Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 16 - Larkin - full transcript

Gunfighter Clay Larkin is wanted dead or alive with a reward of $5,000. He kills a bounty hunter and takes off. Newly O'Brien, on his way to Dodge City, stops at a restaurant where Larkin is having lunch. Bounty hunter Lon Toomes and two henchmen spot Larkin and try to capture him, but the outlaw is rescued by Newly, who takes him into custody. Newly, seriously wounded, struggles to reach Dodge City with his prisoner while the three bounty hunters are hot on their trail.

With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hit me.

You mean that?

Oh, I never lie to
the ladies, ma'am.


You're the prettiest girl I've
seen since I left San Francisco.

- San Francisco, huh?
- Mm hm.

You go there often?

No, ma'am.

A man there once
owed me some money

for a job I did down in Texas.

Did you get the money?

Oh yes, ma'am.

- I always get what I go after.
- Aw.

Be a while before he
welches on another bet too I'll...

Mr. Smith.

- Where do you go from here?
- What?

I said, where do
you go from here?

Oh, excuse me ma'am.

Wherever the wind takes me.

Probably be
someplace that's small,

hot, and dusty.

Someplace where the people
don't ask so many questions.

Sorry, I was just
making conversation.

Conversation ma'am
is a waste of time

unless it leads up to something.

Now, do you think that you
can find someplace close by

that's a little bit
quieter than this?

I might.

Would it have a bathtub?

Mm hmm.

- Shall we?
- Mm hmm.


Son, do you know
what you're interrupting?

Get rid of the gun.

How much am I worth now?

Poster in my pocket
says $5,000 dead or alive.

I want you to
drop your gun belt.

That's an awful
lot of money, boy.

It ain't worth dyin' for.

They tell me that I've
killed more than 30 men.

And I tell you that you don't
come close to any of them.

You drop your gun
or I'll shoot you now.

Unh mm.

I'm warnin' you, Larkin.

That oughta take care of things.

I sure am sorry I
missed that bath, honey.

Newly, you'll have to head
back to Dodge by yourself.

Somethin' wrong?

Yeah, the sheriff just
got a wire from Hillsdale.

There's a riot
startin' over there.

I'm gonna give 'em a hand.

You sure you don't
want me to go with you?

No, Festus will be
needin' some help by now.

You got a three day
ride ahead of you.

I'll see you in a few days.

All right, good luck.

- Howdy.
- Howdy, how are ya?

Menu or just coffee?

Menu, I'm kinda tired
of my own cookin'.

You're liable to welcome it
after you taste what we got.

Say, tell me somethin'. This
seems like a fair-sized town yet

there's hardly
anybody on the streets.

Is there somethin' wrong?

Well, silver mine played
out about two months ago.

Some folks has pulled stakes.

Even the sheriff left Friday
'cause he wasn't gettin' paid.

Now what'll it be?

- Beef stew and coffee.
- Right.

Hey Lon, that's it.

- That's Larkin's horse.
- Sure looks like it.

All right now,

just take it easy til we see
which way the land lays.

Now, you two go in just
like paying customers.

I'll ease myself in
around the back.

You havin' supper?

No, just bring us a bottle.

We don't serve
liquor here, mister.

This is a restaurant.

Well, give us
somethin' to eat, then.

What's that?

The menu.

Look, don't bother me.

Just bring us anything you got.

Drop the guns. Go on
drop 'em or this one dies.

Do like he says, dummies.

Sorry Lon,

but Larkin there's
worth cash money.

You shoot him, fast as you are,

we'll kill you 'fore
you can get us.

Don't anybody move.

Put your guns away.

Put 'em down!

I'm a deputy
marshal out of Dodge.

Larkin, you're under arrest.

He's ours.

We followed him
clear from Kansas City.

I'm wearin' the badge.

Drop the gun, Larkin.

Soon as they do.

Drop your guns.

You heard me.

All right, Larkin.

I guess I'm your
prisoner, Deputy.

Put 'em on.

I hope you were fixin'
to spend the night here.

I was.

Let me hear 'em click.

You and I aren't
gonna get much sleep

with these three around.

Go on, take a look at 'em.

They'd cut your
throat for a quarter.

Where's your gear?

Excuse me deputy,
you're lookin' at it.

All right, let's go.

It ain't right.

He's ours.

You don't know what
we been through.

Why don't you shut up.

You got a mighty
dangerous man here, Deputy,

for you to be takin' in alone.

If you need some help,

we'd be much obliged.

No, thanks.

Larkin, let's go.

Stay right ahead of me.

- Where's your horse?
- Right there.

Get on.

You get on out there and
see which way they gone.

We just gonna stand here

while that fancy deputy...

You was willing
to let Larkin kill me.

I was bluffin', Lon.

What if he'd have
called your bluff?

I'd have been dead now.

All right, you first.

Law man sittin' right here.

Just how bad can our luck get?

Lon, Lon they're headin' north.

We don't take him now,

we might lose him for good.

Just how long do you
think that peach fuzz

is gonna last out
there with Larkin?

Not very long, that's for sure.

'Less'n we get to that
boy 'fore Larkin does.

Come on, let's go.

Now we got distance

between us and those
bond hunters, deputy,

so let's get these off me, huh?

I'll go my way and you go yours.

They're stayin' on.

Deputy, the only reason
you got these irons on me

is because I was
in a tight spot.

Now, I let you play
the big man back there

because I had to.

But that game is over with.

So, now get 'em off of me.

Let's get one thing
straight, Larkin.

You're my prisoner and
I'm takin' you back to Dodge,

all the way.

Oh, you're young
and you're puffed up

just like a rooster
ain't you, Deputy?

'Cause you're
takin' in Clay Larkin.

Well, I can't
blame you for that.

It is somethin' to brag on.

They're gonna be buyin'
you whiskey for a long time

just to hear you talk about it.

You can make up any story
you want about me gettin' away.

I'm wearin' a badge.

You're a wanted man and
I'm takin' you back to Dodge.

You got an awful
lot to live for, Deputy.

Good horses.

Good whiskey

and women.

Sure would hate to be the one

that took all that
away from you.

You're wastin' time.

Well, if you're fool enough
to try to carry this off,

I best lend you
some friendly advice.

I would get off of this trail

because they know that
you're headed for Dodge.

You mentioned it back
at the cafe, remember?

Big as a signboard, that you
are a deputy marshal from Dodge.

I guess if anybody knows
about bein' trailed, it'd be you.

You first.

Just like I figured.

They're on their way to Dodge.

I keep expecting to
find that dumb deputy

alongside the road dead.

Can't we get us a hurry on?

They're gonna be
expecting us comin'.

Look out for an ambush.

So, keep your eyes peeled.

Come on.

You know, I wouldn't
mind seein' Dodge again.

Wasn't figurin' on
seein' it with you, deputy.

I'll wait'll next time alone.

Tell me, is that Long
Branch still there?

Yeah, it's still there.

I know it's a little
too far back, but...

used to be a pretty little
girl that worked there.

Sure was pretty.

I was just a cowpoke then.

I was comin' off my first job.

I bought her a purple hat.

She sure did love that hat.

She told me that
I was the only one

that ever gave her
anything in her whole life.

You know that I spent
every dime I had on her?

Well, what's a woman for
if you don't treat 'em right?

Whoa, Larkin.

Head toward that farm.

That's far enough.

Better hold it.

We got ourselves
a snappin' turtle.


We just stopped by to see
if we could water our horses.

Get off of my land.

It's your move now.

I'm afraid you don't
have any choice.

You've got a well.

I'm a deputy marshal.

This here's my prisoner.

We need some water.

Go on.

But make it quick.

I ain't got all day to
stand here and watch you.

Get down.

Ain't the law supposed to pay

when they come
and help themselves

to what's on folks' land?

Yes sir.

Stay close where I
can keep an eye on you.

Much obliged.

Outlaw, huh?

Old man, come here.

You ever hear of Clay Larkin?


Well that's him.

I'm the law man.

He jumped me a ways back.

Larkin's older.

How do you know?
Did you ever see him?

No, but...

Listen, Billy the Kid killed
his first man when he was 14.

Now, listen to me.

You give me that rifle now.

It's worth $100 to me.

Maybe you'll even get a
reward from the governor

for helpin' a law
man do his duty.

But you gotta do it now.

How do I know I'll get it?

You'll get it.

Give me the rifle.

Come on, give it here.


What are you up to?

It's too late now, you old fool.

You're Larkin.

I was just tellin'
this old crow bait

that you was Clay Larkin.

Sure had you goin'
didn't I, old man?

You're through, get out.

Mount up, Larkin.

That was a near
thing there, Deputy.

You better be careful.

Head through them
trees over there.

You got a girl, Deputy?

Nobody special.

Well, you ever do
get somebody special,

you treat her real
good, you hear?

Buy her a lot of nice shoes,
and hats, and dresses.

Be sure and whisper
nice things in her ear

because that's important to 'em.

You sure spend a lot of
time talkin' about women.

Man is out workin'
all day raisin' blisters

and the sun beatin' down,

he's gotta go home
to somethin' soft.

Listen, if I were you,

I would turn in that badge.

Yes, sir.

Find me a nice girl.

I would marry her,
have some kids,

buy me some land.

Nothin' real big, just...

enough so a man can
work and feel like somethin'.

Awfully good life
if you live that long.

Larkin, I'm tired of your
homespun philosophy.

Just some friendly
advice, deputy.

I think I see 'em.

Right there in
those trees, look.

All right, head for over there.

Get down.

Stay down.

Deputy, if you had half a brain,

you'd get these
handcuffs off me right now.

Those bounty hunters,
they come and take me,

they're gonna kill you too.

Get up, Larkin.

You jump real good
deputy, yes you do.

That keeps you in shape
for when they do come.

I told you to get up.

Hold it.

Drop it or I'll kill you.

It ain't talk anymore, is it?

If it wasn't for these, Deputy,

you'd be dead.

You're a lot more
than I figured on.

But it's still two
days to Dodge.

You can't possibly hold onto me

and look out for
them at the same time

and get any sleep, no sir.

Sooner or later you're
gonna drop your guard.

When you do,

either they're gonna get you...

or I am.

Let's move out of here, Larkin.


Who are you and
what do you want?

Get off my land, hear?

Ease off, squatter.

Did a couple of
men come by here?


Why? 'Cause I'm
askin' you, that's why.

This mornin', two.

Got water, but they paid me.

Now either you pay
me or I start shootin'.

Throw him some coins, Angus.

Now leave that alone.

That ain't yours.

Get away from there.

Hey, you two dummies.

Here we're after $5,000

and you're fightin'
over nickels and dimes

like a buzzard
over a picked bone.

Now, let's get outta here.

Ridin' all night may have put
some distance between us.

But layin' over
here's a mistake.

Them horses need rest

and I figured I could
grab a couple hours sleep.


What do you think
I'm gonna be doing?

You're gonna be watchin'
for 'em, more than likely.

Well what if they come?

I figure we lost 'em.

Least long enough for
me to grab some rest.

You just don't know
the breed, do you?

Deputy, every time I
think you're gettin' smart,

you end up doin'
somethin' stupid.

They come in,

they're gonna see you
sleepin' like the town drunk.

And here I am chained to this,

helpless like a
sheep on his back.

They come in, yell.

This time it better be them.

Have a nice sleep, Deputy.


I got him, I got him.

Drop it.

You, get over there.

Now take your gun belts
off. Throw 'em over here.

The only way we're gonna
get out of here, Deputy,

is for you to kill them now.

You're either gonna
have to kill them

or they're gonna kill
you sooner or later.

I can't do that, Larkin.

Unlock yourself.

You can't do that after
what they tried to do to you?

You heard him.

Law men don't believe
in cold-blooded killin'.

You can't shoot helpless folks.

We's just tryin'
to make a livin'.

Well if he can't do it,

then I'll do it for him.

We'll take their horses.

That way they won't
be able to trail us.

No, Deputy.

You gotta kill 'em now
'cause they'll find a way.

Give me the key.

Lock yourself up.

Where's your horses?

They're over yonder behind
them trees there, Deputy.

Take these gun belts,
put 'em on my horse.

You're gonna be sorry, deputy.

Shoulda killed them.

Try to follow us,

I'll kill you like he said.

No need to worry, Deputy.

We learned our lesson.

Let's go, Larkin.

Well, we tried.

We're just lucky we ain't dead.

It's an awful lot of money

to just let get away.

We've come too far to let
that money get away from us.

From the looks of things,

the way that deputy was
bleedin', he ain't gonna get very far.

He ain't gonna
get very far at all.

Larkin, whoa, whoa.

Startin' to bleed
again, isn't it?

Well, the way
you're losin' blood

and the way the
sun's blisterin' down,

it saps your strength.

Just a matter of time

before you fall right
out of the saddle.

If they find you
along that trail,

you're gonna get yourself
gutted and quartered mister.

The way I see it,

you got one of two choices.

You're either gonna let me
tend you and stop the bleeding...

You don't trust me, do you?

That's right.

Then you can let me go...

and try to find some
help for yourself,

maybe a doctor.

You better make
up your mind, mister.

Just a matter of time

before I take you.

Just keep movin', Larkin,

and don't talk so much.

Come on.

Oh Come on, Lon.

I got a rock in my boot.

I don't care what you
got in your boot. Walk!

You just keep walkin' and
sooner or later we'll get 'em.

Horses all got rifles.

Just hope those
warthogs don't find 'em.

If they do, you're gonna
have the satisfaction of knowin'

it was that dumb move you
made that made it possible.

Try anything like that
again, Larkin, it'll cost you.

Now just what are
you gonna do, deputy?

You gonna shoot
me down in cold blood

just like you did
that other bunch?

Just do like I tell you, Larkin.

Keep movin'.

Go on.

Why, you wanna die in bed?

I need a doctor.

Maybe there's
somebody over there

that can go to Dodge
and bring back some help.

You don't want
to give up, deputy.

Don't you want to be the
one that brings in Clay Larkin?

Let's go, Larkin.

Son, my name is O'Brien.
I'm a deputy marshal.

This here's my prisoner.

Your folks around?

No, sir. Just me and
my sister, Melissa.

Your folks, they
gonna be gone for long?

Two, three days.

My aunt's havin' a baby
over to Green River.

Now that there's
a shame, Deputy.

Son, you got anything
to eat in that house?

We're gonna be here for a while.

I'll go tell Melissa.

Let's tie 'em up.

Melissa, two men coming in.

What about 'em?

One's been shot, he's a marshal.

And the other one's wearing
handcuffs and I don't know who he is.

Afternoon, miss.

Sorry to bust in on
you like this, miss.

Like I told your brother,

this here man's my prisoner.

I'm afraid we're gonna
have to stay here a while.

- Well, my folks are gone and...
- I know that.

I'm afraid there's no choice.

When did it happen?

While ago.

Lie down, I'll do what I can.

Let me get him settled first.

- He shoot you?
- No.

What did he do?

It was a misunderstanding, miss.

One of those things.

His name's Larkin.

- Clay Larkin?
- That's right.

So I'm warnin' both of you.

Don't trust him and
stay away from him.

You have a very nice
place here, miss. Real nice.

Son, have you got any small
links of chain layin' around here?

Yes sir, out in the barn.

All right, go get 'em for me.

Larkin, sit down. Over there.

You're gonna need a doctor.

I can take the
buggy into Tilden.

It's the closest town.

How far is that?

'Bout 20 miles.

No, no good.

Me like this,

that'd be like leavin'...

boy alone with Larkin.

But he's chained up.

I know Larkin.

You and the boy,

the both of you go.

Not and leave
you here like this.

Jess and I can take you
into Tilden in the buggy.

Leave Larkin here.

Keep him chained.

I can't leave Larkin alone.


Because there's three men

might be headed this way,

bounty hunters,

the ones that shot me.

They after him?


Well, why don't you
just leave him here?

How many men has he killed?

Save your own life.

I can't do that, miss.

He's my responsibility until
I get him back to Dodge.

I'd like to know how
you expect to do that,

condition you're in.

If I can just stop the bleeding.

But we tried.

We haven't tried
cauterizing it yet.


No, I couldn't.

I couldn't.

Son, what'ya got goin' in
that garden I saw outside?

Carrots, onions, corn.

Did you really kill
50 men, Mr. Larkin?

Oh it's more like 30.

Guess I might have lost track
of one or two along the way.

- Jess.
- But, that's what I heard.

No more questions, Jess.

Thank you, miss.

Mm mm.

Sure are a good cook, miss.

You're one of the best.

Why haven't you tried escapin'?


Escape son?

Look, I'd be missin' all this.

Besides, I haven't
figured out a way yet

of gettin' this post
out of your front door.

Just give me a little time, huh.

You're worried about the deputy.

His fever's gone up.

He needs a doctor.

You know somethin'?

It's Melissa, isn't it?

You know, Melissa,
you remind me very much

of a girl I used to
know a long time ago.

Now when she would
get worried and afraid,

her eyes would take on just
like yours are doing right now.

They'd get big and sad,

and heavier than marbles.

She sure was pretty, too.

Been a lot of years
since I seen her,

but I still think about her.

Sometimes I wish
I'd have got married.

Yeah, especially when
I'm in a room in some town

I don't even know
what the name of it is.

Now a place like this,

wife, kid.

Things could
have been different.

Why didn't you marry her?

Well, I was feelin' the same way

about five other
girls at the time.

Now you take that
deputy there, miss.

Instead of wearin' that
badge and gettin' shot,

he should have been settlin'
down in a place like this

with a girl like you.

Just turn the deck back.

Boy I sure would.

Say, son,

why don't you go over and
see if you can help the deputy.

Maybe he needs somethin'.

It's all right, Jess. Go ahead.

Now miss, the best
thing you can do

is get the key
and turn me loose,

'cause there's three
men comin' after us.

He told me.

Now they're gonna
get here sooner or later,

that's for sure.

And it's me that they want.

I know.

I told him to leave you here

while we took him to the doctor.

He wouldn't do it.

He said they'd kill you.

After all we've been through,

he still hasn't
learned a thing yet.

Look, miss, it's foolish notions
like that that kill innocent people.

Now he's riskin' his life,

and he's riskin'
yours and the boy's.

The time is runnin' short, girl.

They're gonna come here for sure

and they're not gonna
be as agreeable as I am.

So come on, you let me go.

And with me gone,

you don't have to worry, miss.

I can't.

He said no matter what...

What other choice
do we have, miss?

He said if we could
stop the bleeding.

He asked me to cauterize it.

He's still gonna
try to take me in.

Melissa, he's bleedin' bad.

Well, I reckon I owe him one.

All right, I'll do
the doctorin'.

But I gotta have my hands free.


All right, we're gonna
have to do as he says, then.

You're gonna have to do it.

I'm gonna tell you how.

Even from here
you don't look good.

Listen, I tended
a lot of wounds.

You turn me loose
maybe I can help you.

Look Deputy, I know
I'm no good Samaritan,

but I never shot a
helpless man yet.

I don't like the idea of you

standin' over me with

a hot poker, Larkin.



Alright, miss...

you stir up some hot coals.

Now bring a poker
and some whiskey,

somethin' for him to bite
down on beside his own teeth.

Now, you're doin' real good,
miss. Just hold together.

- Where's the boy?
- He's asleep.

I hope he stays there.
This isn't gonna be pretty.

I'd take another swig of that
whiskey if I were you, Deputy.

All right now, miss.

You hold the workin'
end of that poker

right on up against the wound.

Now hold it there
for one full second

and then pour whiskey
over the wound.


No, Miss, no.

Don't look away.

This is gonna
hurt him like hell.

So let's just do it
right the first time.

Go on, girl, do it.

Just be sure you
look where you put it.



The horses must
have busted loose.


Look there, the
rifles are still on 'em.

- Whoa now, boy.
- Whoa, boy.

- Here now.
- Whoa, now.

We got 'em now.

Get a move on now.

Miss, you did real good.

He oughta be ready
to travel in a day or so.

The only trouble is,

those bounty hunters
may be here before then.

What if they don't come?

Then that deputy will
try to take me in again.

If he tries,

I'll have to kill him.

Believe me, miss, I
don't want to do that.

I've grown kinda partial to him.

I told you they
wouldn't get very far.

They're comin'.

Some men are comin'.

What are you doing?

Get down and bolt the door.

Get down, get down.

- Was it three men?
- Yes sir.

Get down, son.

Angus, take the
end of the wagon.

Hickory, that haystack.

Deputy, you get these
cuffs off me right now

and give me a gun, come on.

No chance, Larkin.

That's the only way
we're gonna get outta here.

They kill us,

they're gonna have to kill them
too, 'cause they're witnesses.

I can't give you no gun.

There's nobody any better

when it comes to
usin' one, Deputy.

Look miss, you're gonna have
to talk some sense into him.

You got your
brother to think of.

Come on girl, look at him.

How long you think he's
gonna last against them?

Hey, you in there!

Be best all-around
you send Larkin out.

Then we'll be on our way.


Give him the keys, Newly.


Give him the keys.

You can't shoot me.

Give him the keys
or I'll give him the rifle.

I don't see Larkin comin' out.

Gonna need some
ammunition soon, miss.


What now, Deputy?

Drop it.

You got one minute.

Send Larkin out or
we'll burn the place.

All right... Now,
I'll cover you.

When they come
runnin' out, start firin'.

You hear?

Hold your fire out there!

There he is.

Take him and get out.

Let's go.

Let's get him.


Drop it.

I'm not gonna try
you now, Deputy.

You've shown too
much savvy lately.

Picked it up from
me, most likely.

That's the first smart
thing you've done yet.

I'd like to thank you, miss,

and you, son, for
your hospitality.

I'm sorry your
house got tore up.

Newly, will he hang?

Well, that's up for
a jury to decide.

Most of the men he killed are

the same as those
bounty hunters.

He claims he's been
ridding the world of trash.

After I tell 'em what happened,

maybe a jury will agree.

Will you come back?

Well, you can sure bet on that.

So long, Jess.

Bye, Newly.

Thank you.

Newly, will you be all right?

Miss, you just
remember what I told you

and don't you fret.

I'll see he gets to
Dodge in one piece.


Bye, Newly.


Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.