Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 11 - Trust Your Hart - full transcript

Lisa has been in a coma for seven years after she was in a car accident that killed her parents. The Harts take her in for a few days to help her recover. However, not everybody wants her to remember what happened.

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy
because when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( barks )

That's delicious.

What did you put
in it, fresh mint?

Candy cane,
stirred to perfection.

Ah, don't you love Christmas?

Everything takes on
such a special glow.

And the air's crisp.

Snuggling by an open fire.

People hurrying home,

loaded down with
packages bundled up tight.

Hot chocolate with
whipped cream.

And freshly baked cookies.

Which reminds me,
where are the cookies?


Are the cookies ready yet?

Here they are,
fresh from the oven.

Something wrong?

Did I get something on me?

Why are you dressed like that?

I'm going to Palm
Springs next weekend,

92 degrees, a
lounge at the pool,

and a piña colada.

But, Max, it's Christmas.

Yeah. Christmas in California,

don't you just love it?

Here, try one of
these. They're great.

- Maybe later.
- No, thanks.

Okay. But I only make
them once a year.

( telephone ringing )

I'll do it.

Hart residence.

Just a second please.

It's for you, Mrs. H, Dr. Stope.


Hello, Mark.


She is?

We'll be right there.

It's about Lisa.

She's coming around.


Man: Cold for the count of three

followed by the hot compress.

( beeping )

Come on, Lisa.

You just moved
here without my help.

Try again.

Come on through, Lisa.

Just squeeze my hand.

Light, dark, those
are your choices, Lisa.

Choose the light.

Look at the light.

- ( knock on door )
- Come in.


Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart.

How is she?

She's just on the edge.

But I thought you said
she was coming out of it.

She is, but she's slipping.

Mrs. Hart, would
you try talking to her?

She's used to your voice.

Of course.

( beeping )


Lisa, it's Jennifer Hart.

Can you hear me?

You're very, very close.

All you have to do is
come a little farther.

We're trying to help you.

( beeping )

I'll bring the
light out further.

Keep talking to her, Mrs. Hart.


Lisa, look at the light.

Look at the light.

Try to see the light.

Focus on the light.

Listen to me.

Try to move into the light.

Try to come into the light.

Come on, Lisa.



there are a lot of people
out here who love you.

( beeping )


That's it.

That's it.


love you too.



Man: The miracle of love
may have been the medicine

for 19-year-old Lisa Kerrigan,
the patient who's occupied

room 410 here at
Crestview Hospital

for the last seven years.

At a tragic automobile accident

that killed her parents,

Lisa was thrust into darkness

and for all practical purposes,

for five years, she
was considered dead.

For the last two years,

volunteers and professionals

from the Jonathan Hart
Neurophysiologic Program here

never lost hope.

They fought, they love,
they tried new techniques,

they stayed by
Lisa's side until today

in a story appropriate
for the season,

they won that long fight.

Lisa Kerrigan came
out of her dark night.

Her doctor, Walter Sherin,

reports that Lisa's
memory is still vague,

but the prognosis is excellent.

She has made a
miraculous recovery

and will have the
rest of her happy,

healthy life to piece
together the past

and to make up for
those tragic lost years.

For KBLA, this is Clay Garrett.

( gasps )

It's all right,
Lisa, it's all right.

It's all right. You
just had a bad dream.

But, it...

seemed so real.

You wanna tell me about it?

It was mom and dad.

I don't remember.

Can you get back to sleep?

Yeah, I think so.




Will you stay?

Oh, sure.

Okay. Now, close your eyes.

Think of something beautiful.

Now, get some rest.

Lisa: Is the merry-go-round
still up by the zoo?

Jennifer: In Griffin Park?

I think so.

Lisa: What about that statue?

Oh, and the place where
they keep the horses?

Jennifer: You know, I haven't
been there in such a long time,

I don't really know.

Maybe we should plan a trip

and find out
if it's still there.

Hmm. They're so pretty.

Jennifer: The flowers?
Aren't they beautiful?

Do you think I could pick one?

I'm not looking.

( birds chirping )

I think I'll give it to Mark.

That's okay, isn't it?

He'd love it, I'm sure.

We have lots of
flowers at our house.

You did?

Dr. Sherin told me
the house burned down

after the accident.


You know,

we have a beautiful
garden at our house,

perhaps one day you'd
like to come and visit.

You think it'd be okay?

Oh, I think I could
talk to Dr. Sherin.

Then you could have
the distinct pleasure

of meeting our dog Freeway.

- Freeway?
- Uh-huh.

- He's really big?
- No. No.

He's sort of medium.

Well, what breed is he?

That's a very good question.

I'll tell you what, you come,

you take a look at
him, and you tell us.

Jennifer: Isn't that lovely?

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Do you remember that?

Jennifer's become
very attached to Lisa.

It's hardly surprising.

She sat with Lisa
for almost two years,

two or three times a week.

What is Lisa's prognosis?

Well, physically,
she's as healthy

as any 19 year old girl.

The problem is

she's missing seven
years of her life.

Mark said that she's
experiencing nightmares.

She's trying to
remember what happened,

and at the same
time, she's scared.

Yesterday, she woke up,

found out about her parents.

But I think the dreams will fade

as the memory returns.

Does she know about the house?

I told her about the fire.

She wants to go back.

I think it's too soon.

Going over that cliff,

she's not ready
to remember that.

Would it be better if
she didn't remember?

In Lisa's case,

remembering is the best thing,

but at the proper time.

There's so much she's
trying to recapture.

She's like a little bird.

Anything else, Mr. Hart?

- Darling?
- Just some coffee.

- Two coffees please.
- Thank you.

She needs so much, darling.

They've got her in a
bungalow at the hospital.

She needs to get
away from the hospital

and all the doctors,
move into a home,

maybe even have a tutor,

someone who can
help her catch up.

She's inside like
a 12-year-old girl.

She needs someone to help

teach her she's a woman.

What is it?

You're one of a kind,
do you know that?

I prefer to think of
us as a matched pair.

But what do you think?

What do I think, about what?

About having Lisa move
in with us for a while.

I think that that's
a very good idea.


As long as you don't get
too emotionally involved.

I'm already
emotionally involved...

with you.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

We had some trouble
in Lisa's room last night.

Is she all right?

She's fine.

She stayed in the bungalow.

We needed the room
for another patient.

I have some good news for you.

I spoke to the social
worker on Lisa's case.

She sees no reason why
Lisa shouldn't stay with you

until formal arrangements
could be made.

There are some distant
relatives in the east

that have to be notified.

Well, that sounds exactly
like what Lisa needs,

a change of environment

with the holidays coming up.

( knocking )

Come in.

Hi, Jennifer, Mr. Hart.

Ms. Kerrigan.

I think you better call me Lisa.

I think you better
call me Jonathan.


Well, Mark said you
wanted to see me.

How would you like to come
and stay with us for a while?

It's okay?

It's up to you.


As soon as we get you packed up.


I tell you what.

We'll meet you
at the front desk.

See you later,
Mister... Jonathan.

Okay, Lisa.

This is it?

This is all your clothing?

Yeah, Mark gave it to me.

I guess I didn't need
too many clothes

just lying in bed.

Well, that means

the first order of business
is we go shopping.

( knocking )

Come in.

- Hi, Mark.
- Hi.

Oh, am I interrupting something?

No, no, no. We were just
discussing Lisa's wardrobe.


You haven't opened
your Christmas present?

Well, I thought I should wait.

No, go ahead.

I'm not gonna be with
you on Christmas day.

Oh, look at that.

Isn't that great?

This is for me?


Merry Christmas.

Far out!


I mean, it's great.


You're not going to
forget us now, are you?

- Hi.
- I'm ready.

There she is.

I think you're about one
signature away from parole.

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-hmm.

There you are.

Merry Christmas.

You too.

I think we're home free.

Did you bring Freeway?

No, he's at home.

Max: She's a gem,
Mr. H, a real doll.

She told me I was adorable.

Was that before or after

the third piece of minced pie?

Hey, a kid's got to eat.

She gave Freeway a workout, too.

I don't think he's chased a ball

so much since he was a kid.

Oh, she's out like a light.

Do you want some milk
or something to drink?

No. Thanks, Max,

I just want to
relax a little bit.

You're the one who looks
like they're out like a light.

I haven't answered
so many questions

since I left high school.

Why don't you take the
day off tomorrow, Mrs. H?

I could take Lisa
out to the track.

I got to meet some buddies there

and I got to sure
thing in the third.

It's a claiming race.

Max, I think she'd
prefer to go on a picnic.

At the moment, I
think bed is in order.

- Good night, Max.
- Good night, Max.

Thanks for all the extra help.

Good night, folks.


I know just how you feel.

( screams )

( gasps )

Jennifer: Lisa?


Oh, it's all right, sweetheart.

I saw a man.

He was hitting them.

It's only a nightmare.
Everything is all right.

You're perfectly safe here.

Oh, he was gonna hurt us.


No one's gonna hurt you, Lisa.

We're here together.

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's fine, Max.

Just a little nightmare.

It's fine now, isn't it, huh?

Look, we're all
here, even Freeway.

I really like that smile.

You see, it is
better now, isn't it?

Do you think you
could get some sleep?



And I think you ought to try

because tomorrow,

we're gonna go in and we're
gonna clean out those stores.

Night, night.

Good night.

Sleep tight.

- Come on, boy.
- Good night.

Come on, boy. Come on.

Good night.

- Good night, Lisa.
- Good night.

Jonathan: If you
keep feeding them,

they're gonna be
too heavy to fly.

Lisa: No, I think
they're really hungry.

Well, they're not the only ones.

I'm starving.

What's for lunch?

Let's see now. We have cheese,

cold sausage and beautiful pate.

Pate, what is it?

It's a lot of different
kinds of liver

all ground up together
with herbs and spices.

Something tells me that you

would rather have
a hotdog, am I right?

No. It's okay.

I'll eat it.

Jonathan: Wait,
wait, wait, hold it.

Hold it. We'll get some hotdogs

and some sodas, all right?

All right.

You wanna come with us?

I think I'll stay here

- and feed the pigeons
some more.
- Okay.

Look out!


Lisa. Oh. It's all right.

You're fine now.

I heard him yell,
but I got scared.

I think we owe you some thanks.

I'm Jonathan Hart.

This is my wife, Jennifer,

and this is Lisa Kerrigan.

Jeff: Well, there's
no thanks necessary.

I'm just glad to
see she's all right.

Jeff Brogan.

I think we've had
enough picnic for one day.

But what about my hotdog?

I'm sure Max will be delighted

to make you one at home.

You're more than
welcome to join us for lunch

if you'd like, Mr. Brogan.

Well, if it's no imposition,

I would like to talk to you.

There's no imposition, but...

let's do it at home.

( birds chirping )

I'll be honest
with you, Mr. Hart.

I have a professional
interest in Lisa.


I'm a psychologist

affiliated with the university.

I've been doing
extensive research

on amnesia victims.

And when I saw
her at the hospital,

I decided to follow you.

Lisa's got seven
years to make up.

I'd love to be there
when she does that.

Well, she's had quite

a remarkable recovery already.

As a matter of fact,
her doctors think that,

for certain, she's not
gonna get her memory back.

It's more when than if.

Well, don't rush it.

Pushing her into
remembering too fast

can be just as traumatic
as the amnesia itself.

I agree with that.

You obviously wanna get involved

in some way, is that right?

Well, Lisa is going
to need a tutor,

someone to help her catch up

on all that missed school work.

It'll be good for Lisa

and it will help me
with my research.

Jennifer: Well.

What do you think?

( whistles )

You like it?

Oh, you look beautiful.

Absolutely a knockout.

Jennifer did my hair
and she showed me

how to highlight.

( laughs )

Darling, you're a master artist.

Well, I didn't have
all that much to do.

Look at the subject.

Jonathan: It's hard not to.

Well, do you wanna
see my other dresses?

I could go upstairs and change.


Jennifer: Why don't
we keep them guessing?

Besides, I think
they've had just

about as much as they
can take for one day.

( laughs )

Soup's on.

Holy cow, who's that?

It's me.

The voice is familiar,
but it don't look like me.

No, it's me, me.

Okay, Me-me.

Come on, your hotdog awaits.

Jennifer: Darling,
what do you think?

Oh, that's terrific.

Like it?

What's the occasion?

The Murder Mystery movie
premier tomorrow night.

I thought we picked
out black for that?

Well, you picked out black,

but I thought that
black was too black.

Anyway, in time, you'll learn

to love my blue chiffon.


In time, I'll learn to love you

in your blue chiffon.

Not out of it?

Oh, that could be arranged.


By the way, I talked
to the university today.

Jennifer: Good.

Jeff's credentials
are very impressive.

Jennifer: Oh, that's wonderful.

Did you say anything to Lisa?

She thought it
was a terrific idea.

But then of course,

she would think it
was a terrific idea

if Max was going
to be her teacher.

Now, that's not a bad idea.

Oh, yeah.

Max is a good teacher.

I suppose so if you wanna learn

that full house
beats a royal flush.

It's the other way around.

It is?

Don't you believe me?

I always thought a full house

beat a royal flush.

Maybe you're the one

that should take the lessons.

( telephone ringing )

- Hello?
- Jonathan: Jeff.

This is Jonathan Hart.

Oh, hello.

How's Lisa?

Oh, she's doing fine.

We told her about your idea

of your wanting to tutor her

and she seem
very excited about it.

When can you be here?

Well, give me a couple of hours.

I'll see you then, bye-bye.

Jennifer: We won't be late, Max.

Now, Max has all the
telephone numbers,

whatever you need, the police,

the fire department, everybody.

Oh, darling, we better go.

Oh, right.

Oh, by the way, there's
some leftover chicken

from the barbeque
in the refrigerator.

If anybody gets hungry,
just help yourself.

Mrs. H, the movie is
only two hours long.

I know. I just want
everybody to be happy.

- Enjoy the film.
- Thank you.

- Bye.
- Good night.

Night, night.

Bye, Max.

( crowd chattering )

( crowd cheering )

Why do I feel I've
seen this picture before?

You have, about
a thousand times.

( rock music playing )

Hi, Jeff, I didn't hear you.

Is everything all right?

What do you know
about the Eagles?

Eagles, birds of prey.

The bald eagle is the
American National Bird.

Not the bird, the music,

the group, the Eagles.

Hmm, not much I'm afraid.

The past ten years,

I've spent with my
nose buried in a book.

Is that what I'm gonna be doing?

You'll still have plenty of time

to listen to your tapes.

I'll check back with you later.


Man: ( laughs )

Woman: I know you're joking.

But hypothetically,
could you kill someone?

Man: Of course.

Just joking, Nattie.

He's not joking.

Woman: What makes
a man think like a killer?

Man: I'm surprised that
you would ask that, my dear.

She's setting him up.

- She did it.
- Man: Shh.

Woman: Hmm. I was
thinking the same of you.

I'm telling you, Professor,

she really is something else.

I thought that old
fish pond out back

was long dead,

but she kind of leaned over it,

talked and said something,

and two fish popped out.

( laughs )

Well, she certainly
is a charmer.

Christmas fudge cookies.

Mrs. H made them.

One million calories a piece,

but I don't suppose
one or two would kill me.

Go ahead, help yourself.

Well, you only live once.

Woman: Tell me the truth.

You think that I'm the
pantyhose murderer?

It's him.

Man: I'm sorry, but yes, I do.

He's right.

- Woman: I assure
you, - She did it.

You have nothing to worry about.


Come along, my sweetheart.

I have a nice surprise for you.

Darling, I think I'll call home

and see if Lisa's okay.

Darling, she's got two
of the best babysitters

in the world with her.

I'm sure she's fine.

I know. I just would feel
better if I checked on her.

Woman: I don't like it.

It frightens me.

Man: So much seems
to frighten you recently.

Woman: Let's talk about
us for a moment, shall we?

Man: There is no us anymore.

Darling, you didn't
have to come out here.

You'll miss the movie.

About a pantyhose killer?

Sheer nonsense.


( telephone ringing )

Nobody's answering.

( rock music playing )

You scared me.

You keep doing that.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I just...

would you dance with me?

It would be my pleasure.

( engine revs )

Something the matter?

I'm not sure.

( engine revs )

Someone's here.

What's wrong?

I'm not sure.

I feel a little peculiar.

You wait here.



Lisa, are you all right?

I'm fine.

What's wrong?

She finally managed
to get to sleep.

I'm about to let
you all do the same.

Nothing more to add?

Max: Nothing.

I was talking to Jeff here

and that's all she wrote.

It's about the same
for me, Lieutenant.

I went upstairs
to check on Lisa,

got dizzy, managed
to get down here,

and... Max: Freeway
got the worst of it.

He got shoved
into the utility closet.

Nothing missing from the house.

No damage done,
except the backdoor lock.

I don't think it was

an attempted
robbery, Lieutenant.

Why do you say that, Mr. Hart?

Because burglars
don't usually use drugs

on the people that they rob.

That's right.

They don't.

So what do you
think it's all about?

There are a few things
I'm gonna look into.

I'll get back to
you in the morning.

I'll show you out.

- Thank you.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night, Lieutenant.

Oh, darling, let's
check on Lisa.

( knock on door )

Jennifer: Lisa?


I thought you'd be asleep.

It wasn't an accident.

What wasn't?

My parents' death.

He hurt them.

He hit them with something.

Who hit them?

I don't know.

He was in our house
and daddy walked in.

He was angry.

I can't remember.


It was in a car and
it was an accident.

No. No. That was later.

He was there. He
hit them in the house.

I wanna go home.

- Lisa...
- I want you
to take me home.


We'll take you
home in the morning.

I just talked with the
hospital and Dr. Sherin's

in the operating theater

and they don't seem
to be able to find Mark.

Well, at least you've
had experience

with things like this.

Well, just keep the
shock to a minimum

and don't try to force anything.

Max, if Lt. Hucko wants me,

tell him we're out at
the Kerrigan place,

- will you?
- Will do.

- See you later.
- Bye.

He pushed us.

He pushed the car off the road.

Your father lost
control of the car, Lisa.


( sniffles )

Um... the playroom was down here

and my room was over there.

And up in here
was the living room.

Daddy knew him.

He knew him from the college.

He was trying to steal
our money and he...

( crying )

He killed them!

Oh, he killed them.

It was you.

You killed them.

You're confused. You're
mixing things together.

Oh, God, you killed them.

You killed them and
then you put us in the car!

( crying )

Back off. I'll kill her.

The patient who died in Lisa's
old hospital room was murdered.

Don't try to follow us.

I got nothing to lose.

You can't run.

For the girl's sake,

you better hope you're wrong.

( tires screeching )

( honking )

Hang on.

( tires screeching )

Here you are.

Oh, thank you, darling.

What's the matter?

Oh, I don't know.

It seems so quiet around here.

Mark and Lisa are
at the Stones concert.

Max is probably getting

a great tan in Palm Springs.

It just doesn't
seem like Christmas

without his fruitcake.

( clicking )

What was that?

What was what?

I thought I heard
something at the front door.

I didn't hear anything.

Did you let Freeway out?


Well, maybe it was him.

Let's take a look.

Open the door.

All: ♪ Silent night ♪


♪ Holy night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

♪ All is bright ♪

♪ Round yon virgin ♪

There's a fruitcake inside

and the heart's from me.


Merry Christmas, Lisa.

Merry Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Max.

Merry Christmas, darling.

Merry Christmas.

( theme music playing )

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