Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 3 - I Ain't No Miracle Worker - full transcript

A family argues at the hospital following a car crash at a funeral; Arizona is caught between Alex and Andrew; Ben has a new parenting role; Amelia helps Meredith and Maggie work through a problem.

Meredith: Every patient who gets bad news
wants to be the exception --
the one in a million, the miracle.
But surgeons don't believe in miracles.
We have to make them happen.
Are you okay?
He has all the power now.
It's wrong. I'm his boss.
But I asked him out,
and his "No" is always going to be there like a bloated corpse.
I've ruined work.
I've ruined it.
No. No, I'm not okay.
I was asking Alex.
Alex? Alex is fine. He's lucky he still has a job.
Well, this is not his job. He's a surgeon.
He's still a doctor -- in the clinic,
where he doesn't have to look
all of his stupid mistakes in the face.
Maybe let him answer.
I'm fine.
I'm mean, it sucks, but I'm fine.
If you get any cardio consults today --
I mean even the slightest palpitation -- you page Riggs.
I'm his boss. I give you my blessing.
I'm not doing that.
Maggie, this isn't a real problem.
You're making it one.
* My mind's blown *
There she is. Hey!
-Hey, how was New York? -Oh, my gosh, it was amazing.
Callie's got this great place right near the park,
and Sofia's got this huge room all to herself.
She loves her new school. It's good.
Very good. [ Chuckles ]
Uh, h-hey, when did you get in?
Welcome back, Robbins.
Uh, cool.
Well, uh, the -- the gas bill came while you were away,
so I went ahead and paid that.
Thank you.
And, uh, the bathroom sink --
it just needed a new washer, so don't call your guy.
It's better than it looks.
And at least my eyesight's all the way back.
Good. That's good.
I'm glad.
I got to go.
Marriage is like a bed and breakfast in Vermont, with sex.
Until you have kids.
And when I want the sex,
I don't have to get out of bed and drive to the sex.
I just roll right over.
Can you stop it?
Why would I want to stop it?
Married sex is dirtier than I expected.
Not the sex, the bragging.
You're flashing your money after going to the ATM.
We get it. You're sex-rich.
It is not polite to brag
in front of people who are sex-poor.
Some of us are barely making ends meet.
[ Cellphones beeping ]
Multiple MVCs coming into the E.R.
Hey, Pierce, I got a valve replacement.
You good in the E.R.?
Yep, I can cover the pit.
Got it. Shepherd.
[ Door closes ]
Was that normal?
Why wouldn't it be normal?
No reason.
I mean, you were a tad deferential.
-Amelia, don't. -Damn it.
Come on, I move out, and I'm dead to you now?
You just cut me off?
I asked Riggs out. He said no.
Wait, Riggs?
Yeah. I'm trying not to be weird about it at work,
and you just said I wasn't weird, so there.
Not weird.
Except for the part where you keep talking about it.
[ Door closes ] Nathan Riggs?
Uh, you're not busy, right?
[ Chuckles ] Nah.
I'm just carrying 19 pounds of lac trays
so I have something to do with my hands.
Uh, can you get Tuck from school?
-What, is he sick? -No, he's not sick.
Well, then, why am I picking him up?
-Uh, there was an...incident. -What? Is he okay?
No, he's fine. Are you busy?
Yes, there's a seven-car pile-up in the pit.
I know! That's why I need you to pick him up.
Coming through!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Chuckling ] Oh, come on. This is too good to miss.
Look, someone ran into a funeral procession
just before it reached the cemetery. [ Sighs ]
A funeral procession!
Limos hitting limos hitting limos.
And then all the limos smashed into the hearse.
Doors cracked open, casket went airborne.
A flying corpse.
All right, this -- this is all one family.
All right, it's -- it's -- it's art, Miranda.
It's a hot mess of art.
And if you need me -- if you really need me, I will go pick up Tuck.
But if you don't, come on, 'cause this is --
This is too good to miss. This is...
Someone hit a funeral,
and you want popcorn and a front-row seat.
Shame on you.
Just for that, now you really have to go pick up Tuck.
Oh, I had to pick up Tuck anyway. Just go.
[ Gasping ] I can't -- I can't get air.
[ Breathes heavily ]
I know, but you have to put the oxygen mask on
so it will actually help.
Where's my -- Where's my brother?
Where's Julian?
Um, I don't know, but I can find out for you.
I'm right here, Morgan, just like I was two minutes ago.
Follow the light.
Can you give her something that'll calm her down?
Sir, I really need you to look this way.
My sister gets panic attacks.
It's not even her first one today.
Well, I'd like to rule out any injury to her heart and lungs,
but thank you for the heads-up.
It was just out of nowhere.
We were almost to the cemetery
when this jerk just came speeding out of nowhere.
The car just plowed into us!
And there was like a chain reaction like dominos.
Was it a drunk driver, or...? I don't know.
When I figure it out, I will sue his ass.
It's what Dad would want.
Julian, that's the last thing Dad would want!
This funeral wasn't cheap.
I ordered orchids for the grave site.
Ow! Okay, tell me if this feels dull or sharp.
Films are back, Dr. Shepherd.
-And your scans are up. -Thanks.
Is my arm broken? It's broken, isn't it?
-In two places. -Ohh!
I'm making a list of everyone in the family's injuries.
We're not paying for any of this!
Excuse me.
I need to find out where Barb is.
Do you know if she's okay?
-Well, actually -- -Barb is my sister.
She's dressed in black. Oh, that's no help.
She's a little shorter than I am.
Blond hair. Barbara Davis.
Okay, um...
She is in a procedure room.
She is getting a few stitches on her forearm.
Looks fine otherwise.
Oh, thank goodness. Thank you.
And those two over there, they're my children.
Are they okay? Morgan and Julian Fisher.
Morgan -- they are making sure
that her heart and lungs are okay.
Julian has a broken arm and a cut on his forehead,
but I made sure he's okay, so...
And Carl ruptured his spleen. Gene broke some ribs.
Michelle mostly has broken glass in her hair.
Lynne has whiplash.
Only Pete came through unscathed.
Pete is...
Pete is my husband. He's dead.
This was Pete's funeral.
Oh, God, ma'am.
-Georgia. -Georgia, I'm so sorry.
You shouldn't -- Someone should be taking care of you.
We have a waiting area --
You know, right now,
I really feel like I need to be doing something.
But if you could find out where they took him...
You got it, yeah.
Sir, I know --
The patient in this bed is deceased.
I know.
Not just deceased, embalmed.
The deceased, Peter -- it was his funeral.
The hearse and the coffin got totaled,
and the EMTs couldn't just leave him in the street.
Call the morgue.
I did, but they're taking their sweet time.
There's not a lot of urgency in that job, I think.
Then call them again.
And find some place else for Mr., um...
This is a room for healing the sick.
Yes, sir.
Corpse in the emergency department.
It's just creepy is what it is.
[ Screams ]
Kara, I need you to try and slow your breathing, okay?
Oh, God, is he alive?
I can't even feel his little kicks.
He may be less active from the pain meds we gave you, okay?
Please, just tell me -- Is he...
[ Heartbeat ] Okay, you hear that?
Mm. That's a strong, stable heartbeat. He's okay.
-Films are back. -Yeah. good.
Hey, uh, do we know where the deceased guy was put?
-Um... -What? Who else is hurt?
Is everyone hurt? Did I kill anyone?
Oh, you were the driver?
[ Sobs ]
I was late for the funeral.
I came around the corner, and there they were,
the whole procession.
I ran right into them.
It was me.
Owen: Kara, it was an accident. I'm sure they'll understand.
Not my family. [ Sniffles ]
They've never understood me.
I haven't even seen any of them for almost 10 years.
Dad maybe,
but Mom, Julian, and Morgan.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Sobs ]
God, I never should have come back.
I just wanted to tell my Dad that I love him.
It's okay, it's okay. It's all right.
Kara, your pelvis is fractured, and there may be some bleeding.
We need to do a C.T. scan to check for bleeding What?
and other injures, all right?
C.T.? Is that safe for him?
It's a minimal risk for the baby,
but we need to know how badly you're bleeding, okay?
[ Groaning ]
Yeah, um, just -- just page me when she's in C.T.
[ Sighs ]
The clinic is supplied for crap.
You didn't pick up my calls or answer my texts.
I was worried about you.
No, you were mad at me.
Damn right I was mad. I'm still mad.
You beat up my roommate.
So, that's why you're mad?
Some guy you barely know who pays you rent got beat up?
[ Sighs ]
What the hell is wrong with you?
Look, let's not do this. I've had enough lectures.
I'm not in the mood for another one.
Your job is to take care of children.
Look, Arizona --
Your job is to take care of children.
You want to throw your life away? Or your career?
The career that I helped you build?
I trained you.
I had your back,
and I always pushed for you, no matter what anybody said.
I know! Alex!
I know all of this.
You can't tell me anything I haven't already heard
from Bailey or Mer or Jo --
or frankly, the State of Washington.
And hearing it one more time isn't gonna help anything
or change anything or fix me or turn back time,
so just shut up and back off, please.
Excuse me.
What do you got?
Possible mesenteric tear.
Hm. Hemothorax here.
Is Pierce okay?
She's in the pit, I think.
No, I mean with me.
Oh, don't flatter yourself. She'll live.
All right, all right.
You know, for what it's worth, I feel pretty bad about it.
She's my sister.
You think I like telling her she can't have the good thing?
Then let's just come clean, tell her why.
We'll feel better. It'll feel really good.
Why don't you just focus on your patient's hemothorax?
All right.
"The good thing."
Excuse me.
You called me a good thing.
-Forget I said it. -You ain't the boss of me.
Actually, I own a big chunk of this hospital,
so technically, I am.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Well, then, after you.
Damn right.
Hey, what are you doing here?
So, I've been prescribed movement,
since my incision's healed.
I'm supposed to get up, get out.
I can walk now.
I should walk, actually, you know, to get better.
So, walking.
You can walk around the block, you know?
In the neighborhood. It's a really nice neighborhood. You should check it out.
Yeah, I know, it's totally --
It's s-super nice. So is the house.
Um, but I figured -- I-I figured you'd want to see the baby.
You know what? That's really sweet of you.
I-I did just see her like an hour ago.
I know, but look at this one.
You can't get enough of this little nugget.
No, I guess you can't.
Okay, so, we are just gonna go down to the E.R. for a minute,
check out what's going on down there.
I hear there's a big MVC.
-Really? -So...
You're gonna take her down to the E.R. --
a newborn with all the blood, germs, and dying people?
Right. Not a good idea.
No. I'll walk you out.
Who wants to see Daddy?
No, that -- Hey, sweetheart. Oh, there.
You excited to see Daddy? So good.
Okay. Bring her back when she's hungry.
I picked up Tuck, and you know what?
Tuck's teacher said he got in a fight.
They -- They said that he pushed another child
and that he started it.
They said that?
They also said
they told you all of this already over the phone.
-How's that, now? -Miranda.
I must have, uh, misheard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [ Chuckles ]
Aren't you gonna go in there
and bring down the hammer on him?
I'm gonna let him sweat it out.
But he knows what's coming.
The hammer will fall.
Your husband has been moved to a private room,
and the funeral home has been notified.
Okay. Okay, thank you.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
What's wrong?
Your daughter was injured.
She is okay, and the baby is okay.
-35 weeks, almost time. -What?
But I'm afraid, uh, your daughter
was the one who caused the accident.
No, I think you're confused.
Morgan was in the car with me when we got hit.
I'm so sorry.
Uh, your other daughter, Kara.
Like I said, she and the baby are both stable.
Kara's here?
Kara's having a baby?
-Kara? -What?
She...fractured her pelvis.
Kara's here?
Wait. Kara was driving the car?
Morgan: She's pregnant?
You have got to be kidding me!
She had the nerve to show up!
-Kara did this to us?! -She said it was an accident.
Of course she did. Classic. Julian.
Drugs again, right? Has to be.
I hope not. They said she's knocked up.
Good Lord, what's next?
What Pete and Georgia did to be saddled with that mess!
You said my husband was here.
Can I see him, please?
I'm sorry.
This was the best place we could find for him.
The morgue guys were supposed to come and get him,
but they said he was dead when he got here,
so he's not their problem.
He's the funeral home's problem.
And it's just become this whole big thing -- Edwards.
Take all the time you need.
Always thought I'd go first.
[ Chuckles ]
Actually, no.
If I pictured it, I thought we'd go together...
holding each other's hands.
Kara's back.
It's a miracle.
Kara came home.
Our baby came home.
-A felony? -I know.
I mean, he did beat him up really bad.
Yeah, he did.
Then again, you can punch a cardio surgeon
in a hospital hallway, and nobody says a word.
Wait, wait -- apples and oranges.
And yet Alex is charged with a felony assault.
Apples and oranges.
Riggs and I, it was personal.
No, just apples.
It was about Wilson. It's about a girl.
How is that not personal?
Shepherd just paged. The mom's okay.
Oh, good.
Kara, we just got word that your mom is fine.
She wasn't hurt.
Okay, thanks.
Does she know I'm here?
Yeah, I think that they told her.
Oh, God.
[ Sobs ]
Then she knows. She knows that it was me.
Maybe that wasn't a great idea.
But, I mean, I thought that she should know.
They haven't seen each other in like 10 years.
Oh. Um...
Kara, I'm -- I'm so sorry,
but the machine cannot get a clear read
unless you're very, very still.
Okay. [ Stifled sobbing ]
Okay, sorry.
It's okay. It's okay. Take your time.
[ Stifled sobbing ]
Maggie: It's so sad.
I mean, can you imagine saying goodbye to somebody
you've woken up next to every day for 40 years?
So, Riggs, huh?
It's nothing. I's nothing now.
It's stilted conversations and avoiding eye contact.
And he said no?
Oh, yeah.
To you?
Right? Thank you.
We don't have to talk about it.
I've been trying to talk about it,
but Mer won't listen.
She thinks I should just forget the whole thing happened.
They're here for Mr. Fisher.
[ Knock on door ]
Mrs. Fisher?
Georgia, the men from the funeral home are here.
[ Groaning ]
Why is someone with him?
She has had a rough day.
Georgia, I'm sorry, but it -- it really is time.
[ Gasping ]
No, no, no!
Dr. Pierce! Georgia!
Out of the way! Move!
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ] She's in V-fib.
Continuing CPR.
Edwards, ready?
Charge to 120.
[ Paddles whine ]
Set up an intubation tray.
[ Thump ]
Charge to 150.
[ Paddles whine ]
Clear. [ Thump ]
It's your husband's day, Georgia. Don't steal the show.
Push 1 of epi.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
[ Video game beeping ]
Well, what -- whatcha doin'?
Oh. [ Chuckles ]
I, uh -- I asked you question.
Sorry. I'm leveling up.
Well, um, what did your mom say?
-About what? -What do you mean "About what"?
I haven't seen her.
What are we waiting for?
Tuck is just hanging in your office,
playing on his phone.
No hammer has fallen.
What are we waiting for?
[ Chuckles ] "We."
-[ Sighs ] -What?
We are not waiting for anything.
He is my child. I will handle it.
Well, right now, you're not doing anything.
You think I don't know that?
Look, I have to bring down the hammer at work
every day it seems like lately,
so excuse me if I'm not jumping to do it at home, too.
Now I have to explain to my son why not to pick on other kids?
It's exhausting! I'm exhausted.
And right now, you're exhausting.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
Edwards, ready?
What's going on in there?
They're running a code.
[ Paddles whine ]
I just froze off a wart.
Continuing CPR.
I just wiped a butt.
[ Sighs ] I did that, too.
Well, my body is making food for another human.
That's something, I guess.
Charge to 270.
You got me beat there.
[ Thump ]
Charge again.
[ Paddles whine ]
[ Thump ]
* The thin line between love and hate *
The force of your fracture tore some vessels in your pelvis,
but your scan showed that there's no active bleeding.
And since the baby's stable and you're stable,
we'd like to avoid surgery.
I'll be monitoring you very closely.
You know, I thought coming home was the right thing to do.
You leave and [sighs] so much time goes by.
You just get used to it.
And then one day,
you get a phone call that your dad died,
and you just see how much you've missed.
And I didn't -- I didn't want that to happen
with anybody else.
I didn't want that for my baby.
Kara, we can get someone from your family, your mom, maybe?
No, I'm -- I can't face her.
Not right now.
* Feel the blood in my veins *
Thank you, though.
* Like a kick inside *
* When I'm all out of feeling *
Kara, she'll forgive you.
Your mom will always forgive you no matter how bad it gets.
You should try.
* In between the nightmares and the dreams *
I need to find Georgia Fisher,
the mom of all those funeral people.
Look, d-- do I need to move?
Do you what?
I just -- I understand.
All right? Karev is your friend.
He's your -- He's your guy.
Things are gonna be awkward enough at work.
Can we just say three weeks?
It's just that my medical bills
have been eating up a lot of my savings --
Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop.
I don't -- That's not -- No, I don't want that.
You don't?
No. Why?
Everyone's just so pissed at me.
They don't say it, but I can feel it.
You just seem pissed, too.
* Need to breathe *
* Need a breath in my mind *
* Feel the blood *
* In my veins * I got find this lady.
All right.
* Like a kick inside *
[ Flatline ] * When I'm all out of feeling *
* That don't belong to me * [ Breathing heavily ]
Arizona: Hey, is this Georgia?
Uh, yeah, sudden cardiac arrest.
We're getting her back. We have to.
Well, how long has it been?
-42 minutes. -Ugh.
* When all I need is to breathe *
What are you doing?
-We have to call it. -No, she's not --
They can't have another funeral.
Amelia, she's gone.
[ Flatline ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Damn it.
Time of death, 14:02.
[ Monitor shuts off ]
You need something?
Uh, no.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
What the hell? Georgia was fine.
Your mother went into cardiac arrest.
We tried to revive her for almost an hour.
But despite our best efforts, she died.
Why? Was it the crash?
We won't know exactly what happened until we do an autopsy.
[ Sobs ]
Of course it was the crash.
Has anyone told Kara?
I can't even look at her right now.
Where is she? Where's my sister?
[ Clears throat ]
Kara, I have some bad news.
What? What is it?
-Why did you come back? -No.
-Mom's dead. -No --
Dead?! No, No, they said she was fine.
-You told me she was -- -Shh.
She -- She had a heart attack --
From all the stress you caused.
Sir, I understand that you're upset,
but need your sister to keep calm right now, okay?
[ Breathing heavily ] Mom's dead?
-What the hell, Kara?! -Wilson.
-Why did you even come here?! -Okay!
-You need to go. -All right! Leave.
-I am so sorry. -She can't be.
S-She can't.
Oh -- Oh, God. I killed her.
[ Monitor beeps rapidly ]
Arizona: Baby's heartbeat is down.
He's been having decels, but never this long.
What's wrong? What's going on? I'm sorry, Kara,
but we're gonna have to take your baby out right now.
Book an O.R., and let's page Hunt. No.
-No, no, no, no. -Let's move.
[ Telephone rings ]
It's possible to hate you, you know?
You're easy to hate. I hated you when we met.
And now?
Well, now you're just a bloated corpse.
That's it.
Maybe you should go out with Maggie.
-Excuse me? -Go back.
Tell her you changed your mind and just be terrible.
You know, be rude to waiters, no eye contact,
bad breath, close her foot in the door.
Just turn off all that.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
I'm -- I'm not sure what all...that means.
Just go out with her and be someone else.
Don't be you.
Be a jerk?
With bad breath?
Because being myself would be too --
Oh, forget it.
Hold one moment.
-Thank you. -Of course.
Oh. [ Clears throat ]
You're not a single parent.
Oh, you think Tucker Jones is gonna punish him.
'Cause he's Mr. Fun Dad.
Mr. Ice Cream and camping trips and video games.
I'm the one who has to dole out all the punishment.
Look, I -- I mean that Tuck has three parents.
I love him. And I'm pissed at him, too.
I know you feel like you have to do it all.
No, I'm going to do it.
But you don't have to.
I'm right here. Let me!
Look, put me in, Chief. You need a bad cop.
Deputize me.
What does Mer say exactly when you talk about Riggs?
She just --
So, the morgue is on its way.
Uh, they said since she died in the hospital,
they are more than happy to come.
Tell them to wait, and keep your voice down.
-Show some respect. -Respect?
Uh... we're having a funeral?
That's allowed?
It's fine.
Okay. I'll let the morgue know.
You were saying.
It's like she doesn't want to hear it.
At all.
Like I'm annoying her.
Which, maybe I am, but be a sister, sister.
I mean, if it was her
and she was...craving something that she couldn't have,
I would commiserate.
I would at least listen.
I'll listen to you. Anytime.
Mm, I don't think that now is the best time.
I'm not listening.
Then how'd you know to say that if you weren't listening?
[ Door opens ]
If Dr. Webber finds out about this, I'm gonna be in trouble.
I told you it's fine. Nobody needs the room.
This family was primed for a funeral.
Not hers.
I wish I was as good as Mer at forgetting things.
My life would be a lot easier if I was.
Okay, she does not forget things.
She buries them.
She thinks they're gone,
but trust me -- they are not gone.
They're gonna come back. They always come back.
See, this is the problem with me moving out.
With three, there was balance. Now it's chaos.
[ Woman screaming ]
[ Gasps ] She squeezed my hand.
She squeezed my hand.
No, she squeezed it.
I was holding her hand, and she squeezed it.
I'm telling you.
Morgan, I am sure that you did feel something.
No, no, no, I-I don't think she's dead.
The body can experience residual reflexes.
Yes, muscles can spasm, and then they stiffen.
There are a lot of reasons for slight movements.
This wasn't slight.
Okay, I promise you
it does not mean that she is actually --
-[ Gasps ] -[ Screams ]
No, that woman is alive.
I love my job.
She was dead?
And now she's no longer dead.
Also yes.
We saw her flatline, and she's not dead.
Maggie: Lazarus syndrome --
spontaneous return of circulation
after failed attempts at resuscitation.
Richard: Or a miracle.
You can't rule it out.
Well, when we tell a family a patient is dead,
I prefer we be correct!
It's a low, low bar for a physician.
How is she, besides undead?
We won't know about neuro deficits
until after the cardiac workup.
I did detect a slight murmur.
I'm going to run a T.E.E.
to make sure there aren't any abnormalities.
Edwards, will you check on that?
Hell yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, yes.
Yes, Dr. Pierce.
We got her back. Don't blow it.
Do not lose this woman a second time.
-Understood. -Got it.
Jesus wept.
Man: Let's continue with chest compressions.
What's going on in there?
A guy came in --
fell three stories off his building into the alley.
Ooh, Dumpster dive.
Guys, don't mess around with intubation.
Just crike him.
What are you waiting for? There's too much swelling.
Just cut him already.
Come on, you guys!
-There it is. -Okay, they got it.
God, I miss this. I miss the pace of it.
I can't wait to get back here.
I cannot wait. Can't you?
Well, you know you're coming back.
I'm sorry.
I should get going.
Guys, just push more epi.
You're doing great. Good -- Good work, everyone.
See, now, this is where his eye should be,
but instead it's trapped in the broken bone.
Yeah, that's what can happen when you punch people, Tuck.
-Mm-hmm. -Who is that?
Doesn't matter. I'll tell you who it used to be.
-He was a surgeon. -That's right.
But now he may never be one 'cause he's blind in one eye.
Oh, oh, and the guy who hit him? He's in jail.
Probably for a long time.
Want to go to jail, young man?
No, sir.
Well, that's where fighting gets you.
Prison or...
Dr. Avery.
Uh, yeah, and that's his collarbone.
[ Loud snap ]
Lazarus syndrome
has only been reported 38 times since 1982.
Advance the probe, please.
She could have had impaired venous return
due to dynamic hyperinflation of the lungs,
which caused delayed action
of the drugs we gave her during CPR.
Or a transient myocardial stunning
or electrolyte imbalance.
No one knows for sure why this happens.
Or she missed her daughter, wasn't ready.
I'm just glad we were there.
Oh, God, because what if she'd woken up in the morgue?
She could still be there for all we know,
just crying out for somebody, no one's there.
Banging on the wall of her metal drawer.
Bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk.
I really have to concentrate on this.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
'Cause if we lost her a second time,
ohh, that poor family.
Could you ever count on anything again?
I mean, it'd be like we were throwing away a second chance.
And not just Georgia's, but ours,
'cause we're never gonna see this again.
-Statistically speaking -- -Edwards.
All this woman wanted to do was die holding her husband's hand,
and she did that.
She got to die holding his hand.
And then she came back to life.
[ Chuckles ] Sorry if I'm too amazed.
[ Baby crying ]
Wait. Georgia's not dead?
-Curved mayos. -Not according to Shepherd.
So this little guy is gonna get to meet his grandma after all.
Take him to the NICU and page Karev.
Um, Karev's in the clinic.
Oh, right. Uh, just take him to the NICU.
-You don't know that. -Know what?
If Kara's mom would ever forgive her. You have no idea.
Of course she will. It's her mom.
Well, not every family is like that.
It's just really dangerous to get someone's hopes up.
That's not the kind of thing that you promise.
Geez, Wilson, have a little faith.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
B.P.'s dropping. We're losing her.
There's some major hemorrhaging. Let's get some laps.
Start packing.
* 'Cause time is a bandit *
* A thief in the night *
You hear about the miracle lady in the E.R.?
M.I. -- coded her for 40 minutes,
dead for 20 more, then she sat up.
[ Gasps ]
Shut up.
Yeah. Awake and alive.
She's got to be gorked.
You can't be down for that long without deficits.
We'll see.
Pierce is doing a cardiac assessment now.
Could be a miracle.
She's gorked.
You ever have that dream?
What dream?
The miracle dream.
* 'Cause you've got all your reasons *
I'd roll over in bed, and there she was,
asking me to go make coffee.
So real.
[ Chuckles ]
Then I'd wake up.
No, never had that dream.
* Ooooh *
[ Sighs ]
* Oooh, ooh *
A knock at the door.
He knocks at the door, says he forgot his keys,
and he's sorry for being gone so long.
She's gorked.
Pupils reactive, reflexes intact.
I'm seeing no neurological deficits.
Maggie: We're gonna keep an eye on her heart,
but for now, she looks good.
Do you hear that, Mom? You're okay.
How are you feeling?
How about Kara? Is she okay?
I'm sure she's fine.
Yeah, she always walks away from the wreck.
Oh, please.
She is your sister.
And maybe you have had your problems in the past,
maybe she is a train wreck.
Maybe she is a walking demolition crew,
but she came back to you.
She came back to her family.
Yeah, and she killed our mother!
And your mother came back, too.
Do you know how rare that is?
Since 1982, that has been recorded...
38 times.
Which might as well be never.
And now Mom is fine, and you're both fine,
and you should all be celebrating.
And instead, you're just whining and fighting
when your sister came back.
And your mom came back.
Do you really want to throw that away?
Is that what your father would have wanted?
[ Sighs ]
You two deserved that.
[ Cooing ] Aww.
I would have thought you would have both been gone by now.
Oh, yeah, you know how it is with a baby.
Everybody wants a turn.
Uh, pretty bad Le Fort fracture in O.R. 3.
I saw that.
Should have seen the intake. It was gnarly.
How gnarly?
Uh, about 8, 9.
You are bored out of your freaking mind.
Oh, my God, I'm so bored.
[ Breathes deeply ]
And I can't move as much as I want to,
so we just sit and stare and stare and stare.
And I love Harriet. I do, obviously.
I mean, she's a miracle.
She'll make a little face or, like, a little sound at me,
and I'm just like dumbstruck with gratitude and joy.
Just, like, delighted and amazed.
But th-then the delight and amazement fades a little
when she goes back to sleep.
And I stare.
I did not know a miracle could be so boring.
Why don't you go check out the Le Fort for yourself?
Has everyone had their turn?
'Cause Daddy would like one.
-Thank you. -So sweet.
-[ Cooing ] -Hey, sweetheart.
[ Sighs ]
Kara, he's right here.
Hi. He's okay?
I didn't screw him up?
He's great.
[ Sighs ] You're here.
Hi, you.
You both did great.
Morgan: I hear we have a nephew.
Uh, they -- they said it was okay
if -- if we're family.
We just wanted to see if you were all right.
If you needed anything or...
I'm so sorry.
Hey. Hey.
It was an accident. Everyone's okay.
It's okay.
No, not Mom. Mom's not okay.
Mom's fine.
Yeah, Mom's good.
I mean, you killed her, but she's really good now.
See? They forgave her.
Yeah. You got really lucky.
[ Clare Maguire's "Here I Am" plays ]
* I was afraid *
* Of not giving in *
* I've had fears *
* Underneath my skin *
* Let's get together *
* And stay together *
And how long do I hold on to this?
One --
Two weeks.
Mm-hmm. What else?
And I'm gonna talk to Marcus -- to the kid.
I'm gonna apologize.
And I'll never do this again.
I don't want to go to jail.
* Here I'll stay *
-I'm sorry, Mom. -How's that?
I'm sorry.
All right.
You can wait in the car.
* Every day *
What is wrong with us?
That we waited so long to deputize you.
* Now I got you, I ain't leavin' *
* You better believe *
Nathan: She's awake.
The dead lady.
No deficits, fully ungorked.
That's great.
A miracle.
Just sayin'.
Anything can happen, Dr. Grey.
* Here I'll stay *
* With you every day *
She needs her good sister.
Amelia, what are you doing?
Not having dirty married sex
because I'm worried about you two.
So here is how it's gonna go.
Maggie, you are gonna talk to Mer
about whatever you want whenever you want, period.
And, Mer, you are gonna listen whether you want to or not
because that is what a sister does, period.
I'm gonna walk away now.
Don't make me move back in.
* Here I am *
* Here I'll stay *
* Oh, with you every day *
I'm listening. What do you want to talk about?
* Yeah, here I am *
Riggs, work?
* Here I'll stay *
* Oh, with you every day *
You know, all I've been doing today
is listening to siblings talk and complain
and talk and complain,
and all I really want to do is to get something to eat.
I'm good with that.
What about you? I can't be the only one talking.
Sisterhood is a two-way street.
Is there anything you want to get off your chest?
Any guy you're into?
Miracles aren't always huge.
The fever breaks. The stitch holds.
The bone heals.
That's why they can be hard to spot
and why they can be such a pain in the ass.
You're not supposed to be here.
[ Sighs ]
I heard you did an emergent C-section.
Yeah. I almost lost the mom and the baby.
You're pissed.
Yeah, I'm pissed.
That baby deserved the best peds surgeon we have,
and we didn't have him because you screwed up.
Today, I froze a wart,
diagnosed three sinus infections,
gave someone a laxative and waited until they pooped.
I wanted to quit every five minutes today.
I wanted to walk out the damn door and never look back.
So now you're gonna complain?
That's the point. I'm not.
I'm gonna do my time, work in the clinic,
and help people.
I want to come back,
and I'm gonna do whatever it takes, and I'm not quitting.
And that's the guy you...
trained and raised and whatever, so...
I missed you today.
But I'm still really, really mad at you.
I know.
Me too.
Don't get me wrong -- tiny miracles are great.
A little miracle is a miracle.
It just may not be enough to save us.
What are you looking for?
It's right here.
Well, damn.
13 seasons
of fun.
Gimme, gimme, gimme.
[ Coos ]
13 seasons of drama.
This act
was a felony.
It was nice knowing you.
Shut up.
13 seasons of twisty turns...
It's bad.
You're falling for me.
I slept with him. only "Grey's" can deliver.
Damn right.
"Grey's Anatomy."
Thursdays on ABC.
Keating: Congratulations.
You've each been chosen for my very first criminal-law clinic.
In here, you're not just students
but actual practicing lawyers.
You finally get to be me.
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...brace yourself for a mystery so killer...
This could destroy us all.
...not everyone is gonna make it out alive.
"How To Get Away With Murder."
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