Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 20 - In the Air Tonight - full transcript

Meredith and Nathan must face their feelings when they end up next to each other on a plane.


It means anything
from a few little bumps

to a catastrophic weather system

that could knock
your flying tin can

right out of the air.

What I don't like
is how they treat you...

The comments
and the back-handed compliments.

I'm gonna stop you before
you say something you shouldn't.

This my family
we're talking about.


In surgery, we call it

- "a complication."
- No.

We've hit a snag...

A bump in the road...


Sir, I can gate check that
for you.

It'll fit.
No, sir, it won't.

I'm telling you, it's gonna fit.

I got it up here fine last flight.
I'll rephrase...

I'm going to gate check
your bag for you now, sir.

Please find your seat.

So, you know...

You better buckle up.

No, it's 'cause of the seatbelt.

No! No! No!
Oh, goody.

At this time,
please make sure your seat backs

and tray tables are
in their fully upright

and locked positions.

As we taxi, please direct
your attention to the screens

for a safety demonstration.

Come on, Diego.

Diego, calm down.

Come on. Papa.

Sientate bien. Come on. No!

No, no, no.
Come on.

I'm so sorry.

He's not usually like this,

but he didn't get a nap today.

That's fine. I have three
of my own at home.

Oh. No, I don't like goldfish.

Uh, excuse me?

Hi. Uh, can I switch seats
or something?

No! It's just I have a deadline,

and I need this flight
to work...

You don't even
have to move the screaming kid.

No, I don't like goldfish.
I'll go.

Move me to the back,
anywhere, I don't care.

No! Aisle seat would be best!

No! Also not like the back back

where the seat
doesn't recline...

It's a full flight, sir.
Worst flight ever.

I'm nervous.
I'm nervous.

I'm nervous.

Do you have a problem
with a crying child?

I mean...

As if his mother
isn't under enough stress,

you want to add to it,
make it worse?

I just want to focus
on my briefing.

There are complimentary earplugs
in the seat pocket.

- Use those.
- No!

Come on, let's put
your seatbelt on.


You might be my new hero.

This is our first
family trip together.

Bryan planned it last minute.

Of course.

He said it was gonna be
relaxing and blissful,

but so far, not much bliss.

Excuse me, sorry.

Marisela, are you okay?

I can hear him
all the way from my seat.

You want me to take him?

Papa. It's okay,
go sit back down.

But I reserve the right
to switch out mid-flight,

because mama's gonna need
a glass of wine.

Or three.

You guys weren't
able to sit together?

Like I said, last minute.

Well, do you want to?

Thank you.

I make so many efforts.

Did you or did you not
call my mom back

when she left you a message
two weeks ago?

Maybe if you made... ma'am.
We're taxiing.

You must take your seat.

Right, I was just...
I just switched seats,

and I'm...
My seat is right there.

All she said was
"happy birthday!"

Did you or did you not
fail to call her back?

I did not call her back.


Oh, god.
Um, right now, ma'am.

I'm sitting.



Where'd you come from?


I was being a good Samaritan
and reuniting a family.

Serves me right.

What are you doing here?

I'm going to a conference.

What are you doing here?

I'm going to a conference.

National conference on...

Operative advances.

Yeah, me too.

You didn't mention
you were going.

Neither did you.

You sure you're not
following me?

You just found a way

to move into my row.

I should be asking you
if you're following me.

Don't flatter yourself.

Well, it is a little suspicious.

One minute, some guy
with a beard's sitting there,

and next thing I know,
there you are. Hmm.

Flight crew,

please start readying the cabin.

Of course.

Might not be the worst thing
in the world.

What's not?
Three whole days...

Far from home...

No one around to bother us.

I told you, we're done.

I'm not messing around.

Not even a little messing around?
We agreed.

You two want to switch seats

so that you're sitting
next to each other, or...?


Cabin crew,

please be seated
for take-off.

I never travel without children.

I was so looking forward
to being on this flight alone.

This is my "me" time.

Please don't ruin it.

I'm just saying, sometimes
the universe gives you signs,

and this could be
one of those signs.

I know you're not asleep.

What's that?
Oh, sorry.

No, Ingrid, you're fine.

I wasn't talking to you.

I would be asleep
if you would leave me alone.

Why isn't she talking to you?

Well, we got together.

In her car.

Mm. And then we stayed apart,

and then we were colleagues,

which turned into friends,

which got us back together...

Sort of. Or at least,
it was going to,

and then...
And then nothing.

For very good reasons.

She has a sister.

You cheated with her sister?

No. No.
God, no.

No, there was no cheating
because there was no us.

She's oversimplifying it.

I'm going to stretch my legs.

What are you...?
What are you doing?

Well, you said to come in here.

No, I didn't.
Yeah, you did.

My eyes? Yeah, where
you look at me all...

You know, then you came in here,
so I figured

you wanted me
to come in here, too.

I did nothing with my eyes.

I swear it looked like...

There's no room in here.

Well, I do need to talk to you.

That's all you've been doing.

Yeah, without someone
sitting in between us

and you closing your eyes.

Well, make it quick,
because I have to pee.

All right, well, you've had
a lot to say lately,

about us, about how you don't
think we should be together.

I've been very clear.

Yes, you were, and I think
I need to be clear, too.

You and I...
This is something.

And I can't keep ignoring that.

Well, you have to.
I can't.

Not my problem.

Can you?

Ignore it.

I don't believe you.
Well, believe

whatever you have to believe

to get out of here.


Why do we have to
ignore it? Okay?

I-in Seattle, sure,
but Pierce isn't here.

No one is.

That doesn't matter.


Then I'll go.

But you might want to move

so I can actually
get out the door.

I know.

So why aren't you moving?

I don't know.

Whatever happens,
this never happened.

Got it?


Sorry, that's, uh,
still occupied.


Glad someone's
enjoying this flight.

Oh, hang on, you're
a little inside out.

Oh, thank you.

I'm jealous.

All my fiancé and I
have done today

is fight...
About everything.

I'm Max.

Oh, this is perfect timing.

Gonna yell at me again?

Do I need to?

Flying is very stressful for me.

I forgot to take my water pill
this morning,

and I have a condition
where, at this altitude,

it can be very hard to breathe.

Pulmonary hypertension.



So is that an excuse
to shame mothers

and their children?

Which one is yours?

Halfway back, green shirt
by the window.

He's handsome.

I know.

Also handsome.
I know.

Please make sure

that your seatbelts
are fastened.

I guess she got tired of us

talking over
the top of her, huh?

What happened back there
changes nothing.

I mean it.

I said okay.


You don't like flying?

It's not my favorite.

Me neither.

Plane crash.
Plane crash.


You were in a...?

Was it bad?

I mean, it was...

We crashed and got lost.

People died.
It wasn't great.

What about your plane crash?

Did anyone die or lose a limb?

You know that's how
Arizona lost her leg.

Okay, I'm definitely
not telling you about mine now.

It can't compare.

It's not a contest.

Come on.


I told you mine.

All right, I was a teenager,
total idiot.

My mate's dad had
one of those crop dusters.

We snuck it out.

We got it off the ground
pretty high

for about four whole minutes

before we crashed into a shed.

But that feeling
of falling straight down.

Yeah, mine was way worse.

Well, I told you mine
couldn't compare to yours.



Oh, just breathe.

Just breathe.


It's okay.

Here... just breathe.
Just breathe.

- Mer?
- Meredith!

How you doing?

Get up.

I'm fine.

Max, Max, get up.

Max is on the ground.

Are you okay?

He's not moving.
Oh, god.

He... he's not moving.

Max! Max.

Stay buckled, all right?

We're not gonna be able
to help anybody else

if we get hurt, too.


Listen to me.

I'm a doctor.

You got to reach down
and feel his wrist or his neck.

Feel for a pulse.
I don't know how.

Just lean down
and feel his wrist.

What's your name?

You're doing good, Jay.

Take a deep breath.

Just reach down and tell me
if you feel anything.

There's two more down.

There's an older man
in the back of the plane.

I think he's okay.

He's getting back into his seat.

There's a flight attendant
on the floor up there.

Which one? Candace?
Is she moving?

I think she hurt her arm
or something.

Hey, Candace.
Are you okay?


I mean, no...

I feel something.

I-I feel a pulse.
Okay, good.

Good. His eyes are opening.
He's waking up.

Max, do you know what happened?

Do you know where you are?

He lost consciousness.
There could be a brain bleed.

Or he could just be groggy.

He just got slammed
against the ceiling.

Turbulence is dying down.

Sort of.

Okay, let's go.

Where are you going?
You can't go.

Just... it's okay.

Just... it'll be okay.

Just breathe into your mask.


Okay, you may have
broken your wrist.

I think we're gonna
have to brace it, okay?

Yeah, the main medical kit's
in the galley.

I can go unlock it.
No, I'll go.

Just tell me the code.

Not allowed to give that out.

Well, I'm a doctor.

Doesn't matter.
Just help me up.

I'll get the kit myself.

It's only my wrist.

It's not the end
of the world, okay?

Just help me up.

Here you go.






Okay, Max, I'm gonna need you
to follow my finger, okay?

On behalf of the captain,

we ask everyone to please
remain calm and seated.

If you need immediate
medical assistance,

please press your call buttons.

Okay, all right.

Max, I need to examine you
some more.

Can you sit up for me?

All right.
No, no.

No standing.

Let's just lean him
against the seat here.


He's following instructions...
That's good, right?

It is.
It is good.

It'll be okay, honey. It'll be okay.

All right.

All right.

Can I get some tissues please?

Do you have napkins?


Great, great, great.

So you're gonna be
all right, honey.

You're all right.

Doing great.

Okay, I can feel
the step-off

where he hit his head.

Oh, that's great.

Sure thing.
Uh, can I help?

I'm a doctor, too.

You can, um, go around and see

if there's any other passengers

that need immediate assistance.

Thank you.

You want to hold that for me?


Got a bunch of band-aids
and a defibrillator

and no splint,
so I can shock you,

but I can't splint your wrist.

So probably gonna
have to reset it,

and then wrap it tight,

and there's no good pain meds
in here

so this will hurt.

But I'll go fast.
Quick and dirty.

Quick and dirty...
I can handle that.

Here we go.


Hey, everything okay here?

Deep forehead lac.
It's bleeding pretty bad.

We should try and close it
if we can.

Well, I got no suture here,

but I got some antiseptic gauze,
some butterfly strips.

The luggage just came
flying out, right to us.

It... we tried to block
it, but we couldn't.

No, no, don't worry.
You guys did great.

We're gonna get him fixed up.

Uh, Harrison Peters.

The other doctor
sent me over here to help.

Oh, right on.
Nathan Riggs.

You a surgeon, too?

I'm a pediatric dentist.

Um, maybe I should help
with that.

All right, look.

There's a plane full
of freaked out people here.

I went through residency.
I can help.

Let me help.

Head... Really... Hurts.


Is he on any meds?
Do you know his medical history?

No, god,
I-i-i don't know.

But, I mean, yes,
he... he takes pills every day.

U-um, I always joke

that he has his Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday boxes

like my grandma used to. Okay,
do you know where that is?

Mer, I got the kit.

Okay, I don't like this.

I mean, he hit his head hard.

And I don't have the tools here

to tell if he has
a brain bleed or how bad it is.

How's his mental status?
I mean, it's spotty.

He's awake,
but he's not making much sense.

But his pupils are equal,
round, and reactive.

Found it.

He takes these every day?


Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I mean, these are...
These are blood thinners.

So if it's a brain bleed,
it's not going to stop.

This plane needs to land.

No passengers are allowed

inside the cockpit
while we're in the air.

Okay, but get the captain
out here

or get her on the phone
or something.

I've already given
captain Levantine

a full report
of the various injuries,

and she was clear...
Y-you're not a doctor,

so you can't understand... clear
that she has no intention

of landing this plane
right now because...

We have passengers
who are bleeding.

They need to be evaluated.

Because we are currently flying

between two very dangerous
storm systems,

one above and one below. I
really need to speak to her.

There's no way to descend
without putting the lives

of every single person
on this plane at risk.

Call her.

Hi, captain.
Hi, yeah, it's Candace.

Yes, I have Dr...
Dr. Grey.

Dr. Grey here, she's asking
to speak to you

about landing the plane.

Yes, I understand.

Of course.
Thank you, captain.

No, no, I need to speak to her.

Okay, she's busy
navigating the plane

through dangerous weather.

She can't talk right now.
What about the landing?

She won't be doing that
either, Dr. Grey,

not until it's safe.

Can I help you
with anything else?


We're stuck up here for a while.

Okay, that's fine.

For now.

Everyone seems to be stable.

Max has regained consciousness.

For now.

I'm going to recline you back.

Everything I said,

the stuff we were
fighting about earlier,

I take it back, all of it.

I-I thought
I'd lost you, Max.

I mean, for a minute there,
I thought you died.

I thought all of us
were going to die.

We didn't.

I'm so glad.

Okay, so I need to go check
on some other passengers.

I need you to rest.

And, Jay, I need you to let him.

If there are any changes...
Anything at all...

Any pain, any slurring
of speech, call me.

I do feel better.

Don't worry.

I'm here.


How's your hand?

Hit it on something.

It's fine.

It hurts.
How's yours?



You left.

And you didn't come back,
and I've been back there alone.

Um, I'm bleeding.

Probably just nicked it
when the plane fell, okay?

So we'll just get
that cleaned up for you,

okay, Ingrid?

One minute, that's all it takes.

We hit one bad air pocket
or cloud or whatever,

and we're all just
one big plane crash

waiting to happen.

You get used to it.

Not me.

I'm... I hate this.

I'm not flying ever again.

No, you're just scared.

Give it time.

The fear goes away, trust me.

You might be willing
to risk it again.


Can I take a look at your head?


This might sting a little, okay?

There we go.

Okay, Diego,
look at this boo-boo.

You may need a few stitches
when we land.

But that's okay.

You know what, my little girl,

when she was your age,

she busted her knee open.

Do you know
how many stitches she got?


And you know what else she got?

She got a lollipop
for every stitch.

You're so good with him.
Thank you.

Of course.
Are you done?

Uh, excuse me, miss?

Are we landing on time?

I really don't want to
miss my connection.

It was already tight.
How's your breathing?

Are you having any trouble?

Weren't you just talking
to the pilot on the phone?

You have to know something.
We're still in the air,

so obviously we're not landing.

I don't think you understand
the level of stress

that I'm feeling.

Okay, so...

Here. Breathe into that
and sit down.

Could you grab me
a cup of water?

Or juice? Juice would be great
right now.

Apple, no ice.

You do realize I'm a doctor.

His mother did not
raise him right.

We've gone through
most of the gauze.

Thanks for helping out.

Oh, it's kind of fun
treating adults for a change.

They can actually tell me
where it hurts.

They don't expect any stickers
when I'm done.

That was not cool.
This is not fun.

This is terrible.
No, no, no.

I know exactly what you mean.

I'm gonna go sit a minute
while I can,

until the next call button

Yeah, of course.

Um, is there anything else
you need?

Company maybe or...?

You could go check on Max.

Copy that.
Will do.

Hey. Sorry. Can you...

Do you have any antacids
or anything?

I'm sure someone does.
Ask around.

No. Sorry.
Can you touch my head?

Do... do I have a fever,
do you think?

Does it feel hot?

You, too, huh?

Excuse me?

You're looking
for a place to hide

so you can get
five minutes alone

without someone new
asking for a consult.

I just had a lady in row 27
ask for a mole check.

How's it going
with your dentist friend?

You guys seem pretty chummy.

You're one to talk.

How long were you wrapping
your flight attendant's arm?

Oh, her name's Candace.


It's what I do
when I board a plane.

I always ask the crews
their name.

It's a respect thing.

Also, it usually
gets me free drinks.


What was your plane crash like?

I told you.
It was bad.

I know, but what was it like?

Uh, it was cold.

So cold.

Even being numb was cold.

I could not warm up.

You know, they call us
the Seattle grace five.

There were six of us
that went up,

and only five of us came back.

And now there are
only three of us alive.

My sister died out there.


You have another sister?


My kid sister Lexie.

I loved her.

Anyway, it's weird.

Sometimes I feel like
I'm cursed.

A lot of people die around me.

Sometimes I feel like
I'm just waiting for my turn.

I'm sorry about your sister.


It makes sense now.

What does?

The way you feel about Maggie...

How you want to protect her.

I mean, I get it better.

Well, there's nothing to get.

I mean, it makes sense,
you know,

all the self-sacrifice.

You don't want to
lose this one, too.

Is it so crazy

that I would put
someone else's happiness

before mine?

No, but, I mean,
it's not completely practical

in the long run.
I mean, at some point,

you have to think about
the things

that are gonna
make you happy, too.

And you think you're it?

Well, you haven't exactly
been backing away from me.

I told you...
What happened in the bathroom...

I'm not just talking about
the damn bathroom.

Then what?

For months now.

You try to stay away.

Maybe you even
want to stay away.

But you don't.

You never do.

A week ago, you called it quits.

An hour ago, we're having sex
in the bathroom.

Will you stop it, please?

I will respect
whatever you decide, okay?

But don't sit here and pretend

that you don't want this thing
between you and me

as much as I do.

I am married.

Uh, hey.
Uh, sorry.

Uh... We need you.

You're okay. It's okay.

Wow, okay, Max, we're gonna
get you cleaned up.

- I need some towels.
- Yeah. I'll find some.

Excuse me.
My head.

He was...
He was fine.

We... we were talking,
and he...

He got tired,
so he just was resting,

and then he just doubled over.

If... if he got better
and he suddenly deteriorated...

Okay, well,
he has a brain bleed,

and it's getting worse.

Oh, god!

Get him on the floor.

Definitely getting worse.

- Here. Towels.
- He's having a seizure!

Oh, my god!

What else do you need?

I need the captain right now.

Do you think
I'm being arbitrary,

that I'm just trying
to get in the way here?

My patient's condition
has escalated.

I need to get him on the ground

and to a hospital now.

If I tell you I can't land
this plane yet,

it's because I can't.

He has classic symptoms
of a severe epidural bleed.

Every minute, the pressure
is building up in his brain.

I need to relieve that pressure,

and I can't do that up here.

I don't have clearance
to land here.

You think I haven't tried?
Well, you have to try harder!

And endanger the lives
of 257 people

so you can save one?

Absolutely not.

I will land this plane
the minute it's safe to do so,

no sooner.
End of discussion.


She can't land the plane
right now.

So we wait?

Max isn't just postictal, okay?

The B.P. was elevated.

The pressure on his brain
is reaching critical levels.

How much longer did she say?

She didn't say.

Maybe an hour, maybe two.

There's no way to know.

He doesn't have
that kind of time.

I know. Listen,
if we were on the ground,

I'd be rushing him
to the O.R.

Or drilling burr holes.

Yeah, and if we were
in the field,

we'd be looking
for a way to puncture his skull

to relieve the pressure, but...

we're on a moving plane.

Meredith? I know there won't
be much that's sharp,

but there's got to be something.

To puncture his skull?

Did I mention the moving plane?

Where's Candace?

I'm sorry. Maintenance tool kits
aren't allowed on board

unless they're
checked underneath.

And there's no way
to get down below?

Definitely not.
What's going on?

A drill. I need something
I can use as a drill.

Meredith, can we just pause
for a minute?

Hey, should we move Max or...

Hey, you're a dentist.

Do you have any drills on you?

Sure, yeah. I always have them
in my carry-on.

I have them in a special case,
you know, like chef's knives.

Wait. Really?

No. My key chain
has nail clippers on it,

but that's about it.

I've got one syringe.


I'm sorry. What?

We believe he has a brain bleed,

and we don't know when
we're gonna be able to land.

But we feel that the bleed
needs to be addressed now.

But he's fine.

He's sleeping.

Why can't he just keep sleeping?

No, Jay. He looks like
he's just sleeping,

but the pressure
is building in his head,

and if we just do nothing...

He might not wake up?

Then... then why are you
wasting your time talking to me?

Do... do what
you have to do.

Just help him, please.

We need your seats
for a medical emergency.

Thank you for your Patience.

Right this way.

Let's recline him
and strap him in.

Yeah, we've got
seatbelt extenders.

Yes. Get them.

Uh, where do you want
the blankets?

Here and here.

Ingrid, I can't guarantee
you're not about to see

a lot more blood.
Yeah. No. I know.

I-I'm okay.

Here you go.

Candace, did the kit
have an ambu bag?

I'll get it.

And get some more towels.

I felt skull movement
along the fracture line earlier.

I need to go in through there

and decompress the hematoma
with the needle.

You can do that?

Isn't that bad, to stick
a needle in the brain?

Depends. If she goes in
too deep,

then she could hit the dura.

I won't go in too deep.

Puts her
less than a millimeter away

from puncturing brain matter
with a syringe

in an uncontrolled,
unsterile environment.

Are you done?
I'm aware of the risks.

If you don't think
I can do this...

Oh, I'm sure you can
do this once, maybe twice,

but evacuating a bleed
with just a syringe?

You're gonna have to insert
that needle time and time again.

What are the odds you don't
hit brain matter eventually?

Then don't help.
I have to help.

You need the assist.
I have other people here.

Other surgeons?

Look, Meredith, I'm here.

We're gonna do this together,
all right?

Got the ambu bag, more towels,

and all the saline solution
I could round up.

Found it.

I'm gonna need you to bag him

and hold his head steady.
Got it.

Ingrid, I need you to go
tell Jay not to worry,

and don't let him come up here.

And close the curtains.

Candace, you go tell
that captain

she better keep this plane
very freakin' steady.

Yeah, his pulse is slowing down.

We got to move fast.

Let's go.


Now, there's usually
a lull after a bomb hits

before the next one explodes.
That's your window.

You just wait for that boom,
then go.


I think it's...



Going in for round two.

Nice and steady.

Round five.

What's wrong?

It's just...
It's just,

re-inserting this
over and over... it's...

I'm undoing the syringe.

You're what?
You want to hold the needle

in your hand? It's gonna
save me from having

to re-insert the needle
over and over again.

We've got to drain
this fluid off his brain

or we're gonna lose him.

If you move that needle
even a little,

he's as good as dead anyway.

Well aware.
Thank you.

Okay, you put it in.

I need both hands to keep
this needle steady.


It's not going in right.

It will.
Just untwist it and try again.

You have that needle
inserted into his brain...

I told you. I've got the needle.
What if you don't?

What if I slip
and it goes right into his...

Okay, just stop talking
and do it.

It's on.

Okay. Good. Great.

Okay. Evacuating again.


Only about 50 more times to go.

Help! Help!

I've got this.
You should go.

This is
a two-person job.

You need the assist.

Help! Help!

You want me to go?
I can see if...

No. You're bagging him
and holding his head.

You can't move.

Just go.

I'll help.

Help! Him him!

Sir, sir,
is your chest hurting you?

Can't breathe.

Okay. Let's get him
into space.

That's the guy
with pulmonary hypertension.

Okay. All right.

Lay him down.
Slow, slow, slow.

Okay. It's okay.
What's that mean?

That means the vessels
to his lungs are constricted.

He's basically suffocating
from the inside.

Ugh. Need air.

Yeah, I know, man.
I know.

Just hang on there.

Okay, I need you
to, uh, get me the O2

and get on the speaker
and ask if anybody has

some erectile-dysfunction

I'm sorry. What?
I'll open up his vessels.

It could save his life.
Go! Go!

Okay, okay.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Did you say
erectile-dysfunction drugs?

Yes, ma'am. Hopefully
somebody on board has some.


actually... We do.

Okay. Saline.

Hey, Dr. Riggs said
you might need some help.

Yeah. Grab some gloves.

Okay, buddy, I need you
to sit up

and take this pill, okay?

Okay. I need you to empty this
into the bag.

Now I need you to put
the barrel back on

while I hold
the needle steady, okay?

Work fast, but go slow.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It's okay. It's okay.

Okay. No pulse.
I need you

to get the defibrillator
right now.

You have to stop shaking.

I know. I know.
I'm trying.

I got it.
Hold on.

Deep breath.

Oh, god. Oh, god.

I-I can't make it stop.

Stop it, hands.

We are fine.

You got this.


Hook it up.

I'm on.

V-fib. Charging.
Okay. Shock him.


Still in v-fib.

Charging again.
Shock him.



You got it.

There you go.

Oh, thank god.


Good news...

I've confirmed
a safe location for us

to make an emergency landing.

Please be seated
as we begin our descent.

It will be a bumpy ride,
so make sure your seatbelts

are fastened.

It's still in there?

Did it move?

Looks okay.
It's okay.

Flight attendants,
please prepare for landing.

I wouldn't be doing my job
if I didn't tell you all

to be seated right now.

I wouldn't be doing my job
if I listened,

but you should do what's safe.

I'll take my chances.


Come on! Come on!

I'm moving too much.
I need some extra hands.


I could use your help.

Little busy.

Has he had a rhythm since he arrested?
Doesn't matter!

It's irreversible brain damage
after six minutes.

It matters to this guy.

If I come up there,
I lose my guy!

If you stay there,
we lose two people!

No, we won't, all right?
We're not losing anybody.

We're doing that, okay?


This is...
It's moving too slowly.

I-I need...

You still have your keys on you?

I need them.

I need better blood flow
to relief this pressure faster.

If I can snip this needle
with your nail clippers

and put the straw
over the needle...

I'm doing this.

Keep him still,
completely still.

Come on!



Clip the hub of the needle.



Now clip the straw...


Over the needle, into the skull.

Please fit.
Please fit.

Please fit.

Okay, okay, I need a cup.

Give me a cup.

Okay, that was amazing.

The coolest stuff I see

are kindergartners
with teeth growing in

behind their teeth.

Come on.

Pulse. Does that mean
he has a pulse?

I've got a pulse.

Welcome back, buddy.


It's just blood.

That's the ground, Mer!

We've landed.

We're on the ground.

[ Chuckle

nice and easy.
You ready?

Remember, he seized
from an epidural hematoma.

I wrote it all down
and taped it to his chest, okay?

Thank you for keeping him alive.

Of course.



Nice flying with you.

Thank you.

Thank you for fixing my wrist.

You know, sh-should I call you
for a follow-up maybe?

Your regular doctor
should be able

to take care of that
pretty good.

You sure? 'Cause I fly in
and out of Seattle all the time.

It would be absolutely
no trouble to stop by

and have you take a look.

It's not necessary.

Take care.

We did it.

We did.

Still going to the conference?

I think I've learned enough.



I don't even know
what town we're in.

Sioux falls, apparently.


Well, they got to have
a nice hotel.

Well, if it's not nice,
it's got to be halfway decent.

Look, we're stuck here.
We got to sleep.

But not together.

Oh, y-you just...

You just treated
a bloke's brain bleed

with a cocktail straw.

You're so fearless
about so many things.

How the hell
are you still scared?

I'm not scared.

One of the most
unpredictable things

about encountering turbulence
is its aftermath.

I'm making a choice.

I'm prioritizing my family,
my sister.

Look, don't.
Don't, please.

Don't pretend
this is still about Pierce.

It's not.

You're scared.

Of what?

Of him.

Of letting him go.

Where is Derek?!

Everything's been shaken up,

turned on its head.

At some point,
you got to let go.

I don't really
want to talk about this.

Good. I don't want to talk.
I don't want to talk about it.

I don't want to
talk at all, okay?

I just want to...
I want to move forward.

I want to live my life
'cause I'm still here.

I've still got one,
and so do you.

Don't look at me like that,

like I don't know
what I'm talking about

'cause you know I do.

That could have been you
in that seat with no seatbelt.

Yeah, but it wasn't.

Okay? I'm just fine.

And so are you.

So, if you have the choice

to avoid the plane crash,

do you take it?

Do you play it safe?

It better be a nice hotel.

Or do you get on board
and take your chances?

So, four-star hotel?

I mean, how nice are we talking?

I'm not holding your hand.

What are you looking for?

It's right here.

Well, damn.

13 seasons

of fun.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

13 seasons of drama.

This act

was a felony.

It was nice knowing you.

Shut up.

13 seasons of twisty turns...

It's bad.

You're falling for me.

I slept with him.

Like only "Grey's" can deliver.

Damn right.

"Grey's anatomy."

Thursdays on ABC.


You've each been chosen for my
very first criminal-law clinic.

In here,
you're not just students

but actual practicing lawyers.

You finally get to be me.

Thursdays on ABC...

At least they chose
a good photo.

Brace yourself for a mystery
so killer...

This could destroy us all.

Not everyone is gonna
make it out alive.


"How to get away with murder."

Thursdays, 10:00, 9:00 central

on ABC.