Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 15 - The Hiders - full transcript

(theme music)


With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

(tense music)

Woman, get to fixin'
some grub, and make extra.

I done worked me up an appetite.

How you doin' there, boy?

Got 'em all baled and stacked.

Finish up that one I
was workin' on, go on!

Whoa, whoa.

(Quincannon) I see
you got us another one.

There's two more over
the dried-up water hole

about a mile east of here.

Well, take Dink and go fetch 'em

before somebody else find 'em.

Before that farmer
fella gets here?

Which farmer fella?

The one whose cow we killed.

He's headin' out this way
with a bulge to his neck

clear out to here.

Yeah, he oughta be
here any minute now.

Cover it up, quick.

- Told you he'd figure it out.
- He ain't figured nothin' out.

Even if he has, he
can't prove nothin'.

(wagon wheels rattling)


Well, howdy, neighbor!

Don't you howdy neighbor me.

It's just a pleasantry,
don't call for that kinda talk.

I don't want your pleasantries.

I want my milk cow back!

You say somebody
stole your milk cow?

Yes, and you know all
about it, that's for sure.

Now, just hold it now.

Just back up just a minute

and leave me hear that again.

There are hundreds
of drought-killed cows

layin' all over the country,

hides just for the takin'.

Why did you have to take my cow?

Exactly my words
neighbor, exactly.

(Quincannon) The work
of a rapacious rapscallion,

if I ever heard it.

A floggin' would be
too good for his likes.

Whoa, now, you
can't honestly believe

that we here would
do such a thing.

Now, you just don't truly.

Mere idea makes me shudder.

We'll see just how
much you shudder

when I go to Dodge City
and talk to Marshal Dillon.


(wagon wheels rattling)

I know what you're
saying, Mr. Belnap,

but it's just your
word against theirs.

There ain't no two
ways about it, Marshal.

It was them what stole
my cow and that's for sure!

And it's taught me
one good lesson.

What's that?

Not to go helpin'
strangers, especially hiders.

They come in there nice
and polite, just like regular folk,

askin' for a little water,

and all the time, they're
looking around my place,

tryin' to figure out what they
can sneak back and steal!

You don't know that for sure.

You didn't actually see
'em take your cow, did ya?

You know the reputation
them hiders got.

I mean, if it wasn't
them what done it,

who you figure did,
one of my neighbors?

Well, I just can't lock 'em
up on your supposition, either.

Afraid that's
all there is to it.

If anything else of mine
just happens to disappear,

I'm goin' out and
huntin' me some trash!

(door slams)

A strange twist,
the workin' ways

of the Lord, this drought.

Where's your permit?

Oh, I got it, I got it
here somewhere.

Yes, sir, strange twist.

Here, this drought is
bringin' sorrow and misery

to all these folks,
and me and mine,

we're makin' more
money on account of it.

(laughs) There it is.

I told ya I had that.

When this permit
was issued to you,

you were warned about
bothering standing cattle.

Indeed, we were.

There's somethin'
catawampus, Marshal?

If there is, maybe we
could help straighten it out.

The farmer over
here named Belnap,

he's missin' a milk cow.

It's a cryin' shame, that is.

This drought, it's truly
causin' misery to people,

but we wouldn't
bother takin' a milk cow!

It's too small.

Besides, the price ain't
enough to bother with.

It was a standing animal, Karp.

You think we killed
a standin' milk cow?

It's like my partner,
Mr. Quincannon here, has just said,

it's hide is too small, you see.

And the meat, that's
stringier than a civet cat.

I'm gonna tell you somethin'.

One more complaint, I'm
runnin' you outta this country.

Ain't that the way
of life, though?

I mean, one or two bad
ones just goin' and ruin' it

for the rest of us.

I tell you what I'm
gonna do, though.

We find out who that was, I'm
gonna come runnin' in there to tell you.

Remember what I said.

(horse galloping)

This Farmer Belnap's mouth

has done brought
him some trouble.

We'll take us a pound
or two of his flesh, Karp,

but nothin' like
you're thinkin'.

(Karp) It's gonna be like I say.

It'll be nothin' to
bring the law back.

If I say so, it will!

Not if I say not!

It ain't worth it!

Keep hushed.

Well, I ain't gonna work from
sunup to sundown in this heat,

and then spend half the night
goin' clear over to that ranch...

I had in mind to sew
that mouthy farmer

into one of these green hides.

Could as easy be you!

(tense music)

With you, there'll always be a
corner of growin' greens, won't there?

Growin' greens
is life, Mr. Belnap.

You know, I've
only got one regret.

Only one?

You're a lucky man.

Eh, just one, that I
never done better for you.

Never done better?

Why, Mr. Belnap, look around.

We got us a place
better than most,

a lotta memories doin' together,

which is all I ever asked for.

(tense music)


Behind the well there.

Okay, dump that... (groans)

dump that putrid
meat right down there.

Come on, boy... Shut up.

Come on, come on,
boy, help out a little bit.

Go on.

(Karp whispering)

- Get it all?
- Yeah. (coughs)

Sure you put all in there?

I'm sure I put it all
in, let's get outta here.

(tense music)

What are you doin' that for?

Boy, when Farmer Belnap
tries to get down in this well

to get out on that
putrid meat, (laughs)

he's gonna get a surprise.

Let's go!

(tense music)

(Quincannon) Five pounds
of sugar, half a pound of salt,

couple of pounds of
coffee, black-eyed peas,

couple of boxes of.45 cartridges
and a box of shotgun shells.

And a skinnin' knife.

Anything else, or
shall I just total this up?

No, thank you, thank you.


That will be $3.45,

including the four oranges.

Which oranges are them?

The ones in the boy's pocket.

They're pretty dear
at 10 cents a piece,

but they're freighted
in from quite a distance.

Thank the good
Lord, storekeeper,

we were both boys once, eh?

I mean, who else would
understand a little harmless pilferin'?

There you are, three
dollars and forty-five cents.

(Storekeeper) Three forty-five.

There, and may the wind
always be at your back.

Let's go, Dink, and you
better enjoy them oranges.

Dime a piece.

Holy Mary, what prices!

You got a brain like a pea,

let him see you
take them oranges.

He's got eyes in his backside.

He was turned when I took 'em.

Karp will take that 40
cents out your hides.

He tries and I'll eat this
bacon all my own self.

Ah, Dink,

Dink, my lad.

All's forgiven.

It's Farmer Belnap.


Mr. Burke, will you
give me a hand, please?

(Burke) Boys, help out, will ya?

What happened?

Well, our well was dryin' up,

and Tom had the crazy
notion of tryin' to dig deeper.

He fell from about halfway down.

He don't look too good.

He been unconscious
all this time?

And his leg's broke.

I had to use Bluebell
here to haul him out.

(Burke) Oh, he's got a
nasty gash on his forehead.

Take it easy, boys, will ya?

(tense music)

I'm just grateful
his back ain't broke.

(dramatic tense music)

Guess Farmer
Belnap will think again

'fore he goes all dribble
mouth to the marshal.

- He coulda been crippled.
- So?

(Dink) So he's the one that
got us water when we needed it.

Well, if he hadn't,
we'da took it.

He's entitled to
think what he wants.

Isn't he?

(men laughing)

I mean, the boy is entitled
to think what he wants!

Now, he's especially
entitled 'cause he's the cause

of us eatin' some of the
finest smoked bacon meat

that I have ate in a long time.

(Dink) Ow!

(men laughing)

He's entitled long as
he don't get mouthy

about the way
I'm runnin' things!

(men laughing)

You understand me, boy?

(melancholic pensive music)

What are you doin'?

Grease, it'll help
take away the pain.

I'll do it my own self.

Wrap it with this.

(tense pensive music)

(Karp) Woman!



There ain't nothin' like
that warm-gutted feeling...

comes on a man
every once in a while.

- I'll take this.
- Turn that loose.

No, no!

Now, you're not gonna cozy
up to both her and the bottle.

You remember that next
time you get warm-gutted

your own self.

(Quincannon) Yeah! (laughs)

(tense music)

(snake rattling)

(horse whinnying)

(Dink groaning)

(growls angrily)

(Festus snoring)

(Festus coughs)

Howdy, youngin'.

How'd you get here?

My horse spooked, ran off.

This here sure ain't
no place to be afoot.

I'll get by!


Always figured that anybody

actually felt that way
about it would get by.

I ain't never see'd you
before, I don't believe.

Just passin'
through, takin' hides.

That so?

Well, it's a sorry
thing, this old drought.

Sure hurtin' a lotta good folks.

Sit down if you want to.

Got more prairie chicken
here than I can eat

all by my own self.

There's no need.

Ain't no need not to, neither.

Suit yourself.

(warm pensive music)

I tell ya, every
chance that I get,

I hightail her outta town.

I just can't stand bein'
cooped up in town too long.

Town livin' would
be fine with me.

Well, there's one
thing about a town,

there's... always
room for one more.

I'll be goin'.

I'm fixin' to be headin'
that-a-way directly.

Old Ruth here will
ride double, I reckon.

Least, we can test him.

It is more than a couple
miles back to camp, I figure.

Besides, I got
holes in my shoes.

Well, that there
offer still goes.

I'd be obliged.

Hard runnin' like that,

now, you're lucky that Cayuse didn't
throw you and break your scrawny neck.

Wouldn't happen, Karp.

My daddy says I'm gonna
die at the end of a rope.

You know my daddy ain't
never been wrong about nothin'.

(Quincannon laughs)

Where you been?

I've been out fetchin'
us some green growings.

I got in here
cabbages and carrots

- and potatoes, and turnips.
- Turnips!

(Billy and Karp
laughing excitedly)

Where'd you get them, boy?

Well, you know, that
Farmer Belnap woman's

got herself a garden.

Well, I just tied
off in some trees

and I snaked my way
across open ground

like I wasn't even there,

and then I went in to
diggin' up the finest bunch

of green growings that
I have ever laid eyes on

in a long time.


Woman! (laughs)

Mr. Farmer Belnap has gone
and served us up our entire meal.

- (Quincannon) Oh, yeah.
- Woman, listen.

You gonna make a proper meal.

See, you take this, you mix
that on that milk cow meat,

and you make stew.

And thank you,
Mr. Farmer Belnap.

(men laughing)

You did good, boy!

You did good!

(men laughing)

Hey, hey!

What has that little sneak
been up to this time?

I ain't been up to nothin'.

Badge-wearin' man
totes the likes of him

and you naturally
think the worst.

His horse run off.

Yeah, he wandered in
here a couple hours ago.

I wondered what happened to him.

But you didn't wonder
enough to go out lookin' for him.

It's a big country out there.

'Sides, I know that little
banty can take care of hisself.

Gives a man pride to
work with the likes of him.

I wanna thank you
for fetchin' him back.

You're welcome.

Don't forget what I told you.

There's always
room for one more.

(wagon wheels rattling)


(gun cocking)

I have had enough!

Hold it! (mumbles)

(gun fires)

Whoa there! It's me, Festus!

First, the milk cow, then
putrid steer meat in the well,

Tom near killed, now
my garden's tore up

from one end to the other!

Festus, I've had enough!

Just simmer down
now, Mrs. Belnap,

let me take care of this.

That crazy female
near killed me!

What about what she's saying?

I don't know nothin'
about what she's sayin'!

Could have happened,
everything she said,

but that ain't no fault of ours!

(Mrs. Belnap) There'll
be a whole mess of things

took from my garden
somewhere here.

Wasn't a half hour ago.

(Karp) We don't
have nothin' of hers!

Well then, it ain't
gonna hurt none for me

to take a look around, is it?

No, it won't, 'cause you ain't.

This here badge says I am.

It's the second
time within a week

that we've been
put upon by the law!

Mister, you ain't been
put upon at all yet,

not by me.

Now, just step back
'fore you get me riled up.

(dramatic tense music)

Reckon you musta
been wrong, Mrs. Belnap.

I can't find no sign
of nothin' no place.

There's hiders all
over this country.

Just all kinds of people!

Why don't you go chase them...

and just leave us be here?

(tense music)

Like he said, country's
full of hide cutters.

Festus, it's always been one
thing or 100 for Tom and me.

This ain't but
one more, I guess.

That deputy just
bought hisself the farm.

(tense music)

Ain't no denyin' it coulda
been them, Matthew.

Seems they was the
ones that was the closest

to the Belnap place,
but there ain't no denyin'

that it coulda been any
one of a dozen other

hide cutters too.

Well, you handle it your
way, Festus, and I'll back you.

I'll tell you this, Matthew,
I'da seen 'em packin',

if it hadn't have
been for that youngin'.

I'll guarantee you this,

I'm gonna keep my
eyeball peeled on 'em.

(glass shattering)

(tense music)

(doorknob rattling)

- (glass shattering)
- (Dink yells)

(Dink groaning)

(warm pensive music)

All right.

You're sure gonna
have to keep off of that

for at least a day or two.

No choice I can see.

Gettin' me out of a warm
bed in the middle of the night.

The least you can do is
tell me how this happened.

Well, how does
anybody sprain his ankle?

He just sprains it, that's
all, ain't no secret to that.

Well, you're gonna
need a lotta hot water,

lots of it, soak that ankle.

And why don't you
just wash him all over?

Just wash him good.

And while you're at it,
use some on yourself, too.

Aw, blamed old scutter.

Much obliged, Doc!

(Festus murmuring)

How come you didn't
tell him what I done?

Well, I reckon I
could have did that,

if you was a blamed saint, it
wouldn't have made no difference

in the way he
doctored your foot.

Well, why didn't you?

Never mind, come on.

Just easy now, just lean on me.

Don't try to put no weight
on it, just lean on me.

That's it.

There you are.

How long do I have to sit
in jail to pay for what I done?

I can't say that.

Depend on Judge Brooker.

I'll tell you one thing,
you sittin' here on your bed

ain't gonna pay back Mr. Lathrop

for all it cost him to fix up that
stuff you busted in his store.

I'll get you some blankets.


You... figure you can
keep my bein' here

from Karp and the others?

Why's that?

Well, after I got them
boots and some grub,

I was fixin' to light out.

Oh, you was?

Where was you fixin' to head?

Hadn't figured.

Just away from them.

Tryin' to be decent
for a change.

Well, maybe that's why I
didn't say nothin' to old Doc.

(keys jingling)

(warm pensive music)

I'll tell you this, you
keep stuffin' them vittles

away like that and you're
gonna get so blamed fat

you can't even stand
up, sprung ankle or no.


I thank you for it.

Well, best thing
there is to thank is to...

kinda divvy up with a friend
now and then, don't you see?

I'll remember that next time.

I had me a talk
with Mr. Lathrop.

He told me that he's
gonna let you work off

them damages you
done to his store.

You did that for me?


Well, kinda figured you
leavin' old Karp and them others

back there is
takin' the first step.

Don't reckon it'd hurt
none to give you a hand

to takin' the second step.

Supposin' I was to
run off, or somethin'?

Run off?

Tell you the actual truth,

that there never even
come into my head.

- (Doc) Mornin', Dink.
- Oh, mornin', Doc, how you doin'?

- Fine, how's that ankle?
- Oh, great, healin' right up.

- Good.
- Dink.


You know, Matt,
every once in a while,

Festus does something
that turns out all right.

Now, if you tell him
I said that, I'll deny it.

Won't say a word.


(Karp) You been here all along?

Near two weeks now.

All this time, we
had you lyin' dead,

or hurt out there,
somewhere on the prairie.

I'm sure you were all worked up.

Well, we were that
overworked up, boy,

the four of us doin'
the work of five.

The sellin' of the
hides will be tomorrow,

the buyers do, and
you got a share comin'.

Share minus two weeks.

I don't want the share.

You keep the share,
I don't want none of it.

Well, that's fine with me,

except you gonna do
your share of the work.

(Dink) I'm done with you.

Boy, I'm gonna whoop
you until you can't...

- Let go of me!
- I wanna turn you loose, boy.

I wanna turn you
every way but loose!

Now you just back
(mumbles) off of him,

before I get on you
like ugly on ape.

(Karp) Now, you
best stay out of this.

Mister, there ain't
nothin' that'd tickle me

any more than to have
you sass me just one time.

Deputy, you're interferin'
where you have no rights.

I think that badge he's wearin'

gives him all the
right he needs.

There's no law that says
you can take kin from kin,

unless it goes
through the courts!

He's nephew twice removed.

I say he's goin' with me.

That right, Dink?

I reckon so, Festus.

That's legal, Festus. You're
gonna have to surrender the boy.

- Well, Newly, I...
- But I advise you to collect

all the charges.

There's damages for
breakin' in to private property,

medical charges for
tendin' to his injuries

when he tried to avoid arrest,

there's 15 days
of board and keep

that he still
hasn't paid for yet,

and it ought to
add up to quite a bit.

That all add up to a good deal.

Fact is, I'll tote
that up right now.

Deputy, you're just
havin' at me again.

Better start to diggin'
deep in your pocket.

Either that, or get your
carcass outta here right now.

(Karp growls angrily)

Let's go, come on.

(Karp yelling angrily)

More trouble than
you're worth sometimes!

It ain't done yet!

Now hush up!

Not by a long shot.

Newly, If you ain't went
to work and tied the can

to the bull's tail, I
haven't ever saw it dead.

Mr. Newly, you hit
him in the one part

that he hurts the most.

He ain't never gonna come
up with that much money.

Tell you this, you
done a fastball's clog

on him right there.

Boy, ain't that the truth!

(loud slamming)

Aw, come on, Karp!

Forget it.

We got one less share
of them hides to split,

and one less mouth to feed.

Now, forget it!

I don't ever forget
nothin', never.

Don't you never forget that.

(Quincannon sighs)

We're sellin' the
hides tomorrow.

We'll have us a night or two
of a couple of friendly ladies,

and we'll shake the
dust off of this town.

Now, come on, huh?

Come on now.

Come on!

Drink up.

Forget it.

I don't ever forget
nothin', I told you.

We gonna sell off them hides,
and we gonna get some ladies.

Then I'm gonna fix that
scrub-faced deputy for good!

Then we'll leave!

(dramatic tense music)


(Festus grunting comedically)

Hey, Festus?

(Festus) Yeah, boy?

Was you ever married?


(chuckles) No, I ain't
never been married.

There was this here
little old gal once...

but that's been long time ago.

It never woulda worked
out, a whole heap of reasons.


You'd make a right handsome pa.

Oh, p'shaw.

(Dink grunting comedically)

You know, Festus,

I gotta tell you how
truly grateful I am to ya.

Oh, fiddle, ain't
no need for that.

Well, I know you know. I just...

I just wanted it said.

You know, it sure is a
good feelin' goin' to sleep.

I'll bet you are tired, as
hard as you've been working.

Oh, no, no, it's not
exactly the going to sleep.

It's more the lookin' forward
to wakin' up in the morning.

(warm pensive music)

It's somethin' I ain't
never knowed before,

wakin' up,

feelin' good about the day.

Well, turn out the lantern
and let's go to sleep.

(Dink) Night, Festus.

(Festus) Night.

(tense pensive music)

(Dink) Woman?

I heard you was workin'
somewhere around here.

Yeah, I'm workin' at
the store over here.

I'm real glad for you.

You'll be leavin' soon, huh?

You watch out for Karp.

(Dink) Where's he
headed, anyway?

He said somethin'
about wolfin' in Nebraska.

Well, you take care, huh?

Watch out for Karp.

This is for you.

No, it ain't stole.

Mr. Lathrop's
lettin' me pay it off

with the rest of the stuff.

Go on, open it.

Looks pretty.

Well, goodbye, woman.

You know, all this time, I
don't even know your name.

Martha, my name's Martha.

Goodbye, Martha.


(Karp) Hold on there, Dink!

I got no cause to
talk to you, Karp.

You've got cause, boy.

More than you know.

- Billy?
- (Billy) Yes.

Take the wagon on
down to the railroad station

and wait there.

(Billy) Yeah.

Come on, Dink,
let's pass time of day.

Come on, boy!

You scared, boy?

You oughta be.

What do you want?

Mr. Quincannon and I, we thought

that this here woods clod

was slippin' in there 'tween
you and me and the woman.

(Quincannon chuckles)

How long you been
cozyin' up to her, boy?

You're a pig!

I seen the looks you
all been given each other

from time to time.

Come just now and
you give her that pretty.

It came to my mind how we
could all help each other out,

just like old times.

Karp, you ever learn to
say somethin' straight out?

Listen, I'm tryin'
to do some tradin'

with the store clerk here.

You see, Dink, I am
willin' not to kill the woman

or to kill your deputy friend.

In exchange for us
doin' you that little favor,

you gonna help us get
a wagonload of supplies

from that store.

Are you gonna tell me
it's not a good trade, boy?

Look, I can't, Karp.

Mr. Lathrop's been good to me.

Oh, why don't you
just say you can't

'cause you'll tell the marshal?

'Cause you know me,
don't you, boy, huh?

Now, don't you know me good?

You know if you
told, I'd do what I say,

no matter how long it'd take.

Must say, it sounds like
more than a fair trade to me.



Well, how 'bout tonight?

Soon as we get through
sellin' them hides.

(Quincannon) Outta the way!

(Karp shushing)

(Festus humming)

(Karp) Get down!

(humming continues)

Just charge for the service,
we could start our own store.

That's it.

Let's get outta here.

We gotta say our
goodbyes to Dink.

You done good, boy.

You know what?

You could say you just
forgot to put that old lock bar

right on the door.

Look, just clear
outta here, will ya?

You done good
by your friends too.

I'da killed them sure as sin.

Yeah, I know you would.

Well, I guess this is
just quits with us, ain't it?

Hit him!

Put him in the wagon there.

(tense music)

All right, Billy, I want you
to keep an eye on him,

and I mean keep an eye.

Where are you goin'?

You and me gonna shut that
mouthy deputy up for good.

You're crazy, Karp.

Killin' him won't put no
money in our pockets.

Yeah, but it's gonna pleasure me

like I ain't been
pleasured in a long time.

I don't care about
your pleasures!

You yella out on this,
you on your own, for good.

You are with me or you ain't!

(tense music)

(Billy laughing)

(Dink groaning)

Karp says you keep shut
up, or she gets stuck with this.

(tense music)

Where is he?

You can keep her alive,

but not that deputy.

Now, one outta two ain't bad.

Kept half his word.

That's why ya helped him?

(tense music)

You chose good, Dink.

Knowed her for
what, a year or so?

Hell, that deputy's
near a stranger to you.

Go to your friend.

You keep shut up, woman.

Go to him.

I can't!

You think I won't
kill you, woman?

I don't care.

Go! (screams)

(loud thudding)

(Karp) Deputy!

I wanted you to know who it was.

Festus, look out!

(Quincannon groans)

Hold it!

Move one inch and you're dead.

(tense music)

You all right, boy?

Yeah, I'm all right, Festus.

Well, appears like we've got us

a few more mornings
to wake up to.

(tense music)

Good heavens, there's enough
folks around here to help...

The thing is, I could
use the help of...

- Mornin'.
- Festus, Doc.


How's everything with
you, Martha, all right?

Just fine, she ain't
complained yet.

I just know that you and
Ma Smalley is gonna hit it off.

Well, I better be
gettin' to work.

Hey, Festus, we still
goin' fishin' on Saturday?

Oh, course we are!



You said somethin' about
lookin' at my arm today?

Your arm? Oh, yeah!

Martha, you go
on up to my office

and I'll be right
along, I'll be there.


Now, what's this about fishin'?

Well, I was just fixin' to ask
you, Doc, when we run into them.

- Yeah, what about what?
- Well, I was fixin' to ask you

if I could borrow
your fishin' pole.

You mean to tell me that
you have the unmitigated gall

to stand there and ask me
to borrow my fishing pole?

Well, shoot, Doc, I
ain't gonna hurt it none!

Course not, 'cause you're
not even gonna touch it!

Not with gloves on!

Now, on the other hand, Dink,

if you'd like to borrow my
fishin' rod, I'd be delighted.

(Dink) Well, I'd
be obliged, Doc.

Just so long as you
don't let him look at it!

"Just so long as you
don't let him look at it!"

Blamed old stingy
scutter. (scoffs)

I don't give a hoot,
I'll cut me a willow pole

and get me a handful of worms,

and I'll catch more
fish than you've caught

in your whole
blamed life! (spits)

(upbeat music)

(announcer) Stay
tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

(theme music)