Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 23 - Wild West - full transcript

On the prairie, Matt meets up with a young boy who tells him that some men tied up and abducted his father the night before.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Bullets kill one
just as easy as another.

And sometimes, those bullets
are meant for me.

Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal.

You're covered, mister.

Don't you
try nothing.

Now, you don't have
to shoot, son.

I'm a friend.

You a lawman?

That's right.

My name is Matt Dillon.

I'm the marshal
from Dodge City.

Marshal, I'm sure glad
to see you.


What's your name?

Yorky- Yorky Kelly.

How do you do?

Uh, you, uh...
you got a horse?

He busted his leg in
a prairie dog hole last night.

I had to shoot him.

Oh, that's too bad, eh?

I'm in just about the
same fix you are here.

Well, what's
the matter with him?

Well, he's got a big
devil thorn in his foot.

I don't think he's gonna be
able to walk for a week.

Next time I go to Hayes
City, I'm gonna take

a couple extra
horses with me.

Marshal, I got trouble.

Bad trouble.

I'm glad I found you, 'cause

we got to do

Well, now, don't
you worry, Yorky.

We'll make out
all right.

No, you don't

It's my pa.

Oh, what about him?

They rode off with him, Marshal.

We got to go after him.

Something'll happen
if we don't.

Well, now, what do you mean?

Who rode off with your pa?

I don't know.

It was dark,
and I couldn't see good.

Now, suppose you tell me
all about it.

Well, last night,

after Hattie
thought I was asleep,

I sneaked out of the house
to go hunting coyotes.

And I heard some horses
coming along,

so I hid and watched them.

It was my pa
with two men, Marshal.

I didn't dare shoot or nothing.

Not in the dark like that.

Well, they were probably friends
of your pa's, weren't they?

No, they wasn't.

They had his hands tied
behind him, and...

and he wasn't even
wearing a hat,



I followed them
till my horse went down.

I had to wait a long time
before I dared shoot him.

I was afraid
they'd hear the shot

and know I'd been
trailing them.

You don't have any idea
who those men could be?

Pa's got no enemies like that.

Where do you
live, Yorky?

Over there,
about five, six miles.

Huh... you got any
horses over there?

All that's left
is my little Indian pony

out in the pasture, but...
he ain't big enough for you.

Well, I guess you'll
have to do it, then.

Do what?

Ride into Dodge,
about 20 miles.

But what for?

Well, I want you to
go to the jail

and you look up a
man named Chester,

and you tell
him I sent you.


You tell him
to pick up

about four good horses

and come back out
here with you.

I'll be waiting over
at the ranch for you.

Okay, Marshal.

And I'll explain things
to your ma.

ain't my ma.

My real ma is dead. Oh?

I don't think Hattie's any good
to be on a ranch, Marshal.

Why not?

I just don't think she is.

But Pa says it ain't fitting

a boy should be brought up
without a woman around.

That's why he married her.

Well, she's probably
trying, Yorky.

It's hard for a woman
sometimes, you know.

Then, I wish she'd quit trying!

Well, chances are your pa knows
what's right for you.

Well, he sure ain't
right about Hattie.

She's no good, Marshal.

Just plum no good.

You'll see.

All right, we'll see.

Now, let's get going, shall we?

I'll pick you up later, boy.

Be dark pretty soon.

Let's go someplace
and make camp.

I'm wore out.

Poor man can't ride
a night and a day

without hollering
about it.

What about him?

He's gonna be walking
from now on.

He won't walk far.

Sun will finish
him tomorrow.

You men ain't never said
what you...

Why are you trying to kill me?

Tell him, Cutter.

Well, I guess it
don't matter now.

Your wife and I are what
you might call friends, Kelly.

Real good friends.

Why do you think
she married you?

We had this planned
a long time.

And don't forget I'm in
for a third of that ranch.

I see.

With me out, the ranch
will go to her, won't it?

That's how
the law reads.

How come you don't just
put a bullet in me?

'Cause this way, nobody
suspect nothing.

You just got lost
and died out here.

Can happen easy
to an old man

like you.

You rotten dogs.

Ah, Rourke.

We don't want
no marks on him.

I don't want
any more of his talk.

Forget it.

He's good as dead.

Who cares
what a dead man says?

All right.

Let's get out of here.

What are you doing that for? Are you crazy?

You want them to find him
with his hands tied?

All right. That's why I'm worth

a third of
that ranch.

All right,
we're leaving, old man.

You got any last words?

Well, what
about my boy?

What about Yorky?

Oh, he'll
make out somehow.

But not with us.

We're selling
the ranch.

We'll sell him, too,
if they want him.

A man in a spot
like you

hadn't ought be
worrying about a kid.

How about a drink of water, huh?

Just one?

I ain't had a drop in 24 hours.

Kelly, you ain't
very bright, are you?

We didn't bring you out here
to feed and water you.

Come on, Rourke,
we're wasting time.

What's your hurry?

We don't aim to get back
for three or four days.

Yeah, but I want
to get some sleep.

You and your sleep.


your horse will be
at the ranch, Kelly.

Like it come back alone.

You ain't got me yet.

Not quite yet, you ain't.

How do you
do, ma'am?

What do you
want, mister?

Well, I'd like to talk
to you for a minute.

I, uh...
my name's Dillon.

I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.

A marshal.

Well, come on in, Marshal.

Well, uh...

maybe I better wait outside.

You can wait in the front room.

I was kind of
sleeping in, Marshal.

I ain't generally so untidy.

It ain't often anybody
comes visiting.

You just sit down there,

Go... go right ahead.

You just sit down,
make yourself home.

I... I'll be back
in a minute, okay?

You still haven't said
what you're doing here, Marshal.

I ran into Yorky
out in the prairie.

He told me about your husband.

Where is that boy anyway?

Gone into Dodge to pick up
a couple extra horses.

Should be back by evening.

We'll get started then.

Get started?

You want to tell me what
happened out here last night,

Mrs. Kelly?

Why, nothing.

What did Yorky tell you?

Said he was out hunting

and saw your husband riding off
with two men.


Well, there's nothing
wrong with that.

That little scoundrel.

He's always running off

Do you play
the zither, Marshal?



Well, me, either, uh...

Mr. Kelly plays it
right good, though.

He learned out
of a book.

Yorky told me

that your husband had his hands

tied behind his back,
Mrs. Kelly.

He's got the wildest
imagination, that boy.

Mr. Kelly just went along
with those men

to show them the trail
to Alcater.

That's all.

That crazy Yorky, he's
always stirring things up.

I'll hide him good
when he gets home.

What time do you expect
your husband back?

Sometime tonight,
I guess.

Less he stops off
someplace to sleep.

Well, this is the only ranch
for miles around, isn't it?

Well, he can sleep
on the ground, can't he?

Mrs. Kelly, who were those men
that rode off with your husband?

I don't know.

A couple of strangers.

They offered him some money
to show them the trail.

That's all I know.

I don't interfere, Marshal.

I see.

I got some coffee
on the stove.

I expect you
could use some.


Thank you.

You can have this country life.

I just ain't cut out for it.

How long you been out
here, Mrs. Kelly?

The name's Hattie.

It's always
been Hattie.

All right.

Three months ago, I was working
in a dance hall in Abilene.

Then Kelly came along, and...

here I am.

I see.

No, you don't see.

I'm fed up with
it, Marshal.

Nothing but work
and wind and dust.

And that awful kid.

You plan to stick it out?

No, I didn't mean that.

I'll stick it out,
sure I will.

I can stand
anything, Marshal.

I've done a lot
of getting-used-to

kind of things in my life.

I guess you have.

A woman like me-

I'll say I have.

What'd you marry
Kelly for?

He offered me

That can mean
a lot, you know.

I suppose so.

How's Dodge these
days, Marshal?

Pretty lively?

Yeah, Dodge is
always lively.

You know, I was planning
to move to Dodge

before Kelly
came along.

I kind of wish
I had now.

One town's pretty near the
same as another, Mrs. Kelly.


But the men are different.


I'd have got along just fine
in Dodge, wouldn't I, Marshal?

Yeah, I guess you would.

More coffee?

No, thanks.

I think I'll go out
and look around.

Ain't nothin'
but an old ranch.

I'll see you later.

I'll be right here, Marshal.

Go on, get in there!

Get in there, boy! Get in there, boy!

Get the gate there,

Hey, you're back.

Yeah, howdy there,
Mr. Dillon.

Yorky made it in
pretty good time.

Oh, yeah, that Yorky-
he's quite a boy.

He is.
I told ya

I'd ride hard, Marshal.

When are we going
after my pa?

Well, Yorky, it's going
to be dark in about an hour.

We'll have to wait
till morning.

Well, I guess
it'd be sort of hard

to try to find tracks
in the night anyway.

There is Hattie.


you ought to be real proud
of yourself this time.

Mrs. Kelly, this is
Chester Goode here.

How do you
do, ma'am?

We're riding out after pa
in the morning.

Ain't that so, Marshal?

You're lucky
I can whip you good.

Now hold on a minute,

That boy hasn't
done any harm.

And if Kelly doesn't get
back here before morning,

why, we're gonna have to ride
out after him anyway.

I told you he only
rode with those men

to show 'em the trail
to Alcater.

With his hands tied?

You're lying, Yorky,
and you know it.

Now you shut up!

I won't shut up!

You ain't my ma,
and you can't make me!

Just a minute, Yorky.

We're gonna find your pa,
I promise you.

Okay, but...

you find him.

I figured
y'all would be here,

so I fixed some supper.

I'm going around back
and wash up.

Well, come on inside
and let's eat.

Ah, well, I never,
Mr. Dillon, I-

You, you think Yorky's lyi''
about his pa and all?

What do you think?

Well, I, I'm not
right sure.

What about you?

I don't know, Chester.

? ?



Water, Mister.

All right, now, just take it easy. Water.

How long since
you've had water?

Oh, since I can remember.

Have a little
of this now.

That's enough.
That's enough.

You Kelly?


How'd you get in here?
Did you fall in?

You the Marshal?

Matt Dillon.

They wanted me to die out here.

Them two.

Cutter and Rourke.

Friends of Hattie's.

They had it all planned.

Good trick.

Dirty dogs.

Well, it wasn't too good.

Didn't work.

How come you found me?

Oh, I ran into Yorky.

He said he saw 'em
riding off with you.

Your wife had a different story.

Oh, Hattie'll tell 'em
about you.

They'll all get away.

No, they won't.

Yorky'll be here in a minute.

Everything's gonna be all right.


Here's your pa.

My pa?




Good boy.

How is he, Mr. Dillon?

Well, he's in
pretty bad shape,

but I think he'll
make it all right.

His foot's hurt. Well,
you think he can ride?

Not today.

You better keep him here
and feed him something.

We'll try it tomorrow.

Well, what are you
gonna do?

I'm gonna take these two fresh
horses and do some ridin'.

Come on, give
me a hand.


Now, take it easy,

She's awake.

There's a light
in the back there.

What does she need
a lamp for?

She's your woman, why
don't you ask her?

Yeah, she's my woman.

And you remember it.

I've seen you lookin'
sideways at her

the other night.

Well, she's a pretty girl.

You know, I've
been thinkin'.

She gets her third,
you get your third,

then I get my third.

That's right.

And whoever gets Hattie
is gonna get two thirds.

You try that, Rourke,
and I'll kill you.

Oh, I was only

You really gonna
marry her, Cutter?

I told her I was,
didn't I?

I wasn't asking
what you told her.

Hello, Web,

What you all
locked up for?

Old man Kelly ain't
gonna come sneaking home.

Come on inside. We haven't
got much time. Hurry.

Well, what's the matter?

Come on now.
What's wrong?

Yorky saw you riding off
with the old man.

What difference
does that make?

We can fix him.

Sure, but who can fix
Marshal Dillon?

What are you
talking about?

Yorky ran into him
out on the prairie.

And now him and some other man

by the name of Chester something
or other are out tracking you.

Why didn't you take care of
that boy like you're supposed to?

Well, he sneaked out.

I thought he was in bed.
I couldn't help it.

Now we really got
our heads in a noose.

Suppose the old man's dead
when they find him?!

Well, if he's dead,
he can't talk, can he?

Yeah, but that kid, that kid,
they'll figure it out easy.

Can't you never
do nothing right?

Well, are you blaming me?

Who would I blame?! I didn't
put that marshal on our trail!

Now come on, you two! What
difference it matter who done it?

We just got to get out of
here fast, and that's all.

I'll be ready
in just a minute.

As soon as I get
a ridin' skirt on.


You ain't goin' nowhere.


You heard me.

We can't be draggin'
a woman along.

We got some hard ridin' ahead.

You'd wear out
in no time.

Now you're making
sense, Cutter.

Can't have her
holding us back.

Why, you mean
that you're gonna...?

You think I'm gonna hung
'cause of a woman?

So you gonna
leave me here.

You gonna let me face
those people, are ya?

Well, you know I'll go
to jail, don't you?

Ah, they won't do nothin'
to ya.

Just tell 'em you got misled or something.

They always go easy
on women.

So you're gonna
run out on me?

Hattie, you're
better off here.

They'll let you go.

Then you can get on
back to Abilene.

I'll come by as soon as
they forget all about this

Come on, Cutter.

They'll be here
any minute.

Why you dirty
rotten coward!

That's about enough, Hattie.

I hate you. Get out.

Get out. Go on!
Both of you, get out!

I wouldn't have
either one of you.

Either one of us?

Why, you didn't think
I cared, did ya?

I'd had one of you shot the
other before I was through.

Mystery pies don't
cut three ways!

I ought to break
your neck.

I'll fix you.

Come on, Rourke.
Let's go.

Forget it, Hattie.

Maybe I'll get
to Abilene sometime.

She's no good. I might
have known she's no good.

She's smart, that's all.

Throw up your hands.
You're covered.

Hello, Marshal.

You go for that gun,
I'm gonna kill ya. Yeah?

While you're
killing him,

what do you think
I'll be doing?

I'm warning you. Don't try it.

Hanging's bad, Marshal.

I ain't gonna hang.

We found Kelly in time.
He's still alive.

I don't believe ya.

You ain't even
seen him.

I'm telling you the truth.

Lawmen don't tell
the truth.

Not to fellows like us,
do they, Cutter?

I never heard of it.

Then we ain't got
nothing to lose.

Don't try it.

Why not, Marshal?

Better give me the
gun, Mrs. Kelly.

I wasn't
gonna shoot you.


Cutter, I was
gonna kill him.

And Rourke, too,
if I could.

They were friends
of yours, weren't they?


You were in on
this with them.

Will I go to jail, Marshal?

I don't know.
That depends on Kelly.

Where is he?

He'll be back in a day or so.

He's a nice old man.

He wouldn't hurt nobody.

I'm sorry I did it.

I wish I'd never left Abilene.

It was that Web Cutter
who talked me into it.

That so?

Don't you believe me?

Doesn't matter what I believe.

Would you really put me
in jail, Marshal?

If Kelly preferred charges
against you, yeah.

But he ain't here.

And he won't be here
for some time,

you said so yourself.

You better go back in
the house, Mrs. Kelly.

I got work to do.

Wonder where Yorky
got to, Mr. Dillon.

I ain't seen him
in a couple hours.

Yeah, Kelly sent
him out hunting.

Sent him?
What for?

I guess he's figured he's
seen enough of all this.

Oh, well, yeah,
I can understand that.

Ain't they never
gonna come out?

Kelly's got a lot
to decide, Chester.

How long's it take
to tell her

that she's gonna go
to jail?

Kelly, we'll get our horses
and ride along with you.

That won't be necessary,

I've made up my mind.

She tried to kill me,
or she had a hand in it.

If she was a man,
I'd shoot her.

But she's a woman.
Good or bad, she's a woman.

So I'm sending her back
to Abilene,

back to what she was
when I found her.

All right, Kelly,

I hope you know
what you're doing.

I do. Thanks, Marshal.

Well, she lost out
anyway, Chester.

She lost out
all the way around.