Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 4 - Falling Slowly - full transcript

Alex continues to adapt to working in the clinic; Meredith struggles with her feelings during a case with Riggs; Jo and DeLuca become closer; Owen and Amelia start to learn about each other; Jackson and April discuss their future with co-parenting.

- The harder the hit, the more it'll sting.
That's usually the case.
So we prescribe.
Meds, ice, compression, elevation.
Things you do to stop the immediate pain.
You left early this morning.
- Yeah, 'cause I love it here so much.
I had to open, plus it looks good.
-Is that what the lawyer said? -Supposed to establish that
I'm a valuable member of the community.
You know, to counteract the fact that I ruined DeLuca's face.
I meet with them today. Strategy session.
They say it's make or break, whatever that means.
But you can only dull the pain for so long,
and when the drugs start to wear off... really hurts.
Thank you for offering to help.
I love you, and I feel for you.
Solidarity and all of that, but this is scut.
Don't think for one second you're getting points
for arriving before me.
Things you didn't do yesterday --
refill the glove dispenser,
check the auxiliary thermometer batteries,
stock oral swabs.
I'm out. And what, you think this is a place to --
to hang out with your friends?
You do realize we open in 20,
so you gonna sit there and admire me or do you want to get to work?
It's a big thing for me not to know.
What is? Which one?
The church one -- that you go to church.
You go to AA. That's a lot of praying.
What are we gonna tell the children
about God and the afterlife or --
Wait, the children?
What children?
Our children.
So we're having children now?
No! How can we have children?
I barely know you.
You know, I had a thought.
You and I should, uh...
hang out together.
You know, somewhere that isn't here.
Like, uh...
a movie?
Maybe I could just show up there,
and then you show up,
and hey, look, we're hanging out.
I don't hang out.
You could.
Come on. We're in the clear.
Pierce asked me out. I let her down gently.
We could try.
There's no trying.
We are not that type of friends.
All right, well, what type of friends are we?
I'm leaving.
It's progress.
Sorry I'm late. What do we have?
Jackson, uh...
Dr. Avery!
Yeah, I'll get her.
Hey. Hey.
Just, um, catching up.
Tough night with Harriet?
She got up like six times.
Or maybe seven.
Does it count if she wakes
just as we're putting her back down?
"We"? What, you and April?
No, you guys -- You have to switch off, take turns.
Yeah, I know. We are, totally.
I mean, kind of.
It's just, you know, she's recovering from surgery,
so every time it's her turn,
I still get up and see how she's doing,
which makes her feel guilty,
so then she tries to come and help when it's my turn,
and I spend that entire time trying to convince her
that she needs to get rested up for -- for her turn.
Which you then get up for, too.
It's not a perfect system.
But, um, I'm ready to work, you know?
I'm just -- I'm cranking away right here.
Yeah, um, well, tell you what.
I'll take point on rounds
by way of the coffee cart, and, um...
Or not. Uh, got a trauma on the helipad.
-You're on your own. -Yeah, a couple minutes.
-Hold that elevator. -Yep.
-You look tired.
Well, I've been up a while with Amelia talking and talking.
She's yours now. I'm not taking her back.
I'm good. She's great. We're -- We're great.
You have the rest of this elevator ride. Go.
You know, she gets an idea into her head
and she just won't let it go.
She's relentless, like a -- like a shark.
She just won't put it down. -Two more floors.
And she asks me a question and I answer it,
and my answer just causes more questions,
and suddenly I-I-I've forgotten what we're talking about
and I'm late for work.
And I love her, and it's exhausting.
-Do you feel better? -Yeah, a little bit.
Glider plane crashed near Snoqualmie Falls.
Two passengers, both conscious at the scene.
Is Polly behind me? She's my wife.
Is she okay? I need to see her. Please.
Polly Campbell, 33, B.P.'s 90 over 40.
Blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen.
Where's Daniel? Is he okay?
We've got him.
Timir, I wanted to ask a favor.
Look, I need to leave for about an hour this afternoon,
but I can be back before close.
I know you consider this grunt work, Dr. Karev.
It's a far cry from the hallowed halls of the surgical floor.
I-I didn't say that.
Oh, and I'm sure you're not used to taking orders from a nurse.
Oh, no, it's fine. I just
Oh, is it fine?
Thank you.
This is second Thursday. Vaccination day.
We're about to get flooded by hundreds of patients
needing shots on top of everyone else.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
What's important is our patients.
They can't be rescheduled like elective surgeries.
They need you here and so do I. The answer's no.
You figure out your life on your own schedule.
Clinic's open.
Get the doors.
Pierce, you see this page? Cardio consult in the pit.
Oh, well, if you're going --
You want to go? I don't have to go.
No, you -- you're already going.
Why would I go? -'Cause you were going.
Well, I'm not, though, if you are.
So I'll go.
And I will not go.
Excuse me. -Okay.
I want to see my husband.
Try and hold still for me.
Is Daniel hurt? Can -- Can you at least tell me that?
He's in the other room getting checked out.
There's some fluid in the belly.
We're gonna need a C.T. to take a better look.
Was your husband flying the glider?
It was his first time up there without an instructor,
and he wanted me to go.
He worked so hard for his.
-SATs are dropping. -She's gonna need a chest tube.
Please, please tell me he'll be okay.
I got him, Polly,
but I need to make sure you can breathe first, okay?
-Okay, how can I help? -Lido.
28 French, and set up a pleurovac.
Still dropping. SATs are down to 88.
I've got it. Will you move?
Polly, I'm sorry.
There you go.
How is he?
Superficial facial lacerations.
But right leg, though.
I'm fine. Please, go help my wife.
- She's asking for you, too.
She's being treated in the next room.
I'm telling you I'm fine.
I'm gonna need sandbags and a spinal x-ray.
I just want to see Polly.
Daniel, I'm gonna need to get a spinal x-ray.
I can't feel my legs.
Okay, I don't want you to be alarmed.
No, no, I mean I haven't felt them for three years.
I'm paraplegic.
Oh. Well, okay.
- Where's Daniel? I want to see him!
-Owen, stop. -Sweetie, you there?
I-I-I'm here! Are you okay?
-Are you all right? -Are you okay?
-I'm all right. -I'm okay, I think.
Polly, I-I wish I could see you.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
Polly, I'm so sorry!
I noticed it a couple weeks ago.
Now it smells kind of funny.
That is one infected abscess.
We're gonna have to open that up.
What are you doing?
My patient needs an I&D for his abscess.
Yeah, not by you. Page surgery.
I am surgery.
No, not in here you're not. You do not lance,
you do not drain, you do not cut.
Look, it'll take five minutes.
You are not authorized to use a scalpel on anyone.
Page surgery.
I thought you said you were a surgeon.
I wanted to let you know that
the internal reports have been completed and filed.
Copies will be mailed to you,
and all your records have gone to the D.A.
Okay. Thanks.
Uh, one more thing.
While the legal proceedings are still ongoing,
you are not to discuss this matter
within the walls of this hospital.
Don't talk about it to anyone.
-Understood? -Yeah, I understand.
You know, it won't be hard not to talk about it
'cause no one talks to me much now anyways, so...
You know, Dr. Avery's being called in as an expert, I think.
DeLuca, what'd I just say?
Right. Don't talk to anyone.
Got it.
Pan scan with contrast, please.
How old was I when my dad died?
How old was I when my dad died?
-5. -I was 5.
See, you knew that.
But your dad died, too, and I have no idea when or how.
It hasn't come up.
Well, don't you think it should have?
Or maybe we didn't give it enough time to.
We gave ourselves a two-week engagement.
I think we're okay.
I think I should know how old you were when your father died.
-It's -- -Almost 10.
-Ah. -He knows?
Hey, sorry.
What? It's not a secret, is it? -No.
-Was that a secret? -No, no.
It's just she's worried about stuff
she doesn't need to be worried about.
Makes it a little more difficult than it needs to be, right?
Yeah, it's worth it, though.
Scans up?
Nope. Just started.
Oh, you're back. I didn't know you were here.
I'm not back.
I'm here early for my appointment with Dr. Robbins.
Six hours early.
Baby's in the nursery, so I'm here to finally sleep.
Dibs on bottom bunk.
Don't you have a bed of your own at home?
Not my home.
I can't day nap there 'cause it's cleaning day,
and people are vacuuming and polishing.
It would feel rude.
You're making very little sense.
You know that thing they say about
how you're supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps?
That's a lie!
Babies don't sleep.
-I'd like to sleep. -At least my baby doesn't.
Except when she does sleep, then I don't sleep.
-You know why? -'Cause you keep talking to her.
Because I am a guest in Jackson's house.
And Kepners are perfect guests,
and being a perfect guest...
is a hard job.
Listen, Dr. Kepner, I empathize, I really do,
but I just spent 16 hours straight removing a meningioma
and clipping something like a million back-to-back aneurysms.
And I'm back on Dr. Shepherd's service in a couple of hours,
so I need my sleep, too,
so I could go cut into actual human brains, so --
You got to be kidding me.
Well, am I dying? Do I got the cancer? No.
Good news, Earl. Looks like you just had beets for dinner.
You're having a natural reaction called beeturia.
It's where the red pigment of the beet passes through --
- Which means you're fine.
Give this to the desk on your way out.
This is a clinic, not a hotel.
Bed six -- binge drinker. Her name's Emma.
Frequent flier -- in here once a month. Good luck.
Uh, what's the protocol for underage alcoholics?
Uh, like an adult. You hydrate her,
give her the pamphlet, then get her out.
We need the bed.
Emma, right? How you feeling today?
Oh, I'm feeling amazing. I'm feeling perfect.
Got it all together.
I'm Kendall and Khloé and Kylie
and whatever other "K" names you got.
Just give me an I.V. bag, and I'll be on my way.
Headache, nausea, chills, the spins --
-I.V. bag. -All right, vitals first
then I decide what to give you, okay?
Oh, ew. You're new.
Put the I.V. in the left arm.
It's where the good veins are.
Start with a liter of saline and push it hard.
I'm dehydrated.
And do me a favor.
If you're an intern or, like, dumb,
get help, because last time, I was poked about 100 times
and my arm was purple for weeks.
That's good to know.
How are the scans?
Well, it looks like a grade-3 splenic injury.
How's the husband? -He's worried about her.
Mm. I'm gonna take her up for an ex lap.
For that? There's no reason. There's no active bleeding.
Well, I thought that, too, but look.
There's stranding and fullness around the aorta.
If we go in for the spleen,
then we get to have a better look when we're there.
Right, but there's no clinical reason for surgery.
Well, there is if we find out that her aorta is in trouble.
If. That's my point. We should wait and see.
I can see what you mean, Hunt, but Grey's right.
I mean, the patient is stable.
Observation just makes more sense right now.
We do a repeat C.T. angio in a few hours --
Oh, waiting is definitely the safer choice.
Well, I disagree.
Oh, so that's it, then?
Two against one?
She gets checks every 30 minutes,
and I hope you're both right.
We make quite the team.
I don't need a team. It's the right call.
This is the wrong call.
You got outvoted by two smart surgeons.
It happens.
So, why did you join the army?
Okay, why are we doing this?
I feel like I'm in a job interview.
There's just stuff I don't know. I mean, it's scary.
We have our whole lives to --
And there's stuff that you don't know about me.
And what if you don't like it?
What if it's too scary?
How bad could it be?
Hey, hey, really. How bad?
You know what?
Never mind.
It's fine.
When the trocar's in the amniotic cavity,
that's when we use a fetoscope -- Hey, DeLuca.
Come here.
Tilt your head up.
Chin up. Turn.
It's beautiful.
You look nice today, too.
Avery did a really great job.
Nice symmetrical eye sockets.
Not even a hint of residual bruising.
No scars. How are you feeling?
-I'm fine. -Yeah?
I keep missing you at home.
Avery give you a clean bill of health? Yeah, no, I-I'm good.
And what about the trial? Any news of a court date?
-I can't really talk about it. -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about, you can't talk about it?
We share a bathroom. -With anyone.
Okay, it's the Chief's orders. I'm sorry.
Bed six, Karev.
I have to check on this guy.
Okay, uh, so I have two more patients' parents
saying they'll be character witnesses.
I-I'm trying to get there.
I-I'll be there.
I'll -- I'll try.
Was that your lawyer?
Meeting's supposed to be at 4:00
if I can get past Timir the gatekeeper.
You bring ketchup? -Ugh, did you wash your hands?
Why are we here?
Oh, because Alex is here,
and we want to see what Alex is up to.
Does Alex have something he'd like to share with the group?
AA pamphlets?
They're for this patient, this college kid.
She's a mess. -Literature is not gonna do it.
When you're addicted to something
and you want it so badly, a piece of paper is --
It's not gonna make her stay away.
What would make you stay away?
Say if you were a bartender and an alcoholic
and there's alcohol in front of you
right under your nose all the time.
Doing cardio surgeries.
Uh, count to five.
If that doesn't work, get out of there,
remove yourself from the situation.
So, on a scale of lots to nothing,
how much would you say you knew about my brother
when you guys got married?
I'm not getting in the middle of that.
Why? Did Owen...
I knew Owen would say something to you.
See? There's something you know about him.
-Uh, back to my patient. -Your kid might need an ally.
Someone who's been there who can speak the language.
A pamphlet's not gonna do it. Not that I am offering.
I have my own stuff going on.
Really? This is not a cafeteria, Karev.
We've got two cases of strep, your alcoholic.
Your foot guy still needs his foot done.
I paged surgery!
You're in a room full of surgeons.
One of you guys want to lance a patient's foot abscess for me?
-Resident's job. -I'm eating.
I would, but I don't want to.
Yeah. I'm gonna pay for that.
How much longer?
The I.V.'s still almost full,
and I don't have time to sit here all day.
Hello? I have work.
-Call in sick. -I can't call in.
Just tell me if I'm looking at 20 minutes or an hour or...
Oh, my God, I'm not an alcoholic!
They say you're in here all the time asking for fluids.
Because I've figured out what makes my body feel better.
Isn't that what doctors should want?
I'm making your life easier.
Fine, forget it.
You know what?
You're full of crap.
-Excuse me? -Look, I may be a doctor,
but that doesn't mean I never partied before.
-I had one beer. -Oh, come on.
You're a kid who routinely comes in here for an I.V.
after a night of partying.
And you're an adult who routinely uses "party" as a verb.
-Emma, listen to me. -You're not listening to me.
Emma, you keep doing this and an I.V. isn't your fix anymore. Oh, my God.
Because first it's drinking, then someone gives you a pill.
Next it's needles.
Before you know it, you're out on the street with all the other junkies.
Is that how you want it to go?
No! On the side of the road covered in your own puke?
- Dr. Karev.
That's enough.
Okay, listen, this girl's a drunk. No, I'm not!
Step away from that young woman right now.
That was good.
It was very good. Very convincing.
Yeah? I think I was a little harsh.
Ah, it was just right.
You were a jerk. She and I have a common enemy.
How much time do I have?
About half an hour.
I slowed down her I.V. drip.
I'm going in.
Good luck.
Oh, sorry.
I-I didn't realize, um --
I'll just go to another room.
You don't have to. I'm almost done.
Okay, great.
Four, five.
Five what?
More minutes.
Uh, oh, you know what? I'll come back.
You don't have to.
So, Polly doesn't need surgery?
Right now, no. It's a waiting game.
We would like to wait and see if it resolves itself,
but she's stable and awake.
She'll hate this.
Waiting and seeing.
When I got hurt, we were engaged,
and I gave her an out.
I mean, it only seemed fair.
Her answer was to haul the chaplain into my room.
We basically eloped in a hospital.
Nothing gets to her.
I like her.
Except glider planes. Those are my thing.
She thinks she hides it,
but I know she's not wild about heights.
Oh, God. I hope she's okay.
I'm gonna let her know you're here, okay?
Hey, Polly.
Someone's here to see you.
I need some help in here!
-What's happening to her? -Abdomen's rigid.
Belly's full of blood. Hang two units.
I need a 7-0 E.T. tube and an intubation tray.
Blood's on the infuser. Coags sent.
Page Hunt and Riggs and book an O.R. right now.
You said she was stable.
What the hell's going on?
Her spleen ruptured, and now her aorta's dissecting.
Gown us. We could've avoided this.
Yeah, well, this shouldn't have happened.
It wouldn't have if you two hadn't teamed up against me,
if we hadn't waited! Okay, listen, can we do this another time,
because if we don't get to this dissection,
it's gonna take out her coronaries.
Let's get in here. I need some hands.
I told that other doctor this is just what my body does.
I have a beer or I get dehydrated,
and I get sick.
I know how to fix it. This is how I fix it.
I totally understand.
You know your own body better than anyone.
Exactly! And I don't need some idiot
telling me I have a problem when I don't.
Okay, you know how to handle it. You know your own limits.
It's doctors like him that are the problem.
He thinks I'm some crazy party girl.
I'm not an alcoholic.
You know, I used to tell myself that.
Well, actually quite a bit.
We talked a lot about that in AA.
Really? What is this?
Are you trying to play good cop, bad cop with me or something?
Emma, no, no, no. All I'm trying to --
I am not stupid and I won't stick around for this.
What -- -No, thanks.
-Emma, wait a minute.
- What did you do?
I-I-I just barely touched her.
Emma -- Emma, just calm down.
Don't touch me!
Just -- Just let me fix it.
Oh, my God.
Oh. What on earth?
So... can I get out of here now?
Who is responsible for this?
Not the clinic. It's Karev's fault.
He should've discharged her.
Dr. Karev works for the clinic.
Dr. Weber, did you injure her?
Because now it's a liability.
She appears fine.
She needs x-rays to rule out a fracture.
Well, she's back in bed and not happy about it.
I'll check on those x-rays.
Actually, Chief, uh, I could use a little help.
I have a meeting with my lawyer this afternoon,
and Timir won't let me out.
I have helped you. I got you this job.
I didn't have to.
What, you need me to help you do that, too?
Figure it out.
Rush on these, please. Thanks.
So, Bailey told me, too, not to say anything to anybody.
But, uh...
I don't have anyone else who understands except you,
and I know that Bailey said not to say anything,
but it's like -- Oh, heads up.
Uh, I -- -I-I'm gonna go --
Okay. Oh.
April grinds the coffee?
And brews it.
Every morning.
Yeah, I don't see the problem.
No matter how late we are up with Harriet,
she wakes up before me and makes the coffee.
No matter how badly I need to leave and go to work or --
Yeah, but you can't just walk away from a fresh pot of coffee.
And not feel like an ass, no.
So, I drink the coffee and make the small talk
because that's what people do, apparently,
but sometimes I don't want to make the small talk.
What are you laughing at?
Nothing, man. I just -- I-I remember.
From when you stayed with me and Miranda.
Yeah, but I wasn't that bad.
I was?
No. You -- You should've said something.
Yes, and so should you.
Just talk to April.
Yeah, I -- Okay, you're right. I will.
It wasn't really that bad with me, though, right?
It might've been better if you'd have
brewed a brother a cup of coffee every now and again, but...
I'm so tired.
But I go out of my way to make coffee every morning to be nice.
So sleep in. Don't make coffee.
Well, I have to do something.
I was taught to be a courteous guest.
But you're not a guest.
You're a -- You're a co-habitant.
You're a roommate. He's your -- He's your Andrew.
He's not my Andrew, no.
He's my ex, and we live together 'cause he's being nice,
so I need to be a good houseguest even if it kills me,
which it might, unless I die of lack of sleep first.
I can't handle dying right now.
So move out.
-What? -Your incision is healed.
You can lift as much as you want, so come back to work,
move out of the house, and then do whatever you want.
Doctor's orders.
Not only do you get dumped on me in my clinic,
but then you make me look incompetent
in front of the Chief?
I didn't do anything.
You pulled a girl's arm out of her socket.
Yeah, and I put it back like I always do,
so when can I go?
You still need to get x-rays.
And I didn't even touch her. -You upset her.
You're the reason she tried to leave.
Look, my shift starts really soon.
You have no idea, but my boss is the biggest jerk.
I have some idea. All it takes is her filing one complaint.
I know you don't care 'cause you have a cushy job to go back to,
but this is my cushy job.
I don't need you causing trouble.
You paged me?
Can you hear me, Karev? Are you even paying attention?
I, uh, paged surgery.
I need a consult over an abscess.
Bed two. Can you do it?
You paged me here to do your scut?
No, no, that's not --
Then why else do you need me to lance a boil?
Because I'm not allowed to.
Damn right, you are not allowed to,
and -- and you're not allowed to go near that girl again either.
Okay, I don't want you anywhere near her.
Screw it. Screw all this! There are your patients.
There's your surgical consult. I have someplace to be.
Hold on! Stop the bus!
So you know how Emma presented with a hangover but insisted that wasn't it?
Yeah, even though she was in the clinic
every couple weeks for I.V. hydration?
And she said that thing with her arms has happened to her before.
Well, what's this have to do with me?
Well, just read the chart. Look at her list of symptoms.
I mean, there's something wrong with her,
but she's not an alcoholic.
Dehydration, bruises easy, joint hyper mobility --
that's for sure.
Fainting spe--
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?
You're not as strong as you think.
I only encountered a couple cases in my career.
I mean, we'll have to run tests to confirm it.
But if you're right and she has this...
Karev, you may have just saved this girl's life.
Did you tell her?
No, that's why I paged you.
You have to tell her, not me.
Look, if I give her some big diagnosis,
I'm undermining Timir's authority, but if you tell her --
No, it doesn't seem right. No.
Look, she needs this way more than I need a credit.
If we can't catheterize through the inferior petrosal sinus,
will we go straight to the superior ophthalmic vein or what?
had sickle cell anemia.
Oh, good. This.
Have? Had? Have had?
-Had. -You had that.
I know that about you.
Nobody knows that about you, but you told me,
trusted me with the information.
You let me know you. I know that about you.
I know we are about to go treat
a dural carotid cavernous fistula.
Owen could've had it, too. I have no idea.
Unlikely for a number of reasons.
But I know it about you,
just like I know that you do not like dogs.
You don't ever go to church. You do like mushrooms.
And I knew all of those things before today.
I should've married you.
I'm not sure that would've worked out for either of us.
That church one is just a guess.
Okay, wait.
You're gonna have to say that all again.
Ellie what-is-it syndrome?
It's extremely hard to diagnose, but all your symptoms add up.
You did a great job
paying attention to what your body needs.
This diagnosis is a good thing, Emma.
We now know better how to actually help you.
All this time...
So, this means it's real.
I'm not overreacting. I'm not crazy.
Definitely not.
Thank you, Dr. Weber.
There's no way that other asshat doctor
would've figured this out.
That's why the clinic's here, Emma.
We're just happy to help.
Thank you.
While we were in there,
you had a sudden dissection in your aorta,
which, um, well, I'm glad we caught it in time.
How you feeling?
I don't know.
I -- I guess, like --
like I fell out of the sky in a plane I never wanted to be in.
Don't tell Danny I said that. No.
He'll feel so bad. I know him.
He's eating himself alive over this.
Can I see him?
Yeah. I'll find him for you.
Oh, one more thing that's kind of strange.
I can't feel my legs yet.
When is this anesthesia gonna wear off?
So, when the aorta dissected,
it compromised the feeder vessels
to the spinal cord right around L-4.
And it damaged the cord there.
So, she's paralyzed from the waist down?
And it's irreversible.
If we'd been in there sooner --
It wouldn't have made a difference. Yes, if we had gone in --
Owen, it wouldn't have made a difference!
It dissected right in front of us!
I couldn't have foreseen that and neither could you.
This happens.
It's happened to me before.
Okay? It's unfortunate, but it does.
You couldn't have saved this.
I'll go tell her.
That's the truth, right?
That we couldn't have seen this coming.
That's true? -Why would you ask me that?
Because I need to make sure that our decision to wait
didn't put this woman in a wheelchair.
No, it didn't.
You didn't...
side with me because of...
you and I?
Excuse me?
Because we decided to wait, this falls on us. Whoa, whoa.
If you think I would play around with a patient's well-being
in order to get into your pants?
That's not what I'm saying. I'm asking a question.
It's a damned offensive question!
Did we make the right decision for the right reason?
I agreed with you because you were right,
not because you were you.
Now, what happened to Polly is not to your fault.
And it's certainly not mine. I'm not that stupid!
You heading home?
I'm not sure I'm at liberty
to disclose that information at this time.
Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture.
Your whereabouts should remain need-to-know.
Look, if you can't talk to anyone
and I can't talk to anyone,
no one's gonna know if we talk to each other, right?
True, yeah.
You hungry?
I better not say.
So, Dr. Hunt says that she's still groggy
and trying to process everything,
but she wants to see you.
I can't go in there.
I can't. I-I'm the one who did this to her.
She's in the bed because of me.
I can't face her. I can't go in.
You have to.
You're the only one she needs right now.
She was on the plane because of me.
And now she's off and she's alive.
Your wife is alive.
And if there's anyone who could tell her this isn't the end,
that this isn't the worst thing that could've happened,
it's you.
Because this isn't the worst thing.
She's still breathing.
She needs you right now.
She needs you to be strong and pull it together for her.
Daniel, she's ready for you.
But what -- what do I say?
You guys love each other.
You can say anything.
Shh. She's finally sleeping.
- Okay.
Shouldn't she be in a crib or something?
You should be happy she's sleeping at all.
Well, I mean, I was hoping we could talk.
Um, I just feel like if I stop doing this,
she's, like, gonna wake up.
Okay. Totally fine. It can wait.
I'll just, um...
I'll go watch the game in my room.
Did you want to watch it in here,
'cause I can try to move her into her crib.
No, it's totally fine. Don't be silly.
It's -- There's plenty of TVs. It's fine.
I mean, I'm aware, but this one's the biggest.
-I said no. Thank you. -Are you sure you --
'Cause if you want to watch the game, like, I can --
April, I said no.
I can't keep doing this.
All right? I can't keep walking on egg shells
in my own house, all right?
We have to figure out a way to freakin' exist together.
I'm sorry. You're walking on egg shells?
What do you think it's been like for me?
I don't know. I don't know.
I know this whole thing is weird.
Yeah, it's weird, and...hard.
Agreed. It's hard. I don't like it.
-I don't either. -Well, what do you want to do?
I don't know. Move out, I guess.
Well, Arizona says that I can.
I mean, I'm -- I'm healed, so...
I will, like, I guess.
I mean, does that mean, like, right away, or what do you --
As soon as makes sense.
Well, uh...
She just slept right through that.
Yeah, she can be, um...
pretty quiet when she wants to be.
I don't want you to move out.
I don't want to move out, either.
I'm scared I may never sleep again.
She's stronger than I am. She could defeat me.
There's two of us.
We got her outnumbered.
You two are staying.
She's sleeping. Why the hell aren't we?
I don't know.
I'm just gonna go set up the coffee thing for the morning.
Please don't. Okay? It's enough with the coffee.
-No? -No.
You know you can tell me anything.
I know.
There was this man I loved very much.
And we loved taking drugs together,
and one night we took a lot.
And...the next morning I woke up,
and he had O.D.'d
and aspirated on his vomit and...
I told you it's bad.
I once, um...
I once choked Cristina.
I-I didn't mean to, but, uh, I was asleep.
I had this ceiling fan.
And in my head, the blades, it was...
In my head, it was a helicopter.
And I thought I was back there.
And I woke up, and I was choking her.
We're okay, right?
We're okay.
And our kids will be okay?
Our kids will be amazing.
They will.
I can't wait.
So, let's not, then.
Let's not wait.
I can't do what we did today again.
I can't have another case
where I question my medical decisions or yours.
I can't do my job if I'm thinking about
what you're thinking about me.
So, you're thinking about me?
I don't want to be.
Let's just be colleagues.
Nothing more.
Sounds stuffy.
It's not.
It's --
Colleagues are people who hang out at work and talk about work.
Still sounds stuffy.
Well, it's what I'm offering.
I don't see why we can't be friends.
- Who can't be friends?
Uh, you and me.
I just feel like things have been a bit strange.
Like I've made you feel a little uncomfortable.
God, no. No, you didn't.
You di-- It's fine.
Of course we can be friends. We are friends.
All of us, right? We're all friends.
Great, then.
-I should get going. -Bye.
Thank you for talking to him.
-Yeah. -It's awful, but it's --
It's good to have it out on the table.
-Thank you. -Yeah.
There's a reason these fixes are called temporary.
They were never meant to last forever.
So, what happens when you're faced with a fix
that's more permanent?
You ready to go?
Uh, give me a minute.
How was your meeting?
How do the lawyers feel about your case?
Do you fight it? Do you try to resist?
I'm going to jail.
God, Alex, don't say that.
Why not?
You're in an awfully good mood
for a guy who thinks he's going to the slammer.
I caught a one-in-a-million case today, Mer.
It wasn't so terrible.
Or do you step back and decide that maybe acceptance...
I'm good.
Okay, let's go. the best fix of all?
What are you looking for?
It's right here.
Well, damn.
13 seasons
of fun.
Gimme, gimme, gimme.
13 seasons of drama.
This act
was a felony.
It was nice knowing you.
Shut up.
13 seasons of twisty turns...
It's bad.
You're falling for me.
I slept with him. only "Grey's" can deliver.
Damn right.
"Grey's Anatomy."
Thursdays on ABC.
- Congratulations.
You've each been chosen for my very first criminal-law clinic.
In here, you're not just students
but actual practicing lawyers.
You finally get to be me.
Thursdays on ABC...
At least they chose a good photo.
...brace yourself for a mystery so killer...
This could destroy us all.
...not everyone is gonna make it out alive.
"How To Get Away With Murder."
Thursdays, 10:00, 9:00 Central
on ABC.