Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 2, Episode 1 - Murder, Murder on the Wall - full transcript

The Harts look forward to a nice lunch with Jennifer's friend and her new husband, but her husband suddenly disappears and is shortly found dead. Meanwhile, two men who followed him out of the restaurant next show up in his L.A. apartment and start following who they think is his wife: Jennifer.


NARRATOR: This is my boss,
Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.




♪ Start spreadin' the news ♪

♪ I'm leaving today ♪

♪ I wanna be a part of it ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪

♪ These vagabond shoes ♪

♪ Are longing to stray ♪

♪ And step around
The heart of it ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪

♪ I wanna wake up ♪

♪ In the city That
doesn't sleep ♪

♪ To find I'm King of the hill ♪

♪ Top of the heap ♪

♪ My little town blues ♪

You see? I told you they
served breakfast there.

♪ Are melting away ♪

♪ I'll make A
brand-new start of it ♪

♪ In old New York ♪

♪ If I can ♪

♪ Make it there ♪

♪ I'd make it ♪

♪ Anywhere ♪

♪ It's up to you ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪


you know, these are
really beautiful boxes.

We should come here more often.

Let's give 'em a
chance to restock.


♪ Make it there ♪

♪ I'd make it Anywhere ♪

♪ Come on, come through ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪

Oh, my feet.

Hey, why don't
we just have lunch

and then take a little siesta?

We can call room service,
order some champagne,

have a strolling violinist come
up and play "Fascination."

Wait a minute.

I got it.

Gary Cooper and
Audrey Hepburn in, uh...

BOTH: Love in the Afternoon.

We could do a remake.

I don't mind.






Well, darling, look who's here.

Oh. Oh.

How are you? Hello.

Jonathan. Hello.

Well, what brings
you two to New York?

I had a board meeting.

And I was just bored.

[LAUGHING] Oh, well.

This is incredible.

I move all the way
to the West Coast,

and then I bump into
you back in New York.

Well, now, how can New
York's top fashion model

commute from the Coast?

Ex-top fashion model. I've
become a lady of leisure.

Are you married?


Last week. We're
on our honeymoon.


the lucky fellow?

Adam Fowler, and
he is absolutely divine.

He is nice, and
he is sophisticated.

And he is wonderfully

and he is, uh,
ahem, very well off.

Well, when are we
gonna meet him?

I'm meeting him
for lunch right now.

Why don't you join us?

Uh... Mmm.

Oh, yes. Um... Please?


Terrific! Oh, uh... My taxi.

What happened to "Fascination"?

Look, we can have the champagne.

We just have to take a
rain check on the fiddlers.



Oh, sir, uh,

would you take
these up to room, uh...



Thank you.

Uh-huh. Darling?

And 2205?



♪ In old New York ♪

♪ If I can ♪

♪ Make it there ♪

♪ I'd make it Anywhere ♪

♪ Come on, come through ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪

It was a whirlwind romance.

I swept him off his feet.

Isn't that romantic?


Tell me, Adam, what occupies you

when you're not being
pursued by ravishing models?

Well, I have a
small consulting firm.

Offshore oil leases, mostly.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

We have a rather
extensive buffet.

Or would you care
to select your entrées

directly from the menu?


I'll have the sole du bon fin.

I... I'll have the same.


I think I'd like
to see the buffet.

I think I'll try the
same. Thank you.

Excuse us.

That way, please.


So, Adam, your
business is in California?

Yes, we'll be living at
my penthouse in Malibu.

Oh, lovely.

You're not going
to believe this.


Take a look.

It's him.

Are you sure?

His hair's changed,

and he's grown a
mustache, but it's him.


Uh, pardon, yeah. Uh...

That man at the far table

could that be an old
friend of mine named

Adam Franklin?

MAITRE D': I am afraid not, sir.

That's Mr. Adam Fowler.

As a matter of fact, I
believe he's having lunch

with his new bride.

His new bride.

What do you say we go over

and congratulate
the happy couple?

Patience, Gunther.


Have you known...?

Marcie long?

Well, we used to
be very good friends,

but I haven't
seen her for years.


I'm about to do something
which will seem...

quite strange to you.

How? How strange?

I'm, uh, about to get up

and leave this restaurant.

Well, it couldn't
be anything we ate.

Is it something I said?

Tell Marcie that I love her,

and I will see her at our
apartment on the Coast tomorrow.


I'm leaving now.

Adam... I can't explain.

Take care of Marcie
for me, will you?

MARCIE: Oh, thank you.

Where's Adam?


Oh, Adam...

said he couldn't explain

that he would see you
tomorrow in California.

You mean, he
left? Just like that?

Just like that.

Does this sort of
thing happen often?

Well, if... If Adam
left abruptly, um...


Well, there must
be an explanation.


Well, I'm sure there is.

MARCIE: It's probably
a... It's probably

a big business deal. Heh.

I will just fly out there
early in the morning,

and I'll meet him.


Oh, well, look, we've
got our plane here.

Why don't you fly
out with us tomorrow?

Well, we're not leaving until...


Until about, uh...

Ten o'clock?

About 10:00 tomorrow.

Hee-hee. That would be lovely.




MARCIE: I'm so excited.

I just can't wait to see Adam.

can I. Lunch was $140.


It's not here,
Milo. It can't be.

Keep looking. It's
the logical place.

Well, somebody's home.




Just outta curiosity, Mr. H,

you were going to take
the big guy, weren't you?


You should see the bedroom.

It looks like kindling wood,
and... And they even opened up

the canned goods in the kitchen.

You hear about people like
that, but you never expect 'em

to hit ya in your own home.

You have anything especially
valuable, Mrs. Fowler?

No, nothing special. No jewelry.

For burglars, they passed up

some pretty
worthwhile merchandise.

Oh, the phone still works.

You calling the police?

No, no. I wanna call
Adam at the office.

Yes, this is Mrs. Fowler.

May I speak to my
husband, please?

WOMAN: I'm sorry, Mrs. Fowler,

Mr. Fowler's not
in at the moment.

May I take a message?

Well, do you know
where I can reach him?

This is very important.

I'm sorry, but as soon
as I hear from him,

I'll tell him you called.

Wait... Wait a minute.

E-excuse me, but is...? Is
this an answering service?

Yes, it is.

Let me speak to them.

I don't understand.

Do you have any messages
there for Adam Fowler?

No, as a matter of fact,
this is the first message

I've ever taken for him.

Thanks very much.


Now that we've got your
statement, Mrs. Fowler,

we'll do what we can.

That's it?

That's it.

What about Adam Fowler?

What about him?
Well, lieutenant, uh,

doesn't it seem strange to you

that a man would leave his bride

in New York, in
the middle of lunch,

never to be seen again?

No offense, Mrs. Fowler,

but maybe the marriage
didn't agree with him.

Or maybe the lunch.

Charming, lieutenant.

checked out here as well.

That so-called
consulting firm of his

is nothing more than
an answering service.

He's never even had a
conversation with them.

And you haven't
turned up a trace.

No bank account,

no social security, nothing.

Wait a minute.

Mrs. Fowler,

would you describe your
husband to me again, please?

He's, uh, 6'2", about
175 pounds, uh,

dark brown hair... Does
he have a mustache?



A couple of wire photos came
in from New York City police.

An unidentified
accident victim was found

in Central Park
early this morning.

His neck was broken.

No ID.

But his clothes were
bought in Los Angeles.

They thought we might
be able to get a line on him.


I'm really very sorry, uh...


JENNIFER: Come on, Marcie.

We'll take you down
to Jonathan's office.

There they go.

Think they know?

I bet the brunette in
the tan jacket does.

After all, she was Adam's wife.

JENNIFER: Here we go.

It's better, isn't it?

It will be, yes.

You two have been so wonderful.

I don't know what I would
have done without you.


You know, you're
perfectly welcome

to stay with us if you like.

Oh, thank you,

but I... I need some time
to be alone, you know,

just do some thinking.

So I think I'll just
stay at the Malibu Inn

until I get the apartment
straightened up. You sure?


Well, I'll drop you off, Marcie.

You have a date with
a decorator, remember?

Oh, I completely forgot.

We're redoing
some of the offices,

and I haven't even
looked at the samples.

Do you mind?

Oh, no. I'll call you tonight.

JONATHAN: See you later.

Thank... Thank you.




What are we gonna
do, follow 'em?

We'll leave the Harts alone.

Let's wait for Adam's wife.


Yes, Deanne?

Uh, there's an
Inspector Abernathy

here from the FBI,
uh, here to see you.

Well, we better let him in.

Uh, reluctantly. Heh.

You can go in.

Thank you.

Hello, inspector.

I'm Jennifer Hart.
Can I help you?

Craig Abernathy,
FBI, Los Angeles.

I'm looking for
Mrs. Adam Fowler.

Marcie Fowler?

Oh, what a shame.
You just missed her.

My husband's
taking her to a hotel.

Mrs. Hart,

I'm afraid your friend
is in for a bit of a shock.

Her husband has been killed.

Yes, she knows.

Does she also know that
her husband's real name

was not Adam Fowler?

You're kidding.

His real name was Adam Franklin.

He was on the Most Wanted list

for robbing a federal
bank in Boston.

But there must be some mistake.

There's no mistake, Mrs. Hart.

Do you, uh, recognize
any of these men?

Well, yes.

Yes, that's Adam, and...

those are the two men that
tried to rob his apartment.

The one with the
beard is Gunther Mattox.

The other one is Milo Vitt.

Milo Vitt?

Mm-hm. They were
partners of Franklin's

in the bank robbery.

Five million
dollars in large bills.

Then about six months ago,

Franklin took the money
and skipped out on them.

So they were after the money?


Well, I can assure you

they left that apartment

Well, you've been
very helpful, Mrs. Hart.

Oh, can you tell me exactly

where your husband
was taking Marcie?

Certainly. At the Malibu
Inn. It's at the beach.

Malibu Inn. Well,
you've been very helpful.

Oh, by the way, if you
see either of those two men,

please call me
immediately at the bureau.

Thank you. I will.

Oh, and, Mrs. Hart,
don't take any chances.

They're killers.


I'll remember that.


Deanne? Yes, Mrs. Hart?

Try to get through to
Mr. Hart on the mobile phone

and ask him to meet me at
Adam Fowler's apartment.

I have an idea.

What if Adam didn't
tell her where it is?

There's only one
way to find out.





I can't tell you how much
I hope that's really you.


Okay, lady. Where is it?


Oh, it.


Have you tried the cookie jar?








I don't wanna have
to kill you, lady.

I don't know where it is.

He must have told
you. You're his wife.

I'm not his wife.

I'm Jennifer Hart.

Hey... [LAUGHS]

I can put whatever you
want on the tombstone, okay?

'Cause if you don't
tell me where it is,

you're gonna be dead.

Listen, I... Ah!







Well, did you see
anybody else in the garage?

Of course I didn't.

If I had, I would
have called for help.

Nobody else in garage.

"Nobody else in garage,"
you're gonna write that down?

The police write
down everything.


Now, there were no
fingerprints on the knife,

but I am putting out an
APB for his buddy, Milo Vitt.

Milo Vitt?

I swear.

Perhaps you should
contact Inspector Abernathy.

He's with the FBI.

Don't worry, I'll get in
touch with the bureau.

They're handling
the bank robbery end.

But this is a local
homicide case,

and I am taking
charge personally.

Well, then you're just
the man I wanna talk to

because these guys seem to think

that Jennifer is
Adam Fowler's widow.

And I don't want
this fellow Milo Vitt

trying to slit her throat.

You say the nicest things.

Thank you.


Look, I am telling you

what I've already
told Lieutenant Gifford.

And how many times
do I have to say this?

I don't know where
Adam hid the money!

But he must have
told you something,

given you some clue, some hint.


Who is it?

Jennifer and Jonathan.

Hi. Come in.


Oh, inspector.

This is my husband, Jonathan.

How do you do, inspector?

Glad to know you, Mr. Hart.

I take it that you've heard
about Gunther Mattox.

No, what about Gunther Mattox?

He's dead. Stabbed in the back.

Stabbed. I see.

Well, a knife is
Milo Vitt's M.O.

I think I better get down
and see Lieutenant Gifford.

He's probably
trying to locate me.

Oh, and, Mrs. Franklin,
I want to see you again.

Mrs. Hart. Mr. Hart,
glad to meet you.

Thank you, inspector.


Did he give you a bad time?

Oh, I can't really blame him.

He thinks I know where
the money is hidden.


I mean, doesn't he realize

I didn't even know Adam
when the bank was robbed?

Marcie, uh, didn't you
know anything at all

about Adam's past
before you married him?

Not really. I was this
storybook romance.

The kind of thing that never
really happens to anybody.

I meet the perfect
man, fall in love,

and on an impulse,
I married him.

I mean, I know that that
sounds really crazy, but...

JENNIFER: No, it doesn't.

Doesn't sound crazy at all.

JENNIFER: I think you'll
love the print samples,

but the material
is so expensive.

It can either be like this,

or in that color.

Which do you like?

Which one do you like?

Well, I think that...

Yes, Deanne?

DEANNE: Uh, Mr. Hart,

you have a phone call.

Uh, the man won't give his name,

but he says it's about
someone named Milo Vitt.

Milo Vitt?

Did I get that right?

Yeah, you got it right.
Put him on, please.



MAN: Mr. Hart?

I know where you
can find, uh, Milo Vitt.

Yeah, well, if you're
interested, Mr. Hart, um,

meet me in a half
hour? Is that all right?

In the lobby of
the Century Plaza?

And, um, Mr. Hart,
uh, come alone, will ya?

Because, uh, if I even
smell a cop, I won't show.

How will I know you?

You won't know me.

But I'll know you.


Deanne, will you get
me Security please?

Uh, can I help you, sir?

Yeah, I'm counting on it.


Yes, Deanne?

Mr. Hart,

there is no answer
at the Security office.

I can't understand it.

Will you go down there
personally and tell him

I want a man up here
right away. Thank you.

Well, don't you think I
ought to go with you?

Darling, he said alone.
You better stay, okay?

DEANNE: Mr. Hart! Mr. Hart!

Deanne, get some
help and untie him.

Oh, Deanne, would
you call Peter Shore

and tell him I need 500
yards of 68-61-91 in platinum?

No noise.

Not a sound.

Oh, please, you've got me
mixed up with somebody else.

Where did Adam hide the money?

I'm not his wife! I don't know.

Listen, lady...

You got the wrong lady, Milo.

That's my wife.



Stay here and lock the door.


Oh! Watch it.

Oh, my God.






We thought you
ought to know, Marcie.

Milo Vitt's been killed.

We know it's been a
terrible experience for you.

Oh, eh, well, it's...
It's just that it's, um,

it's been one shock
after another. It's...

First, Adam,

and then that awful man Gunther

being stabbed.

And now, this third man being
run down and... And killed.

Well, if there's anything
we can do for you.

Oh, oh, Jonathan, I thank you.

I've been taking care
of myself a long time.

Don't you worry.
I am a survivor.

JONATHAN: Darling?


Wake up.


You're sweet,
darling, but it's late.

This is important.

Oh, you're so romantic.

I've been thinking about Marcie.

We didn't tell her
about Milo Vitt.

Him again.

We didn't tell
her that Milo Vitt

was in an automobile accident.

We didn't? No, we didn't.


Well, maybe she heard
about it from Abernathy.

You know, you haven't
seen her for a long time.

Just, uh, well, just how
good of friends were you?


we weren't close friends,
but we were friends.


Well, knowing
some of your friends,

they're really off the wall.

Like who, for instance?

"Like who, for instance?" Yes.


Harriet. Harriet?

Yeah, Harriet. Wha...?

Harriet is a very
respectable, efficient woman.

You call wearing old Army
helmets an affectation?


How 'bout George?


Your friend.

Oh, just because he keeps
a live chicken in the shower?

The chicken I understand,
it's the stuttering.

You know, some
people consider stuttering

to be unfortunate, not strange.

You don't think it's strange

that the only time
he ever stutters

is when he talks about women?

And he talks about
women all the time.

I'll give you George.

I don't want him, thank
you. Let's get some sleep.



I have a hunch that that money

is still in the
apartment somewhere.

Well, if you have a hunch,

let's go over there tomorrow
morning and take a look.




I just thought of
something important.

Try to get some sleep.

You know me.

Once I'm awake, I'm awake.

Well, now, that is important.


We've been looking for hours,
there's nothing in this junk.

Maybe there's a secret
panel somewhere.


Sounds pretty solid.

You know,

considering that this is
pretty expensive material,

it's not been put on very well.

Look at this.


Well, how do you like that?


Five million dollars
worth of wallpaper.

Now, that's expensive material.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart.


Inspector Abernathy.

I'm afraid we beat you to it.

I see you did.

I'm sure you do
know what this means.

Uh, no, uh, tell me,
what does it mean?

Well, it means that
Marcie could be a murderer.

I mean, we did find the
money in Adam's apartment,

and we are running
out of suspects.

Well, it's a very nice
supposition, Mr. Hart,

but, uh, I'm afraid it might
be a trifle difficult to prove.

Well, you are the FBI man,

and I don't want to tell
you how to do your job,

but, uh, I'm sure that, uh,

one phone call
will take care of it.



JONATHAN: Oh, hello, Marcie.

This is Jonathan.

Yeah, I've got some
great news for you.

We, uh, found the money.

In Adam's apartment. Oh,
can you hear me all right?

This phone seems to
be cutting in and out.

Uh... Yes, I'm... I'm here.


That's wonderful.

Um, did you...? Did
you call the police?

Well, uh, no, we haven't

because, uh, the
phone's out of order a bit.

Can you hear it?

Yeah. Could you...?

Why don't you call
Lieutenant Gifford

for us, would you, please?

Sure. I'll call him, yes.

Oh, thanks very much.

Okay, Marcie. I'll...
Right. Goodbye.

If I'm wrong, she'll
call Lieutenant Gifford.

And if I'm right, she oughta
show up here any minute.

In which case, we'll have
an extra pair of hands

to help us count the
money, won't we?



Now, this is what I
call a "green room."

Can you imagine what
this place would rent for?


MARCIE: Beautiful, isn't it?

Thank you.

Adam told me that
he made a big score,

but he wouldn't tell
me where he'd hidden it.

That's why I married him.

You killed Gunther
and Milo, didn't you?


See what I mean
about your friends?

Oh, Marcie, you can't
get away with this.

There's an FBI man
right behind you.

That's the way we planned it.

Oh, there you are, darling.

No plan's perfect.


I should have known

he was too good-looking
to be an FBI man.

He looks more like a model.

A male model.

Very good, Mrs. Hart. Very good.

Actually, it was Craig's idea
that I should marry Adam.

Well, I'm afraid now it's time
to tidy up some loose ends.

Why do I feel like a loose end?

You mind telling us
where you're taking us?

Oh, not at all.

I have a boat down at the beach,

and the two of you
have a one-way ticket.

All aboard, please.

JENNIFER: There's only
one thing I'd like to know.

Did you kill Adam?

CRAIG: You can thank
Gunther and Milo for that.

No, we wouldn't
have hurt old Adam,

not till after we got the money.


CRAIG: Let's get 'em! Come on!


Hey, get outta here!

There's a guy up
there with a gun.

Go! MAN: Let's get outta here.

[GUNSHOT] MAN: Look out!


thought I'd wind up

being a little
something on the side.

[GUNSHOT] Whoa! Hang on.

What's the alternative?




do you know what the best
thing about finding $5 million is?

What's that?

You find out who
your friends are.



JENNIFER: Oh, what a great idea

to come back to New York.

And we can finish
where we left off.

Where was that?

Oh, yes, I remember.

The remake.

We can start by
having room service

bring up some champagne.

Oh, yes.

Soft strains of:

♪ It was fascination ♪




MAN: Love in the
Afternoon, right?

My favorite movie.

If you people are in a hurry,

I have more horsepower
up here than I'm showing.

Yeah, we'd like that.

♪ New York, New York ♪

♪ If I can make it there ♪

♪ I'd make it anywhere ♪

♪ Come on, come through ♪

♪ New York, New York ♪