Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 24 - The Cabin - full transcript

To escape a potentially lethal blizzard, Matt seeks shelter in a cabin in which two psychopathic bandits have enslaved and repeatedly molested a young woman after murdering her father.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

There. She'll get real hot
now, Miss Kitty.

Oh, thanks, Red.

That's just fine.

Oh, good heavens.

Shut the door!

Everything sticks.

Come on in
and sit down.


Grab a green glass

and fix yourself a drink.


Still snowing, huh?


Snowing, Doc?

It... It ain't just snowing.

It's blizzarding.

It's getting
worse, huh?

Oh, I tell you.

I ain't seen weather
like this in years.

Oh, good heavens,
Chester, this is nothing

compared to the way
it used to storm

when I was a boy.

Well, I wasn't a-talking

about when you was a boy, Doc.

I said years,

not centuries.

Well, now,
you see here...

Oh, now, now.

I'm not gonna sit here
all night

and listen to you two
bicker at each other.

Good heavens,
might as well.

There isn't
nothing else to do.

Hmm. Well, you're right
about that.

Storm like this

sure doesn't help
the business any.

Well, it's all right
for you two to sit here

by a nice, warm fire and talk.

Well, what's the
matter with you?

Oh, nothing, Doc.

I was just thinking
about Mr. Dillon is all.

Well, he's in Hay City.

And he's probably
doing the same thing

we are- sitting
around a nice,

warm fire.

Well, no. No, that's just it.
He ain't.

What do you mean he ain't?

Well, I-I got a telegram
from him yesterday

that he was leaving Hay City
this morning.

On horseback?

In this blizzard?

Well, now, Miss Kitty,

there wasn't no blizzard
this morning.

This all come up at noon.

Gosh, that's right,
and knowing Matt,

he'd have been out of there
before daybreak, wouldn't he?

Well, that's what
I'm a-saying, Doc.

I'm just plum worried about it,
'cause there ain't no man

can live for very long

in weather like this
out on that prairie.

Well, he...

He probably found a cabin
or a shelter of some kind.

Oh, well, sure,
good heavens.

Matt can take
care of himself.

Oh, you're right, Doc.

You know, I'll bet
he's just as comfortable

and cozy as we are,
sitting around the fire here.

Who are you?

Let him in, Alvy.

Any man out in that weather
has been made harmless.

Get inside.

Now, get them hands up,
mister, high.


Unload him.

Hey, look here, Hack.

That's a nice gun.

That's a real nice gun.

Shut up, Alvy.

Put them down.

You can get over by the fire
now, but don't you try nothing.

I'll cut you in half
with buckshot.

Now, go on, get!

You look half froze, stranger.

You must have wanted
something real bad

to come out in
weather like this.

'Course we don't
know everybody,

but I never seen him
around here before.

He's a stranger, Alvy.

He don't belong
around here.


Belle, get on in here.

Supper ready,

It's awful cold.

Shut up, Alvy!

You recognize him,

Belle? You ever
seen him before?


Take your hat off.

Show your face.

Maybe Hay City.

Maybe you've seen him
up there sometime.

I don't know him.

You sure?


You lying to me, you
know what I'll do to you.

I never saw him before.

He come in here
on a blizzard.

Must have been looking
for some cattle...

Alvy, we don't know what he's doing here.

Why shouldn't a man come in
out of the cold?

Even in here.

That's enough, Belle.

Mister, what about
my horse?

Can you put him in your barn?
He'll freeze outside.


Now, Hack, I ain't
going out there.

I'd freeze
to death.

And the horse will freeze
if you don't.

Now go on, Alvy,
before I get cross.


Supper's about ready.

Leave it.

I want to talk to
our friend first.

We may not have
to feed him.

But the potatoes
will get mean.

They'd better not,
that's all.

I'm real curious about you,

Yeah, I noticed that.

Don't get me mad, mister.

You make fun of me,
I'll blow you all over the wall.

The meat'll be

boiled to shreds if we don't...

You just don't
understand any other way,

do you, Belle?

What is it you want to know
about me?

Oh, I can tell.

I can handle you easy now.


All I got to do is hit her,
and you'll talk.

I don't have to do nothing
to you.

You, uh, mind if

I take off
my coat?

I mind!

You might have another
gun hid out there.


He could raise his hands,

and I could unbutton it.

Well, now, that's
real smart, Belle.

Look, mister, look, uh,
I can't get this coat off

with my hands
up in the air.

Now go ahead.

I don't see no gun.

Belle, come here.

Drop the jacket, Belle.

Now hold out your hand.

Do it, Belle.

Open it.

Open it, I said.

Oh, that's bad.

That's real bad
what you done, Belle.

And I'm gonna have
to learn you.

I'm gonna punish you.

I'm gonna put you outside
in the weather.

After supper.

After you've
cleaned up supper.

Have to give you time
to be thinking

about how cold you're gonna get.

Now, get out!

United States Marshal, huh?

You're in bad company, Marshal.

You shouldn't
have come here.

Looks to me like I kind of
struck gold coming here.

Now, why do you talk like that?

I still got the shotgun in.

That there, fire.

It's colder
and colder outside.

You didn't see nobody
around out there, did you?

What? Who?

Somebody might have come
along to cover the marshal.

That's all.

Marshal? What marshal?

Him, Alvy.

He's a marshal.

Shoot him, Hack!
Shoot him!

Let go of me, you fool.

But then, Hack, you
got to shoot him!

Shut up, Alvy.

Now I'll handle things.

Why don't you sit down, Marshal?

You might as well make yourself
comfortable while you can.

Where'd you ride
here from, Marshal?

Hay City.

Well, that's
a fool thing to do

with a blizzard
coming on, wasn't it?

There wasn't any blizzard
coming up when I left.


Maybe you thought you could get
the jump on us easier

in the storm, huh?

Was that it, Marshal?

You know, I'm kind of curious.

What is it you two
are wanted for?

Don't you tell him that.

I don't trust him at all.

Oh, it'd get mighty dull

around here
without you, Alvy.

You don't trust him.

Quit, quit laughing at me, Hack.

Stop it!

I don't like laughing,
and you know that.

And don't you do it no more.

I got ways, Hack.

Yeah, I seen you
and your ways.

Don't you try none
of them on me, Alvy.

Well, maybe I won't.

Oh, now you don't
understand, Alvy.

It's all right to tell

the marshal about us.

He ain't
going nowhere.

He ain't?

Well, of course not.

We'll kill him.

We'll kill him and
bury him somewhere.

Oh, that's fine, Hack.

Why didn't I think of that?

I do the thinking
for us, Alvy.

You know that.

Me and Alvy are wanted
for murder, Marshal.

Up in Cheyenne.


We was robbing a bank.
And a couple of people

wouldn't do
what we told them to.

We didn't plan
it that way,

but you know how it is
when you're robbing

a bank and all.

We been here 35 days.

Alvy here knows how
long everything's been.

What about the girl?

Where'd she come from?

Oh, she was here.

With her pa.

Her pa?

He got troublesome.

We killed him the first day.

We told him, Hack.

Now, let's shoot him.
I'm thinking, Alvy.

Sit down.

Well, let's do it.

I'm getting hungry.

We got to do
it right, Alvy.

Now, here's what
we're going to do.

We'll knock him
on the head

and throw him outside.

Then when
the storm breaks,

we'll carry him off
about 20 miles

and dump him.

It'll look like
he got throwed

and hit his
head and froze.

Now, you just
don't care

about anything, do you?

Just me.

Sometimes, Alvy.

Sure, me and Hack
are friends.

You bet, Alvy.

Hack! Let me hit him.

You hold a gun on him,

and I'll get up behind
him and hit him. Okay.

I think there was a
branding iron over here.

I'll hit him
with that.


Now, watch it.

You wouldn't, uh, kill
a man without giving him

something to eat,
would you, Hack?

Now, looky here, Marshal,
you sit back down.

I can't hit you
like that.

Leave him be, Alvy.


We're going to eat first.

Oh, Hack!

Now, you can hit him
after supper.

Oh... all right.


We're going
to eat now.


Thanks, Belle.

Well, I've eaten better
than this on the trail.

I told you
it'd get overcooked.

Now, you hold
your tongue.

You can talk your head off

when you're outside
in the weather.

Now, you go on outside.

I'll learn you to eat

if I have to bust your neck.

Don't hurt her, Hack.

Not too bad.

Well, you cripple her up,
who's going to do the cooking?

Not you.

I've eat your cooking.

Well, my sister was a good cook!

And we should've
brought her, Alvy.

No, I don't like her.

Where you from, Alvy?


I said where you born?

Oh... Republican River.

That ain't no place, you fool.

Well, that's what
they told me-

Republican River.

My ma and pa
lived in a wagon.

They had lots of kids, too.

'Course, most of them died.

I'm about the only one that
turned out any good at all.

Yeah, you done fine,
Alvy, just fine.

Well, I can't eat
no more of this.

You throw the
rest of it out

and come in the
front room.

Marshal, get going.

Are we going to hit him?

Throw him out
to freeze up now, Hack?

Not yet.

I want to punish
Belle first.

Belle! Belle, you
get on out here.

Now, get on outside.

Do it, now.

Hey, Belle!
Get out and close the door!

You'll blow
the lamp out!

Hack, someday you're going
to get caught

without that shotgun.

Somebody's going
to tear you apart.

you've been in my way

ever since you come in here.

Now you're trying to get
between me and that girl.

I don't like that.

Now, you sit down.

Hack, I'm sleepy.

I'm going to hit him
and go to bed.

You can do what you want
to after, but I ain't

staying up all night.

Alvy's got his mind made up,

I can tell.

Now, you sit down.


Now what?

Wrap something
around that iron.

What for?

So they won't be able to tell

what he got hit with.

Oh, what difference it make?
I want to go to bed.


Now you do what I say.

Now, go ahead, Alvy.


you keep your eyes on me.


That was smart of you, Belle.

I thought
he'd shot you.

No, he shot Alvy.

I heard you yelling.

He's going to find out
I'm not in there in a minute.



All right, stand up, Marshal.

Stand up!

I got another shot
in here for you, Marshal!

Now, stand up!

What are you going to do?
I don't know.

Just have to stay
out here and wait.

Till I get too cold
to handle this thing.

Come on in, Belle.

It's all right,
they're dead.

Both of them.

Belle, you'd better
put this around you.

They're dead?

They can't hurt me anymore?

No, Belle.

They can't hurt you anymore.

It's all over.


It's all right now, Belle.

Things will look
different in the morning.

You'll see.

Belle? Belle?

I'm in the kitchen, Marshal.

Got some coffee ready.

Good, I could
sure use some.

Did you bury them?



Ground's all frozen.

I found a pile of rocks
out by the barn.

Well, it, uh...

That coffee sure smells good.

It only needs pouring.

Sure I can't get you
something to eat?

No, no, thanks, Belle.

Not after that
breakfast you gave me.

The storm's really lifted, huh?

Yeah, it's clearing up
out there.

There, get some
of that in you.

Thank you.

That's a mighty
good cup of coffee.

Tell me something, Marshal.

Tell me
the truth, now.

Why, sure.

What do you want to know?

You married?

No, I, I'm afraid I wouldn't

make a very
good husband.


Well, it's my job.

Little too chancy.

Thanks, Marshal.

Thanks for putting it that way.

Belle, let me tell
you something.

I'm going
to leave this place.


I can't stay here.

Where are you
going to go?

I've got three horses.

I'll take them into Hay City
and sell them.

And what then?

I'll get me
some pretty clothes

and find me a place.

It won't be hard.

After this.


Listen to me.

Now, you've got to forget
about what happened here.

You're young.

You've got a whole
lifetime ahead of you.

And nobody is ever
going to know about this.

I'll know, Marshal.

I can take care of myself.

Belle, look, uh...

You've got a long ride
ahead of you, Marshal.

You're sure there's
nothing else I...



I'll say "good-bye"
to you here, Marshal.

Good luck, Belle.

Look me up

next time
you're in Hay City.

Belle, don't let this

make you bitter.

There's still some good men

left in the world.

So they say.

So long, Marshal.

So long, Belle.