Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 12 - My Hart Belongs to Daddy - full transcript

When Jonathan and Jennifer visit her father,he seems preoccupied about something. He doesn't tell them anything. Later when something happens, he reveals that after the war he and some other men were tasked with locating a Nazi and bringing him to trial. He now learns that the man's son is seeking vengeance and has taken out the men who helped him and now he's coming after him.

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.





I'm just about to
close for the night.

know what I'm looking for.

Oh, good. Then
we'll be able to...

Uh, something, uh... American,

the war years, '44 or '45.

Bad luck.

My pieces are decidedly British.

Your bad luck.

I'm looking for Stephen
Harrison Edwards.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

But you do.

You and Edwards

and the late Jean Louis Dumas.

The late...

Sir, if you have some
friend who's died,

I'm sorry, but I
don't know any...

"Gallery proprietor
Jean Louis Dumas

found murdered."

I hate to be the bearer
of unfortunate news.


You and Edwards
and the late Dumas.


The only photo
of you all together,

taken after you conspired
against my father.

I've been searching
10 years for this picture.

It's my only way of
identifying you three.

You are Oberman's son.

I know Stephen
Edwards was the architect

of the plot against my father.

You will tell me
where to find Edwards.

I-I don't know. I haven't
heard from him in yea...



Last I heard... he was in Paris.

He... He had a flat there,

a-above a gallery.

The name of the gallery.

Marroux. Located?

Somewhere on the Rue de Rennes.

All right, Bellingham.

In return for your cooperation,

I leave you with a gift:

your life.





JONATHAN: Oh, that's great.

JENNIFER: Feels good?

Well, you certainly earned it.


I can't wait to get
home, can you?

Well, I told you, those
board-of-directors meetings

are no day at the beach.

You can say that again.

I told you that
those b... No, don't.


Tell me I'm not just another
pretty face on the board.

Uh, you are a pretty face.

You are also...
Well, you're okay.

Well, thank you very much.

Mm. Heh, heh.

You know, it's funny. I
never thought I'd ever

become a deciding vote.

Did I thank you for
your vote of confidence?

Not completely.



Mmm. That's good.

And I also can't wait to have
some of Max's home cooking.


I'll get it. Yes? Jack.

Oh, really?

Well, put him through.

father's on the phone.


How are you?

Where are you?
What are you doing?


Sorry. You go first.


Oh, that's great.

He's coming home to the States.

He's gonna open up the
old house in Maryland.

He wants us to come
and join him for a week.

Wait a minute. Let
me ask Jonathan.

You don't have anything
pressing in L.A., do you?


Perfect. He'd love it.

He's looking forward to
seeing you as much as I am.


Listen, I'll tell
you what we'll do.

We'll fly on into
Washington and we'll...

We'll get a car
from there, all right?

And we'll drive on up.

I'll call you when I get there.


Me, too.

Okay. Bye.

Oh, that's great.

When you want home
cooking, you get it.


have we got enough
fuel for Washington?

Take us into Dulles, will you?

Ooh. Thanks.


The number in Rome
is not in service?

Oh, blast.

The man's a gadfly.

Operator, did Mr. Edwards

leave a forwarding number?


Let me have it.


Father. Ha, ha.

MAN: "Father?"


[CAR DOOR CLOSES] Used to be Pa.

It still is.

You look wonderful, darling.

Wonderful. So do you.

Jonathan, welcome.

Stephen, nice to see you.

He must be treating
you very well.

You've never
looked more radiant.

Uh, that radiance
is due to seeing you.

Oh, naturally.

Well, shall we settle in?




Walter? WALTER: Yes?

Oh, the place looks great.


Welcome home, Miss Jennifer.

Walter. How are you?

It's great to see you.

Ah, I'm sorry.

Mrs. Hart.

How are you?

Walter, good to see you again.

Uh, where are the
bags? In the car?

Outside. WALTER:
I'll get 'em for you.

Excuse me. May I use
the phone to call Max?

Sure. Go ahead.

Give him my regards, will you?

And ask about Freeway.

I didn't realize Walter
was still with you.

Oh, yeah. And I think
he's getting a little bit tired

of chasing around
the world with me.

You know, London, Cairo, Tokyo.

And besides, I think his feet
are beginning to bother him.


Hello, Max.

MAX: Just this second
walked in, Mr. H.

What time should I pick
you up at the airport?

At noon, a week from today.

That's pretty heavy
jet lag. What's up?

Uh, we're spending the week in
Maryland with Jennifer's father.

I thought he was in Europe
working in some art museums.

JONATHAN: No, a museum
in D.C. needs his expertise.

Max, give Freeway a big hug

and I'll call you the
day we leave, okay?

So long.




They're in Maryland,

where the Orioles come from.

Darling, everything's
all right at home.

Oh, great.


let's take a look at
the rest of the house.

Doesn't it look familiar to you?

[SIGHS] It's all starting
to come back to me.

STEPHEN: All the
comforts of home.

I should hope so.


Oh, and there's
something else, too.

What? Walter and I dug this out

of the attic the other day.

It's got pictures of you in it

that Jonathan has
never seen yet.

I don't know if he's
gonna see them now.

Now, while you're taking
a trip down memory lane,

I'll go down and fix up a
couple of my extra-dry martinis.

Oh, your extra-drys
are lethal, Stephen.


Don't tell me you've gone

the California
route: white wine?


STEPHEN: All right.

You'll have to be satisfied
with some Montrachet-Bâtard,

which I brought back
myself from France.

We'll suffer through it. Good.

Overseas call for you, sir.


WALTER: London. STEPHEN: London?

That's odd. No one in
London has this number

or even knows I'm in the States.

Okay, Walter.
I'll be right back.


Open up.

Uh... Uh-uh.

I want to see a Jennifer
Edwards I've never seen before.

Uh-uh. I want to
check it out first.

Censorship? Uh-huh.

I want to see the complete,
uncut version of my wife.

Uh, well, this isn't exactly
the complete version.


I wasn't exactly,
uh... Filled out?

At this point. Hm.

In fact, let me put it this way:

I hardly made a
ripple in the "H"

on my cheerleading sweater.


However, there was one girl:

Betty Jean Sperber.


Now, Betty Jean

could have worn
the whole alphabet.


You got a picture of Betty
Jean Sperber in there?

Tsk. Come on.

Rodney. How nice to
hear your voice again

after all these years.

How in the world
did you find me?

RODNEY: It wasn't easy.

But I didn't call to
chat about old times.

Dumas was killed
in Paris yesterday.


And I received a visit

from a man named Oberman.

I gave him a phony
address for you in Paris

to give me time to find you.


Rodney, are you there?

Edwards is in Paris, eh?

Handy little item, this.

Made in Germany.



I wish to place a call

to a Stephen Harrison Edwards,

United States,
Hillhaven, Maryland.

The number is... [BUTTON CLICKS]

My name is Oberman.

I want it to be the
last thing you hear.




And now, Herr Edwards,

it comes down to you.

And soon, my
search will be over.

But, operator, we
were just talking.

They've got to answer.


Well, it's most urgent.

Get them back and call me.


Is everything all right?

Oh, yes, yes. Just some
unfinished business.

Believe me, nothing is going
to interfere with our reunion.






Well, here it is: the
synopsis of my childhood,

ages 5 through 16.

Well, that's a
beautiful horse... Mmm.

And a beautiful rider.

Oh, well, thank you very much.


JENNIFER: Sweet Sue.

Oh, I loved her so much.

good morning. Morning.

Isn't it about time you
two started rolling out?

[PHONE RINGS] Look at this.


You know, your little
flower won her first ribbon

and accreditation when
she was 5 years old.

[CHUCKLES] Are you gonna
ride with us this morning?

I thought you'd never ask.

Telephone for you, Mr. Edwards.

I don't want to be
disturbed, Walter.

Constantine Wainwright.

He said it's important.


He's been trying to set up a
tennis date for some time now.

I'll see you later.

Constantine Wainwright.

The L.A. Wainwrights?

No, the CIA Wainwrights.

Are you sure?

You remember when
I was in Washington,

I went to that party
for Ambassador Ross.

I met Wainwright there.

He's a heavyweight
in national security.


I wonder what he'd
want with my father.

I don't know, but, uh,

he seemed awfully
concerned about that phone call

he got from London yesterday.

Well, my father has
traveled all over the world.

He knows all sorts of people.

I just think what he said about
Wainwright is a bit strange.

You don't play tennis
with Wainwright.

You don't?

The man is blind.


MAN: According to
ballistics from Interpol,

both Dumas and Bellingham were
murdered with the same weapon.

Bellingham said one
word before he died:


The last word he said to me.

We've arranged an immediate
cover for you in South America.

No, Connie.

I'm tired and I'm finally home.

[SIGHS] I understand.

Instead of the South America
plan, then why don't you let us

bring some of our people
over to your house to guard you.

Jennifer's here visiting me.

Now, we always had a policy
that no matter what I was doing,

my wife and child
be no part of it.

We are dealing with a
sadistic killer bent on revenge.

Now, we don't want
Jennifer's next visit to you

to be graveside, do we?


[SIGHS] Stephen,

it's not like you were
running scared from him.

If you lead him to South
America, it will be much easier

for us to deal with him
down there, comprende?


Comprende, amigo.




Just a minute.

JENNIFER: Who is it, Walter?

Miss Jennifer, there's
a man at the door.


Well, he's here
looking for your father,

but I don't know
what to make of it.

Well, why don't you
ask him to come in.

I'll... I'll go get my father.

I'll see what he wants, darling.

All right.

Come in.

What's this?

Uh, we're from the
Hillhaven funeral home.

We're here to
transport the deceased.

I'm afraid you've made
some sort of a mistake.

And you have our
deepest, deepest sympathy.

You must have the wrong address.

There's no death here.

Well, if he's not here,
just... Just where is he?


MAN: The deceased, Mr. Edwards.

Tsk. Poor Mr. Edwards.

I'm afraid the
rumors of my demise

have been greatly exaggerated.

Mr. Edwards, w-w-what happened?

You're... You're
supposed to be dead.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Uh, Mr. Muckle,

the-the hearse's engine
is running. Uh... Uh...

I'm-I'm very sorry about
this... this very grievous error.



Jenny, is that you?

It's been years.

Hello, Lester.

I-I... I'm... I'm very
sorry about this,

but s-someone phoned
us about a half an hour ago

and told us your father
was... Your father was dead

and to come and pick
up-p-p... Up his body, and...

You look like a 10, Jenny.


Oh, and you must be
the lucky guy she landed.


Hiya, Jerry.

Uh, Jonathan.


Lester... You look
wonderful, Jenny.



And... and so do you,

under the circumstances,
Mr. Edwards.

Some people can liven
up a room just by leaving it.

Now get your hearse
out of my driveway. Now.

Y-yes, sir. I-I can get behind
that, Mr. Edwards. Yes.

Bye, Jenny.

Bye, Lester.


Some twit's idea of a prank.

Some prank.

Anybody in town want
to scare you that way?

Who knows I'm in town?

And who cares?

Are you sure nothing is wrong?

If there were something wrong,
do you think I'd invite you two

down here to be a party to it?


Well, I think you two
better go out to the paddock.

I'll got up and get changed.

I'll be right with
you in 10 minutes.

We'll be there.



I take it that you
won Lester's heart

way back when.


Well, something like that.

But Lester never won mine.

Maybe Lester will
tell you a bit more

about that phone call he got.


Why don't we go ask him?

I wonder what got
Lester into undertaking.

Well, it is steady work.




have a word with you?

Well, sure.

Listen, Jenny, I'm... I'm real
sorry about all this confusion.

Oh, don't worry about that.

Uh, we were just curious
about that phone call

you got about the body. Yeah?

Was it a man or woman?

It was a man.

Did he leave a phone
number? An address?

No, no, no. He... you know,
this German guy called,

and he, uh, said, uh,
Mr. Edwards had died

and make arrangements
to pick up the body.

That's what he said.

A German man? LESTER:
Yeah, he had an accent.

Yeah. Yeah, I-I thought the
call was straight from Germany,

but I could tell it was local.

JENNIFER: How could
you tell it was local?

LESTER: Jenny, it
was from the airport.

I could hear these flights being
announced in the background.


Nothing unusual about
the call? Nothing unusual.

Just another call to
bag a body. That's...

So... what do you think?


My nose.

Your nose?


Had it fixed.

Cosmetic surgery done. See, I...

I buried this surgeon's
mother-in-law, see, for free.

And in return, he,
uh, cut my nose.



Very nice.



Well, I'll see you, Jenny.

JENNIFER: See you, Lester.

A 10.

Oh, yeah.


Bye, Lester.

A 10.





I can't imagine anyone
coming 3,000 miles

to pull a prank on
your father, can you?

No, I can't.



Is that a double for Sweet Sue?


Before Sweet Sue
passed on, she threw a foal:

Blue Lou.

I've been boarding him
ever since at Farrell's place.

Oh, you're kidding.

How does he ride?

Well, you tell me.

Ah. Excuse me, gentlemen.

Oh, ho.

Give me a leg up?


I know Wainwright.

Tennis is definitely
not his game.


Did you tell her?

Yes, I did.



You know, it's almost uncanny,

the way she
resembles her mother.

Jonathan, I don't
want you to think

that I'm taking your
concern too lightly.

We had an understanding
that this reunion

would take a little longer.

But something
unavoidable has happened

and I may have to
move out of the house



Have you said anything
to Jennifer about that?


I'll tell her in my own way.



Why don't we ride with her?

Whatever you say.




Well, here we are:

the old pond. Yeah.

This was your secret
place, wasn't it?

How did you know about that?

She would sneak away on
Sweet Sue and ride up here.


Is that true? JENNIFER: Yes.

You didn't realize I
knew that, did you?

No. Ha, ha.

Well, Jennifer, I'm
afraid you and Jonathan

will have to fly home
almost immediately.

Why? Is there something wrong?

STEPHEN: It doesn't concern you.

There is something
wrong, isn't there?

There's been something wrong
since that call from London.

It's all been taken care of.

JONATHAN: You know that,
uh, whatever concerns you,

naturally concerns us.

STEPHEN: I may have
to go to South America.

But as soon as my business
down there is completed,

I promise we'll pick up
right where we left off.


I promise.



That's a bolt from a crossbow.

If that had been on target,

it could have cut you in half.

If he wanted to
kill me that fast.

But slow torture
is more his style.

It runs in his family.

What are you talking about?

Jennifer, I think you both
should fly home immediately.

JENNIFER: And leave you?

That's not the way
it runs in our family.


STEPHEN: The crossbow
was Oberman's signature,

part of their family crest.

So that's who it must have
been that called Lester.


Trying to spook me.

I'm sorry, darling. I should
have told you and Jonathan

to leave the moment
this problem came to light.

Why would he want to kill you?

Because Josef Oberman
was a high-ranking Nazi

in Hitler's inner circle.

He was convicted

at the Nuremberg
trials after the war,

but he escaped from jail.

And I was assigned to head
the mission to recapture him.

At the time, I was in the OSS.


But I thought you were
always an art dealer.

That was just my cover.

Constantine Wainwright
was my case officer.

That was before he had
that trouble with his eyes.

Your mission was,
uh, Josef Oberman?

STEPHEN: That's right.

After the war, the
OSS became the CIA.

And in 1960, we found Oberman.

I had two operatives working
with me on the capture:

Jean Louis Dumas
and Rodney Bellingham.

Each has just been killed
by Christian Oberman.

And before he died,

Bellingham warned
me that I was to be next.

Christian Oberman?

How is he related
to Josef Oberman?

His son.

Naturally, he holds
me responsible

for his father's eventual
death as a war criminal.

Couldn't Wainwright help?

STEPHEN: No, the CIA tried
to get me out of the country,

but they weren't fast
enough. Not for Oberman.

I'm sorry, darling.

You and I have always had
a bond of trust and respect.

I didn't mean to deceive you.

All I wanted to do
was to protect you.


I understand.



LESTER: Uh, Mr. Edwards?

Is... Is Jennifer there?

Uh, this is Lester...
Lester Quillan.

Please, Mr. Edwards,
I-I have to talk to her.

It's that Quillan for you.

Oh, I'll get it.


Hi, Lester. Jenny?

Listen, I have to
talk to you about...

About the threats
on your father's life.

What about them?

Well, I can't talk
over the phone.

W-we're gonna
have to meet. All right.

Uh, where? When?

Well, uh, my funeral parlor,

tomorrow morning
at 9 sharp, okay?

I'll be there.




He was calling about
the threats on your life.

He wants me to
meet him tomorrow.

You go nowhere without me.

Well, wait a minute.

You're the one that's in danger.

I think it would be
better if you stayed here.

Jennifer and I can go
see what's on Lester's mind

and then we can
decide what to do.



Your farewell performance

was very convincing, Lester.

We'll let Stephen
Edwards and his family

spend some time wondering

what's on your mind
and what's on mine.


I'm sorry to be so selfish,

but I just had to have
an old-fashioned steak.

Well, it was a wonderful dinner.

Walter hasn't lost his
touch. No, he hasn't.

Would you like to have
me get us some brandies?

Ooh. Wonderful idea.

It's in the library. Oh.

Shall we sit down?



Oh, heh, heh.

I remember.

Thank you.

Give me a light, too.

Coming up.

You'll never know
what it means to me

to have you and
Jonathan come here,

breathing life into
these old rooms.

Oh. It's given me
another chance.

Another chance?

What are you talking about?

Well, all this roaming
around and traveling, it was...

It was just a convenience,

something to satisfy myself.

And now you're home.

You always said you'd come
home when you were ready.

Yeah, but you always
made it so easy for me.


I can't help regretting
all the years I was away,

putting my job
before anything else.

Oh, now, come on.

We've been through
all that before.

Darling, please know, I
never meant to neglect you.

You've always been the
most important thing in my life.


I know that.

And you didn't neglect me.

You are the best part of me.

You made me smart and strong

and you taught
me how to survive.

You taught me a few
things, too, you know?



I love you very much.

I love you, too, darling,

and I always will.


JENNIFER: Oh, this old
T-Bird certainly has held up well.

Can you believe this is
the car I learned to drive on?


Didn't you say Quillan
was going to meet us

at the funeral parlor?


Well, that's his
hearse following us.

OBERMAN: Making it easy for me.


He's got a one-price package:

kills you and then
he buries you.

That's not Quillan.





Watch out!




Jennifer Edwards?


OBERMAN: It is you.

You've hardly
changed over the years.

What do you want?

So young and pretty then,

so young and pretty now.

Get out of the
car, Miss Edwards.

My name is Mrs.
Hart and I will not.

My husband is hurt.

You're forcing me
to put your husband

out of his misery right now.




JENNIFER: Frankly, I'm not
enjoying your little tour of the city,

Herr Oberman.

Then you know me.


I was hoping my little messages

were getting
through to your father.


DRIVER: Are you all right,
buddy? Do you need a doctor?

JONATHAN: No, I'm okay.

I need a ride to
the Edwards place.


These ropes are
cutting my wrists.

[SCOFFS] That's the
least of your worries.


You better give yourself up now.


Sorry, Miss Edwards.

We'd better get off the streets.



You've been to this
military museum before?


Then you will show it to me.

Perhaps you've been
here with your father?

As a matter of fact, I have.

I would think so.

I always wished I could
have spent time with my father.

You see,

your father took
my father from me.

It is only justice
that I now have you.


Not for you... yet.


I'm sorry, sir.

There's still no answer
at Quillan's funeral parlor.

That's fine. First he talks her into
meeting him down there and now this.

I should never have
let them talk me into it.

Jonathan, what happened?

Where's Jennifer?

We were forced off
the road by a hearse.

I don't know where she is.

You don't know? No, I don't.

How could you let anything
like that happen to my...?

I'm sorry, Jonathan.

She's as much your
Jennifer as she is mine

and I got you both
into all this trouble.

You need a doctor?

No, I'm all right. Thanks.


Edwards residence.

One moment.

It's a gentleman, sir,
with a German accent.


OBERMAN: Hello? Edwards.

You so much as
touch my daughter...

You will meet me.

Then we will discuss
your daughter's fate.

Put Jennifer on the phone.

Meet me.

Then you talk
with your daughter.


All right. Where?

The Capitol Military Museum.

And, uh, Edwards,
come unarmed and alone.



The Capitol Military Museum.

It's a tourist
attraction down in D.C.

I'm going with
you. No, you're not

because he said that I...

Of course you will.

We're gonna need a car. Yes.

My car, sir?

Oh, thank you, Walter.


Well, Jonathan, we're here.

I know you've put your
life on the line in the past.


but this time, it's Jennifer's
life that's on the line.

I think I'll feel
better with this.

You know, if he gets
close enough to search you,

you may be asking for trouble.

Yeah, I think you're right.

JONATHAN: Let me carry it.

You know how to handle a .38?

Yes, I do.

Well, here goes.



It's me, Jennifer. Hurry.

Here I am. Over here.

Here I am.

Over here.


Do you see me yet? Here I am.

Here I am.

OBERMAN: You wanted to
hear your daughter's voice,

so you've heard it.

I had to subject her
to considerable pain

to make the tape,

but not as much pain as
you inflicted upon my father.


I have waited a
lifetime for this.

[PANTS] And once he's killed,

I have a few things
in mind for you.

ECHOING]: Where is she?

It's me you want.

Where's Jennifer?

Pa, get Jonathan! Shh.

I'm already here.


You were told to come alone!

Stephen, hit the deck!









You all right, darling? Fine.



By my count,
you're out, Oberman.


Now I know I'm right.




JONATHAN: Jennifer.



You all right, darling?



We could have used
you in the old OSS.

Where were you
when we needed you?

I think he was in
kindergarten, Pa.




Cheers, darling.



What's the first thing you're
going to do when you get home?

The first thing? Mm.

Kiss Freeway.

The second?

Hug Max.

The third?

The third...

I'm gonna call my father and
invite him to join us for Christmas.


What's the first thing
you're gonna do?

The first thing?

What's the second
thing you're gonna do?

The second?




JACK: Mr. Hart, we're
due to land in 10 minutes.

Driver, take it once
more around the park.