Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 10 - From the Depths of My Hart - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.




MAN: Here they come, Larry.

LARRY: Yeah.

[JONATHAN GRUNTS] How did it go?

Oh, it's beautiful.

Clear as a bell.

LARRY: What do
you think of it, boss?

The balance is incredible.

And the way that
gyro holds it steady...

And in that surge,
it's pretty terrific.

LARRY: When do we
show it to the Navy?

Well, you're the man
that's been working with it.

What do you think? Any problems?

Just like it came off
the drawing board.

Well, then why don't we cut

a little bit of film together
and make a presentation.

Good idea.

JENNIFER: Oh, and Larry...

I wouldn't be at
all disappointed

if that Esther
Williams ballet of mine

wound up on the
cutting room floor.


Hey, what is this thing?

LARRY: That's a new
breathing apparatus

we're working on.

You mean, you can
breathe out of that thing?

Yeah, you get
two minutes of air.

Safety device, in
case you get a failure

in your main unit.
Take it with you

and try it the next
time you're down.

Yeah, I will.
Thanks. Well, darling,

think we'd better go? Yeah.

A good idea not to
overdo it the first day.

LARRY: You get it?

MAN: Yeah.

JONATHAN: See you guys later.


MAN: Where you going?

LARRY: Oh, there's still
a couple hundred feet left

on the magazine.
I'm gonna bang it off

so we can get it
into the lab tonight.

My tanks are out.

Well, so, get a little sun.

You know better than
to dive alone, don't you?

Oh, come on, Fred.

Save it for your students.



Sorry, Larry.

Should have warned
you about that stingray.

Hello, there.

are you doing, Duffy?

Throw me your
line there, Mrs. Hart.


We'll tie you. That's the girl.

You have a good time?

Oh, it was wonderful.

Tell me, how was the diving?

Oh, it was great.

A whole other world down there.

Did you find any loose
money floating around?

What are you talking about?

He's talking about
that old wreck

we were swimming around.

Yeah? That belongs
to Robert Ambrose.

The legendary embezzler himself.

What, that pile of junk?

He was just off the
largos, you know.

Used to be his own
private little island.

Deserted now.


He was just a couple
of miles from security.

He went down in a freak storm.

Him and all that stolen money.

Really? Huh.

Well, that's justice for you.

Well... if you
believe he is dead.

What are you talking about?

You think he's alive?

And living the good life?

I will bet you
200 million on it.

Well, Duff, I hate
to put you down,

but that's the kind of romance

that goes along with
every sunken galleon.

I'm not the only one
with an imagination.

You know, when
it first went down,

there were divers
swarming all over that bucket.

They find anything?

Not change for a nickel.

Couple of 'em
paid the pipers too.

What do you mean?


And this one poor fellow

got tangled up in the hull.

How terrible.

Sure put a cramp
on diving for dollars.


Right over here.

Where's your tanks?

Oh, we left them in
the boat with Fred.


Hop right in there, I'll
take you to the hotel.

There you are, my pet.

How was the fishing?

The sharks were biting.

Anyone we know?

And the camera?

I left it.

But I opened it.

It's probably a fishbowl by now.

One would think
these treasure hunters

would have gotten
the message by now.

I told you,

Hart's not
interested in the boat.

It's just a subject
for his new camera.

We couldn't risk
that, now, could we?

By the way, Fred,

you were shooting for two weeks.

What happened to
the rest of the footage?

It's in a safe place.

I think this film would be safer

in my possession.

Whatever you say, Mr. Beaumont.

Yes, I'll drink to that.


Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Good soup.

Not at all fishy...
for fish soup. Mm.

You know, I was just
thinking about Duffy.

He really is a cute
old guy, isn't he?

He certainly is fascinated

by that Robert Ambrose story.

that's understandable.

After all, Ambrose did pull off

the greatest white-collar
caper of the 20th century

before he went down
in that old wreck.

If he did.

You know, darling...

he could be dining with us...

even as we eat.

Yes, he could.

But then again,
with all that money,

he could also have
had his face rearranged.

Welcome to Kapalua Bay.

Thank you.

Oh, that's the right year,
but it's the wrong wine.

We ordered the Margaux.

Ah. Compliments of Mr. Beaumont.

Oh. Who is Mr. Beaumont?
The manager?

No. Nor the
tourist board either.


Forgive me for intruding.

I'm Roger Beaumont, Mr. Hart.

How do you do? This
is my wife, uh, Jennifer.

Ah, Mrs. Hart.

I'm sorry, but have
we met before?

Oh, our paths have
crossed many times

in Los Angeles and New York.

But, uh, unfortunately,

we've never been
formally introduced.

I have followed
your meteoric rise

in the world of commerce

with admiration, Mr. Hart.

And a touch of envy.

Uh, although, I've
given all that up

favor of the life here.


Well, it's certainly

It's beautifully tranquil.


And occasionally... boring.


Which leads me to the purpose

of this seduction.

I thought, if it were possible,

you might take dinner at
my home tomorrow evening?



I've asked my
good friend Miranda

and a few select guests,

whom I'm sure you'll
find rather interesting.

Uh, that would be interesting.

But, uh, unfortunately,

we're leaving tomorrow evening.

Well, then I shan't
steal another moment

of your precious vacation.

Perhaps when you're
back this way, maybe then?


Thank you for the wine.

My pleasure.

Good evening.

He's a pleasant man.

Wouldn't it be interesting...

if he were Robert Ambrose?

Darling... you
sound like a woman

desperately in need of romance.

I do? Mm-hm.

I thought you'd never ask.



JONATHAN: I have an idea.


Why don't we hang all
these perishables on a tree

and save ourselves
a big cleaning bill.

Ooh. With the wind.

What would the chamber
of commerce have to say?

Ah, they'll have to
find their own tree.






He's dead.



testing a prototype camera

my company was
developing for the Navy.

MAN: And you, Mr., uh, Raskin,

you own the dive
shop by the bay?

Yes, sir.

I knew Larry from Vietnam.

He came down to test the camera,

and he needed a diving buddy.

So if you were his diving buddy,

why was he down
there without you?

My tanks were out.

I warned him about
diving alone, but...

Larry was very independent.

And when Larry
failed to come up,

what did you do?

Oh, I made a
couple of free dives,

but I just couldn't
get deep enough.

So I went for fresh tanks.

It was dark when I got back,

and... Larry was gone.

I can't believe that Larry
could swim two miles

with that awful knife wound.

Larry was a SEAL in Vietnam.

What's that?

The SEALs, they
were a special forces

attached to the Navy.

Guys could do almost anything.

I mean, they could
drop behind enemy lines,

pick up a wounded pilot,

carry him three
miles on their back.

They're really superhuman guys.

Were you a SEAL, Mr. Raskin?

Yeah, I was.

They were considered to be among

the world's most efficient
assassins, weren't they?


I suppose.

Well, if your friend
Larry was one of them,

it says a lot for
whoever killed him.

Jonathan, are you sure

you wanna spend this
entire vacation underwater?

darling, the sooner

we find that camera, the better.

Unless the killer has
already beaten us to it.

Did you find anything?


Just what I expected.

Oh, my.

He wasn't taking
no chances, was he?


DUFFY: How's your camera?

ought to be all right.

Didn't the water
get to the film?

No, the magazine is watertight.

Duffy... can you take
us to the photo lab?

Yes, sir, I can do that.

Darling, why couldn't Fred
find that camera yesterday?

Underwater, in the dark,

even bright orange
gets pretty gray.

JENNIFER: There's still
something strange about his story.

Why did he run out of air?

He was diving the same
amount of time as Larry was.

You think Fred killed
your cameraman?

I don't know.

I'll tell you what, I bet
you the whole thing

has something to do
with Ambrose booty.

Maybe there is a
curse on that old wreck.

No, I don't believe
in all that malarkey.

Still, as the saying
goes, you never know.






BEAUMONT: "Shark bait."

"Nothing left of him."

Isn't that what you
guaranteed me?

Mr. Beaumont, it was
impossible that he...


Larry was a pretty
determined guy.

A survivor.

Yes, Fred.

He survived...

just long enough to put
us in a hell of a mess.

And, Miranda, my dear...

you likened that camera to a...

What was it you called
it? A fishbowl, wasn't it?

The camera was
flooded, Mr. Beaumont.


And like your friend, Larry,

the film survived.

Roger, no one is ever
gonna recognize me

with that mask on.


And what about the wreck?

Hart won't notice anything.


Is that another of your
reliable speculations?

I want all the film on
my desk this afternoon.

Am I understood?

Yes, sir.


Now, get out of here.
You've made me tired.



That's not bad.

You look real cute.

Not much of a bucket

for a man with
that kind of money.

Oh, maybe he's trying
to keep a low profile.

Look at that.

DUFFY: I'll be damned.

JENNIFER: It's a woman.

It most certainly is.

DUFFY: What's that?



I asked the lab to make
up dupes of the footage.

Maybe she's a local.

Although, it's tough
to make her out.

Right, chief. Talk to you later.

Well, we have an urgent
message from Fred

to call him at the dive shop.

Just the man I wanna talk to.

Hello, operator.

This is Jonathan Hart.
We're in Suite 1200.

May I have, uh... 2-3-3-7-8.

2-3-3-7-8, please?

You're not crossing him off
your list of suspects, are you?

Well, one thing's for sure:

Fred never looked
that good in a tank suit.

Oh, hi, Fred.

You'll never guess
what showed up

on Larry's footage.

FRED [ON PHONE]: A woman.


Well, if you find
that interesting,

what we shot the last
couple weeks will be...

invaluable to you.

How invaluable?

I'd say it's worth
at least 200 million.

But to you, bargain rates.

Fifty thousand.

Why would I wanna pay
$50,000 for my own film?


Why would they kill Larry
to keep you from getting it?

And if they knew
about this call...

they'd kill me too.

The old Buddhist
cemetery, 4:00 sharp.

And Hart... no funny stuff.


Come on. We're gonna cash
a very large traveler's check.


DUFFY: You folks do
whatever you have to do.

Just take your time. I'll
wait right here for you.

It's all there.

You can count it.


It's got blood on it.

I trust you.

If you don't mind,
I'd like to take a look.


DUFFY: Hurry now!
Hurry! Come and hop in!

First off, we'll get you out
of here. Lay low. Lay low.

Lay low.

Ready to go. Step right in!




Darling, how many times
are we gonna watch this?

Until we figure it out.

DUFFY: That old tub ain't
exactly the Andrea Doria.

Well, I can't see
what's worth $50,000,

let alone 200 million.

What's it made out of, gold?


Stop it, will you?

Will you take it
back a little bit?


It's not what you see,

it's what you don't see.

Okay, stop it there, will you?

And start it forward.

Have you been watching

what's happening
to that stern rail?

That's two days ago.

The next day, the 17th.

It's almost gone.

JONATHAN: And that's the 19th.

And it's all gone.

And there goes the wheel.

I'll be darned.

Again, Mr. Hart?

No, thanks, Kim.

I think you said
it, darling. What?

That boat is made of gold.

You know what I think?

I think they converted
the money to gold

because it's less perishable.

So Ambrose did it.

He pulled it off, didn't he?

Well, I don't know whether he
stayed around for the harvest,

but someone is mining that boat.

JENNIFER: Why would
he go to all that trouble?

He was a wanted man. Hm?

He sails to an island

where there's no
extradition agreement.

But he plays it safe.

Just in case he gets
picked up along the way,

he doesn't wanna get
caught holding the moneybag.

So he traded the
cash in for gold.

And he had that melted
down into fittings...

for that old wreck.

DUFFY: Oh, I love it.

I love it and all them divers

looking for a
trunk full of money.


Kim, can you have
a couple of dupes

made up of this
right away for us?

Sure thing, Mr. Hart.

Duffy, will you stick around

and take 'em over to
Captain Navarro for me?

Where are you going?

I'm going to talk to a man

about another boat.



I can't believe what
you're telling me.

All those fixtures
made of solid gold?

I'll bet on it.

It's funny.

That wreck's been
nothing but a headache.

I understand that
the Coast Guard

has plans to raise it.

That's right. The, uh, red
tape's being processed now.

Captain... I'd like
you to do me a favor.

I'd like you to
push the clock... up.

Uh, Mr. Hart,

you were a
commander in the Navy.

You know how these things work.

I don't actually
want you to do it,

I just want you to
give the impression

to our gold-mining friends. Oh.

You see, we have
reason to believe

that they had
something to do with

the death of our cameraman.

We're gonna take out an article

in the paper tomorrow

that Hart Industries is involved

in the salvaging of
the Ambrose wreck.

With the permission
of the Coast Guard.

Well, you, uh, realize
you're placing yourself

in a rather, uh,
precarious position.

Now, I have no
jurisdiction to back you up.

To say nothing of the fact

that I've got some of
my own gold on the line:

my stripes.

Captain... have you
ever considered...

entering private industry?




[GRUNTING] Duffy. What happened?

It was two of 'em,
a fella and a lady.


Kim. Are you all right?

Uh, yeah.

Did you recognize 'em?

I never seen the fella before.

I think the lady may
be the girl on the film.

The film... Kim,
where's our film?

It's gone, Mr. Hart.

That's what they were after.

Well, that settles
it. We're not waiting

for the Coast Guard.
First thing in the morning,

we're gonna dive
for our own souvenir.


Good morning, my dear.

I thank you

for your excellent
work last night.

All the footage
seems to be there.

You don't think
getting the film back

is gonna stop 'em.

Yes, I'm afraid you're right.

I know you don't read...

newspapers, my pet...

but I thought you
might be interested

in a small item in
this morning's edition.

Apparently, Mr. Hart
has taken advantage

of his influence with
the Coast Guard.

What are you gonna do?

I'm afraid it's
time to... squelch

Mr. Hart's untimely
interest in diving...




Oh. Did you enjoy your swim?

Except for the barracuda.

I think this belongs to you.

It gets a little heavy
after you've been

swimming with it
for a couple of miles.

Yes. So my people tell me.

us, Mr. Beaumont...

are you really Robert Ambrose?

No, darling.

He's Robert Ambrose.

MAN: That's right, Mr. Hart.

I am Robert Ambrose.



Well, it was awfully
considerate of them

to go to our hotel room

and steal us a
change of clothes.

There must have been some method

to his consideration.

You won't be needing those.


No more diving today?

I didn't say that.

Shall we?

Ah, there you are.

And looking none the
worse for wear either.

Please, sit down.

You know, I think I
liked you better as Duffy.

I can understand your
antipathy, Mrs. Hart.

I really don't enjoy
being deceitful.


That's an interesting word.

Did you expose that
side of your personality

to the people that you embezzled

that $200 million from?

I'm afraid we're getting off
on the wrong foot, Mr. Hart.

And I... so seldom
have the opportunity

to dine with outsiders.

I shouldn't wonder.

After all, you... are dead.

Would you hand me
Mr. Hart's glass, please?

And do try the crab.

My chef does something
very special with it.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

but do we have the
pleasure of having lunch

with the infamous Robert Ambrose

because the dessert
is going to be final?

Now, you are determined

to spoil this lunch, aren't you?

Your prospecting
days are over, Ambrose.

Both the Coast Guard and the
police know what you're up to.

You won't be able to take
another ounce off that wreck.

Then I imagine it's time for me

to retire to my island,

which is beyond
U.S. jurisdiction,

as you may know.

They can't touch me.

But you won't be
able to leave it.

Robert Ambrose can't.

Duffy can.

As long as the only people
who can connect the two

aren't around anymore.

I had so hoped

that this would be a
delightful luncheon.

I tried to be civil.

I even saved your life once.

Out of arrogance, I suppose.

Mr. Beaumont had determined
that it was time for you to die.

And that is a decision
that only I will make.

So now, Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart...

[AS DUFFY]: it's
time for old Duffy

to take you diving.

Not another diving accident.

Isn't that getting a
little monotonous?

Oh, now, you hush
your palaver, Mr. Hart.

Come along with old
Duffy, if you will, please.

Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart,

right this way, if
you don't mind.


Okay, let's get your gear on:

masks, fins, everything.

Sorry we couldn't
fill your tanks.

We're fresh out today.

Come on, get your
wet suits on now.

I think I left my
flippers up front.

Roger, they jumped!

BEAUMONT: Can you see them?

No. Circle back.

AMBROSE: Don't let 'em get away!

You gotta find 'em!



It must look like an accident!

Where is he?

I can't find him!

I can't... Help!

Oh, help me, pl...!



I'll get the key.
You get in the boat.




Uh, hi, there.

Did you fix it? Uh, yeah.

Oh, yeah? Well,
thanks. Let me try it out.






Help me.

I can't swim.

Just when you
thought it was safe

to go back in the water.




JENNIFER: Oh, dear,

for a peaceful island paradise,

this has been anything but.

Well, that's all behind us.

Do we really have to rush home?

Darling. Can't keep
the Navy waiting.

They are anxious
to get the results

of the tests on the camera.

I just thought we could
have a little bit more...



You know... cool
tropical breezes...

midnight swims... palm trees.

Look at this!

A bottle.


It's ancient.

It must have been floating
around there for years.

There's a note in there.

Read it.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hart..."

"sorry about the
unfortunate experience

"with your driver...

"but that's what happens

BOTH: when you leave
trusty old Max at home."


That's cute. Yeah?

You did that, didn't you?

Yeah. You did that.

Uh-huh. I'm gonna get you.

Oh, no. Yeah.