Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 21 - Don't Stop Me Now - full transcript

Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine; Eliza continues to pursue Arizona; one of Alex's previous patients returns to Grey-Sloan.

So, Nathan and I...

We are becoming a couple.

I think? I don't know.

But you're my sister,

and I wanted to tell you,

because I don't want it
to come between us.

Oh, she's gonna hate me.

That's a good point.

It has taken me a long time
to tell you.

Attraction is messy.

It grabs you
when you least expect it.

Of course,
this isn't what I wanted.

We got to go.

Okay. We're gonna be late.
Come on.

And in the end,
what really matters

is that we care
about each other,

and that will never change.

How's that sound?


Well, it sounds forced

because I'm a horrible person.

You could use the plane.

Near-death experience...
That's a good excuse.

Lie? Your advice to me
is to lie?

Planes have taken a lot
from you.

When have they ever
given you something good?

Gave me a hospital.

I mean, it happened

before I even knew
she liked him, you know?

But then it happened again.

I just... I don't know.

I-I don't even know
how it got this far.

Well, he lost his wife,
you lost your husband.

Look, if you don't
want to lie, just be vague.

No details.

She's an adult.
She can take it.

Less is more.

What if she hates me?

She's not gonna hate you.

And I called it off,

and I kept it off
until I couldn't anymore,

and I'm really very, very sorry.

That's the one.

I have been looking
everywhere for you.

You're in the ladies' room.

So? Show me your teeth.

All clear.

Okay, so, this is
the shirt you like.

I brought it because I knew
you would forget it.

Thank you.

You're nervous. Yeah.

It's a big crowd, bright lights,
but you're gonna be great.

And, um, I'll be there,

so if you get nervous,
you just look at me.

You just talk to me, okay?


You got this.


You're right...
She might hate you.

All right. Edwards?

Uh, Mary Parkman, 25.

Complaining of gradual onset
severe abdominal pain.

History of previous appy.

She's moving around so much,
I couldn't really get a read.

Hi. Mary, I'm gonna just gently
palpate your abdomen

to check for tenderness, okay?

Yeah, abdomen's distended.



Hang in there, noodle.
You're doing great.

I hate that you're
seeing me like this.

You hurt, I hurt, sugarbear.

I'm here for you.

They do that a lot.

Mary? Uh, Mary,
can you tell me

if the pain is localized

in any part of your abdomen,
or is it...

N-no, it's...
It's everywhere.

It's... ow!

Okay. All right.
You are doing great.

Can you breathe?

Deep breaths.

In. Good.



Dennis made me breakfast in bed.

It was... So sweet.

Pancakes, bacon, a...

Oh, my god.
I am so sorry.

No, it's fine.
Here you go.

Edwards, um, admit her,
and, uh, page Dr. Webber.

I'm just gonna go...

Go wash the puke
out of your hair? Got it.

Here you go.

I can't believe you saw me yak.

I-I am so disgusting.

No. It's real,
just like you.

I love how real you are,

You're so beautiful.

I love you, too.

Look at this turnout.

I know.

Hero doctors save lives
on a plane?

It's a great story
and great publicity.

Catherine agrees.

She's over there.
Did you see?


What's the matter?
Crowd not big enough?

Richard's not sitting
with Catherine.

O-okay. You need to
leave that man alone.

Agreed. I'm moving on
to Catherine.

Their marriage is not your Lane.

Your Lane is over here with me.

Stay in it.
I mean it, Miranda.

You're right. My Lane is
with you in this marriage.

I am blessed.
All right, then.

I have also been blessed with
the ability to change lanes,

because my car belongs to me,

and I take it
where I want to go.

Leave no Lane untraveled.

That's big talk for somebody
who's scared of Catherine Avery.

Wh... please.

Dr. Bailey?
I am not afraid of ca...

See? You made me late. Mm-hmm.

Hello. Good morning, all.

Uh, I am Dr. Miranda Bailey,
chief of surgery,

and I would like to extend
a very warm welcome

to the members
of the press here today.

Welcome back.

I just talked to your
oncologist. How you feeling?

I told him not to page you
away from some sick kid.

Veronica's in a lot of pain.

It's her back and everywhere.

She can hardly walk.

Hey, you try walking

with a bowling ball attached
to a body full of cancer.

You're about
35 weeks now, right?

34 weeks, 3 days.

Her husband's more informed
than most.

Not her husband.
Not my husband.

Just friends.
But we get it all the time.

Oh, jer, could you?

Your back pain...
How long?

Uh, about a week.

Who'd have thought
skipping cancer treatments

would hurt so much?

You passed up cancer treatment?

Yeah, I didn't want
to microwave the baby.

Any numbness in your legs
or feet, any tingling?

Yeah, actually, a little.

What? You look worried.
I can tell.

What does that mean?

Tingling could mean
any number of things.

Baby okay? I can still
make it to term, right?

Well, this could just be pregnancy.

Uh, we'll get an mri,
and we'll go from there.

On the 13th of this month,

doctors Meredith grey
and Nathan riggs

were on a flight to Philadelphia
to attend

the national conference
on operative advances.

While on that flight,

the turbulence...

You know, we can always
skip out on this if you want.

Yeah, right. I wish.

This is great press
for the hospital.

Brings in more people,
more money.

Do you have any idea how much
it costs to run this place?

And I'm going to make the time
to talk to Maggie today, too.

Just make me the bad guy.
Just tell her it was all me.

No, I don't want to.
I don't want to lie.

The patients.
Doctors Meredith grey...

Let's get this over with.

And doctor Nathan riggs.

Dr. riggs! Dr. grey!
We've got questions!

Did you life flash
before your eyes?

What does an experience like this do to you?
Is it true you got a call from the president?

Did you kiss
the ground when you landed?

Did you think you were gonna die?
Okay, slow down.

I was... we were on our way
to a medical conference.

Pretty routine stuff, really.

Certainly didn't expect
to be sitting here

in front of all of you.

Now, you see those big loops?

That's a classic sign
of bowel obstruction.

You have something
blocking your intestines.

Something like what?

Most common cause is a scar

from your previous appendectomy.

Or it could just be
something you ate.

We'll do some more studies,

but often it'll resolve
on its own.

And if not, then, uh,
you'll have to have surgery.


Oh, Mary, babe, you poor thing!

Now, now, now.
Hopefully it won't come to that.

These things can...
They can get better naturally.

Naturally? You got her
hooked up to machines

just to stay alive.

That is an iv
to keep her hydrated.

Now, what can that be?

I never thought I could
fall in love so fast,

but I've never felt like this
about anyone.

I'm so glad we found each other.

Me too, dumpling.

Every day.

It's, like, affecting
my body and soul.

Does make you want to puke.

Oh, my... oh, god!

It's only been a few months,

but when you know,
you just know.

You know?

I do.

I know so much.

Deluca, can you stop
doing that, please?

Sorry. Uh, Dr. Webber?
What is it, deluca?

Could you, um...?
Oh, my god.

What? What?
What am I missing?

It's worms.

It's just...
I, um...

I just found a worm
from her stomach in my hair.

It was really long.

And there's one in the
suction canister, too.

A worm?!

So that means that's...

A whole lot of worms.

Dr. riggs, you've served
as a field surgeon

in war-torn parts
of the world.

How did this compare?

Uh, less dust, less wind.
There was less legroom.

Uh, I mean, look...
I-i was there, I pitched in.

Uh, so was a pediatric dentist,
flight attendants.

Even some of the passengers
helped out.

But Dr. grey was working
on a man's brain

in conditions under which
I've never seen,

and she didn't fail
or falter, not once.

She was incredible.

And so she is your story,
not me.

What's it feel like...

She was incredible.

So she's your story, not me.

So she's your story...

not me.

Oh. I thought Ryan
was in on this.

I tagged in.

R.A.M. Or l.D.M. Flap?

Uh, neither actually.
We're doing an e.O.M.

Did you get a chance
to look over the chart?

Yeah, I'm caught up.


Oh, grey's calling you.

I just got started.
You want me to grab it?

No, just leave it, Jackson.


You all right?



Hey, I couldn't make the,
uh, press conference.

I miss anything?

Yeah, I learned a lot.

Veronica, it looks
as though your tumor

has metastasized to your spine.

It's starting to compress
your spinal cord.

The cancer's spreading?

Well, we knew this could happen,

but this does accelerate things.

What things?

Okay, come on.
Just give it to me straight.

I would give you two,
maybe three more months.

Two? It was supposed to be
seven or eight.

That's what they said.

We've been holding onto that.

There's more.


We also need to keep
your baby safe.

And given how much
the cancer has spread

and how difficult
the spinal mets

would make a term delivery,

I want to deliver
your baby today.

No! No.
It's... it's too soon.

- He's still too little.
- You're at 34 weeks.

I've delivered
way smaller babies than this.

Yours should be just fine.

And the safest option
is a c-section.

And I'll be there to handle
any spinal-cord issues.

If they deliver today...

Then that's two months
with the baby.

That's you and me...

And the little boy.

But we deliver today.


Torrent downloaded from RARBG

All right.
Let's cheer up, everybody.

We're having a baby.

Do we know what they are?

Ascaris lumbricoides,
the intestinal roundworm.

Can grow to a length
of half a meter.

It's rare in the U.S.,

but an estimated 1/6 of the
human population's infected.

Yeah, and our patient
has half of 'em.


Is there a world
record for these?

No. No, no, no.

I don't understand.

They're breeding in her stomach,
like, right now?

Well, technically,
they're not in her stomach.

The larvae travel
through the bloodstream.

Where they go
to the small intestine

to mature and mate.

Where they will deposit
more eggs.

The worms, they...
Stop saying "worms"!

How long have they
been in there?

Um, we... we can't say.

Um, the lar...

Um, they take at least a...

A couple of months
to mature into adults.


she's had these since we met?

You... you could
have ingested them

from unwashed fruit or...
Ugh. Just get them out.

The surgery... it's extremely simple.

Um, deluca,
let's book an O.R.


- Uh, Dennis?
- Hey.

You can accompany her
to the pre-op room.

Uh... Uh...


I can't. I, uh...
I just have to, uh...

I got to make a phone call
and let your mom know

that you're okay.

And other people.

Who? Work. I have a work call...

I mean, I have to call
your work and family.

Oh. Okay.
Let's, uh...

- Let's see about these worms.
- Mm-hmm.

Dr. Reynolds to the E.R.

Dr. Reynolds to the E.R.

Hi. Thank you.

Uh, I see that you're working
with Dr. Webber.


How does he seem?

Oh, great. Yeah.

We have a patient
with a gut full of worms,

so he's, you know,
in his happy place.

I, on the other hand,
can't stop scratching my head,

because a patient
threw up in my hair,

and now I'm convinced something
might be crawling around in there,

which is not a thing
that anyone wants...

Yeah, good, good.

Do you think you could
try to talk to him?

Richard and Catherine

need some help
coming back together.

I'm on a mission.

Great. Great.
What's the plan?

I don't have one,
but we need to do something.

We? Oh. Oh!

Okay, I get to be part
of the mission, too?

Okay. No. Okay.
I-i could be good at this.

Um, have you talked
to Catherine?

I tried.
It didn't work.

Okay, try again while I scrub in
with Richard and the worms,

and I will talk to him.

Your patient threw up worms?

There was only one.

That's one too many.



I have a quadruple-bypass
surgery, so...

We should talk
about me and Nathan.

So there is a "you and Nathan"?
You're admitting that?

Well, I would like to explain.

I don't need details.

I would like to explain.

Mer, I have surgery.
I got to go.

You should feel
a cold sensation right now.

It might burn a little,
but only for a moment.

This is gonna numb you
for the surgery.

You'll be awake during surgery
with the drape up.

Once I begin, you'll feel
a little bit of pressure,

and it might be
a little uncomfortable.

But it... it won't hurt.
I promise.

Does the cancer
make it harder to deliver?

Your body is already
working overtime as it is,

so the surgery
is an added stress,

but if there's
any complications,

then we will take care of it.

That's what we do.

I want to sign a dnr.

We didn't mean to spook you.

The surgery should go
very smoothy.

I'm dying already.
It's just a matter of time.

But if something happens
during surgery

and I end up stuck on a machine,

I don't want to leave Jeremy
with that.

I want to sign it
before surgery.


And don't tell him.

He won't understand.

We can do that.

I bet Dennis
is already on the train,

headed back to capitol hill
where he's gonna

tell all his hipster friends
over coffee

what a bullet he dodged
by getting away from wormy Mary.

I'm sure he's not.

I was alone for six years
before Dennis and I met online,

and I had gotten good
at being alone.

I had gotten good at saying
"just one" at restaurants.

I was looking at adopting a cat.

Life was just fine.

But then Dennis messaged me,

and I was doubtful at first,

but he turned out to be perfect.

I had forgotten what it was like
to come home to someone.

I had finally found it.

Mary, life can be just fine
on your own.

Whoa. Hang o...

Hang on a second.

We still don't know
if Dennis left.

You're not alone, Mary.

You're about to de-worm me.

No one's ever touching me again.

Uh, I heard
that Dr. Webber's

got a stomach full
of worms today.

Excuse me?

D... not Dr. Webber.
His patient.


He likes worms.

He likes anything
that's out of the norm,

so the worms
will be good for him.

They might uplift his mood,

which has been
a little down lately.

Wouldn't you agree? Dr.
Bailey, I have surgery.

If you need to say something,
say it quicker!

Uh, I know that Dr. Webber's
spending the night

in the on-call room
when you're here in town.

That is his choice.

And I know that things
between you two

have been less than favorable
since Dr. minnick arrived,

which is a decision that I made.

A decision I led you to make.

W... Yes.

Um, but...

Dr. Bailey, just because
you feel responsible

doesn't mean you have to fix it.

Stay out of it!

Brody, why haven't you sent me
Mrs. vonn's latest hematocrit?

Okay, what is so mesmerizing

that you can't do your j...
Are those worms?

I can't look away.


Please tell me you're using
those pictures for a journal.

Oh, sure, Kepner.

I'll make copies.

Oh, Dr. Webber?
Big mama.

Oh, joanne, make sure
you get this one.


Someone have a ruler?

That's got to be
at least 10 inches long.

Uh, that's bigger.

She's got a few ulcerations,

but I'm not sure it's anything
that needs additional repair.

Do you think they were trying
to find a way out?

Mm-hmm. It's possible.

Okay, let's scoot
that bucket over here.

I got it. Okay.

- Ew!
- Mnh-mnh.

Okay, yeah.
Yeah. Right there.

- Ohh!
- N... o... okay. No, no. No.

Okay, I agree with Dennis.
Worms are a deal-breaker.

- Deluca?
- I don't know.

It might take me a minute before
I'd share a meal with her again,

but she's nice.

Yeah, she is nice.
And it's really sad.

I mean, you all saw how happy
they were together.


No more photos.

They really like each other.

They shouldn't be apart,
you know?

Mary shouldn't have to lose out
on a magical relationship

just 'cause
everything's not perfect.

You know, people are flawed.
That's... you know, that's real.

Well, Dennis didn't realize
that something so ugly

would be inside
the woman he loves.

I mean, he has a choice
in the matter.

I'm just saying
he shouldn't write her off

'cause of this one thing,
you know?

He should, uh...
He should give her a chance.

Well, maybe he doesn't want to.

Maybe he's... Seen enough.

3-oh chromic, please.


You okay?

Well, I just had to tell
a patient that I like

her cancer's spreading,

but I don't want
to talk about it.

How'd it go with Maggie?

Oh, she shut me out.

Don't want to talk about it.



Can I sit?


Did you join the mile high club?

Is he a good kisser?

Maybe I should go.


You probably already know.

How many people
did you tell before me?

Nobody knows.

So you kept it from everyone?

Were you scared
they would tell me?

If you would like
to go somewhere

and talk about this,
I'd be happy to.

You know, I would love to,
but I got to run.


No outlet protectors.
We haven't gotten those yet.

All over the house...

Electric, floor-level
death traps.

He won't be crawling for months.

Also don't have a stroller.

I was gonna pick one up
next weekend.

Order it now. It'll be waiting
when we get home.

The O.R.'s almost ready,

We can take you up soon.


When the baby comes,
he's your priority, remember?

You don't leave his side,
like you promised.

I don't want to leave your side.

Jer, it's your job.

Where the baby goes, you go.

I know.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I thought I had O.R. 3

booked for my lap colectomy
this afternoon.

You did,
but I have a valvuloplasty,

and I wanted O.R. 3,
so I took it.

We do that now, right?


I feel really bad.

I feel terrible, Maggie.

But now you're just
being a jerk.

I'm the jerk?

Yell at me, scream at me, curse.

Whatever you need to do,
I can handle it.

What I need to do
is go back to work.

Well, I want to explain this.

- Look. I get it, okay?
- You...

Y... there was a plane.
Emotions were heightened.

You almost died together.
I get it.

No, it wasn't just the plane.

It happened before that.



Before Amelia and Owen's

But it started before
I even knew you liked him,

and as soon as you told me
you liked him, I called it off.

We talked about it!

You let me go on and on!

I was going to tell you,

and then your mother died,

and then I just couldn't.

I didn't want to hurt you,

and Nathan didn't
want to hurt you.


This isn't about Nathan.
It's you!

I trusted you
to be honest with me,

when even my mother lied to me,

and now she's dead.

I thought I could count on you
to tell me the truth.

But you've been lying
this whole time.

I was trying
to do the right thing.

Well, you didn't.

I know that.

Maggie, please, please, please.

Can we just not leave it
like this?

You were all I had left.

Heart rate's up to 130.
Veronica, how's your breathing?

It's fi...
Um, it's a little tough.

What's happening?
What's going on?

Hey, jer, come on.
Look at him.

He has the sweetest eyes.

Her sats are dropping.
She's persistently tachycardic.

Let's put her back
on high-flow oxygen.

It could be an embolus.

Time to get him out of here.

Yeah, in a minute.

If it's an embolus,
we don't have a minute.

She did all this
so she can meet the baby.

Just give them
another damn minute.

Jer, can you take him?

He needs to go to the nicu now.

And, uh, what...
What about Veronica?

She's in good hands.
She'll be just fine.

I'll take good care of her.

Jer, you stay with him.

You promised.
I'm counting on you.

But I don't...

Go on. Stay with him.

I'll see you in a little bit.

Are we pushing heparin or going
straight to thrombolytics?

are contraindicated.

We need to do a embolectomy,
and let's get an ivc filter.

Veronica, you've thrown
a blood clot,

and it's traveled
all the way to your lungs.

It's very serious. We need
to remove it immediately,

so we're gonna need to put you
under and open up your chest.

Is that...


Uh, will that work?

The procedure will only last
about a half an hour.

Will it work?

There's no guarantee
you'd survive it.

And what if we
didn't do anything?

Veronica, we need
to do this procedure.

If we don't, you might not
make it off this table today.

Okay, pressure's dropping.
Get a cart ready!

No. I signed that dnr
for a reason.

You can rescind.
Let us help you.

I did what I wanted.
My baby's... Okay.


I'm so tired.

I know.

I know.

Hey, how did it go?

Well, we got all the worms
out of the patient.

I did not get very much
out of Webber.


You've been with the man
for hours.

I know, I know!
And I tried many times,

but everything I threw at him,
he just shot down.

It's way worse than we thought.

I mean, it's like
he's dead inside.

How'd it go with Catherine?

Mm. She told you
to mind your own business?

She is a hard woman to talk to.

Mm. So are you.

I know.

But it's because
I'm usually right

and people are wrong,
and it's hard for them.


Catherine usually thinks
she's right, too.

Are you saying that I just
think that I'm right?

No, I'm saying...

I'm saying
you and Catherine Avery

are very similar women.


I mean, very.


I love Jeremy.

I never told him...

'Cause we were friends.

And I-i thought, "what if
it didn't work out"?

That's so ridiculous now.

W-was I waiting
for something better?

He's loved me...
My whole life,

through everything.

Through cancer.

I know him.

He's gonna want to...

Keep loving me...

After I'm gone.

That's the kind of guy he is.

Will you...

Will you tell him...

Not to look back?

He's a dad now.

And he has to be...

He has to be fearless.

He has to leap.

He has...

What do you want?
What do you need right now?

I'm so cold.

I'll get a warming blanket.

No! No.

Can you...

Will you just hold me?

We did good?

The baby's good?

Baby's good.

How is she?

Say something.
Did you get the clot?

Now, you see these clusters?

Those were secondary boluses
starting to form.

We removed hundreds of them.

They were breeding like crazy.

Like babies.

I wanted babies with Dennis,
but now I'm a worm farm.

Um, we'll monitor you,
but I think

that you'll be up and at 'em
again in a few days.

Thank you.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I was being weird.

I was repulsive.



You were sick.
That's all.

I am concerned about you
and Dr. Webber,

so I need to say
what I need to say.

I don't want you to fail.

I want you to succeed,

and right now
you're not doing that.


You can go now.

I got divorced,
raised a boy on my own.

I found a new man,
became that new man's boss.

Sound familiar?

See, I know it can feel
impossible at times,

but I figured it out.

I know what I'm doing,

which is how I know
that you do not.

You do not know
how to be married.

N... not to a real man,

to someone who's your equal,

your champion,

who loves you and respects you,

and is mad as hell at you,

because I do.

I've done this.
I do this.

And I plan to grow old
with my man

and to have
old-people sex.


Well, don't you want to
have old-people sex, Catherine?

Because that's what you'll get

if you set your ego aside
and listen to me

instead of dismissing me

the way you keep dismissing
your own damn husband!




Good night.

I was wrong.

I had a patient
full of worms today.

Did you take any pictures?

What? Did I...

You know who you're talking to?

Come here.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

That's the last thing
I would ever want.

Because I care about you
more than anything.



So, no matter how mad you are,

how much you want
to shut me out,

know this...

what are you doing?

What does it look like
I'm doing?

Didn't Amelia tell you?
She's waiting in the car.

The sitter's upstairs.
We're going out.

Well, if you want to go out so
bad, why don't you call riggs?

I'm busy.

I want to go out with you.

Meredith. Stop.

No. I won't.

I am very sorry that
I screwed up and I hurt you.

But you're my sister.

And I'm sure as hell
not losing you over a guy.

Please come out with me.

You are my sister,
whether you like it or not...

I'm still mad at you.

That's okay.

I may only talk to Amelia.

Well, she's been sitting
in the car waiting for us

for like 10 minutes,
so she may not talk

to either one of us.

And I'm not going anywhere.

Oh, my goodness.

We named that one Geraldine.

Oh, look at you. So silly.
You are just too much.

Edwards was right
in her element there.

And you right along with her.


That thing is awful. I'm
telling you, it was like...

I can't believe...

discovery channel here
or something.