Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 12 - Harts on the Run - full transcript

Jennifer witnesses the murder of a mob boss by his rival. When this becomes known, the murderer vows to kill her. The police protection fails when there is an attempt on her life so Jonathan takes matters in his own hands. They decide to hide in a convent disguised as a priest and a nun. This works until they are betrayed and are pursued by another killer, one they didn't expect.

( theme music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( crashing )

( barks )

( clattering )

( clanking )

Man: It's taken me six months

to set this meeting up.

I want us to be very careful,

guns to be kept out of sight.

You understand?

And be sure there
are no witnesses.

( bell dings )

We settled a lot
of things today.

So why get hung up on one point?

Man #2: My people have
always run the dock area,

you know that one.

Man #1: All right, Rich,

I'll go with the
dockside agreement

as long as that'll
make you happy.

Rich: I just think it's right.

Man: Rich,

you know, I really appreciate
your sense of ethics.

We're in agreement then?

No more problems?


No more problems.

See, Rich, I have
another set of ethics

when I need them.

( gunshot with silencer )

( bullets ricocheting )

( tires squealing )

( tires squealing )

( tires screech )

Never mind.

We have her.

Jennifer: That's
him. That's the man.

- You're positive?
- Of course,
I'm positive.

He looked straight
at me. I saw him.

That's just about unbelievable.

Why? Who is he?

He's a man we've been
after for eight years,

Nicholas Rhodes.

Until this morning, Rhodes and
another man named Rich Afferton

controlled organized crime
on the entire West Coast.

Until this morning?

Yes, when you saw
Rhodes kill Afferton.

Now Rhodes runs it all.

But you saw him
do it, Mrs. Hart.

Your testimony can put him away.

Max: Some tea, Mrs. H?

Yes, Max.

Is Jennifer's
testimony essential?

Essential? It's
all that we have.

Look, in eight years,
we haven't even gotten

and arrest on Rhodes.

But with you as a
witness, we've got him.

Does, uh, Nick
Rhodes realize that?

Well, probably, yes.

Then he'll zero in on her
like a shark smelling blood.

It's too dangerous.

Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart,

you really don't have
a choice in this matter.

What do you mean,
we don't have a choice?

Look, Rhodes is
educated, he's smart.

But right now, he's
running very scared.

I mean, he'll come after
you anyway. You're his target.

Believe me, Mrs. Hart, the
only way you'll ever be safe

is when Nick Rhodes
is put away permanently.

Max: Here, Mrs. H.

Thanks, Max.

I really don't have a choice?

I'm sorry.

What kind of protection
would you give her?

Well, right now, I
have 10 of my best men

positioned around this house.

10 men?

We don't need an army.

Better to have them
and not need them

than the other way around.

I feel better.

Not good, but, uh, better.

Look, I won't lie to you.

Rhodes is deadly.

But don't worry.

You will be safe.

I guarantee it.

Man: The car is registered
to Jennifer and Jonathan Hart,

3100 Willow Pond Drive, Bel Air.

Jonathan Hart's wife?

Well, well.

You know him, Mr. Rhodes?

Of him.

We haven't traveled
in the same circles...

up to now.

Any problems with
Rich Afferton's people?

A couple of
glitches, Mr. Rhodes.

We handled it.

Everyone knows
you're the man now.


We'll have a staff
meeting next week,

and I want people in
from San Francisco,

Seattle, and Vancouver.

Oh, and be sure to send flowers

for Rich Afferton's funeral.

Will do.

I've heard a good deal
about Jonathan Hart,

admirable man, inspiring even.

He was a poor little orphan boy,

made himself into
a multi-millionaire,

electronics, oil, real estate.

Tsk, tsk. It's tragic.

He was an orphan.

And now, he's about
to become a widower.


- Darling.
- Hmm?

I thought we agreed

that we weren't gonna
let this upset our lives.

Come on. Let's play.

You're right.

You shoot.

All right.

Remember the
last time we played?


You destroyed me.




Jennifer: That was pretty good.

Jonathan: What do
you mean pretty good?

That was a perfect sh...

Can't win them all.


( whistles )


You, you and this woman

were in on that together.


Officer: Shots fired,
3100 Willow Pond.

Your call is Code three.

( siren wailing )

( squealing )

You all right?

I'm fine.

( siren wailing )

- Officer: Shots fired.
- Just stay on it.

- Have they got them.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Hart.

They're still searching.

It looks like whoever
it was got away.


I'll give you odds.

He'll be back.

Max: Are you all right, Mrs. H?

I'm fine, Max. I'm fine.

The van's here, Mr. H.

Stand by, Max. I'll be
with you in a minute.

- About ready?
- Jennifer: All set.

Darling, are you sure
this is gonna work?

I know it will.

If I suffocate, I'll
never forgive you.

Trust me.

Be real careful, Max.

You know, how Mrs.
H treasures that carpet.

16th Century
Gulistan, very delicate.

Here, let me help you, Max.

It's probably real heavy. Ugh!

( birds chirping )

Now, remember,

keep your eye on that carpet.

- It's irreplaceable.
- Don't worry, Mr. H.

That's easy for you
to say. It's not your rug.

Come on, Freeway. Ooh!

There we go.

- Lt. Croyden.
- ( Woman speaks indistinctly )

White van from a carpet cleaner.
They just left the Hart place.

I'm sorry, Lieutenant,
but you said

- report anyone
coming in or out.
- Damn right, I did.

I want a full
description of that van.

( telephone ringing )

Jonathan Hart.

Mr. Hart, is Mrs. Hart there?

Oh, hi, Lieutenant.

She, uh, can't come
to the phone right now.

It's very urgent, Mr. Hart.

It's very important that I
speak with her, please.

She's not available.

Oh, my God.

You did smuggle
her out of the house.

What do you think, you can
protect her better than we can?

I tried it your way, Lieutenant.

We ended up like ducks
in a shooting gallery.

I'm not taking anymore
chances with my wife's life.

Have a nice day.

This is Lt. Croyden. You just
got a description on that white van.

Put out an APB.

I want that van.

All right.

( clears throat )

- ( beep )
- Uh-uh-uh-uh.

An eight percent fall off
from production will not,

I repeat, will not be tolerated.

( phone ringing )

- Yes.
- Mr. Rhodes?

We think we got
a fix on the lady.

They took her out in a van

rolled up in a rug.

In a van in a rug?

We're sure, Mr. Rhodes.

They even sent a butler
along to look after her.

My, my, my, my, I'm afraid they've
been watching too much bad TV.

All right. Take care of it.

Let's continue here.

All right. Now, tsk.

( tires squealing )

Max: Pull over.

Officer: White van
spotted on Apache Drive

traveling northbound
in the 1500 block,

two men inside.

- Get out of there.
- What?

Get down, come on.

Out of there.

Are you police?

Shut up.

What are you... I
don't have... what?

Be careful with that.

Be careful with that.

Where is she?


The dog?

There's nothing.

Mr. Rhodes is gonna
nail us to the wall.


( sirens wailing )

Oh, no.




( sirens wailing )

All right, unroll the rug.

You're kidding.






Was it that bad?

No, if you don't mind

sleeping with a suitcase.

I'm very old-fashioned

about whom I sleep with.

Maybe we should discuss
that when we arrive.

Wherever it is we're going.

That might be a bit difficult.

You see, we're going to visit

an old girlfriend of mine.

Should I be jealous?

Oh, no. No, no, no.

She's a wonderful person.

We had quite a thing.

You'll love her.

( engine revving )

God willing.

It's wonderful to
meet you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: And I am very
pleased to meet you.

And you.

Jonathan and I had a very

close relationship.

Yes, he told me.

In the third grade,

we were eight years old.

He didn't tell me.

My sordid past.


He hasn't changed.

Speaking of changes.

Of course.

I know the dangers
you're facing,

and I admire you both.

And I think we can help.

This way.

Sister Mary will show
you to your room.

You had a clean
shot and you missed.

You had a line on the lady,

except she wasn't there.

Moronic incompetence.

Look, Mr. Rhodes.

Don't look me in the eye.

I don't want to hear it.

Do we have a line
into Lt. Croyden?

We have one that's close.

Activate it.

I'm gonna get a police update

on Jonathan and Jennifer Hart.

Particularly the lady.

Jonathan: Well, what
do you think Janet?

Very good.

Quite becoming.

Do you feel that I
could've missed my calling?

No. I think you
made the right choice.

And I'm delighted to
offer you sanctuary.

And perhaps a bit of serenity

for the next 36 hours.

God knows we could use that.

Yes, he does.

Don't worry about
the short notice,

we have room.

Good afternoon, Todd.

You'll be staying
there in our dormitory,

Sister Jennifer,

and you're behind the chapel,

Father Jonathan.

Thank you very much, Sister.

Of course. Excuse me.

I have to do some
chores before Vespers.

I do hope your stay

at St. Matthews is fulfilling.

Thank you, Sister.

Well, shall I show you

to your room, Sister?

Thank you, Father.

I can't give you another
advance on your salary, Todd.

Ma'am, I really need the money.

Gambling again?

Oh, no, no.

No, no. Honest to God.

No. Being on parole, I
wouldn't take the chance.

You're giving me a real shot at
getting my life back together, ma'am.

I appreciate it and I'm
not gonna mess it up.

It's my sister.

She's sick, she's got four kids,

and nobody to help.

I just wanna make
things easier for her.

Todd, I have to account
to our financial committee.

Why don't you get me a
note from your sister's doctor

and I'll see what I can do.

You don't trust me?

I have faith in
you, not blind faith.

Bring me the note.

You are brilliant.

I feel totally safe here,

and Janet is a wonderful person.

She was so much help to me

when my parents died.

Was she?

Yeah, I felt like

I couldn't trust
anyone or anything.

And she must have
known how I felt.

She came to me and she said

if I ever need a
friend, she'd be there.

And she was.

( birds chirping )

Are you positive?

Our source was
definite, Mr. Rhodes.

The police don't
know where either

of the Harts are.
They have an APB up.

Croyden's mad as hell.

In that case, I feel better.

But not much better, not yet.

So, Hart smuggled her out.

That means he's
hiding her somewhere.

Amateur night.

Put the word out on the street.

I want Jennifer Hart.

And whoever delivers
receives $100,000.

A hundred grand?

Every two-bit junky
will be flipping out.

That's the idea.

I want the world out there

scratching for the lady.

We'll find her, Mr. Rhodes.

I hope so.

Because by tomorrow,
either Jennifer Hart is dead

or you are.

Don't say it.

Don't even start to say it.

You into me exactly 813 bucks,

so I don't want to hear about

"This horse has got to win."

I'm gonna pay you off.

You're damn right you will.

All right, all right.

All I need is can you get me

through to Nick Rhodes?

I got something
that he wants to buy.

Jonathan: I am spoiled.

Jennifer: Oh?

Jonathan: I couldn't
sleep last night.

I missed you.

Jennifer: I missed you too.

I had Sister Mary
snoring next to me.

Isn't this a beautiful place?

It's like a peaceful haven

in a not so peaceful world.

I have these special contacts

I have up my sleeve
for emergencies.


Why was it that
Janet became a nun?

I asked her that when
she took her vows.

I mean, Janet
Braydon, life of the party,

greatest backhand,
terrific sense of humor.

She said, "You don't understand.

I didn't choose.

I was chosen."

Oh, that's lovely.


maybe we shouldn't stay here.


I just don't want
to bring any danger

to these nuns.

Darling, no one
knows that we're here.

Todd: And this
is the chapel here.

All right.

We have the layout.

Mr. Rhodes, can I have a drink

just a little pick-me-up
or something?


What about security?

It's a convent.


But if Hart's hiding
his wife out there,

he may have some
security on hand.

No, sir. No cops.

No guards.

I'm the maintenance man.

I'm all over the place.

There's no cops.

Oh, some priest
brought Mrs. Hart in,

and nobody new came
in, except for them.

I'll put a few of our people
on alert, Mr. Rhodes.

To hit a convent?

That's liable to attract a
certain amount of attention,

don't you think?

Anybody that goes into a convent

is liable to attract attention.

Not Martha.

Can I help you?

I've come, I guess,
because I need help

and I don't have
anywhere else to go.

I'm terribly sorry,

but we're a contemplative order.

I don't know what that means.

But Father Michael
from The Rescue Mission

sent me here.


Then I think you should
see the Mother Superior.

Thank you.

I just need a place
to stay for a few days,

just till I... get
myself together.

My husband beat me.

I can cook, or clean,

or anything you need done.

I'm a good worker, really.

I just need a place to stay.

Don't worry.

We'll find a place.

Father Michael said
you were a saint,

and you are.

God knows we have plenty of work

to be done around
here and I'll be grateful

for any help you can give us.

Now, let's get you settled.

And we'll talk later.

Thank you.

( birds chirping )

Oh, this is wonderful,
and so private.

It can be a comfort.

Supper is directly
after vespers.

I'll come for you.

Thank you, Sister.

Woman: Bless us, O
Lord, for these thy gifts

which we are about to
receive from thy bounty

through Christ our Lord, amen.

All: Amen.

I would like us all

to greet our new
arrival, Martha Bookley.

She'll be with us
here for a few days.

Woman: Welcome to St. Mathews.

Woman: We're happy
to have you with us.

Martha: Thank you very much.

It's wonderful to be here.

Are you all sisters
of this order?

Yes, of course.

Except for Sister Jennifer.

She's just joined us

for a short period
of contemplation.


How long have you
been in religious life?


May I have some wine?

Yes, Father.

Would you like some, Sister?

No. Thank you, Father.

Actually, Sister Mary,

since I entered religious life,

time is no longer measured.

I am at peace.

How true.

Why did you choose to become

a sister in the first place?

Now, Mary, that's
a private matter.

We always ask that of visitors.

Actually, I didn't choose.

I was chosen.

A wonderful reason.

Yes. I agree.

I have to get to Vespers.

Yes, but we have to talk.

The arraignment
is set for tomorrow.

We will, later.

You know, I feel
so comfortable here.

I could get into the habit.

Oh, I don't believe
you said that.

That's terrible.

I'll wait for you here.

- All right.
- And say thanks for me.


That you're safe,

and that it'll all
be over tomorrow.

I love you.

( bell ringing )

Woman: Give us this
day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Woman: Our Father,
who art in heaven,

hollowed by thy name.

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Nuns: Our Father,
who art in heaven,

hollowed by thy name.

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done...

( continues praying )

Good evening, Father.


( gasping )


( shouting )

( screaming )


Jennifer: Jonathan.

Martha: Stop!

Jennifer: Jonathan.







( Martha screams )


She's dead.

Lady, you could have
gotten yourself killed.

Who was that woman?

Martha Burgness, Mavis Brionsky,

Maria Bonaventure,
take your pick.

It's always the same initials

and always murder for hire.

The woman has
quite a reputation.

You were very lucky.

It was my fault, Lieutenant.

I let the woman
into the convent.

How could you know, Janet?

And I'd like to know how Rhodes

knew that Jennifer was here.

He has an army.


I'm not only prepared
to testify against Rhodes.

I insist.

You're very courageous.

Jennifer: No, not courageous.

I'm very angry.

And I'm nervous.

I'm not gonna leave
Jennifer alone tonight, Janet.

I agree, absolutely.

Jonathan, we are about

to scandalize an entire convent.

You may spend the night here.

Thank you, Mother.

Thank you.

They are so exhausted.

I want them to get
a good night sleep.

Mother Superior.

Follow me to the common room

and I will explain.

We have to try to
get Nick Rhodes

no matter what.

I was scared.

I was really scared.

I know you were.

I love you, lady.

It's 7:00, Nick.

Maybe Martha's making the
hit this morning, Mr. Rhodes.


She failed.

You don't know that, Nick.

She'd have called by now.


Put the next stage online.



Come on.

We'll discuss the
legal possibilities

on the drive over.

Nick, you could just
leave the country.


And go where?

And last for how long?

The cops will be on my tail,

and whoever takes
this organization over,

he'll find me

and try to put me
away for insurance.

No, no, no, no.

I've got to kill this
thing here and today.

And it seems that the operative

word here is kill.

Well, here we go or here you go.

How do you feel?

Nervous, but determined.

You know something?


I love you and I'm
very proud of you.


Let's go.

Well, thank you
very much, Janet.

Oh, you're welcome.

Actually, I wanted
to thank both of you

for allowing me to observe

the love that you share.

Jonathan, Jennifer,
God bless both of you.

And you, Mother.

Bye-bye, Janet.

( car engine starts )

Woman: There he is.

( indistinct chatter )

No comment.

No comment.

Reporter: One thing!

Oh, come on!

( chatter continues )

( engines revving )

Woman: Do you think
he'll be found guilty?

Can you tell us anything?

( indistinct chatter )

Infuriating, aren't they?

You must be Jennifer Hart.

I'm Nick Rhodes.

I hope they put
you away for life.

Lieutenant, this man
is harassing my client.

You can't be serious.

It just a game
we play, Ms. Hart.

He pretends he's civilized,

we pretend we believe him.

Let's get to it,
counselor. Move.

( indistinct chatter )

It'll just be a few minutes.

Where are you keeping Rhodes?

Oh, he's outside.

I have two of my
men watching him.

Nick, I don't think we should.

We can't. It's crazy.

Alex, I pay you a
great deal of money

to represent me.

Now, don't you want
to live to enjoy it?

Now, that's intelligent.

Let's check him out.

( knocking on door )

Excuse me, Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart.

I was wondering

if we could have a little talk,

possibly come to
an understanding.

Would the talk have
anything to do with him?



Well, if we could just

explore the situation.

No, we can't.

Not at all.

I don't see any
harm in our trying...

Sorry, Nick. It's no use.


Nick: Well, okay.

See you in the arena.

Every lawyer has
his bags of tricks.


What's that?


What is it Mr. Hart?

- Mr. Hart!
- Come on. Get out of there.

It's a bomb. Get down.

( screaming )

Down. Down.

( screaming )

( indistinct chatter )

Grab him.

- Lieutenant.
- Save it counselor,

you're under arrest.

Somebody read him his rights.

- All right. Take it easy.
- And as for you, Rhodes...

Let's put it this way.

You blew it.

( laughter )

Jonathan: Good boy, Freeway.

Janet: Oh, you're
so wonderful to us.

We're having a terrific
time, whoever wins.

Well, don't forget
there's a first prize, Janet.

Really? A ribbon?

No, $200,000.


One hundred thousand dollars

of Nick Rhodes' money

donated by your ex-handyman

as a gesture for
a lighter sentence.

And then we matched it.

So whoever wins, we all win.

( chuckles )



( Freeway barks )

( theme music playing )