Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 22 - Doc Judge - full transcript


Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Got your horse
ready, Mr. Dillon.

Okay. Thanks, Chester.

That's all right.

Them the papers
there for Jake Worth?


I still don't see why you
got to ride clear out there

to have him sign 'em.

Looks like he could do it the
next time he comes to Dodge.

Well, this is government stuff,
Chester, from the Land Office.

I have to get it
to him right away.

Yeah. Well, when
can I expect you back?

Tomorrow night, probably.

And you might do me
a favor while I'm gone.

Oh, yes, sir. What is it?

Well, you know
that door out back?

It's been off the hinges
for two winters now.

You know, it might be
kind of nice to have it fixed.

Well, seems like it's awful hot
to be doing that kind of work.

Well, it's either too hot
or too cold, you know.

Well, I'll do it.

Good. While you're at it,

you also might sweep
out those cells out back.

Sorry I asked.

Can I, uh, stable a horse here?

Yes, sir! That's what
I'm in business for.

He needs grain. Got
a long ride ahead.

Mm-hmm. I'll take him.

Where you heading
for... California?

No, Wyoming. Be
leaving at daybreak.

Well, that's long enough for
anybody to stay in this town.

Yeah. I got no business here.

But you have in Wyoming, huh?

That's right, Mister.
That sure is right.

Carry him down, will ya?

Yeah. Oh, yes. I'll
take good care of him.

Where's a good place
to eat around here?

Well, there's a lot of 'em
eat over at Delmonico's

across the street.


Hmm. What is it, Mister?

I'm Bryce Harp.

Well, how do you do, sir?

I said I'm Bryce Harp.
You remember me.

Oh, no. I can't say as I do.

You got a convenient
memory, Judge.

Judge?! Well, you've
made a little mistake.

Heh. He ain't no judge, Mister.

More than likely, he'd be
on the other side the bench.

Pure luck I run into you.

Well, I'm not a
judge. I'm a doctor.


I said I was a doctor.

He's a doctor, all right.
I can vouch for that.

Something the matter
with your horse...

Oh, shut up!

Hiding out, huh?

Judge Canibrew, big man
in the Wyoming territory,

horse doctor in Kansas.

What happened, Judge...
They tell you I got out?

You know, I haven't
the faintest idea

what you're talking
about, my friend.

I'm talking about those
7 years in state prison

you sentenced me
to, Judge Canibrew.

7 long years, sitting there

thinking what I'd
do when I got out.

Well now, let me
tell you something.

I'm no judge. I'm a doctor.
My name is Dr. Adams.

And you can go out here on
the street and just ask anybody.

They'll tell you.

I don't care what
you call yourself.

I waited a long
time to get at you.

Ain't likely now that
you nor nobody else

can talk me out of killing you.

Now, looky here, Mister.

You can't just go around
threatening people like that.

Don't tell me what I can do.

I'll see you later, Judge.


He's either drunk or crazy.

I've been called a lot of
things but never a judge.

Well, he said he was
going to kill you, Doc.

Oh now, Chester, he was
just mistaken. That's all.

You know how it is, he
can go out on the street,

he'll find out.
Anybody can tell him.

Well, I don't know, Doc. I
mean, you told him who you was

and he sure didn't believe you.

What makes you think he's
going to believe anybody else?!

Hmm. Well, I know a thing
or two about fellas like that.

He's been in prison, just
unbalanced. That's all.

He won't even remember
this happened by nightfall.

Well, I don't know, Doc.
He sure had a look in his eye.

You see any gun?


Of course not.

Don't you think if he was
coming into town to kill somebody,

he'd have come prepared?

Well, yeah, I guess...

Never did see a gunman
didn't at least have a gun.

Why don't you eat
that? It's getting cold

and I'm paying for it.

Now, this here is a fine gun.
It's a clean barrel, no rust.

Trigger's filed to a hair.

I took this gun on trade
from Dallas Studemeyer.

Maybe you've heard of him.

He's pretty well
known down in Texas.

Well, I ain't from Texas.

And I ain't interested
in Dallas Studemeyer.

Just let me see the gun.


I didn't realize when you'd
come in you was kind of an expert.

I'll take it and a
box of ammunition.

Sure, Mister.

I can't help wondering why...

Wondering what?

Well, a man handles
a gun the way you do

and yet you ain't
even wearing one.

I'll be wearing one from
now on. That satisfy you?

Sure. Ain't none of
my business anyhow.

I'll fetch the
ammunition. It's out front.

Well, good evening, Miss Kitty.

Well, howdy-do, Chester.
How are you tonight?

Oh, just fine, fine.

My golly business
looks good, don't it?

Yeah. Yeah,
we're doing all right.

Come and have a drink.

Well, guess I might as well.
Don't have nothing else to do.

Clem, would you bring me a beer?


I hear Matt rode out
to Jake Worth's place.

Doc must have been in here.

Yeah, he stopped
in on his way home.

Thanks a lot, Clem.

Yeah, he rode out
there this morning.

By the way, did Doc tell you
about being mistook for a judge?

Yeah, he said some
fella threatened his life.

Well, I... I don't think
that he's too dangerous.

He wasn't even wearing a gun.


Heh. Imagine Doc a judge.

I sure wouldn't want
to come up before him.

I tell you, time he got
through chewing on you,

there wouldn't be
nothing left to send to jail.

Oh, now he's not that bad!

Well, you just don't know
him like I do. Looky there.

- What?
- Well, that's him.

That's that Bryce
Harp. That's...

That's that fella I
was telling you about.

Give me a beer, barkeep.

Well, he don't look
like any tiger to me.

Well, that's what I said.

Shove down, Mister.

You need the whole bar to
drink that miserable glass of beer?

You need a whole
saloon to show off in?

- What's that?
- You hear me, Mister.

I don't believe it!

You don't look like you've
got enough blood in you

to stand there
and talk that way.

You're wearing a gun, Mister.

Sure, I am.

And I'm going to use it to
split your head wide open.

Hold it right there!

Take it easy, Mister.

Get out of here, Mister. Fast!

Sure... sure, I'm going.

Wow. What do you think now?

Maybe he ain't as
harmless as I thought.

I wonder where he got the gun.

When's Matt getting back?

Well, he said he'd be
back tomorrow night.

Where'd you say Doc was?

Well, he said he was
going to his office.

Yeah. Well, maybe
I better go tell him.

Well, is there
anything I can do?

You might try to keep him
here as long as you can.

All right.

Um, Clem, can I
see you a minute?


Hello, Chester. Say, I'm
awful glad you came in.

You know, I'm going over my
books here. And your name...

Look... never mind that, Doc.

Never mind it? Let me
show you something.

You know way
back when you first...

Doc, you're not going to
live long enough to collect it

if you don't listen to me.


Well, it's Bryce Harp, Doc.

Oh, for heaven sake!

Well now, just a minute! I
seen the man in action, Doc,

over at the Long Branch.

- In action?
- Yeah, he's got hisself a gun.

- He shoot somebody?
- Well, no.

No, he didn't shoot
nobody. But I seen him draw.

And he's fast. He's a
real professional, Doc.

I'm telling you I think
the man aims to kill you.

Oh, for heaven sake, Chester.

I told you he... he slipped
his moorings. He's off balance.

Well now, that could be, Doc.

But... but that's
the whole trouble.

If he was just an
ordinary common gunman,

he wouldn't be so
bad. But he ain't.

I'm telling you, the man
has got a grudge against you.

Right or wrong, he's got
a grudge against you, Doc.

And I... I just...

Well, I just can't sit by
and let the man shoot you.

Well, what do you want me to do?

Well, I...

Maybe... Uh, Doc,
would you do something?

Would you stay here
in your office for tonight?

I'm not going to stay
cooped up here in my office!

Well, just... just do me
a favor, would you, Doc?

Just for once, would you
just stay here long enough

'til I get back then?

And lock your door
for me, will you?

And don't let nobody in.

And I'll be back
in just a little while.

Please, Doc. Please.

I didn't order that.

It's on the house.

Clem, give me a beer.

Sure, Chester.

There you are.

What are you doing
wandering around alone tonight?

Mr. Dillon's out of town.

That's what I heard.

Gives you that much
more chance to loaf, huh?

Well, for your
information, Clem,

I put in a hard
day's work today.

- Oh, sure.
- Well, no, I did.

You just ask Doc. He seen me.

I will the next time I see him.

Well, he ain't going
to be in tonight.

He's, uh, he's packing.


Mm-hmm. Yep.

He's going to St. Louis,
taking the early morning stage.

I was just up at his
office just a minute ago.

And he's up there getting ready.

I don't think he's going to
go out tonight at all again.

Hey, Barkeep.

I'll be right there.



Hold on there! What's
going out here?!

Shh! Doc, it's me Chester.


Shh! Just throw
down your fire rope.

I'll tell when I get up there.

Now, what... What's
the matter with you?!

It's Bryce Harp, Doc.
I was on my way back,

and I seen him across the street
right over there by your office.

Come here, I'll show you.

You see, there he is, Doc.

Yeah, I can see
him. I can see him.

Let him stand down there.
He's not going to be fool enough

to come up here.

Doc, he might.

You see, he didn't know
you was leaving town

'til just a little bit ago.

Who's leaving town?

Oh, well, I had to pass
the word around, Doc,

that you was leaving on
the early morning stage

for St. Louis.

See, he thinks that you're
up here packing right now.

Sure he does. And that's fine.

Now, you got me set up
like a bird at a turkey shoot.

What in thunder did you
say a fool thing like that for?

Well, Doc, I figured that if a
man's going to shoot you...

If he's out to kill you...
That it's a lot better to know

when and where that
he's going to do it than it is

just to wait around
until he shoots you

in the back somewheres.

Well, that's just the
way that I figure it.

What's that?

Well, I want to make
sure that he knows

that you're up here,
moving around.

Did you lock the door?

Yes, I locked it.

Well... well, you
just unlocked it!

Sure, I unlocked it.

How do you think he's
going to get through the door

if it's locked?

I think you better
find yourself a seat.

We might have us
a little bit of a wait.

What did you do that for?

Well, I'm getting
sick of waiting.

Maybe if he thinks
I've gone to bed,

we won't have quite so
long to wait. Let him come.

Come on, it's time to go home.


Good evening, Marshal.

Well, hello, Clem.

Hello, Kitty.

Well, I wasn't expecting
you until tomorrow.

Well, I ran into Jake Worth
over at the Benson place,

saved me a day's ride.

You don't have any of
that coffee left, do you?

Oh, sure. Uh, Clem, can
you bring the marshal a cup.


Have you been by the office?

No. No, I just rode in.

Then you haven't
talked to Chester?

No. Why?

Well, Chester's all
excited about some fellow

that rode into town that's
got a grudge against Doc.

A grudge against Doc?

Well, you know Chester.

He's always getting
excited about something.

As a matter of fact, I got a
grudge or two against Doc myself.

Well, that may be.

But it seems this
fellow's got Doc mixed up

with a Judge somebody
or other up in Wyoming.

He's going to kill him.

What was this
fellow's name anyway?

Chester said it
was... Bryce Harp.

Bryce Harp?


Throw up your hands.

Well, Chester.

Let me see.

Oh, it's just a crease, Doc.

Let me see it.

Oh, keep that thing
off of there, Chester.

Just hold that on it.

Let's get him up on
the table, Chester.


Oh, my goodness.

Oh... ugh...

Chester, bring that table
over here for me, will you?


What do you think, Doc,
is he going to make it?

This is a bad one, here.

I don't know, Chester.

You know, there's
a bullet in there.

And I got to get it out, quick.

You know, it sure don't make
you feel very good to shoot a man.

I mean, even a bad man.

He's going to
live, ain't he, Doc?

Mr. Dillon!

Chester, what's happened here?

Well, this fella was
out to do Doc harm.

He... He was coming
up here to kill him.

And I shot him, Mr. Dillon.

What happened to you?

Well, that there is
just a little crease.

It don't amount to nothing.

Are you sure you're all right?

Oh, yeah.

What kind of shape's he in, Doc?


Shameful waste of a life.

I hate to see a man die with
a hate like that in his heart.

Well, I wouldn't waste
much sympathy on him, Doc.

He was a pretty hard case.

You know him?

Bryce Harp? He's
wanted in about six states.

He's killed three, four men.

He broke out of prison last
month and killed the guard.

Kind of looks to me like if it
hadn't of been for Chester here,

that might be you
lying on that table.

Well, I didn't go
to do it, Mr. Dillon.

I... I mean, if I'd known
you was coming back at all,

I wouldn't have done it now.

Chester, you did mighty fine.


You sure you're going
to be all right there?

Oh, yeah. I just...

Well, I just kind of
wore down a little is all.

And Doc, how about you...
You going to be okay here?

Anything we can do for you now?

No. No, nothing tonight, thanks.


Well, I guess maybe we'd
better get you back, Chester.



I just would like you
to know that, uh...


You better get up
here in the morning

so I can have a look
at that neck of yours.


Well, I'll... I'll do that, Doc.