Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 15 - The Hanging - full transcript

Dodge City is the site where notorious outlaw, Billy Boles, is set to hang. However, the town is occupied by people determined for their own kind of justice.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


(door closes)


Off that-a-way, Matthew.

THAD: Where'd the
shots come from?

Wood smoke's coming
from over yonder.

Maybe Boles run into a cabin
or somebody's night camp.

Let's go.

(dishes clanging)

(chains rattling)


BOLES: I'll take a bullet,
Marshal, but not the rope.

I told you that!

Sure save a lot
of fuss and bother

if we shot him now, Matthew,

instead of taking
him back to Hays.

A lot of people would like to
see him back there, Festus.


Thad, circle around over there.


(gunshot, bullet ricochets)

Festus, cover me from here.


(gunfire continues)

(gunfire continues)


(gun clicks)

Hold it!

Drop the gun!

- Not yet, Marshal!
- (gunshot)

Go ahead and finish it... go on!

Get up.

I ain't gonna hang, Dillon.

You said that.

I'll bust free again.

If I can't, I got some
friends that'll see to it I do.

you said that, too.

Now, get up.

I take an oath.

I ain't gonna hang!

(theme music playing)

(festive music playing)

Oh, howdy, Burt.

- And Doc.
- Ollie, how are you?

- What's the matter with Burt?
- Hmm?

Oh, he's just making
sure he don't slip.

See, I... I promised
him an extra ten cents

if I don't get any of
his silly conversation.

Oh. (chuckles)

Yeah, I never knew there
was this many people

in the whole state of Kansas.

There's gonna be a lot more here

before this wheat festival's
over... I'll tell you that.

Yeah, and they're
gonna have themselves

quite a show before it's over.

I can promise you that.

What do you mean, "show"?

And I got a telegram for you.

It's from Mr. Dillon.

He says he's caught
that fella he was after

and he's bringing him back
here sometime tomorrow.

- Well, that's what it says, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

Why in thunder do you
bother to write it down

and put it in an envelope?

That's the official
way of doing it.

And I suppose it's
an added service...

You telling me what's in here

before I get a chance
to read it myself.

Yeah, when you
get to talking like that,

sets my mind to not
telling you about this one.

Yeah, and I shouldn't
anyway, with Burt hearing.

It's for the marshal.

Yeah, I suppose you got
it memorized, too, huh?

Yeah, well, I couldn't
help but remember.

It's so important.

I made him repeat it twice.

I bet you couldn't
help but remember.

Well, just give it to me,
and I'll see that he gets it.

No, no, Doc, not with a
message this important.

I got to put it in the
marshal's hands personally.

Oh, I see... I get a telegram,

and you shout it
from the rooftops.

But you get one for
the marshal, and you...

What are you trying
to do, break my neck?

Well, on the other hand,
maybe I ought to tell you,

you being the
marshal's friend and all.

And it kind of concerns you.

Me? It does? What?

Come right down to it,

it concerns everybody
in Dodge City.

What are you talking about?

The truth of the matter is,
Doc, it comes over the wire.

Every operator between here
and Kansas City picks it up.

Somebody's bound to spill it.

Ollie, for heaven sakes, tell me

what's in that telegram
or get out of here!

All right, Doc,
all right, all right.

This here telegram
says that if the marshal

catches up with
that Boles fella...

And we know that he
done that 'cause you just

got the telegram
saying that he did...

Oh, yeah, yeah,
we read it, didn't we?

He ain't to take him on to Hays.

He's to hang him
right here in town.

Says that?

You heard right, Doc.

The marshal's supposed
to hang his prisoner

right here in Dodge City.

(festive music playing)

MAN: Ah, good boy!

Great, ha-ha!

MAN: Balloons here!

Red one...

blue one, green...
your favorite.

We have a few left.

(lively piano music playing)

(indistinct chatter)

All you can say is it's
good for business, Kitty.

Yeah, I'm not sure
I like the business.

I can't tell which of them
are here for the festival

or... which are the vultures.

I know.

Sam, another beer.

You bet.

(sighs) Kind of exciting,
huh, Doc, Miss Kitty?

- DOC: What's that?
- The hanging.

I never exactly looked upon a
man's dying as being exciting.

Well, Billy Boles ain't
never been called a man...

At least, not that
I can remember.

Don't you think it's about time

you got back to the
freight office, Nathan?

It's been two years since Dodge
has had a hanging of its own.

I... I ain't about to miss
any part of this one.

What'll you have, mister?

Oh, señor, please.

I could maybe work for you, huh?

Well, I could sweep
or wash glasses.

Uh, anything you want.

There's nothing here.

Why don't you try
the general store?

"General store."

Why, thank you.

(festive music playing)

MAN: Well, nothing's changed.

It-it's just gonna be
a bit more difficult.

Warren, please,
let's just leave now.

We can't.

Getting him on the
trail was one thing.

- But in a town full of people...
- We've got no choice.

Can't you get that
through your head?

It was wrong to
bring him in with us.

We've been through that before.

Couldn't have
done it without him.

And with him, look
what's happened.

We could all hang.

Not if we close
his mouth for good,

before he realizes we're
not gonna help him escape.

What are you saying?

I'm saying, if we
can't free him,

- we're gonna have to kill him.
- Warren!

Well, look what he
did to those people.

We didn't hire him to kill.

Oh, didn't we?

Because we wanted a new life,

we hired a-a greedy
kid, a penniless drunk

- and-and two killers.
- No!

Now, we both knew, if it
came to it, Boles would kill.

Didn't we?

Now, that makes
us no better than he.


we kill again, or
we hang with him.

Oh, Warren.

I don't know how we'll do it.

Well, first we'll... we'll
have to convince him

we've got a plan to get him out.

How are you going to do that?

I can't.

Maybe you could.

If you were Mrs. Boles.

(festive music playing)


In all of Dodge,
with all of this,

there has to be
something, Maria!

Querido, let us go on.

No, I do not ask for charity.

I ask for work!

All right.

(indistinct chatter)


Come on.

MAN: Popcorn!

See it pop.


Well, Billy's sure gonna
be surprised, huh?

Quiet, you fool!
Somebody will hear you.

Come on, how many Billys

you figure there are
in the world, huh?

- Just shut up.
- (chuckles)

Ain't but one like
our Billy, though.

And he is gonna be surprised.


MAN: Popcorn...
everybody wants it!

How do you figure he's
getting his neck stretched here

instead of Hays, huh?


They didn't have to go to
all this trouble for our Billy,

now, did they?

Will you please shut up!

You are the skitty
one, ain't you?

You need a drink, Beaumont,
to settle your nerves.

You're touchy.

Never could figure Warren
trusting a lush like you.

We all have our needs.

We pay for them any way we can.

I'm gonna hustle up Saline.


(indistinct chatter)

FESTUS: I plumb forgot

about the big blowout
in town, Matthew.

You sent word on ahead

they could see Billy
Boles coming through?

Take a good look, Marshal.

Some of those people out
there are friends of mine.

- Let's go.
- (Boles laughing)


There he is!

MAN: Hot cider!

Appears like your
old pal ain't hurt.

He sure is the one, ain't he?

Look at him.

I better get over there, Kitty.

I'd sure like to see
the marshal's face

when he hears he's going
to do the hanging himself.

(men laughing)


Thad, see if you can get
some fresh horses from Hank.


You may not need those
fresh horses, Marshal.

Friends may save
you the trip to Hays.

All right, folks, break
it up and move along.

You'll never hang him!


(man groans)

All right, break it
up and move along!

Get him inside, Festus.

He almost saved you the
whole hanging, Marshal!

(indistinct chatter)

All right, break it up, go on!

(quiet, indistinct chatter)

DOC: Hold it, hold
it still now, please.

Hold it.

Boles's words come awful close

to being true out
yonder, Matthew.

Well, your jaw's not broken,
but it's gonna be sore.

DILLON: What's
your name, mister?

And where are you from?

I asked you a question.

My name's Preston.

I live in Hays.

He shot my wife.

When he and the
others came into the bank

for no reason, he shot my wife!

Now, Mr. Preston, I'm sorry.

And I can understand how
you feel at a time like this.

But, you know, you can't...

Don't tell me I can't!

You kill him, you'll
hang for murder yourself.

I don't care.

We could lock him up till
we get out of town, Matthew.

Just for his own good.

No, no. I don't want
him in there with Boles.

Mr. Preston, I'm sorry.

But I'm afraid I'm
gonna have to ask you

to stay out of Dodge
till this thing's over.

Festus, take him out of town.

Come on, Preston.

Come on, now, this way.

If it was your wife,
you'd feel different.

FESTUS: Never mind.
Just simmer down.

Now, let's just get
on back to Hays.

Things are starting
out pretty lively, huh?

Yeah, and they're
liable to get livelier, Matt.

Well, not if I can help it.

Say, Doc, take a look
at Boles for me, will you?

What's the matter with him?

Well, I had to shoot
him in the arm.

I want to be sure he's in

good enough shape
for that ride to Hays.

Well, Boles is not
going to Hays, Matt.

Barney says there's an
important telegram for you

over in the office
from Judge Davis.

Well, did he say what was in it?

Yeah, the judge says that
you're gonna hang Boles yourself

right here in Dodge.

No, I'm sorry, mister.

Señor, please, I
will work for a dollar.

See, one dollar will buy enough.

It's like I told you, mister.

Everybody here hired extra
help for the festival two weeks ago.

You're just too late.

Yeah, but my
wife and my child...

Now, I will do
anything you want!

Well, there ain't...

THAD: Hank?

Matt wants some fresh horses.

If there was any...

Is anything wrong?

No, just a fella
looking for a job.

What's that you said Matt wants?

Guess we need some fresh
horses for the ride to Hays.

What ride to Hays?

Well, we're taking Billy
Boles up there to be hanged.

Well, haven't you heard?

Heard what?

Hanging me in Dodge? (chuckles)

They couldn't hold me in Hays.

Couldn't hold me in Elmdale.

What makes you think you're
gonna hang me in Dodge?

The judge says you'll hang
here, this is where you'll hang.

Don't like the idea
much, do you, Marshal?

Well, don't fret.

You won't have to
go through with it.

I wouldn't spoil the
party time out there.

DOC: That's gonna be
kind of sore for a while.

You through with him, Doc?

All finished.

Hate to disappoint
all them people, Doc,

came to see Billy Boles hang.

But, of course, uh, there
are some friends out there

that know that he won't hang.

Isn't that right, Marshal?


You remember that.

(Boles laughing)

Uh, Matthew, I got
that Preston feller

on his way back to Hays.

Uh, Matthew, this
here is Billy Boles's wife.

Is that so?

I hope there won't
be any difficulty

in seeing my husband.

Well, no, I guess
not, if you are his wife.

Oh, well, I don't have much
more than a ring to prove it.

How is it you weren't
at the trial up at Hays?

I live in El Paso.

I haven't seen my
husband in over a year.

A week ago, I heard
about his trial in Hays.

When I got here yesterday,

I heard he was being
brought through here.

I see.

I never was much of a wife.

He wasn't much of a husband.

If he's going to die...

All right.

Would you mind
leaving your purse here?

Ma'am, would you mind
standing over on this side?

Hello, Billy.

Hello, Missy.

Festus, stay here and keep
your eyes and ears open.

DOC: Matt?

Do you believe her?

Well, I'll tell you, Doc,
with as many strangers

as there are in
this town right now

with this hanging coming up,

I can't afford to
believe anybody.

Well, I got to go over and
make some arrangements.

I'm not looking
forward to them, either.

- Is it true the hanging's gonna be here?
- Shh!

Could be Mrs.
Boles in there, Thad.

Yeah, it's true.

Doc, I've never seen a hanging.

You'll see one now, Thad.

Matt's gonna need
some help, I'll tell you that.

THAD: Well, what has to be done?

There will be a scaffold built.

There's got to be witnesses.

Toughest thing is
to find a hangman.

Well, I'll tell you this.

I'd go through thunder and
fire barefooted for Matthew,

but a cold-out hanging, no sir.

I don't even want to be there.

Neither do I, but I got to be.

(door closes)

Yeah, I know, Missy.

I guess I didn't
help you very much.

Towards the end, I was not
around as much as you were.

It's obvious they
can't raid the jail.

Don't tell me what's obvious.

Just tell me where
you all have been.

I'll tell you where we'd
be if it wasn't for you...

Free and living
high on that money.

Yeah, well, there
will be no high living

until I'm shed of this
place, and you know that.

We were going to get
you on the way to Hays.

Tell Warren and the others
that if I'm not sprung fast,

I'm gonna have a lot of
company on those gallows.

They know that.

That's why I'm here.

Now, just keep your mouth shut.

Warren's working out a plan.

And I'll be real nervous

if I don't see you
here by, say, dark.

I'll be here.

Remember, Missy.

I don't care what it takes.

You burn this town,
you kill that marshal.

You do what needs
doing to free me.

When dark, wife.


Good-bye, Billy.

Bye, Missy.


Thank you.



BURKE: That mean
what it says, Thad?

That's right, Mr. Burke.

MAN: I sure
wouldn't want the job.

MAN 2: No, me, neither.

Sure seems like a lot of
money just to do a little hanging.

Well, the state pays $100.

$25 goes to Mr. Crump
for the burying.

Yes, sir, a lot of money.

A man would have a hard time

facing his friends after
hanging somebody.

Yeah, true, Halligan, yes, sir.

Besides, I hear that
Boles' gang's in town.

No telling how they'll take it... A
man making money on his dying.

That may be true, Halligan.

Why don't you and Burke
spread the word around

- about this, okay?
- Sure, Thad.

Thad, you, uh... you
got your ears to things.

When's the marshal fixing
to, uh, do the hanging?

Sometime tomorrow morning.

That's all I know.

We'll-we'll let people
know about that.

You do that.

Señor, this job...

it is for, uh... for
any man, huh?


You-you want it, mister?


That's right.


Sí, I do.

I will take the job.


Come on inside and
see the marshal about it.

All right.

(door closes)

Have you ever, uh...

you ever done
anything like this before?


But... but I can do it
as well as any man.

You know Billy Boles, do you?

No, sir.

I have never seen him.

He told me it was a job
for the man who wanted it.

Well, it is, but...

Well, then I will do it.

You know, th-this job
could be dangerous.

I will do it, señor.

All right.

Tell you what you do.

You, uh, stop by later
this afternoon, and I'll, uh...

I'll fill you in on the details.

Sí, señor.

Señor, dispensame.

Could I have just a
few dollars in advance?

I guess so.

Here you are.

Thank you.

Thank you, Señor Marshal.

Mil gracias.

Mil mil gracias.

(speaking Spanish)

Well, I guess that takes
care of one of my problems.

I only got one
more to take care of.

FESTUS: What's that?

Gonna have to have
a gallows built, Festus.

I reckon you will at that.

You, uh, suppose you could
do something like that for me?

Well, I did a heap of things...

I'm gonna have to
have it right away.

Well, I can get
a couple of fellas.

We can help you with it.

You know something, Matthew?

More and more I'm a-wishin'

your aim had have been better
at that homesteaders' place.

Yeah, you got a point there.

Well, I'll go see old
Jonas about the lumber.

I'll go along with you.

Thad, keep an eye on
things here, will you?


I tell you, the hangman's
been hired already.

- Some little Mexican fella took the job.
- Mm-hmm.

Right out from under
your nose, huh, Burke?

Now, Sam.

Thanks for the bulletin, Nathan.

We shouldn't be here!

I'm telling you, we
really shouldn't...

Well, what do you...
what do you suggest?

That we sulk around
in some back alley?

Nobody's interested
in you, Beaumont.

Or Warren here or any of us.

And they never will
be, if we can figure

a way to get Billy
out of that there jail.

Or keep him from talking.

I say we should just ride away.


Billy'd point a finger for sure.

Running and staying
ahead of bounty hunters

and federal
marshals ain't for me.

Nobody knows me or my face

from any one of
a thousand others.

I want it to stay that way.

I still say...

We heard.

What do you say, Saline?

I'm still listening.

Well, you can't make me stay.

(sighs) I don't intend to.

If you don't want your cut, you
can pull out any time you want.

I... I never did
anything like...

what was done at Hays.

Except Billy and Saline
here, none of us have, either.

That's why we got to
make sure about things.


I ain't heard nothing yet.

I've taken a look
at the jailhouse.

It should be a simple matter.

What do you mean?

There's a window
in Billy's cell.

A roof across the alley
looks right down into it.

That a fact?

How would you like
half of Billy's cut?

Seems to me, if I'm
going to kill my best friend,

I should get it all.


Maria, look.

What is it?

The good Lord provides.

Have faith, and he will provide.

- Well, what do you have in there?
- Look.

Bread, coffee, sugar.

Canned milk for the baby.

You have found work.

But you're paid so well.


Does not matter.

You have stolen?


Well, tell me.

Do not talk foolish.

Do not concern yourself.

Oro, look at me.

I am hungry, woman.

Build a fire.

I want my supper.

What have you done?

What have you done?


Nothing, except get
food for my family.

Nothing, except do
what a man should do

for those he loves.

I've gotten milk for the baby,

meat for our stomachs.

Oro, what is it?

I'm going to hang a man.

You're going to what?

See, the marshal
will give me $75.

$75 for your soul?

The man is a murderer.

In the city of Hays,
he and the others,

they killed seven people.

I heard!

You do such a thing for us?

It will be many weeks
before you are hungry again.

You cannot do this to yourself.

It is done.

I have taken part of the
money already to buy the food.

- Take it back.
- No...

Return the money.

Tonight you will sleep

without our child's cry
of hunger in your ears.

You cannot kill a man.

Not you.

I am going to hang a man.

A word does not
change what you do.

Cook the food, woman.

Cook the food, Maria.

It will fill our stomachs no
less where it comes from.

This here's got to be
some of the cross braces.

Them there's the steps.

You can see that.

THAD: Well, if
everything's here,

shouldn't take too
long to put it together.

What's that?

Well, I'll tell you,

I've built a heap
of things in my day,

but I never thought
I'd see the day

when I'd be building
a dang gallows.

Well, if you ask me, everybody's
putting too much into all this.

What do you mean by that?

Well, a gallows
is just a gallows.

It's a piece of rope
and a hunk of wood.

And it's no more a weapon than
a gun or a knife, if you ask me.

Yeah, but there's
a heap of difference

in the way it gets
used... I'll tell you that.

Well, I still say that...

What's the matter?

I think I found the
top of the platform.

Course it is.

This right here
is the trap door.

You can see that.

Kind of gives you
the willies, don't it?

Thinking about how
many men might've...

I thought these things
didn't bother you.

What's the matter with you?

Can't you even build
a little old gallows

without getting all
stoolin' and frettin' around?

Come on, get out of there.

And let's get this moved over.

I'll tell you this.

The next time that
Matthew gets a bright idea,

I'm going to be going fishing.

That's where I ought
to have been this time

if I had a lick of sense.

Come on, get a hold of it.

(crickets chirping)

(lively piano music
playing in distance)

(lively piano music
continues playing in distance)

Matthew, you sure
you don't want a...?

Oh, no, thank you, Festus.

Why don't you just amble on
over to the Long Branch for a spell.

I'll look out for things here.

Well, all right, maybe I will.

You about finished
with the gallows?

Yeah, just another nail
or two, and it'll be did.

Well, I'll tell you,

this thing won't be
over too soon to suit me.

I'll say amen to that.

I'll see you later.

(crickets chirping)

(lively piano music
continues playing in distance)

(gun cocks)

Mrs. Boles.

I came to see my
husband, if I may.

Matthew allowed
that'd be all right.

He's been asking for you.


Now, remember,
same rules as before.

Keep away from the cell.

Of course.

BOLES: Been waiting for you.

Hoping you'd be
back before this.

I've been in
church since I left.

You always was one for praying.

Mighty close, girl.

I said by dark.

There were things
we had to arrange for.

What things? Why
don't you just...?

Now, stop it.

If it was me, I'd bust this
jail and this town wide open.

It's exactly that kind of
thing that put you in here.

It's got to be that
way on the street,

- when they take you from here.
- No!

That's the way
Warren's got it planned.

Well, you tell
Warren to unplan it.

- Now, listen, Billy, we...
- You listen.

You tell Warren to fire
the other end of town.

- That'll get everybody up...
- Billy, we can't.

Don't tell me "can't"...
It's not your neck.

It's my neck!

And you do what I tell you!

- (gunshot)
- (screams)

- Get out of here, Mrs. Boles!
- Marshal!

What kind of a lawman are you?!

Somebody's trying
to kill my husband!

Get on out here! Get out!

- DILLON: Here.
- Hey, he must be that feller

from Hays tried to shoot Boles.

All right, go out in front,
see if you can find him.

You've got to protect him!


Marshal, that was too close.

I think it's about time
I made up my will.

I'll write it out and
put it in my pocket.

You can read it
after the hanging.

All right, outside, ma'am.

THAD: What happened?

That Preston feller from
Hays took a shot at Boles.

I thought you ran
him out of town.

Well, he could've snuck back in.

Of course, it could've been
somebody else, too, from Hays.

There's plenty of them
that want to shoot him.

I'm all right now.

I'll be going.

All right.

- Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

Someone took a shot at Boles.

I couldn't figure a
sign of him, Matthew.

Marshal, again, I'm sorry
for my outburst at you.

It's all right.

It's strange. I don't...

I haven't had any
feeling for my husband

for a long time.

If it was that same
fella that tried before,

he'll try it again.

Yeah, if Boles' gang
is gonna help him,

they're gonna have to
make their move pretty quick.

Looks like they'll
have to stand in line.

Have you already set
the time for the hanging?

I didn't have to see what
Boles wrote in that paper.

He made it very clear
our names would be on it.

Oh, that fool Saline.

Now we have no choice.

We've got to rescue Boles.

He said to burn the town.

(chuckles) He would.

Oh, Warren, I'm scared.

(sighing): Yeah.

We've got every right to be.


Who is it?

DOC: Mrs. Boles?


Mrs. Boles, I'm Dr. Adams.

I was in the
marshal's office today

when you came
in there, you know?

What is it, Doctor?

Mrs. Boles,
I'm-I'm terribly sorry

to bother you
this time of night,

but the marshal wanted
me to come by and...

and tell you that the time for
your husband has been set.

It's 4:00 this morning.

And he asked me
to tell you and...

well, he doesn't want you
to say anything about it,

because the fewer
people, you know.

Mrs. Boles?

No, I'll be all right.

Kitty Russell from the Long
Branch could come up...

No, No. I'll be all right.

Excuse me, Doctor.

Thank you.

Marshal says you can
come back to the office.

(quietly): Thank you.

Good night.

It would seem our
problem's been solved for us.


Well, Dillon's made
things easier for us.


Well, at 4:00 in the morning,

an ambush shouldn't
be too hard to arrange.

(crickets chirping)


I must leave now.

The marshal there
has sent for me.


Please, querida,
try to understand.

For as long as we live,

we will never forget the
day a man died by your hand.


- Boles?
- Well?

This will be your last visit.


When are they gonna hang me?


Any time now.

(door closes)

It's all arranged.

Is that a fact?

Warren and the
boys will be waiting

when they take you out of here.


The gallows.

You'll know when.

Dodge is about
to lose its marshal

and a couple of deputies.

It's nice to know you
have some friends

that are watching out for you.

That coffee's worse than usual.

Yeah, I think so, too.

Seems like there ought to
be a parson or something.

Well, he didn't want one, Doc.

(spurs clanging)


We're all set, Matthew.


Well, what about Mrs. Boles?

I'll take care of her.

Just be sure and
do what I told you.

I'll do her, Matthew.









Drop it!


Oh, no, no...




You haven't gotten
them all, see?

(woman screams)

I'll take that.

It's my husband's will.

I'm entitled to it.


Let's go.


Good morning.

I just got your note saying
you're gonna return that money.

I... I am sorry.

There is none of it left.

Well, the money's yours.

You got more coming.

You took that job in good faith.

No, gracias, Marshal.

Maria was right.

I could never forget
I used such money.

And I will send
back what I spent.


I see.

Well, good luck to you.

Thank you.

DOC: Good morning, Matt.

How's Thad?

Oh, he's gonna be all right.

He got his hairline
moved back just a little bit.

Now, listen, when are you
gonna take that gallows down?

Well, sooner the better, Festus.

Well, I was fixing to
get to that, Matthew.

Uh, how much you
fixing to pay me?

Pay you?

Well, I thought you
were volunteering

your services on this.

Well, fiddle. I put
'em up for nothing,

but the taking
it down, that's...

What's the difference?

Well, there's a whole
heap of difference!

How much you figuring
to get paid for this?

Well, it ought to be
worth a beer or two.

That's blackmail.

Doc, it's worth it.

All right, Festus.

You take that down, I'll buy
you all the beer you can drink.

Uh, before or after?

Before or after what?

Before I take it down
or after I take it down?

Now, if I was to have the
beer after I've took it down,

see, I-I could've worked up

a good deal of thirst,
and I could drink

- quite a passel of beer.
- Oh, for heaven's sake.

But if I was to take the beer

before I was to take it down,
uh, chances are I'd be relaxed,

and I could drink
quite a bit of...

I'll explain it to Miss Kitty.

She understands
things like that.

ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
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