Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 13 - Hostage! - full transcript

Matt Dillon apprehends Virgil Bonner and brings him in to stand trial. Bonner is wanted for murder and he is found guilty and sentenced to hang. His older brother, Jude Bonner, leads a band of outlaws known as the Dog Soldiers and he swears to have his revenge if his brother is hung. To back up his threat he takes Miss Kitty hostage and threatens to kill her. Matt must try to get a stay of execution from the Governor in order to save Kitty.

(theme music)



And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

(thunder crashes)

(crowd chatters)

(woman) Drink it all
honey, look at him go!

He's doing the whole thing!

Come on baby, come on!

Let's go, look at
him go! (laughs)

Whoo, whoo!


Did you see her, the
girl's trying to charm me

and you just sit there funnin',
you don't give me no help!

That ain't funny!

Hey, come on boy.

Drunker than a jimson hog.

Past time we
was due for gettin'.

That mean nothing!

- Come on.
- Don't mean we gotta go!

Tomorrow's coming on, boy,

and your brother's
waitin' for you.

Do you hear me,
Jude is waiting for you.

Remember, we told him
we's gonna be there. Come on.

Well, Jude ain't got
the say on everything.

He don't huh, well he
runs the Dog Soldiers

and he runs you and he runs
me, and you ain't drunk enough

you could forget that.

Now let's get going!

Toke, get them horses set!

Well, every time we
got us a good party going

you got to go and ruin it!

Shut up, woman!

We ain't talking to you!

Oh come on Fitte, just a
couple more hours'll be good.

We could still make it.

We ain't got the
time the way it is,

much less we stay
around here till sun up.

Jude don't want us here no how,

but he'll find out
you mess with him.

(Man) Lafitte, all set!

Virg, don't go, please.

They can't make you,
you know they can't.

Stay with me.

- (groaning)
- (yelling)


You goin' or not?

You hang around here long
enough playing kissy-face,

some law man's gonna walk in
there and hand you your head.

We'll see you in
Kansas if you get there.



Tell Jude I'll be coming
in at four tomorrow night!


Come on in, you knothead.

Don't you know enough
to come in out of the rain?


I sure hope you're
worth it! (yelling)

(thunder rumbling)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(door crashing)

Hold it, right there.

You got something
you want from me?

Hey, you got no right
barging in here like that.

He's my husband.

I'm sorry to hear that lady,
he's wanted for murder.

Oh, you taking me in
and turnin' me over badge?

That's right.

You might could
get me in all right,

you might even get
me as far as a lock up,

but Jude'll burn Kansas down to
red-hot cinders before a Bonner hangs!

Get it on.

(dramatic music)

- Sam, beer.
- Sure, Doc.

(Kitty) Sit down Doc,
I'll be right with you.

Thank you.


Guilty, they're gonna hang him.

Jury wasn't out 10 minutes.

Can't say that I blame 'em.

If ever the death
penalty was justified,

the Bonner brothers
have sure earned it.

Yeah, but it's only
the youngest one.

Jude's the oldest, the
leader of the Dog Soldiers

till they get
him, I'll tell you.

- Miss Kitty, Doc.
- Hello, Festus.

Is it hot enough for ya?

I reckon you heard
about that Bonner yayhoo.

Doc was just
telling me about him.

Matthew's fixing to trundle
him up to Hayes today.

Festus, what do you
think the Dog Soldiers

are gonna do about this?

Miss Kitty, it's hard to tell
what them killin' sywashers'll do.

I'll kill him.

I'll rip his town to pieces.

Burn it to the ground

till there ain't
nothing left but hot dirt

and smoking nails.

That ain't gonna
get him out, Jude.

We don't get Virgil out,
they're gonna hang him.

Well, he got hisself
in there, right enough.

Or let him die there, the
punk ain't been no good

to me since he growed up.

He's yours Jude, he's your blood

and he's just a kid and
he don't mean no harm.

I don't mind what he
means, I mind what he done!

He got hisself caught and
now I got to help him out!

There ain't but
two ways to do that.

One's to bust in there
and get him out proper.

That ain't likely, 'cause
they'll be looking for it,

they'll have an army.

The other way's more likely.

The other way just might do it.

How's that?

Trade for him.

That Dodge marshal's gotta be

bone and blood
like any other man.

He's got a whole
town tied to him.

And it might be a family.

We ain't got but three days,

then they're gonna
hang him up to cure.

There's a fair shake Lafitte.

If I can't catch myself something
worth tradin' for in that time,

well, I ain't a trappin' man.

(dramatic music)

Well, shall we call
it a night, Miss Kitty?

You bet, it's been a long day.

Evening, Miss Kitty.

Festus, what in the
world are you doing

riding around at
this time of night?

Nary a thing, the
way it turned out.

Me and old Ruth here's
been having ourselves

a little look-see
out east of town.

Find anything?

Quieter than a gagged
gopher all night long.

Well, it can't get
too quiet for me.

- Goodnight, Festus.
- Goodnight, Miss Kitty.

(dramatic music)

(animal howling)

(dramatic music)

Newly, you saw
or heard anything?

I heard an old coyote,
maybe a couple of 'em.

Hot as it is, you'd think
they'd be still, wouldn't ya?

Newly, you go on back to
jail and I'll go down yonder

to the depot and
take a quick look.

All right, Festus.

(ominous music)

(man) Don't even think.

(dramatic music)

Get movin', not a word!

Who are you?

What are you doin' here, anyhow?

Name's Bonner, Jude Bonner.

You know that name.

Yeah, I know that name.

If you're lookin' for
that brother of yours

you've came to a
goat house for wool.

He's up in Haye's,
a-fixin' to get hisself hung.

That ain't no news to me.

I want to talk to you about
your friend, the marshal.

There's one or two
things I got to know.

You know what I mean, got to.

You're libel to find
out a whole heap more

about him than you want
to know before ye get done.

Where's his family?

He ain't got no family.

If he was to have, I
wouldn't tell ya no how.

Where's his wife?
What's her name?

He ain't got no wife.

Well, where's his woman?

You gonna tell me
he ain't got no woman!

I ain't fixin' to tell
you a blessed thing.

You're not gonna
help me at all, are you?

Lafitte, I gotta get
me some answers.

I'm gather up some of
them good town folks.

They can't all be as
willing to die as he is.

You put him away.


All right, let's
get them inside!

Over here!

(man) Let him go!

(Sam) All right, what is it?

What do you want in here?

Sam, be careful.

This here is a town meeting.

Now you put that piece down.

I'll have Calinga here slit
this old boy's throat like cattle.

You sit tight, I'll
be talkin' to ya.

I got three of you boys
and I want you to know why.

My name is Jude Bonner
and I kill folks for a living.

But I don't aim to kill
no one I don't have to.

I want the marshal's woman.

I want her now.

And if I don't get her,
I'm gonna cut throats.

Now who is she?

Who is she?

All right.

You're the oldest,

you go first.


I'm the lady, now what was
it you wanted, sunshine?

(Jude laughs)

I mighta knowed I'd
find the marshal's lady

in a sportin' palace.

You listen tight...

You tell the marshal that
Jude Bonner's been to town

and that I know it was him

that brought my brother in
and wired him for hangin'.

Then you tell him this,

my brother hangs, this little
lady is gonna wish to God

she'd never been born.

(ominous music)

How does it look, Doc?

Apparently, Sam, we're in luck.

It just looked like they
tried to kick his head off.

Yeah, I know.

They did a pretty good
job of kicking these ribs too.

I'll have to take care of
that when I finish here.

Now hold on to
him real good here,

because this is gonna sting.

(dark instrumental music)

(man) Just hold still, Festus.

(dramatic music)

(door knocking)


Newly, what happened?

They hit Dodge.

How bad?

Dodge is all right.

It's Miss Kitty.

Jude Bonner rode into town
and took her away with him.

Told me to tell you
if his brother hangs...

They worked Festus
over pretty bad too

and shot him
through the shoulder.

I tell ya, they hit us before
we knew what happened.

It's gonna be four
hours before Virgil hangs.

I'll get the governor
to see if I can get

a stay of execution.

You get to Sheriff
Tanner, tell him to hold off

as long as he can.

Yes, sir, marshal.

Festus and I did all we could.

I know it, Newly, let's go.

(dramatic music)

You reckon she fixed
herself up all pretty for Jude?

Don't let it bother
you, old son.

She don't have to be
pretty for Jude or me either.

You wouldn't know pretty
if you stepped on it, Toke.

That woman ain't
here for playin' with.

Shame though, such a
waste, just to kill her off.

You know what?

There's not a chance in
the world he'll let him go.

I see you don't
know Matt Dillon.

Not like you do, I
guess that's true enough.

He doesn't make
deals, not with anybody.

Everybody makes deals.

Most of 'em just make bad
deals, there's a difference.

Even if he wanted to,

your brother has been
tried and convicted.

He's out of Matt's hands now.

Could be there's a way to
get him back in his hands.

And if he can't?

Then there's gonna
be a lot of sorry people,

isn't there ma'am?

You'll get your revenge
by killing me, right?

That's how it's gonna be.

Well now, isn't that something.

Big Jude Bonner, fearsome
leader of the Dog Soldiers...

Kill a woman, as if that
would bring his brother back.

Now you listen to me
lady, I got something to lose,

I got something I want back!

I got a brother fixin' to die
and Dillon put him there!

Unless I'm an awful fool, I got
something he wants back too.


I lose, he loses.

Easy as that.

Tell you a story, lady...

I'm a breed.

I'm a breed born of
a Cheyenne woman.

A Cheyenne woman your
calvary cut up and killed before

I was old enough to
do anything about it.

My old man switched
sides by then.

Sorta set my style for me,
you know what I mean?

I ain't got nothing
against you personal...

and I ain't gonna
lay a hand on you

but I hear that boy
was hanged and...

Woman you don't
mean nothing to me.

Take a thousand
like you to pay back

the debt that people owe me.

(dramatic music)

Governor, I want
a stay of execution.

You're not serious?

I'm dead serious.

Why, in the name of
all that's holy, for him?

And on what grounds?

While I was on my way to
Hayes, the Dog Soldiers hit Dodge.

And they shot up my deputies
and kidnapped a woman.

They're holding her
to trade for his life.

That's terrible.

Dreadful thing.

I guarantee you, they'll
kill her if he hangs.

Matt, this woman..

Is it Miss Russell?

It wouldn't matter,
she's a woman

and her life's on the line.

But, you know the law.

Matt, you know my position.

I can grant a stay maybe,
if there's good cause,

if they verdict is in doubt,

if the evidence has been
tampered with or is incomplete.

Yes, by all means.

But Virgil Bonner?

Even if I were to
commit political suicide

and issue a stay,
it wouldn't hold.

The legislature would
overrule me and they'd be right.

You set a precedent like this
and every desperado in Kansas

will be trying the same thing.

Dammit Matt, I want to
help you, you know I do.

But I can't.

I ain't got a conscience.

And if I did, you reckon
I'd waste it on you?

Bonner, she's an innocent woman.

I can take her place,

it's no good to you or
your brother to have her die.

There ain't anything
no use to me anymore!

I did everything I
could with the governor

to get you a stay of execution.

Now we can get word
to your brother today.

I wouldn't cross
the street to pull you

out of hell fire, Mister Law!

You kept in mind what I told you

back when you
was bringing me in?

I told you how
Jude'd get you, I did!

I told you how he'd do ya!

You never took
me serious, did ya?

Well, now I've got
you taking me serious

and every time you
think of that woman

and what happened to her...

you'll remember Virgil Bonner!


Sorry, Matt.

Okay, fat man,
let's go to the party.

(dramatic music)

This morning Virgil Bonner,

notorious outlaw and younger
brother of Jude Bonner,

was hanged at Hayes City.

Virgil Bonner was apprehended
by Marshal Matt Dillon

of Dodge City.

Doc, what do you
reckon they'll do

with Miss Kitty now?

Festus, I don't know,

I don't like to think about it.

I'd ought to be out
there lookin' for her.

Festus, for heaven's sakes.

These are a desperate
bunch of men.

I know how you feel,
but your condition,

you couldn't do a
thing, not a thing.

Well Matthew, he'll
be gettin' back directly

- and you can just...
- Shh!

- (gunfire)
- (hooves clopping)

(woman screams)

Listen Dodge!

This here's Jude Bonner!

They hung my little
brother this mornin'!

I took that marshal's woman

now I bring her back!

(ominous music)

Doc, I gotta get me a gun.

No, no, don't move, don't move.

(dramatic music)

You tell that marshal of yours,

it was him made this deal.

And then you tell him...

Jude Bonner's satisfied!

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

Doc, Doc, somebody
get Doc, hurry!

(somber instrumental music)


Kitty, my God.

(dramatic music)

(sad instrumental music)

All right, get outta here,
all of you, just get on out.

Is there anything I can do, Doc?

No, not a thing Burt, thanks.

(dramatic music)

(somber instrumental music)

I tell you this,
something's got to be done.

Any changes?

- Heard from the marshal?
- No.

Doc, I just wish there was
something I could do to help out.

I think there is.

She's upstairs, Marshal.

What happened, Doc?

He shot her.

He just... deliberately
shot her down.

How bad is she?

She's alive. That's
just about all.

The wound, it's
bad, awful bad...

but Matt, they abused her.

They treated her
something terrible.

They broke her down.

I don't think she wants to live.

I've done all I can.


I need you, Kitty.

I need you.

(dark music)

(clock ticking)

(low moaning)

(dramatic music)

Pulse is steadier Matt,
slower, it's a good sign.

What's her chances?

Fair, I think.

That's about all I can say.

(somber instrumental music)

Do the best you can, Doc.

(dramatic music)

Matt, no.

Don't do that, don't do it.

I know you gotta go after him,

but before you
take off that badge,

you'll want to listen to me.

Before you came into Dodge,
Matt, there was no law at all.

You brought it all with
you when you came

and people love you
for it and respect you.

Now, if you take off that
badge and go out there

with vengeance in your heart,

then you'll betray everything
you've ever stood for.

Within the law, like
it's always been.

If it was anything else,
Doc, anything else.

(dramatic music)

Not this time, boys.

Well, we're going by
ourselves then, me and Newly,

but we're going.

(dramatic music)

Well, we ain't makin' no time.

You in a hurry?

No, I got all the
time in the world,

but I know a law man who's
whistling boots and saddle

long about now.

- Of course, you don't care.
- I don't.

You know that wasn't gonna
bring Virgil back, Jude...

killin' her.

We did everything we could.

We just couldn't
get him outta there.

But we got at that lawman.

I don't want at him,
that ain't enough.

You want him to catch
up with us, then, is that it?

How come we don't just set
up and wait and then spike him

when he comes riding through?

Just drop him before
he even sees us.

Fossy gets tired when he
gets too far from a saloon.

Dillon ain't gonna quit.

He'll follow me up
into Wind River country.

He'll lose a man here
and there as he goes.

Then when we get
him where we want him,

if he's got anybody
left, we'll cut him apart.

When we get that
marshal under our guns,

I want him.

- [softly] Doc.
- Kitty.

- Where is he Doc?
- He went after him, Kitty.

- Alone?
- No.

Festus and Newly went with him,

and the whole town
rode out after him.

They can't help him.

They're just
targets for those...

Kitty, no power on earth
could have stopped him,

you know that.

I don't want you to
think about it, not at all.

I want you to rest,
just rest, that's all.

I couldn't live
without him, Doc.

You know that.

You bet I know.

Let me tell you something...

you won't have to,

because the sun hasn't
come up on the day

that Matt Dillon can't
take care of himself.

Now, you believe that.

You just believe it.

It appears like
they forked north,

Wind River mountains.

Ridin' the way you are
Matthew, you're just libel to run

spang into their brisket
without even never knowin'

that they was there!

There's a bunch of fellers
from Dodge back there, Marshal,

sure would like to be with
you when the time comes.

Have or, do whatever
you're a-mind to but,

don't hold us out,
Matthew, not now.

Festus, I know what
you're saying, I appreciate it.

But this is something
I gotta do alone.

How you gonna do that
by yourself, Marshal?

Jude Bonner's got his pride.

I call him out in front
of his men, he'll come.

You ain't coming out, Matthew,

if you go in there
all by your own self.

Festus, the Dodge men are
no match for those Dog Soldiers.

I want you to turn around
and take 'em home.

We been together a long time.

Too long to make any speeches.

Been a lot of good years.

(horses approaching)

(dramatic music)

I got to give you the
figurin' prize, Jude.

I reckon we got
him where it hurts.

He don't care if
he lives or dies.

All right, let's get
set to help him out.

(dramatic music)


Jude Bonner!

You're talkin', law!

I'm here to kill ya!

What are you gonna do,
talk me to death, Dillon?

I thought I might take you
apart with my bare hands!

That is, if you like to fight
men as well as you do women!

You ride on up here, we'll
see who likes to do what!

Just give me the word,
Jude, I'll drop him kickin'.

You sit tight.

I told you back there,
I want him myself.

You ain't gonna fight him,
you ain't gonna get down there

and take him on alone.

Yes I am.

You maybe can't understand this,

but it'd be worth my life to
hang his hair on my lance.

I lose, you shoot him down.

(dramatic music)

All right Bonner,
it's your move.

Blood gets blood.

That's the way
the preachers talk.

Know a lot about
preachers, do ya?

I know it was you who
hung my kid brother.

He hung himself, I
just brought him in.

Well, it don't matter.

I lose, you lose.

Man like you's got
no way to win, Bonner.

She lived.

I got a way to win.

And you give it to me.

(dramatic music)

I said leave him, he's mine!

Hold it right there!

Anybody squeeze one more
trigger and you're all fodder

for the turkey
buzzards, and I mean it.

Now throw your guns down.

(dramatic music)

(theme music)

(narrator) Stay tuned
for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

(theme music)

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