right.

All right. We'll try another.

( barks )

You're right.

This is the wrong idea,

this is too impersonal.

I've got to go over to her house

and tell her to her face.

( barks )

Sure. It's easy
for you to say that

but I'm the one who's
got to go over and do it.

When David was alive,

things were always happening.

And I was part of it.

He discussed all
of his deals with me

and as a matter of fact,

he even helped to advise me

on my own investments.

Yes, yes, he was
a remarkable man.

Mrs. Prince, telephone.

- Excuse me.
- Mmm-hmm.


Oh, it's for you, a Mr. Pender.

Courtney: Oh, thank you.

Hello, Jack?


Oh, no, not at this
late stage in the project.


Yes, yes, I agree.

Well, we'll just have to
get along without them.


Yes, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Bye, goodbye.

Is something wrong?

One of my investors
has dropped out.

Oh, it's nothing I can't handle.

How many investors do you have?

Not many, a small select group,

each one has a million
dollar block of stock.

I have majority controlled.

How are the blocks sold?

Well, word of mouth, actually.

Our last properties have
been very successful,

that's why the blocks
are so expensive.

We want to attract
only serious investors.

Oh. My attorney
has never suggested

shopping centers.


I hope you don't take
this the wrong way

but you see,
attorneys don't usually

want to involve women
in this kind of deal.

I suppose the feeling is
they're too complicated

for the average
person to understand.

Courtney, now that
one of your investors

has dropped out, why can't I...

Absolutely not.

I've never told you this before

but David gave me
my starting business.

Somehow, Katherine,

I feel responsible for you.

A woman alone has
to be very careful.

But I don't feel
nearly as much alone

these last few days.

You're very sweet.

Neither do I.

But please, no more
talk about investing.

Personal relationships
and business

just do not mix.

David always said,

"If you feel something
is right, don't hesitate,"

and I have complete
confidence in you.

Please, Katherine,

it's out of the question.

Listen, I am not a child

and I'm not a silly old woman.

I am a mature, worldly person.

I'm bored.

I wanna become involved.

And this is the
perfect opportunity.

Oh, dear.

You are a very
strong lady, Katherine.

Well, look, I'll tell
you what I'll do,

I'll consider it on
one condition only

and that is you
check everything out

with your lawyer beforehand.


A million dollars, Katherine.

It's a very large investment.

That old silly
fuddy-duddy attorney

of mine will probably think

it's too complicated for me.

I'd be breaking one
of my strictest rules.

Then it's settled.

I'll sell some stock.

It's Friday now

and the market is already
closed for the weekend.

But I'll make the transfer the
first thing Monday morning,

one million dollars.

Max: Are you sure
about this, Mr. H?

I had Arnold working
at it all morning.

There's no such person
as Courtney Peterson.

What about the shopping
center in Pine Springs?

It doesn't exist.

There's no record of any project

in Pine Springs.

Then this guy is a
liar, and maybe a thief.

Thanks, Mr. H.

Now, you want
your vitamins, huh?

Look, I think you've
had enough of these.

You'll be moving furniture

if you eat any more of this.

( phone rings )

- Hello?
- Max: Katherine?

Max, what do you want?

Max: Oh, Katherine,

I know you're really angry
but I got to tell you something,

I don't want you to be hurt.

Well, coming from you,

that's a real surprise.

This Peterson guy,

I don't think he's on the level.

There's no shopping
center going up

at Pine Springs.

Are you done?

Max: You got to
listen to me, Katherine.

I got this information
from a very reliable source.

You didn't give Peterson
any money, did you?

Max, you've made your choice

to stay out of my life.

- Katherine.
- Katherine: So stay out.

Courtney: Small token
of my appreciation.

Oh, Courtney.

It's gorgeous.

Oh, I'm glad you like it.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, working with you,

the "French
benefits" are terrific.

You're so worth it.

( knocking on door )

Inga: That must be room service.

How cozy.


Katherine: Max was right.

It was the money after all.

I really am a silly old woman.

Inga, the door.

Well, Katherine,

this looks as if it's going
to be our last dance.

And did you tell her, Max?

I tried, but she
wouldn't believe me.

That crummy conman.

I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. H,

but I got to do
something about this.

It's my problem.

Correction, Max.

It's our problem.

We are a family, aren't we?

Jennifer: I've got it.

Why don't we all go
over to see Katherine

and then Jonathan can
explain to her face-to-face

what he knows.

Maybe she would
believe it if Mr. H told her.

It's worth a shot.

Nobody answers the front door.

Let's try the back.

- Hi, Maria.
- Hello, Senior Max.

These are Mr. And Mrs. Hart.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

Mrs. Prince home?

No, la señora is in Seattle.


When'd she go there?

This morning some time.

There was a note on the table.


"Dear Maria,

had to fly to Seattle
on urgent business.

Be back in a few days."

Maria, are you sure
this is her handwriting?

Yes, I'm sure.

Thanks, Maria.

Thank you, nice to have met you.

Well, Max, we can talk to her

when she gets back.

There's something wrong, Mr. H.

What makes you think so?

Katherine doesn't fly.

She's got "aero-something."

Fear of flying?

Max: That's it.

A squad of marines
couldn't drag her

onto an airplane.

That snake Peterson
is behind all this.

Things began to go wrong

the moment he showed up.

Do you know where he lives?

No, but I'll find him.

Maybe we should
go to the police.

There's nothing to tell them.

They might file a
missing person's report.

I'm going to the ballroom.

I'll pick up a lead
on that Casanova.

I don't think it
would do any good

to raise a rumpus
down there, Max.

You're right, Mr. H.

I'll play it real cool.

I promise.

We just have to hold
her over the weekend.

Has she ordered the
money transferred?

Yes. It'll be in our hands

first thing Monday morning.

As soon as we get
it, we'll get rid of her.

Mr. H, wait till you
get a load of this.

Talk about a quick shuffle.

The manager said he
never heard of Peterson.

The guy is lying.

We talked to Lieutenant Draper.


The ballroom is clean, Max.

Come on, Mr. H.

There's some kind
of scam going down.

I'm telling you,
Katherine is in danger.

We'll, if we're going
to find out anything,

we have to get on the inside.

Do you have a plan?

How would you
like to go dancing?

( crowd chattering )

Thank you.

( music playing )

( with Southern accent ) Hello.

Allen Bronson,

some of my friends
have been telling me

how terrific this place is

and insisting I check it out.

Mind if I have a little see?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Howard: Well, of course
if we're always looking

for experienced professional
dance partners, Ms...

( with French accent )
Montaigne, Eva Montaigne.

Ms. Montaigne.

Have you worked as a
dance partner before?

Oh, yes, in Paris four years,

in New York at the Hudson,

in Chicago at the Shoreline.

Hmm, all top places.

We're a high-class
operation too.

That is why I am
here, Monsieur Castle.

Yes. Well, I'm sorry
but I never hire anyone

without first checking
their references.

Come back in a week.

But I had hoped
with my qualifications.

( knocking on door )

Come in.

Excuse me, Mr. Castle.

This is Mr. Bronson from Huston.

He'd like to become a member.

Well, Eva.

How are you, Monsieur Bronson?

Jonathan: I haven't seen
you since Chicago, honey.

How is everything
at Bronson Oil?

Pumping away, pumping away.

I have an application
form right here, sir.

I'm Howard Castle.

I don't care who you are

as long as I have
a chance to dance

with that lovely lady.


Of course.

Miss Montaigne is a
valued member of our staff.

Jonathan: She is
a... real good dancer.

I'll tell you.

Well, if you will excuse me.

I will be in the ballroom.

Oh, she is something.

- Isn't she?
- Yeah.

I'll be right down
as soon as I get

to sign all these paperwork.

Where do I sign here?

Right here, sir.

Oh, she is some dancer.

I tell you.

About time they found
somebody cute like you.

I should've listened to Max.

He knew what you were doing.

Well, don't worry,
in 12 hours time,

it's not gonna matter.

( applause )

Thank you very much.

The evening is only
starting, sweetie pie.


( music playing )

Courtney: Katherine's
friend, Max,

the only person who
can connect us to her.

Inga, I have a
little job for you.

Why not?

( music playing )

Oh, sir.

Mr. Castle found that address

you were asking
about Mr. Peterson.

He did, huh?

Yes. Well, there was a mix-up

in the membership records.

If you come with
me... Okay. Thank you.

( music playing )

You don't mind if I cut in?

Not at all.

It's the first door at the top,

you'll find him in his office.

( knocking on door )

I'll get back to you. Come in.

Oh, hello, sir.

I think we found the man
you've been looking for.



Here I am, Max.

Won't you come in?

- Max.
- Are you hurt?

No. She's absolutely fine, Max.

Are you sure?

Which is more than
I can say for you.

( applause )

( music playing )

( chattering )


Oh, Mr. Bronson.

You're not running
out on me, are you?

Not in these heels.

- Where was Max?
- I don't know.

He was supposed
to meet me at the bar

so he can tell me if
Peterson had arrived.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir.

I'm looking for a
friend of mine, Max.

Have you seen him around?

Oh, sure. Just a
few minutes ago,

I served him a drink. He's
around here some place.

Well, thank you.

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

When I was upstairs,

I noticed another room.

Maybe Max stumbled
into something.

Everything all
right, Mr. Bronson?

Just enjoying a moment alone

with this sweet little thing.

I think it's time to call
Lieutenant Draper.

The cops will come
storming in here.

They could panic.
Max and Katherine

could wind up dead.

Our only chance
is to surprise them.

Ah, there you are, sweetie pie.

We'll keep this
one in the family.

I must say he has good taste.

And a grip like a sumo wrestler.

Not long to go.
Crowd is thinning out.

I want to get this over with.

Yes, indeed.

( Katherine grunts )

Their bodies will be
found at different times

in different places.

He goes tonight.

She goes tomorrow,

as soon as we get the money.

And there'll be no link with us.

Or this place.

( music playing )

What do we do now?

The waiting game.

Where do we wait?

Back there.

Now, as soon as everyone leaves,

unlock the back door

and bring my car around

from the parking lot.

- Right.
- Wait for us.


When we leave,

you stay with the Prince woman.

No problem.

He's coming around.

Well, I'm glad we
don't have to carry him.


Good night.

Let's get up those stairs.

Did you hear something?

Don't be so jumpy.

You wouldn't wanna
miss your little trip

to the country, would you?

Katherine, somehow,

I'll get you out of this.

Now, shut up or I'll
kill you right here.

All right. Let's go.

Courtney: Come on, Max.

A little light wouldn't hurt.

The switch is behind there.

I'll tell you when.



One more move.

And Mrs. Prince is a dead woman.

( bullet ricochets )

( clattering )

He won't be a threat
to you anymore.

How is Max?

He's all right.

I'll be back in a minute.


Boy, are you a
sight for sore eyes?


Hold it.

All right, gentlemen.

I'm afraid this is the
last dance of the evening.

I told you, everything
will be all right, Kathy.

That was some fight.

Ah, well, I was angry.


They ruined our whole night.

It's almost morning.

Somewhere in the
world, it's still night.


Shall we pretend?

It would be my pleasure.

♪ Let me call you sweetheart ♪


♪ I'm in love... ♪

Both: ♪ With you ♪

♪ Let me hear you
whisper that... ♪

- ♪ I love you too ♪
- ♪ You love me too ♪

♪ Keep the home fires burning ♪

♪ With your eyes so blue ♪

Both: ♪ Let me call
you sweetheart ♪

♪ I love... ♪

♪ You ♪

( theme music playing )