Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 14 - The Squaw - full transcript

Matt, in pursuit of three bank robbers, inadvertently catches a fourth one -- their bagman, who swiped the loot and took off. The thieves learn what's happened and go in pursuit of both Matt and the thief. While stopped at a water hole, Matt and the thief meet a group of Indians who are about to leave a squaw in the desert to die. The startled thief asks why and is told the woman is a bad-luck omen, having outlived both of her husbands. To his own surprise, the thief bargains to take the squaw with him and Matt. He doesn't have any regard for the woman, but she proves startlingly helpful when the bank robbers catch up with the group and lay siege to their cabin.

(theme music)


With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

(dramatic music)

(man) Charlie, wait up.

My horse has gone lame.

He's finished, Charlie.

Give him your horse, Gristy.

What ya talkin' 'bout?

I'm saying you were
just along for the ride.

Charlie, you're the
one that brought me in.

(Charlie laughs)

You forgettin' I got
that stage to stop.

Town drunk could've
stood out on that road

and pretend to be in trouble.

Get down.

My cut.

No cut, Gristy.

Now get outta that
saddle before I blow ya out.

Get down!

Charlie, he knows too
much to be leavin' the posse.

- I thoughta that.
- (gun clicks)

Charlie, we go back.

Friends and cellmates...

Ain't nothing could come
between us except money.

(gun clicks)

Why, you lousy...

You emptied my gun.

Six months of
sharin' the same cell,

I figured something like this.

Anyone make a move
and I'll kill Charlie.

Any shooting started back
there I coulda got killed.

Wouldn't that have been a shame.

You're not leaving
me here to die, Charlie.

No, sir.

Toss your guns down, right here.

Go ahead.

And you too, Charlie.

Dobie, get them money
bags and put 'em on my horse.

Do it.

Now, Gristy, we can
work somethin' out.

Dobie, get one of them canteens

and put it on my horse too.

Rest’a you climb down.

(suspenseful music)

Turn around.

Put your hands on your heads.

It's badlands out there, Gristy.

You won't get a day
before we're down on ya.

Before you can even
catch your horses,

I'm gonna be halfway
to the Rio Grande.

- (gunshot)
- (Gristy) Ho, ho.

(horses neigh)


(Charlie) Where's that gun?

(dramatic music)

What are we gonna do, Charlie?

By now that stage'll be in Dodge

and the law will
be on our trail.

Every man's on his own.

Up to each of you
to run down a horse.

We'll meet back at
the rocks like before.

What about me, Charlie?

My horse is lame.

I said every man for himself.

What are you grinnin' at?

I was just thinking
about old Gristy.

He's gonna be a
mighty surprised fella

when he takes a
drink of my water.


Even when my
luck's good, it's bad.

Ain't enough moisture
out there to raise weed.

Less than half a canteen.

I guess we've come through
harder times, huh Broomtail?

Two worst things that
can happen to a man

is a decent woman
and being left afoot.

Come on.

(Festus) Looky there, Matthew.

(horse neighs)


Is he lame?

Got hisself a pulled
tendon, Matthew.

Be all right if he ain't
rode for a awhile, though.

Why don't you unsaddle
him and turn him loose.

Footprints all around here,
they must have stopped.

Yeah, ain't seen no signs
of 'em makin' camp, though.

Well, it's hard to
figure, Matthew.

From here on these tracks
are scattered out worser

than a herd a spooked cattle.

Footprints mixed
in with the horses.

Looks like somethin'
spooked their mounts.

Sure won't get far on foot.

We oughta catch 'em 'fore
the day is out, Matthew.

Let's go.

(solemn music)

(Festus) Whoa, Ruth.

(horse neighs)

(Gristy) I gave you all the
water we got, Broomtail.

Maybe it's a good thing
you can't drink whiskey.

You'd be as lightheaded as I am.

All right boy, all right.


(suspenseful music)

No use lookin'.

Ground's drier than
a mummy's pocket.

We keep headin' south,
it's only gonna get drier.

There's water north,
but so is the posse.

And Charlie.

Ain't exactly what you call a
good luck charm, Broomtail.

Well, might as well
die walkin' as sittin'.

Mexico's due south,

lessen they moved it.

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

Stop, get away from it.

Which one are you?

Dobie Gray.

- Where are the others?
- I dunno.

An old billy named
Gristy got the jump on us.

Scattered our horses.


Charlie's idea to bring him in.

His cut was supposed to be $100.

He took off with
the whole 5,000.

Now, this Charlie...

You're talkin' about
Charlie Dent, ain't ya?


Gristy, I ain't never heared
a him, have you Matthew?

Gristy who?

Calhoun, he's nothin'.

He's somethin' now, mister.

This Calhoun, he the
one that rode south, is he?

Yeah, double crossin' scum.

Takin' off with our money.

Your money?

Appears to me like
it's Wells Fargo money.

Get him back to Dodge, Festus.

Have Doc patch him
up then put him in jail.

Matthew, which way you headin'

with the four of 'em
scattered out that way?

I'm goin' after Calhoun,
he's the one with the money.

Matthew, I can tie him up
some place and ride with ya.

No, you better get
him back, Festus.

We don't have enough
water for three, anyway.

All right, get up.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

Come on, come on.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

(suspenseful music)

Someone's comin'

(suspenseful music)

Who is it?

(Striker) Striker.

(Charlie) Thought
the world had sent you

to your just reward.

(Striker) Took me near a
day to catch up to my horse.

You see any sign of Dobie?


- What is this?
- Gopher.

It was either eat that or dirt.

Ain't you got no
whiskey to kill it?

(Charlie) Nope.

(Brinker) Well
what do we do now?

Go after Gristy.

He's probably in Mexico by now.

Not unless he's a camel.

His canteen was near empty
and mine was fulla whiskey.

A man can drink
whiskey easy as water.

A horse can't.

Without a horse a man's
nothing in this desert.

Now we went through
a lot for that money

and I want it back.

That and a piece
of Gristy's hide.

Well what're we waitin' for?

Daylight, Brinker.

Unless you can track
a man in the dark.

But it's good to see you
boys strainin' at the bit.

A hungry man does better work.

(suspenseful music)

Come one you dang Broomtail.

You can't just
lie there and die.

Come on, get up.

There's bound to
be water up ahead.

There's bound to be.

Come on.

Get up.

Come on.

Get up.

(sad music)

(canteen clinks)

If you don't get up...

I gotta shoot ya.

I can't just leave
ya lyin' here.

If you don't stand up
the coyotes'll get ya,

and the buzzards.

(gun clicks)

I'm sorry old feller.

You done your best.

That's all any of us can do.

(horse whinnies)

(buzzards chitter)

(suspenseful music)

(rifle clicks)

(suspenseful music)



Hey gimme that.

Gimme that, that's mine.

That's mine.

You have tobacco?


The salted beef?

No I ain't got no food
or tobacco, I told ya.

We trade.

Sure, sure I'll trade with ya.

I have a little bit of
money, I'll trade with you.

I'll give you $50 for
some food, and water,

and one of them ponies.


No, no this is money.

It's cash money.

White man's money.

No good to us.

Look, it's all I got.

We trade.


We trade her.

No, I don't want no squaw.

What I need is a horse.

You take woman,

I give you water, food, horse,

with white man's saddle.

I don't want no squaw.

And I been routin'
since yesterday,

to know that ain't no trade.

What's she got some
disease or somethin'?

Plain from here it ain't
blind staggers the blow.

What is it?

She is bad medicine.

Whaddya mean?

She was wife to two braves.

Both have died.

Of what?

We look for buffalo,
we have seen no buffalo.

Medicine man say
it because of her.

You mean you wanna
get rid a her, so...

so your luck can get better...

and mine worser?

I've had my fill of that.

No sir, maybe we can...

maybe we can work
somethin' else out.

Unless you take woman, we go.

Throw in a rifle.

No gun.

All right, you got a deal.

But that horse
better be a good un.

(horse neighs)

Her name Quanah.

Means "lost".

What's the word for trouble.

She make good wife for you.

While you live.

It'll be dark in awhile.

After what I been through,

I ain't fit to travel right off.

Squaws are to tote and fetch

and you're mine,
'til I can shake ya.

Fix us some food.



You, you fix.

Slower than wet gun powder.

Slowin' me down squaw.

Could be halfway 'cross
the Rio Grande if'n I weren't

weighed down with you.

Squaw always
stays behind the man.

That's your way ain't it?

Good way.

'Cept you ain't my squaw.

You and me are like
hitchin' a bobcat and a horse.

Ain't gonna take first place
at an arguing match, are ya?

Come on up here.

Listen, I got
nothin' against you.

It's just some fellas
could be lookin' for me.

And maybe the law to boot.

If they find me, there
could be shootin'.

You understand
what I'm talkin' about?

It ought to be said, you look
like you was weaned on a pickle.

You already buried
two a your own.

I don't need ya.

Besides, your kinda woman's

got a way a lookin'
out for themselves.

Even givin' birth
in the brush and all.

So's if I go on by myself,
you'll make out all right.

Here, go ahead take it.

Well, so long and
good luck to you.

(peaceful music)

Go on back.

Go on.

Get back.

You'll make out.

(branch snaps)

(gun clicks)

Whaddya doin' here?

You coulda got yerself shot.

Don't ya savvy?

I don't want ya around.

Talkin' to you is
like talkin' to sheep.

Why are you followin' me?

I belong to you now.

You and the chief
you made a trade.

I don't not like it,
but I will stand by it.

You can talk.

You been understandin'
everything I said.

You don't sound like no
Injun squaw I ever heard.

So, you figure on
standin' by, huh?

Well, lemme tell you somethin'.

Like it or not, first
town we come to,

or anywhere there's folks,

I'm dealin' you off.

And I just hope
you stand by that

as fierce as you
been followin' me.

I will.

Well, all right.

We'll be pullin'
out with the sun.

Sure you got all the ticks
shook outta that blanket?

Don't trust Injuns.

Still got a feelin' you're out to
make a necklace outta my teeth.

(dramatic music)

Sleep well.

(dramatic music)

(peaceful music)

(dramatic music)

All right Gristy on your feet.

Where's your gun?

I have them.

Nice work.


(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

You're free to go wherever
you want to ma'am.

I can drop you by the
Big Springs trading post,

maybe you can find your people.

I have no people.

I am his property.

- I will stay.
- I don't want her.

You can tie a can to her
as far as I'm concerned.

I'm takin' him all the way
back to Dodge City, ma'am.

Then I will go there, too.

(Matt) Get mounted Gristy.

That old chief was
right about you.

You're bad luck.

Why don't you rub some
of it off on the Marshal there.

I am sorry.


Is that what you said

to them two braves
you put in the ground.

(suspenseful music)

All of a sudden you
can't do enough for me.

Why'd you take my gun?

I did it for you.

For me!

If it wasn't for you
I'd be drinkin' water

from the Rio Grande
now instead of yours.

You would be dead.

You are no gunman.

How do you know what I am?

If I had not taken the guns,
you would have been foolish,

and tried to fight him.

And he would have killed you.

Well, even if he did,
I ain't afraid to die.

Afraid to die,
or afraid to live?

(dramatic music)


(Brinker) Well he
ain't goin' too far afoot.

He ain't out there
alone, Charlie.

Somebody followin' on horseback.


Well if it is the law
he'll be doin' us a favor.

He takes the money from Gristy

and then we take
it from him, huh?

- Let's go.
- (horse whinnies)

(dramatic music)

We stop here and
rest the horses.

How come you come after me?

I mean I'm nothin'
compared to Charlie Dent.

You got the money.

- How'd you know that?
- Dobie Gray.

You mean you caught him?

He's on his way to jail
right now with my deputy.

Charlie and the boys'll
be comin' after me.

Yeah, I figured that.

Yeah, I guess so.

Well, we'll be runnin'
into them any time now.

You don't want that
any more than I do.

With me you stay
in jail, with him...

I'm dead.

But of that, he is
not afraid Marshal.

Now I know why that
old Comanche chief

was so anxious to get rid a you.

What woulda happen
if there was no takers?

When we returned
to the big camp,

there would have
been a council to decide.

Decide what?

How I would die.

Left behind without
food or water...

or stoned to death by
the women of the tribe.

You mean, they weren't
leavin' no room for nothin' else?


I don't get it. Why?

I am not a Comanche.

Then how'd you end up with them?

The same way I am with you.

I was traded when
I was very young.

They treated me as a slave,

until I became a woman.

Filled out some, huh?

And the young bucks took notice.

Sometimes they fought for me.

The women wanted me dead.

So, you got hitched up twice.


The first one died in battle.

The second, when
the buffalo stampeded.

I was blamed.

I was a bad omen.


If you ain't Comanche
what are you?

My mother was Cherokee,

my father, I do not know.

(Gristy chuckles) Figures.

I didn't mean it that
way. I was just...

It's true.

My mother's village was
raided by another tribe.

When her people learned
she was carrying a child,

my mother was
shamed from her village.

Weren't her fault.

The child was of the enemy
and therefore one of them.

I was born in the brush.

Well, alone with a kid,
how'd she make out?

We drifted for a long time.

I do not remember where.

All I remember is hunger.

Until we met buffalo hunters.

One of them took my mother
as a squaw, so that I could live.

I was young, yet did
the work of man to eat.

When my mother
died, the buffalo hunters

traded me to the Comanche.

Is that where you learned
English, them buffalo hunters?


How old were you when
them hunters traded you

to the Comanches?

I was 12.

You know somethin' Wigwam?

You and me are a lot alike.


We're both losers.

(romantic music)

- Charlie.
- Yeah.

Where you think he's goin'?


How do you know he
didn't just say Rio Grande

to throw us off?

I shared a cell with
him long enough.

All he could ever talk about
was hittin' it big some day

and livin' like a king
in Mexico. Giddup.

No thanks, I'm fine.

Quanah, I know that you
think you belong to him and all,

but he's gonna be goin' to jail.

What are you gonna do then?

I do not know.

He told me he took the
money from a man who stole it.

Well that's true,
but he still was in

on the robbery of a stagecoach.

How long will he be in prison?

I don't know, that'll
be up to the judge.

He is not a bad man.

A Comanche brave
sometimes will talk loud

to frighten the enemy.

The real reason
is that he is afraid,

but does not want
the enemy to know.

It is a shield.

He does not know
how else to talk.

He has been afraid a long time.

Wigwam, come here.

You're still my
property, ain't ya?

Then you gotta
do what I tell you.



Help me get loose.

Look, you'd be
doin' us both a favor.

We ain't gonna make Dodge.

Look, somewhere 'tween here and
there Charlie and boys'll be comin'.

With Dillon, I go
to prison or die.

Mexico's the only chance I got.

And me?

Take ya anywhere you wanna go.

A loose mare can
always find a new pasture.

And the money?

Course I want the money.

Ain't nothin' without it.

How will the money
make you better?


Food, clothes,
way folks treat ya.

Money makes everybody better.

And after the money is gone?

What will you be then?

The same man I see now.

Money cannot change that.

People change people.

Missionaries musta
got ahold a you.

My luck, probably end up
dead in a preacher's backyard.

Look, what kinda squaw are you?

Are you gonna help me or not?


You mean that?

Well then, get the keys to this.

- I think he's got...
- I am not going to help you escape.

The best way I can
help you is to do nothing.

Woman, that makes
about as much sense

as puttin' a milk
bucket under a bull.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(Brinker) Hey, Charlie.


(Matt) Hold up.

Can you make 'em out?

One of 'ems Gristy.

- That your friends?
- That's them.

The big one's Matt
Dillon, Marshal of Dodge,

I seen him before.

Let's get 'em.

Used to be an old prospector's
shack right over the rise, let's go.

(dramatic music)

(horse neighs)

(suspenseful music)

Marshal, wait up.

(horse neighs)

(Quanah) The water.

(Gristy) Never mind
the water, get up here.

(suspenseful music)

(Matt) Get inside, hurry up.

(suspenseful music)


Striker get that horse below us.

(suspenseful music)

(glass tinkles)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

You got the money?

No, but I got stuff that's
just as good, look at this.

Hey, in there.

Gristy, Dillon.

We just brought in that
Injun pony you lost back there.

Two water skins on him.

That makes me figure you
ain't got any water in there.

No water, you'll
be like a hungry calf

lookin for a cow
to suck before long.

I'm gonna make you folks
a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

You throw out that money,

we leave the pony and the water.

We get rich and you survive.

Now let's be hearin' from ya.

Does he speak the truth?

He's got the need to kid,
you're deader than dry bones.

But if he's got the money
there will be no need.

Money's not ours to give.

It belongs to Wells Fargo.

If we do not give it
to them we could die.

My job's to get that money back.


We're still waitin'
to hear from ya.

No deal.

Well there's no need
to get frothy about it.

We ain't in no hurry.

Marshal we gotta make a move.

I know Charlie good.

He's got the patience of
bird watchin' a worm hole.

If ya could just give
me a gun, I could...

No gun.

(suspenseful music)

How long you figure
they can hold out?

I dunno.

There ain't gonna
be no moon tonight.

If I was them, I'd wait 'til
dark, then try to slip out.

We gotta figure a way to
flush 'em out before that.

I reckon you were right about
money not changin' a man.

You can change clothes,
maybe some thinkin',

but you can't change skins.

Loser's always a loser.

A man is what he wants to be.

I had that taken outta
me a long time ago.

My Pa cleaned me
outta spine and spirit...

like I clean a fish.

My old man, he was the best.

Ride, shoot... wrestle
a steer with one arm,

and women...

always first outta
the startin' post.

Only second to God
in most folks eyes.

And your mother?

She loved him.

And it cost her.

Drove her into the ground
as sure as he dug the hole.

I guess that's when
I started hatin' him...

and ran off.

When he died, I
thought I was free of him.

But even from the
ground he's still holdin' on.

I guess I'm still tryin'
to prove myself to him.

With money?

Well, at least money'd be
somethin' he'd understand.


When my horse fell,
you could have left me.

If I had any sense
I'da done just that.

But you didn't.

In your place, many
men would have.

Yesterday I would.

But this ain't yesterday.

You still...

Figurin' on comin' to Dodge?

(romantic music)


I don't know how long,
how long they'd lock me up.

That is if'n we get outta here.

I will wait.

Unless you trade me.

Hey in there, Dillon.

It's gettin' hot and
sweaty out here.

We're gettin' tired of waitin'.

Now you got one minute.

One minute.

What's he got on his mind now?

Give it to them.

Compared to living,
money is nothing.

Now listen to me, both of ya.

Dent knows I'm a lawman.

He knows if he leaves me alive

I'm gonna be comin' after him.

Now that's a chance
he's not gonna take.

Where's that leave us?

We die rich?

They ain't buyin'.

Let's go.

(dramatic music)

You think this is gonna work?

You just hit that
rock where I told ya

and it'll work.

Them ricochets'll
spook them horses sure.

All right, now!

They're makin' a play.

(horses neigh)

Look no horses, there's
no gettin' outta here.

Now will ya give me a gun?


You gun's in the saddle bags.

(guns blast)

(horses neigh)

(dramatic music)

(guns blast)

Get them horses.

(guns blast)

(horse neighs)

We got him.

(horse neighs)

Let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(Charlie) It's all over
Dillon, you're finished.

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

Didn't figure you
for that, Gristy.

Kinda surprised me too.


What're we gonna do, rush 'em?

Are you crazy?

Two guns down there now.

Couldn't even get close.

But they ain't goin'
nowhere, neither.

(suspenseful music)

Get back inside there, Wigwam.

Where ya goin'?

What's she up to?

(suspenseful music)

Give us the horse with the water

and the money is yours.

What're we gonna do?


We ain't got much choice.

Go on, get the
horse. I'll cover ya.


I'll cover ya. Get it.

All right, hold your fire.

We're bringin' the horse.

All right, here's the horse.

(horse whinnies)

No, both.

What for?

You have plenty of water.

You leave both, or you
will have to shoot me.

And then they will shoot you.

Decide. Now.

All right.

Now gimme the money.

How's your leg?

I guess it'll be all right.

What's the matter
with you woman?

You almost got
your head blowed off

for a second skin of
water we didn't even need.

There was need.

What's she talkin' 'bout?

Only one skin full of water,

I'da had to take both
of ya back to Dodge.

There's no way to split it.

This way I go after the money.

You tryin' to tell me she
had that all figured out?

Gristy, I think she's been
way ahead a the both of us.

(romantic music)

Is he really gonna let us go?

I do not think he says
what he does not mean.

Good luck to both of ya.


No need to stay behind me.

Red or white, a woman's a woman.

I learned that the hard way.

Like everythin' else.

This is all we've got
in the whole world.

It is more than
we were born with.

What'd you say your
name was again?


Wigwam's easier.

(romantic music)

(upbeat music)

(announcer) Stay
tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

(theme music)

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