Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 1, Episode 21 - Too Many Cooks Are Murder - full transcript

Maurice, a famous French chef and chemist, has created something world-changing and wants to distribute it through Jonathan's company, but before he can tell Jonathan about it, he is killed and his recipes stolen.

This is my boss, Jonathan Hart.
A self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

What a terrific lady!

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of them, which ain't easy...

'cause their hobby is murder.

for many years
I have enjoyed making this dish.

Rice Pilaf.

Coloured with saffron
and flavoured with lemon...

to complement the main course.

flame the brandy and bring it to the table.

Flame brandy.

Reminds me of a stripper I used to date.

It's also very exotic,
and your guests will love it.

That dish looks terrific.

She sure does.

I meant the shish kebab, Max.

That, too.

Don't forget the salad we prepared before.

I'm watching her show
to get in the mood for tonight.

How did we ever get invited
to that thing, anyway?

I'm not exactly sure. The invitation came
through Jonathan's office.

You know, she gets $100 a person
for those demonstrations.

So I've heard.

Half of L.A. is fighting to plunk down
the cash, and we get a freebie.

-Not bad.
-I don't know.

I figure one way or another
we're all gonna have to pay for it.


Look at those fritters.


Until tomorrow...

this is Pauline Simone saying au revoir...

and bon appétit!

-That's a wrap!
-Thank you.

Magnifique. Your brother is very proud.

Thank you, Maurice.

Can you stay?
I have to rehearse tomorrow's show.

I wish I could, but there are so many things
to do before tonight.

-Of course yes.
-I'll see you later.

Next time, a little less sugar.

You'll have flies all over you, my sweet.

You're so funny, Maurice.

Bonjour, Maurice.

What do you want?

-Why did you turn down their offer?
-I have other plans.

-You want more money?
-I don't care about that.

If you work for him,
I know the kind of man he must be...

and you can't make a soufflé
with a rotten egg.

I warn you, he's not going to like this.

I don't care what he likes.

All that matters is that
my discovery help the world.

The world helps those who help themselves.

Help yourself, Maurice.

Before it's too late.

-It was an excellent year.


I believe this is the appropriate moment...

to thank our guest chef for a superb dinner.



And now, Maurice will instruct us...

in one of his masterful desserts.

And once again,
we will have the great pleasure...

of consuming this magnificent creation.

So, everyone, to the kitchen.

-I don't know if I can.
-Me, neither.

What a pleasant surprise to see you here.

The fabled Mrs. Hart.

-You're even lovelier than I'd heard.
-Well, thank you.

It's apparent that luck in business
is not your only forte.

Thanks, Frank.

We mustn't keep our host waiting.

If he ever grows tiresome,
you'll find me very stimulating.

-Who is that really?
-Frank March.

-March Financial.

Even after dinner he's still hungry.
He almost gobbled your hand up.

Easy there, big fella.

From what I understand,
he only gobbles up his competitors.

And now, mes amis...

le coup de maître.

A divine pastry...

that I call "palmier à la Rockefeller."

Pay very close attention.

I call it that because it is very rich.

Now watch me closely.
Here you see I tuck it in very delicately.

Très bien. And now....

You see?

So easy that a child could do it.

That's what they all say.

Very nice. I think a little more flour.

Gently. Très, très bien. Très bien.

Very good. Just sprinkle gently.

How easy did he say this was?

He said it was so easy a child could do it.

Maybe we should send out for a child.

Happens every time.

Max, more flour on the rolling pin.

I get it.

Thanks, Pauline.

Pardon, mademoiselle, like this.
Vous permettez?

Maurice, your fingers are so agile.

I'm happy to say that my dexterity
is not limited to pastry.

Maurice, you are drinking a bit much,
aren't you?

Mais non. I'm merely awakening my palate
for the finale.

Be careful.

I think my real talent is for eating.

Excuse me, but I gotta ask Pauline
a question about preheating.

I think somebody should turn
Max's oven down.

There goes my waistline.

We could jog home.

Or we could drive home, and figure out
another way to burn up the calories.

-I hope that you have had a delightful--

-Won't you join us?

Thank you very much for including us.

I must confess that I had ulterior motives.

I wanted to meet you, Mr. Hart.


I've heard a great deal about you.

-I hope it was all good.
-Oh, yes, of course.

You and your company
are known for your integrity.

Thank you very much.

We try to keep up our reputation.
How can I help you, Maurice?

Perhaps it is I who could help you.

I have made a most serious discovery.

There are those who might
even kill to obtain it.

That does sound serious.

What is this discovery?

This is not the place to explain,
but let me just tell you...

that it is so enormous,
it could change the whole world.

Could we discuss it in your office?



-10:00. Fine.
-Très bien. Magnifique.

Madame, thank you so much for joining us.

-Oh, no, no, the pleasure was all mine.

Thank you again.

Don't you think that was a little dramatic?

I mean, what could a master chef create
that would change the world?

Maybe he's discovered a 6,000-calorie feast
for only 100 calories.

I wish.

Maurice, what can I do
to change your mind?

There's nothing more to say.
I'm dealing with someone else.

It wouldn't be Jonathan Hart, would it?

I'll be happy to raise my offer.

You simply do not understand!

Relax, Maurice, you'll stir the gastric juices.

Bad for digestion.

Maurice, have you reconsidered?

No, I have not reconsidered,
and I have no intention of reconsidering!

But, Maurice, it would be so wonderful.

Please take no for an answer.

-Dinner was delicious, wasn't it?
-It was just wonderful.

-Thank you, Pauline.
-Good night, Eve.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Did you enjoy the class?
-I sure did.

-And I watch your show all the time.

-Did you ever try some of my recipes?
-Are you kidding?

Your fricassee is dynamite.

Not to mention your apple dumplings.

-My new book makes it simpler.
-I'll buy it. What's it called?

fun With a french Cook.

Sounds just like what I'm looking for.

In that case, let me give you
an autographed copy of it.

I'd like that very much.

Okay. Come on upstairs in my office.
That's where they are.

Thank you.

Thank you, darling.

Just a second.

I'll meet you outside in the car, okay?

Sure, Max.

I think they've got something cooking.

-What happened?
-I consumed far too many calories.

Maurice has added
an annoying new ingredient.

-What is it?
-Jonathan Hart.

What shall we do?

They'll all be leaving in a few minutes.

We'll go see Maurice. Convince him
that he has to change his mind.

And if he can't be convinced?

Maurice isn't important.
But his discovery is.

-Wanna neck?

I told you to go easy on those oysters.

You get the feeling
we're in a drive-in movie?

Good action, no plot?

Speaking of action,
wonder how Max is doing?

I think he's up there
making patty cakes with Pauline.

Let's find out.

Do you suppose we looked like that once?

We still do.


-What's that?
-Smells like gas.

Let's get him out of here.

What happened? Maurice!

I'm afraid he gone.

You're not carrying anything. Where is it?

The Harts came in before I could search.

I sincerely hope
Maurice doesn't deal with Hart.

He won't be dealing with anyone.

I see.

We must take care that our good friend
Jonathan doesn't find it before we do.

I took care of Maurice.
I can take care of Hart, too.

Yes, that's right.

Too many cooks are murder.

I don't know what it was.

But Maurice was not only a chef.

He also had a degree in chemistry.

I don't get the connection
between chemistry and cooking.

After the war
there was no job for a! chemist.

So Maurice had to take a position
as a saucier in a café.

And that was it for chemistry?

His culinary talent was so remarkable, yes.

He became famous.

We must find his discovery.
We just can't let him down.

-We'll do the best we can.
-Where do we start?

Like every good cook: in the kitchen.

-What a mess.
-I'll say.

Whoever did this didn't come
to borrow a cup of sugar.

They got what they wanted.

Maurice's recipes are gone.

What did they look like?
Were they in a book?

Non. They were in a black portfolio...

with loose pages handwritten.

Who knew Maurice was in town?

He just arrived.

Only the people here last night. No one else.

-Do you have their names and addresses?
-Yes, of course. I'll get them.

Thank you.

-Maybe we could divide them up.
-That's a good idea.

You could take the entrées,
and I'll get the desserts.

Why not?

I'm not going to cook
Scallops Provencal again!

You buy too many scallops
and you don't use them.

You'll fix scallops or you'll sleep with them!


Good morning, Mrs. Hart.
How nice to see you again.

Come join us.

-Thank you. It's nice to see you both.
-How are you?

How nice.

But we're not open for lunch, I'm sorry.

Please, after last night, believe me,
I could skip lunches for a week.


What a shame.

And to think that we were present
at his last supper.

-Won't you sit down?
-Thank you.

-Your taste is really all in your mouth.
-What did I say?

I'm sure it was a shock to all of us.

I was so surprised when I read that
in the paper this morning.

Did you know
that his recipe portfolio is missing?

Oh, no.

-Now, who would do a thing like that?
-I don't know.

You wouldn't have any idea
who might want it, do you?

Well, anyone. Everyone!

-Those recipes were pure gold.
-Imagine having them.

Maurice was so incredible. He owned
a three-star restaurant, you know.


What is the matter with you?
Don't you know your own business?

Don't talk to me
about knowing my business.

Before I married you,
you were cooking in bus depots.

Patty melts and chili dogs.

It was a two-star restaurant.
Maurice lost a star.

Wait a minute. Pierre! That was it!

-Pierre? Pierre who?
-Pierre Duvall.

Last night when we were leaving...

a man passed by me. It was Pierre.

The one who cost Maurice his star.

-But it couldn't have been.
-Why not?

They hated each other.
Ever since Maurice fired him.

You see, Pierre ran
Maurice's restaurant in Paris.

He tinkered with the wine
and charged for the best.

Shortly after that, Maurice sold out.

He couldn't face the humiliation.

That's why we were
at the demonstration last night.

-We wanted to hire him as our chef.
-God knows we need one.

But he turned us down flat.

You wouldn't have any idea where
I might be able to find Pierre Duvall?

Probably watering the wine somewhere.

Don't mind him.

Why don't you and Mr. Hart
come here for dinner tonight?

We're fixing Scallops Provencal.

Not tonight, I'm afraid.
We're staying home with a plate of Rolaids.

-But thank you very much, anyway.
-Good to see you again.

-Nice to see you both. Thank you.

Do come back and visit soon.

I don't know
who could have taken his recipes.

Personally, I wasn't interested.

I thought his cuisine was uninspired.

-That is a terrific-looking cake.
-Thank you.

It's my specialty.
I call it "Gâteau Hemstead."

Everyone's so impressed when things
are in French. I don't know why.

I think French food is very overrated.

-Have a taste.

That is delicious.

French chefs, they're overrated?

-You mean Maurice?

Definitely. Here, come lick this spoon.

No thanks.

If he was so overrated,
then why were you at his class?

-I wanted to confirm my opinion.
-No other reason?

Once in a while I meet
an available man at these events.

You see, I find sensual people
are attracted to exotic food.

-Are you into food, Mr. Hart?
-Oh, yeah, I am.

-But mostly a family menu.
-Too bad.

I thought maybe I could introduce you...

to some interesting variations
on haute cuisine.

Listen, thanks for the thought.
But honestly, I couldn't touch a bite.

-Thank you. Bye-bye.

Maurice's death was a tragic accident.

It just proves we have to live
to the fullest while we're here.

We're not sure that it was an accident.

-But the police report....
-The police have been wrong before.

You see, the cooking school
was broken into...

and turned upside down,
and Maurice's recipes were stolen.


Well, I don't have them.
I like to eat, not to cook.

Is that why you were at Maurice's class?

Gourmet food is, shall we say,
a consuming interest of mine.

Then you must know Pierre Duvall.

No, I don't think so. Who is he?

He used to run Maurice's restaurant in Paris.
He was the manager.

He was seen outside the cooking school...

on the night of the so-called accident.

We're trying to find him now.

-I don't get the connection.
-We don't, either.

We're just trying to find out if there is one.

-There you go, darling.
-Thank you.

How's the menu coming?


we start with one very rare Pierre.

Add a dash of March bitters...

followed by a generous helping
of Cynthia and Jimmy...

and an Eve Hemstead dessert.

-What does that get us?

The Harts are such a lovely couple.

It's too bad they seem to know about you.

But how could they?

That doesn't matter.
But we can't let them go snooping around.

But if we don't have the recipes,
and they don't have the recipes...

who has them?

Someone with similar interests.

We'll find out who in due time.

First, we better eliminate our competition.

What do you suggest?

Don't trouble me with details.

For all I care you can stuff them
and serve Hart under glass.

I'm sure you'll come up
with something appetizing.

Yes, sir, I have what you wanted.
Here're all the Paris telephone directories.

Thanks very much.

-There is one complication, however.
-What's that?

You see, Pierre Duvall
is the French equivalent of John Smith.

There are hundreds of Pierre Duvalls.

But I'd be more than glad
to call each and every one of them, sir.

-That's all right, Stanley.
-No, it would be a pleasure.

-No, it's okay. Thanks very much.
-Well, then....

-You don't want me to call, huh?
-No. Fine, thank you.

Enjoy your lunch.

Yes, Deanne?


Yeah. Put him on.

Darling, it's him.

-Pierre Duvall.

Hello? Yes, that's right.

Information, yes.
That's exactly what we want.

Of course we're willing to pay for it.


1504 Lattimer Street.

We'll see you there.

Now how do you suppose Pierre Duvall
knew we were looking for him?

That's a good question. We'll have to ask
Monsieur Duvall that when we see him.

1504. This is the place.

Farthington Fast Foods.

-Jonathan, I don't like the smell of this.
-A change of diet can't hurt.

Anybody home?

Maybe we've been stood up.

Maybe we've been set up.

Jonathan, I really don't like this at all.


It's only a flesh wound.

Stay here and play dead.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

I guess he couldn't cut the mustard.

No, Lieutenant.
No, I'm trying to find out why.


Thanks very much for your help, Lieutenant.
Thank you.

The police aren't very much help.

Yes, Deanne? Thanks.

It's Stanley, darling.

Good evening.

Good evening, Stanley.
Would you like a drink?

No, I don't think so tonight.
I think I'd better stay sober.

I think I've got this all sorted out,
and it is fascinating.

-Absolutely fascinating!

Thanks very much, Stanley.
For staying late, too. I appreciate it.

It's my pleasure. That's what I'm here for.

-You know, I mean....
-Thanks very much, Stanley.

-What did you find out?

Now, Grover Farthington
founded the company...

in the early '40s.

Farthington Fast Foods.
We had a little run-in with that organization.


During the war he supplied food to the navy.

Today, Farthington Fast Foods...

is a supplier to several major
fast food chains around the state.

Is Grover Farthington the sole owner?

Now, this is the record
of the stock transactions.

Now, you'll see in 1968,
the company went public...

with Farthington holding
the majority of the stock.

Where do we find Grover Farthington?

Forest Lawn. He died five years ago.

-Who acquired most of the stock?
-His daughter Gretchen.

-Then all we have to do is find Gretchen.
-That's much easier.

She's alive and well and living in Bel Air.
But she sold her stock.

-She did?
-She did.

-To who?
-To who?

To a Brazilian coffee conglomerate...

who went bankrupt and were forced
to dump their holdings at auction.

-And it was picked up by March Financial.

March Financial.

-Are you surprised?

Neither am I.

Deanne, before you leave, can you get me
Frank March at March Financial, please?

Thank you.

Mr. Hart, if you don't mind me butting in...

if you're thinking of investing
in March Financial or Farthington...

I'd think again.
If you don't mind my saying so, of course.

No, I don't mind at all, Stanley. Why?

Their stock has been going
down, down, down.

Really, really, really?

Yes, yes, yes. I mean, it would take a miracle
to save that company.

Maybe that's what they're all looking for,
is a miracle.

Yes, Deanne?

Thanks. Okay. I'll try him tomorrow.

Gone for the day.

Stanley, this has proved again
your great sense of organization.

You are a master of organization.
I thank you.

That's me, Mr. Hart. Mr. Organization.

Good night. Good night, Mrs. Hart.

Good night, Stanley.

You disappoint me.

Attempting a murder
in one of my warehouses.

Very stupid.

-They weren't supposed to walk away.
-But you failed.

And in so doing, forged a tangible link
between Maurice and us.

You'll have to do better to redeem yourself.

I'm sorry, Mr. March.

I have something
crucially important for you.

I know who has the recipes...

-and you will acquire them.
-Yes, sir.

And you better pull this one off,
or you'll find yourself...

managing a taco stand in Guatemala.

That smells so good.

It sure does. What's for dinner, Max?

Boeuf haché Abilene au fromage
avec oignons.

You don't say.

Otherwise known in Texas
as Abilene chili with...

chopped onions and cheese on the side.

I thought Pauline would like
a real American meal for a change.

Don't tell me you're cooking
apple pie for dessert.

No. Pauline is bringing the dessert.
She insisted.

-Right on time.
-It's all right, Max. I'll get it.

-You keep stirring your boeuf haché.
-Thank you.

I hope Pauline will like this.

-I'm sure she will.
-Want a taste?

You think it's a little too hot?

What about you, Freeway?

Hey, he likes it! It's a winner!

-I'll do it, Max.
-Thank you.

Max, this was a superb dinner.

You really have a feel for hot spices.

Thanks. I was hoping you'd notice.

I'm sorry. I'm not such good company.

No, don't be silly. We understand.

But you know, it is good for you to get out.

Well, to thank you
for your help and your kindness...

I wanted to make something very special.

So my contribution to this evening...

is something that Maurice called
"Gâteau Impérial"...

because it's fit for a king.

It's beautiful.


It's the only recipe that Maurice let me copy.

It's really wonderful and unique.

C'est magnifique!

Something wrong, darling?

There certainly is. Excuse us, please?

Excuse us?

-What's wrong?
-I don't know.

If you refuse to tell me
where Maurice's recipes are...

perhaps I'll have to whip up one of my own.

Perhaps a little fillet of Eve.

I don't know where they are.

First, you slice the meat very thin...

-and very slowly.
-All right.

They're in the waste basket under the sink.

You've got what you want.
Now please untie me.

Let see, where was I?

No, please!

You all right?

-Where's Eve?
-Kind of tied up right now.

-Eve, are you all right?
-I think so.

-I've got a knife.

Why did you steal Maurice's recipes?

Why not? He didn't need them anymore.

You can't imagine what it's like
to spend a whole career...

sculpting giant swans out of chicken livers.

I mean, I don't have a reputation,
no specialities.

Everybody wants French.
People think I'm second-rate.

I guess I just wanted to prove them wrong.

-By taking credit for Maurice's recipes?
-They were unique.

I might have made it into the first rank.
Might even have gotten a star.

Lieutenant, why don't you put out
an all points bulletin?

He's only tried to kill us twice.

When I find out, I'll tell you.
Thanks, Lieutenant.

So far, the only thing in these recipes
are recipes.

If there's something in here
worth killing for...

I'll be darned if I can find it.

Maybe it's the preparation,
of one of the ingredients.

There's only one way to find that out.

Are you suggesting
that we make all those recipes?


right now...

the only thing...

that I'm suggesting...

is very suggestive.

Mr. March...

I can't get into the Hart estate.
That place is like a fortress.

They'll have to come out of there sometime.

And when they do, I'll get the recipes,
and them.

I certainly hope so.

For your sake.

Oh, no!

Don't worry, this is the last of it.

-Let me help you.
-Thank you.

-Where should I put the meat?
-In the walk-in freezer.

-All right, who has the recipes?
-I have them. Right here.

-All right, darling. Some for you.
-Thank you.

-It's colder than a witch's sabbath in there.

-Max, some for you.

All right. Max, and ladies:

To your stoves.

Here's one more chocolate soufflé.

Anybody notice anything
out of the ordinary?

It's all delicious.

Maybe there's nothing
in these recipes at all.

Maurice wouldn't lie.

Somewhere in those recipes
there's something fantastic.

Something worth all this work.


-How many do we have left?
-I have five.

I have four,
but I don't have time to continue.

We're doing the show live today
at the Restaurant La Maison.

And the crew is waiting for me.
I've got to go.

-Max, will you take her down there, please?
-I'll be delighted to drive her.

You'll find my recipe over there,
but I didn't finish it.


-Shall we continue?
-Why not?

I may not eat dessert for the rest of my life.

Did you burn yourself?
Wait a minute. Butter.

-Here. Better?


-Do you smell something burning?

My sauce!

Is it ruined?

I don't know. It's sort of strange.

It wasn't this colour
when I started cooking it.

Did you put everything in it?
I mean, did you follow the recipe?

Yes, of course. I put everything it said,
put it in the blender....


Corn oil, cream of tartar, egg whites.

I'd have to be vaccinated
before I tasted that.

It's so springy.

Like plastic.

-It couldn't be.

-Or could it?
-Could it what?

-Or is it?
-Is it what?


That could be a form of plastic.

-I thought plastic came from oil.
-It does.

But everybody knows how scarce oil is
and how expensive it is.

If Maurice could come up with a recipe...

that could make plastic
out of vegetable products...

he really could change the world.

Correct, Mr. Hart.

I would have stopped you earlier, but
you seemed to be having such a good time.

Thank you for the recipe,
and for testing it for me.

You saved me a lot of trouble.

The formula for vegetable plastic
will be worth millions.

I suppose it's safe to assume
that you won't be staying for dessert?

I'm sorry to give you the cold shoulder,
my dear, but in there, both of you.

Come on, quickly.

By the time Pauline gets back here,
you'll be ready for the frozen food section.

Maybe you'd let me get my sweater.

Jonathan, he's got a gun!

I know what the worst thing
about cooking is.

-Cleaning up.

Here it is, Mr. Hart, one of the
great inventions of the century.

I think you're gonna be very pleased.
I'm very pleased myself.

Right here, gentlemen.
That's very good. Thank you.

Yes, sir, Mr. Hart. This is it.

The first table made of vegetable plastic.

It's gorgeous.
Too bad Pauline had to be at the TV studio.

It certainly is attractive.

And economical.
Of course, there are a few...

small problems.

What's that, Stanley?

We haven't found a way
to make the plastic quite stable.

Just how unstable is it?

I'm afraid it is unstable.

One of the most unstable tables
I've ever seen.

I think it might take us years to make this
into a marketable product.

How am I gonna tell Pauline?

You can tell her in French.

You know, that's too bad.
It could have been a great discovery.

Oh, it will be, it will be.
It's just a question of time, that's all.

However, there's one thing about it
that is redeemable.

What's that?

It's delicious.

Try it. You'll like it.

Not bad.