Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 4, Episode 4 - Harts on Campus - full transcript

Jonathan accompanies Jennifer to her prep school reunion, where they meet up with Ford, one of her classmates. Lonely, unpopular and overweight in his prep school years, Ford returns trim, fit, successful, and with motives of making Jennifer his own. His plan to get Jonathan out of the picture is through a post-hypnotic suggestion designed to make Jonathan crash his own car, making his death look like an accident.

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
'cause when they met...

it was murder.

( barks )

G, give me an R, give
me an E, S, H, A, M!


- Hey.
- ( laughs )

That's very good.

No, I never made cheerleader.

I'm almost packed.

Oh, I don't need
a tape recorder.

But I do.

Because... I'm going with you.

You're going with me? Great!

But I thought you
had some work to do.

I do. but I can get most
of it done on the plane.

That's why I'm gonna
take the tape recorder.

- Ohh.
- Now...

I got the Hart jet all lined up,

changed our reservations.

I've got a suite for us tonight

at the Ritz-Carlton
Hotel in Boston,

and I've got the best
double at the Gresham Inn.

- Oh, you know something?
- Hmm?

If Hart Industries
ever goes under,

you have a great
future as a travel agent.

( chuckles )

But how did you know
about the Gresham Inn?

Well, your class
reunion at Gresham Hall

is in Gresham, Mass.

So the Gresham Inn
must be the place.

- You're so clever, mmm.
- Ohh. ( chuckles )

Oh, I gotta show you something.

Look at this.

Your old penny loafers.

We're all supposed to
wear our old uniforms

for the football game.

Is this the, uh, school album?

- It certainly is.
- Mm.

It's all alphabetical. I'm on E.

I'm looking for Muffy.

How did you know
there was a Muffy?

Every prep school has a Muffy.

( taps ) There.

- That's her?
- Mm-hmm.

Jonathan: Millicent
"Muffy" Kenilworth.

Looks like she used
to play field hockey.

She was captain of
the field hockey team.

- You're kidding?
- No.

This just came from
the cleaners, Mrs. H.

Oh, thank you, Max.
I forgot I sent it out.

Pretty nifty outfit for a
girls' prep school, huh?

That was the same outfit as
our brother school, Brookfield.

In fact, this is a joint reunion
between the two schools.

Brookfield Boys' School.

They were just up
the road from us.

Must've been a
well-traveled road.

- ( soft laugh )
- ( door closes )

Darling, are you sure
you can spare the time?

I'll make the time.

I want to meet everyone

that knew you before I did.


You're the loveliest
thing in my life

and I want to know
everything about you.

She loves me.

She loves me not.

She loves me.

She loves me not.

She loves me.

Ah! ( panting )

Okay, Ford Beebe.

The Blob.

( laughs to himself )

( sighs )

Oh, Jennifer... (
laughs to himself )

this year, my darling,
we will be together.

This time, it'll be for keeps.

( exhales sharply )

Jennifer: Oh, I love Boston.

But why do they call
Boston clam chowder

New England clam
chowder in Boston?

Heh! Did you notice

that there wasn't any Boston
cream pie on the menu?

The best Boston cream pie
I ever had in my whole life

was in Miami.

Boston has great
Kansas City steaks.

What do they call
a Kansas City steak

in Kansas City?

A New York steak.

( both laugh )

Do you see that
little hill over there?

- Jonathan: Giraffe Hill?
- Jennifer: What?

- Jonathan: Where the kids
go to, uh...
- Jennifer: neck? Yes.

Only we used to
call it Lookout Point.

I'd like to get you up on
Giraffe Hill for a little while.

( Jennifer laughs )

Woman: Jennifer!

- Jennifer, it's me!
- Goofy!

( excited greetings )

Oh, this is my husband.

- Jonathan.
- Mm-hmm.

You can call me Goofy, Jonathan.

Oh, I know who Jonathan Hart is.

You do?

And everybody in our class knows

who Jennifer Edwards married.

- No kidding?
- Excuse me.

Are you the Evangeline Taylor?

I don't know of another.

You know who your friend
Goofy here is, don't you?

Oh, tell me.

She's the chief of U.S. Missions

for the American
Embassy in Paris.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

And to think Mme. Panetier
gave me a B in French!


Ollie Jackson!

- Oh, hi! And Midge!
- How are ya?

- Make that...
- Ollie, hi!

Make that Dr. Jackson.

Dr. Jackson?

- And you?
- A doctor's wife.

You're kidding. This is my
husband, Jonathan Hart.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- Doctor.
- Nice to meet you.

You two got married after
what happened at the prom?

What happened at the prom?


Well, I was going steady

with Bucket Spinstermacher,
the football captain.

Only we had an argument.

So I asked her to the
prom and she accepted.

And then she made up with Bucket

and you were stuck with a
tuxedo, an orchid, and no date.

How did you know that?

I'm psychic,
darling. ( chuckles )

Would somebody like some coffee?

Oh, I'd love some
coffee. Cream, please.

- No.
- Jonathan: Doctor?

I'd love some.

I'll be back in a minute.

Maybe I'll run into Muffy.

Muffy. I haven't seen her yet,

but I hear she never
misses a reunion.

And you know who
else never misses?

- Who?
- The Clicker.

Yeah, remember? Clicked his gum.

Great in chemistry and biology.

Tried to change lab mice
into killers with injections.

Round face, deep eyes.

Always trying to get
girls to "look into my eyes"

and none of us would.

Sure. I remember him.

But I always
thought he was nice.

Midge: In a spooky way.

Eva: If you liked Rasputin,
you loved the Blob.

No, no, no. He
was very nice to me.

I remember, one
time I lost my bus pass

and he came by and
gave me a lift to the game.

You got into his car?


And I lived to tell the story.

- Oh, Jennifer.
- Not me.

Need a hand there, Mr. Hart?

Oh, thanks.

Have we met?

Not yet.

But I know you.

You're pretty famous.

You married Jennifer Edwards.


- I'm Ford Beebe.
- How do you do?

I knew Jennifer when
I was at Brookfield.

You know, while you're here,
we should get together and talk.

I'm a chemist now, have
my own pharmaceutical firm.

I understand you folks are
thinking about getting into that field.

Oh, in a limited way.

Why don't you come
and say hello to Jennifer?

Great. Let me give
you a hand here.

Okay, thanks.

Whose coffee do I have?

That one is mine.


( overlapping conversations )

Is this a healthy lunch, Doctor?

- Very healthy.
- Good.

Here you are, darling.

Thank you, darling.

- Goofy.
- Thanks.

- Here, Jonathan.
- Thanks.

I ran into a friend of yours.

- Ford Beebe.
- Oh?



Ford: It's all right, Oliver.

I'm afraid I earned
all my nicknames.

But you used to
weigh... Ford: I know.

Even more than that, I'm afraid.

Well, you certainly
turned out gorgeous.

Thank you.

Ollie: How did you do it, Ford?


The old "look into my eyes"?

Well, except this time it
was just me and my mirror.

I said to myself, "Ford,

if you're ever gonna get
what you want in this world,

you're gonna have to
lose a hundred pounds.

So do it."

( snaps ) I did.

Well, congratulations, Ford.

- Oliver: Oh, just wonderful.
- ( clapping )

Woman: Uh, ladies?

Ladies, may I have
your attention, please?

Girls, come over to the piano

and let's sing our
old school song.

- Ohh!
- Here's your big moment.

Here is your big moment.
Come on, this I gotta hear.

Let's go.

Feeling a little
woozy, Jonathan?

Yeah, my, uh... my eyes.

Probably just jet lag, fatigue.
Come on. Let's walk it off.

- I better tell Jennifer...
- No, no. It's all right.

You'll be back before she
even knows you're missing.

It's all right. I know
just what to do.

Trust me, Jonathan.

Everything will be fine.

I promise you.

( woman piano plays intro )

( Ford's gum smacking )

This is just a chemical
imbalance in your body, Jonathan.

If you'll look at my ring,

your mind can control that.

Just look at my ring, Jonathan.

Whatever happens,
keep looking at my ring.

Jonathan, do you ever
have a third cup of coffee?

Two is about my limit.

That's good.

The phrase, "third
cup of coffee"

will be your trigger.

Whenever you hear
me say the words

"third cup of coffee,"

you will respond to the
commands that follow.

Nod if you understand.

Jonathan, how about
a third cup of coffee?

When I snap my fingers,
you will close your eyes.

( snaps )

Open your eyes,
Jonathan, and look at me.

Jonathan, when I
snap my fingers again...

your vision will be perfect.

All that you'll remember is that
we had a business discussion.

Nod if you understand.

That's good.

Jonathan, when I
snap my fingers again,

we will rejoin the others,

but very, very soon,

you will become very tired.

You will go back to
the Inn and lie down.

I'm going to snap my
fingers now, Jonathan...

and you will be awake.

( snaps )

Well, how do you feel?

Better. Yeah, I feel fine.

That's good.

( sighs ) Well, shall we go
back and join the others?


( piano playing )

♪ The time we've
spent at Gresham Hall ♪

♪ The years that
we will e'er recall ♪

♪ Though we may go
our separate ways ♪

♪ In memory, thy
greatness stays ♪

♪ Thy banners we
shall proudly show ♪

♪ As down the
path of life we go ♪

♪ And when the
evening shadows fall ♪

♪ We'll think of thee,
dear Gresham Hall ♪

( cheers and applause )

I didn't know we had
a piano-playing dean.

Hi. Where did you disappear to?

I got into a, um,
business discussion.

Darling, are you all right?

Actually, um...

I'm a little tired. Could
we go back to the room

and lie down for a while
until the next event?

Sure. Of course.
Come on, darling.

- Darling.
- Mm... Have a nice nap?


Yes, I did.

If you want to see my
senior year in living color,

we better go. The
movie's gonna start soon.

Would you be
awfully disappointed if

I didn't go with you?

Are you coming
down with something?

No, I don't think so.

Maybe I am. I'm just so tired.

Well, that's it.
We're not going.

We're gonna stay
here, you're gonna sleep,

and you're gonna feel fine
for the big game tomorrow.

I want you to go without me.

Not on your life.

Are you gonna argue with me?


You know what would
happen if you stayed here.

- ( laughs )
- I'd never get any sleep.

- Mm.
- Go on now.

( clicks tongue )

I want you to go without me.

Now, go on.

Are you sure?


( sighs ) All right.

Stay covered up, will you?

I'll be back as soon
as the movies are over.

( door closes )

( sighs deeply )

- Goodbye, Mr. Sutton.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Hart.

Jennifer? Hi.

Thought maybe I could give
you and Jonathan a lift to the Aud.

Oh, that's very
nice of you, Ford,

but, actually, Jonathan
isn't feeling too terribly well.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

Well, in any case,
if you want to,

your chariot awaits.

Well, I guess it is
silly to take two cars.

Are you sure?

Oh, sure.

- Well, then, let's go.
- Great.

Do you, uh, remember that
day I gave you a lift to the game?

I certainly do. I was just
mentioning that to Midge and Eva.

Was a very happy day for me.

Was it? Did Brookfield win?

No. No, we lost, 14-13.

second extra point attempt

hit the cross bar.

You have an amazing memory.

Oh, I'm like an elephant.

I'm slow to learn,
but I never forget.

You like this car?

It's great, oldie but goodie.

You don't remember it?

Ford, this isn't the car
you had in prep school.

( chuckles ) It's a new engine.

But it's the same car.

( laughs ) You kept
it all these years?

Well, Jennifer, since
we are graduates,

we get to walk to the
Aud up Alumni Walk.

( laughs )

( tower clock chiming )

Ford, I must say

that I have great
respect for you,

losing all that weight
the way you did.

Eva couldn't stop
talking about you.

And you?

Me? Oh, I think you look great.

Ooh, look, I didn't mean to
fix you up with Eva or anything.

Though that might
not be a bad idea.

You are single, aren't you?

( laughs ) This is my only ring.

Oh. Just haven't
found the right girl, eh?

Oh, I haven't gotten
around to telling her yet.

Are you planning to?

Any day now.

Jennifer... Hmm?

Uh, I just wanted to thank you.

You were very nice to me

that day that I
gave you the lift.

Nice? Don't be silly.

You were the one
who did me a favor.

Well, m-maybe
it's just that, uh...

the other girls
always used to...

ridicule me.

And you didn't.

Oh. Come on.

Well, here we are.

( laughter, whistles
and applause )

Oh, look! There's Muffy!

She should be here.

Muffy: I'm here, darling,

but I must say this
is pretty infantile.

And, please, don't
call me Muffy...

Jinxie, hmm?

Jinxie? Ooh.

Oh, um, I'll be right back.

( audience
chattering indistinctly )

Oh, it's no use. Old Bucket
is gonna blow it again.

Shut up, Ollie.

He misses every
time they run that film.

( exasperated sigh )

( telephone rings )


Hello, Jonathan.

It's me, Ford.

Oh, hi. Are the, uh,
movies about over?

Pretty soon.

Where are we gonna have dinner?

We aren't. You have work to do.

Oh, I can handle that.

What about the Clam Box?

How about a third cup of coffee?

You get that work
done, Jonathan.

It's very important.

Jennifer will be along soon.

I guess you're right.

Oh, I am right, Jonathan.

Good night.

Oh, my... Jennifer, that's
you in the school play.

Oh, no.


Jennifer, you were
great in that part.


( laughter and applause )

Hey, I got it.

How about a shore dinner
at the Claw, huh, gang?

Oh, I'd love to, but I
promised Jonathan

I'd get back as soon
as the movies were over.

Uh, I'll drive you.

Oh, no, no. Listen, take my car.


I can get a lift back.

Well, have a good
time. See you later.


Jonathan: In short, I'm
declining your proposal

not because I
don't understand it,

but because I do.

A merger under these
circumstances would be...

- Oh, hi, darling.
- Working on a merger?

Well, that must mean that
you're feeling better. ( kiss )

How about working on a
merger of a different kind?

No, I've gotta
get this finished.

Do it in the morning.

The morning?

The morning is
the football game.

Uh-uh. In the afternoon.

You can work all morning.

I have to finish this now.

Go to bed, darling,
and when I'm finished,

I'll see you then. I'm sorry.

I am sorry, too.

May I have Dr. Ollie
Jackson's room, please.

Ollie. Jennifer.

Jennifer, you missed
some great lobster!

Nothing's changed at The Claw
but the prices. How's Jonathan?

Uh, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Can we meet
somewhere for breakfast?

Phil's Flamingo Room? Right now?

Great. See you there.

Oliver: Phil, what's
the alumni special?

For the alumni,
I use fresh eggs.

- Two alumni specials.
- Comin' up.

Hi, Phil.

Good to see you again, Edwards.

Some things never change.

Midge and Eva are over
at Madame Panetier's.

Probably still working
on their irregular verbs.

What can I do for you, Jennifer?

All right. Let me
start at the beginning.

Last night, when I went to bed,

Jonathan kept on working.


So... you see, it was his idea

to come along on this reunion.

I was delighted when
he said he'd put aside

all his business
commitments to come.

Jennifer, I mean, uh, your
husband didn't get where he is

by treating Hart
Industries like a toy.

I know that.

But throughout our marriage,

whenever we've been together,

we've been together.

He's always been able to
separate business from personal life.

All right, so what
are you saying?

So what I'm saying is

that, at the Dean's
reception he disappeared,

and when he came back he
said he was talking business.

Didn't you believe that?

Oh, I believed it.
But the way he said it

didn't sound as
if he believed it.

Oh, I know he wasn't lying.

Am I making sense?

Not entirely,
Jennifer. ( chuckles )

afternoon, he felt tired.

So he fell asleep for a while.

And when he woke up, he said
he was too tired to go to the movies.

Ollie, Jonathan doesn't
get tired in the afternoon.

I'm not a
psychiatrist, Jennifer,

but do you want a
curbstone opinion?

I'll take any opinion I can get.

Well, try this.

Jonathan wanted to come
here, but it's your reunion,

your memories, your friends.

For the first time that
you've been together,

he's probably feeling
like a fifth wheel.

His fatigue may be a
polite way of begging off.

But if he felt that
way, he'd say so.

Well, there could be a
medical explanation...

Maybe a flu bug,
a virus, an allergy.

You want me to
take a look at him?

- Would you?
- Hmm.

If somebody doesn't let
me show off my medical bag,

I'll die!

Oh, some things never change.

Your proposal falls far
short of the ethical standards

required by Jonathan
Hart Industries.

What it amounts
to is a shell game.

And if I hear from you again,

I'll report you immediately
to the bunco squad,

if it still exists.

Have a nice day.

( knock on door )

Come in.

( door opens )

Ford: Good morning, Jonathan.

- Oh, good morning.
- How you feeling?

- Fine, thanks.
- That's good.

Is, uh, Jennifer around?

No, she's having
breakfast with Ollie Jackson.

Oh, I was just going downstairs

to grab a quick cup of coffee.

Can I get you anything?

No, thanks.

Actually, this'll be my third.

My third cup of coffee.

( snaps )

Sit down, Jonathan.

That's good.

Have a cigarette.

I don't smoke.

I didn't ask if you smoked.

Have a cigarette, Jonathan.

That's good.

You're, uh... you're very
strong-willed, aren't you, Jonathan?

Afraid it won't do you
much good, though.

You see, your body has a
long-lasting chemical in it now.

It's one that my
own firm developed.

Now, we got it
for doctors to use

so that they could give
a hypnotic suggestion

to difficult patients.

Just like yourself.

And it's that phrase,
"third cup of coffee,"

see, that pulls your trigger.

Go ahead, take a nice deep
drag on your cigarette, Jonathan.

Now, Jonathan...

I want you to pay
close attention here.

Look here, Jonathan.

Ha, that's good.

Early this afternoon,

you will get in your car

and you will drive from here

straight up Route 12 to here.

Nod if you understand.

There's a bridge
out on that road.

Oh, Jonathan, on
the way up here,

you probably saw those flagmen

and those signs that
said, "Caution. Bridge Out."

Well, you're gonna have
to forget about those.

You'll just ignore
those, Jonathan.

You have to complete
your assignment.

So you just drive
right past them.

Nod if you understand.

That's good.

Now, Jonathan, this afternoon

Jennifer is probably counting
on you taking her to the game.

But you must complete
your assignment.

And you must not tell
her anything about it.

We wouldn't want to
worry her, would we?

I'll tell her when
the time is right.

Nod if you understand.

That's good.

Close your eyes, Jonathan.

Open your eyes, Jonathan.

Put your cigarette
out, Jonathan.

That's good.

Well, I think it's about time

I had my third cup of coffee.

Jonathan, after I go,

you won't remember anything
about this conversation.

But you will remember to
complete your assignment.

Oh, Jonathan,

while I'm gone, if
anyone should call

or you should talk to anyone...

you just... just be your usual

casual, energetic
self, all right?

Nod if you understand.

That's good.

( snaps )

So tell Jennifer I came
by for a cup of coffee,

but, uh, I'll see you all
at the game, all right?


- So long.
- So long.

( telephone rings )


Oh, hi, darling.

How come I missed breakfast?

I'm never that sleepy.

Ollie wants me to come where?

Oh, listen, I'm as
healthy as a horse.

Healthier than the
one that you bet on.

Well, all right,
darling, I'll...

But I can tell you right
now what he'll find.

All right. Yes. Bye.

( tires screech )

Nothing. You're as
healthy as a horse.

Healthier than some.

But we're gonna
need a blood workup.

Uh, Ollie, I don't
mean to be rude,

but as I've gone
down the path of life,

I've found that nurses
handle a needle

much better than a doctor.

Would you leave me
enough to get home on?

I'll get the results
back pretty quick.

- Thanks, Ollie.
- If you're in a hurry,

I could run this by the
lab during my lunch hour.


Miss Keyes.

Hi, how are you?

Don't you recognize me?

Ford Beebe from Brookfield.

Oh. Back for the reunion, Ford?

Yeah, yeah. Hey.

Hey, don't you remember me?

We used to be good friends.

You helped me with
my lab experiment.

Oh, yes.

What can I do for you, Lloyd?

It's Ford.

I, uh, noticed
your flat tire here.

Thought maybe I could
give you a lift to the lab.

How'd you know I
was going there?

Well, isn't that a lab sample?

Well, well, yes,
but it doesn't...

Oh, besides, it-it's
just around the corner.

Hey, hey.

Why walk when you can ride, huh?

Come on. Let me give you a lift

just for old times' sake.

Ford, I'm in a hurry.

And I'm walking.

Wish you hadn't said that.

- Jennifer: It tastes good?
- Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

It is. Very good.

I'm sorry I missed
the alumni special.

Darling, during
the last few days,

have you ever felt
like a fifth wheel?

Well, I was a little
tired yesterday.

But I haven't felt like a
fifth wheel since, uh...

before we met.

Ohh. Well, that makes
me feel much better,

What's this?

That's not yours, is it?

Maybe Housekeeping forgot
to remove it before we moved in.


Oh, I have to go get
some film for my camera.

I'm just gonna run over
to the drugstore, okay?

I want to take some
pictures at the game.

All you're gonna get is the back of
people's heads and tiny football players.

I'm not gonna take
pictures of them, dummy.

( kiss ) I'm gonna
take pictures of you.

I'll be back.

( tape rewinds )

Have a cigarette.

The phrase, "third
cup of coffee"

will be your trigger.

You're gonna get in your
car and drive from here

all the way up Route 12...

You probably saw the flagmen

and those signs that
said, "Caution, Bridge Out"

on your way up here.

But you'll just ignore those.

You must complete
your assignment.

Just ignore those.

( tape clicking
at head of reel )

( rewinding tape )

Ford on recording: Your body is
full of a long-lasting chemical now.

It's a chemical that my
very own firm produced.

( rings )

Yes? Sutton here.

Yes, this is Jonathan Hart.

I need you to do me a favor.

My wife will be there
any minute now.

I've gone to go pick up
the tickets for the game.

Would you ask her
please to grab a cab

and meet me in front of the main
entrance to the stadium, please?

Right, Mr. Hart.

Thank you very much.

Oh, Mrs. Hart, I've got a
message from your husband.

He's picking up tickets

and you're to meet him
at the stadium, main gate.

Oh. Oh, well, Mr. Sutton,
can you call me a cab?

Oh, big game day, Mrs. Hart,

but I'll give it a try.

- Hi, Jennifer.
- Hi, Ford.

- Going to the game?
- Yes. As a matter of fact,

Jonathan's off
picking up the tickets.

- Ah.
- Mr. Sutton's trying
to get me a cab.

Oh, forget about the
cab. I'll give you a lift.

Oh, no, Ford. I couldn't
ask you to do that.

It's hours before the game.

It'd be my pleasure.

You sure? All right.

Forget the cab, Mr. Sutton.

Root us home, Mrs. Hart!

Will do.

Ford on recording:
You will get in your car

and you will drive from here

straight up Route 12 to here.

Jonathan on recording:
There's a bridge out on that road.

Ford on recording: Oh, Jonathan,

you probably saw the flagmen

and those signs that said, "Caution,
Bridge Out," on your way up here.

You'll just ignore those.

Mr. Hart?

My wife went to a drugstore.

Exactly where is it?

Drugstore? Mr. Hart,

she's on her way to
meet you at the stadium.

She got a ride with Ford Beebe.

You just told me to
tell her to meet you

at the main gate.

Are you all right?

Yes. For the first
time in two days, yes.

Ford: There's the
Hawking Science Building.

Don't you think we
should take Tatum Street?

It's the fastest
way to the stadium.

Ah, no, It would just be
one long parking lot today.

Besides, we want to see
some of our old haunts together.

Ford, Jonathan
is waiting for me.

Well, here we are.

What do you mean?

Isn't that what your
boyfriends used to say

when they brought you here?

I never came here.

( scoffs )

Ford, I think we ought
to go on to the stadium.

Not just yet.

( horn honking )

Look out!

Look out.

Lookout Mountain.

Jennifer... I want to
tell you something.

I wanted to tell you
a long time ago, but...

I wasn't... ready for you yet.

Oh, Ford, stop it.

Let me finish, please.

I love you, Jennifer.

I have loved you

since the day I gave
you a lift to the game.

You were so nice to me.

And polite.

Not like the others.

I was stranded.

I lost my wallet.

It's in my nature to be polite.


I heard you defending
me to them yesterday.

I know you feel the
same way about me.

This is ridiculous, Ford.

I insist you take
me to Jonathan.

Let's just not talk
about him, all right?

You don't have to pretend
you love him anymore.

That's enough.

I'm his wife, and I love him.

No. Uh, actually... by now...

you're his widow.

Oh, my God.

What have you done?

We'll be together at last.




- ( telephone rings )
- Jonathan: Hello.

Just one moment.

Your friend Muffy again.

That's the third time today.

Well, considering that she
only lives 10 minutes away

and she's lived there
for all these years,

I'd say you're pretty lucky.

( sighs )

Hello, Muffy. Mm-hmm.

Oh, well... all right, Muffy.

It's a date.


Yes. All right, Muffy.

Bye-bye, Muffy.

You two getting together?


You and her husband

are playing golf tomorrow.

Me and her husband?


Who is her husband?

Oh, she's told him all about
meeting you at the reunion.

He's dying to get to know you.

His name is Dinky.

Muffy's husband's name is Dinky?

It runs in the family.

He plays golf at Woodcrest,

and you're teeing off at 9:00.

Hmm. My tee-off time is 10:15.

Promises, promises.

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