Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 14 - Jubilee - full transcript


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Come on, get up
higher than that.

- I'm trying.
- Try.

I'm trying.

Come on, you can
get up higher than that.

Come on.

Caleb, Annie, y'all
fetch me some water

and get washed up.

It's time for dinner.

- Yes Mom, come on Caleb.
- Okay.

Get the bucket.

It's Uncle Festus.

Ma, hey Ma, it's Uncle Festus.

Uncle Festus is coming.

Hi, y'all.

Howdy, youngins.

Whoa, Ruth.

Well, look at you.

Never seen the likes of you two.

I'll swear you
both growed a foot.

And look at you.

If you ain't the looksome-ist
thing I've ever saw.

And you, you little scutter,

you still ain't
nothing but freckles,

and warts, and feet.

It's good to see
you Uncle Festus.

You been hunting Uncle Festus?

We was just sittin'
down to eat Uncle Festus.

- Will you eat with us?
- Will you please?

Howdy, Festus.

Well howdy, Bessie.

Well yeah, I reckon I
could eat a bite with you.

I have been huntin'.

Fact is, I brang
you some venison.

I'll hang him up for
you in your root cellar.

Well, you shouldn't have Festus.

Well, Bessie, you know a feller,

he's gotta get out of town

every once in a while,

get away from all that
hubbub, and hurrah,

just kinda go off
huntin' by his self.

What's in the sack Uncle Festus?

Oh, that.

Yeah well, I'll tell you honey,

I done the same
thing I done before.

I went to work and
bought too many vittles

for my hunting trip.

Aw, Festus.

Reckon you two could
take that in the house?

- Sure, Uncle Festus.
- That's the way.

Bessie, give me some help here

and we'll get him
in out of the sun.

Festus, I do thank you so.

Oh fiddle Bessie.

I get done puttin' away
some of them vittles of yours

and we'll be even on the thanks.

Have you ever saw
the likes of this weather?

Why it's hotter than
a deep old stove.

- Well howdy Festus.
- Tuck.

Where'd you get the deer?

Well I brang him in for Bessie
and you and the youngins.

- He's more than I could eat.
- Yeah.

Got a race with Don
Kerry come Saturday.

Hope you saved
enough to make a bet.

Yeah, I heard about that.

What do you think
of this, Festus?

Three hundred fifty
yards in 21 seconds flat.

Oh fiddle, Tuck.

I don't know nothing about that.

Of course that's
only a good guess,

but that's good enough to
beat old Don's horse, I'll tell ya.

Yeah one of these days,
old Jubilee's gonna carry me

to the end of the rainbow
and the pot that's there.

That's a-boy.

Food's ready to serve up, Tuck.

You go ahead and eat without me.

I'm gonna rub him down
and cool him off a bit.

I'll tell ya,

it's enough to make a
preacher cuss a blue streak.

- If you want to know what I think...
- Oh hush up Burke.

Festus, gettin' all
worked up like this

- isn't gonna do a bit of good.
- Well Miss Kitty,

lookin' at them youngins,

and seein' how them
and Bessie does without

just works me
into a foamin' fit.

And Tuck, he's just
lettin' the farm of his

go plumb to seed.

Well it's a crime all
right, pure and simple.

That used to be one
of the finest places

between here and Hays.

Well, it still could be.

And it's a crime that
Bess and the kids

have to pay for
Tuck's self-indulgence.

Well, he don't think
of nothin' or nobody

'ceptin' that blame horse.

Well, that's all I
was tryin' to say.

Well, why didn't you say
something before you spoke?

I'm sure that if Matt
thought it would do any good,

he'd have a talk with him.

That won't do a lick
of good Miss Kitty.

Now I've done tried that.

He won't listen.

He, just as polite, told me
to mind my own business.

But I'll tell you something.

Something has got to be did,

and I mean did now.

Well, what are you ogglin' at?

I thought you went hunting.

I did.

Why'd you come back?

I got done hunting.

I was looking forward to a
few days of peace and quiet.

All right, don't start
raggin' me Doc.

I'm in no mood for that.

What's the matter with him?

Oh, you know, ever
since those Frye kids

got to callin' him
Uncle a while back,

I guess he's kinda
takin' it to heart.


And I'll tell you
somethin' else.

I think he's sweet
on Bessie Frye.

Well it's as plain as
the nose on your face.

You better watch out.

You might have your
nose all over your face.

Well I certainly
wasn't implying that...

I think I need a drink, Sam.

Burke, I'm sure
you've got things to do.

Well Doc, look.

I wasn't tryin' to
say that Festus...

Sam... your drink.

Ladies and gentlemen, please.

Can I have your
attention please.

We want to have a fair
race and a good start.

Now, if you gentlemen
will take your horses

on past the Carpenter's cafe

and wait for my signal.

When I raise my hat up,

come toward me,
but stay together.

When I drop it...

the race is on.

If one of you gets
the jump on the other,

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Well I'd be glad to let
Don have a head start

if he needs it.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Five bucks on him as well.

I never miss a sure thing.

Go on with him baby.

Go on with him baby.

You gonna buy me a beer?

Come on, let's go get a beer.

You got enough beer iced?

Four kegs Miss Kitty.


Well Doc.

How are you?

What's the matter? Aren't you
interested in the horse race?

Oh, I don't know.

I've seen a few
of 'em in my time.

- Have a beer there, Sam?
- Yes sir, Doc.

Sounds like half the
town's over on River Street.

Yeah, and they're all gonna
be in here after a while.

About these horse matches,

doesn't make any
difference who wins.

We do a bang up
business afterwards.

One thing about a horse race,

sure puts people
in the party mood.

Guess there's not much
doubt about who won the race.

Yeah it wasn't none
the first time old Tuck

told me he was
racing Don's horse.

Marshall, Festus.

Looks like old Tuck
just might hit pay dirt

with that horse of his.

If I thought there
was a chance of that,

I'd be the first
one to say hurrah.

Looks like me and Jubilee

gonna run out of
competition around here.

How 'bout high walkin'
that champion of mine

and rub it down, cool it off,

and come on in for a beer, huh?

Festus, Marshall.

Well, a sizeable bunch
of folks around here

won some few dollars
bettin' on that horse of mine.

Got me more beers
offered than I can drink.

Why don't you come in there
and help me drink 'em, huh?

Maybe we'll join you next time.


I wouldn't wish
anybody any bad luck,

but the best thing that
could have happened

was for Jubilee to
have lost that race.

Best for Bessie
and the kids too.

Maybe he'd spend some
more time workin' on that farm.

What you saw out there

ain't nothin' more than a
warm-up for what's to come.

I'd like to tag along on this.

Yeah, I tell you Jubilee and me,

we're gonna make more in a month

than most men
make in five years.

Let's have a beer, Sam.

Well, Tuck, that was some race.

Yeah, wasn't it though.

I'd like to talk a little
business with you.

Ain't no use, Mr. Wells.

I'm prepared to
increase my offer.

Oh, well now...

How much this time?

Ah Tuck, you know
I want that horse.

You and...

one or two others.

That's true Tuck, true.

But now how many have
come up to my price?

Well nobody, but...

Well, I'm prepared to up it.

Mr. Wells, you already
got the second fastest horse

in Forge County.

Yeah I know.

It's a fact I find
hard to accept.

Yeah well after
being first for so long,

I can understand.

How 'bout my new offer?

Well, sir.

I'm offering you
$500 for Jubilee.

My, my, wow.

Five hundred bucks.
With that you could make it

over to the county fair.

Still ain't for sale.


You're a tough man, Tuck.

Tuck and Jubilee
done it again, Miss Frye.

Here's the shirts I made
for you, Mr. Winthrop.

Oh, oh yes fine, fine Bess.

And you made mention the
fact you'd like some more,

and I'd like to get the
material and get right at it.

Well, I'm a little
overstocked right now.

Is that a fact?

Well yeah,

as a matter of fact,
in a month or two.

Right now, business
has been kinda slow.

Well, yes, I'll just...

You're just gonna
give me some time

to work on those
dresses for Miss Russell

she wanted me to alter.

Well, why don't you
just come on in now

and I'll pay you what I owe you.

Give a piece of
candy to the children.

Thank you kindly.

Get down, honey.

You know Burke, if
Jubilee was my horse,

I don't know whether I'd have
taken Ed Wells' offer or not.

I know I would, Newly.

What if you saw him go on
to make a bundle of money?

Well $500 is an
awful lot of money.

Old Tuck, he's goin' for broke.

Guess he ain't got no
thoughts or anything but...

Bess, Caleb, Annie.

Tuck won the race.

I heard already.

Yeah he came in so far ahead,

old Don got
blinded in both eyes.

He sure did.

I wonder if one
or t'other of you'd

go into the Long Branch

and fetch him out
for a minute for me?

Well Bess, you know
how Tuck is when he's...

Well, I mean he's,

he's talking business and...

What kind of business?

Well... I'd appreciate it

mighty fine if you'd tell me.

Ed Wells offered
him $500 for Jubilee.

- Five hundred?
- Yeah.

And what's the rest of it?

Well he turned it down.

Well I certainly
do thank you all.

You youngins get in the wagon.

Go on now, mama
will be right back.

Afternoon, Miss.

All right Tuck, I'll
tell you what I'll do.

If you'll consider it, I'll
raise the price. Say 550.

Mr. Wells, Jubilee
ain't for sell at any price.

But, I tell you
what I just might do.

After we win a few races,

why, I might
Jubilee up for stud.

Say $100 a cover.

All right, let me know if
you change your mind.

Okay, who's gonna buy
me another beer here?

Well if I was to diagnose it,

I'd call it horse fever.

Horse fever?

Like gold fever only worse.

Saw a lot of it in '49 and '50.

Ruined a lot of men.

Give him another
beer for that Jubilee run.

Right on the nose, all of it.

I'll double it boy, I'll
double it right on you.

You know a man waits a lifetime

for something like
Jubilee to come along...

Thank you, boys.

What are you doing?

I come here to talk to you

'cause I just heard
that you was made

a $500 offer for Jubilee.

You tryin' to shame me woman?

You get out to that
farm where you belong.

No Tuck, I ain't
tryin' to shame you.

I just come here to hear you say
yourself that you turned that money down.


Well is it true now?

- Yes, it's true. Now...
- With all we need?

With those children of yours
over there goin' for want?

That farm all run
down, like it is.

Are you gonna stand
there and tell me

you turned down $500?

For the last time woman,

you hush and you get back
out that farm where you belong.

You reckon it would
bring you to your senses

if that horse was
to break a leg?


Bess, I'm sorry.

It's no mind, Tuck.

It was you wishin' Jubilee
get stove up that done it.

I know.

I never raised a
hand before... to you.

I know that.

You don't understand.

Wish I could find the words.

You don't have to.

You just done said it in
front of the whole town.

- Bess.
- Yes, Tuck.

A man ain't got
time on this earth

to waste living the way
we have the last few days.

How well I know that.

In 12 years of bein' married,

you never turned
from me once... till now.

I'm sorrier for that
than you'll ever know.

Remember when we was courtin'?


I told you then there
was a heap of things in life

I wanted for myself.

Gettin' married, then I
wanted that much more for us.

I 'member.

Well, I never got
none of it, Bess.

Nothin' but achin' muscles
and callouses workin' this farm.

And no matter how
long a day I put in,

I could never make more
than just enough to get by.

Then Jubilee come along...

and I knew it that first
day when he was a colt.

I knew he was our ticket
to all we ever wanted, Bess.

Just a few more races, Bess,

and he'll be ready
for the big one.

Just a little more time, Bess,

and I'll give you all a
woman could ever want.

All I ever wanted

these past 12 years I've had,

you and the children.

Well, I want more, Bess.

I want to walk down Front Street

and I want to have people
look at me, not through me.

I want to be more
than just a farmer

who's fillin' space
on this earth.

I want 'em to point at me
and say that's success,

like Ed Wells now.

And... it's beginning
to happen now, Bess.

It's beginning to happen now.

One day soon, I'm gonna
have all I ever wanted.

Yeah, Tuck won
$20 the way I heard it.

- Twenty dollars?
- Yeah.

That's more than some folks
makes in the whole month.

Who told you that?

Well, Burke did,

He was out with Drew
Naremore for the race.

Says it's the third time
Tuck had won in two weeks.

Now where in the
tarnation would Tuck Frye

get ahold of $20 to bet with?

Forty dollars, he
gave two-to-one odds.

Forty dollars?

Put up his spring
wagon, the way I heard it.

Leaving Bessie to walk to
town if he'd have lost, huh?

Suppose so.

I'll tell you, Festus,

when a man takes to gambling,

there's just not a doggone
thing you can do about it.

Just nothing at all.

Ed, Ed Wells.

Hello Dave. I was just on
my way up to your room.

When did you get in?

This morning.

Hey, you're looking great.

- Ah, I feel great.
- Feel lucky too?

I don't have to be lucky
when it comes to beatin'

one of your nags.

Wait'll you see Goldrush.

You know I hear tell

there's a horse around
here called Jubilee

takin' on all comers.

I figured you'd hear
about him by now.

And by now I'm sure
that you own him.

Well, I'll tell you
what I want to do.

I'll bet you two to one
that Goldrush can beat him.

I don't own Jubilee.

Not that I haven't tried
to buy him, though.

Oh, well that'll take half the
fun out of winning the race.

You know, if there's
anything I want,

it's one of my horses
to beat one of yours.

Yeah I know. Well
look, give me a few days

and I'll try again to convince
Frye to sell him to me.

Let's talk about
it over a drink.

Now you're talkin'.

Dodge City's gonna see
one of the finest horses

this side of the
Old Miss in action.

Folks, I've ridden
every race track

from New York to St. Louis.

And I've ridden some of
the finest horses there is.

But I've never ridden a
finer horse than Goldrush.

Now you spread
the word, friends.

You tell him we're here to race.

And you tell him
that Billy Banner

and Dave Chaney's "Goldrush"

is five to one to win.

Well according to Mr. Banner,

this here Goldrush is
a real fine race horse.

Who's this Banner?

Well he's the jockey.

Mr. Chaney, he's the
one that owns Goldrush.

A jockey?

Matthew, that there
don't sound like no

head to head horse race
betwixt to ranch ponies to me.

Could be Tuck's in for
the first real race he's had.


I just heard Dave
Chaney's in town.

Oh, we done known that.

We don't know who he is

except he's got a
horse named "Goldrush".

Do you know who he is, Burke?

Well no, but the
way he and Ed Wells

were talking over at
the Dodge House, he's...

- well he's...
- He's what?

Well he's somebody
that got Ed Wells anxious

to up his offer to Tuck.

You mean Ed Wells
is fixin' to offer Tuck

more than $550 for Jubilee?

Well that's the way
I heard it, Festus.

In fact, Ed Wells is on his way

out to Tuck's place right now,

to make him one
more offer on Jubilee.


Is anybody home?

Come on in, Festus.


Howdy, Tuck.

Hey, Festus.

You hear me and Jubilee got
a race a day or so from now?

Mr. Wells believes that Jubilee

is gonna beat that
Goldrush horse

and he's offered me
$800 for Jubilee right here.

Eight hundred dollars?

Now that there is a
offer no sensible man

could hardly turn down.

Well, I wouldn't take
five times that, Festus.

Besides, I'm gonna
win more than that

when I beat old Chaney's horse.

There's a lot of
talk around town

that you may have a
heap of trouble doing that.

I'm so certain, I'm gonna
put up the deed to my farm.


Well, supposin'
you was to lose it?

I ain't gonna lose.

Well, let me tell you somethin'.

You're bettin' a
powerful lot on a horse

that a lot of folks,
including myself,

don't think can win that race.

Festus, when it
comes to horse flesh,

the opinion of a man who
rides a tick-bit, spavin mule

don't carry much weight with me.

Whoa, whoa.

Not there ain't no call for
you to go insultin' old Ruth.

Well now, Festus.

You gotta admit a mule man

don't have the kind of
knowledge to judge horse.

I ain't gonna admit
no such thing.

Now a good mule
has got more heart

and a heap more
stayin'-bottom than Jubilee here,

or Goldrush,

or any other blamed
horse you want to name.

That a fact?

That there is a fact.

And if Ruth was so a mind,

he could make old Jubilee here

ashamed to be called a horse.

Festus, you tellin' me that Ruth

could beat Jubilee
here in a race?

Well betwixt here
and town he can.

All right, you're on.
What's your bet?

Well, I was fixin' to bet you

six months of workin' for you.

Against the deed
to my farm, Festus?

No, I'm willing to bet you
six months of workin' for you

again' you takin' Mr. Wells'
offer to buy Jubilee.

I'll shake on that
before you crawfish out.

You betcha.

- Let's get to her.
- All right.

Oh, he puts his boot in
his mouth more times...

I think he's up to something

that just might
get me your horse.

Don't you count
on that, Mr. Wells.

Don't you count on that, now.

Well, I'm plumb sorry to
do this to you old partner,

but it's the onliest
thing I could do.

There's just wasn't
no other way.

Not much of a payoff
when you win, Frye.

Six months of work
ain't to be sneezed at.

I haven't had much time to do
much work around here, myself.

Give me a little
time to get into town,

I'll have the whole town
out watching at the finish line.

Oh, don't worry about that.

Gonna take that mule a while
to get within running distance.

Well, I'll see you in town.

You about ready, Festus?

I will be directly.

Tell me, Festus,

you ever do any
storybook readin'?

Oh, I forgot.

Well I was put in mind
of a fairytale about

a race between the
tortoise and the hare.

I've heard Bess read
it to the youngins.

Oh, is that so?

Ever hear of it?

No, I can't say I ever have.

Well, I thought maybe you had,

or you had something
like that in mind.

No, I ain't got nothin'
like that on my mind.

Onliest thing I got on my mind

is winning this here race.

You know, what with
Ruth bein' rode out here

ten miles from town,

another ten miles back,

I figure I can
keep pace with you

until we get inside of Dodge.

And then we'll see how it goes.

Well, I'll tell you
what you do, Tuck.

You just run this race
any way you want to and...

me and Ruth we'll
do the same thing.

All right.

You about ready
to let out, Festus?

I'll let you know when I am.

Well, of course you
still got five, six miles

to go to town yet.

Don't expect that
critter of yours

could run more than a mile.

You let me do the
frettin' on that, Tuck.

Now the race ends
right smack dab

in front of the Long Branch.

That the way it is?

That's all right by me.

Unless old Jubilee there

is about twice as fast as Ruth,

I figure he's gonna have to
sprout his self some wings

to keep from losing.

Do huh?

Well like you said now,

it's about six mile into town

followin' the road
here around the gorge.

Yep, what you gettin' at?

Well I'm gettin' at
winnin' this race,

beating you into
Dodge like I said I would.

Wait a minute.

You're goin' through the gorge?

It ain't but a little over
a mile goin' this way.

Festus, there's no man takin'
a horse through that gorge.

Well maybe there ain't but then

maybe this here tick-bit, bog
spavin old mule can make it.

We'll see.

You can't.

I mean even if you
went through there

without breaking your neck,

it's cheating, Festus.

Oh, it ain't no such thing.

Now the bet was that me
and Ruth'll get to Dodge

before you and Jubilee does.

And we're fixin' to do just that

and you better get started.

Festus, that's cheatin'.

You come on back here, now.

Festus don't do
that, that's cheatin'.

No it ain't.

Mr. Wells heard the bet.

I might have known you'd
pull something like this, Festus.

Well it don't make
any difference now.

I'm gonna get to town before you

and I'm gonna be waitin'

in front of the Long
Branch for you.

Well, Ruth...

appears like my big mouth's got
us into a whole heap of trouble.

I'm feared it's gonna be up
to you to get us out of it too.

Let's go.

Stay on your feet, Ruth.

Follow me, boy.

Come on, come on.

Easy now, Ruth. Thatta boy.

Easy now, Ruth.

Easy now, stay steady... Easy.

Now, we gotta get
ourselves up the other side.

Come on, Ruth, come on.

Come on, boy.

Come on Ruth, come on, come on.

Thatta boy.

Thatta way, Ruth.

Thatta boy, come on, come on.

Good ole partner.

I know'd you could do it.

Ruth, if a man ever says another
back-handy word about you,

I'm gonna get on him
like stink on a skunk.

You're the best old
boy there ever was.

Now you get to doin'
yourself some breathin',

'cause you got a
big run to make,

and I mean a big'un.

Come on, now.

Look out, they're comin' in.

Hey, Ruth's ahead!

Festus is gonna win!

Festus is gonna win!

He's gonna beat Jubilee!

Come on, Festus!

Festus is gonna win it.

There's somethin'
fishy about that.

Doggone it you old stud,
I know'd you could do it.

What's goin' on Festus?

Ruth here Jubilee in a race.

He didn't neither.

He cheated me.

It wasn't a fair race.

You tricked me.

Let me tell you, the bet was

that Ruth would get to Dodge
before you and Jubilee did.

You didn't say how
and he beat you.

He knew I wouldn't take
my horse through the gorge.

That's why.

You mean, you took Ruth
through the gorge, Festus?

All right, hold it down now.

I want to see you
two in my office.

I was there when
they made that bet.

I couldn't believe it.

Didn't ever think
he could do it.

- What happened?
- Festus won.

That's right.

Festus and that mule beat y
our husband in a race, Mrs. Frye

and I'm the new
owner of Jubilee.

I still say you
tricked me, Festus.

And all those people out
there know you tricked me.

Now I'm gonna
be waitin' for you.

I promise you I'm
gonna settle up with you

for what you done to me.

Outside of riding
through that gorge

and just about killing himself,

what has he done,

'cept maybe saving you from
gambling your farm away?

What I do with my
farm is my business.

All right that's enough, Tuck.

Mr. Frye, I believe you and I

have some business to discuss.


What you doin' here?

You gonna congratulate him?

Go on.

Oh, Tuck.

Let's settle.

Seven... 800.

Hold on there, brother.
Don't put that money away.

Save some for me.

If you're talkin'
about a bet Dave,

you're liable to get one.

Let's say 1,000 green dollars?

You're on.

Where and when?

How 'bout day after
tomorrow right here.

I'll be lookin' forward.

You haven't got a prayer.


you ought to have saw
the look on Tuck's face.

You know, something I
never actual figured on.

He loved old Jubilee.

You did what you
thought was right.

There's a lot of people
would agree with you.

Matthew, you think
there's a chance

that Jubilee can beat
Goldrush in that race?

I just don't know, Festus.

All a part of this $800
and the deed to my farm

says that Jubilee is
gonna beat Goldrush.

Tuck, why don't you
put that in the bank?

Because I believe in Jubilee

and I'm willing to back
up what I believe in

with all I got.

Well you're gonna
look a long way

before you find anybody in Dodge

that'll bet against you.

Pour me another drink.

Don't you figure
you've had enough?

No, I don't figure I had enough.

Well, I do.

I think you better get on home

before you get
yourself in trouble.

Why is everybody so all-fired
concerned about me, anyway?

That's a good question,

the way you've been
piling abuses on your friends

the last couple of days.

- That's a mighty good question.
- My friends, huh?

You mean like Festus there, huh?

Starting with Festus.

Starting with the one person

that didn't have
anything to gain from this,

except to see that you
didn't lose your farm.

Jubilee is gonna beat Goldrush.

Hey they're
bringin' Goldrush out

down by the depot, come on!

Well Wes, I wonder
what old Chaney's

got up his sleeve this time.

Billy boy, I've waited
a long time for this day.

Don't worry, Mr. Chaney.

Goldrush'll beat this
horse hands down.

All right.

I'll cover anything
you want to put down

says Jubilee wins.

- Hey look mister...
- You steer wide of this.

This is him and me here.

Now I got the deed
to my farm and...

eight hundred dollars,
says Jubilee beats Goldrush.

A farm's not what
this is all about.

You want to bet, I'm your man.

Well would you look at that.

Well Festus, when a
man's mind is made up,

not much you can do.

I know you can do it.

I let you down,

but you can beat
anything on four legs.

I know you can.

Open it up fellas.

Show him off, Bill.

You dog.

Gentlemen, the startin' line's

up at this side of town.

Watch for my signal.


Nice ride, Whitey.

Took me five years to beat you.

I know, it took an
import to do it, though.

I told you Goldrush
was some horse.

Next time I'll surprise you.

Mr. Chaney.

Lucky for you mister,

I wasn't in the
market for a farm.

I guess I'm lucky in
more ways than one.

The best thing
for you to do, son,

is to put the rest of
that money in the bank.

That's good advice, Ed.

Next time I come through here,

you get yourself a real horse

and we'll have us another race.

Come on, winner buys.

Nice goin' there, Billy boy.

All right, then.

I guess I owe you
an apology, Festus.

No, you don't neither, Tuck.

It was me that was wrong.

I hadn't ought to have been
meddlin' in your business.

It takes someone who
cares to meddle, Festus.

I thank you.

Well, maybe we was
both a little bit wrong.

Why don't we go over to the
Long Branch and have us a beer.

I'll buy.

You go on along, I'll
join you in a minute.

Where are the children?

I left them over
with the Calloways.

What are you doin' here?

Well I figured whichever
way the race went,

I oughta be here with you.

Near lost the farm.

I know it.

Pret' near lost half the money

that Ed Wells paid me.

Would have lost it all,

but Mr. Chaney wouldn't
bet me more than half of it.

I know that too.

We can use the rest of it

for things we need.

You're all I ever need, Tuck.

That's all I ever needed.

Let's go on home.

Well, first let's...

go have a talk
maybe with Mr. Wells.

What for?

Let's see how much he
wants for a race horse

that's just been beaten?

You mean to buy
Jubilee back from him?

Well, he weren't the horse
to beat that Mr. Chaney fella's,

and that's all Mr. Wells
wanted him for.

He'd be an awful good buggy
horse once he's broke to harness.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

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